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by Jiang Rong

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reads An Evening With Duncan Sarkies

Friday 17 October 7pm Sound & Vision Zone, Ground Floor



This is a gripping story set around the changing lives of nomads in the grasslands of Northern China during the 1960s. Chen Zhen, a young student from Beijing lives for years with the nomads, raising a wolf cub to better understand the conflicts between the people and the wolves. This is a wonderful evocative and moving novel. Sean's pick

Eat, Pray, Love: One Woman’s

Screening of the cult movie "Scarfies" screenplay written by Duncan Sarkies. Tickets $10 available from Central & Branch Wednesday 29 October @ Cinema Gold


Manawatu Festival of New Arts 2008

Winning plays from the Manawatu Internation al One-Act Playwriting Competition

7th, 8th, 9th October 12 Noon Sound & Vision Zone, Ground Floor

Love Me Tender:

the stories behind the world's favourite songs with Max Cryer

Thursday 23 October 6pm Sound & Vision Zone, Ground Floor

A Morning With...

Selwyn Jebson "SeniorNet"

Interested in becoming computer liter ate or honing your computer skills? Selwyn talks about wha t SeniorNet has to offer. Thursday 30 October Mor ning tea from 10.30am. Guest speaker from 11am. For more information: phone 351 4100, email or check our website

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Search for EVerything

“to inspire people to explore the pathways to the world - Te Ara Whanui o Te Ao”

by Elisabeth Gilbert Everyone who reads this book recommends it to someone else. Elizabeth’s marriage ends in a bitter and prolonged divorce which she follows with an unhealthy intense new relationship. Needing time to sort herself out, she uses the money from the advance of this book to take herself off to Italy, India, and Indonesia for a year to find some balance in her life. It is not giving anything away to say that in Italy she eats (a lot), in India she prays, and in Indonesia she loves. Written with intelligence, insight, and warmth her book is a delight to read with just the right mix of heart-break, humour, fun and spiritual growth.

Pauline's pick

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the official newsletter of the Palmerston North City Library – OCT/NOV 2008 : Issue No. 64



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Wolf Totem


Making the Palmerston North City Library Quilt by Anna Williams The library contacted me in early 2007 to commission a quilt to celebrate the City Library building's 80th birthday. To start a quilt like this I usually spend a couple of months thinking about themes, taking photos and brainstorming (sometimes in the middle of the night) to create a list of potential ideas.

MANAWATU FESTIVAL OF NEW ARTS 2008 Manawatu Festival of New Arts 2008 has a distinctly international flavour. Represented this year are the six prize-winning plays from the Manawatu International One-Act Playwriting Competition. The winning writers come mostly from New Zealand but there is one from Melbourne, Australia, and one from the UK. International Fullbright scholar, Amanda McCraven, will also be presenting a community theatre devised play that features actors from Asia, The Pacific, Europe, as well as New Zealand.

Library building - yellow, Rosco building, past and present History - Art Deco building - 80 years - furniture Books - one large book, bookshelf, old book feel Living Room of the City Red sofas, reading lamp, roses, art deco clock Palmerston North City - Rose City, Manawatu symposium quilt Now - Manawatu windmills Words - Title, Palmerston Library Calendar

I wanted the quilt to have subtle references to some or all of these ideas to make it pertinent and interesting. At first glance some of these ideas are not picked obvious. The quilt invites close inspection.

Starting Point I chose a view of the Library from part of a photo I took. This part of the building contained a lot of information that I wanted to convey. It clearly has the Library sign plus an old importers sign from the building's initial use. The window is definitely Art Deco and has an interesting balcony. I decided to add some wind turbines, to view through the window, as they are a huge part of the Manawatu landscape. I started with a blue balcony and changed it to brown for the finished quilt. The round top part of the window followed. I put a stormy red sky behind to add interest and to compliment the colour scheme I was using. I changed the window bars to black and appliquéd the words 'City Library'.

Placing Furniture in the Room I took lots of photographs of furniture and trialled different pieces on the quilt. I divided the photographs up and printed them on to special fabric that runs through a computer printer. This makes the printed fabric stable and washable. I painted the red sofa with an oil based paint stick in a deeper shade of red to give it a pattern and to make the fabric look old. I added the Manawatu Symposium 2007 Raffle Quilt, as I had designed and quilted it. I added the lampshade as a hanging light rather than a table lamp to fill the space above the sofa and to add depth. The old photo of the Rosco building was perfect to detail how the building looked in the past. I changed the colour from black and white to sepia.

Finishing touches After sewing all the pieces on to the quilt I finished it with quilting. This flattens the quilt and adds the extra details that are so important. I used a shell pattern reminiscent of Art Deco for the wallpaper pattern. I added texture to the exterior yellow wall of the library building and highlighted the writing by quilting around the letters. The 'importers ' sign on the building is highlighted with a method called trapunto where there is extra stuffing to make the letters stand out. The quilt is extensively quilted all over and I have used a thread which does highlight the different patterns used. Finally I added the binding and label and the quilt was finished. It took me approximately 10 months to complete the sewing after the initial design was decided. The quilt was presented to the Palmerston North City Library on September 27, 2008.

As always, the Festival’s main aim is to encourage artists to produce work that is both challenging and original. Massey staff and students are strongly represented but so are members of the Palmerston North community. Directors and actors from Centrepoint Theatre and UCOL are working with our prize-winning plays and Massey writers will be presenting their linguistic revelry at Square Edge. The Festival acts as an agent for budding and established musicians, poets, film-makers, actors, composers, playwrights, and directors. It is a unique forum and we hope that the community of Palmerston North will be able to give it their full support. On 7th, 8th and 9th October at 12 noon the Festival will present one play from the winners of the 2008 Manawatu One-act Playwriting Competition and a selection of music from the Festival, at the City Library in the Sound & Vision Zone in the Central Library.

Tuesday 7 October 12 Noon

Moonlight: Classical Chinese Music Mask: A modern drama inspired by traditional Chinese opera by Renee Liang New World: Music by Suzy Hawes

Wednesday 8 October 12 Noon

New World: Music by Suzy Hawes Lamb: A metaphorical play based on racism in the 21st Century in NZ by Lesley Martin Maslow’s Hill: Music by Murray Kirk

Library website news Finalist in Plain English Awards Palmerston North City Library are proud to have been named as a finalist in the recent WriteMark! New Zealand Plain English Awards 2008. The category in which we were successful was Best Sentence Transformation. This required us to take a sentence from our website and rewrite it, eliminating 'gobbledygook'. The WriteMark New Zealand Plain English Awards are a non-profit event held each year and hosted by the WriteMark Plain English Awards Trust. The Awards aim to raise public awareness of the benefits of plain English, and to honour individuals and organisations that are attempting to communicate clearly and fairly. The City Library works hard to communicate clearly to all of it's customers and are thrilled with this acknowledgement of our efforts. Here is the sentence before and after:

Original sentence The local history collections in the Palmerston North City Library and Ian Matheson City Archives have many resources, both published and unpublished, for anyone looking to find out more about the history of the region. Whether you are looking for details of your grandparents' wedding in Palmerston North; to learn more about your family history; information for a study project on a subject such as the Clock Tower in the Square; or simply want to learn more about the Manawatu region and its peoples, we can help.

Rewritten sentence You can find local history information in the Palmerston North City Library and in Ian Matheson City Archives. This information will help you learn more about the history of Palmerston North and the region. Please visit the New Zealand and Pacific Islands Zone of the Central Library to begin your local history search. And comments from Rachel McAlpine - one of the judges:

Thursday 9 October 12 Noon

Your entry was interesting in that it eliminated chit-chat and superfluous words: an editorial decision. I commented on this, and said, Joanne knew that on the web, the more you write, the less people remember. (Paraphrasing form memory here!)

Who's New at the City Library?

GV: What do you like about your new job?

New World: Music by Suzy Hawes Cleansing Fire: A comic representation of Fintan Walsh’s iron policing of seaman’s unicorns (1920s) by Dennis Edwards Maslow’s Hill: Music by Murray Kirk

Genny Vella, Promotions Co-ordinator, chats with Jay Robinson, the new Head of Community Outreach at the City Library. GV: Where have you come from?

JR: From Iowa, which just happens to be in the USA, but I love it in New Zealand.

GV: What do you think of Palmerston North?

JR: One of New Zealand's best kept little secrets.

JR: I like it for the range of responsibilities including overseeing the branch libraries to working with specialist services, i.e Seniors and Community Languages to name a couple.

GV: What are you reading right now?

JR: I am reading Walter Mosley's Red Death. I usually have a fiction and non-fiction book by my bed.

GV: Tell me something entertaining about yourself?

JR: I am looking for a washtub so I can make a washtub bass to play oldtime music on. So if there is anyone out there who can help me I'd be very interested.

Pathways October - November 2008  
Pathways October - November 2008  

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