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Directed by Richard Curtis – of ‘Love Actually’ fame – ‘The Boat that Rocked’ tells the story of the crew of pirate radio station Radio Rock, broadcasting from the middle of the North Sea. Set in 1960s Britain, the movie follows Radio Rock as they endeavor to subvert the government’s attempts to shut the station down and get pop off the airwaves. Full of sub-plots of romance, friendship and ego-clashes, the backbone of the movie is the music with a fantastic soundtrack throughout. The cast is impressive - Bill Nighy is hilarious in his role of ship captain and godfather to new-comer Carl, who has been sent to the ship to ‘straighten up’. Philip Seymour Hoffman is just right as impassioned DJ the Count. And look out for New Zealand’s own Rhys Darby, memorable in his second big-screen appearance. This is strictly a ‘feel-good’ film, offering lots of laughs and great music.

After Twilight After Twilight ... is there really an afterward? Like it or lump it, Twilight enticed many young (and young at heart) people into reading again. So, what comes after Twilight and where do you go once you finish the Twilight series? Here are a couple of titles that helped me deal with Twilight withdrawals. Vampire Academy Series by Richelle Mead Rose is tough and protective, and by the way she’s also a dhampir (half vamp, half human). Rose is ‘bonded’ to Lissa who is a Moira (good vamp) princess. Bondings are rare, so rare that no-one knows much about them, so the two 17 year olds have to work it out for themselves. Together they face the Strigoi (bad vamps), boys and school. A sizzling action packed read. #1 Vampire Academy, #2 Frostbite, #3 Shadow Kiss, #4 Blood Promise, #5 Spirit Bound (coming soon)

Blue Bloods Series by Melissa De La Cruz Schuylar Van Alen lives with her grandmother in a rundown mansion and attends the most elite school in New York. 14 year old Schuylar doesn’t fit in and is happy that way. Yet on her fifteenth birthday weird stuff starts to happen and Schuylar finds that the popular crowd are taking an interest in her and she’s beginning to have strange cravings – for raw meat. #1 Blue Bloods, #2 Masquerade, #3 Revelations, #4 The Van Alen Legacy (coming soon) KT

path ways “to inspire people to explore the pathways to the world - Te Ara Whanui o Te Ao”

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The Housekeeper and The Professor Palmerston North City Library PO Box 1948 4 The Square Palmerston North

By Yoko Ogawa

This is an unusual account of joy and compassion and the Phone: (06) 351 4100 human bonds that can Renewals: (06) 351 4101 form under curious Email: circumstances. Monday 10am – 6pm An unmarried Tuesday 10am – 6pm mother working Wednesday 10am – 8pm as a housekeeper Thursday 10am – 6pm to support her Friday 10am – 8pm ten year old son Saturday 10am – 4pm is employed to Sunday 1pm – 4pm look after a once Branch Hours brilliant maths M-W-F 10am – 1pm & 2pm – 5pm professor who, as T-Th 2pm – 5pm the result of an accident, can only recall Sat 10am – 1pm the previous eighty minutes. Although During Daylight Saving - Friday 5pm – 6pm his short term memory is limited to Ashhurst Community Library eighty minutes, his mathematical Cnr Cambridge & Bamfield Streets skills are alive; using his love of Phone & Fax: (06) 326 8646 numbers, equations and riddles he enchants and engages Awapuni Branch Library College Street Shopping Centre the housekeeper and her son. Phone & Fax: (06) 356 7634 The perceptive Housekeeper cajoles the reclusive Professor into Te Pātikitiki venturing out, first for a haircut Monrad Park, Highbury Avenue and eventually to a baseball Phone: (06) 357 2108 game. Over time the three forge Roslyn Branch Library a protective family bond. 8 Kipling Street Phone: (06) 357 9287 SP's pick

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An Interview with Leith Haarhoff Off the Beaten Path – An Audiobook Tour Staff Picks

the official newsletter of the Palmerston North City Library – OCT/NOV 2009 : Issue No. 69

The Boat that Rocked

Leith Haarhoff


Award-winnin Librar y Volun g teer


At the recent T rustPower P almerston Nor Community A th wards the Lib rary Volunte in the A rts an ers won d Culture Se ction for this T his award w year. as presented in recognitio continuing w n of the ork of Library Volunteers to the work of th support e library in ou r community. Congratulati ons to all of th e Library Vol unteers.


T he library now has fou r matching se machines. lf-check


A ll are locate d on the F irst F loor, with two machine s now side -b y-side in the F iction zone . T he selfcheck s feature a to uch-screen interface, an d have the o ption to ema date -due slip il s if you've pre viously give us your ema n il add ress. T hey're easy to use - put your library card under the red scan line and follow the in structions on the screen. Of course, please ask a staff membe r if you'd like help with using the se lfchecks.

From home to work via China, Afghanistan and Ireland: An Audiobook Tour I find that I don’t get as much time for recreational reading as I’d like, so the 20 minutes I spend commuting to and from work is my precious reading time. Fortunately, I can read and keep my eyes on the road by making good use of the library’s audio book collection.

Welcome to…. Leith Haarhoff, new PNCL Head of Information Services What drew you to New Zealand in general and to Palmerston North in particular? Initially an invite to speak at the National Digital Forum in Wellington – the sun shone, the people were friendly and I saw some pretty cool digital projects, so I guess I was hooked. Why Palmerston North? I ask myself that question every day – only kidding – because of the wonderful library of course! It is the very best thing about the city. Where have you come from? From sunny Aberystwyth on the coast of mid-Wales, the popular tourist destination for all those British Midlanders who can’t afford to fly to Ibiza. I worked at the National Library of Wales for ten years. Before that – born and bred ‘Valie’ (pronounced ‘varley’). What’s that? A citizen of the Transvaal in South Africa or as it’s known nowadays, Gauteng Province or ‘Gangster’s Paradise’.

Over the last few months I’ve been spirited away to China witnessing the journey of a young Chinese peasant boy being selected to learn ballet in “Mao’s Last Dancer”. I have listened to both of Khaled Hosseini’s novels, “The Kite Runner” and “A Thousand Splendid Suns”, which have taught me so much about life in Afghanistan. At present I’m listening to a 16-disc story of a child raised in poverty and suffering terrible abuse in “Ma, he sold me for a few cigarettes”, set in Dublin. With only 3 discs to go it’s time for me to select my next adventure…I wonder where I’ll travel to on my way to work next week – India perhaps or back to Botswana to hear the next adventure from Alexander McCall Smith’s Mma Ramotswe. The audiobook collection is in the Fiction and Literature Zone on the First Floor of the Central Library. Whatever your taste in reading – non fiction or fiction, crime or romance, there is something that will appeal to you and allow you to spend hours reading, all with your eyes closed, or on the road if that’s more appropriate.

Can you tell us a bit about your role at the C ity Library?

Branch Hours Revised

Palmerston N orth City Lib rary has add time and exte ed a F riday m nded the Satu orning open rday one, in branch libra ing a comprehen ry opening h si ve ou re vi rs si . on Now all four hours and th of branches hav e opening an d closing tim e the same convenience e s are all unifor . m, for custom er The hours no w are: M-W-F 10am – 1pm & 2pm – 5pm T-Th 2pm – 5pm Sat 10am – 1pm During Daylig ht Saving Tim e there will b F ridays at 5p e an evening m-6pm. hour open,

Yes, well it’s sort of evolving, but it’s all about making sure that library users of all our services, physical and digital, have access to the information they need. My job is also to help the library navigate the change in relationship that these customers increasingly demand – they’re not just consumers of information – they are becoming producers of information too. Web 2.0 gives us the tools and digital framework to collaborate with users and facilitate wonderful creative projects. Library 2.0 is about the same idea: promoting a participatory role for library users. So, for starters: opening up the internet for all, improving access to the digital library and getting the community involved in creative projects and programmes.


Audiobooks are available in these formats: Compact Discs – standard audio disc (plays on any CD player)

What do you think is the best thing about the Library?

.mp3 CDs – require more modern players, but often contain a whole book on a single disc.

The building is incredibly inspiring and we have tons of space to do things, but the best thing is the friendliness of the staff.

Cassettes – standard audio cassette tape

What are your hobbies and interests? Oh, doing the roster of course, which I just love to do in my spare time. When I’m not doing that I’m a family man, atrociously inconsistent golfer, cyclist and a not so bad photographer and occasional artist.

DABs – Digital Audio Books. These small self-contained players are pre-loaded with a whole book. Victorplayer – this larger player is available to qualifying borrowers – with big, easy to use buttons it makes listening to audio books on CD a breeze. Contact Pam Browne, or 351 4100 for details.

Pathways October - November 2009  

Pathways is a bimonthly publication bringing you news from throughout Palmerston North City Library.

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