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Thinking Critically by John Chaffee (ebook online) #Mobi Thinking Critically

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Author : John Chaffee

Pages : 587 pages

Publisher : Cengage Learning

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ISBN-10 : 1285430115

ISBN-13 : 9781285430119

Book Synopsis Thinking Critically teaches the fundamental thinking, reasoning, reading, and writing abilities that students need for academic success. The text begins with basic skills related to personal experience and then carefully progresses to the more sophisticated reasoning skills required for abstract, academic contexts. Thinking Critically is designed to introduce students to the cognitive process while teaching them to develop their higher order thinking and language abilities. The book has a number of distinctive characteristics that make it an effective tool for both instructors and students. Exercises, discussion topics, and writing assignments encourage active participation, stimulating students to critically examine their own and others' thinking. Thinking Critically is a proven, classroom-tested vehicle for introducing students to the thinking process and helping them develop sophisticated critical-thinking and critical-literacy abilities. New! Every aspect of the text has been

Thinking Critically by John Chaffee (ebook online) #Mobi  
Thinking Critically by John Chaffee (ebook online) #Mobi