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My compositions Karla Pamela Colin Cuellar. 501.

Content • Intoduction • Unit 1: Individual & Society • Unit 2: Eating & Drinking • Unit 3: Art & Music • Unit 4: Hopes & Fears • Unit 5: Work & Leisure

Introduccion •

This is a collection of compositions that I have created during this school year. I have writen 5 compositions.

On the first composition I learned how to describe a friend.

On the second compositionI learned how to describe my favorite restaurant.

On the third composition I learned how to write a blurb of a book.

On the fourth and fifth composition was about how to write an e-mail.


That kind of writings helps me to practice my spelling and I learn a lot of words

My best friend My friend Diana is studying high school but she works in a store too. So she has to organize her time to do homework and her duties. All her weekend she spends time on practicing jazz and she also studies French. She was born in Guadalajara but she studies in MĂŠxico city. She speaks Spanish and also English. In her spare time, she likes to play soccer and basketball . She wants to finish the university and travel to England to find a job.

My favorite restaurant •

My favorite restaurant is “Don Camilo”. They serve mexican food. They use a lot of vegetables in their dishes. The menu includes soups, desserts and different kind of meat. You can choose from chicken, meat or fish. All their dishes come with salad. They have a delicious selection of cakes. I love that restaurant and the food is delicious.

Three steps above the heaven This is the story of a girl and a boy that are in love, but their love is impossible because they come from of different social worlds. The novel is set in Spain. The book tells the story of Babi and Hugo. She is a family´s girl and he is a bad boy. I love that book because their love has many problems and despite of this they fight for it. This is a passionate story that tell us how strong love can be.

Hopes & Fears •

Hi Sofía!

I´m going to arrive by airplane at 10 am. I will take a taxi to conference centre. Will I meet Anna at the reception desk? Is she going to be there at 10:30?

This is my mobile phone if you have problems 5541302982.

Take care.

Hi Pamela!

Yes, don´t worry. she will be at the reception at 10:30. She will give you a call if she has problems.

Take care.

Work & leisure •

Hello Mr. Ellis´.

I´m getting touck about your advertisement for a major international sport event. My name is Pamela Colin and I ´m interested in being a volunteer. I´m eighteen years old, I love sports and talk with people. I speak Spanish and English well. I ´ve worked at other international events. I enjoy meeting people and help them. I´m available in July and I´d like to participate with you.

I look forward to your answer.

Pamela Colin.

My compositions