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Don’t Go Ellen By: A. J. Keffer

It has been a year since Ezra entered the war he should be back he only signed for a year. Ellen calls from inside to Ellen “isn’t Ezra supposed to be back by now”. “I wish Ellen, I wish”. Ellen’s mom replied. “Ellen I’m going to get water. Watch the house while I am gone.” Ellen a yea hears a horrific sound coming from inside the house. She doesn’t know what it is but she really doesn’t want to know. She follows the sound and she thinks it’s coming from her grandfather’s room. When she walks in he is scratching at red bumps on his arm and is violently vomiting. “Grandfather are you okay”. Ellen asked g He then tells her “no I’m not. My body aches, I can’t move, and my head hurts so bad it might explode. Ellen scared about what’s wrong she asks “how long have this been going on”. “About two days this have been going on this will be the third.” Grandfather tells Ellen. “Wait here while I go get mom.” Ellen exclaims. Ellen runs out of the house to get mom. She runs out of the house she’s not back yet but she can see she is almost back. When mom gets back she tells her all about grandfather but in the middle of it they hear horse hooves hitting the ground so they go hide in the house because they think it might have been the British. But when they saw who it was they ran out of the house to greet him. As there running towards him Ellen cries out to mom “look it’s Ezra. When Ezra gets off his horse Ellen tells him all about grandfather and what’s wrong. After all Ezra herd he was shocked. Ellen’s mom says “what’s with that face surprised be ye, why.” “Because grandfather doesn’t have much longer to live I think he has smallpox.” “How do you know?” there mom asked. “Someone with us in the war had it he died in three days after the symptoms.” Ellen then says “today is the third day grandfather told me.” Scared that Ellen’s grandfather is dying they sprint in and when the mother of Ellen walks of walk in to grandfather’s room she sees him lying in bed she doesn’t think is dead. When she talks to him and he doesn’t respond she falls to the floor and makes it a pond.

Then as Ellen’s mother walks out she breaks the heartbreaking news “your grandfather has passed away.” When Ellen hears this she is not the happiest person because her grandfather had another mission but now he can’t so most likely she will have to go on the mission. The reason he had to go on another mission is somehow the bread didn’t get to General George Washington. Ellen asks her mom “do I have to go on the mission now Instead of grandfather.” “I think you do now.” Ellen’s mom says. “I’ll go, for grandfather.” Ezra standing by listening says “I’ll go with her for extra safety”. “No.” Ellen cries out to her mother and Ezra. “I could do the other mission alone I can do this mission alone.” It’s the day before Ellen has to go on her mission and while Ellen’s mother is baking the bread Ellen is getting water and she passes dicey and she says with an angry tone of voice “Ellen come over here.” “Dicey why are you so cruel to me why can’t we be friendly towards each other.” “I never thought about that lets try to be friendly.” When Ellen comes back the bread is baked and her clothes are out. By now three months after her other mission her hair grown back so she needs to get a new haircut. In June seventh 7, 1778 Ellen is leaving to go on the mission and Ezra can’t go because Ellen doesn’t want her to but her mom and Ezra came up with a plan that he is going to follow her the whole way and she won’t know that he is behind her. About ten miles down the road miles down the road she hears something behind her at first she thought it was a filthy rat but it have been going on for two miles so she turns around and Ezra hides and she says “Show yourself coward or are you to scared. Who are you why won’t you show yourself?” Ezra says “alright I will come out. But promise not to get angry about it.” “I promise.” Ellen says. But when Ezra comes out Ellen gets really upset because they planned this behind her back. Then Ellen says as she is so sober “leave I can do this myself.

“Why don’t you want to spend time with your big brother do you not love me still.” As Ellen walks on she thinks Ezra have gone back home but he is still behind her. It has been three days since she started the mission and she walked the whole way. She is half way there and her deadline is the fourteenth of June 1778. It’s the tenth so she has three days left. She has passed the Pennsylvania border and found some British horses but no soldier so Ellen took one and left the other and Ezra took the other horse. Ellen still doesn’t know Ezra is behind her but she still doesn’t know but Ezra rode more horse and he is right next to her and she notices him but she can’t make him go back. She rode some horses after the last mission so she got better. As they kept on riding it took three days to get Philadelphia right outside of where they needed to go Valley Forge. Now off the horses In Philadelphia they ran into a problem they passed some British soldiers and they were suspicious about what was in the towel. So the British asked to see the bread which was in the towel. Ezra and Ellen refused to give the bread to them. After they refused the British soldiers said “give it to us or we will shoot you.” They open They just said that to scare them they weren’t going to shoot them but they handed it to them anyway. As they were untying the bread Ezra thought of a plan. He was going to sprint as fast with Ellen and take the bread back right before they open it. As they start to open it Ezra and Ellen start sprint to get from about two yards once and they get it they keep on sprinting. Once they get to Valley Forge they hand the bread to George Washington and say “don’t eat it. It might break your teeth. When they walk back through Philadelphia they see those two soldiers and they ask “what was in that blanket.” When they don’t answer back they say they will shoot and they mean it but just to scare them. Then when they don’t answer back they shoot each once. They didn’t want to hit them but they did and hit Ellen in the knees so she couldn’t walk. The blood rushed out her knee like a flowing river. Ezra picked her up and ran into the woods carrying her with blood on his hands he knew she would die before they got back to the house so he just put on the ground and left. It took Ezra a week to get home and when he walks in he breaks the bad news to his mom.

When she hears the door open she runs in and asks “where’s Ellen. When she In Philadelphia there were these two British soldiers who were suspicious about the bread and they shot at us and it hit Ellen in the knees and I couldn’t find a place to take her a she died.

R.I.P Paul

R.I.P Ellen

Don't Go, Ellen  

A 12 year old colonial girl goes on a mission to deliver a message to General Washington when her grandfather is sick and dying.

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