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The Barle Trip. See p11 for Alun’s report of the trip, and p13 for Kath’s article. Our new UKCC Level 1 Coaches

Frome Canoe Club

Volume 38 Issue 4 April 2014

Front: Kate. Back: Jack, George, Gareth, Jonathan and Mark. Missing from this picture is Gine, who did her L1 with Bath Uni CC. Congratulations to you all! (PS the little parcel that Gareth is holding belongs to Neil). Frome Canoe Club is affiliated to the British Canoe Union and is a Registered Charity (Number 1104728) 1


THE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE President Graham Warnecke Vice Presidents Richard and Jane Arney Jim and Catharine Croft Chairman Alun Jones

In this issue CALENDAR: details

3 4 4 5 6 18

Calendar in brief River Frome trip Easter Egg Hunt Paddle Power Wednesday Sessions Club courses


Vice Chairman Gareth McGiveron Treasurer John Kent Secretary Pam Dixon 16 Blagdon Walk, Frome, BA11 2YH Committee Members Arthur Belbin Rich Carter Rich Heal Jonathan Howell Tracey Lemon Stuart Miles

5 7

Tuesday slalom training 2014 Slalom programme


10 11 13 15 16


River Tavy by John Kent River Barle by Alun Jones River Barle by Kath Norton Axe Race by Andrew Lyall Tryweryn weekend


9 17 17 19 20

Headlines from the Coaches meeting From the committee Invitation to join Think Tank Bits and Pieces Copper Noseclip Points

Send articles for the next issue to th by 27 April 2


Calendar 2014 Date







Pam D


River Frome Trip

One Star/Passport tbc


Scotland trip leaves for one week


Neil D


Youth Slalom training: 9.30-10.30

Youth members

John K


Youth Slalom training: 9.30-10.30

Youth members

John K


Easter Egg Hunt


Stu M


Tuesday slalom training starts


John K




Pam D


Mini slalom


John K


Youth Slalom training: 9.30-10.30

Youth members

John K


Youth Slalom training: 9.30-10.30

Youth members

John K


Bala Slalom Div 2/3

Ranked paddlers

John K


Go Canoeing event for the public


Grand Team Event


John K


North Walls Slalom Div 4/0


John K


Try A Boat Day


Pam D


Llandysul Slalom Div 2/3

Ranked paddlers

John K


Tuesday Polo Game


Jack S


Mini slalom


John K




Pam D


Calendar in detail River Frome 6th April

EASTER EGG HUNT 21st April Clubhouse, 10am Cost £2.50

Meet 9am at the Clubhouse Cost £3 Organiser - Rich Carter This a trip designed for the newer paddlers in the club, but that doesn‘t stop you more experienced paddlers taking part. The Frome is a grade 1 river ( flat with a little moving water) and a number of weirs, which you can portage if you don‘t like the look of. Distance is 4 to 5 miles depending on what section we do.

Come and hunt for Easter Eggs along the banks of the River Frome near our clubhouse! We will work in teams to find as many clues as we can to locate the Easter eggs!

All paddling kit is supplied by the club - all you need to bring is the clothes to paddle in, a packed lunch, your self and as many paddling friends as you like. Don‘t forget a set of dry clothes for the end.

We will hunt for them in open boats or kayaks whichever your team chooses.

This is a good trip for Passport or One Star paddlers. Remember that at this time of the year it can be cool, so you will need to come prepared with warm clothes and energy food.

This event is always good fun and ideal for families to take part in!

The section we will paddle will be decided on the day and will of course depend on water levels. Strict adherence to the Club’s code of conduct is expected at all times on club events . 4


Calendar in detail Tuesday slalom training Market Yard 7pm – 8pm Cost £2.50


A training evening for members. These sessions focus on technique and fitness.

Look out for the Passport and the Discover courses. Passport gets you for ready some of the other things in the club:  Slalom  Canoe Polo  Local river trips. Discover is the course to do after Passport. P18 has the details of the courses. And if you have any questions ask Tracey or Stu. They can help you.

Sessions need to be paid up front, monthly or six weekly. Note on the last Tuesday of the month, Jack will be running a polo game for Volunteers, starting at 7.30, so Slalomists are asked to come a little earlier (6.45pm if possible).

Look out for our Try-a-Boat Day! 18th May, at the Clubhouse. Your chance to mess about in some different sorts of boats and have some fun at the same time.

Manoeuvre of the month or How to get out of paddling the Barle! Our illustrious President fell from a boulder while climbing the mighty Pen-y-Fan. The shoulder took the brunt of the fall and prevented him from tackling the major rapids of the Barle. Oh dear! The lengths we go to . . ! Get well soon Graham! The next Barle trip is October 19th. People having difficulty paying the trip prices need to speak to the Welfare Officer. 5


Spring and Summer Programme



) from (7-8pm g n i choose n i a ) lom tr 7-8pm  Sla nd games ( na -8pm)  Fu olo (7 nners course P e o n i  Ca - a beg vers course sport s a P impro  er - an v o c s i  D

   


Young choose fr om  Slalo m trainin g  Adu lts only g (7 to 8pm) r o up (8 to  Cano 9pm) e Polo (8 to 9pm)

also running from 7.30-8.3 0pm

More fun and games Skills sessions for improvers Introductory se ssions Open boating

The first few weeks may run to slightly different times because the evenings are shorter. We just have to manage. And a note about the Canoe Polo area, if you need to pass through the polo area, please wait for Jack to signal you though.

PLEASE HELP US We want sessions to start on time. So please arrive half an hour before your session is due to start.. This will give you plenty of time to register and sort out kit .

 A new group running at 7.30pm, for those people who

want to progress from the Yellow group and develop their paddling skills.  Monthly CANOE POLO

On the last Tuesday of the month, Jack is organising a game for our Volunteers to take part in. 7.30- 8.30 pm. 6


Slalom Programme Spring 2014 First of all some things to remember: Newcomers usually start in Division 4. When you do well, you get promoted. You build up your skill, and work your way up to bigger water and tougher competition. In Division 4, where you start, it won't be too hard - a rush of water from a weir, or moving water in a stream, (or flat with the likes of Market Yard). When you get to Division 1 it will be big and tricky! 

   

The aim is to run a rapid river course marked by "gates" fast, and without touching. A "gate" is two poles, suspended over the water. Green and white gates are negotiated in a downstream direction, red and white gates upstream. A touch is penalised with 2 seconds added to the competitor's time. If you touch a pole with anything – paddle, boat, buoyancy aid, helmet or yourself - a 2 second penalty is added to your time. If you miss a gate out, or go through in the wrong direction, the penalty is 50 seconds. Each competitor takes two runs, and the best run counts. Five classes compete: Men's and Women's Kayak and Canadian Singles, and Canadian Doubles. Some events include team races, teams of three boats work together for the fastest possible time.

Our Slalom Programme For newcomers to slalom our first ranking race is not until 17th May. However, we have arranged training leading up to this where you can improve your skills and your fitness. There will also be sessions on Wednesday evenings, and for experienced paddlers there is training on Tuesday evenings where they are pushed just that little bit harder.



The 2014 Slalom Spring dates Sunday 13th April th

Sunday 20 April th

Training at Market Yard: Youth 9.30 Adults 10.30 Training at Market Yard: Youth 9.30 Adults 10.30

Friday 25 April

Minislalom at Market Yard 6pm. A 12 gate course with minimum organisation.

Sunday 27th April

Training at Market Yard: Youth 9.30 Adults 10.30


Sunday 4 May th

Training at Market Yard: Youth 9.30 Adults 10.30

Sunday 11 May

The Grand Team Event. Details next month. Your chance to race in company with two other team members.

Saturday 17th May

North Walls Slalom at Winchester. This is a Division 4 race and is held on flat water so is ideal for your first race. There is also an Open race for those who are already in a higher division.

Weekend 25th/26th May

Llandysul Div 2/3. We will be making a camping weekend of this race in West Wales. If you got promoted at Winchester you can enter this one.

Friday 30th May

Minislalom at Market Yard 6pm.

Sunday 1st June

No training as such but this is the day we put up the course ready for Langham Farm the following weekend.

Weekend 7th/8th June

Langham Farm Slalom. A division 3 and 4 ranking race near Rode which we organise.

14th or 15th June

Ogmore slalom Div 3/4 at Bridgend in South Wales. We will probably race one day only.

21st or 22nd June

Shepperton slalom Div 3/4 in South West London We race one day only.

Friday 27th June

Minislalom at Market Yard 6pm.

There are just a few more things to remember: - bottom of next page . . 8


Headlines from the coaches’ meeting 1.


3. 4.


6. 7.


We are to keep to the timings (get on and get off) more accurately so that people aren’t waiting about. This means that people have to arrive early enough to allow time for changing. So get there to give yourself at least 15 mins to get ready . From now on the doors will open at 6.30pm to give everyone a bit more time. We will reinstate the coloured cones in the car park for groups to collect at. When you have chosen your boat, put it near the cone and leave a paddle in it. That way everyone knows it is ‘bagged’. Arthur has said to reduce congestion on the jetty at 8pm, the Adult group will use the steps at Button Bridge from now onwards. Pick the right size kayak for yourself! What happens is that some small people pick bigger boats for themselves and we get a chain reaction so that when the adults come to pick their boats, the big ones have all gone. We are going to have another group (coaches permitting) so that more experienced young people can move from the Yellow group to this new group to learn more skills, leaving the Green group just for the Tasters. And then we had the session on BLUE SKY THINKING! Rich opened up a discussion to the coaches – where do we want the club to be going? There were requests for: different rivers, more taster sessions, more information to parents about what’s going on, the offer of a sea kayaking trip, more surfing and what about a Poole harbour trip? Discussion also about the electronic newsletter and whether it is is getting information out. Arthur suggested we sell paper copies (£1) so people can pick one up if they want. We want your views on this! See p14.

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    

Entries go on Entry Cards. You can get help to fill those out. If bibs are not being used put the number you have been given on your boat (use sticky tape) You start in number order. Watch others at the start, and be there when your turn comes Try to get through all the gates - in the right order! When you've finished, wait for two more people to finish before you get off - it's your turn to do safety duty.

You can find out more about canoe slalom on 9


Tavy Trip some lunch.

Tavy Trip 2nd February By John Kent

Next stop is the weir. Think Woolverton weir, but an even more sticky stopper. Andy over on the far right, then Rich. George also after some close inspection. The rest of us portage. On to the gauging weir with a perfect surfing wave today. After that, not far to the get out. Don't miss it or you can't get back up.

The Tavy runs off the western side of Dartmoor. The stretch we ran was from the centre of Tavistock to just below Denham Bridge, a distance of just over 6 miles. The nature of the river is such that there are a number of rocky ledges to negotiate, with a weir towards the end. Today the Denham EA gauge was showing 0.69m so all the rocks were covered but the water not too pushy.

A great run. Or so we thought. Over the next day or so word got out that half the group had gone down with, ahem, stomach problems. Maybe we run the river higher up next time. Or find another use for gaffer tape – over their mouths.

On the outskirts of Tavistock we pass the outfall from the sewage works. Known for causing illness but we’ve never had any problems. I jokingly advise all to keep our mouths shut. The flow is low and clear though.

Paddlers Alun and Will Jones, Su and Kieran Fewell, Keiran Clark, Andy Vowell, Mark Baines, Kath Norton, Hazel Cottle, Linz Kimber, Jonathan Howell, Rich Carter, Gareth and George McGiveron, and John Kent. Points: Kath 6, Su 5.

A couple of swims along the way. One was on an innocuous, bouncy rapid on a slight bend. I instinctively move further to the middle of the river and wait at the bottom. Everyone reaches the bottom apart from Su. Then we can see her trapped under a tree. George and Andy rush to free her. Fortunately they can stand up in the river. It always happens to the least expected.

2014 Membership prices Youth Adult Family

We regroup and continue to the grade 3 drop where we inspect and have 10

£20 £30 £50


Bumping down the Barle - 2nd March members of the group they soon ascended the learning curve. The upside was that we were able move down river faster and spend some time on the play waves as they appeared.

By Alun Jones The day began with the usual preparations at the clubhouse and discussions about the water levels. The kayaks were loaded and unloaded and reloaded until they were safely attached, and eventually we proceeded to Tarr Steps.

As we approached our regular lunch stop all of the party had become accustomed to the more challenging environment and were choosing their lines through the obstacles.

Our esteemed president, Graham was At lunch the more adventurous played waiting for us at the car park but was, in the wave, and others had a snack or unfortunately, unable to paddle due to a stretched their legs before we moved ‘climbing’ on and Yousaf takes over the Ocoee at lunch accident. got He did warm however again. feel able We to run the soon shuttle arrived for us at the which weir in was a Dulvergreat help at the end of the trip beton and realized that the usual route cause it allowed all the cars to go down had changed. Rich was of course directly back to Frome. able to plan a safe route for us to The water was at a level that allowed us to glide over most of the rocks that often in lower water would be exposed and present a hazard. The downside of this was that some of the less experienced paddlers were exposed to faster water than they were used to. With the help of the more experienced

descend and most of us made it without getting wet. There were a number of younger paddlers who showed significant improvement during the trip. Chloe for example very quickly adapted to the moving water with the help of Rich, and was soon paddling independently. Tierney 11


Barle trip report continued showed his strength and determination in a Dynamo that was often full of water, and often needed emptying. Ertha also has to be congratulated for guiding Carl through the rapids.

On a final note, Alun says: I discovered some imaginary items of lost property in my car after this trip and am anxious to return them to their rightful owners.

The trip ended with the traditional ritual of changing in a rainy car park, and we headed up the wet M5 and back to the club house.

They include: A sat nav system, unused and still in its box (useful for finding your way to the river).

My thanks to Graham for the luxury shuttle service; to Rich for coaching and leadership; to the ubiquitous Pam for everything, and to all the other paddlers who looked out for those needing help.

A full set of support strokes for an adult male, part used but still have plenty of life left. An imaginary heated leather reclining spare seat for the shuttle vehicle.

Ed: Thanks Alun, for this trip report. It was good wasn’t it, to paddle the Barle with a bit of water in it?

An unused top of the range break-out to be used before getting pinned on an island with a secondary back up roll system.

I was surprised to note that you left out the bit about Rich forgetting his dry suit and having to do the run without it. You would think, wouldn’t you that these experienced coaches would manage to get things right!?

A number of child’s Dare2b thermal base layers (these are available at the club at a specially discounted price, thanks to Megan and FAS).



Kath’s Barle Trip It was a slow start to the day, because despite the combined talents of the ‘Fast and Furious Six’, it took an hour to work out how to load all the boats onto four cars. This led to Alun having to make the executive decision that we hadn’t time to stop for coffee on the way. No wonder Paula and Luke decided to meet us there!

lously I didn’t. Maybe I should try using support strokes more often! Rich did seem a little confused that day, mistaking me for Kate (who wasn’t even there….) on a number of occasions. This is probably an easy mistake to make given that we are so similar, both being shy retiring types who rarely swim. At lunch time Yousaf did his bit for Help the Aged and took the helm of the Ocoee so that Stu could stretch his legs. This seemed a successful experience, so maybe he might take it on his next trip on the Upper?

Finally we headed off to Tarr Steps. Or most of us did……Terry went to Exeter by mistake but like British Rail he got there in the end….to Maybe Tarr Steps not Exeter that is. I should

Tierney demonstrated great skill at keeping a sinking boat uptry using Graham kindly helped with the right, when his boat got a little shuttle despite being unable to support bit flooded. Meanwhile, Ertha paddle that day. He managed strokes was having to do all the work in to fit all the drivers in his car more the Duo whilst Carl had a snooze with the exception of Alun who often! in the back. Chloe looked calm had to be stowed in the boot as and relaxed the whole trip and hand luggage. made the rapids look easy. There was a minor hiccup when we hit Dulverton Weir was a bit tricky and was the water, Ben (Trippick not Miles), capably handled by Will amongst took a bit of a swim at the start having others. Those of us who didn’t want to got up close and personal to a rock. I do a ‘Jonathon’ however took the also had a close encounter and had to chicken run. Strategic placement of Ben use something…. which apparently in (Miles not Trippick) and Mark ensured nearly two years of paddling I have that no one else came to grief. never used before …..a support stroke. Nothing to report really at the ‘get off’. Rich was just alerting people to the As usual everybody took their wet kit fact that I had swum when miracu13


Kath’s Barle trip continued

off, only to stand in the pouring rain whilst putting their dry kit on, which then got wet whilst they put the boats on the cars and stood around in the rain chatting! Mark did look very fetching though. in his waterproof poncho, and I am pleased to announce that this will be the outfit he will be wearing when he appears as Mr November in next year’s Barle trip Paddlers and Points Girls: Chloe C, Ertha G Boys: Ben M, Tierney O, Will J Women: Kath N, Paula B, Pam D Men : Alun J, Ben T, Carl G, Mark B, Jonathan H (3), Rich C, Richard T, Terry O, Stuart M and Yousaf M. We were joined by guest paddler Luke. Do come and paddle with us again soon! 14

fundraising FCC Coaches Calendar. Ed: Yes, good point to remind us all about the Coaches Calendar! We need offers, please, for the other months. All suggestions gratefully received!

BLUE SKY THINKING! We are interested in your views about how the club is doing. You can see some suggestions from the coaches on p9. In particular we would like to know your views about the electronic newsletter. We know it saves the club over £1000 a year. And we have bought some lovely kit from the savings. But would you like a paper copy? Would you come to the club to buy one at £1, as was suggested? In May we will be sending out a survey for you to give us feedback on lots of other

things! But in the meantime let us know your views about the newsletter.


Axe River Race - 9th March, by Andrew Lyall When John and I decided in February to do the 5 mile Axe River Race, I thought what could be easier? A nice gentle paddle with John through the Devon countryside. On arriving there were 80 competitors in 8 different classes. After the race briefing, each class was assembled by the starter and then told to go. At the start of our class there were about 8 double kayaks - 2 Topo Duo, 2 plastic touring boats, 1 open and 3 fibre glass tourers. I spotted our opposition who were 2 older fit-looking chaps in an identical boat to ours but in red. We had borrowed our boat from Jenny at FAS which, had the nickname Smurfie and luckily Jenny let us off wearing the blue face paint! John told me that we could win and after some gentle leg-pulling from our opposition at the start line, we went off fast and built up a small lead. John and Andrew are away and in the lead from the start

The red boat! Despite lots of bends in the river and some fast flowing water we could not pull away from the red boat. We swerved around various canoeists in open boats and kept our rhythm while all the time the red boat remained close behind. During the last mile into the harbour the river opened up and we came across many other competitors. We kept going and eventually saw the 2 bridges signalling the end of the race. We had won our class but only by a very small margin. This touring game could not be classified as relaxing but it was something different and had been very rewarding. Ed - I listened to John after the event and found out a lot about tactics: John knew they had to be in the lead right from the start to have any chance to win this race and so they went on the ‘2’ of 3-2-1-go. Umm... Nice one John! 15


Tryweryn trip 15thMarch

Ian’s first time at Tryweryn, being ably led down the Top section by George (above)

Andy messing about as usual!

The face that says it all! Yes, Gareth did the Falls. (see back page). Alun taking it easy! But see below Gareth’s boat! Ah a swim! George is onto it pdq, after Gareth’s third and final swim on the top section.

Tryweryn Paddlers and points Boys: George M, Rich N (1) Women: Bex T (9), Pam D (3), Paula B Men: Alun J, Andy V, Arthur B, Gareth M (9), Ian J (9), Jack O, John K, Mark B, Rich C , Tim C 16


From your committee YOUNG PEOPLE Tracey and Stu are our YOUTH REPS. They are there to answer any of your questions and they will be pleased to listen to your views. Catch them on a club night Tracey is in the kit room and Stu can be found in a canoe. Due to the exceptional work the club has done and is still doing, we have been asked to be part of a government think-tank in the way forward for our sport . This would require a person from the club attending a bimonthly meeting at the Sports Minister’s office in Whitehall - all expenses paid. Would any one like to take up this offer and be our person in power? If so contact Helen Grant’s secretary:, but time is running out and you need to respond by 01/04/14.

A point was raised at the AGM about the cost of trips for families, especially youth members. At the AGM we said that the committee would look at this in its first meeting and see whether there was any room for manoeuvre. One of our guiding principles is to keep costs to a minimum and we try really hard to be inclusive, so we spent some time discussing this. The trip prices are based around covering the cost of fuel. Which means if family members went for a cheaper price, then either the club would have to pick up the deficit or the other participants would have to bear the difference. After a good deal of discussion, we came to an agreement that in the interests of being an inclusive club, we would hate it if family members were prevented from participation because of finances in their particular household, and this is what we resolved: The club tries hard to be affordable but if for any reason personal circumstances prevent participation, please talk to the Welfare Officer. Ed: Remember our local trips are very reasonably priced at £3 ea. Let’s hope we see more of you on them - they are always good fun and the weirs liven things up a bit, as you will have read in recent articles! 17


CLUB COURSES Courses for YOUNG PEOPLE Passport £35 An introductory 7 week course for the under 14s. Wednesdays, 7-8pm. First course starts 14 May Second course starts 9 July

Courses for OVER-14s One Star £40 An introductory course for beginners to the sport. An evening course: 6/13/20 May A day course: Saturday July 12

Two Star £55 Discover £48 This follows on from the Passport course and develops the skills you learned in Passport. It is a 12 week course, designed for under-14s. Wednesdays 7– 8.30pm. Start date - 21 May

Canoe Safety (FSRT): £35

A course to progress from One Star. A seven week course on Tuesday evenings , 7-9pm Starting 3 June

Three Star: £65 A course over two Sundays and three Thursday evenings. The flat water components of this award will be covered in the first four sessions and the white water sections will be covered on the last Sunday in a trip to Symonds Yat. Sunday 15th June Thursday evenings: 19 Jun, 3 Jul, 11 Sept Sunday 21 September

28/29 June Over two days the training will be at Langham Farm. Certificate s: £5 BCU members /£10 non BCU members

For more information and an application form, pick up a Courses leaflet from the clubhouse or website.

Aquatic First Aid: £30 9 August An 8 hour course focusing on water based incidents, it includes loads of CPR. Certificates: £6 BCU members /£9 non BCU 18


Bits and Pieces Three Star : 3/4 May. £135 Four Star training: 2/13 April, 6/7 September. £165 Four Star assessment: 1/2 March, 18/19 October. £150 WWSR: 8/9 Feb, 19/20 Apr, 4/5 Oct. £140 YOUNG GUNS FREESTYLE TOUR 2014. The tour consists of six dates at various locations throughout the UK during Spring / Summer of 2014 and is open to any paddlers aged 18 and under. The aim is to get kids in kayaks on the water, having fun, making friends and improving their water skills, the only thing they need is a reasonable roll and a lot of energy and enthusiasm! All the information for the Younguns Freestyle Tour can be found at youngunsfreestyle.

Overheard by John at a nearby swimming pool last week: Bill Fryer ”I just thought I’d get some swimming practice in. You see, I go to Scotland with the club in two weeks and I need to remind myself how to swim. Just in case, you understand!” Hi All from Andy at 26th - 27th April 4 Star leader White Water kayak assessment N/Wales cost £150. 2 Places left 17th - 18th May 4 Star Leader Training N/Wales cost 135 pounds 6 places left SUMMER ALPINE TRIPS - Please see website or contact Andy for more info.

Did you know that you can get good discount when you buy from the Family Adventure Store in Hilperton? Just show them your FCC membership card.

Bonus vouchers: from now till 5th April, Sainsbury's customers will receive an extra 5 bonus Active Kids vouchers when they buy 5 or more items of fruit or vegetables . Get shopping! 19


Ian Jones Bex Tanti Gareth McGiveron Rich Heal Kath Norton Su Fewell Stuart Miles Arthur Belbin Summer Vowell Jane Thomas Jack Kimber Ben Trippick Jonathan Howell Pam Dixon Rich Norman

Chairman Alun Jones 01373 823513 Vice Chair: Gareth McGiveron Treasurer: John Kent 01225 765168 Secretary: Pam Dixon 07740 472982 Head Coach: Rich Carter 01373 864623 Youth Rep: Stu Miles Volunteer Reps: Jonathan Howell and Sally Smiles

19 12 9 6 6 5 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 1

Kit Officers: Sally and Tim Smiles

Follow us on facebook Check out the photos of club events on the website. And refer to the calendar for all the club activities.

Gareth here on Bala Mill Falls (his nemesis). Will he get down without a swim this year? See P16 to find out.

Canoeing and kayaking are “Assumed risk” – “Water contact sports” that may carry attendant risks. Participants should be aware of and accept these risks, and be responsible for their own action and involvement. 20

2014 04 newsletter  

Sport: canoeing and kayaking

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