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5 PM

Reinterpretations: A Conversation Between Recent Quilt and Figure Paintings

Panelists: Sedrick Huckaby and Thomas French Sedrick Huckaby’s veneration of the ordinary is exemplified in his 9 x 14 foot painting “Just a Few Patches,” which will be on view at the LA Art Show. This painting monumentalizes a small patch of a quilt made by an African-American woman in the last century, handed down through her family. For Huckaby, these quilts were the African-American women’s form of jazz. Women would sit together making quilts, creating rhythmic patterns and improvising as needed. They created harmony in the quilt. The quilts became more than blankets— they were about community and creativity. Huckaby focuses on the subject of the quilt, expounding on its metaphor for family, faith, and heritage, and its potential to communicate themes of love and reconciliation—to create dialogue bridging generational gaps. In creating “Just a Few Patches,” Huckaby was inspired by the story of George Washington Carver’s conversation with God about the peanut: the revelation of an entire world to discover in the peanut, instead of the futile attempt to comprehend the entire universe. With the quilt as his peanut, Huckaby finds a world to discover in just a few patches. His painted quilts are grandly symbolic, expressionistic and sometimes abstracted —yet poetic and personal—a way to cherish quilts hand-crafted by people and embody their makers. What dialogue is there between the quilt and the portrait? How are these two subjects so closely connected in his work? Join our conversation to learn more!



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LA Art Show Catalogue 2015