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KEY CLUB Division 34 South

Palo Alto High School

November Bulletin Editor’s Note

Table of Contents Editor’s Note……………………………………..1

Hey Everyone, So sorry about the late bulletin!! So this school week is over and the American Apparel Jackets should be all picked up. However, if (for some reason) you have NOT picked up your jacket yet, then please contact Erika and try to get it as soon as possible! Thank you; So we’re already at November! We also have many fun events coming up this month!! However, I don’t believe there are any major events to notify you guys about. Nonetheless, everyone should make sure to attend at least some of the events!

Upcoming Events………...…………………..2-3

Sincerely, Christina Lee, Bulletin Editor

Recap on Past Events………………………….4 Member Recognition…………………………..5 Officer Contact Information………………….6

Month at a Glance Fri 11/6 Key Leader Sun 11/8 Special Needs Kids Soccer Sat 11/14 Second Saturday Book Sale Sat 11/14 November DCM Sun 11/15 Second Sunday Book Sale Sun 11/15 Home Run Race

Reminder Just an early heads up but the Blood Drive is coming up in December!!  YAYYY!!!


Sat 11/21 Stanford Football Parking Fundraiser Sun 11/22 EHP for Thanksgiving

Upcoming Events Key Leader

Special Needs Kids Soccer

When: Friday, 11/6 – Sunday 11/8

When: Sunday, 11/8

Time: 3pm (on Friday) – 12pm (Sunday)

Time: 1pm – 3pm

Where: YMCA Camp Jones Gulch 11000 Pescadero Rd, La Honda, CA 94020

Where: Hoover Park 2091 Cowper Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94303


What: Volunteers for this event will be acting as buddy players to help the special kids play soccer, cheer them on, and provide encouragement. You guys will also assist with drills, and more!

This is a wonderful overnight opportunity to meet and bond with other high school students from around California. There will be fun icebreaker games, group skits, a ropes course, and more!!

Cost: $150 by Friday 10/23 & $175 afterwards Why:

You get a chance to meet new friends and to spend time with friends at a fun overnight leadership camp 

Why: This is a chance to have fun playing soccer with kids who aren’t usually able to. No experience is necessary so make sure you come and participate 

November DCM

FOPAL Second Saturday & Sunday Book Sale When: Saturday, 11/14 and Sunday, 11/15

When: Saturday, 11/14

Time for Sat : 9:45 Am – 4:30 pm

Time: 1pm – 3:30 pm

Time for Sun: 11 Am - 4:30 Pm

Where: Monta Vista

Where: Cubberly Community Center 4000 Middlefield Rd, Palo Alto, CA 94303

What: Come to participate in our monthly meeting  More info. TBA

What: You can help sell books to children at the Friends of the Library book sale!

Why: To learn and become more well-informed about all the upcoming events!!



Not only can you hang with your fellow friends from key club while doing community service, you can also help little kids buy books 

Upcoming Events Home Run Race When: Sunday, 11/15

When: Saturday, 11/21

Time: 7am – 12:00 pm

Time: TBA

Where: Pac-10 Plaza, Stanford University 650 Nelson Road, Stanford, CA 94305

Where: Paly Front Parking Lot, Palo Alto High School 50 Embarcadero Road, Palo Alto, CA 94301


This event, hosted by Stanford University Habitat for Humanity, raises money to help build houses throughout the Peninsula.

What: This is an event to help raise money for our very own Paly Key Club  During the football season, there are LOTS of people coming over to look for parking spaces.


Our jobs are to help operate the registration tables, supervise the food/snacks table, direct runners, help at the water booths, and clean up.


EHP for Thanksgiving When: Sunday, 11/22 Time: 1pm – 4:30pm Where: Ecumenical Hunger Program 2411 Pulgas Avenue, East Palo Alto, CA 94303


Stanford Football Parking Fundraiser


EHP helps working families, seniors, people with limited incomes, and those who have emergency/on-going needs.


Come to help and assist with a variety of jobs like helping out at the foot pantry, at the clothes closet, at the toy closet, at the Santa Claus Shop, with data entry, with deliveries, with holiday food distribution and more!

We need AT LEAST 12 volunteers to come help out!! So make sure to come!

Thanksgiving Thursday, 11/26

Recap on Past Events

Moonlight Run We helped with registration and cheering on the runners.

Neighbors Abroad Family Fun Day Lucie Stern. International fair for families.

Second Saturday and Sunday Book Sale We helped out by operating as cashiers, organizing books, and helping out with other miscellaneous tasks at the monthly Friends of the Palo Alto Library book sale!

Light the Night We supported walkers and helped at booths; raised awareness about blood cancer.

Run For Your Life We helped out with registration and with course monitoring for Emergency Medicine.

College Fair Rep Help We helped the college representatives set up their booths and then we attended the fair.

American Apparel Fundraiser We sold American Apparel jackets during lunch on the quad for the fundraiser

Special Needs Kids Soccer We played soccer and did drills with kids with special needs.

Marsh Madness We helped with setup, course monitoring, cleanup, and more.

*Note These summaries were provided by your wonderful secretary, Sarah Lin ď &#x160; <3


Member Recognition Recognition for the people who have the most community hours

Pierre B.

Stevie C.

Kirah I.

Gracie F.

Melanie L. Alex L

Libby L. Andrew L

Recognition for the people who have attended the most events

Pierre B. Melanie L.

Andrew L Libby L. Andrew L. Raffle Winner

Molly C. Top UNICEF Fundraiser

Pierre B.


Gracie F. Alex L.

Officer Information President Erika Ji Class: 2010 Junior Email: AIM SN: e99angel

Kevin Hu Class: 2011 Sophomore Email: AIM SN: zephyrfire1337

Libby Li Class: 2010 Junior Email: AIM SN: lalala its libby



Sarah Lin Class: 2010 Junior Email: AIM SN: you wont say

Andrew Liu Class: 2012 Freshman Email: AIM SN: ?

Publicity Chair

Bulletin Editor

Sarah Lee Class: 2010 Junior Email: AIM SN: sarahzdominator


Vice Presidents

Christina Lee Class: 2010 Junior Email: AIM SN: tvgurlrox

Project Chair

CNH Tech Editor

Alex Liu Class: 2012 Freshman Email: AIM SN: zezhouliu

Hillary Yuan Class: 2010 Junior Email: AIM SN: x T A H S i E


Just an early heads up but the Blood Drive is coming up in December!!  YAYYY!!! Sincerely, Christina Lee, Bulletin Editor Sat 11/14 Novembe...


Just an early heads up but the Blood Drive is coming up in December!!  YAYYY!!! Sincerely, Christina Lee, Bulletin Editor Sat 11/14 Novembe...