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Once upon a time, there lived a box. He lived like a free and happy man in his own land.

If humans were part of a rat race, the world of boxes wasn’t far behind. Every box wanted to be ahead of one another.

Boxy, (yes that was his name) went to work everyday.

Boxy, like his fellow boxes would go to his workplace, the only one he had ever known.

He knew he’d end up like his parents, Mr and Mrs. Box.

But he was tired of his everyday life. And longed to do something different.


it possible?”, he often thought to himself, “to do something different with his life?”

He wanted to set out on a journey of his own, experience the real world, what existed out of the box.

He wanted to achieve complete peace and serenity on his journey.

So he set out, determined to find his true calling and overcome any obstacle that might come in his way.

He encountered the heat of the blistering desert sun...

.... And

the pacifying power of the ocean.

As the cars passed by, he sensed the noises of city life penetrating his head.

He withstood the winds that threatened to blow everything away.

He was enchanted by space on his visit to the moon.

... But he found himself clueless still and thought about his life as he entered a small town.

He decided to enter one of the houses there hoping to find his true calling.

But Lo and Behold! all he found there was a room full of the infamous race of humans, breathing down his neck.

The humans told him he was only fit to be like any other box in a supermarket, Voiceless, with no other identity of his own.

Boxy- the graphic tale of a box  

A fictional tale about a boxand his adventures.

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