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Author : Joseph L. Cavinato

Pages : 311 pages

Publisher : Springer

Language :

ISBN-10 : 0874080509

ISBN-13 : 9780874080506

Book Synopsis This dictionary is testimony to the dynamic nature of the transportation and logistics field. The field continues to grow and evolve into an increasing myriad of orientations. This work stems back to the middle 1970s with the first edition by Wallace I. Little (1921 - 1977). The second edition in 1982 contained over five hundred additions and nearly sixty major alterations. This tJ: llrd edition contains over three hundred additional entries as well as major ai erations to over fifty of them. Transportation continues to change into a market driven industry. The user side reflects market- and management-driven emphases that would have been labeled as pure fiction just a decade ago. Some of these changes are: - Deregulation - Purchasing evolving closer to logistics and having greater roles in with traffic - Logistics having close association with production, scheduling, and related areas - Computers and electronic links becoming major parts of the traffic/ transportation/purchasing

Transportation Logistics Dictionary by Joseph L. Cavinato *Full_PDF* #readonline  
Transportation Logistics Dictionary by Joseph L. Cavinato *Full_PDF* #readonline