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Remote Data Radio Kit

Fast and Easy Stakeout Simply select the point in your data collector, and the instrument turns and aims to the stake point. Use the guidelight to get close to the point, and the AutoPoint feature of the SET110M will align with the prism, take a measurement, and report the cut/fill, in/out.

Total Remote Control Using a Data Collector, the SET110M can be controlled remotely. On-board settings and functions can be changed from the data collector as needed. The SET110M can be controlled remotely by all major data collection products, without the need to change method of work or data collection platforms.

Easy Remote Setup Setting up the SET110M for remote operation is extremely easy. Simply connect a Remote Data Radio as you would any data collector, and change the communications settings on the instrument to "Remote". Connect a Data Radio to your Data Collector and select the correct instrument type. That’s all there is to it!

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Remote Data Radio Kit

Improve Productivity On Site Using the Remote System, a crew can be more productive in the field by moving the data "to the pole" where decisions are made.

Everything In One Box The Remote Data Radio Kit from Sokkia comes complete with everything needed to operate the SET110M Total Station remotely. The kit includes two 3ASd radios, two long-life rechargeable batteries, radio case/pole brackets, stub antennas (larger, long-range antennas are available), AC Chargers, and instrument and data collector cables (9-Pin Serial).

Remote Data Radio Kit 3ASd Sokkia Corporation has chosen the Satel Remote Data Radio Kit 3ASd as a kit package available for the SET110M Total Station. The 3ASd radio system was chosen because of its history of reliability and durability in the field, and its ease of use. Radio Specifications

Fast Easy Setup The 3ASd Remote Data Radio Kit comes pre-configured to operate with the SET110M Total Station. All that is required is to charge the batteries, connect to the instrument, confirm the settings on the instrument, and select transmit and receive frequencies. (Be sure to check all Federal, State and Local regulations that may apply regarding data radio transmission.) The 3ASd radios have an LCD screen and control buttons on the radio, providing the user with total control over the radio settings, eliminating the need to connect to a PC to configure the radio. The 3ASd radios can be configured to transmit, receive, or function as repeaters to extend distance. Optional antennas are available for increased range. Multiple radios may be used with the same instrument to provide multiple data readout, or multiple users for staking large sites. Additional radios can be added at any time to transfer data back to the office, or to other sites, and many other applications.

A Complete One-Person System The SET110M Total Station, when used with a Remote Data Radio Kit, can function as a complete "one-man" system in the field. Everything can be transported to the site by one operator.

Technical Specifications – Remote Data Radio Kit 3Asd Sokkia Item # 6470-01 The equipment complies with the ETS 300 113 and 300 683 specifications. In addition it meets to EN 300 220-1 with 25 kHz channel spacing.


Frequency Range Channel Spacing Number of Channels Frequency Stability Type of Emission Communication Mode


Carrier Power Carrier Power Stability Adjacent Channel Power Spurious Radiations


Sensitivity Co-channel rejection Adjacent Channel Selectivity Intermodulation Attenuation Spurious Radiations

380…470 MHz 12.5 kHz / 25 kHz 160 / 80 < 1.5 kHz F1D Half-Duplex 10mW… 1 W / 50 ohm + 2 dB / -3 dB according to EN 300 220-1 / ETS 300 113 according to EN 300 220-1 / ETS 300 113 -116…-110 dBm (BER < 10 E-3) > -12 dB > 60 dB / >70 dB > 65 dB < 2 nW

DATA MODEM Interface Interface Connector Data Speed of RS Interface Data Speed of Radio Interface Data Formats


Operating voltage Power Consumption

Temperature Range Antenna Connector Construction Size H x W x D Installation Plate Weight

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RS-232 or RS-485, RS-422 D15, female DB9 (Base plate) 300 – 38400 bps 19200 bps (25 kHz channel) 9600 bps (12, 5 kHz channel) Asynchronous data + 9 …+30 Vdc 1.8 VA typical (Receive) 6.0 VA typical (Transmit) 0.05 VA typical (when DTR is Ó0Ò) -13˚F … 131˚F (-25 C … +55 C) TNC, 50 ohm, female Aluminum enclosure 5.4 x 2.6 x 1.2 in (137 x 67 x 29 mm) 5.1 x 2.5 x 1 in (130 x 63 x 23 mm) 8.7 oz ( 250 g )

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Satel Remote Data Radio Kit Product Brochure  

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