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(Korean Monochrome Painting) Exhibition I Tansaekhwa refers to a style of Korean monochrome painting and is one of the most famous and important artistic movements hailing from twentieth-century Asia. During the mid-1960s to the mid-1970s, Tansaekhwa artists manipulated materials, mainly using hues of white, black and brown to create primarily large abstract paintings. Extensive promotion during the 1970s and 1980s, garnered Tansaekhwa artists international recognition and acclaim. Consisting of sixteen paintings, the LA Art Show’s special exhibit, “Tansaekhwa I” will be the first overview of this important genre, focusing on six artists who practiced Tansaekhwa’s artistic manner during the 1970s and 1980s using their unique artistic method. In this exhibition, artists such as Sang-Hwa Chung, Hyong-Keun Yun, Seung Won Suh, Myoung Young Choi, Hwang Hur and KiLin Kim offer a magnificent interpretation of this movement’s visionary practice. Through abstraction, subdued palettes of various hues and texture, these artists reveal a delicacy and refined sense of freedom in their oeuvres. The 2016 LA Art Show will display “Tansaekhwa II” as a further investigation of the movement by introducing additional artists consisting of artworks from notable collections in Korea. LA Art Show would like to express our great appreciation to Galerie Bhak and The Columns Gallery for helping us curate “Tansaekhwa Exhibition I.” Hoojung Lee, Director of Korean Art Affairs

Hwang Hur Variable Consciousness 1979-81 Oil on canvas 91cm (h) x 116.7cm (w)



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LA Art Show Catalogue 2015