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Winter 2013

From behind the pile . . . I am writing this following the completion of the last fundraising event for PALS for the 2013 calendar year. The last event in fact, with the exception of handing out the raffle prizes and making the deposit, before Joan and I take a break from the chaos that is PALS. Which is a funny thing for me to say, given that I have only been with the organization since April 1st, I can honestly say I feel like I have been here for years. The 8 months have been filled with a very sharp learning curve, one that I am positive that is not even close to being finished yet. Which is fine as it makes for an exciting work day. We have had some wonderful special visits that will be becoming regular visits in the New Year, the new addition to our programming with the very successful Puppy Rooms at SAIT, St Mary’s University and the University of Calgary, a record setting intake of new volunteers at our most recent evaluation, the completion of our 3 year strategic plan, and the soon to be released new website. But most importantly, through all of this we worked side by side with the most valuable partner that PALS has—our volunteers! 2014 is lining up to be a busy one for PALS. We have our casino in May, and a fundraiser to plan before the casino happens, our AGM before that and another recruitment of new volunteers before that. PALS will be looking for more board members, committee members and evaluators and interviewers to help out during recruitment. This is an exciting time for PALS! But for now I would like to thank you for your support and kindness and wish you a peaceful time this holiday season filled with family, friends and of course animals!

Holiday Office Closure The PALS office will be closed from December 19 to January 3, 2014 We will re-open at 8 am on Jan. 6, 2014 In case of emergency please call Diana on her cell phone at 403-680-1796.

Committee Members Needed! PALS is fortunate to have some of the most amazing volunteers in Calgary and area! It is past time that we start acknowledging the very people that make what we do possible. We are looking for a committee to create a Volunteer Recognition Event.

If you are interested please give Diana a call at the office 403-250-7257

Potential new program being investigated for PALS The Calgary Airport Authority has approached PALS to see if there is any interest in partnering with them in creating a program similar to the ones currently running in the International Airports in Los Angles, Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood, San Jose, Miami, and as of December 6 San Francisco International Airport. Stress at the airport has been on the rise dramatically since 9/11 and is expected to continue with the increased security that brings longer wait times and intense scrutiny. In addition, air travel by itself can be very stressful. Not everyone is a happy flier to begin with and then adding in the long lines, the waiting,

handling the luggage, the security and finding your gate it can often be more than you can handle. A soft coat and a wagging tail can be a very welcome sight in the midst of the madness. PALS is considering this new program as it fits with our vision and mission and is interested in knowing what you the volunteers think and if you would be interested in considering this as a volunteer placement. Please contact Diana, either by phone 403-250-7257 or email & let me know your thoughts. I will be very interested in hearing them!

PALS memberships are due!! and membership has it privileges! PALS members: receive either a reduced fee or no charge to workshops hosted by PALS. There will be 2 coming up in the New Year so watch your email Voting privileges at the AGM PALS quarterly newsletter Discounted admission at any event that PALS hosts The most convenient way for all concerned is to go to our website, click on Giving & Support and then Membership. You can pay your membership online using a secure PayPal account that has been set up for us. We are notified that you have paid us, what you have paid us for, and how much you have paid. The money is deposited directly into our bank account. There's no need for you to set up any kind of account, and the added benefit is that PayPal charges much less for the service than either Visa or Mastercard does, so PALS comes out ahead.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the office and Diana and Joan would be happy to help you or answer any questions.


Sharpen Up Your Pet Vaccine Know-how Vaccination will help your pet by providing him/her with protection against certain diseases that may be caused by bacteria or viruses. Pets are vaccinated against diseases which are potentially lifethreatening, highly infectious and either have no treatment or are costly to treat if your pet does become infected. The best way to ensure your pet has a long and healthy life is to keep vaccinations up to date, along with an annual examination.

tious diseases, periodic booster vaccines are required. Some vaccine may last several years, while other may produce immunity for a year.

Keep in mind that the most important reason for visiting your veterinarian annually is to have your pet thoroughly examined so that health problems can be detected early. Annual physical exams are essential in maintaining your pet’s quality of life. Vaccinations and your pets health care can be confusing issues Key reasons to vaccinate your pet to protect your and your veterinarian is your best resource for any pet against a multitude of serious diseases that may questions or concerns you may have. be debilitating or life-threatening and to protect against rabies – a fatal disease which may be transmitted from wildlife to your pets. As a newborn, your pet obtained protective antibodies during nursing from his/her mother. As your puppy or kitten ages, this maternal protection diminishes, and your pet becomes increasingly susceptible to disease. Puppies and kittens need a series of boosters to ensure that memory is created within your young pet’s immune system to enable it to recognize foreign bacteria or viruses and to pick up where maternal antibodies leave off. Pets that do not complete the series are not protected against (and can die from) contagious viruses. The risks associated with vaccination are extremely small, and the potential health risks associated with not vaccinating are generally much greater. When any vaccine is given to an animal, there is a small, potential risk that your pet may have a reaction. These reactions can range from relatively mild facial swelling and hives, to more serious cases of vomiting, diarrhea, difficulty breathing, and collapse. As in humans, vaccinations may cause a severe, anaphylactic reaction in some individuals. However, please remember that these occurrences are rare, and do not outweigh the overwhelming benefit to the vast majority of animals to be protected against certain diseases. The protection which is provided by a vaccine will generally decrease over time. To ensure that your dog's immune system can defend itself from infec-

PALS Vaccination Protocol PALS dogs, cats and those coming into the program must have current protection against rabies. Proof of vaccination indicating the date of vaccination and next due date is acceptable. A titre count indicating adequate protection is acceptable however this must be submitted on an annual basis. Joan needs this information to pass on to the facility where you are placed and for our PALS records.

New face at the PALS office For those of you who have not paid a visit to the office lately, you have not had the pleasure of meeting PALS latest wannabe Bobbi. She is newest addition to Joan and Warren’s family and spends her day doing what she can to keep Diana on her toes. She is cute beyond belief and tenacious is her middle name and she wear it with pride! However she has brought the joy back into Joan and Warren’s life and for that I guess I will put up with the chewed cords, mangled blinds and untied shoe laces. Drop by and meet Bobbi and do your part in helping her along the path towards being a PALS dog. Just tie back any long hair, double tie your shoelaces and for heavens sake if you pick her up keep your mouth closed!

PALS is part of the Scotiabank Calgary Marathon Charity Challenge Come and join us! You can—be part of our team Healing Paws and walk or run and fundraise for PALS OR You can support someone on our team! Help us fundraise today! Give Camelia or Diana at call today if you are interested in signing up! 403-250-7257

BowDog is excited to announce that registration is now open for our 2014 Training and Athletics Program which now includes a K9 Good Neighbour Preparation class. This 8 week class will teach you all the skills required to pass the K9 Good Neighbour Evaluation Test, which will be offered at the end of each session. Canine Good Neighbour training is fun, rewarding, and useful in achieving the skills required to become a PALS volunteer. BowDog Canine Specialists offer well-rounded education that is effective and fun in a positive environment. We believe training should strengthen the bond between human and dog, while getting the results you look for in a well behaved canine family member.

Visit and get registered today!

Special Visits

PALS has been super busy with special visits lately. With Hallowe’en Parties to Candy Cane Gala special appearances , from puppy rooms to visiting with Santa, and everything in between you have been there. We thank you for your dedication to PALS and your ability to always rise to the occasion!

Thank You!

Learn to speak dog Reprinted from the website

Dog behavior is complex and the signals that dogs send are often subtle. The following is not intended to be a treatise on dog behavior. It is intended to alert you to situations that could compromise a persons safety around dogs. A individual seeing potential danger signs in their dog's behavior are encouraged to err on the side of caution and implement dog bite prevention measures (increase supervision and use physical barriers when supervision is not possible) until it can be determined whether the dog is actually a danger and if so, until the problem is resolved through consultation with the appropriate professional. Many dog bites could be prevented if we were aware of the subtle communication signs that dogs send when they are anxious. An anxious dog is much more likely to bite than is a happy dog. There is a big difference between a dog that is tolerating interactions with children and a dog that is actually enjoying these interactions. One of the most common things we hear from an bite victims and the parents of child victims is "I wish I'd known...". We don't want you ever to have to say that. We want you to know and we are going to tell you. So read on... Many dogs are exceptionally tolerant of mishandling by both kids and adults. They show signs of anxiety, yet never get to the point of biting. Other dogs tolerate things they don't enjoy for a period of time, or from certain people and not others, but at some point they have just had enough and they growl or snap. Most people are shocked when this happens. "He has never bitten anyone before" or "there was no warning", they say. Dog behavior experts will tell you that there is always a warning, it is just that most people do not know how to interpret dog body language. Signs of Anxiety These signs indicate that your dog is uncomfortable with the current situation and there is a need for intervention to pre-

Half moon eye


vent pushing the dog to the point of biting and to make sure your canine friend is happy and not feeling anxious. They can include: one paw raised, half moon eye, displaced behaviours such as yawning when not tired, licking chops without the presence of food, sudden scratching when not itchy, sudden biting at paws or other body part, sudden sniffing the ground or other object, or wet dog shake when not wet or dirty. These are all things that dogs do anyway. Avoidance Behaviors Sometimes dogs are more overt when they feel anxious and want to remove themselves from a situation. Please don't force a dog to stay in situation in which he feels anxious, especially if children are the source of his anxiety. Here are some examples: the dog gets up and leaves an uncomfortable situation (he may bite rather than leaving one of these days), turning head away, hiding behind person or object, barking and retreating or the dog rolls over on back in submissive way. Signs of Aggression If your dog shows signs of aggression then you should get help from a behavior consultant right away. Signs directed toward you or another person that indicate the need for professional help include the following: growl, guarding, snap and miss, snarl, aggressive barking which is not stopped by your request for quiet, lunging on or off the leash, with barking or growling, bite, dog raises tail when you or child approach Signs of Imminent Bite If these signs occur, cease all interaction with dog, look away and give dog the opportunity to leave, do not approach, do not make eye contact, do not talk to the dog. If you are touching the dog, stop and move your hands slowly away. If you are taking something from the dog, let go of it. It is better for him to keep it than for you or a child to get bitten. If you are bending over the dog, slowly straighten up and look away. Signs of a Happy Dog Signs that indicate that the dog is receptive to attention or wants to play: panting, relaxed, happy expression, body position relaxed, lying with one paw tucked under, enthusiastic tail wag, tail thumping on floor, or play bow (front end down; rear end up; tail wagging).

One paw raised

Happy dog

Help PALS touch a life . . . Make a donation today Name: _________________________________________________________________________ Company/Organization (if applicable): _______________________________________________ Address: _______________________________________________________________________ City: _____________________________ Province: __________ Postal Code: _______________ Home Phone: ____________ Work Phone: _______________ Cell Phone: ________________ Email: _________________________________________________________________________ METHOD OF PAYMENT Cheque

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Amount of donation :$ ____________________________________________________________ Name on Credit Card _____________________________________________________________ Card # _________________________________________________________________________ Expiry date : _______ / _______ (mm/yr)

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Signature: ______________________________________________________________________ Date: __________________________________________________________________________ A tax receipt will be issued for all donations of #25.00 or more and mailed via Canada Post. Please ensure to fill out your complete mailing address so we may mail out your tax receipt without delay.

PALS Pet League Access Society 2013 fundraising campaigns is expected to raise approximately $100k at an approximate cost of $10K. Proceeds will be used where most need unless otherwise directed by the donor. Our Charitable registration number is 10781 1879 RR0001. PALS is located at 3019 21st Street NE, Calgary, AB T2E 7T1, phone 403-250-7257 and contact Executive Director Diana Segboer for any questions.

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PALS Newsletter - Winter 2013  

Learn about vaccinations, upcoming plans for visits in 2014, and how you can give feedback to or become more involved with PALS.