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ew look, new features, fabulous contributors all here to help you learn the most effective social media, new media and digital media strategies to market your business, your brand and get successful results in your business right now. We are excited to be incorporating video into the magazine so that you can read, listen and connect with all the information provided inside. Go grab a coffee, sit back and enjoy the latest issue of social media woman.

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featured guests Mara Glazer - Mara Glazer, daughter of Bill Glazer, is a Social and Alternative Media Marketing Expert with a proven track record for making money online. When Mara joined Glazer-Kennedy, she had no knowledge of online marketing at all! Yet in less than 278 days Mara generated over a WHOPPING $1,000,000 online! Bill Glazer, one of the most celebrated Marketing Gurus in the world, who along with the legendary Dan Kennedy, have teamed up to provide advice to over 1,000,000 entrepreneurs worldwide in every possible industry and profession. Bill is a professional speaker, marketing consultant and coach, and a much sought-after copywriter.


Mara Glazer, daughter of OUTRAGEOUS Advertising Guru and NO B.S. Marketer Bill Glazer, is a Social and Alternative Media Marketing Expert with a proven track record for making money online. In September 2009 when Mara joined Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle, she had no knowledge of online marketing at all! Zip! Zilch! Nada! In less than 278 days after studying everything available to her about Online Marketing and Social Media, Mara generated over a WHOPPING $1,000,000 online! Having launched the highly successful web TV show, NO B.S. LIVE TV, the online e-mail magazine, The NO B.S. NOT SO DAILY EZINE, and a complete social media presence, amongst other intiatives, Mara is known for bringing a modern online presence to an otherwise offline business.

Mara Glazer ‘‘


Mara what is your background and how is it you got started working at Glazer Kennedy?



What was your biggest challenge when you first began working with your Dad at Glazer-Kennedy? ‘‘


Do you feel video has had a huge impact on the growth of your business and do you think it is an important marketing tool for online businesses?

4 | Social Media Woman

What do you like to do in your spare time? What is it like working with your father Bill Glazer and is your relationship at work different to your relationship at home? Finally Mara, what exciting things do you have lined up for the rest of 2011 and beyond and how can people, who want to learn more about GlazerKennedy, find out more?


ara what is your background and how is it you got started working at Glazer Kennedy? Taking after my grandfather and father who worked in retail most of their lives, I decided I was going to go to school for Fashion Merchandising and Design. While in school, I received an e-mail from Glazer-Kennedy Independent Business Advisor and now Friend, Mike Capuzzi, inviting me to his very first chapter meeting in the city where I lived, Philadelphia. Intrigued as to what it was about, and since I had no clue what my dad did at the time, or even who Dan Kennedy was, I went to the meeting and was blown away. The strategies made sense, way more than what I was learning in marketing class. So I kept going back month after month, Fast-forward to graduation: I had worked so hard in college to build my resume and was able to score my dream job managing close to 15 of the world’s top branded accessory lines out of college. At least I thought it was my dream job. It turned out that I hated it and was miserable. I took some time off work to attend a GKIC SuperConference, back in 2009, and it was there that I knew I needed to make the change into this marketing world. I knew I had what it took and could do this. After much persuasion and test work, my father finally invited me to join the business with the understanding that I would head the social and alternative media marketing department, because he knew that if I had those skills I could do anything I wanted and be set up to generate income for life, and he made sure I understood that if I came to work at GKIC I would have to “work harder than I have ever worked in my whole life”. My first day at Glazer-Kennedy, I knew nothing about social and alternative media. I mean NOTHING! Actually I recall on my first day, one of our GKIC team members asking me. “So Mara, what do you know about Social Media”? Immediately I got those butterflies in my stomach and that tightening feeling in my throat, but I told him the truth. And at the time, where I was just 2 years out of college, the truth was that I knew how to do two things: 1. Invite people to my parties, and 2. Post the party picture the next day.

I knew I needed to learn fast, so I’d spend my days, nights, and weekends, researching and educating myself on as many strategies and techniques as I could, and then implementing them in our business. Today, if you asked me what I knew, I’d tell you I still know two things, but this time they are different: 1. How to use social and alternative media to draw massive amounts of traffic to high converting offers to generate dollars and 2. How to use social and alternative media to position oneself as an expert in their niche. That’s really the formula for success using social and alternative media.’

What was your biggest challenge when you first began working with your Dad at Glazer-Kennedy?

It was getting over my fear. I was so fearful of what people would think of me and how they would perceive me. Putting myself out there for the whole world to see was something that was new to me. At the time, I didn’t have the confidence that I have today. Being in front of the camera gave me that, and for that I am grateful. When I first started out in this industry a few of the

Social Media Woman |5

comments and feedback I received were negative and just plain mean. There were even days when I went home and cried. Once I started to prove myself, show that I was a hard worker, and show that I could make money in this industry, the critics went away. I also know the impact I have made using these media forms. By leveraging the celebrity I have created in this space I have been able to raise close to $70k for a program I am creating with the non-profit organization, Junior Achievement, that will teach the youth in Baltimore, MD how to start their own businesses. I have also had many business owners share with me their stories and tell me how I have impacted their businesses and lives. That’s why I do what I do and why I love doing it. The negative comments don’t mean anything when you are making a difference for somebody else.


’ve noticed more and more women have started to attend the live Glazer- Kennedy events and I feel you have had a huge impact on attracting more women – have you noticed that too and why do you think that is? Thank you. I am honored that you feel that way. I haven’t looked into the stats that would speak to the exact numbers pertaining to the increase in women’s membership since I joined my father at GKIC, but I can recall the countless women who have told me they enjoy the femininity I bring to GKIC and how since I joined the business they feel more of a connection with GKIC, which has been historically known as a male dominated company. It brings me much joy to hear that from these

remarkable ladies. I have loved and enjoyed meeting these women and am glad that they are now a part of the GKIC community. I look forward to the continued growth in women membership and having more women entrepreneurs join our GKIC family.


first started learning from you when I saw you doing your video interviews at some of the Glazer-Kennedy events. Do you feel video has had a huge impact on the growth of your business and do you think it is an important marketing tool for online businesses? Definitely!!! Video has given us another media form to use as a marketing tool, and has paid off handsomely. At GKIC, we use video in four ways: • Video sales letters • Web TV • Mini content clips • Live-streaming Two years ago, we had almost NO video presence, and since adding video to our marketing mix it has allowed us to generate additional revenue that we weren’t bringing into the business before. It is also great tool to create and position oneself as an expert in their niche. It gives people the “celebrity” expert status in whatever business category they live in. Two years ago, no one knew who I was. By using video, I have been able to stand out and make a name for myself in this marketing world. The power of video is remarkable and I wish more marketers and business owners would

“...When I first started out in this industry a few of the comments and feedback I received were negative and just plain mean. There were even days when I just went home and cried...” 6 | Social Media Woman

recognize that and unleash its power on their businesses.


ara when you are not hanging out at Glazer-Kennedy events and meeting and interviewing amazing marketers from around the world, what do you like to do in your spare time? I just started a local meetup group for young entrepreneurs who want to meet other likeminded entrepreneurs. We do fun things like happy hours, bowling, comedy shows, etc. I have been having a blast with that. I also spend a lot of time with my family. I went to boarding school in high school, then moved to Philadelphia for college, and then lived in NYC and Philladeliphia for a few years after school for work. So I had been away from home for a long time. I have really been enjoying being around my Family again. I also love travelling, so many weekends I am on the road with friends going to some of my favorite hot spots and new destinations.

on the fence about how to act, I just think, “What would Bill do”, and that way of thinking and approach always leads me down the right path. Bill has taught me that business is not always about the hat is it like working with money. Sure we all need to make money, but it’s more your father Bill Glazer and is your relationship at important to do what’s right and work hard to maintain the relationships you make. If you lead your business with work different to your relationship at integrity and from a position to always do what’s right, home? everything just falls into place. I absolutely love it! It is so amazing to be able to learn Bill and I are the types of people who are always “on” from my dad every day. I know I am biased, but Bill is extremely smart and he is always teaching me something I when it comes to work. We are always thinking of what don’t know, whether it’s about business, life, relationships, has to be done, what is the next bright shiny object, how can we approach something better, etc. Many times when etc. Something I admire about my dad is his integrity and the we are together outside the office, we are talking work and also talking about marketing. But what we do is a love way he approaches business with an ethical standpoint. of ours, so it never feels like work. I definitely think the That is not something you find in the business world too often these days. He makes me want to work harder to be marketing has brought us closer together. We get to work the most ethical and integrity driven entrepreneur I can be. together every day and have a true passion that holds Whenever I’m faced with a challenging situation and I am commonality for us both. Social Media Woman |7



inally Mara, what exciting things do you have lined up for the rest of 2011 and beyond and how can people, who want to learn more about Glazer-Kennedy, find out more? This Summer I am traveling around the US on a speaking tour through our Glazer-Kennedy Chapter groups speaking on the topic of, “How GKIC (a traditional offline marketing company) Embraced Social and Alternative Media and Generated an Additional 7-Figures in Less than 278 Days… And You Can Too!” I’ll be ending the tour by presenting at our upcoming Glazer-Kennedy Info-SUMMIT at our Social Media Money Magnet Bonus Day. I am also working on some new and exciting projects that we will shortly be unveiling at GKIC, including a FREE online marketing webinar training series sometime around November. And as always, I will continue to explore and find the 8 | Social Media Woman

best new online marketing strategies that we can implement at GKIC. In order to stay at the top of the game, you always need to be evolving and implementing the newest shiniest strategies in your business, and luckily I have a passion for just that. If you want to find out more about Glazer-Kennedy, you can claim your FREE copy of my father, Bill Glazer’s, 4-time BestSelling book, “OUTRAGEOUS ADVERTISING THAT’S OUTRAGEOUSLY SUCCESSFUL” plus receive a BONUS of a 2-month test drive of our “elite” Gold level membership. Go to to claim your free gifts. Facebook: Twitter: @maraglazergkic LinkedIn: Watch Mara on NO B.S. LIVE TV, Glazer-Kennedy’s FREE Weekly Web TV Show, at Received FREE Business, Wealth, and Success articles straight to your e-mail inbox. Go to

With the Social Buzz Club you will... ;; Get hooked up with hundreds of influential social media networkers who will explode your visibility and credibility

Breakthrough Tool for Building Your Brand & Buzz on Social Media SOCIAL BUZZ CLUB Want more traffic for your blog? Or how about real social media ROI for your clients?  The Social Buzz Club provides internet and social media marketing professionals with a way to share content through a highly developed network of other professionals who all use the Social Buzz Club technology. provides the system for sharing on facebook, twitter, LinkedIn as well as sharing bookmarks on Digg and StumbleUpon. 9 | Social Media Woman

;; Multiply the traffic to your websites

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The network is based on reciprocity, each person shares content and gets points for doing so. Then he/she can share their own content, or buzz. There is a scheduling feature, a way to sort “buzz” by category, keyword or region so you can share content that is targeted for your own audience.  The criteria for membership includes having 150 facebook fans or friends, 1000 twitter followers and 1 year active on the social networks. The interesting part is, you don’t have to just share blog posts. You can share quotes, tips, links to coupons, pages on your website. As long as it’s quality content, you will get buzzed! It’s easy to use, spam-free and leverages the power of a network of highly connected social media professionals. Free 60-day trial memberships are available for social media savvy networkers. SMW Social Media Woman |9 9

The One Barrier Most Business Face When Tackling


(and how to solve it!) The question I am often asked ‘How do I get started? How do I come up with the ‘big idea’? Well, here’s a no-brainer proven way for any business to generate publicity – and it’s the complete fool-proof way to get the journalist’s attention all but guaranteeing you coverage. So what is this mystical, fool-proof almost guaranteed technique? Well, I call it PIGGYBACK PUBLICITY – and here’s a step by step ‘how to’ case study for you. Firstly – what is it? DEFINITION: “Piggyback publicity” is when you ride on the back of something which is already ‘newsworthy’. You LINK your product or service to an event/issue/cause and leverage the newsworthiness. Some of you may know I was one of the featured authors in the inaugural MODERN WOMAN’S ANTHOLOGY last year. The proceeds from the sale of this book go to support The Black Dog Institute - an educational, research, clinical and community-oriented facility offering specialist expertise in depression and mood disorders. My local bookstore was very keen to stock the book and to also have me as special guest at one of their events called ‘An Evening with An Author’. The idea was that I would read some extracts from the book, talk about the project and also be on hand to sign copies of the book should people want this. No problem. 10 | Social Media Woman

Of course, I was keen to generate as much publicity for this event and for my local bookshop as possible. And this is where the whole ‘Piggyback Publicity’ campaign kicked into gear. For those who have purchased my Publicity Power Kit, you would have also received a copy of the bonus manual PIGGYBACK PUBLICITY, which lists every major cause day/week/event for just about all not-for-profit entities in the country. I referred to this manual when we were trying to determine which date we would have this bookstore event. My idea was that if we could ‘piggyback’ on an event or ‘cause week’ which also dealt with mental health, we would increase our odds enormously of generating publicity for OUR event. As I flicked through the months of July and August, I noticed that ANXIETY WEEK was scheduled for August 2-6. This was a perfect time to ‘piggyback’ our event and so the date was set for Thursday 5 August. Then it was time to prepare the media release. This involved making the owner of the local bookstore the ‘hero’ in the story and positioning her as someone who was supporting both Anxiety Week AND a local author (me). Even though Anxiety Week was a state based event, by giving the LOCAL media an opportunity to be ‘current’ and cover a LOCAL event which supported a larger, state-wide cause became a win-win for everyone. YOUR local paper will do the same for you if you follow this formula. The local papers around the country are

‘Piggyback Publicity’ is when you ride on the back of something which is already newsworthy.

often at a loss in terms of how to cover state-wide or national events, and although they would like to cover these ‘bigger’ issues, their charter or purpose is to cover local events. YOU can help them out here, BIG TIME. By linking your product or service to a national or statewide cause or event, your local paper then has a perfectly valid reason for including these ‘bigger’ stories in their publication. They will honestly thank you for making it so easy for them. So this media release was sent out to the local press – and hey presto – within one day, four interviews and two photo shoots were booked. The traction was so great that even a large regional publication in my area picked up the story and featured me in a full double page spread. We simply gave them a great way to cover a great cause by serving up a local business (the bookstore) and a local resident (me). They could not get enough of the story and the coverage was massive. What did the release cost me to send? Nothing!! What did the release cost the bookstore owner to send? Nothing!! And yet, the exposure that was generated in excess of $20,000!!!!

So what are you waiting for? Check out what cause days/ weeks fit with your business and then go for it!! It’s the easiest way to overcome the “I don’t know what to say” blues!! And who knows, there’s probably a lazy $20,000 in exposure waiting for you! With more than a twenty years ‘in the trenches’ publicity experience, Kate Engler AKA The Publicity Princess, knows what it takes to get your name in the newspaper quickly and easily. Kate can take your story and turn it into a gold mine of free publicity. She’s done it for the little guys, as well as some of the big guns including Michael Gerber, Mal Emery, Sean Roach, Roberta Faddoul, P&O Cruises, World Vision, Starlight Children’s Foundation, Bedshed and Dilmah Tea just to name a few. Kate helps her clients fast track their fame and fortune, skyrocket their credibility so customers come searching for THEM, quickly and easily get their names in the paper and STOP being an ‘advertising victim’. You can find out more about what Kate offers by visiting her website

Social Media Woman |11

Mind Map

to shift from

Confusion to C L A R I T Y ! ÂÂ

Have you ever been challenged with brain fog?


Do you sometimes feel that information goes in one ear and out the other?


Does your creativity come to a dead stop when you need it the most?

Leta Russell

I think we’ve all felt that at one time or another and it seems to escalate as we age. We get bombarded with so much information these days, it’s hard to store and access it when we need to. When transitioning into entrepreneurship or changing course in business, it’s easy to feel confusion and overwhelm, especially when going online. One of the best solutions I recommend in overcoming the mental clutter and tapping into your highest creativity and intuition may be something new to some of you who are reading this. It’s called Mind Mapping and is the key to unlock the treasure chest of creative insight. Mind Mapping for business provides a new way to re-think, re-organize, and re-invent your business strategies to stand out in today’s challenged environment. By using every function of the brain, organizing our thoughts into sensible patterns, and adding visual clarity and stimulation, Mind Mapping provides the creative edge needed to breakthrough information overload. In short, it is the best way I know of to shift from confusion to clarity.


What is a Mind Map?

A Mind Map is a visual management tool used to represent ideas and concepts starting with a centralized theme. It is a visual creative tool that uses both the left and right brain to blend analytical or linear thinking with creative, out of the box artistic expression, resulting in a richer, more engaging process of planning, note taking,

Social Media Woman |12

organizing ideas and designing projects. Because of the radial design of a Mind Map, it tends to resemble more the way the brain naturally works, which enhances creativity, promotes clarity, sharpens focus, expands the mind by creating new neural pathways or refreshing existing ones, and provides a visual picture to work from.


How Do You Start a Mind Map?

You can begin by drawing out by hand, in a landscape mode on paper, or use any one of a variety of free and paid software applications. • Start by defining a core thought or idea that you want to develop. I like to find or draw images that depict the idea to anchor the core thought in my mind. • Expand the core thought by drawing related topics on “parent” branches that connect to the core idea. • Repeat by adding sub-topics on what is referred to as “child” branches that relate to the parent branches or expand on the child branches until the thought is fully developed. Here are a few tips that will make the process more fun and meaningful. • Use color, pictures, images and symbols to add visual and creative expression and stimulate the brain to its full potential when brainstorming ideas. • Allow for more clarity and focus by keeping your thoughts to one word or image per branch. Putting your ideas into phrases is accepted, but limits the possibilities by forcing your thoughts into a box. • Engage your brain in new ways by varying text size, color, alignment, design, and linking images with words. Doing this actually stimulates the neural pathways in our brains, and helps us with recall and making associating connections.


How Would You Use Mind Mapping for Business?

Those who work with me use Mind Mapping extensively as they begin the planning phase of launching or reinventing a business. These are the steps we follow to create a clear plan to follow. 1. One of the foundational exercises I do with my clients is help them Mind Map their mission and vision statements. We use a simple template exploring past and present skills, achievements, and natural talents to come up with 3 action verbs that most excite passion and

purpose, add the group you most want to impact with those 3 actions, and then determine the outcome you’d like to achieve with those people. That becomes the mission statement. The vision expands on that to express how you will make that happen. This enlightening exercise improves the ability to paint the “bigger picture” of your business. 2. Next, we build momentum by expanding on the vision map and supporting it with revenue strategies that are in alignment with the mission and vision. 3. Once those strategies are in place, we add tactics to support those strategies, and systems that become the platform for automating. 4. From there, we use Mind Mapping in defining the target niche, keywords, branding, and your USP. 5. After those foundational steps are in place, Mind Maps help with designing websites or blogs, planning product launches and funnels, creating info and training products, designing marketing strategies, brainstorming content for posts and video, developing presentations, preparing interviews, planning events…the list goes on as ideas expand. 6. Mind Maps can be also be helpful in organizing action steps and scheduling projects and meetings since many of the software programs have project management functions that lay out the map into a flow chart or spreadsheet. There really isn’t any function of launching and running a business that wouldn’t benefit from using Mind Mapping as part of the process. And it makes what could be tedious and overwhelming a fun, creative process.

For more information check out... SMW

Social Media Woman |13

Discover how to use

Speaking Carren Smith


to generate more leads and revenue for your business!

o you want to learn how to find your voice, develop your message, and connect with your audience … even if you have ZERO speaking experience?

Most of us have been speaking since we were 2 years old, and it’s pretty safe to say that we are experts at it by now. So what happens the moment we think we have to stand up in front of people and speak which feels so debilitating? Is it the sweaty palms, the mental blank, the feeling of being frozen to one spot, or the flush of adrenaline that makes our heart beat so fast it feels like it’s about to leap from our chest and land in our neighbours lap? These responses are a result of speaker’s anxiety and we know it’s not the speaking which is the problem, we’ve been good at that for a while now; it’s the fear of speaking and the fear of judgement because all eyes are on you and ‘looking good’ and ‘performing’ becomes paramount due to our perception of a successful delivery.

Carren’s story: After losing her partner to suicide followed by her survival of the 2002 Bali Bombing and the loss of her two close friends in the blast, Carren had to find a new meaning for her life and the purpose for her experiences. “I knew that these events were now a part of who I was and after suffering many years in the darkness of depression, I realised that I had been given a second chance at life and making it count became my priority” Carren says. “Initially, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life and how I would honour those I had lost, but it wasn’t long before I discovered one of my gifts was my ability to communicate authentically and I chose to share my story from the platform, with as many people as I could find, that would listen to me!” “I realised very quickly that I was the world’s worst speaker and if I was going to share my story with the inspiration I intended, I had better get professionally trained! I travelled overseas and to date have invested over $75,000 in becoming an engaging speaker delivering a clear, meaningful message. Now, having delivered over 500 presentations in just 4 years since I began this journey, I’ve met thousands of other entrepreneurs who also want the confidence to share their message, product or service from the platform and as a result I have developed the Magic Formula for Magnetic Messages. So here goes, grab your coffee or tea and sit back while I count down the top 3 Speaker Secrets the big names don’t want YOU to know!! Ready?

Carren Smith

CEO & Founder SPEAKER SECRETS EXPOSED Phone: 07 5309 5200 Email:

1. Specific Audience

Now I know this is part of any good marketing strategy and a magnetic message is no different. If your message doesn’t communicate directly to the hearts and minds of your specific niche, you will find your message landing on the ears of people who do nothing with it!

2. Specific Message

When your topic is relevant to your audience with the focus of ‘What’s in it for them’ then you will have the ability to keep their attention, be captivating and engaging. REMEMBER: There is a difference between inspirational presentations and motivational presentations. Motivational presentations leave your audience on a high for about 2 hours if you’re lucky. Inspirational presentations leave your audience transformed! The choice is yours, and I always go for inspirational! A quick tip – Motivational presentations provide instructions, Inspirational presentations provide experiences!

3. Specific Outcome

When you deliver a great presentation, your audience will always want a way to ‘take you home’ in some way. Always make sure you have something that you can either give away or promote. That way you won’t leave your audience in a state of frustration; you will leave them in a state of satisfaction instead. When your audience knows that you’re able to give them more than just your presentation, you will have a much greater connection and ongoing relationship with them. Good luck and be BRILLIANT in the pursuit of your purpose! SMW


What is it & how does it work for your business?

by Hayley Solich

We have all heard the term BRAND bandied about, but for those that don’t know, I thought I’d give you a quick intro to branding and why it is an ESSENTIAL component of your business strategy and really is an ASSET in your business. Consumers connect with a product or service via the idea or image that allows them to identify and differentiate that service or product from another within the same market. A brand can be a slogan, image, is for Build - consistent name, logo or design style (signature style). effort creating an easily Brand is an asset of a company idenitifiable brand because it is very closely associated with customers goodwill and your Everything you do online should build your brand should be GUARDED at all business brand, so consider your potential impact costs. before you post, collaborate or share your IP So Brand also becomes about the (intellectual property). WAY that you do business and not Build your brand by posting consistently the just the products or services that you same corporate colours, the same images, the sell, especially in Social Media. same style of writing, the same ‘packaging’ across Your businesses core values and your platforms. If you are on multiple social ethos are part of your business brand. media sites, use the same profile pictures. Make This is crucial in Social Media it easy for people to recognise you. because as they say, “It takes 40 Come up with a set of keywords that work for years to build a reputation and about your business and include them in your posts 4 seconds to destroy one.” as offen as possible. If you are on Twitter, then So how do you build a successful include a #hashtag so that people can easily brand and how do you measure search and find you via your keywords. There how you are going in terms of your some cool tools for how you can see just what reach, your marketing tools and your you are being recognised for in terms of the reputation? keywords and areas of interest just from your



Social Media Woman |16


is for Respect and Reputation

Guard your reputation by ensuring that you never walk away from a dissatisfied customer where it is in your power to positively resolve the issue and by being careful about what you release into the public arena and who you associate with. Build a reputation for delivering on what you promise within the timeframes required where possible. Build a reputation for being the go-to person in your industry by posting the latest developments in your field. Build a reputation for producing high quality work and being generous in your dealings with customers by providing value. These are ways to build respect.


is for Association. Create an association for people in their mind. People will associate you with your products and services. You are the guarantee that stands behind your products and services and it is really important that you understand that. Who you are associating with will affect your brand as well, so be strategic in your friendships and alliances. If you want your brand to be seen as trustworthy, build strong partnerships and friendships with others who already have a developed brand. Richard Branson used this strategy to build his empire! If you are consistent in your imaging and your messaging across platforms, you will start to gain traction and become easily identifiable by any element of your branding, be it colour, image or video or audio.


is for Noticeable. In a sea of competitors you need to become noticeable. You start to become noticeable when you have your kit together. I remember working with one client who needed her branding to be developed. The look of glee on her face the day I placed in her hand her first CD with full branding. It validated her business and gave her the confidence to take that brand to the marketplace. We all know iconic Coke, McDonalds, Red Rooster and the like. They have an easily identifiable branding and it is noticeable in the marketplace. Why? Because they have worked hard to be consistent with putting that brand in front of their market. Think about it...the golden arches at McDonalds are still the same today as they were 25 years ago. Even the restaurants all have that same branding and it works.


is for Differentiate. Differentiate yourself from your competition. When we brand ourselves our potential customers are able to differentiate our products or services from those of our competitors and we are able to protect our rights through trade marking and copyrighting. The other thing that happens when we brand ourselves and we differentiate ourselves through packaging that is professional and consistent, we have to do less work in selling our offer to our clients. When they can see a professional brand, they are more able to trust and you will have less work to do in getting them to buy into what you are offering. For more tips, SMW Social Media Woman |17

Top 10 Reasons Why YOU And YOUR Business Need Your Own

Web TV Show

Are you ready to brand yourself as the AUTHENTIC AUTHORITY? Everyone loves Video on Demand, and now you can get the same results with this interactive Web TV experience! Video is the fastest growing advertising medium being used for both online and offline businesses. If you are not yet using the power of video to market your business, then your competitors are going to take your customers and your business! Here are my top 10 reasons you will want to consider creating your own Web TV Show: Creates Increased Visibility - Video will help you create the visibility online to market your products and services more effectively, not to mention more COST effective! It’s not just enough to shoot a video and upload it to a video hosting site such as YouTube. Establishes Credibility – Having your own Web TV Show establishes you INSTANTLY as the credible go-to –resource. It will immediately separate you from your competition. You WILL stand out in the market place as the trusted resource. Authentically Connects – We all know that people do business with those they know, like, and trust. Having Social Media Woman |18

your own Web TV Show will allow your visitors and viewing audience the opportunity to get to know you on a more personal level. Your show should be all about creating value and delivering information, encouragement, and advice. Hot tip: Keep your episodes (video) to about 3-5 minutes in length for maximum viewing. We live in a very impatient society, and your viewers will begin to lose interest after 3 minutes or so, depending on the topic. Engages and Entertains – Web TV Shows are all about engaging and entertaining your audience. Speaking directly to them, keeping them excited and wanting to learn more about you and what you can do for them. Hot tip: This is all about “REAL TV,” not reality TV. Be comfortable speaking into the camera. Even making a flub or mistake will make you more REAL to your viewing audience. Laugh and they will laugh with you. Have you ever enjoyed sitting and watching the bloopers…heck, that’s my favorite part! Let them see the real you…They will love you! Creates “Sticky” content – Web TV Shows are a great way to keep your viewing audience coming back for more. Hot tip: Create a mini –series on a topic that you know will leave them wanting more, looking forward to the next

installment or “episode.” Kind of like that cliff-hanger episode from your favorite show that left you wondering what will happen next. A 3-part series seems to work best. Builds a Fan base – A major component to building your audience is having the ability to communicate with them. Create a special offer, and encourage them to register their name and email address so that you can keep them up to date on future episodes. We all know the fortune is in the follow up, so don’t miss out on your opportunity to build the relationship! Separates you from your competition – What a great way to market YOU. This will showcase who you are, what you can do, and establish YOU as “THE” PROFESSIONAL AND EXPERT in your field or niche. Creates A Publicity Platform – In most cases, your WebTV Show will be used as your Media and Marketing hub. So who will most benefit from having their own Web TV Show? Since this site is primarily used as a Public Relations Website, this is the PERFECT marketing solution for Coaches, Internet Marketers, Direct Selling Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Doctors, Lawyers, and quite frankly anyone with a product or service based business. It’s quite honestly the stage for your business to be built around. Increases Opportunity – It’s an Online Video Press Kit! Are you looking to land Speaking Opportunities, or new business ventures? How impressive will it be to send perspective media inquiries to your very own Web TV Show? This is your chance to stand out among the sea of competitors! Several of my clients have received numerous speaking opportunities as a direct result of their Web TV Show Platform. Low to NO Cost Marketing – Once you have your video equipment, and website built, the cost of maintaining your Web TV Show is almost non-existent. It is one of the most cost effective forms of marketing available on the internet today. I am often asked, why create a Web TV Show, and not just host my videos on YouTube or another hosting site? Hosting your videos on YouTube is great for traffic and is

important and highly recommended. The only problem with that being your only source of video exposure is that your viewers will easily get distracted by other ‘related’ videos. You want to draw potential clients over to your own site and content exclusively. A Web TV Show is a perfect video platform to engage your viewing audience, allowing you to build a relationship directly with them. The second most often question I am asked is, “can’t I just host the videos on YouTube, and put them up on my main site?” My answer to that is, sure, but the problem with that is, your potential clients and customers will have to navigate all over your website just to find them. They may have to search several video blog posts just to find the content that interests them. Remember, you only have a few seconds to capture their attention and give them a reason to want to stay. If they have to navigate all over your website, they will quickly get discouraged, frustrated, and quickly leave your site. Here are just a few ideas for your Web TV Show: Content to Feature: Guest Interviews, Motivation, Tips, Share Trusted Resources, Strategies, Tutorials, and anything else that showcases you as the expert! Video Testimonials: This is a great category to feature! Let others sing your praises! Your videos will show you as a credible resource, but Video Testimonials will sell YOU to others. To find out more, and to get a free copy of my new Web TV Marketing Report: Go to Marketing About Dana Dunn: Sales and Marketing Professional turned passionate entrepreneur. She is passionate about helping business professionals and entrepreneurs harness the power of the internet and take charge of their life and business. She now shares her sales and marketing expertise through coaching and consulting with clients Internationally. In addition to her business training and experience, Dana is a Certified Life and Business Coach, Performance Consultant, and online business strategist.

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4 Ways to Market Using

Digital Brochures

Ceo, Social Media Woman, Pam Brossman

Is it just me or have you noticed that it is getting harder and harder to try and stand out online? Well, in this article I am going to share with you a few different ideas that will help you to stand out…

Here is just a few of the ideas I have come up with..

Speaker Promotional Digital Brochure

• Grab your target market’s attention

As you know, more and more speakers are coming onto the circuit as they realise what a rewarding and lucrative business it is speaking from the stage. So standing out amongst the competition is getting harder and harder to do. One way for you to stand out is to create a speaker promotional digital brochure that includes:

• Wow your current clients with the latest innovative

communication tool

• Grow your list while promoting your products,

services and expertise

• Convert more as people browse through your


Intrigued? Well let me share with you just some of the many ways you can use Digital Brochures to do all of the above and so much more. Whether you are a speaker, author, entrepreneur, bricks and mortar business with an online presence or head of sales and marketing and trying to impress the boss. I am sure that just one of these innovative digital brochure ideas will work perfectly in your business. Social Media Woman |20

• Your story • Your show reel

• Your speaker topics and the value you bring to the


• Testimonials [attendees and event hosts] • Speaker booking form or enquiry form – instantly

find out how to book you

All within a creative promotional digital brochure that they can listen, engage, send on to the appropriate decision maker. Plus use to contact you immediately to either book you or arrange an appointment to find out more. Very, very powerful promotional marketing tool that not only showcases your experience and expertise, but also your talents, personality and passion for your topic.

Event Promotional Digital Brochure Many people I find are still using the long sales letter format for trying to get people to attend their events. These days people are time poor and want the information in a format that tells them What, Where, Why, How without too much effort and in the shortest time possible. Have you ever thought how innovative it would be to wow them with a Digital Promotional Event Brochure that enabled them to flick through to find out: • What the event is about [opening video inviting

them in to find out more]

• Not only that, environmentally friendly promotion

material that cuts huge costs from your marketing budget

• Plus the ability to change the links so affiliates

can market the brochure on their own site with simple html code. How funky would that be?

Are you getting some ideas yet?

CV or Job Application Digital Brochure As we all know unemployment is high and just getting an actual interview these days is proving harder then ever before. What if you were to be a little bit more creative then the rest of the crowd, do you think a prospective employer would want to know more? That is where a Digital application or CV creates that WoW factor. There is many ways you can create a Digital CV but here is how I would do it… • Create an introductory video of who you are, your

expertise, your values and most importantly what you love about the company for the job you are applying for [keep this under 3 mins max]. The more professional the better – but it does not have to be expensive with HD cameras being so cheap these days.

• Then in the following pages [Digital Brochures

should be under 6 pages] provide details of -



Previous employment history – last 4 is enough


Stand out achievements


Value you will bring to their business

• Who the speaker line up is and what they are

going to learn

• Venue details with hyperlinks to google maps and

hotel packages [advertising opportunity]

• Benefits to them for coming – bonuses etc • Booking form so that you can capture your target

market in the heat of the moment

• Social media friendly - host it on Facebook so

that others can comment and share it with their friends

• Testimonials or reference details from previous

employers [any video testimonials will earn you extra brownie points for sure]

• Closing video with a call to action as to how to

contact you so that you can go into more detail as to the value you can add to their business [always assume the interview is the next step] Social Media Woman |21

Note the more personality and honesty you share in your digital CV brochure and the more homework you do on the company to include in your videos, the more successful you will be. Quick Tip: Although you are promoting yourself, the more you make it about what you can do for their company the faster you will get the interview. Focus on Your Value Add to their business and not on how wonderful you are – you will be amazed at the outcome – trust me!

Product Review Digital Brochures

These are great for affiliate marketers and people who sell a lot of products in the same niche market. In this day and age of mobile technology more and more people are using their iphones and ipads to do product research before making any buying decisions. Most people when purchasing a product – especially a digital gadget or an item of significant value, they get the product information, catalogue or brochure first to compare and review their options before making a purchase. Why not create that same medium that they are so used to perusing offline and put it in a digital format that they can access at any time 24/7 from their mobile media. Then add more engaging decision making content that enables them to not only make an informed decision there and then but also purchase directly from the digital brochure at the exact moment they decide they must have it! That is what you can do with Product Review Digital Brochures. Whether you are the product seller or the affiliate marketer promoting and comparing the different products, this digital product review brochure makes it easy for you to: Social Media Woman |22

Demonstrate the features, advantages and benefits of the products

Do live comparisons on videos of the pros and cons of similar products

Include discount coupons or brochure discounts to encourage the sale directly from within the brochure

Provide live links to a live call centre or contact form to answer any questions

Include buy now buttons to sell products directly from the brochure

Provide testimonials from happy customers who have purchased from your store

Include delivery details and FAQ’s to answer any questions that they might have right then and there.

Create digital coupons that expire [to create urgency]

Include a link to sign-up for the product review brochure to keep them in the funnel for future catalogs and sales

You are literally only limited by your creative selling imagination

As you can see I have only scratched the surface on the possibilities for using digital brochures in your business to market and promote your skills, knowledge, products, services while adding value and ease of purchase to your target market. If you would like to learn how to create your own Digital Brochures you can find out more at SMWM


Can Your


Webinar Guests

Come Back and Demand Payment later

Payment might not be such a big deal for you, but what if they come back and demand that you take down the content you recorded? If you are producing audio or video recordings to use online and you don’t have an agreement with your participants about how you will use those recordings in the future, you leave your business open to the risk of future claims. Why is that? You might have seen some recent articles about the need for releases or waivers for the protection of privacy in the United States. Not all countries have the same laws. In Australia, you are more likely to run into trouble trading on the identity of an individual and copyright issues rather than having problems with privacy. It is also possible to face criminal charges for recording conversations without knowledge or permission, so it is worthwhile being very clear about what is happening before you start. As with most legal issues, prevention is better than cure. It is a lot quicker and easier to develop a set of terms and conditions, including a waiver or release, than it is to try and resolve a dispute.

What is a waiver or a release? The words “waiver” or “release” are used

interchangeably here and essentially mean the same thing. In this article we’ll continue to use the word “release”. What you want to do is get agreement about: • what is being recorded • what can be done with created content (eg can it be sold?) • who owns the copyright in created content • how long does the agreement last • what payment, if any, is involved Australian law will generally not allow a member of the public to sue for breach of privacy if they have been recorded. There was a court case a number of years ago involving a lady who became very upset at being photographed at traffic lights and then used as bad example for commentary on fashion. The court said she had no particular rights to be protected. However, people who make money from their images like actors, models and celebrities, may be able to make a claim; not for breach of privacy, but more likely for infringement of their “trade mark” and profiting from their identity without their permission. Social Media Woman |23 23

Why do I need a release? If you have a release, you have agreement on matters that could later end up in dispute. Part of the value in any business is assessed by looking at how much risk the business is exposed to. By reducing the risk profile of your business, you increase its potential value. The risks associated with not getting a release from someone involved in a recording that you are making are these: • demand for payment for participation in recording • demand for removal of recording from distribution • demand for editorial rights to recording • claim for damages to reputation as a result of misuse or misrepresentation about the nature or purpose of a recording • claim of copyright ownership in recording or part of recording

Do I need to get a release in writing, or can I just get verbal agreement? Proof is everything when it comes to resolving disputes. Think about it. If you can’t remember exactly what you said to family members this morning over breakfast, how can you be sure one of your participants will remember what they agreed to in six months time? You can use a verbal release, provided that you have it recorded, and you have permission for making that recording. One way to do this is to make it part of the conversa-

tion you have with your guest prior to the recording going public. So, when testing the system you might ask a series of questions like: You are aware that we are recording this conversation and broadcasting it on the internet? (Your guest will need to answer out loud, not merely nod!) You agree that we own all intellectual property rights in this recording and may use it in our business as we see fit? You agree that you will not be paid, now or later, for your participation in this recording and you’re happy with that? For most businesses, the easiest and most straight forward way to get releases is to develop standard documents which can then be used as part of the process of running events. These can then be collated and kept for future reference. It also creates a “safety net” for your business when you can say that your usual procedure is to require a release before making a recording. Even if you are in dispute with someone and can’t find the release that they signed or agreed to, if you can produce the form of release you always use, you are still in a position to produce evidence that can be persuasive in a court and protect your interests.

Who should I get a release from? Before you even start a recording with a special guest you should have a release covering all the items we have referred to above (and a couple more). This way there is no confusion.

Jeanette Jifkins 24 | Social Media Woman

What about people who just turn up to listen to the webinar, rather than being the special guest? In addition, if your audience will have the opportunity to either submit or post questions or comments that will end up on the recording as well, then you should obtain a similar release from them. This can easily be achieved by adding a click-box stating that the audience member has read the terms and conditions of the event before they can login and listen.

Do I have to get releases for my own private recordings? If you are going to play a recording, whether audio or video, for anyone other than yourself and the other person involved, you are safer to get a waiver. Publication to even one other person can be enough to found a claim for breach of privacy, copyright or defamation, so if you are going to publish it, get a release first!

What if I am working with friends and family? It’s nothing personal, its business. In my legal experience the worst disputes have always been between those people who are close to each other. Let your friends and family know that it is part of your standard business practice and get a release!

Where can I get a release? If you search online you are bound to find different types of releases and waivers and you might even find something that you think you can use. If you are going to copy and paste, be aware that you run the risk of breaching copyright in someone else’s material, and you run the risk of getting something that doesn’t quite cover what you are doing. The best way to get something that suits your business is to speak to your lawyer about drafting one for you. As an alternative, and with thanks to Pam for the prompting, you can download the Law For Your Website Release pack here. This pack contains the following standard form agreements designed for people conducting and recording webinars: Webinar “Special Guest” Release Webinar “Panel” Release Webinar Participant Release General Release *This is not legal advice. This article contains general legal information only and does not take into consideration your specific circumstances. You should consult an independent professional prior to taking any action.SMW

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Voxy Lady’s 7 Tips on How to Become a

Professional Speaker I receive a lot of enquiries from ‘would be’ professional speakers asking me to add them to my books. At this agency, we are very selective who we represent and guard our brand carefully. We focus on good content rich ‘edu-trainers’ i.e. someone that can deliver a keynote with audience interaction, fun and most importantly take home value. The goal is to have people talk about you for weeks, months and years later. I actually know speakers who have this sort of impact! I don’t even consider looking at the speaker unless they have a great speaker’s kit i.e. promotional material including video, list of products, a great website and fee schedule. There also needs to be a proven record of successful keynotes delivered and great testimonials from the speaker’s clients. Sometimes someone exceptional will come along who does not have the above but has an amazing story to be told. A professional speaker realises that income can be generated by having great product to sell. With the internet there are many ways to generate passive income, and all speakers should be aware of how this can help lift their profile and position themselves as an expert. The added bonus is an extra revenue stream! 1. Here is my advice on how to become a professional speaker. 2. Work on creating a great website and promotional material – you want to make an impact! 3. Learn to create outstanding products that you can sell from the stage and from the internet. 4. Start off doing free keynotes at Not for Profit organisations, women’s groups etc to build a profile 26 | Social Media Woman

of testimonials. When you build a reputation and are sought after – you can start to charge a fee. 5. Write articles and have them published on your blog, become a guest blogger or submit to online article websites. You could even start your own online magazine! 6. Do not plagiarize in any form as it will come back to bite you! Have good original content that you have created yourself. 7. Become a great networker. Remember networking is not about giving your business card to everyone you meet then diving straight into what you do. The art of networking is “So How Can I Help You?” Build relationships over time, give lots of free advice. Be a giver not a taker. 8. Ensure your personal grooming is exceptional. If you can afford to, consider investing in a personal stylist. For anyone wishing to become a speaker, Voxy Lady can provide all the above at our Speaker Workshops. We have excellent trainers and the resources in digital marketing, presentation skills, websites, branding and product creation. For more information contact Debbie Carr, CEO or visit our website SMW


Constant Cash Flow

Steve and Sue Soucy

With Your

Email List H

ello from Vancouver! We’re Sue and Steve and we show people how to attract thousands of passionate clients quickly and in a simple step-by-step way that’s built on their unique style (not anybody else’s). We also have a ton of fun!


e began our business just a few short years ago.  We gave ourselves an audacious goal of becoming multi-millionaires on-line, without clearly knowing how we were going to achieve it.  And then we forged ahead undaunted, with a mandate to teach everything we’ve learned along the way.  It has been an incredible journey, winding through quite a few scary curves and forks in the road.  But surprise, surprise — in that short time we’ve had what we deem, awesome success. We’ve created a six-figure income using the techniques we now teach to entrepreneurs all over the world. And our kids have witnessed the transformation of their parents’ careers and dreams coming true. 

The Number One Question: Every week we communicate with literally thousands of people with emails, videos, our blog and Facebook. Naturally, we get lots of questions from them. Here’s the number one question we get: “How do I create a nice big list so I can start selling my products online?” Great question, and we have a complete, detailed step-by-step answer.

Why a List? Why is a list such a big deal? A list is important to an online business the way an opposing team is important to football players. Without them, there’s no game. You could have the best product idea in the world and nobody to tell. The money is in the list. It’s an advertising adage that is Social Media Woman |27 27

as true today as it was when all direct marketing was done with stamped envelopes. Think of your list as an auditorium full of people who all came to hear what YOU have to say…and spend money.

A Dollar Per Name The marketer’s rule of thumb says every name on your list is good for $1 per month in sales. When you multiply that by, say, 5000 names, that’s $5000 a month and $60,000 a year is nothing to sneeze at. But let’s say you are better than that, and you develop a really good relationship with your customers so you are doing more like $2 to $6 dollars per person per month. Got it figured out already? With just $2 per customer x 5000, you’re already in six-figure-per-year territory! Six bucks and you’re laughing all the way to the bank with $360,000 per year. So how do you get those 5000 customers?

First Things First STEP ONE: Create a reason and device for people to give you their name and email address That will likely be your website/blog. Here’s the process in short: 1.    Choose and register a domain name brand yourself using your first and last name if possible. 2.    Hire a hosting service – Basically it’s a nice big server where you will park your blog. Everything that goes to or from your website will do it through your host. They do other things too. More about that later. 3.    Create your Blog or Website – Don’t freak out, this is way easier than you think. With the WordPress program you don’t even need to hire anyone to do it for you.

The List Begins Here…And Grows, And Grows, And Grows... Once you have your blog in place, you have a place where you can collect names. How do you do that? Simple. On the first page, at the top right, you’ll install a little box where people can give you their name and email 28 | Social Media Woman

address. (It’s called an Opt-In Box). Why would they do that? After all, people don’t just give their email addresses for no reason. They will do that so they can get the cool free thing (also known as an ethical bribe) you’re going to give them.

Step Two: Give A Gift That Keeps On Getting What can you give away? Information products are the easiest thing to create that has value for the recipient. Examples of Ideal Information Product Giveaways 99 Free Reports 99 How-To Videos 99 Workbooks 99 Newsletters 99 Interviews with prominent experts As long as your give away item relates to your niche and to your audience, it has value. Let’s say you have a gardening blog. You could offer the “Top 10 Tips Most Gardeners Don’t Know”. Just fill in your email address and name and we’ll send you our free report.” So they sign up—you get the address of someone who’s interested in your niche—and they get an awesome PDF that teaches them how to garden and brands you as the expert.

Step Three: Give of Yourself… Another great way to get people to race to your blog/ website (and opt-in with their address) is with webinars and teleseminars. These are (usually) live webcasts that can include video (webinars) or a live phone call (teleseminars). We’ve done literally dozens of these with great success. They are a fantastic way to A) Demonstrate your expertise and show who you are and that you are worth their attention B) Deliver a lot of great information about your product or service C) Let people see and hear you to develop trust and affinity; and D) Give them a reason to go to your website. As an example, we did a live Webinar series with some of the top entrepreneurs and personal growth experts in

the world (like Gary Vaynerchuk and John Assaraf) called “The Millionaire Affair”. Who wouldn’t want to see a show featuring seriously wealthy and successful people talking about how they got there – unless maybe it’s Donald Trump? Well, we promoted it and it worked fantastically. We were able to get over 5000 names in just a few weeks. Hmmm, what was that about 5000 names at $1, 2, or $6 per month?

STEP FOUR: Get Involved with Joint Ventures, A Profitable Adventure If you’re just starting out, you’re aware there are other well-established and well-known people out there doing great business on the Internet. One of the best ways to build your list is to do a joint venture with someone who is willing to promote you and your product to his or her list. When you ask for a favor like that, guess what their first question is going to be? Yep,  “What’s in it for me?” Be prepared with a good answer to that question. Think to yourself, what can you offer in return if they are willing to joint venture with you. If the venture works out well, it can be the start of a long-term relationship.

STEP FIVE: Get Up Close and Personal on Video Videos have created a revolution in Internet marketing. No longer do you have to be a faceless name on a product or company logo. Now you can be a real living, breathing flesh-and-blood person to your customers. Practically our entire business has been built on the videos we do. We’ve done literally hundreds of them and what’s the result? People feel like the know us. They feel as if we’re friends. What an awesome way to build a business! You can do the same just as easily as we did. The cameras are inexpensive and you don’t need a lot of other equipment. Just stand up, tell your story, be funny, be relaxed and sell yourself. It’s a blast! You’ll enjoy it AND, it’s another great way you can get people to go to your website, sign the opt-in box and…well, you know the rest.  More names go on your list.

STEP SIX: Social Media, Millions Of Eyes On You - For Free! We saved the best for last. Our favorite and most often used method of attracting thousands of clients is social media. We’re talking about Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and YouTube. There are others but these are the big players with literally tens of millions of viewers worldwide. Joining them is free and they let you be yourself. Each one of these websites offers options to let you set up as a business and put out your commercial message. You can create ways to automatically send people from your Facebook or Twitter page right back to your blog…where they sign up for your free give away and…wait for it…another name gets added to your list!

Step Seven: Start Tweaking Your Systems, Eliminate Any Weak Leaks in Your Business As you build your list and business, you’ll inevitably find more new list-building techniques that can help you.  Learn to implement those ideas quickly, because any one new idea that doubles your website visits, can DOUBLE your profits.  So stay vigilant, and constantly look for new information AND products that the people on your list might be interested in.  

So You Have A List, What Then? Once you have a list, you have a business! Woo hoo! You have customers ready to buy and the beginnings of constant cash flow. All you have to do is begin planting the seeds and harvesting the sales. Part of that process is nurturing the relationship you have with your customers, because you want them to be a part of your community for a long time to come. SMW

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Social Media Wars


SCIENCE FICTION with Leigh Kostiainen As a kid growing up, the idea of calling a friend to talk and being able to see them live on a video at the same time was something out of your favourite Sci-Fi TV show. Well don’t times change? This week has been very big on the social media world, with the introduction of video calling on Facebook as well as the not so subtle beta launch of Google+ with their Hangouts feature. Let me briefly outline the concept of both tools, you can also have a look at my video demo. Facebook Calling: The new video feature added to the existing chat system, powered by Skype, enables all Facebook account holders to access video calling after the simple installation of a simple plugin for your browser. Either go to and manually authorise the installation or click on the video icon in the chat area, you will be prompted to authorise and start the plug installation. It is very easy just follow the prompts. Once installed you can video chat with people in your friends list who have also installed the plugin. Google+ hangouts: For those with early access to the new Google+, There is an area known as Hangouts, where you can join a video chat with multiple friends at once. When you have been invited to join a Hangout you need to click the join button that appears in your Stream in order to join the Hangout area. Google+ Hangouts lets you check your hair before joining a group video chat. Hangouts are automatically available to users with G+ access. The differences are minor and the development of both is in the early stages yet. Google + Hangouts allows multiple video callers at once, where Facebook chat is currently 1-on-1 calling. Watch the demo to see just how each one works and how easy they are to use. Social Media Woman |30

5 Video Calling Etiquette Tips 1. Ask permission to video call first; no-one wants to be caught having a bad hair day and in their PJ’s at midday. 2. Be on brand; you don’t want to be caught in your PJ’s at midday. 3. Never record a video call without permission. 4. Don’t always use the video call feature. Don’t assume that because you prefer to talk via video that everyone does. 5. Show respect; don’t be multi-tasking while someone is talking to you. 5 Ways to Use Video Calling 1. Team Meetings: Looking into a person’s face is the best way to develop a real relationship and also to know if people really are doing what they tell you. 2. Client Meetings: Speaking face to face with clients all over the globe builds client and brand loyalty. Beat your competitors and take your customer service to another level. 3. Expert Interviews: A quick and easy way to produce digital content without technology platform issues. 4. Digital Networking: Plan a regular meeting time for a mastermind or general networking gathering so you can chat and share ideas, or make more contacts for your business. 5. Having Fun: It is just a great way to stay in touch with friends and family, especially those loved ones who are far away. For more video calling ideas connect with Leigh at The Fan Page Coach,



These are my personal ‘Power Money-Making’ Ideas that can be used, and should be used, in your business. Careful…when these are placed in the wrong hands, they can create growth so fast that it could be dangerous. Power Money-Making Idea #1: BREAKAGE On average, 1 out of 5 gift card recipients have not used them, leaving 5 billion dollars in unredeemed dollars (in 2009). This happens mostly due to lost cards, expired cards, or they just haven’t had the time. This is called “breakage” and countless businesses profit from it. This is somewhat a double edged sword because yes it is very profitable when gift cards don’t get redeemed, but most of the time when cards are redeemed, more money is spent on that visit to the business and you get a fresh opportunity to capture or re-capture frequent patronage (61% of gift card holders spend more than the gifted amount). This is one of the reasons I teach “Discounting Gift Certificates” as a strategy in Promotions.

Power Money-Making Idea #2: DEADLINES Recent retail studies have shown that consumers get very irritated when they save a coupon or moneysavings offer only to find out that the discount has expired. This strongly suggests what I’ve been teaching for years that dates and deadlines should be big, bold front and centered, displayed early and often on all of your marketing materials. When you hide the deadline in teeny-tiny print and the consumer misses it only to realize that they missed the chance to redeem the offer you do more harm than good. It suggests to them that the business is hoping for non-redemption. Deadlines are one of the significant differences between Direct Response Advertising and Image Advertising. Keeping the deadline Social Media Woman |31

Powerful Money Making Ideas By Bill Glazer

secret undermines your entire effort. As an aside, I find that hiding the deadlines is typically what you get when you entrust your graphics to a “foo-foo” ad agency or a graphic artist. You’ve got to carefully watch out for this. Power Money-Making Idea #3: DO THE OPPOSITE There are two schools of thought about advertising. Madison Avenue’s vs. Ours. In Madison Avenue’s school, direct response offers are avoided, message secondary to image, glamour creativity, cleverness, even entertainment. We MUST put message above all else. When confronted with how Madison Avenue advertising fits into small business they take the position that small business shouldn’t advertise. But small business must advertise only in the exact opposite way that big business does. To paraphrase Earl Nightingale: “If you had no successful examples to follow, you need only observe how big business advertises and do the opposite.” Power Money-Making Idea #4: OFFER PLACEMENT Most advertising makes no offer at all. I have noticed that too much of the advertising and direct mail that does make an offer buries the offer in the copy. Sometimes this is necessary, such as when you are selling something “unknown” or very pricey. But in most situations, we are best off bringing the offer to the forefront. I often will place it in the headline or the subhead. Don’t be afraid to place it front and center. Social Media Woman |32

Power Money-Making Idea #5: REASON WHY ADVERTISING People are hunting for the reason to buy and most advertising fails to provide this. The better your reasons and the more reasons you give, the less anything else matters. If you have no reasons…you’re stuck with a lousy ad. Power Money-Making Idea #6: A GUARANTEE I’m always amazed at how many advertisers are petrified to guarantee what they sell. My position on this is that if you can’t guarantee what you sell…find something else to sell. If that still doesn’t convince you then this should. When you think about guarantees you should realize that it’s ALL MATH. That’s right, if you get a couple of clients to take you up on your guarantee, you’ll get multiple clients to buy who would have not bought withOUT the guarantee. In fact…I guarantee it!!! Power Money-Making Idea #7: TESTIMONIALS I know I sound like a broken record, but it needs to be repeated over and over again. The most powerful and convincing of all messages does not require beautiful photographs, fancy graphics, or any other wizardry to deliver. Simple testimonials with ‘real’, fully identified, happy clients telling why someone should do business with you is the best route to take. I’ve identified the best time to ask for a testimonial is when your clients thank you. (Yes…if you provide real service and value, you’re

clients will thank you.) The next time one of them thanks you simply say, “I really appreciate your thanks. Would you do me a favor and take a few minutes to write down on this piece of paper why you like doing business here.” Try it! It works like magic. Bill Glazer, one of the most celebrated Marketing Gurus in the world, who along with the legendary Dan Kennedy, have teamed up to provide advice to over 1,000,000 entrepreneurs worldwide in every possible industry and profession. Bill is a professional speaker, marketing consultant and coach, and a much sought-after copywriter. His book, “OUTRAGEOUS Advertising That’s OUTRAGEOUSLY Successful,” made four Best Seller’s lists shortly after it’s release in 2009. You can get your own FREE copy of his book by visiting SMW

Does Humour Convert The Customer? Recently I used a humorous video to market our new free report “61 Ways To Use Video In Your Business”. Many people have since asked me…Did it work, and do you think I should do one? I cannot make that decision for you but here are some of the questions to ask yourself - Does it suit your personality? Are you naturally funny or will your video come across as fake humour? - Who is your target market and how will they respond to humour in your niche? - Is it relevant to the topic? - What is the worst case scenario if it is a flop? - What is the desired outcome, and is humour appropriate to get the results you are looking for? There is no strict rule of thumb when it comes to marketing with humour. Sometimes it can be a huge success and sometimes it can go down like a lead balloon. My suggestion is if you want to do one, just get out there and have a go. You will soon find out whether your target market likes it or not. Maybe test it out on a small part of your list and see the response first. Quick Tips: - Keep it short - Have a purpose for the video - Give a call to action at the end - Always encourage others to comment, like and share with others If you missed my video click on image to watch the video.

R e vea led:

Deano Power

Why Tumblr might be worth another look... You might have been using it for a while, but are you participating in the massive growth Tumblr is experiencing right now? Tumblr, which has grown 8 times in the last 12 months, has passed 400 Million Page impressions a day worldwide (18.7M in Australia). It’s currently Number 30 on Quancast’s website ranking worldwide ahead of and and has more blogs than (you might have heard of that).

So it’s getting a lot of traffic and... The majority of those views are happening from the dashboard, that’s inside the platform. i.e. Tumblr may be a microblogging platform, but it’s more like Facebook than Wordpress.The super simple publishing systems leads to a highly viral environment where reblogging (people sharing your stuff) and Liking (people sharing your stuff) are deeply engrained in user culture. Pushing your content further, faster.

Did I Mention It’s Simple To Use... Unlike more established blogging platforms the Tumblr Social Media Woman |34

team have bent over backwards to make their platform easy to use. Any barrier to you getting content published is a speed bump to you growing your business, Tumblr is speed bump free. To make sharing content super easy you can; • Blog by email. • Blog by SMS. • Blog using a simple bookmarket from your browser. • Blog from your smart phone or using one of a range of 3rd party apps. • Create an audioblog by calling a special number and leaving a voicemail. • Import your existing blog’s RSS • Or use the fabluous dashboard within Tumblr itself.

• The Reblog feature, the bookmarklet and integration with services like Google Reader and...

Feature List To Die For... If you’re not convinced yet there is a list of features as long as your arm. • Queue or schedule content • Posts Hi Res Images and present them in a gallery if you wish. • Upload videos direct with the Tumblr Video Player or share videos from your favourite platform e.g. youtube, vimeo, viddler, etc • Killer iPhone/iPad app • Simple Q&A function • Feedburner and Google Analytics integration • Google and mobile optimised

Inside Tips To Get Impact Fast So hopefully I’ve whet your appetite to take a look (or

look again if you’re already using it) at Tumblr. Here are some shortcuts to get you dominating in Tumblr; Search keywords to find what others in your space are talking about, find the leaders and enthusiasts http://www. Find the top editors and contributors in categories that relate to your niche or industry explore Follow them, reblog, comment and like their content. Build a relationship and you just might get your content in front of their massive audience. Post short visually appealing content and contribute to the community. Tag your posts with the tags that are most active and also relevant to ensure your posts get plenty of exposure. Choose a simple good looking theme or code one yourself (branding counts on Tumblr too). Share your posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Friendfeed. Make a prominent follow button on your Tumblr and on your website. Here’s the link yourblognamehere e.g. SMW

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The of getting people to All of marketing has one primary aim - and that is to encourage people take a desired action - whether it’s to buy something, donate something, or support a cause in some other, non-monetary way. When someone takes a ‘desired action’, such as making a purchase, we say that they have ‘changed their behaviour’.  In order to understand ‘how’ to get people to take a desired action, we look at ‘why’ people change their behaviour.  Understanding ‘why people buy’ has been far more useful to us than trying to understand ‘how to sell’. People are therefore front and centre in our approach to business, in our strategies and in our tactics.  If you can’t get people to change their behaviour, then you’re not in business - and we’re the guys who can help change people’s behaviour, and we do this using what we refer to as the ‘Campaign Formula’.  There are hundreds of ‘reasons’ why someone may ‘buy’, but there are a few general principles that apply to everyone, and these form the first layer of our Campaign Formula.   In order for someone to take the action you want them to take, then they must change what they were doing.  They

Steve Social Media Woman |36


must change their behaviour. So, behaviour modification is the underlying basis of all sales.  The principles of human behaviour change are the reason direct marketing works, the reason video marketing works, and the reason something like the Product Launch Formula works.  And these principles are what we’ve based our Campaign Formula on.  Not everything is a launch, but everything is a campaign.   And when you realise this, you look at your marketing and in sales in a completely different way.  You realise that the email you sent out wasn’t just an email - it was part of a campaign.  The single landing page you put up wasn’t just a landing page, it was part of a campaign.  The video you sent out wasn’t just a video, it was part of a campaign. Yes it’s great to be in business.  Yes it’s great to know and understand direct marketing.  But it’s even better when you understand how all of that falls within a campaign.   To understand how we’ve come to be doing this requires a brief story. We’re both a little strange - so we feel in good company with entrepreneurs. One of us (Nic) is a medical researcher with three graduate degrees and a PhD in diagnosis.  The other one of us (Steve) is an ex silicon valley tech genius. We both gave up traditional careers in favour of online business and digital marketing, which makes us even weirder (admit it, us direct marketers know

and do some weird stuff) With Nic’s background in neuroscience and behavior modification, Steve’s background in systems and IT, and their joint addiction to business, it was inevitable that they’d develop a system for marketing and sales that was leveraged by technology a.k.a the Internet. BCF - Before Campaign Formula It’s late. You’re tired.  You’ve been fighting with the internet and you feel like you’re losing.  You’ve got a sales page up, your optin form finally looks OK on your page, and now you’ve got to drive traffic to that page.  Hmmmm … maybe a bit of paid advertising?  SEO - damn that Google panda update.  Press release maybe?  I know, I’ll do some ‘facebookin’. “Yay!  3 people signed up to my list today.” Being open for business and growing your list by a few people each day is a good thing.  It’s better than no new leads, right?  But it’s a hell of a way to build a business.  This was us before campaign formula.  Before Nic realised that he should use everything he already knew about human behaviour change and apply it to his business.  Just the same way he had studied and learned how to put together a public health campaign to get people to exercise more often, he realised he could use exactly the same approach to get people to his website and take action. The other one of us (Steve) watched as just over 900 people joined Nic’s list within a week and put $59,000 in his account.  Steve immediately recognised the opportunity for technology to leverage these results even further and together he and Nic added a second layer to Campaign Formula, and this is an optimised software and programming approach that makes the first layer, the human behaviour change layer, easier to implement and more powerful in it’s application.  ACF - After Campaign Formula Once we applied this knowledge to marketing and sales, business was much better.  Instead of building a business a couple of people at a time, we started building businesses at hundreds of people at a time.  And what’s

more, the optin rates were higher and the final sales conversion rates were higher. And the money came in faster, which snowballed everything.  Staff got hired.  Web development got done.  Our names got out there and we started getting approached to run campaigns for some big players in a variety of markets, such as real estate, advertising, business development, search engine optimisation, the music industry, corporate wellness, and a children’s cancer charity.  And many more campaigns later, working in many different markets, we know a whole lot more about how this all works.  And we’ve had a lot more money come through …  What Does Campaign Formula Mean for Your Business? Imagine the tragedy of the business owner who puts in 70-80 hours a week, yet only just gets by, or worse has to close the doors.  Imagine the euphoria of the business owner who puts in 70-80 hours a week, makes a damn fine income and at the end, can sell the business for multiples of annual revenue. Same effort, massive difference in outcome.  And this is the risk we all face as business owners.  Sure you could try and replace the incompetent graphic designer.  Sure you could spend next week figuring out a new piece of software.  But that stuff isn’t as important as using a system, a campaign formula, to effectively communicate your idea to the right people.  That’s when sales get made.  That’s when you build a list of buyers who want to buy from you again.  That’s when you build a list of fans who are willing to refer other people to you. That’s when you’ve got a business instead of a time sucking hobby.  That’s when what you had hoped for has come to be.   Campaign Formula is an approach to marketing and sales that is based on the scientific principles of human behaviour change and leveraged by the technological genius of the internet. To get the first layer, courtesy of Pam Brossman and Social Media Woman magazine, go to:

Social Media Woman |37

How to Double Your Income and Still Call it BUDGET! The story in the video is a great lesson to all of us who get carried away and just want to sell our program, product or service just because we think people need it. In this video you will hear how I went from struggling, to selling what people needed, to then doubling my price from selling what people wanted. Not only that, I packaged the solution and licensed it across 2 Countries creating a successful 6 figure business. Watch the video to find out the full story, but for those of you who like to read first, here are some take away lessons that you can use today: • Listen to the market and be prepared to adapt. If

a lot of people have their wallets out ready to buy something… package it up and sell it to them. The story in the video tells that people were paying big money for dodgy weight loss yet I was struggling to sell Fitness and Nutrition (quality weight loss) . My repackaged Shed’n Shape weight loss program was more than twice my gym fees yet much easier to sell.

• If you already have clients ask why they do business

with you. Look below the surface to identify trends of what WANTS are you servicing not just the typical needs. Then from that can you create product or service that can specifically and more emotively service the wants of a greater range of people.

• Speak in the LANGUAGE of your prospects. E.g.

the” trimming and toning” routines in my weight loss program that the participants loved was no more than aerobics and weight training that they previously hated. Note: the benefits were embedded in the name.

• Better still talk about the PAYOFF they get when they

use your product rather than the PROCESS they have to go through. In too many of today’s videos I see people talking about WHAT people have to do, not HOW they will feel when they use your product or service making the WHY they take the next step a logical decision. (In Bite Size Marketing we will be covering scripting for your videos check it out here)

• Be DIFFERENT. Bill Glazer co contributor to this

edition and author of the book Outrageous Marketing says look for ways to be outrageous. You should at least be different because being the same as everyone else will not build your business.

Back it all up with awesome service. A fantastic way to leverage yourself and provide exceptional contact with your people is use videos every step of the way. If you haven’t already read our 61 Ways to Market and Profit with Videos check it out here. SMW

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advertising spaces... Bi-monthly advertising spaces available See advertising size and options below. Artwork is the responsibility of the advertiser and must be of a high quality and relevant to the magazine. Advertorials must be fully edited and high quality image (not compulsory) provided by advertiser Only one video advertorial per issue available at this time so if you are doing a product launch, event or book promotion, you’ll want to book in advance. (Under 5 mins max must be HD quality). Social Media Woman has the right to refuse any advertising that is not in alignment with the niche, the target market or the Social Media Woman brand. Social Media Woman currently has a distribution of 2500 and growing with each distribution. Target market is women entrepreneurs and online business owners internationally.

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Here are just a few of the resources and tools that I use in my business. Each month at and Each of the resources below are hyperlinked. Just click on the resource you are interested in to be directed to the appropriate website. Paid Tools Create Easy Sales Pages Easy Video Player Powerpoint to video converter Video backgrounds Video Emails – we use this program ourselves DIY PR KIT – Do it Yourself PR Kit Affiliate Programs – Wordpress Video Affiliate Marketing Animoto – great for intro/outro & branding Pinnacle – PC video editing tool Other editing software & audio software bundles Easy Web Videos for video interviews Stock Photos Royalty Free Music Twitter & YouTube Branding

SEO Done For YOU packages: Pro pack Domination Pack

Cameras & Mic we use: Kodak Zi8 Mic Canon 60D

Free Tools One True Media – another free video tool Vimeo – video hosting Creative things to do with your photos Online video editor Another online editing package My preferred social media twitter tool Screen capture for twitter – this is cool! Free teleprompter

Cool New Tools Blueprint Outsourcing - training for your outsource team Step-by-Step Getting Traffic - James Schramko Easy Keyword Tool That I Use Wordpress Sales Page Creator I Use Pop-up Opt-in that all the internet marketers use to grow their list

Books I recommend Ms Millionaire The Millionaire Messenger Relationship Age

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