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DATES FOR YOUR DIARY 2012 January 11th

Stan Ethell

February 8th

Reg Slack

March 14th

AGM & Members Forum

April 11th

Alan Truman

May 9th

Graham Ball

June 13th

Robin Barlow


July 11

Terry Coombes th

September 12

Terry Smart

November 14th

Last Chance Night

August 8


October 10

David Atkinson th

December 12th

John Johnson Christmas Social

A day with Tony Wilson Saturday 28th April 2012 SATURDAY AND THURSDAY ‘HANDS ON’ MEETINGS 2012 SATURDAY


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2012 SUBSCRIPTIONS At the meeting on 11 January 2012 the members were asked to consider and approve an increase of £5 to the annual subscription fee of £45. The members were advised that due to increase in costs for demonstrators, rent and insurance it would be necessary to increase subscription. The motion to increase annual membership to £50 was put to the vote and was approved unanimously. CLUB WEBSITE ADDRESS The club website address is If any member would like to have an input into the content of this website then they should email details to John Rosen. (

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TRENT VALLEY TRADING There is a large amount of woodturning accessories available to purchase at discounted prices from the shop. The list and price of equipment is available on request. Typical accessories include, clock inserts, polishes, superglue etc. Also available is a range of clothing with club logo. In addition to the above there is a library of books and DVD’s which are available for hire at £1 per week. See Vic Taft for details. MEMBER’S FORUM This section is for members who have something that they would like to share with other people in the club. It could be details of new projects, tips, tools, anything that other members may find interesting. Anyone interested in their article being published then send it to my email address Information can be supplied in any format i.e. sketches, handwritten documents or in Microsoft Word. FORTHCOMING EVENTS A full day presentation by Tony Wilson on Saturday 28 th April 2012. Tickets to attend this presentation are available from Barbara Rundle. NEW MAGAZINE FORMAT A new magazine format is now available to anyone with internet access. This new format allows the user to read current and past editions of the magazine online just like a book.

Click on the following link to access this month’s edition of Woodword

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CHRISTMAS SOCIAL December 2011 Competition Prize Winners Turning between centres, 1st Stan Ethell, 2nd John Spray, 3rd Frank Evley. Turning with a chuck, 1st Terry Cotton, 2nd Barbara Rundle, 3rd Jim Hadfield. Poolwood Trophy. (Cheese dish or Pot stand), 1st Jim Preece, 2nd Stan Ethell, 3rd Barbara Rundle. Money Box Competition. 1st Stan Ethell, 2nd Jim Hadfield. (Only 2 prizes awarded) Tool Shop Trophy, Jim Hadfield. John Coleman Trophy. Frank Wood. Club competition 1st with 15 points John Spray, 2nd Jim Hadfield with 10 points. Photographs of some of the winning entries are shown below;

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Photographs of all the prize winning presentations

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The projects selected by Stan were to make 2 variations of a mouse and a cheeseboard. He arrived at the idea after making various designs of mice and cheeseboard for his daughter’s wedding. Stan turned the basic shape of a mouse on the lathe using a scroll and screw chuck. He sanded the shape and applied sanding sealer to finish. The variations of the mouse were done by sanding a flat on the bottom of each shape in different positions. The effect was each mouse sat in a different position i.e. 1 sitting and 1 lying down. For the eyes and ears he marked pencil lines on the lathe where they should be and then using an engineer’s scribing block marked the exact position on these lines. He drilled holes at the ear marks and made an indention with a bradawl for the eyes and mouth. Using a soldering iron he burnt the eyes and mouth. Ears were punched out of soft leather and the tail made from cord, both were glued in place with superglue. Safety tip: Use a clamp to hold the mouse shape when sanding the flat on the base. Page 7

For the cheeseboard Stan used a scrap piece of kitchen worktop made from oak timber. Approx. size of material was 10”dia x 1 ½ “wide. He held the work piece on a wooden faceplate using double sided tape and removed the manufacturers finish from one side. He then produced a chucking point and turned a lip on the outside diameter to provide access for fingers when lifting. He turned decorative grooves in the chucking point and sanded the work piece to a finish. Holding on the chucking point he then removed the manufacturer’s finish of the remaining side and sanded this to a finish. He recommended that final treatment should be 3 coats of food safe oil. The members would like to thank Stan for this demonstration and to wish him well on his 80th Birthday.

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COFFEE BREAK A successful investment In 1999 Mr Mark Goddard-Watts sold his Family business “Screw fix” to B&Q for £80 million. He then founded ‘Tool Station’ and sold a part share of 30% to Travis and Perkins for £18 million and this week he has sold the remaining 70% to them for £24 million. Not a bad profit for a few years of hard work. Lights Bulbs At long last those curly eco-friendly electric light bulbs that are so ugly and slow to warm up have a rival. Bell British Electric Lamps Ltd have designed and selling a light bulb which incorporates a standard adaptor base, a replaceable G9 Halogen light bulb and up to 10 decorative covers.

Peter Allen Poetic Justice Spare a thought for Michael O'Leary, Chief Executive of Ryanair'. Arriving at a Dublin hotel, he went to the bar and asked for a pint of Guinness. The barman nodded and said, “That will be one Euro please, Mr. O'Leary." Somewhat surprised, O'Leary replied, "That's very cheap," and gave him the money. "Well, we try to stay ahead of the competition", said the barman. "But you don't seem to have a glass, so you'll need one of ours, which will be another 3 euro’s." O'Leary grimaced and paid up. He took his drink and walked towards a seat. "Oh, so you want to sit down?" said the barman. “That will be another 2 euro’s. –oh, and I see that you didn't pre-book the seat, so that will be another 4 euro’s." O'Leary swore to himself, but paid up. The barman then said, "I see that you have a laptop with you and since that wasn't pre-booked that will be another 3 euro’s." O'Leary was furious and walked back to the bar, slammed his drink on the counter, and yelled, "This is a rip-off, I want to speak to the manager". "Sorry sir”, replied the barman. “The manager can only be contacted by email, and by the way, that will be 2 euro’s for the use of the counter, 2 euro’s if you use the washroom and a further 3 euro’s if you want me to wash your glass. Stephen Watson

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COFFEE BREAK...cont Results of Deforestation

We really must stop cutting down trees. This is now getting serious!! Stephen Watson

All members are encouraged to contribute to this section of the magazine. Anyone who would like to share a joke or a subject that may be of interest to others then just send details to

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Reg started the presentation by explaining that he would be making a Pomander/Rattle using a small number of cutting tools and at each stage of the process would explain the theory of how each tool should be used. A photograph of the finished part is shown at fig 1. The wood used was a Laburnum branch approx. 3� dia x 8� long. Holding between centres he rough turned the outside diameter until it was round and all bark removed. Both ends of the wood were then faced with a skew chisel making sure that the faces were slightly concave for subsequent screw chuck mountings. Work piece was then parted off into 2 pieces, the smaller end for the lid and the larger end for the base. On the finished ends of the lid and base a small hole was drilled for a screw chuck location. Mounting the lid in a screw chuck he rough turned the inside and outside profiles. Page 11

A pencil line was marked on the outside diameter and with a pair of dividers the position of a number of holes were marked and indented with a bradawl. Temporarily removing the lid from the lathe small holes were then drilled. After remounting the lid on the screw chuck the inside profile was finished turned with a spindle gouge and an external flange used to locate with the base at a later stage was completed with a skew chisel. The base was then fitted onto a screw chuck and the internal profile was machined using a variety of tools including a skew, spindle gouge, parting tool and ž� scraper. A number of techniques were shown at each stage. The internal profile was finished machined and an internal flange turned to match the lid. The outside profile was then rough machined. 2 Pencil lines were marked on the outside diameter and hole positions marked on these lines with a pair of dividers. Holes were drilled at these positions. Lid was assembled with the base and the lid and finial were finished turned and sanded with 120-180 -240 grit sandpaper. 2 coats of cellulose sanding sealer were applied lightly cutting back with 240 grit sandpaper between coats. The stem of the pomander/rattle was finished in 2 stages with a spindle gouge and skew chisel. Final sanding and sealing of base sections were identical to the lid. Finally the complete assembly was polished with soft wax off the lathe. (Tip - It is not advisable to wax and polish on the lathe as this does sometimes leave residual marks on the surface.) The members would like to express their appreciation to Reg for the way he described some of the techniques and the theory of how some of the cutting tools should be used. The presentation was extremely informative and was enjoyed by everyone. Fig 1

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Night School A photograph of some of our newer recruits learning how to turn. Classes are held Tuesday and Wednesday evenings between 6.30pm to 9pm. Many thanks to all of the members who are giving up their time to learn the students on both of these nights.

2012 MONTHLY COMPETITIONS The competitions for 2012 are as follows; April 11th June 13

Earring Tree


August 8

Solitaire Game


October 10

Kitchen Scoop th

Snowman Money Box

Please ensure that all entries are available for judging on the above dates.

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February 8th 2012 Babies Rattle Competition Photographs of the winning entries to this month’s competition are shown below,

Winners - 1st Colin Oakhill 2nd Alan Beresford

3rd Stan Ethell

CHURCH CHRISTMAS FAIR The proceeds of the items sold at the St Lawrence Church Christmas Fair on November 20th 2011 resulted in funds being raised to the value of £170.05. The Church Organiser has written a letter of thanks to the club for the contributions and to Vic and John for manning the stall.

WOOD FAIRS 2012 (Admission to shows Free of Charge) Tudor Rose Daventry Show

Sat 12th – Sunday 13th May 2012 Yandles Wood Show

Friday 13th – Saturday 14th 2012

There may be transport available if sufficient people are interested. Costs are £22 each for a 16 seater coach or £18 each for a 25 seater coach. Departs Kegworth 0600 hrs. – return by arrangement Recommended that Friday may be the best day for this show Page 14

ITEMS FOR SALE Coronet Major Universal Woodworking Machine

Offers accepted over £300 For further details: Tel 01538753857 Email – Wood for Sale To date over £600 has been raised for the sale of miscellaneous wood and cutting tools kindly donated by Val Hawkes. All proceeds will go to a charity nominated by Val. In addition to the above there is a large volume of wood that is still for sale. All of this wood will be sold at a ‘special sale’ the date of which will be announced at the next AGM. If members have any other items to sell then email details to the following address All items will be published free of charge in the next edition of the magazine. Page 15


Jewellery shop

Learn jewellery making techniques in classes ranging from the complete beginner to the advanced student Through two, three or five days as well as evening classes So what can we offer the wood turner? * Hinge making * Riveting * Silver for boxes * Leaf & stalks for fruit * Special rates for group booking of one day

Tel:- 01509569890

59 High Street, Kegworth, DE74 2DA

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FREE VIDEOS This month’s selection of royalty free woodturning video clips all demonstrating how to hand cut internal and external screw threads in wood. Members who receive this magazine in electronic format can access these free woodturning videos by selecting the hyperlink file below and pressing left click on the mouse. Members who receive magazine in paper format will need to access a computer and type the links into their internet browser. Thread chasing External Threads on the lathe (Part 1) Thread chasing Internal Threads on the lathe (Part 2) Mating internal and external threads on the lathe (Part 3) A wood threading kit (tap and die) If anyone would like to download these videos to their own personal computer or DVD drive then visit the following website and download the conversion software free of charge. (Note: this hyperlink only works for ‘YouTube’ videos)

EDITOR’S COMMENTS The majority of members have requested and are currently receiving this magazine on their computer desktop in full colour. There is a number of advantages i.e.  Full Colour unlike black and white paper version  Magazine always readily available on desktop (no more losing magazine)  Large print Zoom facility available on screen.  Econ friendly, no paper or printing.  Reduced costs to the club  Electronic format issued several weeks before paper version is available.  Back issues of magazine are available on request.  Read magazine in book format online If anyone else would prefer this medium then all they have to do is email me on and I will send the magazine in electronic format direct to their desktop /laptop computer. Page 17

ANY OLD TOOLS?? If you have any tools that are lying at the back of your garage or shed which are not used then why not donate them to TWAM (Tools With A Mission) for use in third world. Tools can be from the workshop or garden and don’t necessarily have to be in good condition as they will be refurbished by TWAM. Anyone with any items for donation should contact Vic Taft who will be pleased to arrange collection.

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Trent Valley Woodturners Kegworth Community Centre The Dragwell Kegworth Derby DE74 2EL

COMMERCIAL ADVERTISING RATES All rates quoted are for commercial advertisements. Non-commercial articles submitted by members - free. Page Size

Cost per Quarter

Cost per annum (4 editions)

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One Full Page



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