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Beginners In Real Estate Start Here: Wholesaling Houses Even in the most trying economic times, real estate is an oasis that provides jobs and profits to thousands of people from coast to coast. There are several different areas in which you can work in the real estate business, but one of the easiest to transition into is known as wholesaling. Home wholesaling is a relatively new field in real estate that allows a person to make a sizeable profit by simply linking motivated sellers with buyers looking to either flip a home or to have for years to come. Finders fees range anywhere between a few thousand dollars per home to $15,000 per home or more. You simply help both the buyer and seller get through the closing process and the commission is yours. There is very little in the way of initial investment and you never have to buy a home yourself. Nothing could be easier and it really gives you the knowledge you need to expand your roll in real estate even further if you wish. Wholesaling homes is far and away the best way to start in real estate. To get started as a home wholesaler, you will need to start your own home business. This is where the initial investment comes in. You will have to choose a name for your business, ensure that you have the proper licences and permits and choose an ad strategy. Many home wholesalers go with direct mail or online classifieds for their business, and every home wholesaler has a webpage that they can direct prospective buyers and sellers to so they can learn more about the services you offer and the fees you charge. FREE VIDEO: "How to Get Rich From Real Estate the 'Lazy' Wayand Never Be Humiliated Because It's 100% Risk-Free"Click here to watch the FREE video You'll need business cards and a dedicated phone line for your business is a good idea, as well. You will also need to learn what you can about your local real estate market and any specific laws that affect home buyers and sellers in your area. Both buyer and seller will be looking to you for advice on how to navigate closing with as little trouble as possible. While the overwhelming majority of your arrangements are sure to go off without a hitch, even the most experienced home wholesalers occasionally lose a sale at the last moment due to circumstances beyond their control. The important thing is to learn from these incidents and help the next set of buyers and sellers avoid the same mistakes. The only other aspect of your new at home business that you will need to develop is contacts. Every good real estate professional, especially home wholesalers, need a constant stream of motivated buyers and sellers. Some of those clients will come from your advertising, but some should also come from contacts that you make during the closing processes you help to oversee. Some good places to start are with divorce lawyers or with bankers who are knowledgeable about properties that are soon to come onto the market with motivated sellers who want to complete the sale process as quickly as possible. Here is where you, as a home wholesaler, come in. You can contact the parties before they have a chance of contacting a realtor and connect them with a buyer from your list. Some sales can go from the meeting stage to the closing stage in a single month, with your commission being finalized in the same amount of time, and all it took was a simple introduction. There is so much money to be made from wholesaling that people everywhere are

exploring this new career path themselves. Home wholesaling can make your dreams of an independent career come true.

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Beginners In Real Estate Start Here: Wholesaling Houses  

Even in the most trying economic times, real estate is an oasis that provides jobs and profits to thousands of people from coast to coast. T...

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