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A Deadly Truth By: Jordan Dissin

A Book

9:00 While Jonathan and his little sister, Emily is eating at the tavern, Jonathan‟s brother, Jeremy is walking home from Pennsylvania to New Jersey with an important message in his head for Jonathan.

10:10 Jeremy walks into the town and starts looking for Jonathan. “Hey you, what are you hear for?” said the lawman as he creeps closer to Jeremy with his hand on his .44 caliber magnum. “I‟m just looking for my brother, Jonathan, do you have any idea where he might be?” said Jeremy. “Oh!” exclaimed the lawmen taking his hand and pointing to the tavern “I think he‟s at the tavern.” “Thanks.” said Jeremy backing away from the lawmen.

10:50 BANG! “Ahhhh!” screamed Jeremy From outside the tavern. “ Why did you do that?” Before the lawman could answer the lawmen took his own life. BANG! Everyone runs from inside the tavern in confusion. Jeremy knew what everyone has been thinking „What happen, who did it and is he alright. “Jeremy! What happened here?” says Jonathan as he runs over to Jeremy who is bleeding violently on the dirt road. “Nothing Happened just I need to tell you something. General Washington wants you to fight with him in the revolutionary war, just get there in two days.” whispered Jeremy to Jonathan. “But…” stuttered Jonathan, “Just go now!” yelled Jeremy as he starts to get more paler by the second. “Alright then, I‟ll go.” Says Jonathan.

11:55 Jonathan thought for a while .I don‟t have money so how am I going to get a horse maybe I should steal a horse. My brother did say to get there in two days. Jonathan saw a wealthy man had a horse. He thought to himself, I‟ll leave at night time .until then I‟ll get ready for the trip.

8:00 Jonathan gets his potato sack filled of his supplies for the trip. He walked slowly without a sound over to the rich man‟s house, hops on his horse and gallops away into the woods. “Hey, get back here!” yelled the wealthy man with a furious voice. Jonathan didn‟t answer but he had to hurry because he heard galloping from behind him.

8:05 BANG! BANG! Two gun shots soared right beside Jonathans head BANG! One gun shot hit

the horse. Jonathan falls off the horse and hits a tree. “You stole my horse so I‟m going to make you pay.” said the wealthy man. BANG! BANG! The shots went right into Jonathans knees .there was no way he will survive.

8:45 “I heard the shots over here.” said a lawman from town. “Oh my god!” said everyone as they see Jonathan laying there in a puddle of blood as red as Britain‟s flag. “His life didn‟t have to end like this.” said Jonathan‟s father “not like this.” “I will find that man and hang him.” exclaimed Jonathan‟s father. They went to the wealthy man‟s house and did that. They hung him in front of the whole town that day.


A Deadly Truth by Jordan Dissin  

A bloody truth to a deadly ending

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