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Trouble with the House Kayla Ryan

It all began when Papa and Ethan returned home from being locked up in cages from the Red Coats. They were prisoners of the Revolutionary War. Their family had been unsure if they were alive. They did not know if they would return and when they walked through the door their mouths fell open with surprise and we all ran over to hug them. Our family was back to what we thought was normal. The house was so crowded that Ethan and Papa had to sleep on the couch. After a few days of being home, it became clear that Papa and Ethan wanted their rooms back. They needed to feel like they were at home. Unfortunately, Mr. Dean needed somewhere to stay and I and Mother promised that Mr. Dean could stay at the house. He had needed a room to rent and we could use the money to help us. Ethan’s room was taken by Mr. Dean and Papa could not sleep because the new baby, Faith, was in Mother and Papa’s room. The house felt like it was too crowed and too small.

The Potter family had to come up with a plan because the house is too small and too crowded. The first plan is to buy a new house. If they want to buy a new house they have to first see if they can afford the house because they have six kids to take care of and their three cousins; Faith, Hope and Ethan. Next, they have to see if they can fit all their stuff in the new house. Then they have to see the house first so they know if it has the right number of rooms. After that they have to see if everyone else likes the house and community.

The Potter family found a new house a few miles away and everything just fits and the Potters found the right house for everyone. It was great to unpack the truck and to move in the house. Everyone is just perfect and joyful. Hope is taking care of the little kids while I, Ethan, am helping unload the truck with Mother, Papa and Mr. Dean. The family is going well and Hope is still helping out with the little ones.


Trouble with the House by Kayla Ryan  

A family comes together and buys a new house.