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PALO ALTO COMMUNITY MEETING Join the community discussion on the Highway 101 Pedestrian / Bicycle Overpass / Underpass Feasibility Study Wednesday, September 1, 2010, 6:30 PM 2010

Palo Verde Elementary School


3450 Louis Road Palo Alto, CA 94303

AUG 27

The City of Palo Alto invites public input and comment for this phase of this potential long-range project. Meeting hosted by City of Palo Alto Public Works, Visit for information.


C H I L D R E N ’ S H O S P I TA L

Your Child’s Health University Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital offers classes and seminars designed to foster good health and enhance the lives of parents and children.

“YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE FASTER THAN THE LION; YOU JUST HAVE TO BE FASTER THAN THE OTHER GUY.” “I had morning and afternoon Kevin Zook: practices for water polo. You learn One step at a time that if you have free time you do


n the fall, Kevin Zook’s days begin early — about 5:45 a.m., when he gets up, grabs a granola bar and packs himself a breakfast, maybe a couple of yogurts or a bagel. His dad usually gives him a ride to the Gunn High School pool, where he reports for the 6:30 a.m. water polo practice. When practice ends at 7:30 a.m., he showers in the locker room, downs the packed breakfast and is ready for class by 8 a.m. “I’m not an early-riser guy,” said Zook, an incoming sophomore who said the early practice is probably the toughest thing for him about going back to school. On the bright side, he said he looks forward to getting back into swing of the academic schedule. “Getting back to school will give me a chance to see my friends again, have class periods with them, study with them,” he said. “Also, I’m going to be a sophomore, so (school) will be slightly better, I guess.” As a student at Terman Middle School, Zook had heard scary rumors about high school — about freshmen “getting stuffed in trash cans and things like that.” Arriving at Gunn a year ago, he was pleasantly surprised. “I was taken aback by how nice everyone was. It was very welcoming,” he said. One skill he’s learned so far: time management.

homework so that on weekends you can relax a little bit more.” Zook first was introduced to water polo by Aileen Delaney, his PE teacher at Terman. “She said, ‘You’d be good at water polo,’ and I just kind of took to it,” he said. To stay in shape, he participates in the Stanford Water Polo Club in the winter and swims for the Gunn team in the spring. Aside from water polo, Zook said he plans to keep up with academic work — and get as much sleep as possible this year. He hopes he won’t need to see any doctors this year — last year he cracked two ribs and this summer he had surgery for a torn meniscus. Zook’s advice to new Gunn students is to “take things one step at a time. “Don’t try and focus on the big picture of everything — compartmentalize it,” he said. “Say, ‘OK, now I have to do this, and then this.’ Just go in baby steps ‘til you get it all done.” Band he’s currently listening to: Too busy for music right now, but Matchbox 20 Favorite YouTube video/channel: DudePerfect Tech gadget he can’t live without: iPod Touch Motto he lives by: “You don’t have to be faster than the lion; you just have to be faster than the other guy.”

ALL ABOUT PREGNANCY We offer an overview of pregnancy for the newly pregnant or soon-to-be pregnant couple. The program includes the physical and emotional changes of pregnancy, comfort measures, fetal development and growth, pregnancy testing, life changes and much more. - Tuesday, August 31: 7:00 – 9:00 pm

CHILD CPR & FIRST AID Designed for parents and care-givers of children 1 year of age to adolescence, this class will cover cardio-pulmonary resuscitation techniques, choking and first aid for common childhood injuries. - Sunday, September 12: 9:00 am – 12:00 pm

INFANT MASSAGE WORKSHOP Learn techniques of infant massage along with tips to relieve gas, aid digestion and soothe the soreness of vaccination sites on your baby. Class is recommended for infants from 1 month of age to crawling. - Saturday, September 18: 10:30 am – 12:30 pm

PEDIATRIC WEIGHT CONTROL PROGRAM Join us for a family-based behavioral and educational weight management program that promotes healthy eating and exercise habits for over-weight children and their families. More than 80% of children achieve long-term weight loss through this program — and parents lose weight too! We are currently enrolling for fall classes. For more information call (650) 725-4424 or visit

Call (650) 723-4600 or visit to register or obtain more information on the times, locations and fees for these and other courses.


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Palo Alto Weekly 08.20.2010 - Section 1  

Section 1 of the August 20, 2010 edition of the Palo Alto Weekly

Palo Alto Weekly 08.20.2010 - Section 1  

Section 1 of the August 20, 2010 edition of the Palo Alto Weekly