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“SCRATCH” – 195” x 42” triptych – INNOVA archival fibre paper 16 1/2’ photo-collage of the Getty Research Institute and ESMoA’s - 2014 Graffiti Installation SCRATCH

Photographer Jim McHugh has chronicled the Los Angeles art world for over three decades, publishing several books including “California Painters: New Work” with Henry Hopkins and “The Art of Light and Space” for Abbeville Press. His artist portraits were included in the Getty Museum’s “Pacific Standard Time” in conjunction with Timothy Yarger Fine Art. This massive 16 foot panorama photo-collage is of the recent graffiti installation titled Scratch at the El Segundo Museum of Art, ESMoA. Considered one of the most forwardthinking small museums in America, “Scratch,” was curated by David Brafman, curator of rare books at the Getty Research Institute. The photographic mural includes many separate images of both artists and individual graffiti walls. The photograph includes such acknowledged artists as Phantom, Axis, Cre8, Defer, Eyeone, Fishe, Miner, Gajin Fujita, Big Sleeps, Prime, Heaven, Trigz, Patrick Martinez, ENKONE, and Dr. Eye. More importantly, many other dedicated artists freely contributed to this monumental graffiti installation, their extraordinary work is pictured here. About the Exhibit “Scratch” The Getty Research Institute owns a 16th Century manuscript called a liber amicorum (book of friends) illustrated by artists of the time. In 2013, The Getty invited LA’s leading graffiti artists to contribute to a single book, thus creating the Getty Graffiti Black Book. ESMoA and the Getty Research Institute subsequently invited Getty Black Book artists to turn ESMoA into an open black book. With the “Scratch” installation, graffiti and tattoo artists transformed the space into a cathedral of urban art for the first public presentation of the LA Liber Amicorum.



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LA Art Show Catalogue 2015