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Bad teacher Elizabeth (Cameron Diaz) is a rude teacher, foul-mouthed and very irresponsible. She wants to find a millionaire husband to stop working. When her boyfriend broke up with her she begins to design a plan to win over a rich,



Timberlake), but she has to




"perfect girl" Amy (Lucy Punch),



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Segel). Shamelessly a bad teacher, leads to problems with other teachers. This movie is very good and is really funny must see. By: Priscila Gonzalez

Why should you study in CETYS? By Sara Gutierrez Flores CETYS University is simply the best in school in Baja California. It is ranked among the best in Mexico, because of its many accreditations and international praise you can be sure that by being a graduate from this University you won’t lack job offers, knowledge and so many more advantages. Give it a try and let yourself enjoy the privileges, activities and variety of things this school offers. According to the magazine “Las 100 mejores universidades de México”, in 2010 it was in the position 36th. Another one of its many accreditations is WASC, which means they have a real compromise with the education of their students. Universities in U.S.A. like Stanford, UCLA, USC, SDSU, and Berkeley are among the 150 in the entire world that have achieved this validation. CETYS is the only university in Latin America that has received this accreditation. We all know it’s an expensive school but fortunately they have really good scholarships and it is so easy to get one. First, you can get the scholarship for good grades, it means that if you have an average of 85 or more you automatically

have a 15% scholarship, you can have the sports scholarship too, which consists in a 40% off your monthly fees. You can combine your scholarships and get a 90% off, and the best of all is that they’re not credits which means you won’t have to pay the difference later. There are a lot of scholarships to pick, credit or non credit. I feel with the capacity to give you this advice because I know what it feels like to be in a school where you neither develop new talents nor grow as a person, a school that doesn’t offer you anything but boredom, and I assure you this institute is nothing like that. I’m from San Luis Rio Colorado and my parents and I thought that it would be a big opportunity to study in CETYS, we haven’t been disappointed. I know that the sacrifices we’ve made in order for me to be here will be out shadowed by all the benefits I’ll receive. This is why I think you should study in CETYS University. Take advantage of all the amazing opportunities this institution has to offer. You will be able to develop self-confidence, knowledge and capacity you didn’t even knew you had. Study in this institution and enjoy a school of this level, receive the best classes given by the best teachers. You won’t regret your decision. Give yourself the chance to have a bright future! Join CETYS community today and open the doors of success.

Courtship Courtship in adolescence is often a bit tricky, because you do not have the experience of a couple that is aimed towards marriage. It is full of obstacles, problems and arguments precisely because of the lack of experience in this broad and complex field. But being beginners is not the only problem, also affect a huge amount of factors, such as school, parents, friends, the image, and the famous "what will they say?” that scares the teenager. Because of these small details is that the couple must work as one, taking into account their flaws, their activities, friends and, most of all, trying to have a dynamic relationship, to avoid a monotonous and boring one.

A relationship, of course, is a work of two. Both the one and the other should be doing their part, giving attention between them but without neglecting the rest. For example, the engine of a vehicle so you can work properly and achieve moving the car, it is necessary that every part, every screw, is placed where it belongs, with their respective pistons, oil, spark plugs in good condition, because they are responsible for spark required for burning fuel, and well, the fuel itself. Relating these aspects with the courtship, the young needs to have all his ideas and clear thoughts, as a vehicle´s engine parts are in their respective places. The couple would be the pistons as they work together to make the relationship possible and they will also cover the spark plugs´ task since they themselves create that "spark" that is present in the couple and try to maintain it, the oil which is there to avoid the temperature destroys the machine, is the relationship between them before and during the courtship. Finally, there is the gasoline or fuel; these are the desire and commitment that everyone, both the boy and the girl have, and do their part so that both have a good time together. Some might say it’s easier the operation of an engine than of a courtship and may be true, as each engine´s piece was previously designed for the tasks and in the idyll ourselves are the ones doing all the jobs instead of having specific parts to do so. But that's what makes the courtship is so tangled and difficult and who can coordinate well and clear his head, full of so many things that the teen burden at this age, will surely be having a beautiful relationship and if not, that´s life for, to be trying and failing and gain the experience needed so that tomorrow we can have a family and being a good person. By Armando García Legy EDITORIAL…

Last week, we were hit by a terrible wind storm. The storm started at 2 pm and in the flattest area of the city we were able to see the sand in the air. The wind continued that strong all day and night. The next day we met with fallen trees, there were more than five light poles

that fell by the strong currents of air, among many other things. Is it possible that at these times of technological advancements, we continue to have problems air by storms or rains? The city of Mexicali is not ready for this kind of phenomena. People do not have the education to know how to deal with a situation. It really is unacceptable, yet knowing that our city tends to go through wind storms, electric ones, earthquakes, etc. we still suffer the same consequences as usual. Plus it is not safe for people, also represents heavy losses of money for the town. It is important that people have the knowledge of what to do in case of any phenomenon and that the infrastructure matches the weather that we have. By Armando García Legy

Interview to a volleyball team member, Samantha Bisher. By Armando garcía legy 1. Since when you´ve been practicing volleyball? About 3 years and a half now, I started in junior high school around spring time. 2. How much time do you train per week and what´s the most difficult part of the training? In general I train six days a week, 3 hours each day and in Saturday I train 2 times, so it is 6 hours. The most difficult part is that you have to give everything you have in every single exercise or training, so you end up really tired, and if you do something wrong a lot of times, you get punished. 3. Is it difficult to combine the trainings and events with the school? Yes, I have missed several events in school, and some conferences, classes, homework and most of the time I can’t study for exams. 4. Don’t you feel tired for training a lot of time? Yes, it is really tiring to keep up with the training and school.

5. Why did you decided to get involved in this sport? It was the one I liked the most and the one I thought I could be sort of good at. 6. Do you really enjoy what you do? yes, even though I complain sometimes, it is really fun and addictive to play volleyball, and also you can stay fit 7. What´s your motivation to keep going? Just the love for it, and to be part of the process of becoming part of the state’s selection. 8. Is it difficult to stay training than going to parties? Yes, this semester I haven’t got a chance to assist to a party because I went every weekend to Tijuana, and you can’t miss it or you will be cut off the team. 9. What´s the best memory that you have since you start playing? The most recent one, is this ”Copa Baja” tournament in which Dominican republic came and we (baja) won 2nd place in the cup, we defeated Dominican republic, though not in the finals, Mexico, and other Baja’s teams. 10. Do you consider still practicing when you get into

college? Probably, but not so many times a week, it will become more of a hobby, I want to learn new things, like dance classes, or learn how to speak French, things like that.

Martin Bect Interview How long have you been running? In august 2013 I will have two years of running. Where did you start running? In the sport city of Mexicali. In how many events have you participated?

Well when I know about a important race in Mexicali I go, but the most important competences are the Olympic Stage in Baja California and the Olympic Regional in one city of the region one of Mexico. I went to two Olympics stages and one Olympic Regional in Mazatlan. I don’t remember in how many competencies I have participated. What inspires you to keep running? I like win, I think everybody likes to win; but my most important reason in track in field is to be better in my races and to low my time. And I want to have more condition, when I look a Kenyan runner, I imagine me to do the same activity that is he doing. What was your favorite event? I like Olympic Games very much, but I like also the FIFA World Cup. How much time do you do in 100mts? Well I don’t run that meters, because my body doesn’t have the force to do it, I look for run another meters and I found the 3000m steeplechase, and that race is not a sprinter race, it’s a middle distance race. But my best personal record in the 100mts is 11’47 and I ran it in October 2011. Are you in the BC selection? Yes I am. How do you feel when you lose? Bad, my people say to me, you participated, but I think when this happen is because I didn’t prepare myself. How many hours do you dedicate to training? Two and half hour, and maybe 3 hours What can you tell to people to enter this sport? I tell them to like this sport and look to be a better person with their records, not to surface when you are training.

By: Ruben Morales


It is a sport which requires too




dedication, and that is called the sport "burst" and the practitioner must have some qualities that we all have, for example, speed, agility, good fitness, etc., This to give better performance and highlight the practice, but anyone can practice with or without these qualities. Besides








profession or career, as there are links or circuits in which remuneration is received or payment for services rendered to the team which is part of the player. To reach these links or circuits begins on a smaller scale such as in schools participating with teams







achievements, where to acquire a grant is paying for the effort and good work done. This arouses interest towards the sport as training aid as a person acquiring profits and helping to have a secured future either in sport or in a profession after graduation. In particular I was interested in the sport even more when I read a book considered one of the

best players in the world where a phrase came to me thinking: "I can accept failure, but I cannot accept not trying again." Michael Jordan This phrase spoken by many considered the best in the history of basketball. I








perseverance, of a hard fought not only in sports if not life itself. And that's what I talk about in this essay as basketball for many is just a game played by amazing athletes but for others maybe it is life itself, a lifestyle, a job. This sport for many that a sport is to look for other livelihood strive every day to be better at work to limit athletes who put their physical and mental At the word basketball first thought is in a meeting with friends, family, ten men fighting over a ball sweat shirt to win a game and thus a

better position in the table that is how many see it. But we've been thinking that there behind these men



ball? The reason why is delivered both



sport? Why this passion


winning a game? Maybe not what you thought but today give a point of view of him why? In basketball and in life is perfect human failure no perfect human passion perfect player but this is partly what do feel that perhaps the perfect ones










impossible for so many is a sport. For most of these athletes is not only going to sweat, run or chase a ball but also is to achieve a dream after many failures to receive a second

chance in the next game to get back the trust of his teammates to take the last shot in a tight game. For a player that is worth much because behind it there







pain, a



sacrifice a


member not to see family for long periods, to test the feelings. I personally have lived, failing again and again, to fail to reach the point where wondering what am I doing here? Do you really worth that much effort? So much time spent? And now I realize that if it helped me be a better person as a human being to be angry, the stress out, fined an outlet in basketball







solution, but if a balance that helps me thinks better. This same sport must’ve learned values, camaraderie, respect, discipline, I have learned that no one is indispensable, all worth the same to gain but everything to lose by that is when you learn is when you give meaning to fail in to improve to be a better person, a better human

being. Years and years of practice hours put into training has paid off when I found out what I can do, to endure, that not for fear of failing stop trying.

By: Priscila Gonzalez

Hey Arnold

Being was







everyone’s life,



me it was. I remember how exciting was to get home and watch TV. My favorite channel





was the best cartoon of all times Hey Arnold. To me that cartoon was all, I

would count the hours to get home and








were good just because of Hey Arnold. It was a show that narrated the story about a







that was orphan and lived with their grandparents in a rental building. I loved to see the adventures he had with his friends and we can’t forget the little girl named Olga that was obsessed with Arnold but in real life was very mean, thinking







kind of creepy for having a sanctuary for him at her closet. The most exciting episode was the one that told the story why






there were explorers and had to go to their











can mom

told her before they go, they said that they will come back and take him to the park to be a good boy. In that episode I cried like a baby and if I still watch that episode now days I can cry again. Cartoons right now are very weird; they don’t






don’t show the innocence. My childhood was very good and I identify with the cartoon







grown up I can see that the cartoon Hey Arnold




entertaining at the same time.


By: Priscila Gonzalez Ortiz How to… In order to wash your car and leave it shiny, you must follow some steps to get it. First of all we should wet the car with water to remove dirt. After that, we put some water in a bucket and we add some special liquid to wash cars. When we have the mixture done, we´ll have to clean up the car with a cloth over the surface of the carriage. When we finished, we´ll get the car dry with some dried clothes. Since we did this, we can go into the vehicle. It is important to start from the top, so that all the garbage that is on the seats of the car hits the ground and it will be sucked. When we finish, we turn to the dash area with a damp cloth, stir the dust. Finally put some flavor in the car to take a car completely clean.

By Armando García Legy


Q: Why did the blonde become a big basketball fan? A: Because every time they stopped the clock, she thought she stopped aging.

FUNNY COLORS Q: what’s black; white; green and bumpy? A: a pickle wearing a tuxedo

JA-JA EGG JOKE Q: why shouldn’t you tell an egg joke? A: because it might crack up!

WORK Q: what do you call boomerang that doesn’t work? A: a sick

SOCCER Q: what is ghost’s favorite position in soccer? A: ghoul keeper.

Q: what is a cheerleader’s favorite food? A: cheerios!

By: Priscila Gonzalez

Editors Sara Gutierrez Flores Priscila Gonzalez Ortiz Ruben Morales

Armando Garcia Legy Eduardo Cerecer Andree Parra

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Essay----------------------------------------------------Creative------------------------------------------------Historical-----------------------------------------------Nostalgia------------------------------------------------Humor----------------------------------------------------Investigative------------------------------------------Interview, Evaudeliza “Vale” Sepulveda Reyna of 34 Years old. Professional basketball player Priscilla: -Hello good afternoon, I would like to ask some questions about your favorite sport. Vale: -Hello good afternoon, of course, tell me.

1. Since when do you practice basketball? - Since 1990.

2. - In which competence have you participated? - In competences municipals, state, regional, nationals, internationals.

3. – Have you been injured? - Thankfully not, but in order to avoid injures, you have to do a good warm up.

4. - Which is the best experience throughout your life as a player?

-Start my career and master in CETYS for a full scholarship, true friends and know many places.

5. - Which is the worst experience throughout your life as a player? - Left out of the Mexican Selection for error. The error was that the coach thought only 10 players could play, but he then found out that they could be 12. That’s why he sent me back to Mexicali and some days later, he called me because he realized he needed 2 more players in the team, but I was offended so I didn’t go.

6. – who do you admire or who was your inspiration to play this sport? - I liked Magic Johnson, but really did not have an idol. 7. – is basketball your passion? Why? Yes, because it has become part of my life.

8. Have you achieved a goal set for yourself? Why? Be in the Mexican selection and be a national champion.

9. Why did you start to play basketball? Was in 1990, a coach saw me and said you would have much of a future in the basketball, that year was my first national, and was very hasty but the best experience. 10. Have you needed to decide whether attending a social or a sport event? Yes, but what affected me the most was not being able to be at a family reunions and the anniversary of the death of my mother. And furthermore home at a young age. Thanks for your help, a pleasure to greet.

By: Priscila Gonzalez

Interview by Sara Gutierrez This interview is about Jaqueline Lopez, who is a member of the volleyball team and a student of CETYS preparatoria. 1. Whats your position? I play central 2. How long have you played volleyball? I’ve played for 3 years and a half 3. Why did you start to play volleyball? Because my school had a representative team and they asked me to join 4. What do you like the most about this sport? The excitement of the game, the crucial moment when you almost miss the ball 5. What cities have you been to when you have volleyball tournaments?

Hermosillo, Tijuana, Ensenada, Rosarito y San Diego 6. When did you win your first thropy? Two years ago I won my first throphy 7. Do you plan on making a living by playing volleyball the rest of your life? No, I plan to study Industrial engineering 8. Have you need to sacrifice your personal life for the sport? Yes, many times I train in the weekends or Fridays, I even have games on Sundays. 9. Have you had any major injuries? No I’ve never had major injuries 10.Who is your inspiration and why? My coach, I admire him very much, I wish to be like him someday. Justification Paternalism is a big problem on the modern society. It starts in the family with the parent’s attitudes, as a form of protection to the children, by taking the house decisions all by their selves, without the need of bothering in organizing and distributing the chores, which creates a conflictive situation that creates dependence between the members. This phenomenon is made by a common problem, simple to detect but hard to recognize, and it affects a big number of families around our environment without even noticing this. The objective of this conduct is to educate the minor members of the family under a severe discipline regime, in which the decisions are strictly made by the parents. As a result, the young man hasn’t got any chance to invoke to such firmness, obligating to always do what their parents want him to do and respect this resolution without complaining. Up to this moment there are no quantitative studies about this case, which is one of the reasons that motivates the development of this investigation, because it

is really a very important thing to search, thanks to the noticeable consequences on the actual youth, especially on the decisions that they are making for their future; the attitudes that they practice up to the moment they stand in front of a problematic situation with a certain difficulty and their insufficient experience to live in an independent way. This posture that generations take, make them become on incompetent elements for the productive society in which we live, preventing them to get better opportunities, jobs and life quality. Knowing the symptoms of this problematic, it’s easy to detect when the paternalism has become an inconvenient situation that hast to be mended as soon as possible. In these cases, it’s necessary to make the parents understand that their sons have grown up enough to take responsibility of their actions and form their compromises out of their regime. There are many ways to mend this, among this, the communication between family members, with everyone presenting their points of view, and with the vision of leading up to a clear resolution, with the approbation of each subject involved in this. This can be done on most of the cases if it’s performed in a very mature way. With this investigation, we’re going to show to the student community that belongs to high school and college in Mexicali, the different ways, in which this problem can be recognized, for them to take conscience about this situation, analyze how this can affect their lives in a personal, cultural, economic and educational way. They will get a general vision of this problematic and gradually will become independent human beings with the capacity of knowing their life goals.

Hypothesis Hi: Young people that live under a paternalistic education suffer visible consequences of an educational, economic and cultural character. Ha: There are now young people that consider living under paternalism and so there non educational, economic or cultural consequences. H1: Young people that consider themselves living under paternalism don’t know how to cook, or wash their clothes. H2: Young people that believe they live under paternalism have their religious views imposed by their parents. H3: Young people that consider themselves living under paternalism have chosen a career that their parents think it’s right for them to study. H4: More of the 30% of the High School and College student’s respondents feel they live under an paternalistic education regime. H5: There is a higher percentage of women living under paternalism than men.

Movie Review by Sara Gutierrez

Nosotros los nobles

This movie is about a family thats very rich and throws away their Money in things that arent worth it, the father decides to teach his sons and daughter a lesson, he fakes that the pólice embarks all their Money and things, so they have to live in an old house and get a job. Its a very cool movie, I recomend it very much, you will never regret this choice. At the end the father realices his intetions where the correct ones but that he should done it defferently, but everything is good because the kids learn everything and the become people of good will and big heart. It’s a very inspiring movie, you should see it. Now on movie theaters! InterCETYS 2013 In the celebration of the culture in their different expressions, the last 4th of April realized the traditional InterCETYS in the installations from Campus Mexicali. In the 2012 edition of this event, 200 students from Mexicali, Tijuana and Ensenada participated, Moreover 50 special guests. The program included representation of dances, music, and Theater, by the way, it counted with plastic art expositions, literacy, and this one’s let saw the talent from students. “The institutions perpetuated their actions following the traditions. The last 4th of april we had a celebrations that started a little bit more than 30 years, with the objective to promote activities more than just academic, at the time the campus integrate to the state”, expressed

Dr. Fernando León García,

Rector from CETYS system, in his opening message. He explained that the activities realized during the InterCETYS, are finding to promote more relationship and formation between the students.

Between the participations, there were: the orchestra Contratiempo; the Rondallas from CETYS Ensenada and Mexicali; different groups of dance, singing and theater from state, including the representatives from CETYS. Moreover, there were present the Band from middle high school number 50 and the Mimos from Mexicali, and many other guests. Through the organization of this type of events, the institution is finding to impulse the student to rich his personality, in base of creativity and the habit to learn. By: Ruben Morales

Trip to Ensenada

Being in the Rondalla de CETYS Universidad has been a really amazing experience since I’ve became a member of it, because I’ve learned to appreciate a totally different genre of music to the ones I usually play or hear more often; I’ve known a lot of people t which have come to be very good friends of mine over the years, and I’ve earned a lot of knowledge on the live performance scene. And you would ask me where did I learned about playing live, well that is a story I like to tell a lot to my friends and the people around me who want to hear stories about courage and perseverance. Last year, in summer of 2012, the Rondalla de CETYS Universidad went on a trip to Ensenada, Baja

California, in search of the title of the best rondalla in the region, so we practiced for a long time to win this prize. Our playlist was made with songs like Regálame esta noche by Alejandro Fernández, Si te vas by Trío Los Panchos, Cuando tú no estás by Raphael, Esclavo y amo and many more. We knew we weren’t the best in town, for there is a lot of this type of groups, and they are constantly trying to outstand among the rest, for only a certain number of remarkable rondallas are the ones that people know, because of their trajectory and high prestige. Besides this fact, we wanted to give it a shot just to earn experience and have a good time as a team, which we did very well. When we arrived to the place, we talked with other rondallas about stories of our presentations in Mexicali. This was certainly our first gig out of town, so we were very excited about this and people around told us that we looked a little bit scared, but we weren’t. It was very tired for us to travel from Mexicali to Tecate, where we played at the UABC music stage. We

did our job well on stage, and after that we went to a little dinner a rondalla committee organized for all the participants.

At 2:00 am o’ clock we took the road straight to Ensenada. We were all sleepy on the bus, but also having a lot of fun. We arrived to the hotel at 3:30 am, and fell asleep quickly, for there was a lot of work to do the next day at Centro Estatal de las Artes. We got very excited about playing in this big music festival in Ensenada, so we saved up all of our energy for it, and took care of ourselves and our throats in order to sing louder and better than the other bands, because we wanted to win a prize and get the public recognition, so we can outstand. Once on stage, we were the first ones to play, and that got us really nervous, but we had a little talk before starting the show, so we could clear our thoughts, leave all our regrets and fears, and express our feelings on our performance.

We did our best and we knew it, because we could see on the people’s faces that they liked not only our music, but our attitude, charisma, abilities, and the skills we showed to them up there when we were playing. When the contest finished, we didn’t win any prize, but what we did earn was a lot of experience, good memories to tell to our friends, and plenty of fun by having a weekend in Ensenada with our friends trying to achieve a common goal. But that’s not the end. The rest of time we spend in Ensenada was really fun, because our hotel was filled with all the Mexicali Rondallas, so anybody could tell that music ruled the place that night. All the members of the other rondallas and us went at night to take a walk all over the most popular places in Ensenada, so we get to know each other and spend a lot of quality time all together as musicians and friends we were about to be. It was such a good experience being there, and we always ask our instructor to take us to that place again.

By Eduardo Cerecer

Mohandas Gandhi Occupation: Civil Rights Leader Born: October 2, 1869 in Porbandar, India Died: January 30, 1948 in New Delhi, India

Mohandas Gandhi was one of the most famous leaders and champions for justice in the world. His principals and firm belief in non-violence has been followed by many other important civil rights leaders including Martin Luther King Jr. and Nelson Mandela. He is known by Gandhhi. Mohandas was born in Porbandar, India on October 2, he came from a wealthy family, his parents wanted him to be a lawyer, he took a job with an Indian law firm and went to India where he experienced racism and decided to start his work in civil rights. He organized non-violent civil disobedience campaigns.. One of Gandhi's most successful protests was called the Salt March. When Britain put a tax on salt, Gandhi decided to walk 241 miles to the sea in Dandi to make his own salt. Thousands of Indians joined him in his march. Gandhi also fought for civil rights and liberties among Indian people. Gandhi was assassinated on January 30, 1948. He was shot at a prayer meeting by a terrorist.

By, Sara GutiÊrrez Flores 2nd World War inventions This was the most dramatic event of all times because there were a lot of deads, on the other hand, there were a lot of science discoveries. Hittler was the best leader of all times, he knew how to control people with only giving some speeches, than when he had a lot of people, he built an army to controlled Germany, he had a lot of rage to the jews, he killed them and burned their houses and jobs. What he was doing was experiment to help society in the science ambit, he approves a lot of experiments that his scientist invented. There were places called ghettos, where the Jews leaved in the worst conditions of all the world, they didn’t eat, didn’t have water and they were very thin like a skeleton. In addition to Nazi concentration camps, the Soviet gulags led to the death of citizens of occupied countries such as Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia, as well as German prisoners of war and even Soviet citizens who had been or were thought to be supporters of the Nazis. Sixty percent of Soviet POWs of the Germans died during the war. Richard Overy gives the number of 5.7 million Soviet POWs. Of those, 57 percent died or were killed, a total of 3.6 million. Soviet ex-POWs and repatriated civilians were treated with great suspicion as potential Nazi collaborators, and some of them were sent to the Gulag upon being checked by the NKVD. What made the difference from first world war to second world war was that here they started using gas as the main energy source, because of this discoverment a lot of new inventions borned, they created new guns, new cars, and they created the aircraft as atomic bombs, the also invented planes with submachine guns to finish with all the soldiers that were trying to attack the front.

By: Ruben Morales

Top five coffee shops in Mexicali

Are you searching for a new place to hang out with your friends? Do you like coffee or enjoy eating snacks? This article may be helpful according to your needs, this are the five coffee shops in Mexicali. The number #5 in the top five of the best coffee shops in Mexicali is Zafari café, which is a small place for people that want to relax for a while by spending a good time with their friends, hearing good music at a perfect volume which allows you to speak perfectly without the need of shouting and tasting a cup of good soft and warm coffee. The next in the list is café El Ático, located in avenida Zaragoza. This place is ideal for people who like the warmth of home in company of their mates. They prepare a lot of different beverages that goes from soft drinks to wine and some other liquorish ones, and absolutely a lot of types of coffee. In addition, they also have a small library for people who like to read. The #3 is café El Escalón, which is a bar & café place, divided in to levels. They have good music, good drinks and the most attractive thing about it is their library, which counts with a lending-book system for people who want to read at home and can’t afford to buy the book. The #2 in the top five is Slowdown Café, located in Benito Juárez







performances and has a much extended menu that presents good lunches and desserts. They also have a small decorated

stage and an art gallery for people that are interested in this type of things. And the winner of the list is Café 8 ½, which offers live music presentations, movie projections in its theater with the best sounding system, and the best coffee in Mexicali, with also a simple menu that can adjust to any whim you’ve got. This is ideal for people like art, and the taste of an excellent cup of coffee. All of these places are perfect for chilling with your friends and have safe fun, by drinking a cup of coffee and having a talk, reading a book, watching a movie or enjoying of a musical live performance. BY EDUARDO CERECER

Environment The objective of the survey below is to find out how is Mexicali doing in the environmental culture. 1. How would you consider the environmental situation in Mexicali?

2. What do you think it’s the most damaged thing about it?

3. Do you think the government is doing enough to protect the environment?

4. Do you recycle?

5. How much do you litter the streets?

6. Would you be interested in new environmental laws introduced by the government?

The survey was applied to 20 persons, and with all this information we can conclude that most of the people are aware that the environmental situation it’s a very important nowadays, because it’s much damaged, and the only ones who can help this goes through are us. The majority know that the environment is polluted in Mexicali, but some of them keep on littering the streets, avoiding recycle, or any other action. Nevertheless, the government is also concerned about this topic, and the citizens are waiting for new environmental laws to protect our planet, by starting with our city. By Eduardo Cerecer

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How to find north without a compass

Have you ever been stranded in the city or the woods and you have desperately to find the way back home? Maybe the first step to do that is finding which way is north, but it’s hard to do it without a compass, }I´ll show you a way to find true north with just one item and the sun First Step: Find a stick, the longer the better it will work. Second Step: Place it on the ground and place a coin or a pebble in the tip of the shadow that the stick is casting. Thirds Step: Wait between 10 and 15 minutes. Fourth Step: After the few minutes you wait, the shadow of the stick has moved some way, now place another coin in the tip of that new shade. Fifth Step: Remove the stick from the ground and stand between the two objects you placed. The first one at your left and







Now you will be facing true north, is that easy, so next time, you need to know where north is, just do this easy method to know your way back home. Andree Parra Osuna

Literary Criticism Farenheit 451 One of the most thrilling and very thought book of this era, with a unique storyline which will make you think about the way our society works and how people often try to defy it, the plot slowly unveils under







firefighter in what it said to be a not very distant future, where this character job is to burn books so people in this world can´t be able to know about the past and be a self-conscious or even develop a very own philosophy of life. The book is fast paced, you will hardly get bored because of the author unique abilty to develop cliffhangers and take your breath away, and at the same time, keeping your mind running about what would do if you were the main character. If you enjoy science fiction and short novels this sure is the book you are looking to read next. Andree Parra Osuna


Win 100,000 pesos in “Sorteo de Colaboradores” Adriana, from Mexicali, became the winner of the big prize of the first “Sorteo de colaboradores del CETYSorteo Millonario”, which took place in Campus Mexicali, April 5th of 2013, Thanks to the winning ticket with the number 44109, which she obtain because of her collaboration on the selling ticket process. Which made her the winner of 100,000 pesos. Reported by Laura Luz Gutierrez Malo, manager of “Sorteo del Cetys”. “El Sorteo de Colaboradores” pretends to make recognition to those people who help selling tickets for the big prize in the raffle. The list of the winners can be look at en the following internet page:

Andree Parra Osuna


Top 5 Mexicali Restaurants Have you ever wondered which the top 5 restaurants in this amazing city are? Do you want to try new exciting food?? Well this information will provide you with my very own personal list of the top 5 restaurants in Mexicali, enjoy. 1. Rincón de Panchito- a Mexicali must go restaurant with the distinctive Chinese food that everyone in this city loves, the price are extremely low and affordable, besides the service is excellent, delicious taste in this unique oriental gastronomical experience 2. Carvao- The steak house with quite recognition here on Mexicali, unique Brazilian food, if you are willing to take a little more money out of your pockets, and delight your taste buds, this is definitely your place to eat, located in Plaza Lienzo near Calzada Cetys. 3. Wrap- A place with different franchises over Mexicali, you can find this delicious and nutritious food on places like Plaza San Pedro or near Justo Sierra, if you love veggies or simply the taste of a low carb healthy meal come to this restaurant. 4. Pasión- A restaurant featuring culinary art, with contemporary wood with just the perfect taste, seafood, meat and creative recipes is what you will be able to find here, so come and take a trip on Plaza Cataviña. 5. Chalet- Good portion, featuring a nice Mexican buffet with food like chilaquiles, menudo and delicious “aguas frescas”, located on Justo Sierra #899 Andree Parra Osuna