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TRENT VALLEY TRADING There is a large amount of woodturning accessories available to purchase at discounted prices from the shop. The list and price of equipment is available on request. Typical accessories include, clock inserts, polishes, superglue etc. Also available is a range of clothing with club logo. In addition to the above there is a library of books and DVD’s which are available for hire at £1 per week. See Vic Taft for details. NEW MAGAZINE FORMAT A new magazine format is available to anyone with internet access. This new format allows the user to read current and past editions of the magazine online just like a book. Go to the Club Website and see all the magazines back to Summer 2010. CLUB DISCOUNT - AXMINSTER TOOLS The club has negotiated a discount of 15% on all goods purchased from Axminster subject to a minimum order value of £100. Anyone wishing to purchase goods should contact the Club Secretary who will place a group order with Axminster when value is £100 or greater. Please note all goods will be shipped direct to the Secretaries home address and it will be the buyer’s responsibility to collect. Goods will need to be paid for prior to any order being placed.

THE STUDIO Jewellery Shop Learn jewellery making techniques in classes ranging from complete beginner to the advanced student. Through two, three or five days as well as evening classes. So what do we offer the Wood Turner? · Hinge making · Silver for boxes · Leaf and Stalks for fruit · Special rates for group bookings of one day

Evening classes especially designed for School Groups are held 2 times a week.

59 High Street, Kegworth, DE74 2DAl Telephone 01509569890 Website address:


TVWT WEBSITE The club’s website address is This newly designed site contains a large amount of information relating to the club. Dates of all Wednesday night meetings and hands on days are listed on the site together with all back issues of Woodword magazine in ‘flip book’ format back to Summer 2010. Photographs of all competition entries and winners are included. Members are requested to refer back to this site on a regular basis as any special or breaking news items will be added. If anyone would like to include a specific topic on the site then contact the webmaster


FORTHCOMING SHOWS AND EVENTS Moorgreen Show 24-25 August 2013 Sutton Bonington 1 September 2013 (1 day only) The North Of England Show Harrogate 22-24 November 2013 The Club will have a stand at the Moorgreen Show. Volunteers are required urgently to assist with the transport of lathes and attendance on the stand. Anyone who would like to volunteer should speak to the Secretary. On the 26th October 2013 Melvin Firmager will be doing a full day presentation at Tudor Rose Daventry. The cost of admission which includes a buffet lunch is £20. Anyone interested in attending should email Paul Loseby on SEPTEMBER 2013 COMPETITION The September 2013 competition is a Pedestal Bowl. (6” high base to top of bowl) All entries must be available for judging at the meeting on September 11th 2013. NEW CLUB BUILDING A special AGM was held on the 14 August 2013 to discuss a change to the Club’s constitution. The Chairman and Secretary provided some preliminary information on the status of the proposed new building which has been submitted for planning approval. Costs and timescale to build this facility are currently being negotiated with the council. Anyone with Internet access can see the full planning application by clicking on the following link.

Note: there will be a special meeting at the club on Wednesday evening 18 th September to discuss progress and finance of the new facility. Meeting starts at 7pm. Door Access

Door Access


Sink Cupboard

Proposed Plan View of Workshop as shown on Planning Application




Steve’s demonstration for the evening was to make an open form vessel with a difference. The wood used was wet Sycamore approx 8”dia x 10” long. Mounting between centres he rough turned the outside profile and turned a tenon for chuck location. He rough and finished the outside profile with a long grind bowl gouge. (Pull cut for roughing and Push cut for finishing. Reversing the work piece and mounting in a chuck he finished turned the outside diameter. As cracks usually propagate from the end grain he removed 1/2” of material from the front face. A 3/4” diameter hole was drilled to aid the hollowing out process. Using a variety of hollowing out tools the inside profile was turned. Outside diameter was light sanded and the textured finish cut with a Proxxeon power tool. After 3 light cuts the diameter was hand sanded and brushed to remove dust and debris. Chuck and lathe bed were protected in preparation for applying colours to the textured surface.


Acrylic red paint was applied randomly with a brush all over the outside of vessel. Acrylic black paint was then sprayed all over covering up the red. With the lathe stationary the outside was sanded to expose the red paint and natural surface of wood. Finally the outside diameter at the chuck end was finished turned and sanded. Tips 1 If the Vessel was to be finished at this stage it is recommended that the thickness should be approx 3/8” and wet sanded with washing up liquid. If it is to be finished at a later stage then rough out inside and outside diameters, PVA ends and place in a bag to dry out. 2 Locate the vessel in a Jam Chuck to finish the base

Photo showing some of Steve Heeley’s work. Visit Steve’s Website to see more examples.


JUNE 2013 COMPETITION The photograph below shows all the entries for the 9� High Vase Competition. The winners were; 1st place

Stan Ethell

2nd place

John Spray

3rd place

Terry Cotton

Out of the membership of 55 people there were only 11 entries to this months competition. The more experienced people will generally produce the higher quality work but this should not deter others from trying to improve their skills and entering the competitions. Regardless of skill level, all items entered are photographed and included on the Club Website and in the magazine. Points are allocated for all competition entries . 1st place = 4 points 2nd place = 3 points 3rd place = 2points All other entries = 1point

3rd Place Terry Cotton 2nd Place

1st Place

John Spray

Stan Ethell

Congratulations to the winners and to everyone who entered.



Member’s Forum


Triumph bike rider walked into a chemist shop in Brisbane, and asked to talk to a male pharmacist. The middle aged woman he was talking to said that she was the only pharmacist and that as she and her sister owned the store, there were no males employed there. She then asked if she could help him. The biker said that it was something that he would be much more comfortable discussing with a male pharmacist. The female pharmacist assured him that she was completely professional, and what ever it was that he needed to discuss, he could be confident that she would treat him with the highest level of professionalism. The biker then agreed and began by saying, "This is tough for me to discuss, but I have a .......permanent erection. It causes me a lot of problems, and severe embarrassment, and I was wondering what you could give me for it." The pharmacist said, "Just a minute, I'll talk to my sister." When she returned, she said, "We discussed it at length, and the absolute best we can do is: 1/3 ownership in the shop .... A company car .... Five home cooked dinners a week ...... And £3,000 a month in living expenses."


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LESBIAN beds, no nuts or screwing involved, it's all tongue and groove.


fter 100 years lying on the sea bed, Irish divers were amazed to find that the Titanic's swimming pool was still full.


ue to a water shortage in Ireland , Dublin swimming pools have announced they are closing lanes 7 & 8.


man was filling his tax form in and one question was do you have any dependents. He wrote yes, 750 illegal immigrants, 100,000 prisoners, 650 useless MP's and nameless Eurocrats in Brussels. When told by the HMRC that the answer was unacceptable, he replied "who have I missed out”?

Many thanks to Steve Watson & Terry Cotton for their input


Member’s Forum addy thought his new girlfriend might be the one; but after looking through her knicker drawer and finding a nurse's outfit, a French maids outfit, and a police woman’s uniform, he finally decided; if she can't hold down a job, she's not for him.



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a tough life you want me to live for sixty years. How about twenty and I'll give back the other forty?"


JULY 2013 DEMONSTRATION KEN ALLEN A very warm welcome was given to Ken Allen who was to be the demonstrator for the evening. Ken started by explaining that he would be turning 2 objects, a Mazer and a Square Sided Bowl. Before commencing his demonstration Ken gave a brief history lesson on how the designs of Mazers have changed since medieval times.

A Mazer is a special type of drinking vessel generally made of Maple wood, and so-called from the spotted or birdseye marking on the wood (Ger. , spot, marking, especially on wood; cf. measles). They were widely used between the 11th to 16th century and came in a variety of shapes. The design and shape of the Mazer made during this demonstration is shown in the photograph above. The timber selected by Ken for the demonstration was Spalted Beech, other timbers he also liked were Pear, Hawthorn and Sycamore. Mounting a piece of Spalted Beech 3” dia x 6” long between centres he turned the outside diameter with a gouge. End face near steb centre was squared off and a diameter for chuck location was produced. Re-locating in a chuck he faced the end and hollowed out the cup to approx 1 3/8” deep using a 1/4” spindle gouge. Tip.. Gluing a small piece of wood into the flute of the tool improves rigidity and reduces vibration. (See fig 1 on page 14). Turn outside profile of Goblet end to approx 1/3 of length, produce a groove and burn with wire. Finish turn goblet end and stem profile with beads. Finish turn base, produce groove, burn and part off. All surfaces should be sanded to 400 grit and finished with 3 coats of oil. 13

A Square Section Bowl Photograph shows Ken in the process of turning a Square section bowl out of Spalted Beech 7” x 7” x 2 1/4” thick. Prior to the demonstration a hole had been drilled in centre of the wood for location on a screw chuck. Locating work piece on the screw chuck the profile of the base was finished turned. A tenon was made for chuck location. Reversing and locating in a chuck the face profile was turned making sure the rim was a uniform thickness. Bowl was then hollowed out with a gouge. After removing the work a piece of non-slip matting was placed in the bowl section and assembly remounted between chuck and centre. Base was finish turned to remove any marks from previous operation, a groove made and burnt with wire. Ken recommended that the wood should be sanded to 400 grit and preserved with 3 coats of oil. There are obvious hazards associated with turning irregularly shaped wood and extreme care must be taken to ensure that hands and fingers are kept well away from corners when turning at high speed. It is all too easy to forget so concentrate and be aware of the dangers at all times. Tip.. Turn the work piece by hand before applying power. Let the heel of the cutting tool rub on the work piece and lift to apply cutting action. Ken gave an excellent presentation which was thoroughly enjoyed by all of the members. It has been a few years since he last came to the club and everyone looks forward to seeing him again in the near future. Fig 1 shows the wooden insert glued in position in the groove of the gouge. Insert will reduce vibration and deflection when cutting. Especially effective on small diameter gouges. 14

Fig 1

A visit to Nicholas Hobbs on Saturday 3 rd August 2013 A group of our members took time out to visit the premises of Nicholas Hobbs Furniture situated in Wirksworth Derbyshire. Nicholas who had already given a presentation to the club invited us to see the workshop and the equipment he uses to manufacture bespoke furniture mainly for use in ecclesiastical settings. On arrival we were offered refreshments and given a tour of the facility which is housed in an industrial unit. (See photo). Throughout the tour Nicholas explained how he works closely with the customer to arrive at the final product design. Understanding where the commissioned items are placed is essential to achieving a design which is both functional, durable and above all looks right. At the design concept stage ideas are presented to the customer with sketches and from these discussions an outline solution is agreed. Models are then made (see photo’s) and submitted to the customer for final approval before manufacture commences. This process could involve a number of visits to the customer and design could be amended several times before contracts are placed for manufacture. There were several projects in progress, the majority destined for use in ecclesiastical settings. The workshop machinery used was limited to a Band Saw, Joiner and Planer Thicknesser, the majority of his work being done using basic hand tools. If you want to see a real craftsman then visit Nicholas Hobbs Furniture and see first hand the excellent work he does. Nicholas has a unique ability to come up with brilliant design concepts and the skill to manufacture these into high quality products. The members reaction to this visit was WOW! On behalf of everyone who visited Nicholas at his workshop I would like express our thanks for the hospitality and warm welcome. Dave Senior


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Abrasives Polish Wax Stain Glue

● Chucks ● Centres ● Tool Steadies ● ● ● ● ● ● ●

Robert Sorby Thread Cutting Gouges Skew Scrapers Hollowing

● ● ● ●

Lathes Band Saws Disc Sanders Routers Poolewood are a long established company who supply high quality products for the Wood Turner at competitive prices. The company are proud to be associated with Trent Valley Wood Turners and to be the sponsor of the Poolewood trophy which is presented annually to competition winners.



Colin’s project for the evening was to make a Watch or Desk stand as illustrated in the photograph below. His main objective was to explain all the techniques and tips in making the component parts. The Desk Stand comprised of a base, pillars(2), half ring and a watch housing. Half Ring Material was 4” square x ¾ “ long English Oak. Mounting on a screw chuck the wood was turned round to approx 3 1/2” dia with a bowl gouge. The main reason for using a screw chuck was to be able to work on both sides at the same setting. Using a skew chisel he rolled the outside bead profile on both sides. Slightly undercutting the front face he then rolled the front inside bead. He sanded to 400 grit, sealed and wax polished prior to parting off. Using a piece of scrap wood mounted in a screw chuck he produced the bead shape in the front face until it was snug fit with the ring. Using this as a Jam Chuck he finished turned the opposite internal bead radius. Sanded, sealed and waxed as previous. Observing the position of the short grain on the ring he marked the centre line and cut the ring in half using a small hacksaw. Note: Cutting through the long grain would weaken the ring and possibly cause premature failure in use.


Base Material 5” x 5” x 1” English Oak Workpiece had been hot glued to a piece of scrap wood prior to the demonstration. Mounting the assembly in a screw chuck the corners were removed with a bowl gouge, a recess groove turned in front face for chuck location and a feature turned in the middle. Design of feature is purely optional, it could be a series of grooves or inserting a coin. Face was made slightly concave to ensure that base does not rock after assembly. Colin sanded to 400 grit, sealed and waxed finished turned surfaces. Note: Hot glued scrap wood can easily be removed by placing wood in a microwave, due to time constrains Colin opted to remove by parting off. Mounting the work piece in a chuck the opposite side was faced, sanded, sealed and waxed. Posts(2) Material 1” x 1” x 6” long English Oak Mounting the wood between centres he turned the outside diameter with a roughing gouge. Using a Scratch Stick he marked the position of beads on the workpiece. The scratch stick was simply a piece of ply with the half profile of finished design marked on it’s edge, panel pins inserted at bead positions and ends ground to a point. Profile was finished turned using a skew chisel and a spindle gouge. Length was marked prior to parting off and a diameter turned for location purposes at final assembly. Part was sanded, sealed and waxed as previous before parting off. Another post was then turned using exactly the same procedure as above. Assembly Remounting the base in a chuck, the half ring was placed on the centre line and ends of ring marked on the face. Removing work piece from the lathe 2 holes were drilled on these marks the same diameter as the posts. In the top of each post brass panel pins were hammered in carefully and ends ground to a sharp point. A small hole was made in the ends of the half ring. The posts(2), base and half ring were then super glued together to complete the assembly. There was insufficient time to complete the watch housing assembly but Colin explained this was simply done by turning the profile and drilling the hole with a forstner bit. The watch housing assembly was held in place with a Brass ring and hook. Tip..It is important to remember that metal parts coming in contact with Oak should be non- ferrous as metal with ferrous content will stain the wood over a period of time.

The members would like to thank Colin for this demonstration and especially for his kind offer to help us to teach under 16’s in the art of woodturning. He explained that he is fully registered and insured to teach young people and would be prepared to run the classes free of charge as long as the club payed his travel expenses.



CLASSIFIED ADS Items for Sale Charnwood W812 Woodturning Lathe including Chuck and four tools approximately 8 years old and hardly used. Any reasonable offer to Hazel Calvert Tel 0116 2321595

Wivamac DB1000 vario 2 Lathe and Accessories

Details as picture but larger motor and slimmer tail stock OFFERS AROUND £1500 Current List price new £3,549 Inc Specification WIVAMAC DB1000 Vario 2 Complete with a floor mounted ‘A’ Frame stand 1.5KW (2HP) motor with electronic speed control, 4 speed poly-vee belt drive, with variable eccentricity tool rest support. 970mm between centres 260mm swing over bed 2 morse taper to spindle and head stock M33 x 3.5 thread to head stock Good 24 hole indexing system 1 long and 1 short tool rests 25mm drive centre and revolving tail stock centre Self centring chuck The sale includes a large index table cross slide to receive attachments (Routers etc) CONTACT TERRY COOMBES 01455 822012


CLASSIFIED ADS Items Wanted If you have any unwanted tools in the back of your workshop, garage or shed then why not give them a new lease of life by donating them to TWAM (Tools With A Mission) for use in the third world. Tools don‛t necessarily have to be in good condition as they will be refurbished by TWAM. Anyone with any items should contact Vic Taft who will be pleased to arrange collection.

ADVERTISING SPONSORS The advertising revenue received from our Sponsors is used to offset the magazine printing costs and expenditure associated with maintaining the Club’s Website. In this month’s magazine we have a number of new sponsors: Chestnut Terry Smart is well known to the club demonstrating the range of high quality finishing products that are supplied by their company. PoolewoodSuppliers of Woodturning accessories and machinery. Company sponsor the prestigious ‘Poolewood Trophy’ which is presented at the annual Christmas party . Tool post A popular supplier of products and services for the Wood turner Turners-Retreat - Recently merged with Craft Supplies Derbyshire supply everything for the Wood turner. Based in Nottinghamshire they are ideally situated. All members are encouraged to check out all of our sponsors and to make themselves known when placing any orders.


EDITOR’S COMMENTS The majority of members already receive the magazine by email direct to their computer in full colour. The advantages are; ● Reduced costs to the club ● Full colour unlike black and white paper version ● Magazine always readily available on desktop (no more losing magazine) ● Large font zoom facility available on screen. ● Environmentally friendly, no paper or printing ● Electronic format issued several weeks before paper version is published ● Back issues of magazine are available on request. ● Read magazine in book format online If anyone else would prefer this medium then all they have to do is email and a copy will be send in electronic format direct to their desktop or laptop computer.



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2013 v7 autumn magazine chestnutproducts added