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The Kilmore International School Message from the Head of Boarding Dear Parents and Students, While one end product of our time at TKIS is an IB score, school is about more than just tests assignments and marks. We have a mission to develop responsible, mature, community minded citizens of the world. In the Boarding House we are looking to implement the TKIS mission statement by developing a strategic management plan with the aim to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who help to create a better and more peaceful world through developing a community of intercultural understanding and respect. We work to create an atmosphere of family, a home away from home, where our students thrive both academically and socially with an emphasis on community. To this end we have been working on a number of projects and initiatives. We have a movie making group that are busy most weekends, creating movies about school life and making friendships. The students write, direct, act and compose original soundtracks to record thoughts and feelings about the year. This group is led by our lovely intern Ella. The Boarders Basketball team – the Sharks - are busy practising for a challenge match in Craigieburn coming up in the next few weeks. Last Sunday saw many boarders work with day students and the wonderful Ms Burns and Mr Edmunds for Clean-up Australia day. Well done to all those involved – this really shows great community spirit. The Boarding House is running Sunday Clubs this year. We started with a cross

stitch group and I am pleased to report that our first article was finished on Sunday – well done Haruna Ogawa (Year 8). As part of working on a greater level of communication and have instigated a weekly informal “Dinner with Mrs Doyle” where students are invited to discuss with me about their day and bring up their concerns and ideas to make our boarding house more vibrant, caring and supportive. During the fires a number of students were asking how they could help victims of the recent fires. For the last few weekends a very active and dedicated group have been making quilts and these will be donated to families who lost their homes to let them know that we are thinking of them. This Sunday March 9th between 10am and 4pm there is another opportunity to flex our community service muscles in a Post Fire Clean Up, helping farmers rebuild fences and move branches. Well done Emily (Year 12) and Mr Koo for this initiative. The upcoming weeks will be busy with the school social on Friday March 14th followed by International Day on Thursday 20th March. I hope to see you at one of these functions as we all work together to build a strong, caring community at TKIS.

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I N D EX Message from the Head of Boarding


Celebration of Achievement 2-4 5-6

Student Leaders Year 12 Chemistry Excursion, IB Art Exhibition


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Pictured above: The TKIS school Choir performing “Black and Blue” at the recent Celebration of Achievement. The song was written by Sabrina Anglin, a very talented IB Music student.

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Celebration of Achievement On Wednesday the 19th of February 2014, TKIS hosted it’s annual Celebration of Achievement for the 2013 academic year . A list of awards presented on the evening are included below: ARTS AND SPORTS AWARDS Arts Awards

Sports Awards

Year 5

Indika EGAN, Rain SZCZUR

Year 5


Year 6

Arianna O’DONNELL, Timothy SPAIN

Year 6

Zachary SQUIRE

Year 7

Nicholas DE LUCA, Callum PARTRIDGE

Year 7


Year 8


Year 8

David SIMONELLI, Dharmanjot (Jot) GILL

Madison NUSKE, Olivia NYONI

Year 9


Year 9

Year 10 Mao (Marian) YUKAWA, Olivia KING

Year 10 Takaomi UEKI, BrendanHOOK

Year 11 Sabrina ANGLIN, Cameron MOIR

Year 11 Matthew DOYLE, Kelsey THATCHER

Pictured above: Angus Franks (performing Prelude in G by JS Bach on his Cello, Olivia King singing Mama by Il Divo, Johnathon Lejins performing Miles of Water by Taran Cater on his Saxophone and Sabrina Anglin performing Black and Blue (a song she wrote herself!) with the school choir. PRINCIPAL’S ACADEMIC AWARDS Year 5

Mia HEANLY, Nicholas PHAROAH, Brooke SMYTH, Indika EGAN, Natasha BOURNE, Remi LEZON, Lochlan MAHER, Kyle LAFFAN, Max DAVIES,, Rain SZCZUR, Charlie NUSKE, Hannah GIBSON

Year 6

Lachlan HEYWOOD, Matthew SPAIN, Timothy SPAIN, Zachary SQUIRE, Arianna O’DONNELL, Jeffry HEAL, Matthew CLUTE, Jai BRYANT

Year 7


Year 8

Isobella MUMBERSON, Madeleine LEZON, Georgia HONEY, Jeremy HOWARD, David SIMONELLI, Phoebe TAYLOR, Peter LEJINS, Jonathan PHAROAH, Elizabeth PICKUP, Natalie HOOK, Yesaya WINARDI, Jade MORGAN, Caitlin GROVES, HillaryWEALPRASERT, Erik FRANKS, Justine KING, Madeline CHUNG, Harbir KAUR, Portia KENTISH, Marina SMITH, Joseph ZIELINSKI

Year 9

Shannon ANDERSON, Taylor O’BRIEN, Supassara TRIPUN, James GIBSON, Ilana SCERRI, Madison NUSKE, Se Ho PARK, Mansukhleen KAUR, Anishka PERERA, Tylah RYAN, Christian DE LUCA, Andrew LANSDOWNE, Imogen GEFFERT, Thomas GAN

Year 10

Evita WIDJAJA, Mao YUKAWA, Angus FRANKS, Brioude SYNNOT, Irene PARK, Tuspol KAWPRASURT, REN Chang, Ryan FLEMING, Antonius JAEGER, Jazmina TARMIDI, Athena FRANCIS, Emily KOLACZ, Dickson KURNIAWAN, Rhythm GUPTA, Phakjira LEEKPAI, Johnathon LEJINS, CHEN Tet Wey, Maddison MAHONEY, Jawahir TARMIDI, Emilie O’BRIEN, FENG, Yuanlin, Olivia NADENBOUSCH, James HONEY, Aaron Yee Hung LOK, Ella MAHONEY, LU Wanjun, LI Xinlin, Brendan HOOK, Olivia KING, JIN Yixin

Year 11

Kate GIBSON, Benjamin EID, JIANG Chang, NGUYEN Hong Phuc, NITHISOONTORN Ngoenta, Nathaniel LONG, LIN Zijie, Cameron MOIR, Jessica PAYNE, Ellie NICHOLLS, Rory SUTHERLAND, XU Jian Hong, NI Wijie


International Student of the Year


Caltex Award

ADF Long Tan Leadership Award

WIDJAJA Evita LEEKPAI Phakjira (Imm)

Monash University Excellence in EAL

XU Jian Hong (Alvin)

School Sport Victoria Academic & Sporting Achievement Medal

Matthew DOYLE

Maddison MAHONEY

Global Citizenship Award

Nathaniel LONG

Kwong Lee Dow Young Scholars Award

Check out the interviews with Evita and Imm over the page to see how they feel about receiving these prestigious awards! Mao (Marion) YUKAWA, and Antonius JAEGER

V O L.1, ISS U E 2 M AR C H 7,


Interviews with Awards Recipients International Student of the Year When Imm Leekpai walked into the hall, she was unsure about what was to follow. Her friends patted her on the back while giving their wide smiles. Then, Imm was asked by a teacher to stand in line with many other students. It turned out that on Wednesday 19th February, Imm was awarded the ‘International Student of the Year Award’. Here is a quick interview with Imm: How do you feel about being presented with this award? “When my name was called, I felt very scared and nervous because I didn’t know that I was going to get this award. Then, I heard the audience clap very loudly which made me feel very proud of myself. I am very appreciative because the award is only given to one student out of all the international students in the school.” What makes you an ‘International Student of the Year’? “I think I act as a bridge between local and international students. When I first came to this school, I couldn’t speak fluent English so I tried to make friends with locals in order to practise my English. Now, when a new international student comes to the school, I try to include them in my friendship group because I know how difficult it is to go to school with limited English”. Imm’s friends and classmates all agreed that Imm truly deserved this award. She didn’t intend to receive this award and yet, she continues to respect and include every student in the school irrespective of race, culture, and language.

Caltex Award With two perfect semester grade averages of 7 in 2013, it seems that Evita Widjaja has impressed us yet again at the welcome ceremony. When she was awarded the Caltex Award, the students of TKIS clapped loudly to show their support for her. Here is a short interview with Evita: How do you feel about receiving the award? “I am very surprised because I did not expect to get this award. However, I am very happy to receive it because it is a great achievement”. Why do you think you were awarded the ‘Caltex Award’? “The Caltex Award is awarded to those who show leadership, and excellence in academics and community services. I believe I was awarded the Caltex Award because I tried to incorporate all of those elements. I try hard to succeed in my studies, participate in sports such as basketball and swimming, apply for a leadership position and do community service”.

IB Awards Ceremony

Advance Australia Fair!

Mr Taylor proudly attended the IB Awards Ceremony at Deakin Edge, Federation Square, on 17 February to congratulate the nine TKIS 2013 International Baccalaureate graduates who scored 40+ in their exams. These students were placed in the top 2% of Year 12 graduates in Victoria. Melissa (Amanda) Yeo, was one of 11 students in Victoria to obtain a perfect score of 45 (equivalent to an ATAR of 99.95).

On Sunday the 23rd of February 2014, Marian Yukawa from Year 11 was invited to sing at Trackside for the Kilmore Turf Cup. Marian sang a beautiful rendition of Advance Australia Fair in-between the 8th and 9th race, just before the main race. Marian was flattered to be able to sing for this event and enjoyed the experience!

Photo: Melissa (Amanda) Yeo attended the awards ceremony with her very proud mother. Amanda has commenced her studies in Biomedicine at Melbourne University this week and is on a Chancellor’s Scholarship. Congratulations again Amanda! We are so proud of you and your achievements and wish you all the very best.



Students Leaders 2014 School Captains (Year 12)

Jessica Payne

Rory Sutherland

Boarding Captains

Ngoenta Nithisoontorn

Naresh Kumar Ramachandran

Year 11 Captains

Emily Kolacz

Angus Franks


Year 10 Captains

James Gibson

Amy Tripun

Year 7 Captains

Arianna O’Donnell

Lachlan Heywood

Year 9 Captains

Madeleine Lezon

David Simonelli

Year 6 Captains

Max Davies

Brooke Smyth

Year 8 Captains

Jonathan Krietemeyer Phoebe Nadenbousch

Year 5 Captains

Declan Pearson

Niamh Ireland

V O L.1, ISS U E 2 M AR C H 7,


Publications Captains

Kate Gibson

Cameron Moir

Jazmina Tarmidi

Maddison Mahoney

Mansukhleen Kaur Natasha Choudhry

Service and Events Captains


Phoebe Schieder

Marian Yukawa

Tuspol Kawprasurt

Ilana Scerri

Karnjarnajiraroj (Boss)

House Captains Kookaburra

Matthew Docherty


















Anishka Perera



Year 12 Chemistry Excursion—Melbourne University Analytical Workshop The analytical workshop at Melbourne University proved an interesting experience for our IB Chemistry students. After a brief lecture explaining the basics of chromatography and spectroscopy, students were split into 4 groups for the 3 hour practical sessions. Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy, Rory Sutherland reports: “It was interesting to use intricate machines that are not available at school and see the great facilities Melbourne University offers for students studying anything chemistry related.” Atomic absorbance spectroscopy (AAS) works by burning a vapour of a substance and seeing what colour light it emits. This is a bit of a struggle for our human eyes so we have a special machine to do it for us. The aim of our experiment was to determine how much calcium was in the seawater at Williamstown beach. To do this, we made up 5 other samples of calcium solution that we knew the concentrations of as well as the sample of seawater. We then put all of these through the AAS machine and found where the sample fell in-between the results of these samples. This allowed us to find out that the seawater in the Williamstown beach contains about 482mg per litre of water. While you may think this is a great way to get calcium 1 litre of milk will give you 1,220mg of calcium; it also tastes a lot better! Ultraviolet Visible Light Spectroscopy, Danielle Fitt reports: “Our IB training really made TKIS students shine at the workshop!” The UV visible light spectroscopy gave us the unique opportunity to use and view some of Melbourne University’s analytical lab equipment and learn from some of the university’s own students. Ultraviolet visible light spectroscopy refers to absorption spectroscopy in the ultraviolet-visible spectral region. The absorption in the visible range directly affects the perceived colour of the chemicals involved. Our group worked with other schools to create and analyse different concentrations of an ionic substance which we tested though a UV- spectrometer. We learnt about how to use different equipment which was a really big highlight towards going on this trip as this is not something that I can do in high school normally as well as the learning principles associated with the UVspectrometer and the practical uses of the instruments. Gas Liquid Chromatography- Naanki Matheroo and Naresh Kumar “It was a great experience going into a University lab and using sophisticated equipment not available in high school.” Our group was given the task of finding out how much ethanol was in white wine, using the gas liquid chromatography. We prepared our samples which were then put into five different small capsules. The final mixture of each sample from the capsules was injected into the Gas Liquid Chromatographer using syringes. It took three minutes for the machine to analyse the sample and separate the alcohols in it. The separation was revealed in a graph by showing two different peak areas. The areas were taken into consideration to calculate the amount of ethanol in wine and the level of accuracy of the result with the original value of alcohol given by the manufacturer. Kate Gibson Year 12

IB Art Exhibition This year’s Victorian and Tasmanian IB Visual Art Exhibition opened on Friday 14 th of February at the Glen Eira City Council Gallery. It was a stunning evening of celebration for visual art students, friends and family. TKIS graduating candidates Curran Smith, Sarah Theuma, Alexandria Reynolds & Joey Yu were among students from across Victoria and Tasmania, invited to participate. This was an opportunity for our students to have artworks displayed in a professional gallery as part of a collection consisting of the best individual artworks produced by IB Visual Art students in 2013. The artworks featured were comprised of a variety of materials and subject matter ranging from photography, oil painting, drawing, sculpture & mixed media works. It was a highly engaging and inspiring collection of work, of which the contribution from TKIS candidates was outstanding. On the following morning an IB Art Seminar ran for Year 11 students providing a valuable introduction to IB Visual Art. Students were privileged to learn from significant Australian artists John Young, Adrian Doyle and Callum Morton, as well as, prominent educators and graduating IB Visual Art students. TKIS student Curran Smith was invited to present and discuss his experiences with students from all over Victoria. Congratulations Curran, and well done! Year 11 TKIS Visual Art students travelled with Ms Allen to attend this seminar, finding it informative and inspiring.

Lynda Allen IB Art teacher

V O L.1, ISS U E 2 M AR C H 7,


News from the Maths Department As you may be aware we have a number of new staff at TKIS this year. Our Mathematics department has been further strengthened by the addition of Dr. Tanko. He is an experienced and highly qualified teacher. Dr. Tanko has been teaching mathematics since 1988 and has taught mathematics across 4 continents (Africa, Europe, South East Asia & Middle East, and Australia). He is a member of TODOS (Mathematics for ALL, United States of America). His research interest includes Teaching using Technology, and Teaching Mathematics in an International Context. Dr Tanko has authored many journal articles as well as contributed chapters in well read books. The most recent of his scholarly contributions are: Use of Technology in the Mathematics Classroom: A way forward; and, Social Justice Pedagogy and Learners’ Independence. When not doing mathematics he enjoys working out in the gym, and collecting of books on education, philosophy and of course mathematics. The joy of his life now is watching his children grow up. I am extremely pleased to welcome Dr Tanko to our Mathematics team and strongly feel that he will add enormous value to our school. As discussed in the last newsletter. Year 12 students are about to embark on a two week in class Mathematics Exploration that encompasses 100% of their total Internal Assessment mark. Students will explore an area of mathematics that most interests them and on completion will submit a report of about 6-10 pages in content. Two weeks of class time will be allotted for this task. In many ways it will be a confronting time students as this independent assignment strategy is new to the study of Mathematics in the IB. I wish all the best to the Year 12 students involved in this process and hope by the end of the two week period all students can submit an appropriate draft to their maths teacher for checking. The final submission date is due shortly after the 1 st Term break. This week I had the good fortune of spending a little time with Ms Daniels. She is very experienced at using the mathletics program that is offered to all students in Years 5-8. This program is web based so that students can access the excellent maths tasks at any time. Ms Daniels showed me some of the great tasks that students in Year 5 will be doing over the next few weeks. Additionally, we also viewed a maths competition that allows students to compete with each other from all parts of the world. This is done in a fun and non-confrontational way and I would encourage students to take part in this enjoyable strategy to help develop speed in carrying out simple arithmetic operations. Some new students to the school may not have a password to access the system, if this is so, please notify your teacher to obtain a password. Prior to the Christmas holidays, I set students (and parents) a small problem to consider. See below: The sport of bingbong involves two players. Each match consists of a number of rounds and each round consists of a number of points. The first player to win four points in a round wins the round. The first player to win six rounds in a match wins the match. Suppose that after a match of bingbong, the winner has won W points while the loser has won L points. What is the largest possible value of L-W? Possible answers are: -6

(B) -4

(C) 0

(D) 12

(E) 14

Well the answer is reasonably straight forward. The maximum number of rounds the loser can win is 5. And if the loser does so by winning each of these rounds 4-0: the loser would have a score of 20 and the winner 0. Now, the winner must win 6 rounds to be victorious. So if they do so and achieve 4-3 in each round, they will have a total score of 6 x 4 = 24. The loser will have 6 x 3 + 20 = 38. Thus the maximum difference is 38 - 24 = 14 (E). I hope you enjoyed this question; I have included another for the enthusiasts. Dan and Jane each have a measuring tape of length 1 metre. Dan’s tape got stuck in a door and was extended by 4 cm. Jane left her tape in a pocket and it shrank by 5 cm after washing. However, the centimetre marks on both tapes remained evenly distributed. Measuring the schoolyard, Dan noted the length as 23.75 m. What length will Jane get measuring the same schoolyard with her tape. 23m

(B) 24m

Paul Szczur Head of Mathematics

(C) 25m

(D) 26m

(E) 27m



Primary Interschool Swimming Championships st

On the 21 February a selected group of grade 5’s and 6’s went to the 2014 Mitchell South District Swimming Championships at the Lancefield Pool. The water was freezing but everyone had a great time. Bradley and Niamh from Grade 5 did especially well and made it to the next round. We all swam well and we took home the best average trophy.

Brooke Smyth Year 6

Secondary Interschool Swimming Carnival On Wednesday the 26th a team of 9 students and Ms LeLievre set off to Seymour for the district swimming competition. The area was packed with students from various other schools and the day was chaotic for us all, getting to races, helping time other swimmers and trying our hardest. In total our team competed in 21 events including relays. It was a very successful day, and three of us qualified to compete in the Hume Secondary Swimming Region Championships at Wodonga Aquatic Venue on Tuesday the 18th of March. Phoebe Nadenbousch came first in 50 metre butterfly and 50 metre backstroke, Thomas Gillespie came second in 50 metre butterfly and I came first in 50 metre breaststroke. At the end of the day we were all worn out but overall happy with our achievements.

Elizabeth Pickup Year 9

Boarding Weekend Activities Our boarders have been busy with some fun activities that are offered now on the weekend including quilting and crossstitching. Pictured (L): Boarding students making quilts last Sunday. Pictured (R): Haruna Ogawa with her cross-stitching project, our first student to complete something!

V O L.1, ISS U E 2 M AR C H 7,

P AGE 1 0

News from the Middle School Middle School April Camps By now you would have received some preliminary information on the up and coming camps for the end of Term. As we approach the end of term there will be more information to come. Grade 5&6 April 7-10th Mrs Daniel’s will be leading a group of TKIS staff and parents on a 4 day city camp to Melbourne. This exciting trip will include visits to museums, sporting venues like the MCG and Etihad, Eureka Sky Deck, Old Melbourne Gaol and activities such as ice skating and laser skirmish. Year 7&8 April 7-11th This year we will be the first group from TKIS to head off to Canberra for a 5 day camp of our Nation’s Capital. Included in our tour will be Parliament House, The War Memorial, The Australian Institute of Sport, The High Court of Australia and The National Science & Technology Centre. The evenings will involve ten pin bowling, Telstra Tower and a student initiated “onesy party” on the Thursday night before departure on the Friday. (so bring along a onesy, the crazier the better!) Please make sure that you return any medical and permission forms to aid in the organisation of these great adventures.

Jo Treanor Middle School Co-ordinator

Environmental Action: Clean Up Australia Day On Sunday 2nd March, 18 students from TKIS - including 11 international students – took part in the “Clean Up Australia” campaign, working to improve the environment around the local Kilmore area. The students involved were: Brendan Hook, Frank Lane, Ryan Fleming, Toufie Shareefpourarabi, Jazmina Tarmidi, Jawahir Tarmidi, Irene Park, Gary Chen, Shotaro Kubo, Tet Wey Chen, Aaron Lok, Takaomi Ueki, Antonius Jaeger, Veronica Feng, Bethany Zhang, Jessica Xin, Kelly Wu and Fancica Zuang. All of these students worked energetically and enthusiastically for three hours to improve the surrounds along both sides of the Kilmore Creek, Lancefield Road and the main street of Kilmore. Many bags of rubbish were collected on the day, which was a good thing from one point of view, but also disappointing from another, given the amount of litter that is inconsiderately disposed of. The students are to be commended for their efforts and their service to the community. Mrs Burns and Mr Edmonds


P AGE 1 1

The Warehouse Project I spent the highly anticipated school holidays with my family and friends in Sri Lanka. Although I was born in Australia, my mum always made sure that I stayed connected with my Sri Lankan roots. Apart from spending relaxing days at the beach, catching up with friends and sight-seeing, I wanted make an impact on the community. After doing some research, I found a Buddhist temple which was the home to The Warehouse Project. The Warehouse Project was created by Kirby de Lanerolle (a family friend) in an effort to introduce the everyday comforts we take advantage of, to the underprivileged children of the surrounding societies of the capital city, Colombo. The Warehouse Project provides all of the children with 1 meal a day and provides them with a safe environment to stimulate their ideas, expand their minds and explore their creative side. The Borderless program uses arts, music, theatre and sports as a platform for them to interact and creates opportunities for each of them to develop further. The Live program offers free health check-ups, nutritional plans for children, eye testing and other related services that aid and promote a better quality of life. After finding out what a wonderful cause it was, I signed up to teach some after school classes to the kids. The children were aged from 3 – 14 years old. I was a substitute English teacher and was assigned the 3-5 year old age group. The kids were filled with such happiness and liveliness. They radiated exuberance and were keen to learn, although they were young. They were full of questions about my life in Australia and listened intently, their eyes twinkling with curiosity. We learnt the alphabet together, played Simon Says, sang songs and played tiggy together. They were some of the happiest kids I had ever seen, even though they came from homes that had nothing. I went twice a week for 1 month and enjoyed myself every time. Those kids taught me a lot during this eye-opening experience. They showed me how although their parents couldn’t provide them with a meal, they never lost their zest for life. It showed me that our materialistic ways don’t define our happiness, it only defines our greed.

Anishka Perera Year 10

Red Balloon Day On Friday the 28th of February, Catherine Fraser and Natasha Lasota from year 12 sold red balloons around campus to raise much needed funds for our local CFA. The girls efforts raised $598.80! Thanks girls for organising this fundraiser for such a great cause!

V O L.1, ISS U E 2 M AR C H 7,

P AGE 1 2

Interviews with new teachers Dr Goma Tanko What country do you come from? I come from Nigeria. What is your teaching background? I specialise in Maths, Physics and IT. In 1987, I graduated from university in Nigeria. I taught at university for 5 years before being awarded a scholarship to UK for a research degree. Then I was trained to become a secondary school teacher. I taught in Brunei for 7 years and in the UAE for another 7 years. Why did you come to Kilmore and how do you feel about this town? I worked with Mr Taylor in Brunei so I decided to come to TKIS to continue working with him. I really like Kilmore because it is quiet. I am not a city person so I prefer this life. What are your hobbies? I used to play football but now I like to watch the game. My favourite team is the Swanston Lake. I also like going to the gym to work out.

Mr Owen Ziebell What is your teaching background? I teach Humanities to secondary school students. I graduated from Melbourne University and I also studied at Queen’s University in Canada. Why did you come to Kilmore? Kilmore is a nice, small town. The community is lovely and friendly, and I like that there are a lot of international students. What are your hobbies? I like to travel as much as possible and play a lot of sports including hockey, basketball and American football. I also like to go to music festivals to see bands play. If you had to eat one type of food for the rest of your life, what would it be? I would say Vietnamese food because I really love Vietnamese food! I have never been to Vietnam but I would love to go one day. The number 1 most asked question by TKIS students is: Is that your real hair colour? Yes, this is my real hair colour! Interviews with Dr Tanko and Mr Ziebell were conducted by Jawahir Tarmidi

Miss Amanda Palmer: First of all, welcome to TKIS. For those who are not aware of your specific roles within the school, can you please describe your areas of teaching? Thankyou, I am the Head of Learning of the Humanities Department, as well as a teacher of Geography, Environmental Systems and SOSE. I am aware you have travelled to many places, where are some of the places you have visited? Recently, I have returned to Australia, having taught in international boarding schools in the UK, as well as supervising in the boarding houses and coaching netball and hockey as part of the role. While overseas, it was a wonderful opportunity to travel to countries such as Costa Rica, Malta, Iceland, Albania, Sweden, Germany and Canada to enhance my personal geography knowledge. A particular travel highlight was watching the Ashes test match at Lord’s Cricket Ground in London. What did you do before moving to the UK? Before moving to the UK, I lived in Darwin and taught in an IB boarding school, holding various pastoral and academic leadership roles. At the same time, I chose to pursue my interest in the IB by studying a Master of Education, majoring in International Education, giving me an opportunity to further my research in the IB. What was it like teaching in Darwin? I am sure there were many highlights of your time in Darwin, what was one highlight of your time in Darwin? Teaching in Darwin was a very rich experience. As well as teaching the IB, I taught indigenous students from remote communities. The opportunity to visit a remote community is not to be missed and I can highly recommend the Tiwi Islands football Grand Final as a fantastic experience if anyone has the chance to visit! What did you do once you finished university? Originally hailing from Bendigo, I know the Central Victorian and Kilmore area well; and after university, I returned to Bendigo to begin my teaching career and study a Master of Environmental Management. After travelling for some time, it is lovely to return to Victoria, and I am looking forward to further holiday travel, continuing my interest in netball and watching the cricket at the MCG. Well it is great to have you on board here at TKIS. We definitely hope you enjoy your time here with us at Kilmore. The interview with Miss Palmer was conducted by Maddison Mahoney.

Stay turned for interviews with Miss Stringer and Miss Garner in our next newsletter!


P AGE 1 3


The Demerit System is designed to address misdemeanors that are harmful to the students, the school or the community. A minor misdemeanor may result in a conduct notice and/or one demerit. Repeated minor misdemeanors will result in sanctions such as detentions and further demerits. Please note that a demerit will be incurred for every three conduct notices and that five demerits will result in suspension at the Principal’s discretion. The school will inform parents of each demerit by letter. Major misdemeanors such as vandalism, bullying or persistent middle level breaches of school rules will result in three or more demerits or suspension. Behavior that is deemed totally unacceptable at TKIS includes the use of drugs, theft, sexual activity, physical violence and malicious damage to person or property. Students who engage in such activities will be suspended or expelled. Please note that TKIS has a strict no-smoking policy. Students who are caught smoking in or out of the school will be suspended and given three demerits. The normal discipline pathway is as follows:

1 Demerit

Interview with Co-ordinator and/or Head of Boarding

3 Demerits

Interview with Principal

5 Demerits

Interview with Principal and Suspension

9 Demerits

Interview with Principal and Suspension

10 Demerits


V O L.1, ISS U E 2 M AR C H 7,

P AGE 1 4

Key Dates - Term 1, 2014 March Labour day Public Holiday

There are many lonely items waiting at Lost and Found for their owners to take them home . Check in at Student Services to see if your lost item is there!

Monday 10

Secondary Interschool Round Robin Thursday 13 School Social

Friday 14

International/Open Day

Thursday 20

Principals Forum

Wednesday 12

Annual Scholarship/entrance exam Saturday 22 Newsletter # 3

Lost and Found

Friday 31

April TKIS Athletics day

Friday 4


Monday 7— Friday 11

Term 1 Ends

Friday 11

For the most up-to-date school planner, click here.

Parent Representative Craig Honey is the parent representative on the School Advisory Board. To contact Craig about any concerns, email:

LOST! Christian De Luca. He has lost his rugby top and it is clearly labeled “De Luca”. If found, please return to student services.


P AGE 1 5

Poetry Competition

Memorial Hall

Ekphrasis: a poem inspired by a work of art.

14 Sydney St Kilmore, Victoria 11 - 13 April 2014

The Nillumbik council is inviting young people aged 12-18 to enter their ekphrastic poetry competition. Poems must be inspired by one of the artworks displayed on the website, such as the piece pictured below. Poems are to be no more than 12 lines long. There is a prize of $150 for the winner. Check the website or contact Ms.Gower if you are interested in entering. Awards_and_Prizes

Quality Paintings

Photography, Woodwork, Jewellery Artist demonstrations all weekend All work is for sale.

Café at the venue

Exhibition Hours: 10 – 5pm on Sat 12 April 10 – 4pm on Sun 13 April

SKI TRIP 2014 Last year’s ski trip was amazing but this year’s ski trip was unreal! Jarinda Wilson (2013) What superlatives will you use to describe the 2014 Mt Hotham ski trip? Come along this year and find out? Who: Years 9-11 (approx. 18hrs CAS for Yr 11’s) Where: Mt Hotham, Victoria

Admission: $6, Child free if accompanied, Concession $3 includes catalogue & ticket for door prize Want to know more? Phone (03) 5782 1630 or 0428 410041 The Kilmore International School


When: August 8-11th 2014 (Friday afternoon til Monday evening)


What: Skiing and snowboarding available to beginners and the more advanced.

Kilmore Memorial Hall Friday 14th March, 2014

Cost: approximately $900 includes; return transport, ski/snowboard hire, 2 meals a day, accommodation on mountain, 3 ski/snowboard lessons

Dress code: Semi-Formal $5 per ticket Years 5 - 8

Meeting and more info to follow later.

6.00 pm - 8.00 pm

Supper 8.00 - 8.30 pm

Start saving your money and come along!

Years 9 - 12 8.30 pm - 10.30 pm

See Ms Treanor for more information.

Supper and refreshments provided

We invite you to join us for refreshment at the opening of the

2014 Equine & WildArt Exhibition Old Post Office Seymour, Fine Art Gallery An Exhibition of traditional and contemporary paintings, prints and sculpture. This year ‘WildArt’ has been expanded to include more Equine paintings. Exhibition continues until 27th April Wed to Sun 11am to 4pm & Wed to Sat eves 6pm to 9pm. 50 Emily St. 5792-3170

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WALLAN JUNIOR INDOOR NETBALL Now taking team Registration for the 2014 Autumn Season.

Contact Details The Kilmore International School 40 White St, Kilmore Victoria, 3764 Australia Phone: 0011 61 3 5782 2211 Fax:

0011 61 35782 2525

Email: Web: Facebook: thekilmoreinternationalschool “Excellentia Academica Persequenda”

Start: Where: When:  

13th March 2014 (runs for 10 weeks plus finals) Roy Robson Stadium, Wallan Thursday after school

Games starting at 4.00(u9), 4.50(u11), 5.30, 6.20 & 7.10pm Players: U9 to U15 years. Boys welcome up to 13 yrs.

 HOW: Grab friends and make a team then go online to and download a registration form at Close Off: Fri Feb 28th via email

For further information please visit the website If unable to form a full team; let us know via email at School Sport Victoria (SSV) actively promotes school sport for all Victorian school students, years 4 to 12, as a means of supporting schools in developing their students’ health and wellbeing. SSV operates under the auspices of the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development. Membership of School Sport Victoria is open to all Victorian schools, providing the opportunities to participate in programs that extend from grassroots intra and inter school sport, to district, division, region, state and national levels. Students attending schools affiliated with SSV are eligible for selection in Victorian Teams to compete in 2014 School Sport Australia National Championships. Further information is available from your School’s Sport Coordinator or on the School Sport Victoria website, Parents and teachers are encouraged to regularly visit the site.

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