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Attentive to details. Critical thinking in practice. Persistent.

Those had been some of the descriptions that proffessors, coworkers and

friends have told about me. I am a 22 year old Mexican woman, who just graduated from Industrial Design at Tec de Monterrey, Estado de MĂŠxico Campus. Eager to take the next step in my professional career, I present to you the projects that have fulfilled specific moments in my development as a designer. As you might see, those projects show a deep interest in enhancing the user experience, have a disruptive creative solution of ideas and create a compelling user interaction.


Licenciada en DiseĂąo Industrial del Tec de Monterrey, Dic ‘16

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The goal was to design an experience in a semi-autonomous vehicle for the 2020 that would find new ways of interaction with the existing ADAS Ford technologies, and also, to consider an innovation with the Human Machine Interface.

Collaborative team: 3 people Type: contest Universities: ITESM CEM, ITESM CSF, ITESM CCM, UNAM, UAM, Iberoamericanai

Winning proposal as the best project given by Tec de Monterrey University and Second Place in the 4th Edition of the Contest.

SYNC IOV Proposes the next version of the infotainment system for Ford and Lincoln. Supported by the Big Data, Sync IOV will know the behavioral patterns of the user by a daily tracking from his cell phone. When the user enters to his vehicle, the device will sync with the system. As a result, because there will be a previews context of the user, Sync IOV will suggest the existing ADAS technologies according to his conducts, and it will also explain the ones that sometimes are forgotten or unknown.

Experience. Now a days, people is looking for a constant experience at any product or service they purchase. As part of my graduation project, it has the purpose of renewing the experience of delivering a gift. Throughout the design of these pieces the objective was to create a compartment where you could save a real message to whom you are giving the gift. The objective is not only to know that you are delivering a material gift, but also an intention, a value, an insightful message within it. As a special note, this is an ongoing project, which went beyond a classroom. Now a days, my friend and I are in talks in order to sell the project an continue designing pieces for Mexican stores.

Collaborative team: 3 people

Kinder Kinder Surprise Surprise toy style toy style I designed I designed this this project project so that so that children children could could not not onlyonly playplay withwith it in itaintraditional a traditional way,way, but but alsoalso thatthat through through theirtheir fingers fingers theythey could could control control the the movement movement of their of their car,car, making making a whole a whole interacinteractive tive experience. experience. TheThe process process went went fromfrom conceptualization, conceptualization, modeling modeling andand functional functional prototyping prototyping in 3D in 3D printing. printing.

Theme Theme : Flying : Flying like like a Pegazo a Pegazo Materials: Materials: Designed Designed for ABS for ABS plastic plastic by injection by injection


Scenery I designed for a youth congress in April 2016. I chose to make an abstraction of the theme water. By maintaining curved elements, blue tones and playing with the textures of the materials and lights my intention was to keep the realism and feeling of being underwater. The main challenge was to work with a really low budget, as a result the solution considered an optimization of materials and manufacturing process. Role: Stage team leader and creative team leader. Materials: cardboard, acrylic, albanene paper, cellophane plastic.

Scenery I designed andand coordinated for aforsummer camp in June of 2016. Scenery I designed coordinated a summer camp in June of 2016. As itAs was an event aimed at children, I decided to use a high range of colors to make it striking. it was an event aimed at children, I decided to use a high range of colors to make it striking.

In anIn 11 highhigh space, I designed, created andand set set up different elements thatthat werewere related to the an mts 11 mts space, I designed, created up different elements related to the sea;sea; such as jellyfish, shoals, reefs, corals andand submarines. I managed to stick to atolow budget andand such as jellyfish, shoals, reefs, corals submarines. I managed to stick a low budget accomplish not not onlyonly the the design planned, but but alsoalso thatthat the the kidskids could havehave a visual interaction. accomplish design planned, could a visual interaction.

Role: Set Set design team leader, creative team andand manufacturing leader Role: design team leader, creative team manufacturing leader Theme: Underwater Theme: Underwater Materials: foams, textiles, various papers andand acrylics. Materials: foams, textiles, various papers acrylics.

(skēnographía), (skēnographía),

Surfaces or solids, NURBS or Mesh, I I Surfaces or solids, NURBS or Mesh, understand howhow these fourfour formats understand these formats work, alsoalso I know howhow to interpret the the work, I know to interpret objects as aaswhole andand translate them objects a whole translate them ntointo a three-dimensional wayway through a three-dimensional through a digital platform. a digital platform.

Likewise, I have developed abilities to to Likewise, I have developed abilities render andand givegive appearances withwith render appearances realism in materials andand environments. realism in materials environments.

Modeling software: Modeling software:

Catia, Rhinoceros, Solidworks. Catia, Rhinoceros, Solidworks.

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