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I am grateful to my teacher, Stella Saubidet for her continuous guidance during the year and her enduring patience, to my boyfriend and to my family for the permanent support and encouragement, to my mate Cintia for her friendship, advice and criticism.


Author’s note This book is a work of fiction, although the premises of the story are based on real events that occurred a couple of years ago. While some of the places and names incorporated into this work are real, the story itself is the result of my imagination.


It was a hot night of January in 2010 when a man called Edward was pulled by a strange power that made him change his direction towards the sea. That night, the sea was furious and the waves were dancing among the foam, where something glittering on the shore caught his attention. When he took the object, he noticed that it was a bottle, a particular one, with a role inside and perhaps with a message on it.

After some time, he managed to see the contents : a card with just an address written on it and a letter. Driven by his obvious curiosity, he read it.


After reading the letter, he felt something in his chest, a feeling he had never felt before. He could not find the exact words to explain what was happening to him, just only tears started to come to his eyes. In this precise moment, his heart and his mind thought only in one thing “Pam, B.S”. He took the card where the address was written on and decided to look for the person who made him felt that way. The next day, he was standing in front of her house, where all expectations had fallen down. The disappointing view of the detached house showed him that nobody was living there. The anguish of not knowing where she could be or what had happened to her was killing him.

But then, he noticed that a man was working on the roof. So he got near him and asked him for Pam. The man told him that the house was under construction because this woman who used to live there had moved. And he also added: ‘I was hoping that one day a man like you came here to take some of her possessions she had left behind.’

He was overwhelmed by his words, but at least he had some clues to go on looking for her. Edward waited for a few minutes to the man who went inside the house to look for Pam’s metal case.


With his trembling hands he opened this metal case which contained money and a painting.

The Australian money is dollars and coins and they are in different colours. What caught Edward’s attention about the dollars is that they were made of plastic, and the coins such as the fifty cent coin, was originally round as the ones in Argentina but later on they were made with twelve sides.

This painting was like a treasure for Edward because not only had it been painted by Van Gogh, but also it depicted her portray, her face, the woman, Edward was looking for. By appreciating Van Gogh’s style of portraying faces like his own, it could be seen how he had been able to manage to mix colours, draw curves and lines to give the exact appearance of the girls with the movement of his brush.


After depicting the painting, he started to feel as if he was floating in the air. He sat down on the floor and put her possessions away in the box. The man who was near him saw that something wrong was going on, Edward was turning pale and sweaty. Immediately, the man called an ambulance which took him to the nearest hospital. A young woman in her early twenties, who was on night duty, looked after Edward. After she had taken his blood pressure and heart rate Edward was pretty normal. The doctor asked him if he was feeling under stress. Edward looked at her and said:

‘To be honest, I was feeling good until I finished admiring a painting of Van Gogh’

He took it from the box and showed it to her. Like a shot, the doctor asked him where he had found the painting. Although, Edward felt uneasy about the question, he told her that the painting is from someone very special to him but he had not been able to find her. After listening to Edward’s words, she told him that those women in the painting were the portraits of herself and her sister, the woman he was looking for. Edward was overwhelmed for what he was hearing! After being speechless for a few minutes, he asked her where he could meet her. At the moment, his expectations had come back again. ‘Pam B.S.’ is a real woman, who has gone to Sydney, Australia and was working in the Opera House. Edward was so thankful and so excited for the information given that he ran as if he was running in a marathon. His legs, his heart and his mind were guided by his inner voice, ‘Let’s go to Sydney!’

The day after he got there, he was with the same expectations as before, but this time in front of the Opera House in Sydney, Australia.


When he looked at the theatre more carefully, he noticed that the place was crowded. Once again, the anguish of knowing that it would be somehow impossible to find her, made his expectations fall down. However, his inner voice pushed him to walk on the side of the bay to the Opera House. After long hours of walking outside and inside of the Opera House, his enthusiasm for meeting her was disappearing little by little. He sat down on one of the steps outside of the theatre with his broken heart when he saw someone walking and looking at him directly into his eyes. A woman grinned at him and looked at him as if she knew he was waiting for her. They came closer and closer until they held hands onto his chest and without saying any words, they knew they were meant to be together for ever. They kissed and it was like magic. He knew she was the one, it was his destiny.


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