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Polis and Latchi Scene

Issue 87

March 2011

Cover Photograph by this month’s competition winner, Geoff Burgess

1& 2 bed flats


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Hello and welcome to the March issue of the PALS Magazine. First Created and Published by

Sandra Westwood in July 2003

Issue 87 March 2011

With the almond trees blossoming, the daylight hours increasing and the temperatures gradually rising, spring now appears to be approaching fast. Often at this time of year, after being less active over the winter months, we start to think about getting ourselves fit and healthy for the summer and you will find some interesting and informative ideas on these subjects in this month's issue. I hope that one of our new or existing advertisers or articles will inspire you and perhaps provide you with a different way of shrugging off that winter feeling this year.

15th March 2011 © 2011 A.P. Associates (CY) Ltd Editor Andy Papaiacovou Mobile Assistant Editor Heather Wright

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Contributors: Tony Bell, Ken Bwye, Ravinder Bhogal, Keith Dutfield. Sue de Groot, Caroline Grossmith, Charles Purdy, Shirley Spratley, Sue Rolfe, Vanessa Morton, Michael Wright

All correspondence to: A.P. Associates (CY) Ltd Marina Latchi Complex, Block C, No. 10 & 11, Latchi Polis Chrysochous, Paphos, Cyprus Tel: +357 26323538 Fax: +357 26323539

The first week of this month is, of course, carnival week followed by Green Monday on the 7th. I am sure that the children are all planning their carnival costumes and the adults their picnics before the more sombre period of lent begins. I am personally looking forward to seeing the sky full of kytes once again and perhaps even flying my own! Whether you will be taking part or observing, I wish you an enjoyable time. As I mentioned last month, the task of choosing the winner of our children's Kallikantzaroi drawing competition was a difficult one. However, I am very pleased to say congratulations to Σκεύη Ξενοφώντος (Skevi Ksenofontos) from Polemi school who has won the boat trip for herself and three guests that has been kindly donated by Paragon Marine Services Ltd. Her winning picture will be printed in next month's magazine and we will of course report on her special day out on the sea once the weather allows the trip to take place. I would like to extend my thanks to all of the many children who entered. I will leave you now to enjoy the magazine, with just a final reminder to contact either myself or my staff if you have any items of interest for inclusion in future issues or any advertising needs that we may be able to assist you with. I look forward to talking to you again next month. All the best


Letters to the Editor Dear Editor I appreciate that it seems a long way off, but the Local Elections will be taking place early in December this year so, before everyone gets busy with holidays and trips out as the weather improves, it is a good idea to register to vote NOW. Voting is, of course, a precious democratic right and EU Citizens in Cyprus have the opportunity to make a REAL DIFFERENCE and due to the small population on the Island, every vote counts. It is straightforward to get a voting book for anyone who has the 'yellow slip' immigration papers: Complete and submit the electoral registration form before 30th September 2011. This is available at all District Offices and on site under 'useful documents'. Apply for the Electoral Rolls at District Offices and Citizen Advice Bureaus. A receipt will be given for registering which must be retained until you collect your

Voting book from the Mukhtar or similar person in your community. I do hope that this is of use to you and your Readers and that no-one will lose out on their right to vote by preparing early. Shirley Spratley

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PALS Magazine March 2011

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Specialists in New Build: Traditional/Timber Frame/Steel Frame All Types of Property Maintenance Including Full Roofing Service, both Flat and Tiled

Concreting Boundary Walls Complete Renovations

Patios Crazy Paving Pergolas Garden Walls

Drains Cleared Septic Tanks Bore Hole Work

Telephone 99974679

H.O.P.E. (Hospital of Polis Equipment) Would like to convey our thanks for the generous donations recently given by the following donors: The Fly again Pub, Christine and Russell Thomas, Kath and Graham Ormsher, The Fly Again Boules, The Anglican Church of Paphos Their support for our worthy cause is really appreciated by the staff of the Hospital. We also appreciate the continuous support from everybody who takes part in our events throughout the year, so a big 'Thank You' to you all. As usual, we will be meeting with Dr Spiros, the Head of Polis Hospital, to see what equipment he would like this year and we Will then contact the suppliers to arrange for delivery. Then we can announce the presentation date later in the year. S. Ludford, Secretary for H.O.P.E.

PALS Magazine March 2011


History of Cyprus Talks Wally Oppenheim from Paphos Third Age, a local retired teacher and historian, will be giving a series of six talks on the history of Cyprus At Giolou School starting on Thursday 17th March from 4pm to 6pm and then every st week until 21 April. 50 years ago Cyprus gained its independence from Great Britain- but it proved to be a troubled independence culminating in invasion by Turkey and Partition. Now you can find out more about how and why Britain first took control of Cyprus, why the way it ruled Cyprus led to the EOKA revolt and the deep divisions between Greek and Turkish Cypriots. There will be a nominal charge for participants to join Paphos Third Age and to cover the cost of Refreshments. If you would like to find out more and directions to the school, please email:

Brookseys Place Next Events Sunday Lunch (Bookings Only) 13th and 27th February 13th and 27th March Garden Club 2nd March and 6th April. 11am Darts Every Thursday 7.30 onwards

WE HAVE MOVED into the Universal Area, Kato Paphos: Please ring for directions

PALS Magazine March 2011

7 EN.A.D.FC Polis Your local Professional football Club Keith Dutfield

PALS Magazine March 2011


All fabrics Worked wit


PALS Magazine March 2011

9 The Aphrodite Women's Football Team Community Support Needed

PALS Magazine March 2011


Dance Your Way to Fitness Sizzling Salsacise There are so many new and exciting ways to get fit these days that it is hard to choose the right class to participate in. How do you know you will enjoy it and benefit from it? Research shows that 60% of men and 40% of women will be obese by 2050, so it is important to engage people in regular physical activity. If exercise can be enjoyable and fun, you are more likely to participate, and therefore be more fit and healthy in the long term. Exercising in the long term can prevent obesity, as well as conditions such as heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, strokes and diabetes. It can also extend your life to live a healthier and better lifestyle. Dance classes in particularly are becoming very popular. They offer an alternative to exercising in the gym, which many people find boring. Dance classes are conducted in a group, which is motivational, sociable, and more enjoyable. This is why salsacise is becoming more and more popular, as it has been designed so that people have fun, get fit and enjoy themselves. What is Salsacise? Salsacise is a mix of simple aerobic moves and a variety of salsa steps put into a group fitness format for a dance workout. Salsacise makes you sweat and is effective for weight loss as it burns between 300-400 calories an hour. Moves such as the cha-cha, mambo, samba, and salsa are used. Salsacise is put together by adding simple Latin dance moves to basic lowimpact aerobic moves, such as marching forward for four counts, then doing a cha-cha for two sets of four counts. Marching backwards for four counts and then doing a mambo for two sets of four. Box steps for two sets of eight counts and grapevines with 2 steps to the side, and a turn are included, thus bringing the aerobic element into it. The workout involves swaying the waist, stomach, hips, and thighs to the music. It is a low impact workout which means your body is working aerobically; therefore it is a great way to burn fat and become toned. This class is suitable for all levels, whether you are an experienced dancer or simply a beginner, this class is guaranteed fun! No partners are required.

arms, bum, legs, and other parts of the body, it adds strength to muscles, without the high impact of exercises like weight training or running. Our posture and core muscles become weak as we get older. Stronger core muscles are important to strengthen your posture, and prevent back and body aches. PositiveAspects of Salsacise Salsacise gives you more energy. It improves your confidence as you improve on the routines each week, but also help you reach a weight loss goal or improve your physique. When you exercise your body releases good feeling hormones, these are called endorphins which give you a positive frame of mind, thus reducing stress. Many participants enjoy the social interaction and you build up good relationships with other people in the class. Salsacise is a unique class that can improve your lifestyle and fitness level in a fun and invigorating way! Classes, in Peiya & Polis. Call or Text Rav on 99981294. Written by Ravinder Bhogal. BSc. Msc . PG Dip. ANutr. Cert Ed. Qualified Instructor, Registered Nutritionist, Personal Trainer, teacher & University lecturer.

Health Benefits of Salsacise Salsacise keeps you so fit and healthy because it increases your heart rate, and the rate at which you breathe. This improves your cardiovascular fitness, and can prevent the development of heart disease, strokes, high blood pressure and cholesterol when done regularly 1-2 times a week. Salsacise combines a variety of dance routines taught in a group. The routines help improve your co-ordination, as your body moves to the Latin beats. As you are moving in a low impact way this strengthens the bones. Bones become weak as we get older and dancing can prevent the development of weak bones, and conditions like osteoporosis. More women compared to men are likely to get osteoporosis so dancing is an excellent way to keep fit. As well as toning the core muscles like your

PALS Magazine March 2011


God Speaks... Through His Word “The Lord is the Rock, His works are perfect, and all His ways are just. A faithful God who does no wrong, upright and just is He.” (Deuteronomy 32:4) Moses wrote a song many thousands of years ago, and this was one of the verses of that song. What is more, these words will be taken up and sung in heaven in the future. Are the words just poetic licence? Were they written just to sound good? There are many in this world who would want to say “I can't accept that.” Maybe you are one of these people. “What about….? Why doesn't God… ? “It's just not right.” The title of this column is “God speaks through His Word”, and whatever you think of His statement, this fact is true – God really does say this about Himself. Do I expect God to follow what I think, to do what I would do? Or do I expect Him to follow the majority thinking. Should He exist within a democracy? Come on, what sort of God would He be if He was the above? A puppet God – and whose puppet at that! The truth is, God is above democracies and communism and dictatorships. He is above you and me. He is the Almighty creator God. He is the one who says, “My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways

my ways. My ways are higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.” He has every right to claim perfection for His actions and His thinking. Just because we are very fallible, let us not try to make God fallible. I don't want a God that makes mistakes and fails and lets me down – do you? Actually, to understand and accept God as He is and claims to be, gives hope to a people that He says He loves. It is His very justice and rightness, that make it possible for us to be made clean and holy. “Christ died for sins once for all, the righteous for the unrighteous to bring you to God.” 1 Peter 3:18

Lana for allowing us the use of the premises free of charge. The show starts with entries being registered from 9.30 a.m. Judging will begin at 11 a.m. Pauline and Leigh have organised sponsorship for all the classes so all proceeds will be donated to the charity. The winner of each class will receive a trophy and rosettes will be awarded for the first four places. There will also be huge additional trophies for Best Puppy, Best Veteran and, of course, Best in Show.

CANINES FOR CANCER DOG SHOW Calling all dog owners - this is for you! th

On 17 April 2011 the first ‘Canines for Cancer Dog Show’ is being held. There are 16 different classes for pedigrees and all other dogs, including puppies from 3 months old. Has your dog got the waggiest tail? Or is he a veteran over 7 years old? Why not bring your dog in fancy dress – be as outrageous as you like! There is a class suitable for every dog. All the proceeds are being given the Cancer Patients Support Group. The show is being organised by Leigh & Pauline Bishop who have been running shows in the U.K. for charities and the Kennel Club for over 30 years. Pauline is a qualified Kennel Club judge and Leigh is an experienced judge and steward, who has been involved in most major U.K. dog shows. The venue is the Bona Mare Beach Bar at Timi (off the Paphos Airport Road) - a big thank you to Kyriakos and

To encourage as many people as possible to come and be able to afford to enter all their dogs, the entry fee for each class will be ONLY €2.50. There will be a bar where refreshments and light lunches will be available. It is hoped that there will also be a variety of stalls, so if you want to book a stall to sell your wares, you can do so for ONLY €10! Pauline & Leigh will run the Canines for Cancer Dog Show as an annual event and we look forward to this first one being both an enjoyable day out and a great success. Pauline has chosen the Cancer Patients Support Group as the charity to benefit from this event as she is a cancer survivor and it was her dog who detected the cancer! If you need further information or wish to book a stall, please contact Pauline and Leigh on 99130761.

PALS Magazine March 2011


The Journey - Part 12b Sue de Groot The Valley of the Kings

middle of fields of sugar cane.

We are back on the bus after lunch and the guide, Miss Thatway, rambles on about this and that Pharaoh and Queen and who murdered who etc. etc. and we eventually arrive at the Valley of the Kings. In the meantime, she has told us there are about 4,000 tombs in this area, only a few of which have been excavated, but excavations are continuing all the time. We are not allowed to take photos outside nor inside. We get out of the bus and into a mini tourist train to the tombs. We visit three tombs with our tickets. An extra optional is the tomb of Tutankhamen (the loot of which is now displayed in theAntiquities Museum in Cairo).

On to the Temple of Hatshepsut which is a sublime piece of architecture, some say the finest on the planet for its harmony with its surroundings. Hatshepsut was the most important woman to rule over Egypt as a pharaoh. However, she was not without cunning. She apparently locked up her nephew for 20 years and then took over the throne herself, and built this temple as her memorial. Unfortunately she was murdered. A photo stop here and back onto the bus. We drive through an area which is the main region for Egyptian alabaster. We have been surrounded by vendors the whole time and they are quite persistent, so we end up with guidebooks and postcards and papyrus items again. We have bought some interesting books on Luxor from a good bookshop in the Sheraton Hotel.

The tombs are empty of course, but the paintings and relief carvings are a sight to see. So well preserved and breathtaking. After thousands of years the colours are still vibrant, and the tombs are huge. The whole area is covered with all these wonders, and there must be many more tombs to be discovered. It is a 1-½ hour visit here, and we board the mini tourist tram back to our bus and off we go to visit the Colossi of Memnon, which are two, over 50 feet tall, seated statues of the Amenhotep III and are the most significant vertiges of his mortuary temple.

Now, it is time to drive to the Temple of Luxor. By this time it is getting quite dark, so we and practically everybody else on the bus are muttering noises of too dark for photographs. On arrival Miss That Way proceeds with her group to the Temple. There are hundreds of other tourists also there. We do not stop to listen to what Miss That Way has to tell us, since we have bought a number of books on the area and can read up later this evening. The major objective now is to take photos whilst there is still some light and it is fading fast. We leave the group, and tell Mel (who is the “tail”) we will see them back on the bus which is due to leave here at 5.30. The Temple is dedicated to the gods Amun-Ra, Mut, and Khonsu. It was once connected to Karnak (another famous site) by the Avenue of Sphinxes. We are early back to the bus and we use the toilet in comfort since the others have not arrived. It is dark now and off we go. The aircon in the bus is on the whole time, and our respective illnesses start playing up. June’s cold gets worse, and my nose starts itching like hell. All in all, we are glad to get back to the ship, even though it is 9 p.m. The crew are waiting for us to welcome us back on board. In the Terrace Café we are now very cold, and we eat two bowls each of Philadelphia pepper soup. Having warmed up, had our usual house wine, we go to bed at 10 p.m. We grab all the tissues in the bathroom, we are going to need them tonight and crawl into bed to sweat it out. There is a note on the bed, saying our verandah will be painted tomorrow. SLEEP!

After an earthquake fractured the colossi in 27 BC, it was said to sing softly at dawn. That sound recalled for the Greeks the myth of Memnon, who was meeting his mother Eos (Dawn) outside the walls of Troy when Achilles slayed him. These statues are situated in the

Next month: Crew Lifeboat Drill, The Joys of the Computer Room

PALS Magazine March 2011


We also use the Dead Sea product for pedicures and manicures

A Specialist Practicioner in Aesthetic Medicine will be at Maria Hairdesigns Salon in Polis Square on a regular basis to offer the following treatments:

Fillers for face wrinkles

Mesotherapy for face rejuvination

Botox for crowsfeet, globes, forehead Please call 99418926 for more infomation or to make an appointment

GNE Decor &Design Professional Painting & Decorating Services Internal/External Prompt Quotations Full Appraisal & Advice on Work Thorough Preparation of Surfaces Recommendation of Specific Paints Advice on Colour Co-ordination Liability Insurance Clean, Reliable, First Class Finish Advice & Estimates contact Gary - 99-400687

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SANDIE'S SEWING BOX Sandie’s Sewing Box Is a new shop open in Polis Square and is run by Sandie, who worked for a couturier for several years, and Chrissy, who served her apprentiship with Eastex and worked for many years in the clothesmaking industry.

Refurbishment of outdoor seating: this time of year garden furniture becomes a priority and they offer a 'facelift' to seats, sunbed cushions, hammocks, gazebos Etc. in a UV protected fabric that is guaranteed not to fade or rot and is waterproof and stain resistant – definitely a must in the Cypriot climate!

This friendly shop is dedicated to providing a quality service with reasonable prices and this, together with their focus on customer service, has led to a lot of repeat business and personal recommendations in the short time that the shop has been open. That says it all, really. Paula from Sea Caves told us that she 'was very Impressed with the efficient, friendly service I received and that my outdoor seat cushions look fantastic and are exactly what I wanted.’ Iris from Argaka commented that 'the service was excellent, choice of fabrics and advice fantastic and I am absolutely delighted with my curtains, especially as my windows are not standard sizes.’

In addition to all of the above services, which are carried out on the premises, the shop provides local people with somewhere to buy fabrics and sewing supplies and a comfortable 'no pressure' environment in which to discuss your individual requirements, which they are always happy to do.

'If it CAN be sewn, we CAN sew it'

Sandie and Chrissy's expertise and experience enable them to offer a variety of services: Clothing alterations or repairs, no matter how large or small the job is. Tailor-made clothing: If you have a favourite simple sundress, pair of trousers or in fact any item that you love to wear but is looking rather sad, they can make you another. They specialise in copying existing items, thereby extending your wardrobe. Made to measure curtains with soft furnishings to match. They are very pleased to be shortly receiving the latest samples from Gerster (Germany) who have a fabulous range of beautiful voiles to dress your windows ready for summer. Sandie and Chrissy understand the importance of a well dressed window and can create something special for your interior design, with matching soft furnishings for that extra special and individual look. Upholstery: either fixed or removable covers for that tired looking sofa or chair in a variety of fabrics which Sandie and Chrissy would be happy to advise you about to assist you in your choice.

PALS Magazine March 2011



Do You Have a Service, Product or Item to Sell?

TO LET: Spacious new 1 bedroom fully furnished apartment in Mesa Chorio, Paphos. Has a/c, large fitted wardrobes, parking, pretty private garden. Close to the International School . Would suit a professional person or a retired couple. Tel: 99171120.

Advertise it here: Only €8.50 for 30 Words Email or Telephone before 15th March

To be included in the next issue

CLASSIFIEDS COLLECTORS ITEMS: Canon cameras all with their own cases: Epoca 35-105mm, Ixus Z50 (pocket), EOS 300 2880mm (complete with zoom lens). All reasonable offers considered. Please ring 99171120 Brand new: SPORT Pathfinder 1 person Inflatable Kayak €250.00. Telephone 26323538. Brand new: Aquaglide Inflatable ‘Takeoff’ a Giant 12” diameter - lots of fun - €470.00. Ring 26323358 Brand new: SPORT Pathfinder 2 Person Inflatable Kayak € 300.00. Telephone 26323538. Building land for sale: Migliou Village, near Ayii Anargyri Spa Resort. Sea views. 290 sq meters, 100% building capacity. Tel: 99632618 Antrias Hobby Shop: Stock clearance of models and remote controlled aircraft, boats, cars and bikes. Phone 26991113. For Sale - Scooter: Peugeot Tracker 50cc red. Good tyres, new battery, recently serviced. Good condition. €550. Telephone 99989725 For Sale - Generator: Second hand, hardly used. Honda 20i. EU inverter. Telephone 26323538 Practice Italian Language: I am forming a small group to meet informally to converse in this beautiful language. All levels welcome. Call 99171120 or e-mail Canoeing Club: Any adults or children who are interested in joining this new club please contact 26323538 or e-mail editor@palsmagazine for further information. Qualified Post-operative Care Assistant for daily or constant supervision of patients in the Paphos/Polis area. Please contact Miss Barbara Cuthbert for further information. References available. Tel 99172069 Yard Sale at PAWS Dog Shelter, Acheleia, Sunday 6th March 2011. Cars welcome to set up at 8am 10 euros per car. Buyers 9am.Refreshments and toilet facilities available. For more information contact 99806317

For Sale: Electric Lawnmower, Make AL-KO; Electric Strimmer, Make Power Plus. Only six months old. €75 for both items. Call Bill on 96695487 All Creatures Great and Small Home from Home comfort - going away on holiday or business? - rest assured your pet will be treated as part of our family! Call Paul on 99179190. Roxy's Dream Massage To Relieve all Working Pain - Full Body Massage 30 euro an hour. Foot & Leg Massage 15 euro - Head & Shoulder Massage 20 euro. For appointment Tel. 99017518 Long term letting Villa in Pomos village with outstanding sea views. For more details tel 99171120 Antifouling Now In Stock. Various colours, types and sizes at very competitive prices. Call the Paragon Marine Chandlery on26323538 YOGA CLASES IN POLIS with Vanessa. A hatha flow yoga class, focusing on alignment, breathing, posture and relaxation. Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8.15am to 9.45am. All abilities welcome. Call Vanessa on 99289134 for more information. Breathe…… Stretch…… Relax FOR SALE: Scooter 50cc €500–700; Scooter 125cc €1300; Honda XL Degree 250cc €1,650; Renault Clio €2500; Toyota Yaris €3,500; Bicycles starting from €120. Phone Yiannis on 99411319 FOR SALE: Lovely 2 bed masionette in Prodromi with title deeds, immaculate condition, stunning sea views. 2 full baths, 3 toilets, 4 verandahs, fly screens & air con throughout. Large fully tiled basement garage with electric doors. 2.7m satellite dish included. Bargain at €199,000. Call 97629168/26322529 Drymou Land €45,000: Plot 187m² with Planning Permission for 2 Bedroom Stone House with Splash Pool, Valley & Sea Views, Electricity, Water & Stone on Site, Please Call: 99803434

PALS Magazine March 2011


PALS Magazine March 2011


Yoga, Oh Sweet Yoga! God only knows where I would be today without having this discipline in my life.

Sea Caves, by the edge of the sea, where I can absorb the magical energy that this Island has to offer.

I began my yoga journey 16 years ago in my early twenties, whilst living in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I used to suffer from lower back problems, and knowing that my father used to suffer terribly with his back, I decided to act and do something about it. And so I began my love affair with yoga, Astanga yoga , a dynamic physical practice. I was hooked instantly. I felt physically stronger, alert and yet relaxed. I had space in my body.I knew I had a lot of work to do, in those early days I could not touch my toes, flexibility did not come easy to me, I also had to tame my ego, I was quite a competitive person, so I tended to push and force myself in to so many of the yoga postures. However, yoga began to be a part of my life and I soon realised that they call it a yoga practice for a reason, as I would be practicing for the rest of my life. The word "yoga" means union or to bind the mind and the body with the breath. Through making this connection it enables you to discover your true self!

So what has yoga brought to my life and could also be brought to yours? It has made me more focused and mindful, I have more patience and it has brought balance to my life. I now have goals and intentions in my life, it has taught me to surrender.I learned to do yoga for me, to discipline myself for my own benefit, and after you have done yoga for a while you start to enjoy the process and realize it is not just about the end result, it is about the journey not the destination. Yoga has the power to change life for good. Stretch... Breathe... Relax

You soon find out where you are holding tension and stress in your body. By using your breath and breathing from the belly we learn to alleviate some of that stress from our everyday lives. By nature I am a very flighty person, in yoga its known as Vata (air), constantly on the go, rushing around, but once I started yoga I began to feel more grounded, more connected to the earth, I noticed I was a much calmer person, I had more compassion and understanding for others, I had an abundance of patience, and being the mother to a 4 year old boy this is very much needed. I soon realized that these feelings were staying with me off the yoga mat. That is when I knew was not just "doing yoga" I was "being yoga". A yoga practice usually lasts for 90 minutes and consists of pranayama (breathing exercises), Asana (postures) and Relaxation and meditation.

Written by Vanessa who teaches classes in Polis, Paphos Coral Bay, and Aphrodite Hills. She also teaches Kids classes and pregnancy yoga for more details check out

Meditation is one area I struggled with, I had such a busy mind so to sit there and try to "quiet" the mind was impossible, however when I roll out my mat and begin my physical practice my mind became quiet for those 90 minutes - it was myself, my mat, my breath and as I began to create space in my mind, I created space in my body. When I do my self practice, I am not a mother, wife or teacher, it is just me, my true self. This was meditation in motion. Now living in Cyprus, I love to make the most of the environment and take my practice down to the rocks in

PALS Magazine March 2011


Law or Liability The Facts about Cleaning Swimming Pools Many people are asking, is it law that you have to be trained to maintain a swimming pool, when the real issue is that there is a fine line between law and liability if you are a person who owns or cleans a swimming pool. Is it law? –No .Are you liable? - Yes. Swimming has historically been associated with exercise and health . Exercise that people receive from swimming and other aquatic activities provides a tremendous public health benefit for society. The ability to swim builds self confidence and leads to a wide variety of other aquatic –related activities. However, the water and sometimes the air above the water can contribute to unhealthy conditions which can be dangerous for the user unless proper water quality management is maintained . The facts surrounding cleaning swimming pool water in Cyprus are not as clear as we all would like: many pool cleaners are not registered to work, don’t pay the relevant tax, and are not concerned that they should be properly trained to maintain pools. Then again, we have a growing number of people who want to do things legally: They get registered to work, pay their taxes and see the benefit from correct training . They want to know the correct procedures: they want to protect both the swimmers and the pool/water facility owners from recreational water illness and increase the health and safety in the facilities they maintain. These people are the people who will not ask “ is it legal?” but, “where can I get more training to ensure I am protecting the pool owners and the people who will use the aquatic facility?”. The government do have rules and regulations: they are freely available from your local health department and they will give you all the help you require but they don’t have enough staff to visit and enforce standards on individual villas or complexes. The growth in the past few years of numbers of properties with pools has been massive. Sooner or later, things will change – not least due to European Law affecting all EU members. In reality, it’s the responsibility of anyone who owns or cleans a pool, so find out what those rules are – and to understand the liability they hold in providing/cleaning the pool. It is not enough to point a finger at an authority and say that there is nothing obvious to work to. You, the pool owner/ operator are both responsible and liable for any accidents or illness that happen in and around the facility you maintain or own. Dangers in unclean water: Many of us hear throughout the summer about ear infections, known as, “ Otitus Externa” , which is transmitted by pool water : many of us have suffered from

it at some stage but this is not the biggest medical problem which comes from unclean swimming pools . The main illness contracted from any form of aquatic facility comes from Giardia (protozoa), or Shigella, ( bacteria) both of which can result in Gastroenteritis and in many cases can lead to dehydration causing hospitalisation. Sadly, few people relate such illnesses back to poorly cleaned pool water and believe they’ve eaten something which didn’t agree with them or have had too much sun. So, for obvious reasons, it is vital for anyone who is going to clean a pool, to be trained FULLY and PROPERLY in how to clean water or pool operators /owners are risking the health and, worst case, the life, of anyone who uses that water. It is not enough to have a test kit and simply keep adding chlorine: water may be clear but it may NOT be clean. Why have training? The main reason for pool operators to be trained is for the health and safety and protection of the users: Protection for the patrons who use the facility ! Protection for the owners who employ you ! Protection for yourself from the potential of a huge damage and compensation claim ! Unfortunately, we now live in a society of compensation seekers, some even professional though the majority are genuine. The advent of the “ no win - no fee solicitors “ actively advising clients to claim compensation due to accidents or illness contracted on holiday in Cyprus for example from pools, only reinforces the fact that the pool operator requires the correct training to complete the task of ensuring pool water is clean and affords healthy swimming. Accidents do happen and we cannot stop these, but with the correct training, we can minimise the risk and have the correct procedures in place to deal with any circumstance that arise. Risk Management: When developing a risk management plan, there are several factors to take into account and 3 of these will all be taken

into consideration if any compensation claims are made against the pool operator. They are: NEGLIGENCE (unintentional fault or carelessness resulting in injury), STANDARD OF CARE (e.g. good disinfectant level, operators trained and certified, adequate insurances, records, etc.) DUTY OF CARE (the legal relationship between the pool operator and the patrons using the facility and the amount of reasonable care owed to those patrons so that there is not an unreasonable risk to harm).

PALS Magazine March 2011


The Facts about Cleaning Swimming Pools Continued Who should become qualified ? There should be a trained and certified operator at any pool facility. If the routine maintenance is provided by a third party service company (the majority of Cyprus pool operators) then the pool operator should be qualified . The owner or manager of a facility or the person responsible for the pool should have a comprehensive knowledge of statutes, administrative codes, regulations and common practices. The CPO certified pool and spa operators training programme provides this education base. The Owners Liability: Another point to consider is that you, the owner of the facility or pool are also responsible for ensuring that your pool operator is qualified to complete the task required . In a court of law or any compensation claim, if your pool operator is not qualified the responsibility of the claim will revert to the owner of the facility where the accident, illness or incident took place. Now ask the question again : Is it law to be qualified to maintain a pool? Or, more importantly, the question should be: “ Where do I get to become a qualified pool operator ?!!�

Written by Tony Bell, NSPF Instructor (National Swimming Pool Foundation ) For further information, please refer to Telephone : 00357 26623342) We spoke to Carol of CP Home Services Ltd (see advert on page 13) who has taken the course along with her relevant employees in an endeavour 'to provide the best service we can to our Clients and to improve our and their standards '. Carol told us that the course was 'quite intense but extremely beneficial and that she would recommend it to anyone who is serious about pool cleaning'. Carol went on to say that her customers 'know that we are fully qualified and are competent to protect them and their guests, not only from a day to day point of view, but also by being able ourselves to safely and swiftly sort out any problem that may arise'.

PALS Magazine March 2011


The Hills are Alive with The Sound of Music If you are passing the Stage One theatre in Emba these dark nights don’t be surprised to hear snatches of Raindrops on Roses and Whiskers on Kittens, as ‘The Sound of Music’ is in rehearsal. This is the company’s second full scale musical. The first being ‘My Fair Lady’ in 2005 and the company has welcomed back the professional director Annie McTaggart who is being assisted by Peter Sandwith. The Stage One Youth Group are much in evidence as the young family cared for by the effervescent would-be nun Maria who goes on to win the heart of their strict and unbending father. This popular musical by Rodgers and Hammerstein promises to deliver a wonderful evening of entertainment as the Von Trapp family of seven children and a chorus of Nuns harmonise those famous songs. Hardly stopping for breath, the company starts rehearsals for ‘Single Spies’, a two-parter written by Alan Bennett. One part, ‘An Englishman Abroad’ about the meeting between Guy Burgess and actress Coral Browne who won the Rose Bowl at the Episkopi Festival in 2010 and the two main characters shared the Best Acting Award. The other play ‘A Question of Attribution’ is about Anthony Blunt, not yet revealed but under suspicion as a spy, who has a chance meeting with Her Majesty when working as caretaker for

the royal art collection. Witty literate dialogue illuminates these two plays which will be performed May 17th-21st and are sponsored by Fitzgerald Estates. The Rose Bowl Festival takes place in May and Stage One adults and The Youth Group will again be entering two plays and attempting to replicate last year’s successes. Stage One is closed during the hot summer reopening in October with ‘Round and Round the Garden’ by Alan Ayckbourn, part three of the trilogy ‘The Norman Conquests’. Hilariously funny and not to be missed. The production is again sponsored by Fitzgerald Estates. The year ends in a traditional form this December with the pantomime Aladdin. A romp for all the family to enjoy. To become a member of Stage One call Peter on 99984035 or come along to the Members Club Nights every third Thursday. Stage One holds its annual award presentations and dinner this year on March 12th at the Coral Beach Hotel. You can also follow Stage One’s activities on ‘Face Book’ or on the website Auditions for forthcoming productions are advertised in the Stage One newsletter ‘Spotlight’ on the website and also in the Island press. All are welcome to take part in auditions. Call Peter for scripts and to register your interest. Stage One always welcomes new members who are willing to act, direct or take part in the many activities of the theatre.

PALS Magazine March 2011



Answers in next month’s issue of PALS Across 1. Man's felt hat (7) 5. It was (4) 8. Radical (7) 9. Wool fat (7) 10. Spendthrift (7) 12. Loud, rushing noise (6) 15. Encroach (5) 18. Instructed (6) 20. Yorkshire town (7) 23. Rotate (7) 25. Thin coating of metal (7) 26. Pace (4) 27. Nightgown (7)


Down 1. Empty (6) 2. Morning (4) 3. Unfasten (7) 4. Valleys (5) 5. A tenth part (5) 6. Removing faults (8) 7. Erodes (5) 11. Agreement (4) 13. Cloudy (8) 14. Sharpen (4) 16. Dividing into two equal parts (7) 17. Silhouette (5) 19. From that place (6) 21. Scrimp (5) 22. Inert elemental gas (5)

Answers For Last Month’s Puzzles

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Spring Fever? Ken Bwye Spring is almost upon us. This is the time of year when the fields and hill sides of Cyprus are at their greenest, but for some, it’s when our homes are sprouting forests of black. When that lush green growth extends to the clothes in our wardrobes, we’re talking about mould and mildew! Thousands of Euros worth of damage is caused every year by the effects of condensation and damp in our homes. There are also the largely unrecognized health and respiratory problems with our children and the elderly. Painters and decorators do well with scraping and repainting our walls every year, and paediatricians and hospitals are kept busy treating chest and breathing complaints. We enjoy living in a very high humidity but very beautiful part of the world. Unfortunately, in the rush to accommodate our desires for homes here, the developers have completely neglected to design living spaces that are suitable for the Cyprus environment. We all know the value of insulation against heat and cold; it saves on cooling in the summer and heating in the winter. We also know the value of suitable ventilation in bathroom and kitchens, to get rid of steam and smells. These are features rarely found here. There are signs that building regulation will change in time, and that standards will improve but, in the meanwhile we have to deal with what we have. Everyday activities like cooking, bathing, laundry and even breathing produce moisture in our atmosphere. (Try breathing on a mirror to prove it to yourself). Unless that moist air is extracted to the outside of our home, it is going to settle somewhere else, inside our home. Warm air will hold more moisture than cold air, and during the day, or when we’re at home and have the heating on, that moisture will remain suspended. At night, when the air cools, it reaches a dew point, and the moisture can no longer be contained. It will seek out the coldest surface to settle and turn back into water …. That’s condensation! Condensation on windows is easily seen and dealt with. It’s a bit of an inconvenience, although not terminal. But, condensation on a plaster wall or in cupboards is another matter; it will soak into porous surfaces and is the cause of all the problems mentioned above.

serious respiratory problems, particularly in the very young and sometimes the not so young. If possible, install extract fans in kitchens, especially if you use gas for cooking. Cooker hoods that merely filter grease particles, allow the steam to pass straight through and circulate around the house. Bath and shower rooms are an obvious source of moisture, and opening a window can make matters worse by blowing the moist air into the living space. Avoid using portable gas fires which produce enormous amounts of moisture. A house which is damp will not dry out by its self. Even airing the rooms during the hottest summer will not do the trick, largely because of the level of humidity that we have in Cyprus. The dampness will stay in the walls and become the nutriment for future growth of mould and mildew. The use of a Dehumidifier/Homedrier is the only way to solve the problem. A Dehumidifier/Homedrier removes moisture from the atmosphere by drawing he air over and through a refrigerated condenser coil. Dry air, with the moisture extracted, is blown out of the machine. (The Ebac 2650 dehumidifier processes about 4,700 cubic meters of air in a twenty four hour period). When the air in the room is dry, the moisture is then drawn out of the walls and ceilings, wardrobes and cupboards, and deposited in a jug for disposal. On some models the water can be pumped away with a permanent drain attachment. Once the home is dried out, a dehumidifier will maintain the correct level of humidity and ensure that the problems do not crop up again. As we say in the trade……… You’re Home and Dry with an Ebac For more information, contact the author on 97 63 05 39 Or see Dri Home Ltd, Paralimni Cyprus

It can occur when we’re living in our houses, or when our houses are empty. Property maintenance companies know the problem of preparing a holiday home for guest occupation. A musty smell of mould and mildew is the obvious sign that all is not well, but less well obvious is the danger of airborne, sometimes toxic fungi spore which can give rise to PALS Magazine March 2011


PALS Magazine March 2011


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26 Win an EXCLUSIVE PALS Magazine mug plus a unique Euro keyring! Winner is first correct entry out of the hat

Prize Puzzle

Closing date for entries is 12.00pm 15th March 2011

Samurai Sudoku puzzles consist of five overlapping sudoku grids. The standard sudoku rules apply to each 9 x 9 grid. Place digits from 1 to 9 in each empty cell. Every row, column and every 3x3 box should contain one of each digit.

February Solution


Winner: Rod Lovett, Argaka

Telephone Email Address Send competition entries to: PALS Magazine Latchi Marina Complex, Block C, No. 10 & 11, Latchi, Polis Chrysochous, Paphos Or fax +357 26 323 539 or send scanned entry by email: By Akis Express: PALS, Polis Chrysochous By hand to PALS office, Latchi Harbour By entering this competition, you hereby agree to abide by the competition rules. The full rules are on display in the PAL Office, or are available on request by post, fax or email. Winner(s) will be notified as soon as reasonably practicable after the Competition draw/decision. No purchase is necessary. One entry per applicant. All entries must be received by the deadline for that Competition and late or incomplete entries may, in the absolute discretion of the Company, be disqualified. Proof of posting shall not be deemed proof of delivery. No responsibility can be accepted for entries which are lost, delayed, misdirected or corrupted during delivery to or from the Company due to any computer malfuntion, virus, bug, delay or failure of the postal service or other reason whatsoever. Competitions are not open to: (a) the employees, agents or subcontractors of the Company; (b) any Competition sponsor or its employees, agents or subcontractors; (c) the immediate families of such employees or sponsors.

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YOGA & CHI GUNG TO BALANCE YOUR MIND AND BODY Thursdays in Argaka Chi Gung 8.45 - 9.20 造2 per session Yoga for All 9.30 - 11.00 造10 per session I will start a Laughter Yoga Club which will be free, subject to interest

Tuesdays in Pano Akourdalia Intermediate Yoga 8.15 - 9.30 Yoga and Chi Gung for all 9.45 - 11.15 造10 per session

For More Info Contact Denise on 99448728

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Healing Waters in Miliou Agii Anargyri Natural Healing Spa Resort has something unique from the Cyprus hillside in Miliou a mineral rich spring carries the soothing waters renowned for generations their healing qualities. Bathing in sulphur spring water is a natural way to heal inflammatory joints and it stimulates the entire nervous system, giving a relaxing sensation. Next, it starts working on the connective tissues making them flexible. The blood flow slowly increases, which in turn helps in better absorption of oxygen and minerals. The sulphur gets absorbed in the system and reaches the inflamed joints and cartilages. Also, as one of the main proteins needed for your skin to stay firm, it enhances and renews the skin. It slows down the ageing process because of its ability to protect against the toxic effects of pollution and radiation. It is known as “nature’s beauty mineral”as your body needs it to produce collagen, which keeps

your skin elastic and young looking, bringing you health and vitality and reviving the skin’s natural glow. This remarkable spring has been channelled to theAgii Anargyri Spa in Miliou, where it is combined in numerous treatments now advanced by modern science. These treatments may be experienced in a luxurious and tranquil setting for a very reasonable cost: For example, a package for 2 nights for 2 people includes accommodation and 4 spa treatments based on sulphur water per person for only €170 per person. For more information, contact 00357 26814000, or


Paphos 3rd Age (P3A) P3A recently held their first Open Day of the year at Paphos Gardens Holiday Resort. The event was an opportunity for current members to highlight the many and varied group activities available and for prospective members to come along and see for themselves just what P3Acan offer.

There were tables providing information and examples of crafts and activities as varied as Table Games, Sculpture, Geology, Art Appreciation and Walking - to name just a few of the 33 groups currently available and the 80 plus non-members who came along enjoyed

talking to Group Leaders and current members and finding out about P3A. Not only did they look and listen, over 40 of them signed up as members on the day and many more left with leaflets and membership application forms so membership is likely to grow even more in the coming weeks. The day was a great success and a tribute to the efforts of all involved in this thriving and expanding organisation.

“The only thing that stands between a person and what they want in life is the will to try it and the faith to believe it is possible." Rich Devos

PALS Magazine March 2011

29 Come up with the funniest caption (in the opinion of the PALS Magazine staff) and win yourself a plate of COD AND CHIPS at Tammy’s Traditional Fish ‘n Chips in Latchi! Send competition entries to PALS, see page 3 for details.

Closing date for entries 15th March CAPTION:



“No, me first - I can hear the hunters shooting too” Lulu Hester, Latchi

PALS Magazine March 2011

Latchi 99377443


Greek Lesson

Calling all Artists

Μαθαίνω ελληνικa Matheno Ellinika Learning Greek Στον οδοντογιατρ

Ston othondogiatro At the dentist

Register now for Open Studios 2011

Η Μαρία πηγαίνει συχνά στον οδοντογιατρό H Maria pigeni sixna ston odontogiatro Maria goes often to the dentist

Don’t leave it too long Closing date is 15th May 2011

Ο οδοντογιατρός κοιτάζει τα δόντια της O othontogiatros kitazi sihna ta dontia tis The dentist looks at her teeth Έχεις ωραία δόντια, Μαρία

Visit the website And follow directions

Exis orea thontia, Maria

You have nice teeth, Maria Τα βούρτσιζες κάθε μέρα;

If you want to find out more before registration, Simply click on the “contact us” button

Ta vourtsisis kathe mera;

Do you brush them every day?

The Registration Fee remains at €95.00 Join us now and show your work on the 2012 callendar

Τα βουρτσίζω κάθε πρωί και βράδυ Ta vourtsiso kathe proi kai vrathi I brush them every morning and evening Τα δόντια της είναι γέρα και άσπρα Ta thontia tis ine gera kai aspra Her teeth are strong and white

PALS Magazine March 2011

For further information, Please contact 99752687


Paphos Tigers 17 Limassol Crusaders 41 The Tigers travelled to Limassol to play their “home” fixture in front of a small but enthusiastic group of supporters. With 6 players playing out of position and some in those positions for the first time, this was a big ask for the Tigers but right from the outset it was obvious that the lads were all up for it, forcing the Crusaders to give away repeated penalties. George Agathocleous was in good form with the boot and slotted four. The Crusaders' responded with 3 tries, 2 just before half time and the first from a tap free kick which caught the defence well and truly napping, giving the Crusaders a 17-12 lead at the break. The Crusaders half time “chat” did the trick for them, they stopped giving away the penalties and after 5 minutes ran in the first of four second half tries. The game was far from one sided with the Tigers showing they are a team, working well in defence and giving each other moral support. Chris Thoma came off with an ankle injury mid way through the half, the Tigers playing out the game with 14 men. Stand off Jack Bilton was under great pressure in

attack and not given a lot of room but tackled every thing in sight in defence as did “man of the match” centre Nathan Pring. Wingers Kos and Ryan Riddler both got the ball in attack and once they find that “finishing touch” will be seen scoring many tries. George crashed over late on for a try taking the usual 3 defenders with him! Limassol are now a force to be reckoned with and the Tigers performance was a credit to themselves and coach Nick Bilton who was heard saying to the team “we are building lads” Keep it up You Tigers! March Events 5th March - RACE NIGHT at the Welcome Inn (Formerly the Latin Community) £10 per person including food please contact Graham at the Rugby Arms, we only have a limited number of tickets and they are selling fast. 23rd March - BOWLING NIGHT at Cockatoos Bowling Alley, it starts at 7, limited places so book early by calling Brian 99342687 or Chris 99983845. PTRFC are sponsored by M1 Lux, Horizon Group & Mercato del Golfo

Lemon Drizzle Cake With lemons being in plentiful supply and tasting so wonderful at this time of year, this cake is ideal to make. It has for a long time been a family favourite recipe of ours and is easy to make and always turns out perfect. This recipe is for a 23 x 13 cm 1Kg loaf tin but may be varied to make a sandwich cake or even put in fairy cake cases. It is wonderful eaten as it is or can be iced with lemon buttercream or lemon cream cheese frosting.

Ingredients 125g margarine (don't use butter) 150g caster or granulated sugar Finely grated rind and juice of 3 small lemons 2 large eggs, beaten 175g plain flour 2tsp baking powder 4tbs milk 50g granulated sugar

Method 1.Cream the margarine with the 150g of sugar, lemon rind and 1.5 tbs of the lemon juice until light and fluffy. 2. Beat in the eggs a little at a time. 3. Beat in the sifted flour and baking powder. 4. Add the milk and beat thoroughly until light. 5. Put into a greased loaf tin and bake at 180'C/350'F/gas 4 for 45 minutes. 6. Towards the end of the baking time, heat the remaining lemon juice with the 50g of sugar until the sugar dissolves and then simmer for 5-8 minutes until it has thickened slightly. 7. Cool the cake in the tin on a rack for 5 minutes and then turn out upside down. 8. Pierce the base of the cake all over with a skewer, being careful not to break through the top surface of the cake. 9. Spoon the lemon syrup carefully over the base of the cake until it has all been absorbed. Leave to cool completely before turning the cake the right way up and storing in an airtight container, not that it will be in there for long!

PALS Magazine March 2011

32 FEBRUARY2011 Helping Local Animals in Need Games night

MARCH EVENTS Bookshop Open Monday to Saturday from 10.00am to 1.00 pm. Although predominantly English books and magazines, we also have a selection of German, French and Greek. Also on sale are Greetings Cards, CDs, DVDs, jigsaws. Phone – 99 077352 – shop hours. Shop closed Monday 7t h March – Green Monday Quiz Nights (the original and still the best!) Every fortnight at the Latchi Village Tavern NEW START TIME – 8.00PM Next dates for your diary are 3 rd, 17th , 31 st March €2.00 entrance fee donation. Winners’ prizes. Scrabble Every Wednesday at The Fly Again, Argaka until further notice, 10.15am for 10.30am start. €2.00 entrance – highest scoring word wins 25% of the Pot. For more information - phone Jackie on 99 067608

At Tammys Fish ‘n’ Chips in Latchi At 7.30pm on 9th and 23rd March. Play Cribbage, Rummikub, Cards & Dominoes. 2 euros to play. * Win Prizes on the Jigsaw Jackpot *. Food available from 6.30.

'BOULES' AT THE ARGAKA PICNIC SITE : starting at 10.00am. Come and play 'BOULES IN THE ROUGH' with a friendly group. 2 euros each. Boules available for new players. No experience needed. Tel 96537205 WE ALWAYS NEED 'BRIC a BRAC', Household Items, Books, DVD's, & Clothing for our 'Duckpond' Market stall, at Chlorakas, every Sunday and Wednesday, 8.30am to 1.00pm **** Please call 99903205 Thankyou. HELP POLIS ANIMAL RESCUE GROUP TO HELP THE ANIMALS PLEASE put donations into our jars around the area & leave DRY CAT FOOD at; • 'HOLITEC' OFFICE (By 'Crystal Marine' Office, Prodromi); • EASY SHOP Minimarket, Latchi. Not PALS Office please. • DUCKPOND Market Stall, Chlorakas. WE URGENTLY NEED YOUR HELP WITH FUNDRAISING, FOSTERING KITTENS, CAT FEEDING, TRANSPORT etc. & we have many lovely PUPPIES & kittens that need good homes. If you can help in any way please call 97839240 Visit our new Website;

Every Other Thursday At Faros, Latchi Harbour 8pm PROMPT Entrance Fee €1.00 Raffle

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33 A quick top-up to your overseas bank account could cost a bundle Charles Purdy, Director, Smart Currency Exchange

As the world gets smaller and smaller, people seem to spread wider and wider. With low-cost travel, inexpensive holiday pads and the desire to enjoy the sun year round, it’s not uncommon for Brits to have bank accounts in more than one country; an account in the UK and perhaps another in Europe, Australia or elsewhere to cater for an overseas holiday home. While UK accounts offer a wide range of flexibility – both in management and facilities, the same however, cannot be said about overseas banks. In many countries, there is no such thing as an overdraft facility nor is there the luxury of an instant transfer between bank accounts. And there are very few countries that now have a faster payments system allowing the transfer of funds from one bank to another instantly. In overseas countries, running short of funds could mean heavy penalties and in extreme cases, your account may be closed and a black mark set against your name. Mervin and Lucy Williams are a case in point as they narrowly escaped a very costly mistake. A couple days before their mortgage payment, Mervin noticed that their overseas bank account was short by a few hundred euros. In a panic, he started to make enquiries as to how to move money from their UK account to their overseas bank within 2 days. The feat seemed impossible – his bank explained that the transfer would take up to 5 days with a cost of £30 to make the transfer. Furthermore, the exchange rate offered was much worse than the rate quoted in the news. The Williams were not only having to pay out quite a bit of money and running the risk of getting a black mark with their bank, but to default on a mortgage payment would be a financial suicide.

Furthermore, transfers can be made within 48 hours. The whole process is easy, yet secure, as specialists are regulated by HM Customs & Excise and authorised by the FSA. Charles Purdy is a Director at Smart Currency Exchange Limited – the international payment specialists. To move money overseas, including funds for property purchases, pensions, mortgages and more go to or call our local number (00 357) 26 030 213. Remember also, to get your FREE reports on pensions from - and go to for your FREE report on repatriating – they both contain really useful education material you may not know about.

Luckily, a neighbour mentioned the services of a currency exchange specialist providing the Williams with a last minute solution. Mervin explained, “Within a matter of two hours, we had an account open with a currency specialist allowing us to transfer funds from our UK bank through the specialist to the overseas account within 48 hours. To top it off, there was no fee and the exchange rate received saved us over £50 on the transfer.” Specialist currency exchange companies help people to save money by minimising fees and providing better than bank exchange rates. PALS Magazine March 2011

34 Property: What should be in your Contract of Sale By Kim Brown, Director of The Overseas Guides Company An important step to buying a property in Cyprus is finding a solicitor independent of the vendor. This will ensure that the solicitor will work on your behalf rather than for the sales agent. Then you will need to ensure that your Contract of Sale protects you. If it does not include the following points, ask your lawyer to make the necessary changes and, if not agreeable, I suggest that you change your lawyer. 1. How to release the money: Most payments for property developments are due by stage payments. Usually you pay a reservation fee of around ₏3,000 to take the property off the market and then 30 days later you'll need to pay a deposit of 20% - 30%, minus the reservation fee. Thereafter, you'll have to pay a percentage as and when certain stages are completed. You require a clause on your Contract of Sale saying that the money will be released only if a civil engineer has confirmed that the phase has been completed properly. 2. Protection against late delivery: Many developers are late on completion – sometimes by up to 1 year. This can be a very serious problem, especially if you have planned to move in on a particular date or are dependent on rental income. On the Sale Agreement, the developer has a 1 month period of grace. After that, you'll want a penalty charge, which MUST be specified in the contract. Also make sure that you don't have a clause that stipulates that you may NOT hold back any portion of the total purchase price. If the developer is late you then have the freedom to withhold payment. 3. Protection against non-approval from the land registry: After you have bought your property, the developer has to make a deposition of your agreement to the Land Registry for approval. You need a clause that states that if it is NOT accepted the developer needs to repay any amount paid by you IMMEDIATELY. 4. Guarantee: You need to ensure that your contract has at least

a 1 year guarantee for the installations and area which directly affects the normal and proper functioning occupation. More than 1 year would be better but developers will usually not guarantee that. You'll also want a 10 year guarantee on the structure. 5. Freedom to sell any time: Your contract needs to state that you can sell the property without penalty at anytime after signing the sale contract. This allows you to sell prior to completion should you want to, either before the final payment is due or in case your circumstances change. 6. Stipulation of the date of the delivery of Title Deeds: Your contract should specify a date when you will get the Title Deed. Title Deeds are an issue in Cyprus, so approach with extreme caution and make sure your independent lawyer is fully protecting you. You want to have an option to get your money back with interest if your Title Deed is not received on time. Also, the sale agreement should stipulate that you are going to hold back a sum of money which will only be released when you receive your Title Deed. 7. Protection in case the developer cannot get the planning and building permission: If for any reason the developers cannot get the planning and building permission you MUST ensure that you can terminate the agreement and get your money back immediately, with interest. 8. Insured during the construction: You MUST make sure that while the building is under construction the developers insure the property against all risks, including fire and earthquakes, until the property is delivered to you. Kim Brown is the author of the Cyprus Buying Guide. The guide is a publication dedicated to exposing poor practice, property buying pitfalls and providing an educational instruction manual to buying and/or investing in Cyprus property. Go to to obtain your free miniguide while stocks last.

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