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The Battle of Concord By Adam van Helmond

John was fishing at the dock with Andrew who worked with John at fishing Andrew said “did you here that there may be a war coming soon, after the Boston tea party and the Boston massacre, I am thinking about joining the minute men my self.� After hearing this John decided that he would join the minute men too. After a few weeks , a battle had started John said goodbye to his parents and friends but, when looking for his gun, he could not find it and went off to battle any way. When John got to Concord without a gun he got in to learned about how he had to get in lines and shot, John hoped that he would be in the back but that didn't happen he was right in the front of the lines now John was worried and hoped that the British would not even come but that did not happen, soon John heard drums and saw red in the distance oh, no John thought.

The Battle had begun, musket balls were being shot every where John saw people being shot, some people were close to him which had really scared John. Then it was John’s chance he stole a Musket from a man who was shot and, reloaded it, he shot the musket at an enemy soldier. John was not a skilled soldier like the rest of the patriots and, he missed the lobster back this would always happen John hit no British soldiers and later John had nearly got shot a few times and then one bullet hit John in the leg it felt like a million bee stings at once but john had wanted to continue more than the bullet hurt so he still fought the British soldiers even though he was limping the whole battle

The British were winning but the patriots would not give up just yet and after a while Johns regiment retreated but John did not like this idea because there were still other patriots battling but John still left “you would of gotten injured if we stayed.” The commander of his regiment said but John knew that they should keep battling, but John would be okay if he left because he would get injured even more than he already was so, John went to the doctor to check his wound. The doctor said when John got checked on for his wound “ the bullet did not go deep so we can pull it out.” the doctor pulled out these things that had looked like tweezers and took out the bullet John had nearly fainted ,it was not a sight you want to see after the doctor washed the musket ball the doctor gave him it. John stared at the musket ball checking if it was completely washed then John took it.

John decided to go back to his family after the doctor. When John got home there were his parents and his brother waiting for him. “are you ok?” His mother asked “yes.” John replied “I only got a small injury in the leg, though.” John added. “did you hear after the patriots lost at Concord they went to Lexington and won!” Johns mom said excitedly. John was exited for the patriots but upset that his regiment did not help at Lexington. John then went to all of his friends about the battle and about how he was ok. John had fought in more battles after that some were big some were small and John survived all of them and rarely got injured. And soon the patriots had finished the war

The Battle of Concord  

A soldier goes out to the first battle of the revolutionary war