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Engaging the Art Community “Dark Progressivism: Metropolis Rising”

Ed Gutter, Rep LA

The artists included— many of whom are featured in the film, Dark Progressivism: On Rupture to Rebellion— present works in black, white, and shades of gray, drawing on their roots in gang graffiti, illicit murals, and tattooing. The palate also comments on the shadows out of which the artists, and Southern California as whole, have progressed over the past five decades. Additionally, the monochromatic theme in “Dark Progressivism: Metropolis Rising” connects to the Hollywood genre of film noir and its predecessor, German Expressionism.

Roberto Gutiérrez, Wild Ride on the 6th Street Bridge

Joe Prime Reza, One for All and All for One

the first international presentation of this Southern California nativist genre. The very public darkness of the last fifty years in L.A.—natural disasters, race riots, gang wars, serial killers, police brutality, drugs, crushing poverty contrasted by insane wealth—and our rich cultural mix are the roots of this style that is now being recognized in the art and academic worlds.

Some of the artists are internationally known, others are emerging, and one is a prisoner in Pelican Bay Prison’s Secure Housing Unit. Curated by Cartwheel Art editorial director Lisa Derrick and author/filmmaker Rodrigo Ribera d’Ebre, the exhibition features Abel M. Alejandre, Big Sleeps, Chaz Bojorquez, Cryptik, Daniel Gonzalez, Roberto Gutiérrez, Ed Gutter, Jesse Hazelip, Jason Hernandez, Juan Carlos Muñoz Hernandez, Alex Defer Kizu, Patrick Martinez, Jack Morris, Rafael Reyes, and Joe Prime Reza.

Please join us on Sunday 1pm for a book signing with Rodrigo Ribera d’Ebre, Big Sleeps and Rafael Reyes. Based in the Downtown Los Angeles Arts District, Cartwheel Art publishes an online art magazine with engaging content and provides a full range of promotional and editorial media services in addition to producing and offering tours of Downtown Los Angeles Arts District.

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