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BROKEN STUFF? ... The next Repair Cafe Palo Alto, where one can bring anything from small appliances to ripped jeans, will be held from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Sunday, April 21, at the Museum of American Heritage, 351 Homer Ave., Palo Alto. Information: GARDEN TREES ... Susan Hamilton and Katherine Naegele will talk about “Trees in the Garden” at the next meeting of the Garden Club of Los Altos at 1:30 p.m. on Tuesday, April 23. Focus will be on selecting and maintaining trees for life. The group meets at the Los Altos Lutheran Church, 460 S. El Monte Ave., Los Altos. Guests pay $5. Information:



nazzy gardens come in all shapes and sizes, formal and informal. To locate this year’s six stand-out gardens, Laurie Callaway, who’s chairing the Gamble Garden spring tour on April 26 and 27, along with Barbara Brown, knocked on close to 100 doors. One gem among her findings is a very adult, formal garden in the Southgate neighborhood in Palo Alto. The owners had lived there for more than 20 years; now the children were grown, a two-story house replaced the onestory neighbor and water-wasting lawns were definitely on the outs.


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What they asked Lisa Brown and Dorrit Kingsbury of Brown and Kingsbury Design, Menlo Park, to do was to incorporate fountains and urns, boxwood hedges and low walls to create defined garden rooms on their 7,500square-foot corner lot. Today, instead of a gentle slope leading to the front door, one walks up three steps onto a brick pathway. The entry is framed by a pair of large urns; that pattern is repeated throughout the garden, mostly in pairs, but sometimes in threes. Some are filled with white roses (continued on page 43)

PLANT SALE ... Along with the annual Spring Tour, Gamble Garden will hold its annual plant sale from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Friday and Saturday, April 26 and 27, at 1431 Waverley St., Palo Alto. The sale includes garden-related gifts, plants and advice from horticultural resources. Information: 650-3291356 or GROWING HERBS ... Food and garden writer and educator Jody Main will teach a class on “Growing an Herb Garden” from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. on Saturday, April 27, at Common Ground, 559 College Ave., Palo Alto. Main will bring samples of culinary, medicinal, botanical and tea herbs from her garden and talk about container gardening with herbs. Everyone will take home cuttings. Cost is $31. Information: 650-493-6072 or RHODIE SALE ... The De Anza chapter of the American Rhododendron Society will hold its annual plant sale from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturday, April 27, in front of the Citibank building at 130 Main St., Los Altos. Information: GOOD BUGS ... UC Master Gardeners will offer a free class called “Don’t Smash That Bug! Recognizing Beneficial Insects in Your Vegetable Garden” from 11:45 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturday, April 27, at the Mountain View Library Community Room, 585 Franklin St., Mountain View. The class will deal with encouraging good bugs in your garden. UC Master Gardeners will also offer a free talk on “Composting and the Soil Food Web” from 7:30 to 8:30 p.m. on Tuesday, April 30, at the Los Altos Library, 13 S. San Antonio Road, Los Altos. That class deals with creating the best soil for local gardens. Information: Master Gardeners at 408-282-3105, between 9:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m., Monday through Friday or DESIGN TRENDS ... A free workshop on “Remodeling vs. New Construction” will be held at the Harrell Remodeling Design Center, 1954 Old Middlefield Way, Mountain View, from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. on Saturday, April

A garden room was created in the front of the house, above, with rows of sculpted boxwood balls, a pair of urns (with more boxwoods) and a bench. White delphiniums, right, are among the many white blooms in the garden.


alley allée TO

by Carol Blitzer | photographs by Katie Brigham

(continued on page 46)

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The new allée behind the house is decorated with a painted mural, brick path with dwarf mondo grass planted in spirals and a row of fountains against the back wall.

Garden tour (continued from page 41)

that will eventually climb above the front windows. A low wall wraps around the front and side, with vinca minor planted in front and rotunda folia along the side. The plants extend above the low wall; from the outside, the shrubs provide privacy; from the inside, one can see greenery above the fence. Inside that fence, the front yard no longer slopes, but consists of two “rooms.” To the left is one of just a few small grassy areas, lined with white blooms: delphiniums, camellias and low-growing begonias, along with a large urn filled with white hydrangeas. To the right, one follows brick stepping-stones to a bench, with shaped boxwoods (either round balls or pointy obelisks) that function as a living sculpture garden. That aspect of the garden appealed to the owner “because when flowers aren’t in bloom I wanted it to look good,” she said. “And (the owners) can have fun with seasonal plantings,” Kingsbury, who served as the principal designer, added. Continuing up the brick path one encounters caged doves (named Snowy and Marshmallow) on a raised brick pedestal, surrounded by more shaped boxwood. The front wall now encloses the white birch trees that were formerly part of the front yard. Along the side of the house is an outdoor kitchen, which was expand-

ed and refinished, and now includes a pizza oven. The mahogany side gate is new, mirroring the style of the front door. A highlight of the renovated garden is the replacement of the back veggie garden with three stone fountains against the back fence, surrounded by thuja — an alley becoming an allée, according to Kingsbury. What Callaway calls a “shrub on a stick” — English laurel standard — now lines the back fence, offering more privacy from the tall neighboring house. “It’s a nice plant because one can maintain it, both in height and width,” she added. Today a patterned brick path extends behind the house, with dwarf mondo grass growing in a swirling pattern in the cut bricks. Against the house, an espaliered Honeycrisp apple was added, and at the end, a mural was painted by the owner’s sister. Maintenance of the garden is pretty straightforward, Kingsbury said, with most plants on a dripirrigation system and just small amounts of lawn. To retain the distinctively sculptured shapes of the boxwoods, a team comes in two or three times a year, spending about a day and a half. For each garden on the tour, a list of noteworthy plants, garden tips and “Do Not Miss” items is included. Other gardens on the “Down the Garden Path” tour include: s-EDITERRANEAN3PLENDOR.OTE the hand-made tiles, a tree house with a pulley system, cypress metal artwork by a local artist and trans-

formation from a child-oriented play area to an attractive entertaining space (Toni Heren Garden Design, Tim Reimer Landscape); s-ODERN)NSPIRATION!RECENTLY remodeled home with an artistic, functional and emotionally appealing garden. Note the green, orange, gray and black ornamental grasses, black bark mulch and black granite fountain (Maia Highsmith and Gabriel Lopez, Special Gardens, and Heidi Schwenk, homeowner and industrial architect); s %NGLISH 'ARDEN %XTRAORDINare: Inspired by the formality of English gardeners, the homeowners used a heritage oak as a focal point for a grand garden that was still kid-friendly. Note the miniature cottage, cobblestone that once paved the streets of San Francisco and a water trough in the play area (Cocos Landscaping, Emery Rogers and Associates Landscape Architect and Jackie Gray, Merrivale Design); s $O )T 9OURSELF %DIBLES 0ARAdise: A bare space was transformed into an orchard underplanted with daffodils in the front yard, and rebar trellises and architecturally designed chicken coop in back (Jonathan Stoumen, architect); s0ALO!LTO'RANDE$AME4HIS garden was designed to enhance the California Tudor architecture, with eye-catching colors and textures, space for a dog and child’s play. Note the sculptural stone balls, hammered copper gate, living fences and sculpture (Adam and Megan McAboy, Notable Gardens). In addition to the six gardens, Gamble Garden itself is the site of The side brick patio, top, continues the formal theme, with boxwood a plant sale and marketplace with hedges and urns, ending in a large stone fountain. Two doves, Snowy and plant-related gift items. Pre-ordered Marshmallow, live in a decorative cage among the sculpted boxwoods. box lunches prepared by Cafe© Primavera are available. N Associate Editor Carol Blitzer can be emailed at cblitzer@

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What: “Down the Garden Path,” Gamble Garden Spring Tour When: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Friday, April 26, and Saturday, April 27 Where: Six gardens in Palo Alto, including a marketplace, plant sale and lunch at Gamble Garden, 1431 Waverley St., Palo Alto Cost: Nonmembers $35, members $30 in advance; $40 for all on days of tour; lunch tickets are $15 (must be ordered by April 22)

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Home & Real Estate HOME SALES Home sales are provided by California REsource, a real estate information company that obtains the information from the County Recorder’s Office. Information is recorded from deeds after the close of escrow and published within four to eight weeks.

Atherton 11 Almendral Ave. Beaver Trust to A. Tehrani for $1,405,000 on 3/15/13 ; previous sale 6/98, $699,000

East Palo Alto 2510 Baylor St. Jeffrey Pang & Company to M. Soto for $445,000 on 3/15/13; previous sale 4/12, $210,000 1108 Maple Lane D. Working to D. Benbennick for $625,000 on 3/14/13; previous sale 2/07, $884,500 2367 Poplar Ave. B. Turner to T. & L. Bow for $390,000 on 3/5/13; previous sale 9/12, $170,000 1159 Sage St. R. & E. Nielsen to D. Matje for $416,000 on 3/6/13; previous sale 4/09, $222,500

Los Altos 906 Damian Way J. & S. Herlihy to S. & M. Kumar for $1,700,000 on 3/22/13; previous sale 4/02, $1,250,000 150 W. Edith Ave. #26 Brown Trust to P. Young for $780,000 on 3/15/13; previous sale 4/98, $360,000 1517 Ernestine Lane G. Ebaugh to A. & I. Dalal for $1,150,000 on 3/19/13 420 Harrington Court R. Elmore to A. & R. Kapoor for $2,150,000 on 3/22/13; previous sale 1/92, $555,000 909 Highlands Circle Reynolds Trust to C. Chung for $1,735,000 on 3/20/13 30 Maynard Way G. & S. Ayres to Wang-Yu Trust for $2,675,000

on 3/18/13; previous sale 3/99, $1,475,000 258 Merritt Road M. & M. Vanneman to Matula-Lewis Trust for $2,300,000 on 3/14/13; previous sale 11/98, $1,200,000 211 Mountain View Ave. L. Sun to A. & V. Sangani for $2,310,000 on 3/20/13; previous sale 11/04, $1,815,000 1276 Nightingale Court P. Zowghi to R. Ganesh for $1,980,000 on 3/19/13 ; previous sale 11/02, $1,200,000 10990 Terry WayDebevoise Trust to M. & S. Chappell for $1,800,000 on 3/14/13 516 University Ave. Heffernan Trust to Ewert Trust for $3,100,000 on 3/14/13; previous sale 4/10, $2,400,000

Menlo Park 372 6th Ave. Lee Trust to E. & S. Spidell for $305,000 on 3/14/13 416 7th Ave. S. Locatell to J. Vogel for $376,500 on 3/14/13 395 Hedge Road T. Villard to K. & L. Chien for $850,000 on 3/7/13 1204 Henderson Ave. Working Dirt to S. Reller for $390,000 on 3/8/13 181 Santa Margarita Ave. Sequoia Realty Services Group to R. Thiessen for $1,440,000 on 3/7/13 2351 Sharon Oaks Drive Mccaffrey Trust to D. Hughes for $939,000 on 3/6/13; previous sale 5/78, $183,000 1100 Sharon Park Drive #5 J. Cheng to A. Yap for $590,000 on 3/14/13; previous sale 2/04, $449,000

Mountain View 125 Concord Circle Lee Trust to K. Seo for $1,167,000 on 3/22/13 ; previous sale 4/02, $580,000 1311 Cuernavaca Circulo West Trust to J. & H. Nolan for $1,250,000 on 3/19/13; previous sale 12/03, $887,500 668 Ehrhorn Ave.K. & J. Borges to K. & J. Harris for $1,910,000 on 3/26/13; previous sale 11/06,

$715,000 86 Eldora Drive C. & J. Chambliss to J. & S. Wilkowski for $1,065,000 on 3/15/13; previous sale 3/97, $377,000 94 Flynn Ave. #B Lippi Trust to Kenny Trust for $482,000 on 3/14/13 ; previous sale 8/06, $461,000 171 Gladys Ave. J. Yip to S. Huang for $762,000 on 3/20/13; previous sale 4/10, $589,000 2725 Katrina Way J. & L. Schiltz to M. & M. Elliott for $1,620,000 on 3/22/13; previous sale 9/96, $575,000 686 Lola Lane B. & D. Hatakeda to J. Yeh for $1,325,000 on 3/20/13 500 W. Middlefield Road #118 K. Weedon to M. Andre for $561,000 on 3/20/13; previous sale 9/04, $390,000 2532 W. Middlefield RoadK. Leonard to H. Zhu for $573,000 on 3/25/13; previous sale 4/03, $359,000 12510 W. Middlefield Road M. Cheng to K. Ning for $540,000 on 3/18/13; previous sale 1/05, $427,000 1934 Miramonte Ave. Gibbons Trust to R. Carceroni for $1,550,000 on 3/14/13; previous sale 12/05, $1,129,000 1915 Mt. Vernon Court #11 H. Wang to Y. Li for $369,000 on 3/21/13; previous sale 12/90, $151,500 1790 Pilgrim Ave. Meridian Financial Services to M. Mostrel for $1,410,000 on 3/14/13 221 N. Rengstorff Ave. #19 Palmer Trust to M. Yu for $700,000 on 3/19/13; previous sale 1/06, $585,500 780 San Pablo Drive G. & E. Ebaugh to R. Spillane for $730,000 on 3/19/13 97 Sherland Ave. #AMathews to Chang Trust for $460,000 on 3/22/13; previous sale 6/06, $430,000 2255 Showers Drive #131 Lev-


Mountain View

Total sales reported: 1 Lowest sales price: $1,405,000 Highest sales price: $1,405,000

Total sales reported: 21 Lowest sales price: $369,000 Highest sales price: $1,910,000

East Palo Alto

Palo Alto

Total sales reported: 4 Lowest sales price: $390,000 Highest sales price: $625,000

Total sales reported: 12 Lowest sales price: $800,000 Highest sales price: $3,300,000

Los Altos

Redwood City

Total sales reported: 11 Lowest sales price: $780,000 Highest sales price: $3,100,000

Total sales reported: 23 Lowest sales price: $385,500 Highest sales price: $1,450,000

Menlo Park


Total sales reported: 7 Lowest sales price: $305,000 Highest sales price: $1,440,000

Total sales reported: 3 Lowest sales price: $2,675,000 Highest sales price: $5,625,000 Source: California REsource

inger Trust to D. & S. Parris for $610,000 on 3/14/13; previous sale 12/98, $290,000 418 Sierra Ave. T. Lau to R. Swierk for $1,111,000 on 3/14/13; previous sale 10/09, $775,000 178 Stockwell Drive S. Doshi to Patel Trust for $819,000 on 3/14/13; previous sale 4/06, $677,000 264 N. Whisman Road #19 R. Fiz to W. & D. Hom for $481,000 on 3/22/13; previous sale 9/99, $219,500

Palo Alto 101 Alma St. S. Banihashemi to Cheever Trust for $895,000 on 3/14/13 871 Altaire WalkP. & A. Clarke to C. & T. Hong for $900,000 on 3/20/13; previous sale 5/11, $700,000 155 S. California Ave. #G102

Debenedictis Trust to L. & L. Belardinelli for $800,000 on 3/22/13; previous sale 7/03, $460,000 770 Chimalus Drive Lee Trust to N. & T. Khosravy for $2,190,000 on 3/26/13; previous sale 1/07, $1,800,000 386 Everett Ave. A. Veater to Dipasquale Trust for $920,000 on 3/20/13; previous sale 4/07, $650,000 1046 Harker Ave.Melcher-Ruwart Trust to Iyer Trust for $3,300,000 on 3/26/13 736 Homer Ave. G. Farvid to M. Baker for $859,000 on 3/21/13; previous sale 10/07, $731,000 725 Loma Verde Ave. #A Mcclintock Trust to M. Kokkengada for $961,000 on 3/15/13; previous sale 9/96, $315,000 21 Roosevelt CircleS. & L. Wang to Chiu Trust for $1,450,000 on 3/15/13; previous sale 9/11,

$1,206,000 1113 Trinity LaneL. Chen to K. Poon for $1,020,000 on 3/26/13 750 University Ave. Ganjian Trust to Y. Yan for $800,000 on 3/19/13; previous sale 1/09, $651,000 4030 Wilkie Way J. Shi to X. Dong for $1,550,000 on 3/21/13; previous sale 3/07, $1,250,000

Redwood City 222 Alameda de las Pulgas S. Adams to Q. Vo for $700,000 on 3/14/13 1737 Brewster Ave. G. Rathakrishnan to B. Gleason for $935,000 on 3/6/13; previous sale 3/10, $845,000 1 Cadiz Circle Wang Trust to D. Reyes for $952,000 on 3/8/13; previous sale 6/78, $103,000 75 Finger Ave. S. Thorne to M. Pecorella for $952,500 on 3/5/13 825 Fulton St. J. Jiang to J. Ching

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Real Estate Matters Sustainability: Earth Day revisited by Iris Harrell


recent Palo Alto Weekly article referred to the first “Earth Day” in the early ’70s when environmentalists drew attention to a big problem that many people at the time were thinking was just a bit of water and air pollution to clean up, and maybe some behavioral changes with throwing garbage out of car windows. “Don’t mess with Texas” clean-up campaigns captured our imagination. Now in 2013, when we consider the meaning and importance of Earth Day, we realize that the issues have “morphed into gigantic, systemic, global, interconnected problems that are also deeply interconnected with our economic system,” as Bruce Hodge said in a Jan. 18 Palo Alto Weekly cover story, “Goodbye, carbon.” Our old economic habits of mindlessly using up nonrenewable natural resources are wreaking havoc on our climate and our health. Drilling

for $558,000 on 3/8/13; previous sale 12/81, $26,000 1125 Grand St. Lucero Limited to F. Lucero for $830,000 on 3/7/13; previous sale 4/02, $590,000 540 Jackson Ave. K. & J. Frederick to H. Arnold for $737,000 on 3/13/13 ; previous sale 12/02, $461,500 1012 Jones Court Working Dirt to W. Ballestrazze for $600,000 on 3/12/13; previous sale 1/05, $760,000 626 MacArthur Ave. A. Salinas

for gas and oil has upended communities and contaminated our waters, fish and fowl, and yet we keep going down this path without giving any significant investment to alternative energy development. Our unsustainable desire for existing energy sources prevent us from looking at the hard truth of an unstable future that we are inadvertently creating for future generations. Hurricanes almost half the size of this country and mega storms are becoming the norm due to climate-change impacts from our economic endeavors for nonrenewable energy sources. My question is: How can we make capitalism a sustainable eco-

to C. MacIntosh for $385,500 on 3/7/13; previous sale 3/05, $570,000 619 Manzanita St. J. & L. Gonzalez to M. Coutinho for $632,000 on 3/5/13; previous sale 4/10, $510,000 806 Portwalk Place R. Chan to S. Anand for $783,000 on 3/8/13 1340 Recreation WayLawren Trust to P. & M. Vida for $988,000 on 3/8/13 852 Seminole Way Trahan Trust to J. & M. Kersey for $1,450,000on

nomic model and engine without destroying the planet we are all dependent on? What does sustainable really mean? Here are a few relevant definitions from recent research: 1. The capacity to endure, as in a sustainable business model 2. A method of harvesting or using a resource so that the resource is not depleted or permanently damaged, as in environmental sustainability 3. Creating and maintaining the conditions under which humans AND nature can exist in productive harmony, that permit fulfilling the social, economic and other requirements of present and FUTURE generations. Why do we need to contemplate what sustainable means? In some ways we are acting like college kids at a big fraternity party — not mature enough, wise enough or disciplined enough to realize the high price of the “morning after.” We have inadvertently created unintended negative social, environmental and economic consequences of rapid population growth, economic growth and finite consumption of our natural resources. In the past, I felt helpless and so discouraged that I wanted to just close my eyes and not look at the

3/5/13; previous sale 9/09, $975,000 25 Spinnaker Place Iverson Trust to C. Sharma for $787,000 on 3/15/13; previous sale 12/81, $26,000 632 True Wind Way #609 One Marina Homes to T. Brahmbhatt for $656,000 on 3/7/13 632 True Wind Way #611 One Marina Homes to M. Tsai for $564,000 on 3/6/13 634 True Wind Way #801 One Marina Homes to T. Lai for

Residential real estate expertise for the mid-peninsula.

upcoming consequences. How can I as one person possibly make a difference? Then I remembered that all change comes from one baby step at a time. In looking back on the evolutionary “greening” of myself, I’m proud to say that I have come a long way. Change requires commitment and my habits have become second nature now. Living more than three decades with a partner who comes from an avid family of conservationists, we both have adopted a new sustainable lifestyle of recycling, composting and monitoring food purchase to minimize leftovers. I actively work with staunch environmentalists who have encouraged me and our company to go “green” more than a decade ago. Our team of 40 employee owners strive to design and build remodeling projects with as little waste as possible — from taking our demolition to Zanker Recycling because they recycle a higher percentage of the debris to monitoring how many plastic water bottles we purchase for our staff and clients and using filtered tap water as our primary source. On the capitalism and corporation front, I have tried to spread capitalism to my employees, by making them co-owners over time.

$654,500 on 3/7/13 634 True Wind Way #802 One Marina Homes to B. Nguyen for $652,500 on 3/8/13 634 True Wind Way #805 One Marina Homes to K. Bagis for $623,500 on 3/8/13 634 True Wind Way #808 One Marina Homes to F. Kristyati for $563,000 on 3/7/13

I strongly believe that by making a corporation employee-owned they will not only be more productive, but they will think more consistently about long-term design solutions. If we design with long-lasting products and installation methods and create a “timeless” look to the design with adaptable functionality (universal design that meets ADA requirements), less rework and reinvestment will be required in the future by the next owner or even the same owner. All of this pondering is really to share that the road to sustainability and our future security is a puzzle that each of us has pieces of and that we are responsible for. I have a long way to go in my own development of sustainable life and work habits, but each day I get up with renewed vigor to place another puzzle piece into the big picture of sustainability. Don’t let the size of this problem keep you from taking those daily baby steps. We are all counting on you. And I know you are counting on me. N Iris Harrell is CEO and president of Harrell Remodeling, Inc. in Mountain View ( She can be reached at 650-230-2900 or

634 True Wind Way #812 One Marina Homes to I. Orlovsky for $519,000 on 3/6/13 634 True Wind Way #815 One Marina Homes to P. Sanghavi for $601,500 on 3/8/13 435 Windfield Lane S. & A. Smith to W. Sheng for $1,050,000 on 3/8/13; previous sale 8/04, $930,000

Woodside 140 Farm Road M. Eisenberg to Mather Trust for $5,625,000 on 3/8/13; previous sale 5/07, $7,215,000 125 Lynn Way M. Vahdatpour to S. & M. James for $3,200,000 on 3/513 3710 Tripp Road Harvard Investments to P. Chapuis for $2,675,000

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(continued from page 41) 27. A light meal will be served. Information: or 650-230-2900 KUDOS FOR TOP SALES ... Omar Kinaan of RE/MAX Distinctive Properties, Menlo Park, was ranked 57th out of close to 60,000 RE/MAX Associates nationwide for 2012, it was announced in a press release. In addition, Penelope Huang, a brokerowner, and Joe Carcione III were commended at the 40th annual RE/ MAX convention held in Las Vegas last month. BUCKS FOR HABITAT ... Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage raised $95,570 for Habitat for Humanity in Northern California in its 2012 campaign, according to a press release. The Palo Alto downtown office raised $3,480, which will assist Habitat build homes in 2013. In addition to raising money through selling raffle tickets, volunteers from the local offices donated thousands of hours to help construct Habitat homes over the past 13 years. N Send notices of news and events related to real estate, interior design, home improvement and gardening to Home Front, Palo Alto Weekly, P.O. Box 1610, Palo Alto, CA 94302, or email Deadline is one week before publication.

Real Estate Matters The good and bad of Zillow by Wendy McPherson

hen Zillow came online a few years ago, it was an instant challenge to realestate appraisers and professionals and gave a great deal of perceived knowledge to the public. It was much like the medical sites that came online where you could check out the headache and accompanying bloody nose you had last night and search out the fact that you now have an Ebola virus. People would start out conversations with their real-estate agents: “Well, Zillow says my house is worth XXX.” These values are placed on houses by Zillow with the use of algorithms. I believe that is a four-syllable word for formulas. I also believe these values are based, in part, on the square footage of the house and the square footage of the lot, although many more components go into it. The elephant in the room with Zillow, of course, is that no human being from Zillow has ever been in the house to see if that 325-square-foot kitchen’s main feature is dry rot


or it has just been remodeled by Ralph Lauren. Or if the house has a serious f lo or-pla n problem such as having to go through one bedroom to get to another bedroom. Or... Well, you get the picture. The absolute best model for the use of Zillow is a Fresno housing tract built in 1985 by a large nationwide home builder (like Kaufman and Broad) where there is complete consistency in the product and where the financial demographics indicate that most of those 218 Fresno homes may have not varied too much from their original construction. The fact is that Zillow is far more precise where the homes are homogenous as opposed to heterogeneous. Palo Alto and Menlo Park and the close surrounding areas do not meet this homogenous criteria. The houses were not all

built at the same time, nor by the same builder and the money engine that is Silicon Valley has afforded homeowners the ability to do just about anything they want to their homes. (Did you know that one homeowner in the hills above Palo Alto has an ice rink?) This is from Zillow’s own website: “The Zestimate home valuation is Zillow’s estimated market value, computed using a proprietary formula. It is not an appraisal. It is a starting point in determining a home’s value. The Zestimate is calculated from public and user submitted data: your real estate agent or appraiser physically inspects the home and takes special features, location, and market conditions into account. We encourage buyers, sellers and homeowners to supplement Zillow’s information by doing other research such as: s'ETTINGA#OMPARATIVE-ARKET !NALYSIS#-! FROMAREALESTATE agent s 'ETTING AN APPRAISAL FROM A professional appraiser s 6ISITINGTHEHOUSEWHENEVER possible).” Zillow has now been around for about seven years and it has become an excellent tool in many ways for both buyers and sellers. They have sophisticated statistical tools, charts, graphs, pictures, helpful links, loan information — it is a virtual smorgasbord of real

estate information. Once you log onto Zillow, you can quickly become a real-estate voyeur. What did your neighbor’s house really sell for? Did they actually get $3.4 million when you know their roof has been leaking on and off for six years and their garage floods every time there is a heavy rain? Another thing to do is research your own neighborhood for price information and then compare it to the current Zestimate. As soon as you see a house come on the market, check out their Zestimate and then compare it to what it eventually sells for. A few recent examples in the West Menlo Park area: One house just closed at $2,400,000. The Zestimate on that same house is $2,017,493 (16 percent off). Another house just closed escrow at $2,800,000 and the Zestimate on that house is $2,342,055 (16 percent off). Yet a third has been listed for more than 100 days for $3,695,000 and the Zestimate is $4,147,000. Regardless of big data manipulation and algorithms, it is still the buyers that make the market. Zillow is a great starting point, then listen to the people who are in dayto-day touch with the buyers. N Wendy McPherson manages about 145 agents for Coldwell Banker in two Menlo Park offices, plus Woodside and Portola Valley. She can be reached at


Remodeled to perfection! The kitchen features stainless steel appliances. Sunny and spacious living room with balcony overlooks pool. Washer/Dryer inside unit. Amenities include swimming pool and recreation room. Super location close to Downtown, Caltrain/ Light Rail station.

Call Anni for more information. Page 46ÊUÊ«ÀˆÊ£™]ÊÓä£ÎÊUÊ*>œÊÌœÊ7iiŽÞÊUÊÜÜÜ°*>œÌœ"˜ˆ˜i°Vœ“


(650) 868 -3429 DRE # 01189653

U.C. Berkeley, Haas Business School Graduate




0 1: 3

3 -4 :



private courtyard with a majestic redwood tree leads to a rarely available contemporary style home in Old Palo Alto. The design incorporates dramatic open spaces with soaring ceilings and large expanses of glass framing view of peaceful, surrounding greenery. The floor plan includes 3 bedrooms plus 2 offices and 3 bathrooms. There are 2 generous bedroom suites, one with fireplace and adjoining office. A separate family room opens to a private inviting outdoor area.

Living area: 3,166 sq. ft./Lot Size: 6,750 sq. ft. (Per County Records, unverified by Alain Pinel Realtors)

Offered at $3,100,000 w w w.18 5 4 B r ya m 507 Palo Alto Sales...and still counting! Included among the top Real Estate Teams in the Nation by the Wall Street Journal

T :: 650.543.1195 E :: Stay Connected! ÜÜÜ°*>œÌœ"˜ˆ˜i°Vœ“ÊUÊ*>œÊÌœÊ7iiŽÞÊUÊ«ÀˆÊ£™]ÊÓä£ÎÊU Page 47

Just listed! Beautiful Green Gables Neighborhood! 2325 SantaAna Street, Palo Alto O

Sa pen

t. &


:30 un. 1


Adorable Three Bedroom, One Bath Green Gables home! Appealing light ďŹ lled charmer on a quiet street in a sought after north Palo Alto neighborhood. Bright Living room with cozy ďŹ replace. Chef ’s kitchen features quartz counters, new ooring & breakfast nook. Updated Tile Bath. New Carpet w/ hardwood underneath. Lush & Sunny backyard has redwood deck. Detached TwoCar Garage. Large Lot w/room to expand.

Palo Alto schools: Duveneck Elementary, Jordan Middle & Palo Alto High- Buyer to verify enrollment availability Living Space- 950 square feet Lot Size- 6,325 square feet

Offered at $1,298,000

Broker/Owner Keller Williams JWKING AKREALTYCOMsWWW*OHN7+INGCOM   CELLs  /&&)#%s  EFAX 505 Hamilton Avenue #100 Palo Alto Lic. # 00868208 A Tradition of Excellence in Residential Real Estate Page 48ĂŠUĂŠÂŤĂ€ÂˆÂ?Ê£™]ÊÓä£ÎÊUĂŠ*>Â?ÂœĂŠÂ?ĂŒÂœĂŠ7iiÂŽÂ?ÞÊUĂŠĂœĂœĂœÂ°*>Â?ÂœÂ?ĂŒÂœ"˜Â?ˆ˜i°Vœ“

‡ƒ—–‹ˆ—ŽŽ›’’‘‹–‡†—•–‘ ‘‡


Open House Friday 3:30-6:30PM, Saturday & Sunday, 12 - 6PM ‘‹• ‘”‘’Ž‹‡‡–ƒ”› –ƒŽ‹ƒ‘†ƒ•Ƭ ‘–”‹•‹š‡†„›ƒˆ‡‘””‡ŽŽ‘










(Buyer To Verify Enrollment Eligibility)


Member of President’s Roundtable DRE# 01138400

ÜÜÜ°*>œÌœ"˜ˆ˜i°Vœ“ÊUÊ*>œÊÌœÊ7iiŽÞÊUÊ«ÀˆÊ£™]ÊÓä£ÎÊU Page 49

Storybook Home with Enchanting Gardens :30



& Sat


-4 1:30

1911 Waverley Street, Palo Alto

Reimagined for California indoor/outdoor living from its original circa 1932 heritage, this Old Palo Alto home overows with character and designer style. A mosaic of colorful tulips and a towering redwood – reported to be one of the largest in all of Palo Alto – frames the picturesque corner lot, which gives way to award-winning gardens that include a 5-hole putting green, walking paths, and an enchanting terrace. The interiors are beautifully appointed with integrated tile elements from the original home and modern luxuries such as a distributed audio system complete with surround sound. The result is an exceptional place to call home in one of Palo Alto’s most sought-after neighborhoods. Offered at $3,750,000


Presented by Sherry Bucolo Open Sat & Sun 1:30 - 4:30pm

595 Homer Avenue

Downtown Palo Alto ɸ

Enjoy the best in upscale downtown living just 3 blocks to University Avenue ɸ


Stylish high end construction with many green features completed in 2011 2SHQOLJKWÀOOHGà RRUSODQZLWKKLJKFHLOLQJVIHDWXUHVEHGURRPVóEDWKV ɸ


Sleekly designed European gourmet kitchen opens to main living areas


Enclosed entrance and garden setting offers the ultimate in privacy ɸ

Attached one-car garage and abundant extra storage throughout


Offered at $1,995,000



DRE #00613242

Top 1% of Realtors Nationwide


Page 52ÊUÊ«ÀˆÊ£™]ÊÓä£ÎÊUÊ*>œÊÌœÊ7iiŽÞÊUÊÜÜÜ°*>œÌœ"˜ˆ˜i°Vœ“

ÜÜÜ°*>œÌœ"˜ˆ˜i°Vœ“ÊUÊ*>œÊÌœÊ7iiŽÞÊUÊ«ÀˆÊ£™]ÊÓä£ÎÊU Page 53

Community Connected


Stunning Newer Construction with High-End Finishes Throughout

4BR + Separate Office | 5BA ±3756 SF | Roughly 4 Years New

Offered at $3,749,000 | Call Zach for Showing Information

COMING SOON PRIME DOWNTOWN PALO ALTO NEW CONSTRUCTION Four New Luxury Residences 3BR 3BA | Tri-Level | Private Patios Call for Price

ZACH TRAILER Top 1% Internationally WSJ Top 200 Agents Nationwide

650 906 8008 | Information deemed reliable but not guaranteed. DRE# 01371338 Page 54ÊUÊ«ÀˆÊ£™]ÊÓä£ÎÊUÊ*>œÊÌœÊ7iiŽÞÊUÊÜÜÜ°*>œÌœ"˜ˆ˜i°Vœ“

ÜÜÜ°*>œÌœ"˜ˆ˜i°Vœ“ÊUÊ*>œÊÌœÊ7iiŽÞÊUÊ«ÀˆÊ£™]ÊÓä£ÎÊU Page 55

Presented By

X Open House

Sat & Sun


3309Emerson Street, Palo Alto

Stunning, custom-built home with all the bells and whistles! The elegant two-level floor plan is appointed with modern amenities and conveniences. As you enter into the grand foyer, it is instantly clear that this residence was designed with great respect for architectural detail and craftsmanship. It offers a wonderful blend of formal and casual rooms, including a formal living and dining room, beautiful gourmet kitchen with breakfast nook, and an adjoining family room. The personal accommodations consist of 4 bedrooms and 4.5 baths, including an elegantly-appointed master suite and three additional bedroom suites. • 4 bedrooms

• Two fireplaces

• 4.5 bathrooms

• Inside laundry

• Office

• 2400 sq.ft. home

• Main level guest suite

• 6250 sq.ft. lot

• Great room

• 1-car detached garage

• Hardwood floors

• Landscaped front and rear yard

• High ceilings • Expansive windows

• Convenient to downtown Palo Alto and Stanford

• Recessed lighting

• Palo Alto schools

Virtual Tour: Offered at $2,195,000


650.208.3722 | 650.208.3014 | DRE# 00877457 | #01242236

Page 56ÊUÊ«ÀˆÊ£™]ÊÓä£ÎÊUÊ*>œÊÌœÊ7iiŽÞÊUÊÜÜÜ°*>œÌœ"˜ˆ˜i°Vœ“

Information deemed reliable, but not guaranteed.


1PM-4 PM

Enis Hall Broker Associate

(650) 917-8265

BEAUTIFUL LOS ALTOS HILLS HOME — HIGH RANKING PALO ALTO SCHOOLS Privately sitting on a knoll top locale with an air of rural sophistication, this wonderful home offers expansive spaces both inside and out. The location is superb, with good access to Palo Alto schools, all with a prestigious Los Altos Hills address.Very classy curb appeal begins with a manicured lawn and circular driveway. Graceful Birch trees highlight the traditional ambience. Formal living and dining rooms flank the elegant entryway, both with matching bay windows set in wood casements. The kitchen draws views and sunlight in thanks to a garden window over the sink and a breakfast bay. An enormous family room with a soaring beamed ceiling is warm and relaxing with its wood shutters and wood burning fireplace. The master suite on this level is fantastic with 2 full bathrooms and 2 walk ins for his and hers. Four bedrooms upstairs offer flexibility, 2 overlooking the pool and mountains. Downstairs, a large bonus room with tons of storage and a sink. A separate detached 2-car garage is a wonderful space for a hobbyist’s haven or play room. Glorious grounds offer a swimming pool and spa and a pergola covered entertainment patio, surrounded in color by a gorgeous magnolia, maples, and many flowering trees bursting to bloom come spring. Not many homes can boast amenities like this one, including an exquisite neighborhood filled with other impressive homes and a very quiet location. And for the professional, Silicon Valley is just moments away. · · · · ·

5 Bedrooms, 3.5 Bathrooms Formal Living and Dining Rooms featuring Bay windows. Tremendous Family Room with vaulted ceiling and wet bar. Kitchen and dinette have lovely views of graceful birch trees. Entry-level master bedroom with his/her full baths, and walk-in closets. · 4 Upstairs bedrooms - freshly painted, new carpets, bathroom flooring, and new furnace. · Dual cased windows, new interior paint

· 2 Stone Fireplaces · 3 Car Oversize Garage · Large lower level bonus room plus full bathroom in the garage (Neither included in square footage) · Pool and Spa, hill views, dog run · Additional 2-car garage with extra full bath. · Easy Walk to nearby Schools. · Prime Location - Minutes to downtown Los Altos · Approx. 2,802 sf living on approx. 48,767 sf lot

Offered at $2,950.00 ÜÜÜ°*>œÌœ"˜ˆ˜i°Vœ“ÊUÊ*>œÊÌœÊ7iiŽÞÊUÊ«ÀˆÊ£™]ÊÓä£ÎÊU Page 57

Page 58ÊUÊ«ÀˆÊ£™]ÊÓä£ÎÊUÊ*>œÊÌœÊ7iiŽÞÊUÊÜÜÜ°*>œÌœ"˜ˆ˜i°Vœ“

3993 Laguna Ave, Palo Alto ay & d r u at

1:30 y a nd






truly elegant home, 5 bedrooms, 3½ baths on a large lot in Barron Park


Offered at $2,795,000

ERIKA ENOS 650-704-0445 DRE #00706554


The Buchanan & Bowen SALES TEAM

Los Altos is a special place to live! We are your real estate specialists when buying or selling a home here. With over 35 years living and working here, Buchanan and Bowen know this town like no one else.

Jo Buchanan, GRI


Stuart Bowen, E-PRO, SRES 650.949.8506

161 S. San Antionio Road Los Altos, CA 94022 Page 60ÊUÊ«ÀˆÊ£™]ÊÓä£ÎÊUÊ*>œÊÌœÊ7iiŽÞÊUÊÜÜÜ°*>œÌœ"˜ˆ˜i°Vœ“

ÜÜÜ°*>œÌœ"˜ˆ˜i°Vœ“ÊUÊ*>œÊÌœÊ7iiŽÞÊUÊ«ÀˆÊ£™]ÊÓä£ÎÊU Page 61


Unless otherwise noted, all times are 1:30-4:30 pm

497 Stockbridge Av Sun 1-4 Coldwell Banker

$4,500,000 324-4456


3 Bedrooms 5 Carolina Ln $3,950,000 Sat/Sun 1-4 Coldwell Banker 324-4456 14 Flood Ci $3,898,000 Sun Zane Macgregor & Company 324-9900

4 Bedrooms 79 Normandy Ln Sun 2-4 Coldwell Banker 63 Linden Sun Coldwell Banker 58 Mulberry Ln Sun 1-4 Coldwell Banker

$3,598,000 323-7751 $3,450,000 324-4456 $5,395,000 323-7751

$2,695,000 323-7751 $3,199,000 462-1111 $3,945,000 323-7751


$4,998,000 323-7751 $3,898,000 380-1420 $6,995,000 462-1111 $3,198,000 462-1111 $2,995,000 323-7751

Simply gorgeous 5,500 sq.ft. home in west Menlo at fabulous price. Offered at $3,950,000

Monica Corman 465-5971

$4,295,000 462-1111

FOSTER CITY 652 Harvester Dr Sat/Sun 1-4 Coldwell Banker

$899,000 941-7040

LOS ALTOS 3 Bedrooms 710 Morningside Rd Sat/Sun Alain Pinel Realtors

$2,595,000 941-1111

4 Bedrooms 1238 Gronwall Ln Sat/Sun Coldwell Banker 960 Black Mountain Ct Sat/Sun Alain Pinel Realtors 400 Juanita Wy Sat/Sun Alain Pinel Realtors 664 Oakridge Dr Sat/Sun 12-5 Deleon Realty 1265 Montclaire Wy Sat/Sun Alain Pinel Realtors 1925 Deodara Dr Sat/Sun Alain Pinel Realtors

$1,950,000 941-7040 $2,100,000 941-1111 $2,098,000 941-1111 $1,698,000 380-1420 $1,895,000 941-1111 $1,625,000 941-1111

5 Bedrooms 872 Santa Rita Av Sat/Sun Alain Pinel Realtors

$3,895,000 941-1111


25627 Elena Rd $3,759,000 Sat/Sun Coldwell Banker 941-7040 12171 Hilltop Dr $3,383,000 Sun Oliver Luxury Real Estate 321-8900 26792 Palo Hills Dr $2,950,000 Sat/Sun 1-4 Coldwell Banker 941-7040

2 Bedrooms 655 18th Av Sat/Sun Coldwell Banker 1043 Sonoma Av Sat/Sun Alain Pinel Realtors 889 Woodland Av Sat/Sun Alain Pinel Realtors

$5,475,000 941-1111 $3,985,000 325-6161 $3,798,000 380-1420

$729,800 851-1961 $799,950 941-1111 $1,289,000 941-1111

3 Bedrooms 1370 Cloud Av Sun 1-4 Coldwell Banker 1068 Sonoma Av Sun Coldwell Banker 4401 Fair Oaks Av Sun 1-4 Alain Pinel Realtors

$1,678,000 328-5211 $1,198,000 323-7751 $1,078,000 462-1111

3 Bedrooms - Condominium $1,500,000 324-4456

4 Bedrooms 24 San Juan Av Sun Coldwell Banker 361 Menlo Oaks Dr Sat/Sun Alain Pinel Realtors

$300 Million in Commission Opportunities

$3,450,000 323-7751 $2,395,000 462-1111

6+ Bedrooms 619 Tennyson Av Sat/Sun Alain Pinel Realtors

2 Bedrooms

$339,000 324-4456

2 Bedrooms - Condominium 100 E Middlefield Rd #7A Sat/Sun Silicon Tech Realty Inc.

$470,888 919-3725

122 Flynn Ave Unit B Sat/Sun Midtown Realty 217 Ada Av #36 Sun Coldwell Banker

1 Grove Ct Sun 1-4 Coldwell Banker 221 Vista Verde Wy Sun 2:30-4:30 Deleon Realty

$6,950,000 851-2666 $1,925,000 380-1420

4 Bedrooms 658 Westridge Dr Sun Coldwell Banker 3 Grove Ct Sun Coldwell Banker

3 Bedrooms

$680,000 324-4456

4 Bedrooms

3 Bedrooms 245 Loreto St Sat/Sun 11-5 Alain Pinel Realtors

$998,000 941-1111 $1,798,000 941-1111


$3,375,000 851-1961 $1,995,000 851-2666

615 Hawes St Sat/Sun 1-4 Coldwell Banker 210 Montalvo Rd Sat/Sun Alain Pinel Realtors 2074 Stockbridge Av Sun Alain Pinel Realtors 3564 Altamont Wy Sat/Sun 1-4:30 Coldwell Banker

$699,000 325-6161 $1,500,000 462-1111 $1,349,000 462-1111 $1,485,000 324-4456

REDWOOD SHORES 2 Bedrooms - Condominium

2 Bedrooms 627 Tennyson Av Sat/Sun Alain Pinel Realtors

$2,695,000 462-1111

649 Seneca St $3,200,000 Sun Dreyfus Properties, Inc. 644-3474 1436 Hamilton Av $2,798,000 Sun Dreyfus Properties, Inc. 644-3474 580 Washington Av $2,795,000 Sat/Sun Alain Pinel Realtors 462-1111 1854 Bryant St $3,100,000 Sat/Sun Alain Pinel Realtors 462-1111 595 Homer Ave $1,995,000 Sat/Sun Alain Pinel Realtors 323-1111 2325 Santa Ana St $1,298,000 Sat/Sun Keller Williams 454-8500

4 Bedrooms 748 San Jude Av Sat/Sun Deleon Realty 467 Lincoln Av Sun Alain Pinel Realtors 1717 Middlefield Rd Sat/Sun 1-4 Coldwell Banker 3309 Emerson St Sat/Sun 1-4:30 Coldwell Banker 1016 Cathcart Wy Sat/Sun Coldwell Banker 3806 Louis Rd Sat/Sun 12-6 Alain Pinel Realtors

$2,198,000 380-1420 $5,495,000 462-1111 $2,395,000 324-4456 $2,195,000 328-5211 $1,720,000 941-7040 $1,638,000 323-1111

540 Shorebird Ci #21104 Sun Coldwell Banker

$549,000 324-4456

SANTA CLARA 2 Bedrooms - Condominium 2380 Homestead Rd #1101 Sun Coldwell Banker

$395,000 851-2666

SUNNYVALE 1 Bedroom - Condominium 417/419 Roosevelt Ave $699,000 Sun Oliver Luxury Real Estate 321-8900

WOODSIDE 2 Bedrooms 1400 Native Sons Rd Sun 1-4 Coldwell Banker

$1,300,000 851-2666

4 Bedrooms 265 Woodside Dr Sun Coldwell Banker 135 Crest Rd Sun 1-4 Coldwell Banker 275 Josselyn Ln Sun Coldwell Banker 128 Glenwood Sun 1-4 Coldwell Banker

$3,450,000 323-7751 $2,575,000 851-2666 $8,900,000 851-2666 $3,495,000 324-4456

5 Bedrooms 55 Stadler Dr $2,095,000 Sat 2-5/Sun 1:30-4:30 Alain Pinel Realtors 529-1111

Paul Skrabo

Support Local Business

Local area expertise in Residential Homes & Land with 30+ years experience Life long resident of Menlo Park & Portola Valley Stanford Alumni

Paul Skrabo

Deleon Realty 2600 El Camino Real Palo Alto Office: (650) 543-8500 Cell: (650) 619-8092


Completing the Real Estate Market

Page 62ÊUÊ«ÀˆÊ£™]ÊÓä£ÎÊUÊ*>œÊÌœÊ7iiŽÞÊUÊÜÜÜ°*>œÌœ"˜ˆ˜i°Vœ“

$1,350,000 941-1111

3 Bedrooms

$489,000 321-1596

3 Bedrooms - Condominium

3386 Brower Av Sat/Sun Alain Pinel Realtors

151 Carmel Wy Sat/Sun Alain Pinel Realtors

$4,995,000 462-1111


2 Bedrooms - Townhouse

3 Bedrooms


300 Sand Hill Cr # 202 Sat Coldwell Banker

4 Bedrooms 10695 Eloise Ci Sun Alain Pinel Realtors 11210 Hooper Ln Sun Coldwell Banker 15466 Vista Serena Sat/Sun 12-5 Deleon Realty

5 Bedrooms

722 Ashby Dr $4,995,000 Sun Dreyfus Properties, Inc. 644-3474 1125 Ramona St $5,995,000 Sun Dreyfus Properties, Inc. 644-3474 3993 Laguna Ave $2,795,000 Sat/Sun Keller Williams - Palo Alto 454-8500


50 E. Middlefield Rd #35 Sat/Sun Coldwell Banker

$3,750,000 462-1111

5 Bedrooms

1877 Camino A Los Cerros $4,398,000 Sat 1-4/Sun 1:30-4:30 Coldwell Banker 323-7751 1131 Hobart St $3,950,000 Sun Alain Pinel Realtors 462-1111 600 Hobart St $3,936,000 Sat/Sun Alain Pinel Realtors 462-1111

5 Bedrooms

3 Bedrooms

1911 Waverley St Sat/Sun Alain Pinel Realtors

6+ Bedrooms

1 Bedroom - Condominium

6+ Bedrooms 2 Rosewood Dr Sun Alain Pinel Realtors

168 Hillside Av Sun Coldwell Banker 260 Arden Rd Sun Alain Pinel Realtors 19 Montana Ln Sun Coldwell Banker


5 Bedrooms 36 Melanie Ln Sat/Sun 1-5 Coldwell Banker 2 Fennwood Dr Sat/Sun 12-5 Deleon Realty 8 Meadow Ln Sun Alain Pinel Realtors 470 Middlefield Rd Sun Alain Pinel Realtors 1 Tallwood Ct Sun Coldwell Banker

$2,898,000 380-1420 $1,850,000 380-1420 $3,495,000 324-4456

5 Bedrooms


2 Bedrooms

1101 Middle Av Sat/Sun Deleon Realty 217 Marmona Dr Sat/Sun 12-5 Deleon Realty 2 Fredrick Ct Sat/Sun 1-5 Coldwell Banker

The online guide to Palo Alto businesses

2510 Waverley Street Palo Alto PE



Summary of the home


377 Lunada Drive

Los Altos PE N D I NG SA



Offered at $3,000,000

With its sheltered rear garden terrace and great North Los Altos locations, this home offers a true relaxed California lifestyle. Rebuilt in 1992 by the current owners. The graceful design is anchored by a spacious living room with subtle gallery - style lighting and ďŹ replace, where guests can mingle and socialize then move into the elegant formal dining venue. Create a gourmet feast in the fully equipped chef ’s kitchen, retire to the family room for a movie, then wrap up the night with refreshments on the rear terrace. Privately located at the end of the main - level hallway are two comfortable family bedrooms, while three additional bedrooms, including the master suite with updated spa bathroom, round out the accommodation upstairs. Outside, the lush gardens and lawns are surrounded by tall trees and palms. Access to shopping and dining, major commute routes, and excellent Los Altos schools. s5 PDATEDANDEXPANDEDTWO LEVELHOMEINDESIRABLE.ORTH s' LEAMINGOAKHARDWOODmOORINGTHROUGHOUT Los Altos s5PDATED!NDERSENWINDOWSTHROUGHOUT s#LOSE INLOCATIONLESSTHANAMILETOTHENEW3AN!NTONIO s4WOZONESOFHEATINGANDAIRCONDITIONING Center s3 UNNYREARTERRACE ROSECUTTINGGARDEN ANDNUMEROUS s,USHGROUNDSOFAPPROXIMATELYACRES fruit trees sBEDROOMSANDBATHROOMSARRANGEDOVERTWOLEVELS s,OS!LTOSSCHOOLS3ANTA2ITA%LEMENTARY %GAN-IDDLE s! PPROXIMATELY SQUAREFTOFLIVINGSPACE and Los Altos High (buyer to conďŹ rm)

Offered at 2,699,000

26020 Bentley Court

Los Altos Hill

"EAUTIFUL SFCUSTOMHOMEONACRESOFLUSHLANDSCAPINGATTHEENDOF culde-sac. This home offers the ultimate in privacy, yet its close-in location is just MINUTESTOTHE6ILLAGE4HIS"2 "!PLUSHALFBATHSHOMEmOWSEASILYFROM room to room and includes formal living areas expansive gourment kitchen and MASTERBEDROOMSUITEWITHSPAINSPIRED"!4HEVASTDECKS SUN SWEPTPOOLSPA offer an ideal setting for outdoor entertaining. Top-rated Los Altos schools. Offered at $4,695,000

24052 Oak Knoll Circle Los Altos Hill #USTOMESTATEHOMEBUILTIN 3WEEPING3AN&RANCISCOBAYVIEWS "LENDINGTHEROMANCEOFTHE.APA countryside with the best silicon valley, this sumptous home evokes luxurious living indoors and out. ACRESWITHALMOSTACREOF AWARDWINNING3YRAH3EMILLION GRAPESSQFT BEDROOMS  full baths, and 2 half baths, home THEATREWINECELLAR&ORMALLIVING dining, family rooms with views. !TTACHEDCARGARAGE2ARELYMATCH quality throughout.

Offered at $5,595,000



DRE#01090940 ĂœĂœĂœÂ°*>Â?ÂœÂ?ĂŒÂœ"˜Â?ˆ˜i°VÂœÂ“ĂŠUĂŠ*>Â?ÂœĂŠÂ?ĂŒÂœĂŠ7iiÂŽÂ?ÞÊUĂŠÂŤĂ€ÂˆÂ?Ê£™]ÊÓä£ÎÊU Page 63

You are invited to an

EXCLUSIVE SHOWING of these luxury homes


 By Appointment Only 

Please contact the agent shown, or your agent, for an appointment

38 Adam Way, Atherton


CLASSIC NANTUCKET STYLE Renovated and expanded in 2010 with casual elegance & bountiful charm; over an acre with 6,884 sf of living space. Offered at $6,899,000

54 Tuscaloosa Avenue, Atherton


Lynn Wilson Roberts

SUMPTUOUS & PRIVATE Two-story estate home with elevator, rare wood ďŹ nishes, & ~7,000 sf; beautiful grounds with solar pool & spa. Offered at $7,990,000

Tom LeMieux




351 Stockbridge Avenue, Atherton


90 Broadacres Road, Atherton


8 Meadow Lane, Atherton

GRAND, PRIVATE ESTATE Beautifully appointed with ~11,282 sf, resort grounds with pool, spa, and tennis court, garage for 10 cars, & Las Lomitas schools. Offered at $10,495,000

Mary & Brent Gullixson

MAGNIFICENT VILLA Mediterranean masterpiece of ~7,400 sf with pool, spa, and pavillion on a secluded cul-de-sac; Las Lomitas schools. Offered at $6,795,000


Hugh Cornish

LUXURIOUS & PEACEFUL 1.4 acres of luxury on a private cul-de-sac with guest house, pool, spa, tennis, 6-car garage; Las Lomitas schools. Offered at $6,995,000


Marybeth Dorst 650.245.8890




125 Lakeview Drive, Woodside

23 Belbrook Way, Atherton


SWEEPING BAY VIEWS Grand in scale and perfect for hosting large gatherings; guest house & fabulous pool and gardens; Las Lomitas schools. Offered at $7,450,000

UNPARALLELED LUXURY Estate home & guest house built in 2008 with ~9,883 sf of luxurious living, beautiful pool, and access to Las Lomitas schools. Offered at $8,250,000


Rich Bassin

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Palo Alto Weekly 04.19.2013 - Section 2  

Section 2 of the April 19, 2013 edition of the Palo Alto Weekly

Palo Alto Weekly 04.19.2013 - Section 2  

Section 2 of the April 19, 2013 edition of the Palo Alto Weekly