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The war

It was 1767 and the Callahan family was eating dinner in there warm cottage on Balham lane. Sammy, Alex, mom, and dad were all enjoying corn and soup. Everybody was nice and peaceful. Well everyone except for Sammy, she has always been a talkative little girl she has blue eyes, and brown hair with really curly locks, she is very tan, and, loves everything about nature. But, on the other hand her older brother was completely different. He was 26 he had dark brown hair and light brown eyes, he was not into nature at all! Oh! But, the mom was gorgeous , in fact she looked just like Sammy. She had brown hair and blue eyes, with bright red lipstick. Finally the dad he had short spikey hair , blonde by the way. He loved reading about historical fiction. As you can see the Callahan family was all different in there own ways. But that’s okay! Anyways lets get back to the dinner table. So now everybody was talking , all about how there day went! Everybody was enjoying it, until dad breaks news he's going with his teammates and as colonists there going to find some land… ACHOO! Sneezed Alex. “sorry dad keep on going. ”as I was saying although we have land and a house some of my teammates don't so I must help them”. “ill miss you daddy said Sammy”. “ill miss you to and Alex and mommy” “wait when are you leaving” asked the mom. “oh tonight”! said the dad. “WHAT”! Shouted the family. “sorry guys I cant help it “. “well you could of helped buy telling us earlier” . Said the mom. “the guys just decide”. ACHOO! “mom I really don't feel good”. “uh oh go lay down”. “honey” “Yes” “I have to go” “alright well miss you I will see you in a little while”” you to love you”. “you too”. 3 years later… soon Alex died of a poorly ill disease the measles. And the dad is still not back. In the cottage bad news has struck with only the mom and Sammy. The family (or what's left of it ) got a letter saying they have been excepted in the war! The real problem was only men could fight, and there were no men in the house.

“oh no”! Shouted Sammy. Who's going to fight. “I don't know honey”. Well I am assuming I am going to do it” exclaimed Sammy. “I will “ the mom shouted while she looked down at the ground depressed. “mom I cant let you do this” shouted Sammy . “I will do it just let me you know you have bad knees, I cant let you hurt yourself more”. Sammy said looking at her mom. “ honey its better for me to fight than you”. “ you could be killed” said the mom. “just let me do it” said Sammy. “fine, but be careful I don't want anything to happen”. “ okay mom” exclaimed Sammy. “I love you”. “love you to”. 3 days later… “But honey before you go”… “yeah” . “Were going to have to disguise you”. “Alright “said Sammy, make them as quick as you can. “okay”. 3 hours later… “I have finished “ shouted the mom.” You have” said Sammy. So Sammy ran out to her mother as they put the disguise on. “okay your ready “ said the mom. “mom I wont see you for a while”. “okay honey please be safe I love you”. “I love you to “. So Sammy headed out the with tears rolling down her eyes she knew she wouldn't see her family for a while, and she was worried about her dad and if he’s ever going to come back. Sammy had a lot to think about, but the most important thing was that she needed to fight in this war and be able to pull it off as a young guy. It was a very long walk to the battle field almost 5 hours. But Sammy finally arrived. When she got there the Sargent told her everything she needed to know, how to hold the gun and all that. So the war went on and on and on day after day. All you could here was boom! Boom! So the war was still going on and finally silence the war was over and Sammy was heading back home to her family. As the mom heard the door she looked back and saw Sammy. She was not even a little injured. Her dad was home to. And ,so excited to see her. “well lets get comfortable”. So the family had corn and soup. Sammy was starving and loved the food. It was a few years later and Sammy lived in her own house with her husband and her one kid Emily!