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Europe 2011, Saint Tropez The Tony Murray Party

Saint Tropez, 30th July 2011

Most of the guests of the Tony Murray Party were staying at the Chateau Hotel de la Messardiere. Jet-Setters Place

Host Tony Murray with Regina Moody Larry and Michele Herbert Jacqueline Pitchal, writer, composer and the singer of the CD “Soleil sur Saint Tropez� with Maya Johnson

The guests from New York, USA

Ivana Trump Countess Ana Maria de la Bruyere

Tony Murray has an annual party at his luxurious estate, La Villa Las Brisas, in St. Tropez. The invitation read 10 pm and when we arrived we had to wait in line for security to make sure that we were valid partiers. Finally the mini-bus arrived and it was a fabulous sight to see the home and more than 600 jet setters from all over the world! The theme was La Fete Gitane (Gypsy) which is one of my favorites! The party and the great entertainment was around the pool and the night ended with a spectacular fireworks show. Photos by Maya Johnson

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Palm Beach Today International Nov. 30 2011  

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