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Home&Real Estate MAKE VENEER PANEL ... Marcus Miller will teach a new class on making a “Simple Marquetry Panel� from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday, June 23, in the Palo Alto High School Woodshop, 50 Embarcadero Road, Palo Alto. The class will cover single-bevel knife-cutting techniques, making decorative stringing (filetti) and mitering the border. Cost is $60 plus a $10 project fee. Information: 650-3293752 or SHARING EVENT ... Bring old art supplies, fabric, yarn, beads, whatever, to swap at the next sharing event at 1 p.m. on Saturday, June 23, at Deborah’s Palm, 555 Lytton Ave., Palo Alto. Information: 650-473-0664,,

GOOD BUGS ... UCCE Master Gardeners will offer a free class, “No Such Thing as a Bad Bug - Integrated Pest Management Tips,� from 7:30 to 8:30 p.m. on Tuesday, June 26, at the Los Altos Library, 13 S. San Antonio Road, Los Altos. The class focuses on using the least toxic pest control methods first. Information: Master Gardeners at 408-282-3105, between 9:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m., Monday through Friday or



Veronica Weber

POP UP PLANT STARS, ... an association of four owner-operated nurseries — Carman’s Nursery (bonsai), Cole Canyon Farms (organic edible plants), Gold Rush Nursery (water-wise, insect-friendly) and Terra Sole Nurseries (climate appropriate) — will be the focus of the Garden Club of Los Altos at 1:30 p.m. on Tuesday, June 26. The group meets at 460 S. El Monte Ave., Los Altos. Guests pay $5. Information:

LIGHTER and Courtesy of Brian Lewis

Home Front


Clockwise from left: Brian Lewis’ track lights (before) earned him a rebate, due to their inefficient energy use and poor lighting quality; Nicolette Chun earned a $100 rebate when she replaced the spot halogens with low-energy-use LED lighting under her kitchen cabinets.


by Junesung Lee

he first thing Nicolette Chun thought of when she read the flyer was her spot halogen lights on her kitchen counter. “Every few months, the wiring came loose, and the little hooks holding them up just looked so terrible,� she said. “I’ve replaced them with LEDs

in nice, clean lines, and it looks much better now.â€? The flyer was for the City of Palo Alto Utilities’ “Ugly Lightingâ€? contest, which invited residents to send in pictures of their nightmare lighting. The winners earned rebates for EnergyStar™-certified LED lighting.

Chun was the runner-up who received a $100 rebate. “The city utilities department has had different kinds of rebates for energy and water conservation for a long time now,� said Joyce Kinnear, manager of City of Palo Alto Utilities marketing services. “The LED was a new one, and we held this

Veronica Weber

Veronica Weber

ECOHOME OPEN HOUSE ... Kevin Carley, of City of Palo Alto Utilities marketing services, will showcase the city’s new EcoHome from 3 to 5 p.m. on Thursday, June 28, next to the Girl Scout House at 1120 Hopkins Ave., Palo Alto (behind the Lucie Stern Community Center). The home shows samples of sustainable building materials, including recycled-glass countertops, permeable paving, blue-jean insulation, clover-leaf solar electric panels and energy-efficient appliances. Information: 650-3292241 or www.cityofpaloalto, search “EcoHome� N Send notices of news and events related to real estate, interior design, home improvement and gardening to Home Front, Palo Alto Weekly, P.O. Box 1610, Palo Alto, CA 94302, or email cblitzer@paweekly. com. Deadline is one week before publication.


Also online at

event to call attention to it. Around 15 people sent in applications.� The department reached out to residents through a citywide mailing for this contest. Applicants were required to send in a photo of their current lighting situation, as well (continued on page 35)


Page 34ÊUÊ՘iÊÓÓ]ÊÓä£ÓÊUÊ*>œÊÌœÊ7iiŽÞÊUÊÜÜÜ°*>œÌœ"˜ˆ˜i°Vœ“

Home & Real Estate


(continued from page 33)

as write a letter explaining why it would be an improvement to upgrade. The idea was to offer incentives to discontinue the usage of inefficient incandescent or halogen lighting by Palo Alto residents. “By offering a rebate like this, we were much more likely to pique people’s excitement and interest in the matter,â€? Kinnear said. “They are much more likely to get higher quality with LED lights, and they will save money on their electric bill by replacing their incandescent bulbs.â€? Roger Carpenter won a $400 rebate through the contest, and has been switching out his old canned lighting for LEDs. “I’ve been wanting to replace a lot of the lighting in my house, and I’ve slowly been doing it,â€? he said. “Even though the LED lumens is lower, it feels brighter. It uses much less wattage too.â€? Replacing outdated incandescent lights will reduce wattage and make a difference in the monthly electric bill, Kinnear said. New regulations have banned the manufacturing of 100-watt incandescent bulbs since January 2012. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that compliance with the new regulations will save consumers nationwide about $6 billion in energy costs by 2015. The contest was judged by four members of the Palo Alto Utilities Services staff. “The criteria was that they were replacing incandescent bulbs, the wattage of those bulbs, how old the bulbs were and how many of them were replaced,â€? Kinnear said. Palo Alto utilities often sends out suggestions for additional ways citizens can cut down on their energy use, beginning with reducing time spent in the shower to conserve water. Rebates of varying amounts are also available for the purchase of EnergyStar™-approved appliances, which can use up to 50 percent less

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water and energy than industry-standard models. After replacing an old appliance, the city then offers $35 rebates for those who recycle their old refrigerators, washing machines and dishwashers — as well as reductions in their utility bill. Adding insulation around the home can cut costs related to heating or cooling systems as well. Pool pumps can be replaced with more efficient models that will utilize less energy. “People have definitely been cutting down the amount of electricity they use on a per customer basis,� Kinnear said. “Despite the increase in population and business use, the aggregate use in the city has not increased.� Palo Alto Utilities set goals of reducing electricity usage by 7 percent and natural-gas usage by 5.5 percent over a 10-year period. They are currently on target to achieving both these goals, Kinnear said. The department continues to have third-party companies evaluate and verify savings from the rebate programs. The actual savings rate found in these evaluations continues to be close to the savings rates estimated by Palo Alto utilities, she said. The city constantly encourages residents to transition towards a more sustainable environment through dozens of these rebates and educational programs. A full list of rebates can be found at: smartenergy. N Editorial Intern Junesung Lee can be emailed at jlee@embarcaderopublishing. com.


Mountain View

Total sales reported: 2 Lowest sales price: $1,115,000 Highest sales price: $3,500,000

East Palo Alto

Palo Alto

Total sales reported: 3 Lowest sales price: $242,000 Highest sales price: $332,000

Total sales reported: 13 Lowest sales price: $187,000 Highest sales price: $2,751,000

Los Altos

Redwood City

Total sales reported: 4 Lowest sales price: $1,240,000 Highest sales price: $1,770,000 For more Home and Real Estate news, visit www.

Total sales reported: 10 Lowest sales price: $137,500 Highest sales price: $1,600,000 Source: California REsource

Los Altos Hills Total sales reported: 1 Lowest sales price: $2,430,000 Highest sales price: $2,430,000

HOME SALES Home sales are provided by California REsource, a real estate information company that obtains the information from the County Recorder’s Office. Information is recorded from deeds after the close of escrow and published within four to eight weeks.

Atherton 298 Alameda de las Pulgas Dimarco Trust to K. Wu for $1,115,000 on 5/14/12 180 Greenoaks Drive Rosenberg Trust to Orciuoli Trust for $3,500,000 on 5/15/12; previous sale 3/10, $3,200,000

East Palo Alto


Total sales reported: 8 Lowest sales price: $275,000 Highest sales price: $1,365,000

1007 Bradley Way A. Bazan to A. Mendoza for $295,000 on 5/16/12; previous sale 6/06, $765,000 1131 Camellia Drive I. Rios to W. Xiao for $242,000 on 5/15/12; previous sale 12/97, $191,000

2568 Farrington Way Post Apple Limited to R. Hernandez for $332,000 on 5/17/12; previous sale 1/11, $270,000

Los Altos 124 2nd St. #11 P. & J. Schireson to R. Jewell for $1,240,000 on 5/25/12; previous sale 4/11, $1,089,000 2080 Huntington Lane Carey Trust to C. Bigger for $1,770,000 on 5/25/12; previous sale 1/04, $1,300,000 1858 Juarez Ave. Sorenson Trust to R. Raj for $1,350,000 on 5/25/12 881 Santa Rita Ave. A. Vorrath to Brouwer Trust for $1,250,000 on 5/29/12

Los Altos Hills 28333 Christopher Lane Frias Trust to C. Pan for $2,430,000 on 5/25/12

S. Weber for $615,000 on 5/25/12; previous sale 2/05, $615,000 1721 California St. #27 M. Blasko to D. Dawson for $285,000 on 5/25/12; previous sale 4/08, $418,000 629 Charmain Circle W. & T. Melohn to C. & K. Neyman for $1,092,500 on 5/25/12; previous sale 7/93, $412,000 329 Cypress Point Drive H. Schultz to C. You for $530,000 on 5/29/12 1630 Gretel Lane Kelso Trust to M. Granot for $1,166,000 on 5/25/12 765 N. Rengstorff Ave. #11 Bank of New York to X. Lin for $275,000 on 5/29/12; previous sale 8/05, $435,000 49 Showers Drive #W208 M. Kurland to W. Zhou for $500,000 on 5/25/12; previous sale 7/06,

Mountain View 201 Ada Ave. #45 Clifton Trust to

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New On Market 1271 WESTWOOD STREET



Conveniently located on a coveted street in the Farm Hill Estates area of Redwood City rests this three bedroom one bath home complete with a new kitchen, hardwood oors, generous light and an attached 2-car garage. This well taken care of home has a wood burning ďŹ replace in the living room and bedrooms adjacent to the magical gardens. The rear yard includes a majestic valley oak, vegetable garden, lawn, generous agstone patio shaded by a wooden arbor with mature wisteria, and owering plants. For more information visit: Listed at: $697,000


650.543.1206 DRE#01825569


Home & Real Estate (continued from previous page) $530,000 809 Sonia Way F. & C. Isla to C. Huang for $1,365,000 on 5/25/12; previous sale 7/05, $815,000

Palo Alto 886 Chimalus Drive Alger Drive Limited to A. Nguyen for $2,751,000 on 5/25/12 4151 El Camino Way #G B. Levitsky to M. & J. Laris for $187,000 on 5/25/12; previous sale 8/95, $110,000 770 Garland Drive Broker Trust to G. Huang for $1,550,000 on 5/29/12 50 Jordan Place Davis Trust to M. Ma for $1,998,000 on 5/29/12 3309 Kenneth Drive U. Greenberg to Y. Luo for $1,600,000 on 5/25/12 332 Kipling St. Symon Trust to Bruich Trust for $1,715,000 on 5/25/12 3895 La Donna Ave. Stjohn Trust to R. Schlub for $1,350,000 on 5/25/12 3395 Louis Road Real Estate Solutions to M. & U. Bhattacharya for $1,495,000 on 5/25/12 711 Maplewood Ave. C. Carter to A. & Z. Nasser for $1,379,000 on 5/25/12; previous sale 3/99, $571,000

1550 Mariposa Ave. HartwellDarke Trust to S. Lada for $1,408,000 on 5/25/12; previous sale 7/98, $432,000 3370 Park Blvd. T. Kumano to L. & J. Zhang for $760,000 on 5/25/12 2170 Princeton St. A. & S. Sastry to K. Johnsson for $850,000 on 5/25/12; previous sale 6/04, $660,000 1514 Walnut Drive Dinkins Trust to J. & J. Dixon for $1,650,000 on 5/25/12

Redwood City 698 3rd Ave. Jinagira Limited to J. Castillo-Rodriguez for $465,000 on 5/17/12; previous sale 11/03, $499,000 914 6th Ave. D. Rosenbledt to J. Smith for $595,000 on 5/14/12; previous sale 6/03, $540,000 414 Carlos Ave. J. & K. Lagrange to A. & M. Letley for $920,000 on 5/15/12; previous sale 6/08, $809,000 1614 Connecticut Drive DMG Asset Management Group to T. McCann for $751,000 on 5/14/12 510 Madison Ave. Federal National Mortgage to Calmetro Service for $294,000 on 5/15/12 3604 Mcnulty Way Scheck Trust to D. & M. Lewis for $1,600,000 on 5/17/12

5 Riviera Circle D. Kalamaras to Goldberg Trust for $930,000 on 5/17/12; previous sale 4/07, $1,000,000 1663 Virginia Ave. K. Murdock to Murdock Trust for $137,500 on 5/16/12 335 West Oakwood Blvd. MayFeger Trust to Chen Trust for $870,000 on 5/15/12 818 Whipple Ave. D. Dang to M. Haar for $490,000 on 5/16/12; previous sale 10/03, $516,500

FORECLOSURES Foreclosures are provided by California REsource, a real estate information company that obtains the information from the County Recorder’s Office. The date is the recorded date of the deed when the lender took title to the property. The price is what the lender paid for it (usually the mortgage balance plus foreclosure fees). Each property is now owned by the lender and is for sale, or will be for sale soon, individually or through public auction. Individuals should contact a Realtor for further information.

East Palo Alto 1027 Bradley Way Real Estate Green, 5/14/12, $231,548, 910 sf, 2 bd

Mountain View

Central Atherton 4br/4+ba FDR 2car garage on a Flat 50,000 sq. ft. lot. Principals Only

2115 Windrose Place TPM Properties, 5/29/12, $564,000, 1,606 sf, 3 bd

BUILDING PERMITS Menlo Park 1310 Hillview Drive M. Sheik, re-roof single-family residence, $9,500 945 Monte Rosa Drive J. Peterson, install two skylights, $4,677 639 Santa Cruz Ave. J. Koenig, commercial re-roof, $28,242 3000 Sand Hill Road Sharon Land


Midtown Realty presents... 727 SEMINOLE WAY, PALO ALTO

Company, commercial tenant improvement to building 2, $78,430 52 Willow Road J. Rose, interior demolition including roof structure, $6,500 116 Chester St. J. Phillips, chimney retrofit, $3,100 1118 Hollyburne Ave. S. Emrani, repair failing concrete retaining wall, $7,500 915 Florence Lane D. Conrad, install new tankless water heater and change gas line to water heater, $4,395 4100 Bohannon Drive WSC Menlo Oaks Investors LLC, replace boiler on roof, $41,000 1045 Santa Cruz Ave. F. & B. Stockdale, multi-residential re-roof, $7,880 327 Central Ave. M. Beachler, remodel kitchen and bathroom, $30,000 12 Anderson Way T. Brackney, addition to a guest bedroom, $54,600 1133 Carlton Ave. D. Martinez, service upgrade, $n/a 825 Santa Cruz Ave. L. Zaro, new sign, $n/a 108 Clover Lane N. Liu, alteration to kitchen, bathrooms, windows, $65,000 900 Windsor Drive R. Fruin, kitchen remodel, no structural wall alterations, $20,000 323 Ivy Drive A. Cerritos, remove/ replace furnace, $1,200 445 Burgess Drive P. Pearson, restripe parking lot, $7,500

Palo Alto 1901 Embarcadero Road Roy AERO Enterprise, new electrical in office area, install drywall, vent shop area, $25,000 3395 Louis Road F. Benaderet, remodel kitchen, bathroom, $24,000 180 El Camino Real Simon Properties, construction trailer for Apple store construction, $12,000 515 Homer Drive N. Fritz, refresh garage, includes bedrock and electrical work, $5,000 1423 Hamilton Ave. Munger, replace furnace, ductwork, $n/a 1101 Welch Road, Suite A1 Stanford Hospital & Clinics, infill of door and countertop opening, addition of van accessible parking, $16,000 4009 Miranda, Suite 200 Equity Office Properties, divide existing tenant space into two suites, minor electrical/lighting relocation, $24,000 566 Lincoln Ave. S. & S. Kim, remodel kitchen and two bathrooms, add one bathroom, $68,000; , remodel cottage bathroom, $14,000

101 Alma St., Unit 603 L. GrayMoin, addition of storm doors and windows, $14,062 849 E. Charleston Road replace old HVAC unit with new five ton gas/electric unit, $n/a 3160 Maddux Drive J. Hager, replace 70,000 BTU Furnace in attic, $11,680 3120 Louis Road A. Baker, water line meter to entire house, copper re-pipe, new water heater, $6,917 1930 Waverley St. C. Wong, remodel bathroom, laundry room, half bathroom, $18,000 723 San Jude L. Landers, remodel bathroom, $2,500 4108 Willmar J. & J. Jaros, replace windows, $8,000 785 Gailen Ave. A. Kotwal & B. Krisnamachari, remodel bathroom, $6,000 330 Ventura Ave., #13 Whitney Property Management, remodel bathroom and kitchen, 100 sq. ft., $15,000 515 Homer Ave. N. Fritz, replace two electric main panels and one subpanel, $n/a 3803 E. Bayshore Road Google, remove and replace roofing, landscape upgrade, new trash enclosure, $1.1 million 3120 Hansen Way Varian Medical Systems, seismic upgrade exteriors walls, $75,000 291 Alma St. Melcaor Corporation, interior demolition non-structural, $n/a 855 El Camino Real, Ste. 20B Toss Designs, build one 15-foot by 8-foot drywall partition, $15,000 528 Lincoln Ave. M. Schink, bathroom remodel, $10,000 729 E. Charleston Road G. & P. Schlesinger, kitchen and bathroom remodel, $36,000 1145 Middlefield Road M. & N. Homnack, kitchen remodel, 195 sq. ft., $20,000 109 California St. D. London & N. Weintraub, tenant development for optical sales floor, $30,000 658 High St. Carrasco & Assoc., new non-structural partitions, lighting, electrical, HVAC and finishes, $1.2 million 3160 Porter Drive Stanford University, install electric vehicle service equipment, $n/a 825 Cowper St. N. Matityahu, replace 40 windows and six patio doors, $22,520 539 Seale Ave. J. & D. Mewes, bathroom remodel, $7,000 3075 Hansen Way Equity Office Management, add wall with a door,

Move into the hills...

Open Saturday and Sunday 1:30-4:30

FANTASTIC OPPORTUNITY IN CHARLESTON GARDENS Refurbish, remodel, or build new! This expanded south Palo Alto Eichler is situated on a quiet street convenient to schools, public transportation, grocery shopping, coffee, restaurants and the brand new Mitchell Park Library. U Approx. 1584 sq. ft. U Approx. 6000 sq. ft. lot U 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms U Large family room addition (permitted) with ďŹ replace and skylights U 2-car attached garage U Floor-to-ceiling glass with views to private courtyard

U Radiant heat U Excellent Palo Alto schools, including Gunn High School

Offered at $1,095,000 Listed by: Lisa


(650) 388-8405

Moody Road & Chaparral Way, V Los Altos Hills V â?– 9.5 acre property with panormaic views â?– Prime location on private knolltop â?– Completed plans for three large home subdivision or one large estate home â?– Great location for vineyard â?– Close to Foothill College â?– Approx. 2200SF 3Bd/2Ba older home Available at $4,000,000



“The neighborhood realtor working for you!�

2775 MiddleďŹ eld Rd, Palo Alto, CA 94306 Phone: (650)321-1596 Fax: (650)328-1809 Page 36ĂŠUĂŠĂ•Â˜iĂŠĂ“Ă“]ÊÓä£ÓÊUĂŠ*>Â?ÂœĂŠÂ?ĂŒÂœĂŠ7iiÂŽÂ?ÞÊUĂŠĂœĂœĂœÂ°*>Â?ÂœÂ?ĂŒÂœ"˜Â?ˆ˜i°Vœ“

DRE #01816896

650.996.8466 w w

$40,000 258 High St. 275 Alma LLC, install two flood illuminated wall signs to read “Sereno Group,� $n/a 1050 Hamilton Ave. B. Pehrson, replace upper floor windows, $10,000 3431 Hillview Ave. Stanford, site improvements for phase 2 buildings, $1,005,000 3127 El Camino Real Silva Properties c/o Tarlton Properties, new underground electrical, water main and meter, fire sprinkler, sewer, $n/a 3431 Hillview Ave. Stanford Real Estate, tenant improvement and exterior renovation, 26,720 sq. ft., $6.5 million 755 Hamilton Ave. A. Werry, bathroom remodel, new heater, AC unit and 11 ducts, replace kitchen counters, $5,500 180 El Camino Real garage parking shoring, $31,000 855 El Camino Real, Ste. 105 Ellis Partners LLC, new interior finishes, demolition of non-load bearing walls, new walls, storefront and reflected ceiling, $85,000 723 San Jude St. J. & L. Landees, chimney replacement, $9,000 2060 Amherst H. Vinton, bathroom and half bath remodel, $17,000 2101 Middlefield Road B. & L. Faust, house remodel and new garage, 2,854 sq. ft., $250,000 2053 Park Blvd. M. Pansare, replace second-story deck, $975 236 Scripps Court M. Frei, bathroom renovation, 55 sq. ft., $7,000 340 California Ave. T. Foy, interior improvement of ground floor and mezzanine for a cafe, 1,733 sq. ft., $200,000 329 Fulton St. B. Aalami, new two-story house with basement, $737,000; single-car garage, $15,000 2455 Faber, Ste. 200 Arden Realty, interior demolition, 5,200 sq. ft., $15,000 534 Center Drive R. Pawson, window and door replacement, interior remodeling, $70,000 3885 El Camino Real Starbucks, interior demolition, 1,577 sq. ft., $13,000 695 Colorado Ave. S. Okazaki, kitchen and bathroom remodel, replace 20 windows, 2,162 sq. ft., $48,380 590 Forest Ave. Bay Area Industrial Corp., commercial tenant improvement, new partitions, electrical, finishes, demolition interior walls, $350,000 290 Ventura Ave. Palo Alto Housing, window replacement, $22,250 310 Ventura Ave. Palo Alto Housing, window replacement, $22,250 1125 University Ave. A. & H. Frahon, interior remodel, including bathroom, skylights, new French doors with stairs and landing, $89,000 3445 Alma St., Lot 1 Trestle Alma Plaza, new single-family detached residence, 2,397 sq. ft., $412,413; Lot 2, 2,254 sq. ft., $392,969; Lot 3, 2,264 sq. ft., $392,170; Lot 37, 1,770 sq. ft., $312,290 3431 Hillview Ave. VMWare, single office addition to existing open office area, $8,500

ÜÜÜ°*>œÌœ"˜ˆ˜i°Vœ“ÊUÊ*>œÊÌœÊ7iiŽÞÊUÊ՘iÊÓÓ]ÊÓä£ÓÊU Page 37

Page 38ÊUÊ՘iÊÓÓ]ÊÓä£ÓÊUÊ*>œÊÌœÊ7iiŽÞÊUÊÜÜÜ°*>œÌœ"˜ˆ˜i°Vœ“

ÜÜÜ°*>œÌœ"˜ˆ˜i°Vœ“ÊUÊ*>œÊÌœÊ7iiŽÞÊUÊ՘iÊÓÓ]ÊÓä£ÓÊU Page 39






elcome to this enchanting 4 bedroom, 2 ½ bath custom contemporary home located on a secluded lot with sweeping views of Windy Hill. The house has been impeccably updated using the highest quality materials. The property is beautifully landscaped with an expansive lawn, agstone patios and sunny decks that overlook the sparkling pool. Every room looks out to the charming surroundings, and most rooms open directly to the garden. The attached fully-ďŹ nished two car garage and separate storage room complete the home. s Spacious living room and adjoining window framed formal dining room s Updated kitchen with limestone counters and top-quality appliances s Family room with built-in bookshelves and wet bar; adjoins kitchen s Master suite with two walk-in closets and luxurious full bath s One bedroom with private half-bath (bath is possible third full bath) s Home ofďŹ ce with built-in bookshelves and desk, and laundry closet s Fully fenced with automatic gates s Award-winning Portola Valley Schools

Offered for $4,150,000




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ÜÜÜ°*>œÌœ"˜ˆ˜i°Vœ“ÊUÊ*>œÊÌœÊ7iiŽÞÊUÊ՘iÊÓÓ]ÊÓä£ÓÊU Page 41

Presented by Rich Bassin & Chris Pryor

1700 Crespi Lane, Pebble Beach

AT A G L A N C E UÊ >i`Ê̅iÊœÕÀÊ7ˆ˜`ÃʜvÊi>Ûi˜]Ê̅ˆÃÊ “>iÃ̈VÊ*iLLiÊ i>V…ÊiÃÌ>ÌiʈÃÊLi>ṎvՏÞÊ Ài˜œÛ>Ìi`ÊvœÀʓœ`iÀ˜ÊˆÛˆ˜}Ê܅ˆiʓ>ˆ˜Ì>ˆ˜ˆ˜}Ê ˆÌÃʅˆÃ̜ÀˆVÊ£™ÓnÊÕ}…Ê œ“Ã̜VŽÊ`iÈ}˜ UÊ /ܜ‡iÛiÊ“>ˆ˜ÊÀiÈ`i˜ViÊi˜Vœ“«>ÃȘ}Ê HÇ]{ääÊõÕ>ÀiÊviiÌÊ܈̅ÊxÊLi`Àœœ“ÃÊ>˜`ÊÊ x°xÊL>̅ÃÊ UÊ HÓ°ÎÊ>VÀiÃÊ܈̅Ê>ʓ>}ˆV>Ê…ˆÃ̜ÀÞÊ>˜`Ê LÀi>̅Ì>Žˆ˜}ÊۈiÜÃʜvÊ >À“iÊ i>V…Ê>˜`Ê -̈Ü>ÌiÀÊ œÛi UÊ /…iÊÃÌ՘˜ˆ˜}ʅˆÌœ«Ê…œ“iʈ˜VÕ`iÃÊ>Ê}Ài>ÌÊ Àœœ“]ÊV…iv½ÃʎˆÌV…i˜]Ê`ˆ˜ˆ˜}ÊÀœœ“]Ê`i˜]Ê̜ÜiÀÊ Àœœ“ÊœvwVi]ʓi`ˆ>ÊÀœœ“]ÊÌiÀÀ>ViÃÊ܈̅ÊۈiÜÃÊ œvÊ̅iÊÃi>]Ê>˜`Ê>Ê}À>˜`ʓ>ÃÌiÀÊÃՈÌi UÊ “i˜ˆÌˆiÃʈ˜VÕ`iÊ}œÀ}iœÕÃʈÀœ˜ÜœÀŽ]ʅ>˜`‡ V>ÀÛi`Ê`œœÀÃÊ>˜`ʅ>˜`‡…iܘÊLi>“Ã]ÊVˆÀVՏ>ÀÊ `ÀˆÛiÜ>ÞÊ܈̅ÊvœÕ˜Ì>ˆ˜]Ê>˜`Ê>ÊÌÕÀÀiÌ UÊ *ÀˆÛ>ÌiÞʏœV>Ìi`ÊLi…ˆ˜`Ê£ÇʈiÊ ÀˆÛi]Ê̅iÊ …œ“iʈÃÊVœÃiÊ̜ÊܜÀ`‡V>ÃÃÊ}œvÊVœÕÀÃiÃÊÊ >˜`Ê̅iÊÃiÀi˜i]Ê>À̈Ã̈V]Ê>˜`ÊÀi>݈˜}Ê̜ܘÊÊ œvÊ >À“i‡Lއ̅i‡-i>

"vviÀi`Ê>ÌÊf£Ó]xää]äää ÜÜÜ°{7ˆ˜`Üvi>Ûi˜°Vœ“


CHRIS PRYOR 831.229.1124


DRE# 00456815

DRE# 01750627

Page 42ÊUÊ՘iÊÓÓ]ÊÓä£ÓÊUÊ*>œÊÌœÊ7iiŽÞÊUÊÜÜÜ°*>œÌœ"˜ˆ˜i°Vœ“

Information deemed reliable, but not guaranteed.

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401 Selby Lane, Atherton

AT A G L A N C E UÊ À>˜`Ê ÃÌ>Ìiʈ˜ÊVi˜ÌÀ>Ê̅iÀ̜˜Êœ˜Ê>Ê`ii«ÊÊ H£°xÊ>VÀiʜvʏÕŏÞʏ>˜`ÃV>«i`ʏ>ܘÃÊ>˜`Ê }>À`i˜Ã UÊ Î‡iÛiÊ“>ˆ˜ÊÀiÈ`i˜ViÊi˜Vœ“«>ÃȘ}Ê H£Ó]ÓxäÊõÕ>ÀiÊviiÌÊ܈̅ÊÈÊi˜‡ÃՈÌiÊ Li`Àœœ“Ã]ÊÇÊvՏÊL>̅Ã]Ê{ʅ>v‡L>̅Ã]ÊӇV>ÀÊ >ÌÌ>V…i`Ê«ÕÃÊ`iÌ>V…i`Ê·V>ÀÊ}>À>}iÊ>˜`Ê >``ˆÌˆœ˜>Ê>ÀLœÀ‡VœÛiÀi`Ê}ÕiÃÌÊ«>ÀŽˆ˜}Ê UÊ ÕiÃÌʅœÕÃiÊ܈̅ÊÃi«>À>ÌiÊLi`Àœœ“ÊÃՈÌi]Ê ŽˆÌV…i˜]Ê>˜`ÊÈÌ̈˜}Ê>Ài> UÊ Ý«>˜ÃˆÛiÊ«œœÊ…œÕÃiÊ܈̅Ê>À̈ÃÌÊÃÌÕ`ˆœÊ œÀÊiÝiÀVˆÃiÊÀœœ“Ê>˜`ÊÃi«>À>ÌiÊÏii«ˆ˜}Ê µÕ>ÀÌiÀÃÊ UÊ "ÛiÀÈâi`ÊÃ>ÌÊÜ>ÌiÀÊ«œœÊ>˜`Êë>]Ê L>ÀLiVÕiʎˆÌV…i˜]ʏœ}}ˆ>]ʘՓiÀœÕÃÊ«>̈œÊ >Ài>Ã]Ê>˜`ʏ>À}iÊwÀi‡«ˆÌ "vviÀi`Ê>ÌÊf£™]xää]äää ÜÜÜ°{ä£-iLÞ>˜i°Vœ“


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DRE# 00456815

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Prestigious Old Palo Alto 521 Lowell Avenue, Palo Alto

Open House Sat & Sun 1:30-4:30pm



his elegant residence located on one of Old Palo Alto’s most desirable streets features 4 bedrooms plus a detached guest quarters and artist studio, situated on a lot of 9,000 sq ft. An entry foyer welcomes the visitor to this ďŹ ne home with hardwood oors throughout the living room, spacious formal dining room and family room. The oor plan is highlighted by 4 bedrooms & 3 bathrooms upstairs and an open kitchen family room on the ground oor. Custom designer details throughout. A gorgeous landscaped private garden completes this lovely traditional home.

Summary Features Include: Âœ5 Bedrooms + ofďŹ ce nook Âœ4.5 Bathrooms ÂœDetached cottage with bath & kitchenette ÂœElegant Living Room with exquisite moldings and ďŹ replace ÂœFormal Dining Room featuring leaded glass corner cabinets ÂœLiving area: 3,782 sq ft per architects plans ÂœLot Size: 9,000 sq ft per county records ÂœExcellent Palo Alto Schools (Walter Hays Elementary, Jordan Middle, Palo Alto High- buyer to verify enrollment)

Offered at $4,498,000

>eannah Hunt >aurel Hunt Robinson

LEANNAH HUNT & LAUREL HUNT ROBINSON (650) 475.2030 DRE# 01009791 DRE# 01747147









Palo Alto Weekly 06.22.2012 - section 2  

Section 2 of the June 22, 2012 edtion of the Palo Alto Weekly

Palo Alto Weekly 06.22.2012 - section 2  

Section 2 of the June 22, 2012 edtion of the Palo Alto Weekly