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In the 1780’s a bad thing happened it was a war the revolutionary war it happened in the colonies. The first event that took place was we started running out of water and cloughs. It was bitterly cold in the in winter. You where lucky to survive the brittle winter. You had to sleep in in little huts they did not make a difference it was just as cold as out side. Most of the men died because of how cold it was the horrible weather. After the winter we only had 20,000 men now where down to 1737 men left out of all the men we had before. The next day the brinish ambushed us they left a lot more men died. The night attack when they where sleeping we set they huts on fire. They came out prepared we lost even more men that night. The reason why the where prepared because they stayed up all night so they where ready to fight if we attacked. That night we did not lose any men. We called in some solders but they said it would be a week or so. So we tried to avoid them as best as we could. But some how they

Found us but we didn't know they found us. We hid in there for weeks upon weeks upon weeks and we still have not seen any more of are solders. Where getting scared now that they have not shown up. We are its starting to get cold again and solders have still not shown up. Finally they came. We out numbered the brinish solders. Then a really bad thing happened they ambushed us again this time they killed half of are men. This time we teamed up with the French solders. we fought and fought and we won the war. We celebrated at the end of the war now, every thing was back to normal.

pt Ethan Stout