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Li Gang Born in Puning, Guangdong Province, China, 1962 Now works and lives in Beijing.

Ink Elements-Li Gang’s Solo Exhibition October 2014, China Cultural Center, Paris, France As Prosperous As Ten Thousand Things-Ink Painting of Li Gang October 2014, Galerie Schillerstrasse, Germany Ruins September 2014, Kuandu Biennale in Taipei *Li Gang’s Solo Exhibition Confonting Anitya-Oriental Experience in Contemporary Art June 2013, Venice Transmission and Imitation- Solo Exhibition of Ink Painting by Li Gang 2012, Today Art Museum, Beijing

There is a sense of “design” within his works – logical and rational, mathematical and metaphysical. The expression of light is somewhat classical. They are waiting for the holy light in a humble way, as a result, the artworks are filled with imagination and fantasy. However, in order to avoid the influence of collective worship, Li deliberately spreads various lines around the whole screen, breaking the balance of the orderly harmony. This help to attach more vitality to his works, telling a vivid story of an individual on the topic of human and history, human and the society, human and reality and human and object.

Li Gang Elements of Ink NO.20120740

Xuan paper, ink mixed medium, 137×139cm, 2012

Li Gang Elements of Ink NO.20130943

Xuan paper, ink mixed medium, 138×138cm, 2013



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LA Art Show Catalogue 2015