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A special thank you to Kat for modeling for the image for “Pretty as a Picture.”

Cover Art: This month’s cover art was submitted by Kodjo Somana. He is 17 years old from Togo in West Africa. Somana, whose favorite hobby is art, has been living in the United States for the past10 years. Somana began studying art at Mifflin Middle School in 2008. Although art did not come naturally, he worked hard for it and it is with much support and motivation that he is where he is today. Somana painted the cover with watercolors. He first tried looking at different photos of trees hoping to find some inspiration. When nothing worked, he decided to create one from his imagination and see where that would take him. The cover you see is where it ended. Each issue Palmer Grove will feature work from local artists featuring our trademark Oak Tree. For more information on cover submissions, please contact us at

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Letter from the Editor


Summer Amusement Parks


SPF What-ty?


Restaurant Review: Village Coney


My Child


Staycation: Destination Ohio


Fun Facts About the Fourth


Gourmet Bacon Grilled Cheese Sandwich


Works by Emily Flesch


Rules for Living: Rule #49


Sonnet 14


Drucella: Ever in the Fray


Fair Memories


Happy Anniversary Palmer Grove



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Summer 2012 | 3

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Death is not Always Black and White


Contributor Spotlight: Kay Rice




Works by Saad Kamal


Columbus Playground Review


Thog Write


Bittersweet Ending




Local Band: Review of Nuklhead


Pretty as a Picture


Right Beside the Lord




The Palmer Grove Photo Contest

4 | Summer 2012 Palmer Grove

Letter from the Editor Dear Reader, It’s almost hard to believe that it has been a year since I composed my first Letter from the Editor. So much has changed, and yet so much is still the same. Our staff has grown and changed many times over the past year. Contributors have come and gone and the works they create never cease to amaze. With all of the change and flow it becomes that much more amazing that this publication maintains one voice with one clear goal. Since the beginning the main focus of Palmer Grove has been to create a community of writers and artists that can come together to celebrate the works of each other’s hands. I have seen hundreds of works cross my desk and I have been able to meet dozens of the most creative people and I am excited to see what is waiting up around the bend. This issue marks the beginning of a new volume and a new chapter for Palmer Grove. We are holding our first-ever photo contest (see the back cover for more details) this year. We have begun review local eateries (page 08) and musicians (page 42) and over the next year we will be featuring reviews of other local performances and events. It is only with your help and your dedication that we are able to continue to do this work that we love. Please submit a work for consideration for the next issue of Palmer Grove (deadline is Friday, August 3, 2012 at 10:00 P.M. EST) or tell your friends and family about us. The more people that we can reach the better we can promote the works of the artists we serve. Thank you for the past year of support and we look forward to working with you for many years to come! Sincerely, Brian A. Palmer Editor in Chief Palmer Grove a Generation Voices Publication

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Summer 2012 | 5

Summer Amusement Parks By Kat Bonner, Staff Artist

This summer, a few friends of mine and I would like to visit amusement parks in, or near, Ohio and create an insider's look at the best rides. We have picked three parks, Cedar Point, King's Island, and Kennywood, to visit, but seeing as the insider's look won't be available until the September issue, here is a quick look at the parks we chose.

Cedar Point

Popular Rides: The Top Thrill Dragster is a much talked about coaster, going from 0 to 120 miles an hour in just four seconds. Though the ride is only 17 seconds long, it is well worth the long wait in line. The Millennium Force is another popular coaster. It was voted the best steel coaster on the planet every year since its opening in 2000. The Millennium Force also boasts being the tallest and fastest closed-circuit coaster in the world. Kid's Rides: Cedar Point has plenty of kid's rides and an entire area, Planet Snoopy, dedicated to young visitors.

King's Island

Where: One Cedar Point Drive, Sandusky, Oh 44870 Hours: On most days, Cedar Point is open from 10 am until 10 pm, though every Saturday in July, the park is open until midnight. Also the last two work weeks of August, the park is open from 11 am until 9 pm. September is a mess of different times, so I would suggest visiting the website for these times: hours-directions Price: Single day tickets for adults are $51.99 and children/ senior tickets are $29.99, the adult tickets are cheaper when purchased online or through Kroger.

Where: 6300 King's Island Drive, King's Island, Oh 45034 Hours: On most days the park is open from 10 am until 10 pm, though, like Cedar Point, the weekends in July are open later, until 12 am. Price: Adult tickets are $53.99 and children $32.99. Also similar to Cedar Point, adult tickets are cheaper online. Popular Rides: Invertigo is a rollercoaster in which you are seated face to face, and The Beast is the longest wooden coaster in the world, traveling 4 minutes through tunnels and dense woods. Kid's Rides: Planet Snoopy is also at here, but with different rides.

6 | Summer 2012 Palmer Grove


Where: 4800 Kennywood Boulevard, West Mifflin, Pa 15122 Hours: The park opens daily at 10:30 am but the rides dont begin until 11 am. The park closes everyday at 10 pm, but may close early depending on weather and crowd conditions. Price: An adult ticket is $37.99 and a junior's is $24.99. You must be 46" or shorter to qualify as a junior. Senior tickets are $18.99 and all tickets have a gate purchase tax of $1. Popular Rides: The Jack Rabbit has been a park favorite since 1921 when the ride opened, and the Whip is the parks oldest, flat-track ride. The Whip opened in 1918 and "whips" the cars around and elliptical track. Children's Rides: Kiddieland was established in 1923 and Mangel's Carousel has been around since the opening. Fun Fact: Kennywood opened in 1898, making the park one of the country's oldest amusement parks, and nowadays the park has "Lost Kennywood" which features the turn of the century architecture that the park opened with.

Palmer Grove

Summer 2012 | 7

Restaurant Review: Village Coney

By Johnathan Leonard The first time I stopped at Village Coney, my intended destination was actually some McTaco King place. To this day, I believe it was Kismet that guided me straight past the vintage sign and unbleached umbrellas and stopped me mid-journey. This particular day, my lunchtime needed a place that dieters, gluten-dodgers, and vegans would burst into flames for stepping inside. This was it. Once inside, I found a classic short-order burger joint fused with a sort of hipster coffee joint. Fortunately, it’s the best of both. You are typically greeted with modern music, groovy paintings and lava lamps. But it’s also a laid-back, friendly, greasy-spoon kind of place. The interior is small, but the shaded tables outside help provide some extra seating. All said, just being there is a feel-good experience. Now, let’s get to the meat of the

matter as it were. The food. I knew what I wanted. I knew they had it. I was going to get it. Then my eyes found the very extensive white-board menu. I had no idea what I wanted! Irony, you vicious bitch! After a bit of intense self-deliberation, which they were very patient about, I went with the Cleveland Dog. These may not be new to some of you Ohioans; however, this recently transplanted Texan has never had one. For those not in the know, a Cleveland Dog is a polish sausage, barbeque sauce, and French fries stuffed in a hot dog bun then topped with coleslaw. Yep, pure delicious. Since that first visit, I have made it back a few times. For those new to the Village Coney experience, I have a suggestion. A quick and tasty choice is the Number One. It is two Coneys, small fries, and a twelve ounce pop for $5.50. At that price you get the chili sauce on their signature dog, but I suggest forking over the extra buck for cheese slaw. Of course, for me, it’s always back to

8 | Summer 2012 Palmer Grove

the Cleveland. Luckily they have a variety of excellent sides. I tend to alternate between tater tots and to-kill-for potato salad. But when I wander off my usual choice, disappointment never finds me. Assorted burgers, pitas, hot dogs, and salads (including one topped with steak), I cannot hope to cover it all here. If you happen to be around High St. and Whittier St., or just want some bad ass, relatively, inexpensive food, stop by Village Coney. Oh, and one more thing; every order comes with an oatmeal pie. A sweet ending to a sweet meal.


418 E. Whittier St., Columbus, OH

Facebook: Village-Coney/68627867056

My Child By Kay Rice I look at you and I see my heart, Your smile, your actions, your way with art. The shy grin and the quirky way you walk, Even the cute way that you talk. Your eyes hold secrets both good and bad, You hold your tears in when you are sad. Trying to find how and where you fit in, Not knowing for sure who is truly a friend. I see your pain and it mirrors my own, I see a longing of wanting to roam. Your gentle steps of trying to fit in, But not quite sure where or how to begin When you are happy and bouncing and over the top, I want to bounce with you and never stop. When the rain comes down and confusion arises, I want to cover and protect your eyes. So much of myself, I see reflected in you, Though your eyes are brown and mine blue. My sweet child, as I hold your hand, I know you will grow up to be so grand. A beautiful soul with dreams all your own, You will always find love here in our home. And though you may travel far from my side, In my heart, mind and soul you will always reside. Palmer Grove

Summer 2012 | 9

Staycation: Destination Ohio

With the recession still going strong, many people are choosing to "staycation" instead of vacation. With that thought in mind, our staff has compiled some great single day activities right here in the Columbus area. Enjoy!

The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium Website: Location: 4850 West Powell Rd. | Powell OH 43065 Ages: All Cost: Under 2 Free Ages 2-9 $9.99 Ages 10-59 $14.99 Ages 60+ $10.99 Parking: Car $7.00 Bus Free Memberships: Memberships range from $40 – $99.99 for 1 year Hours: Vary by season, see website for more information. Summer hours are 9am to 7pm, and is open 363 days a year (excluding Thanksgiving and Christmas) What: The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium is an excellent venue for people of all ages! They have rides and hands on events for your little ones, informational exhibits for your young knowledge sponges, and a wide array of beautiful and amazing creatures from around the world in one place that you can’t find anywhere else! The Zoo is constantly expanding what it has to offer; from a polar bear tank that is a walkthrough tunnel for guests, to a kangaroo walk where you can see a joey up close and personal! Whether you’re bringing your family or coming alone the Zoo is always a fun and refreshing experience. If you plan on going more than once, a membership is a great investment. It allows for free parking, and free entry. If you just visit at least twice, the basic membership has paid for itself, and with the Zoo being open year around that’s an easy task to accomplish. Don’t forget to check out their website for all their fun events, like the kid friendly Boo At The Zoo and the Holiday Winter Wildlights display. Also, keep an eye out for for half-priced admission days, just note that those days will be extremely busy. Insider Tip: As an avid lover of the Zoo (and the adorable Red Panda and Kiwi Bird) I can’t get enough of the cute animals! The best time to go is a weekday, and definitely around late morning closer to 10 or 11. Going during the school season works well because it’s quite slower, and as far as crowds go you may run into classes of students on a field trip at the most. When Summer comes, stay away on weekends, and half-off days unless you’re willing to face the crowd. Just know you’ll also be looking at lines into all the special exhibits, especially the aquarium! If you’ve got little ones we all know how they feel about waiting patiently in line. The Zoo is huge so you’ll have a lot of walking to do, so make sure you’re prepared with proper footwear for the whole family. They do offer strollers and wagons for rent, but just know they won’t be cheap. It’s best to bring your own food and drink as well since there do tend to be gaps between eateries and this way you can ensure you’re well hydrated and energized at all times! 10 | Summer 2012 Palmer Grove

Hocking Hills Name of Place: Hocking Hills Website: Location: Hocking County, South East Ohio Ages: All Cost: FREE! Parking: Each of the state parks that comprise the Hocking Hills provides ample parking for visiting guests at no charge. Hours: All of the parks close at dark. What: The Hocking Hills in South Eastern Ohio are comprised of twelve separate state parks as well as numerous other attractions. There is something for every member of the family. See the caves, falls, and wildlife at Old Man's Cave or Cedar Falls. Try the local cuisine at the numerous family-owned restaurants. Take a canopy tour of the surrounding area. Go swimming at Lake Logan or spend the weekend in one of the many cabins. Whatever your interest, you can find it in the Hocking Hills. Insider Tip: While visiting the Hocking Hills, keep an eye out for random opportunities to experience the local communities. Stop at roadside markets and taste farm fresh fruits and vegetables. Explore the various flea markets and discover unexpected treasures. As long as you stay open to the possibilities, you can have many once-in-a-lifetime experiences in the wilderness

Dawes Arboretum Name of Place: Dawes Arboretum Website: Location: 7770 Jacksontown Rd., SE, Newark, OH 43056 Ages: All Cost: FREE! Hours: The Arboretum is open-free of charge-from 7am until sunset daily except New Year's, Thanksgiving and Christmas days. The Visitors Center is open Monday - Saturday, 8am - 5pm; Sundays and holidays, 10am - 5pm. What: Dawes Arboretum is a park filled to the brim with trees. The Arboretum is a wonderful place to go if you love nature. There are trails through the Arboretum, but I recommend that you stray to your heart’s desire. The Arboretum may not be the best place to take small children because there are no playgrounds, but the Arboretum is a great place for couples. The arboretum is beautiful in the fall because of all the different trees with different colors, though visiting in the summer is wonderful as well. While there don't forget to visit Outlook Tower for the wonderful view. Insider Tips: Wear comfortable hiking shoes as there is much to see here and will require quite a bit of walking. If going in the summer heat, be sure to take plenty of water!

Palmer Grove

Summer 2012 | 11

Fort Rapids Indoor Waterpark and Resort Website: Location: Fort Rapids 4560 Hilton Corporate Drive Columbus, OH 43232 877-33-SPLASH (877-337-7527) Ages: Perfect for the whole family! Although your kids and teens may find it more exciting. Cost: All Day Pass - $29.95 per person Sat-Sun All Day Pass - $23.95 per person Mon-Fri After 4:00 p.m. - $21.95 per person Spectator Pass - $9.95 per person Parking: FREE! Hours: 10am – 8pm, although it’s best to check their website calendar as some days and times may vary What: An indoor water park with 4 rapid water slides, a splash pool, kiddie pool for the little ones, relaxing lazy river, exciting water play structure, 30 person hot tub, entertaining arcade, gift shop, and restaurants. Insider Tips: As day passes are limited, it is best to call before heading over. Purchased passes are only good for the day purchased. There are generally savings when going as a family and these price breaks are listed on the website under pricing. Don't forget to bring towels, as they do not provide towels when just going for the day pass. It would be best to go during the week, during the day, between 6/15 and 8/25. The park is open every day, and closes an hour later at 9pm during that time. Less people there means more fun for you and your family!

Prairie Oaks Metro Park Website: Location: 3225 Plain City-Georgesville Road West Jefferson, OH 43162 Ages: Perfect for all ages, including dogs on leashes unless they are in the designated dog-swimming area where they are free to be off their leash. Hours: Open year-round from 6:30a.m. - Dark. Cost: FREE! Parking: FREE! What: Prairie Oaks is located in West Jefferson, Ohio, featuring nearly 500 acres of prairies and grassland. Enjoy hiking trails, picnicking, biking, fishing, canoeing, and even a leash-free dog beach for your furry friends to enjoy. Choose from 8 different trails ranging from 0.6 miles to 5.7 miles with all different kinds of scenery. Insider Tip: For the best experience at Prairie Oaks Metro Park, visit on a late fall afternoon/ evening and walk or bike the “Sycamore Plains Trail”. On this trail you will pass through the Sycamore Plains and the Tallgrass Trails while taking in the picturesque views of the transforming fall colors of your surroundings. Make sure to bring your camera and/or sketchpad to create memories of your staycation. 12 | Summer 2012 Palmer Grove

BikeColumbus Festival Website: http:// Location: COSI 333 W Broad St Ages: All Cost: $25 before July 10th, $30 after that Parking: Parking is available at COSI, see the BikeColumbus Festival website for alternative locations, and rates. Hours: Friday, July 13 Mayor’s Twilight Ride What: Join Mayor Michael B. Coleman at 7pm for a nice 10 mile leisure cruise around Columbus. Free Family Pre-Ride Party at COSI from 4-5:30 p.m. with activities, games, and prizes. It’s a fun event for the whole family! Location: Bicentennial Park Ages: Recommended for ages 12+ Cost: $30 Parking: See website for information on parking locations available and rates Hours: Saturday, July, 14 Steve Barbour Memorial Tour What: Nice all day bike ride with 31, 62, 93, or 124 mile rides. Fully supported with SAG vehicles for help with any sort of bike problems you might encounter during your ride. This bike tour helps support Columbus Outdoor Pursuits and Consider Biking Steve Barbour Memorial Fund, which promotes bike safety and education programs. Special Discount: Save $10 when you sign up in advance for both at the discounted rate of $50! Rider Check in: 7 to 9 a.m. 124 and 93 mile riders start at: 7:30 a.m. 62 mile riders start at: 8:30 a.m. 31 mile riders start at: 9:30 a.m. Riders are provided with food and rest stops complete with entertainment. This tour is more suited for grown ups and teenagers. I would only suggest the 31 mile tour for children 10-12 if they have a couple years of solid bicycle experience and don’t mind riding for a couple hours. Insider Tip: Always remember to bring plenty of water and eat plenty of food the day before the ride. Small snacks such as granola bars will also help you from feeling fatigued. Make sure you bike is in good working order! If not stop by a bicycle shop a couple weeks before the ride to get it checked out and adjusted to your liking.

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Summer 2012 | 13

14 | Summer 2012 Palmer Grove

Gourmet Bacon Grilled Cheese Sandwich By Sarah Flesch

Ingredients 2 slices of Italian white bread 1 tbsp butter 4 to 6 slices of cooked bacon 3 slices of any cheese of your choice, feel free to mix it up and try multiple cheeses Onions, diced to your liking 1 tsp brown sugar 1 tsp butter Salt Pepper 2 to 3 slices of fresh tomato Olive oil 1. Dice your onions and put the desired amount into a small skillet on low heat. 2. Mix in 1 tsp butter, brown sugar, and salt and pepper to your liking. 3. Continue to stir the mix until the onions begin to take on a light caramel brown shade once they are a nice golden brown turn off the heat and remove the onions from the burner. 4. Take your bread and generously butter both slices on both sides. 5. In a large skillet on low to medium heat place the slices side by side. 6. Wait about 2 to 3 minutes; you can use a spatula to check. Once bread is lightly browned flip both slices. 7. Now add your cheese (in the example I used a slice of cheddar, a slice of mozzarella and shredded colbyjack). You can do whatever you prefer. 8. Keeping the heat low put a lid on your skillet and cover for about 3 minutes, or until the cheese is fully melted. Periodically check to ensure burning does not occur. 9. Slice up your tomato slices on a plate, and drizzle with a little olive oil 10. Once done remove your bread slices and put on a plate, add the bacon, caramelized onions, and tomato slices. 11. Put your sandwich together, slice, serve, and savor!

Palmer Grove

Summer 2012 | 15

16 | Summer 2012 Palmer Grove

Works by Emily Flesch The images on this and the following page were submitted by Emily Flesch. This Page: Young Love Next, Top Left: Claire Next, Top Right: Thinking Next, Bottom: Lindsey and Chuck

Check out more of Emily’s work at pages/Emily-MariePhotography/176179682438981 Palmer Grove

Summer 2012 | 17

18 | Summer 2012 Palmer Grove

Rules for Living: Rule #49

appreciated for taking care of the home and children. So instead of discussing it, one of the parties cheated, not allowing a chance for the relationships to be worked out.

By Jeff Lafferty Typically, I type the title of the rule so you can read what the topic of the column is about. However, this time, I wanted to leave it in suspense because I think that this time it could be important to read and draw the rule from the writing. It’s important to me that everyone understand what the rule is and why it’s important to me. The late singer Whitney Houston’s mega hit song “Greatest Love of All” is about the greatest love you can have: the love for oneself. Studies have shown that what people want from their job is not more money, more vacation time, or better benefits (although those were in the top four) but what people really want is the reassurance that they are doing a good job and their work is appreciated. It also works for other relationships you have in your life. Family, friends and significant others want to be appreciated and loved. You hear about couples getting a divorce, or on a funnier level, watching on The Jerry Springer Show, breaking up because of the people in the relationship felt that their lover didn’t appreciate all the things they did for them. They didn’t feel appreciated for working 5060 work weeks, or they didn’t feel

Love is always a tricky subject, from the young love of high school, “I will always love you!” type love, to the mature love of an older couple who has loved and lost, sometimes more than once or twice. When that love comes to an end, one person always moves on quicker than the other, leading the first to believe that they didn’t love them the same way. The person with the broken heart cries, and their friends give them advice like “There are other fish in the sea”, or “When a door shuts, another one will open”. We all know someone who has been through this at least once in our lives. Being hurt by someone like that is a huge withdrawal on your “emotional bank account” and feeling like there wasn’t a deposit to cover it. Emotional bank accounts are something that everybody can be aware of both in work and personal relationships. The first time I heard this phrase, I was a retail store manager. It meant having awareness of people responding when you say something, paying attention to them, and paying them compliments as needed. It’s a deposit in their emotional bank account. Some people may not understand the importance of making these deposits, but the power of words is a very scary thing. If you are reading this right now, and you manage people in your daily life, I guarantee, if you just pay attention and notice when someone does something different, then pay them a compliment, you will have a more productive and more satisfying environment, whether at work or at home. If you have had a poor relationship with someone, just the simple act of finding one nice thing to say will work toward improving that relationship. I don’t claim to be a relationship expert, or really an expert in any subject whatsoever, but the one thing that I do know is that I can learn by watching

how other people handle the same situation. Don’t get me wrong, in my past I have cried over people that I know would never cry over me or would even show up to my funeral when I pass on from this earth, and that’s fine. I can’t worry about things that I can’t control and that’s my other reason for this rule. People sometimes focus on things that they really can’t control. Moving your focus to something that you can’t control may make you lose sight of something that you would have some control over. Don’t misunderstand what I am saying here. I want you to mourn and go through the natural emotions of a break up, but I don’t want is for you to put too much of yourself in the relationship when the other person is not putting forth an equal amount. In the movie, “Cousins”, two cousins find out their spouses are having affairs. One of their uncles gives this advice: “You can make your life either chicken shit or chicken salad it’s really up to you.” It’s a really good phrase because it’s something that really rings true. You have the ability to say to yourself “I am not going to allow this person to change the course of my life. It’s my life and I am in control of what I do with it and I will live the life that I want.” Is it easy for me to say and type this? Sure of course. When you have battled some of the battles that I have, I wouldn’t be the person that I am today if I allowed myself to cry over people who wouldn’t cry over me. It’s really about self respect, dignity and being the person that you want to be. If you follow this, you will find that you will not be going through a roller coaster of emotions on a daily basis but having a feeling of being more in control of your life. And that’s why Rule 49 for me is “Never cry over somebody that won’t cry over you.” It’s just not worth it.

Palmer Grove

Summer 2012 | 19

20 | Summer 2012 Palmer Grove

Drucella: Ever In The Fray

By Brandon Hurley Introduction and Notes by Carri Bonner Brandon Hurley and his band, Octalux, stepped up to be featured in Palmer Grove’s premier issue, giving us an insight to why Hurley wrote one of their songs. It was with anticipation that I contacted Hurley again to find out what Drucella, his new band, and “Ever In the Fray”, his new album, was all about. He reached deep and told me a story I didn’t expect to hear, and put a human face to some musicians that deserve to be honored and remembered. Without further ado, the story of Drucella and Hurley’s journey to getting it produced. In Hurley’s words: The story of Drucella begins long ago, so let’s hop in the time machine and hang on!

My first band was with 3 friends: Greg Moore, Rocky Rothenbusch, and Charles Stonewall. We were all living in Somerset, Kentucky. A small town with nothing much to do, Greg and Rocky started a band called Dark:30. Greg recruited me for some unknown reason and the three of us started the occasional jam session. I had been friends with Greg for years after meeting at church, Beacon Hill. He knew Rocky through his job where they also eventually met Charles. It was anything but serious, most times we’d just hang out. We were a band without a drummer, without a focus, without a real reason for being other than we were bored young adults searching for our way in the world.

But then one day, Greg and Rocky met Charles. He was a drummer and since we’d never had one, we started taking things more seriously. We started writing more and more songs and began wanting to actually

start playing shows. Charles made us a band. We started rehearsing and playing shows locally around Somerset, JC Fairgrounds, and National Guard Armory. We met several friends, went to shows and started recording our first of several multiplatinum albums at CRC, Cumberland Recording Company, right next to Beacon Hill Baptist Church where I had met Greg. We could set the world afire…it was, at it’s finest, the sweetest taste on earth, innocence. It ended up having a lasting impact on my life. It was my first band, formed with friends and taught me how to view the world outside of the narrow view I was raised with. It allowed me to meet different types of people from very different backgrounds and to express myself and my pent up emotions. Dark:30 wasn’t just about me, it was about Greg Moore, Charles Stonewall, Hank Perry and Rocky Rothenbusch.

Palmer Grove

Summer 2012 | 21

We were wrapped up in recording and all excited. We couldn’t wait for the world to hear our magnificent masterpiece and would get our album back from the duplication plant within a few weeks. Life was perfect. Until, suddenly, it wasn’t. In the spring of 1996, only weeks before our first album was to be released, Rocky was killed in a car wreck with his 2 month old baby. His wife was left needing replacement hips. Charles, Greg, and I felt so lost. All we had wanted to do was be a band, be friends and be together, but now we were broken and searching for a way and a reason to go on to whatever it was that fate had in store for us. This was the first time anyone close to my own age and had been close to died. He was gone. Forever. The thrill we all felt just a few weeks prior, listening to our first record, high fives being passed around, and pats on the back were replaced with a foreboding emptiness that embraced us all. Rocky’s death brought Charles, Greg and I closer. We wanted to continue, it’s all we knew. We found a new friend and bassist in Hank Perry and we soldiered on. We did our thing from 1995-1998, but as with all things, peoples’ perspectives change and desires grow to do more things in life. We had run our

course, having recorded two full length albums: 1996’s “In the Machine” and 1997’s “God’s Favorite Band”. Once Dark:30 had ended, on good terms, Greg went on to be a business owner and an active player in community theater. Hank, Charles and I went on to play in various bands separately. Although Charles and I recorded another album with another band, we kind of lost contact with one another. I went on to front for Octalux and moved to Lexington, Kentucky in 2001. As Octalux was set to release “Loud, Fast and Awesome” in 2005, I got a call from Greg saying Charles had been in an ATV accident and was in the intensive care unit in Lexington. I went to see my long lost brother laying in the hospital, with a broken neck and never being able to walk again. More importantly, he would never be able to share his gift of playing the drums again, the one thing that he had always told me made the world go away and gave him peace. Charles has since settled in Cincinnati and is paralyzed from the neck down with little use of his hands. A brother musician, his talent lost to us forever. No one knew where Hank disappeared to, and rumor had it he had fallen on hard times, but no one we knew actually knew where he was. In 2009, I began working with a facility called Radical Rehab Solutions. They provide cognitive retraining to people with Traumatic Brain Injuries. I use music therapy to help with this goal. In

22 | Summer 2012 Palmer Grove

2011, Octalux had decided to go on hiatus before finishing the album we started in March 2011. I was kind of bummed out and had nothing to do. As I was helping people recovering from TBI through music therapy and together, we were writing catchy songs that only served to wet my appetite to play and record. So in the summer of 2011, I knew that Somerset had an upcoming battle of the bands 3-day festival they do every year. I decided to get some friends together from the Dark:30 days and do a tribute show to Dark:30 and raise money for Charles, our fallen drummer. When I contacted Lance Abbot (original drummer for Octalux and Unbroken) and Rick Winstead (original bassist for Octalux and DoC), they jumped at the chance. I contacted Greg, but he initially declined saying that “he wasn’t that person anymore, not angry and pissed off at the world.” Sad as I was, I decided to carry on and do the show anyway. A friend and great drummer I knew, James Wheat, originally jammed with me to start fleshing out some of the rejected tunes I brought in for the unfinished Octalux album as did Tommy Tredway (drummer for The Fontaine Band), but due to their schedules, anything consistent was all but out of the question. I decided to use Lance Abbott to finish work-

ing out the tunes. At this time, I was working on the Dark:30 Reunion/Tribute rehearsals, the TBI songs, and the Drucella songs I wanted to record. When I contacted Charles to let him know what was going on and how I wanted to raise money for him, he said thank you, but he wanted the money raised to go to the brain injury clients, specifically to the Brain Injury Alliance of Kentucky. That would be enough to make him happy and he definitely wanted me to carry through with the idea. Because Kentucky has double the national average of people living with and sustaining TBI (it’s the signature wound of veterans returning from the war), I was happy to know that I would be helping countless people by doing this for Charles. All along, Greg, while not committing to the music, created a Dark:30 Facebook page and all of the old friends and old times got me to thinking something was missing. I used my Facebook stalking stills to track down the elusive Hank Perry, and low and behold, I found him. When I contacted him, he had gotten back on his feet, was doing well and was very happy with life. He found his path in life, works for the VA in Lexington and lives within a couple miles of my house, just like the old days. There were a few times I wasn’t sure about all I was doing. Will Sowers from

Emarosa and I would talk, and he would always encourage me. For me, this was the perfect time to give back. I have recorded ten albums since the Dark:30 days, went on tours, played a ton of shows. I have gotten to meet and record with some of my heroes, and graduated from University of Kentucky. It was time; time to pay tribute. Time to honor those fallen and lost. Time to

remember the old days. So we started recording the Drucella album in October 2011, based off a guitar riff I had written before Dark:30 had ever met Charles in Rocky’s house. It was a riff I had never done anything with, and everyone who heard it loved the feel of it in contrast to basically only ever having heard me do Octalux music, so that was a great sign I was doing something right! Nearing the tribute show day, Greg agreed to do a few songs with us and came to rehearsal and it felt like the original days of the band. After the first run through, he pulled me aside and said if I wanted him to sing a few

more songs, he would. I said, “Great! Sing the whole damn set and life will be awesome!” He agreed and it was on. My friend Molten Johnston had joined on to play lead guitar and things came together very quickly. The show was a success and we saw a ton of old faces at the show – everything was a fantastic journey in a time machine!! The purpose of the show was to spread awareness about treating and preventing TBI as well as showing a new generation of kids in Somerset, that even small town kids can grow up to achieve their desires and follow their dreams. It doesn’t mean the stars aren’t there for the taking, it just means you have to see your dreams, believe in your dreams and yourself and eventually you’ll get more than you ever wanted from them. During the process of getting the new merchandise together for the show, I decided to package a Dark:30 Greatest Hits disc. While going through the archives, I ran across a song Greg, Charles, Hank, and I had recorded for our second album but didn’t include for some reason. I had all the tracks digitally remastered by Jason Groves at Sneak Attack Studios and put it on as a hidden track. For those listening, it’s called “Stone”. While recording the Drucella album, I fell in love again with the Dark:30 songs and want-

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The name Drucella came from my Mom. It’s her middle name and has hated it my entire life. I’m not sure why, but she has always made no bones about not liking it. Because I’ve said I play my music for a lot of reasons, a main one being my Dad, I felt it would only be right to name the new band after my mom since she’s always been there for me. When I called her and told her about my idea, she was less than thrilled, so again, I knew I was doing something right! ed to update them. So we cut four Dark:30 tunes and another Dark:30 song that the original band only played a handful of times but never recorded. I would send Lance a rough demo of whatever songs we were recording, but never rehearse them with him. I wanted to maintain the instantaneous “in the moment” magic of performing a song together for the first time for the album, and luckily it worked. Every track

on the album is either a first, second, or third take of the songs. Lance probably hated doing it that way (he likes to be prepared as do I) but I was insistent on it… and it worked!

I don’t know where Drucella will take me, but I cannot wait to find out! Rock! Hurley

“Ever In the Fray” is a very, very 90’s inspired with a modern feel, getting in touch with my past and getting to relive all those great forgotten memories album. It has helped me come full circle and to terms with my entire career as an independent musician. It’s my personal ode to all eras of rock, from the beginnings til today as I’ve always been a huge music fan. I wanted it to be representative of who I am, both my origins and where I am today as an artist. Octalux has it’s own feel and vibe and provides an excellent outlet for me, but I didn’t want it to be my only outlet. Drucella is the counter-balance to Octalux. I will always inter-mingle the two so don’t be surprised to see songs from one at the other’s performances.

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Brandon Hurley’s links can be found below, as well as a couple additional links: Dark30/109050429162535 TheFontaineBand Battle of the Bands - Somerset RadicalRehab

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Happy Anniversary Palmer Grove! Our first issue was difficult, getting people to take a risk and believe that their writing, art and photos would actually get seen. We struggled with layout, wanting to look more professional but not quite getting there. However, every piece that was in that first issue was submitted by someone who took a chance on Palmer Grove whether is was a staff member or a reader. Every piece was submitted by someone who believed in mine, Brian’s and Rachel’s dreams and dedicated themselves to helping us.

By Carri Bonner,

Editorial Director I am stunned by the idea that we have been an online publication for a full year with this issue. Four issues have come and gone, and this, our July 2, 2012 issue is our first anniversary issue. I looked back over the issues in the last few days, chuckled, cried, and smiled with the flood of memories that washed over me. For me, Palmer Grove is a walk through the last year of my life (in our last issue we had a graduation piece on my oldest, as well as including other life events) and a wonderful statement of those that have supported us in this endeavor. When Brian first approached me with the idea of Palmer Grove, I was intrigued, excited and hopeful. After the idea truly settled in, I began to wonder just how successful something like this might be. Brian has had big dreams for us from day one; from Palmer Grove magazine to publishing books for our writers, he has mapped it out, one step at a time, over the course of the next 5 years. It became easier and easier to buy into the dream and allow it to truly become mine as well. Rachel joined us in this dream and began truly turning it into a reality with us.

Our second issue was our largest at that point, filled with photos from our first ever holiday photo shoot. That day will stay in my memory forever as we filled my home with small children and gave them the experience of Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas (complete with presents!) all wrapped up in one day. We put up and took down decorations, cooked an entire Thanksgiving Day dinner, and cleaned up all in one action packed day. It would not have been a success without our little models and patient parents who not only gave up a full day, but helped us to the best of their abilities with making the photo shoot go as smoothly as possible. Our third issue was our health and betterment issue, filled with ways to improve your health and life. We had plenty more reader submissions including a wonderful Groundhog’s Day article and lots of photos from Emily Flesch who was just starting her photography business. It was our largest viewed issue and introduced so many more readers to our little magazine. Our fourth issue was again filled with submissions from our readers. From poetry to stories, artwork to photos, we filled the pages with ideas, thoughts, hard-work and hopefulness from those that wanted to be published in the annals of Palmer Grove. We attempted to introduce our first fashion contest (which didn’t quite go as planned) and revamped to include fun fashion rules and prom ideas. We covered weddings to graduation and basically anything fun and the end of spring. We included

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our own high school photos as we congratulated our in-house artist as she graduated shortly after the issue release. Palmer Grove has consumed many staff hours, given us many laughs, and opened the eyes of our friends and families to our talents. It allowed us to acknowledge our friends and families in their talents as well and gave some of our contributors the courage to follow their dreams even further by submitting to other magazines, publication companies and contests. But most of all, Palmer Grove has given all of us a voice. From readers to staff, Palmer Grove has allowed many of us to follow our personal dreams and see our name in a by-line or caption. It has allowed us to be praised by those we care about and allowed us to bask in the knowledge that we took a chance at letting our inner art and thoughts be seen. It has given us the voice to speak out, to be heard and know that we are better for it. Read, Write, Discover. That is our motto, and I cannot wait to read, write and discover even more about our readers and staff. Thank you for believing in and supporting our dreams. Thank you for submitting your works and art to help us follow our dream of a reader submitted magazine. Thank you for giving us the courage to continue to follow our dream into the next year and many more!


By Denise Lamb Love…Means so many things to different people. You can have love and take it for granted. You can buy fake love. You can have the adoring love from a pet. You can have the bonding love of a parent. There is the innocent love of a child. However, where does true love come from? How is it found and where can it be gotten? I believe that true love is found when you have an open mind about things. If you see love growing up, then you are sure to see it when it is standing right in front of you… right? Not always true. The heart wants what it wants, and sometimes our head overrules our heart. We tend to throw logic in with love and that does not always work out so well.

Love is a strong emotion. One can love with all their heart yet hurt the one they love. The word love is thrown out when people sometimes feel obligated to return another’s feeling. That is wrong on so many levels. Do not try to fake love. It will happen, when it happens and when it does it usually knocks you for a loop. Love is all encompassing. It will leave you breathless and helpless and yet make you strong. It has the power to change a human, as well as the world. Yet some do not allow it in for fear of becoming weak. Love is for fools? Not so. For without love we would be bleak. The sun would shine a little less bright without love. Love as they say “Makes the world go round.” When you are lucky enough to find love, hold on to it. Do not let others come between you and the one you

love. Sometimes those who stand on the outside looking in, want the kind of love you have and will do anything they can to destroy it. Love with all your heart, do not be afraid to let go of all your doubts and worries. Sometimes you may be surprised, sometimes you will be hurt. However, if you hide, love will never find you. You have to trust, yourself as well as the person you love and let go and live your life the way you want it to be. Learn to forgive yourself and others, so you can open your heart. Respect is a two way street. You cannot expect someone to love and respect you, if you cannot do the same for yourself. Be kind, be respectful and choose your words carefully.

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Summer 2012 | 27

Death Is Not Always Black and White By Denise Lamb

Norman Cousins was once quoted as saying, “The tragedy of life is not death but what we let die inside of us while we live.” Death comes in many shapes and forms. The French call an orgasm “La petite mort” meaning “the little death“. It is also a term used when something so tragic happens “we die a little inside”. With life, we must have death. We expect death to come to our elders, but never to our younger generation. Young people live so fiercely, believing they are invincible. With a loved one dying, there is a part of us that goes with them. We want to cling to them, begging them not to go. The pain seems so unbearable, that we may never move forward again. Time moves so slowly in our darkest hour. Time moves on, just, as it has before and the pain lessens a little more. Nothing goes on forever. However, in this throwaway era we are living in, we are more willing to toss aside something instead of working on it. In marriages, friendships, jobs, or life, we should not be so willing to give up a part of ourselves

just to conform to others’ way of thinking. We should not try to mold ourselves to fit in someone’s world. We should strive to live each and every day as if we are starting from the ground up and not be so complacent.

People are so scared of what others think, they are afraid to live their own life. We should learn to accept others for who they are and not who we think they should be. Now, that is not saying you cannot call them out on doing wrong. We can all stand to improve our way of life. There is always room for improvement. The old saying of “you cannot teach an old dog new tricks” is not the way you should be doing things. Everyone can learn something new. You just have to keep an open mind about it. I see marriages falling apart, my own being one of them. There are things that I could have done different. I did not have to cut my nose off to spite my face at times. However, all the wishes in the world can never change a thing, unless you are truly wanting it to work out. It takes two to take a marriage work and two to make it fall apart. Marriage should be for all the right reasons and not as a means of escape. It should be between two people who cannot stand to be without the other. Marriage is not a means of con-

28 | Summer 2012 Palmer Grove

venience, nor should it be a business merger. Marriage, like friendships, have their ups and downs. Learning to say you’re sorry, and mean it, goes a long way to mending hurt feelings. Yet, if you never learn to give and take over a period of time someone dies a little more on the inside. Friendships are a lot like marriages. You bring different ideas together and learn how to get along. You trust, you share, and you tell each other everything. When that trust is broken it is hard to get it back and sometimes all the sorry in the world will never get it back. When lies are found out, we wonder if that relationship was ever real. Our heart aches and a little piece of us dies. Death comes no matter what we do, no matter where we are, no matter who we are with. How we handle what goes on around us determines our growth process. We learn from everyone who comes into our lives. We choose our own paths to happiness. The old saying “you reap what you sow” still holds true.

Contributor Spotlight: Kay Rice

poetry? I have been writing poetry since grade school. I had a teacher that took an interest in my writings and offered critiques and helped to build my talent. I try to give a voice to express what I couldn’t otherwise. My grandmother and my friends gave me the support and courage that I needed to continue pursuing my poetry.

By Brian A. Palmer,

Editor in Chief

Each issue we will select one of our wonderful contributors and take some time to get to know them a little better. This month the staff unanimously selected Kay Rice for our second Contributor Spotlight. I had the wonderful privilege of completing this interview. Where are you from? I am from Woodsfield, Ohio in the Southeast corner of Ohio which is the Monroe County seat. I grew up on a dairy farm and graduated from Marietta College in 1984. What do you do? Currently, I am a Database Application Specialist for the Ohio Farm Bureau Foundation. What are your interests? Hobbies? In my free time I enjoy fishing, canoeing, camping, hunting, gardening, zip lining in the Hocking Hills; I want to try everything that life has to offer. Why do you choose to write

What is your writing process? First, I have to have the spark. Something will speak to me. I jot down notes whenever a thought comes to me. Sometimes the scribbles write themselves. Other times inspiration comes in the form of a whisper. There have been times when I have pull my car to the side of the road to write my ideas down. What inspires you? My emotions, feelings that may be difficult to verbalize. My son, my children, my husband, my friends. I find inspiration in random things that happen; anything that speaks to me. What do you hope that readers take away from your work? I want readers to be able to see themselves. I am continuously drawn to the image of the phoenix rising from her ashes. The idea of fresh life from pain and death. I hope that my work will help the reader to find their wings, to obtain growth, freedom, and survival all based on an unseen strength. Why did you first submit your work to Palmer Grove? Carri had mentioned the magazine in a conversation and suggested that I submit some of my work to the upcoming issue. So, I sent her a few works to read

and ended up submitting them for the issue. My husband had been pushing me to publish my work for awhile and this seemed like the perfect opportunity. What responses did/have you received since publication in Palmer Grove? Selected for the publication of the International Poetry Movements 2011 Celestial Book Selected as the one of the Best Poets and Poems of 2011 (International Poetry Movement). Selected for the America's Amateur Poets Award 2011. My blog http://www.wordsfrom was recently selected for a "Beautiful Blogger" award. My Book Words from the Ashes was published in April of 2012. What made you decide to submit work again after your first time? I enjoyed seeing my work in print. If one person could be touched by my work, then this is a great way to do just that. Plus, I always enjoy the graphics that the staff creates for my work. The graphic for “Freedom to Live” was exactly what I had always pictured when I wrote it. What would you say to someone who was considering contributing to Palmer Grove? I tell them to write out loud and Palmer Grove provides the perfect audience to let your work speak. If nothing else, it allows you to get your toe in the water and makes it that much easier to jump in and publish more.

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Summer 2012 | 29

Cruelties By Denise Lamb

There are a lot of things I would change in my life if I could. I am pretty much like everyone else, accept for one thing... I have a mean streak a mile wide. I do not go out of my way to be mean, at least I try not to. However, some people tend to bring out the worst in me. Sometimes, I feel like I am an observer in my own life. I watch others live and have the things I wish could be mine. I am not envious... Ok maybe a little. It is hard seeing the cruelties spread about like wildfire on a windy day and not get a little singed. I watch and listen to words that fall like putrid vomit that is meant to hurt innocents. I become entangled in the wicked web of lies, where their treacherous deceit is a way of life. I try to say what is on my mind, and for some, I hold nothing back. They still come no matter what I say, because they know I will carry those secrets to my grave. Just as my father did. I have watched my best friend, lose her husband to cancer, and find out he was cheating on her with a so-called friend. She is one of the sweetest people I know, but she is like the proverbial door mat. Her husband walked all over her for the full 25 years their marriage lasted. I saw the pain, the depression, and the breaking of her heart a little more each day until there was hardly anything left of her former self. I could have cheerfully

wrecked his world, but I did nothing except console her. To have hurt him, would have hurt her and that I can never do. While she and the kids will be better off without him in my eyes, I know she loved him with all her heart. In retrospect, I can see where I was wrong to listen to a few people. However, in my defense, these were supposed to be friends telling me how things should be. Nowadays, I find myself very lonely. Of course there are always family and friends dropping by, and my sidekicks Mutt and Jeff. I do not know what I would do without my pit-bulls. They bring me such joy. I can still remember the day I found them by the bayou, cold, wet, and starving. How anyone could be so cruel to helpless puppies is beyond me. At least animals love you no matter what. I love my fur babies. I do not have many friends that I can trust with my secrets, but I am the keeper of many. I hate being the one they confide in. The one they trust. I hate being the one they run to when they have a problem. While I do not want to judge them for the stupid crap they do, in my mind I do. I am human. What can I say? It is hard to stay neutral and not say what is on your mind. Most people just need an outlet to vent to. They need someone who will

30 | Summer 2012 Palmer Grove

keep their opinions to their self, as they blurt out their confessions of adultery, thievery, drug use or whatever else they need to get off their chest. They do not care if that secret will haunt you for the rest of your days. They do not care if they if it digs holes in your soul. They just need you as a confessional. I am so sick of their lies. They’re hurting not only the ones they have wronged, they are hurting me too. I keep saying karma needs to come quicker for some, so I can be unburdened. How do you tell the mother of your godchild, “Quit being a lying, back stabbing, adulteress?� She does not want to hear what I think. She just needs to unload her conscience, so she can keep doing her day-to-day. She does not care if her daughter finds

out she is having an affair with her science teacher or how it will devastate her. She does not care if her husband of almost twenty years, who loves her more than the air he breathes, will crumble into a fetal position upon finding out. Lastly she does not care that she lied her way into a better job, and that she is learning as she goes. Does she really care if these lies will come to light of day? Yes she does, because I hear it in her voice as she tells me all the details I would rather not know. How can I not see the bruises on the alabaster skin of my neighbor? She is so tall and model like. A very breathtaking image to behold, except for the black, purple, and yellow marks marring her pictureperfect image. She wears long sleeves in the dead of summer to hide them from prying eyes. She never talks of them and the few times I have remarked upon them she hangs her head down, and tells me how clumsy she is and bitterly laughs them away. I so wish I could do the things to her boyfriend that he does to her. I would take my time with him. Slowly smack him around, letting him know who was in control. Abuse him as he does her, making him feel like he was nothing. No, I have never seen him lay a finger on her but falling down stairs does not leave hand imprints on skin. Until she comes to me and asks for help, I have to respect her privacy right? What if I come home though, and this one time he went too far and I will never look upon her beautiful smile again? Do I keep this secret too?

How I wish I never saw the teenage daughter of a friend shop lift. Do I go to the mother and tell her what I saw? Do I tell the daughter? What is the protocol? If I do not tell, it is another secret I have hanging over my head. I am so tired of keeping secrets. What kind of person does that make me? On the one hand it proves that I can be trustworthy, right? On the other hand it makes me feel guilty, like I am the same as the one I am keeping secrets for. How far do I carry them? Do I carry the secrets as my father did, to the grave? I feel like they are eating me alive from the inside out. Karma better come soon for those that I carry these shameful secrets for. However, what if it comes for me instead? At least I will be free then. I hate that I have to look my boss in the eye, and see the affair he is having with his brother-in-law. I wish I would have never went back to the office to get my phone. I would have never seen them clenched in a lovers embrace, pulling at each as if they were two lost souls who had found home. That will haunt me until the end of my days. If you are so in love, yet have to hide how you feel, is that love worth it? Is love worth hurting those around you? I hate that I have to watch those around me and never say a word. Who I am to judge? I have many skeletons in my so-called closet. Some that I deem far, far worse. There are times that it hurts to look in the mirror and see me staring back at it. My sarcastic, indifferent nature has caused many problems. I use it as a barrier, hoping to keep others away.

For some it work, and for others they seem to see through it and befriend me anyway. They take great pleasure in telling me to shut up and quit being someone I am not. I hate caring about all those I carry secrets for. They tear at my heart. For some, I can see the other side of the coin and see why they do the things they do. It still does not justify their behavior though. I can see myself slowly slipping into the edge of madness. Is this how my father felt near the end of his life? I wonder if that is the reason he kept us at arm’s length? So the secrets he carried would not leave their imprints upon us and cause us harm too. Well, karma has come to a certain person. I can cross them off my list and my heart be unburdened just a bit. However, I do not feel the relief or the joy that I thought I would feel. I feel sick to my stomach, like I want to throw up. This is not how I thought I would feel at all. I thought I would be rejoicing in the streets, dancing the night away. I would not wish the thought of cancer on my worst enemy. Karma, retribution or whatever you want to call it is not all it is cracked up to be. I thought once they were bitten and paid back, I would feel so much better but my heart still hurts, for the family and friends of this person. Maybe I am just as judgmental, and as hateful as all the others. I am no different from those I have accused, judged, and determined guilty. Are you too?

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32 | Summer 2012 Palmer Grove

Works by Saad Kamal The images on this and the following page were submitted by Saad Kamal. This Page: Stairway to the Moon Next, Top: Solo Next, Bottom: Hand Groom Facing, Top: Sabeen Facing, Bottom: Roadside Tea Palmer Grove

Summer 2012 | 33

34 | Summer 2012 Palmer Grove

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Summer 2012 | 35

Columbus Playground Review By Jonas Maguire,

Photographic Designer Is there a better way to get your children outside and active this summer than a trip to the park? Columbus is home to a great number of beautiful parks with awesome playgrounds just waiting to be enjoyed. Playgrounds are a wonderful way to keep your kids from becoming couch potatoes, and best of all they’re free! Here are my five favorites throughout Columbus and each one has their own offerings.

Whetstone Park First on the list is the gorgeous Whetstone Park. It is

located within smelling distance of the beautiful Park of Roses, and as such the distinct fragrance is carried down to the playground. The playground area is big and diverse providing entertainment for children from preschool all the way to preteen, and it’s set up so that the area for smaller children is far enough away from the bigger slides so that you won’t have to worry about you preschooler getting run over. Another nice feature is the abundance of trees around the playground provided a nice shade, which is essential in the summer months. One important thing to note is that the area for small children is sand instead of the woodchip base the other section has so be prepared to be cleaning out sand from every

36 | Summer 2012 Palmer Grove

possible part of your child.

Goodale Park With its vast size and wide variety of trees providing ample amounts of shade, Goodale Park is the ideal location for your family picnic. It also features two great playgrounds virtually right across the sidewalk from each other, which have more than enough slides, monkey bars, and swings to keep your kids entertained for hours on end. Both playgrounds feature a nice woodchip base that provides plenty of cushion incase a fall should occur. All in all Goodale Park provides a perfect summertime family

friendly destination.

Scioto Audubon Metro The main attraction of the Scioto Audubon Metro Park is the country’s largest free outdoor climbing wall, but it’s also home to a very nice, almost pristine children’s playground. The first thing that you’ll notice about the playground is just how futuristic it looks. From the swooping metal arcs that support the structures all the way down to the soft shock absorbing foam like ground surface this park could almost be called a work of abstract art. Another feature that I’ve yet to see anywhere else is a Neos ® Interactive Gaming Wall that has several aerobic exercise games to keep your kids active while

having fun. This is a great place to bring your kids for a unique experience they won’t get many other places. It’s also a great way to save money if you plan on raising rock climbing prodigies.

Schiller Park Schiller Park is located in the heart of the historic German Village, and is home to a nice, big playground with a wide variety for kids of all ages. There are plenty of slides, seesaws, and swings to keep a group of over 20 kids entertained, and it is spread out enough so that they won’t feel crowded. Impossible to miss is the gigantic tree that sits in the middle of the playground casting a nice shade over the play area, which is essential during the hot summer months. Although this play-

ground is located very close to the road the playground is surrounded with a fence that will keep even the most mischievous children inside.

Fancyburg Park Fancyburg Park not only has the coolest name of any park I’ve visited, but it also houses the largest playground I think I’ve ever seen. It really has pretty much everything your kids could ever wish for in a playground. There’s playhouses, swings, tic-tac-toe boards, slides, firemen poles, and much more… they even have a large abacus! This is a very pretty park, and it’s kept extremely clean. This would be the perfect park for a large group of children of all ages.

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Summer 2012 | 37

38 | Summer 2012 Palmer Grove

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Summer 2012 | 39

Bittersweet ending By Cheryl Muller

Time is a precious and a wicked thing. Winter is long with a mighty short Spring. You hold on tight while the wind blows strong. You hope you're right, but you're often wrong. Her story ends with a vague lament. She tried her best; that was her intent... But her children frown as they turn away. Do they even know that she dies that day? If the clock went back, would she do the same? Would she give her all for a losing game? Though their love was brief it was priceless gold. It flamed like a star before it grew cold. It will be fine if good memories hold. But sadness envelopes as she grows old. Maybe some day they'll see that she tried her best. Hopefully so, then she can rest. In time.

40 | Summer 2012 Palmer Grove


By Kevin Buettner Critics are there for all sorts of government projects. Some will throw out a party line that aligns with the side of the issue they support. It is up to us, the public, to discern between fact and fiction. To do that, we must remove ourselves from what we are told, and begin to dig deeper for ourselves. So-called news programs would have you believe that Amtrak is some sort of boondoggle. The $1.2 billion subsidy is somehow this massive blow to the federal deficit. Truth is, all transportation modes are subsidized, including the road. To some, this is preposterous. One would think that they paid (or are paying) for the vehicle they own. They can drive anywhere they want, as long as they pay for fuel. To an extent, this is true. However, there is still subsidization happening. Fuel taxes are indeed used to build and maintain roads, as well as certain sales taxes in some areas. But this alone doesn’t cover the

cost. For example, according to the Ohio Department of Transportation, Ohio raised about $1.8 billion dollars in fuel taxes. But the total bill of all repairs made in the state came to over $ 5 billion. So where does this money come from? It comes from the general fund that all taxpayers pay into with their property, income, and various other taxes. In a populous state such as Ohio, this should not be too much of a burden, until you realize the total mileage within the state. Tolls only cover 4% of the costs not included in the fuel taxes. How then, to make highways, and other forms pay for themselves? Perhaps making all freeways into toll roads? Consumers would balk, and the economy would suffer from this passing of costs from the government to the public. Perhaps raising taxes? This too would be balked at and dismissed by the voters. There is no easy way out, but there is a way. Driving less would reduce the amount of both maintenance for the highways and the total number of lanes they would need. Using mass transit

methods, such as buses within cities and trains to connect nearby cities, the burden is less on the government and consumer both. Yes, there will still be a need for government funding, but there will be less need overall. Diversification of resources would allow more people to enjoy a new found prosperity, brought on by cost savings realized in no small part due to consumer action. Less congested roads would not be the only benefit to opening up new options for transportation. Lower emissions from fossil fuels, lower maintenance costs on privately owned vehicles, and reduced oil consumption (and thus lower prices as demand wanes) could all come to fruition. Kevin Buettner is in the United States Air Force and is working on a new book about the troubles of transportation in America in the present day. More works may be found at:

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Summer 2012 | 41

42 | Summer 2012 Palmer Grove

Local Band: Review Palmer Grove feels that it is important to support artists and musicians from across the country. This issue, we chose the Columbus band, Nuklhead! Read on to find out more about them and where you can see them in the Columbus area!

NUKLHEAD Band Members:

Leslie Schwenn – Guitar, vocals Tim Funari – Lead Vocals, guitar Mike Hall - Bass Darrin Resnick – Drums

Music Genre:

Classic to Modern Rock

Recent Venues:

The Pub - Gahanna O’Tooles - Gahanna Flannagan’s - Dublin Granville Street Tavern- Gahanna

July/August Dates: July 20 – Polly’s Tavern, Columbus August 2 – Bike Night at The Pub, Gahanna August 25- Lucky’s, Marysville

NUKLHEAD has been playing in Columbus for over 10 years with Leslie, Mike and various other musicians. The band stopped performing in 2009. After a year hiatus, Darrin joined Leslie and Mike in October of 2010. Early in 2011 the band heard Tim and added him as the band’s lead singer. The band is a party rock band that covers a wide variety of songs from the 70’s 80’s 90’s as well as more current. The band always throws in a couple original songs to complement their sets. Visit their website for band info, photos, sample music, somewhat accurate song list at

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Summer 2012 | 43

Pretty as a Picture By Kay Rice There she sat all perfectly prim, Properly dressed with satin and trim. A picture of beauty with grace to behold, Waiting in line to do what she is told. No thoughts of her own in her pretty head, No harsh words from her mouth would ever be said. A jewel to be worn in his best company, A pretty young thing is what she is to be. Her smile says she has no care in the world, Her blessing was to be born such a good girl. Her gaze can capture any man she should want, Her beauty and talents are for hers to flaunt.

She knows how to sit as still as a mouse, She can brighten the room in any man’s house. She can sing a sweet tune to calm any beast, She can hostess any party or fine dinner feast. A picture of beauty, so inviting yet cold, When all that she desires is a true love to hold. Pretty picture, a doll to dance when called, Yet there is no warmth behind her castle wall. She longs for a chance to speak her own voice, She dreams of having her own choice. Look in her eyes, you will see sadness there, She longs for a life which is left in her care. Until that day comes she sits and she waits, Content to pose and pretend its still not too late. A picture of beauty and grace to behold, Waiting in line to do so as she is told.

44 | Summer 2012 Palmer Grove

Right Beside the Lord By Todd Stokes

King Solomon said many years ago that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. While knowing this, “acrophobia”, the fear of something known as heights, must mean that you’re too much of a “yellow-bellied chicken” to look down when it comes to high altitudes. Several weeks prior to this, I sat with him as we both watched an episode of Rod Serling’s classic Twilight Zone, “Nightmare at 20,000 feet” starring the well-known actor William Shatner. We also watched the re-make of the same episode decades later with actor John Lithgow. To see Rod’s thickened eyebrows and that burning cigarette was frightening enough. Every word he spoke was filled with confidence and a sense of awe inspiring darkness. Let’s not forget that crooked smile that kept us on the edge of our seats. All of this seemed to keep us in a zone of Rod’s own making as he captured his audience with his prologue from each strange episode. Upon boarding the plane, the experienced flight attendant knew that I was up to no good from the very start. It’s almost as though she could sense I had been leading him on all this time. I immediately and cleverly changed my story to mask my guilt. I placed my arm around him as I watched him take his seat that was closest to the window and chuckled to myself. We were all amazed as we watched the service technicians complete any last minute inspections of the airplane and then guide it via red flags to the runway. I spoke verbally to him about how exciting this endeavor

was going to be. As we watched them bring the baggage aboard, I told him that they were putting all of the tools away, like the hammers, drills and sockets and stuff. “Just imagine son, with today’s technology and specialized training, we are going to be at least forty thousand feet in the air!” I carried on about how the clouds themselves were going to be at our feet in just minutes. “We have to be that high because of all of the other

air traffic,” I continued to carry on. “We will finally be closer to heaven than anyone else in the whole wide world. Isn’t that the greatest?” Deep within myself, I could not wait to get on with my real plot. Since the flight attendant was just away from the sound of my voice, I continued my devious setup with my son. I explained to him how the gremlin would not show up until the plane was high enough in the air. As I recalled, the original version was not too graphic, in fact the gremlin from the sixties looked a lot like a man-sized fluffy

and very puffy teddy bear that was perched on the wing of an aircraft as it rained. Being young, my son was automatically turned off with this archaic version, because the show was not in color, but rather shown in black and white. Children are usually immediately turned off and tuned out if a program is not in color these days. It wasn’t until the second version of the Twilight Zone remake did my son start to lose it. Of course, I had to modernize the situation a bit more, but he took the bait - hook, line, sinker, rod, and reel. Boy, did he ever! I helped re-position his mindset by assuring him that if he opened up the window shade, there really would be a gremlin there trying to cause trouble for us all. Though it never rained, it was an ever so slight bit of overcast weather which left a trace of moisture now and then. As I was saying earlier, the second remake of this classic was in color and of course, this gremlin looked spooky enough with lots of sharp pointy teeth. He had slobber and gore dripping everywhere. I made certain that the shade was pulled all the way down at first, as I stalled for time as the plane quickly gained more altitude. I made a verbal gesture to the passenger ahead of us: “What is that shining on the wing?” I just knew that I would soon have my son’s full attention because not one, but both versions of that twilight zone episode were still fresh in his mind. Shortly afterwards my son’s, guardian angel, flight attendant showed up again. She kindly asked her passengers what refreshments they wanted. I quickly changed my tune again for her sake. “It must

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Summer 2012 | 45

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have been a great sight to see the Lord ascending into heaven on a cloud as the bible says. The same type of clouds that we are passing through at this precise moment.” I stuck a piece of gum in my mouth and offered him some as well. I told him if he swallows hard, his ears would be unclogged instantly. The flight attendant just knew that I was teasing him so she squinted her eyes and politely grimaced at me. “Go ahead and raise the shade up son so you can see all of the clouds. We are up so high in the sky now; I’ll bet we will actually be right beside the Lord!” His mouth and eyes were now the size of moons. He knew that the Lord had died long ago. He started gasping, “N-nnooo-nnnoo!” After the flight attendant left again, I could not resist continuing. I said abruptly, “Look, there’s a man with a socket set on the wing of this plane! It’s a man, I

tell you!” I thought his eyes were going to roll out of my son’s head. The flight attendant returned and said: “There is not. Stop trying to scare my passengers.” My sides were starting to ache from so much laughter. I couldn’t tell you how many times he had raised the tiny window shade looking for that gremlin. I could not stop laughing and talking to the other passengers that were smiling. “Can you imagine how much money we could all save by riding on the back of a chicken instead of an airplane?” My son looked as though he was ready to meet his doom at any moment. “Chickens can’t fly, now keep quiet!” the flight attendant announced. My son spent a very long time looking for a gremlin perched on the wing of that plane for the duration of the flight, but never found one. As for me, both of my sides were so warm from that hysterical pain. From up above, there was only the brilliant radiance of the sun’s rays casting light and heat. After the flight was officially over, the Captain invited him to the cockpit and took his picture sitting at the controls. We all had a

46 | Summer 2012 Palmer Grove

terrific flight, and we all made new friends that day. That gremlin may not have been with us, but if the truth be told on that day, we were all indeed, right beside the Lord. Todd D. Stokes is a published author through Dorrance Publishing Co. His book Consider the Rose-A Twenty-First Century Collection of Inspirational Poetry has relevant works for all time. He has added within this book, four anecdotes from his youth that will bring you joy and memories of yesterday. You may request a copy through the author at: Todd Stokes P.O. Box 10193 Columbus, Ohio 432010693 or the Dorrance Co. website. He is currently working on several manuscripts. He services wheelchairs and scooters in the metropolitan area via Next to Godliness Mobility Cleaning Services LLC. Todd is also an active ordained Elder in Ohio. Go Bucks!


By Kay Rice

Forgiveness, a word taken with little care, Too often neglected by excuses of not being fair. Two sides, blessed, one who receives this gift, The other, the one, whose burdens it lifts. Forgiveness does not mean the hurt they will forget, They still feel the pain, their mind cannot rid. The memories may fade, but the scars will remain, Forgiveness to them, may be their way to stay sane. Know that those who are given this gift in their name, May not affect them, they may well stay the same. Whether they know they have been blessed with these words, It’s a chance for both souls to move on, the heart is cured. Forgiveness, is not an easy task to take by its hand, At times, it goes against everything for which we stand. But bitterness and emptiness is a cost much too great, To let the moment pass by until its much too late.

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Summer 2012 | 47

The Palmer Grove Photo Contest The staff of Palmer Grove are pleased to announce the first annual Palmer Grove Photo Contest. From now until Friday, August 3, 2012 we will be accepting submissions for the contest. The following are the categories from which we will be choosing the winners: 1. Boudoir 2. Nature 3. Night Life 4. Out-of-the-Box 5. Portraits In addition to each category, we will also be selecting the best over all photograph. The winning selections will be featured in a photo spread in the September 2012 issue of Palmer Grove and all submissions will be on display on our website. The best overall photo will also receive a Palmer Grove tee-shirt. Visit for more information and to submit an entry form. Send in your entry today!

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