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A Children’s Concert Presenting Nancy Cassidy

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Woman’s Club of Palo Alto Saturday, February 11th, 2012, 10:30 am Tickets $ 15 Order tickets via email: Make checks payable to WCPA Mail to 475 Homer Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94301 Attn: Philanthropy / Ginny Lear Ticket Pickup Day of Concert at Will Call Pizza, cup cakes, frozen yogurt and Jamba Juice drinks will be available for sale at the concert.

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Bryan Burns, left, and Philip Dunne, mechanics at the Municipal Services Center, work on a John Deere tractor sed by rangers at Foothills Park. Below:Anderson Honda, located on Embarcadero Road east of Hwy. 101, g the auto dealerships that could be relocated to the current site of the Municipal Services Center if the city the “land-swap” option.

ructure Blue Ribbon Commission ocus on the Municipal Services Cenf. Constructed in the early 1960s of ” construction, the buildings’ resiluring an earthquake has been called estion by numerous consultants. Dornell, who oversees the Public operations at the Municipal Services puts it bluntly. se are the worst buildings you can y have in case of an earthquake,” he ring a recent tour of the site. dition, the land on which the center been eyed by the city as a potential n for auto dealerships, which would n much-needed sales-tax revenues. idea of moving the Municipal SerCenter also arose during the Infrare Blue Ribbon Commission’s study, because of the potential sales tax. the commission noted in its report, ter houses utilities and public-works ons that would be key during an ncy — and its location to the east of uld pose a problem. ase of a major earthquake or other ophe that causes failure of freeway sses, emergency response is likely

to be impaired,” the report states, citing a study that found one in five freeway overpasses in the Bay Area would become impassable in a severe earthquake. “Developing a plan for a new operations center should consider siting it west of Bayshore to mitigate this potential problem. A secondary need is to site the operations center out of the flood zone or deal with flood risks in the construction plans.” Dornell said if a highway overpass collapsed in a major disaster, many of the city’s emergency responders would be cut off from the city. The city’s current emergency plan calls for public-works crews to basically create a new road on the fly to get across 101. “We would basically have to build a road through 101,” Dornell said. “Just bulldoze right across the highway.” It doesn’t help that the center is located both in an active seismic zone (along with the rest of Palo Alto) and in a flood zone. The San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission projects the sea level from the Bay could rise by 16 inches

In addition, the land on which the center sits has been eyed by the city as a potential location for auto dealerships, which would bring in much-needed sales-tax revenues.

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