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Meet me :) "Design" is a natural instinct for me. It is a gift which I am fortunate to possess and would like to share it with those that cherish fine art and design. I love working with professionals from all creative fields. But my passion lies in the joy of being able to create marvellous ideas for shoes and accessories that can dazzle the catwalk and complement its wearer. The aim of my pieces is to achieve a style that is elegant, bold, sophisticated, unique, contemporary and charismatic. It has to win the heart of its owner or creator, bringing forth the delightful thought that "I must wear it!� I continue to find new inspirations wherever I am in the globe for future ideas. This portfolio is only a small window into the depths of my imagination. My work continues to evolve and grow as I advance further into design and learn from those I work alongside who help inspire me in this ever growing concept of achieving my best.

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“Renderings and Sketches” Medium used1. Ganesha – Different grades of pencils 2. Fruit – Dry pastels and water colours 3.Potrait – Charcoal 4. Horse – Water colours 5. Hanuman – Different grades of pencils

“Material Exploration” Medium Used – 1. Glass- Sand blasting 2. Clock- Clay, wood and marble 3. Metal keychain – Chemical etching 4. Soap carving 5. Cube - straw

“Colour & Collage� 1. Colour wheel 2. Thread painting 3.Fabric motif painting 4. Stencil Painting 5. Collage

“Material Exploration” 1. Tie and Dye 2. Batik 3. Smocking

Batik Printing


Tie and Dye

“Go Green” Concept – “Joy of life” Purity, growth, love and rhythm are a few Keywords that inspired me to make this Eco-friendly hanging map.

Material used1. Paper Mache’ 2. Thread

“Dual” Aim - To use clock mechanism and lighting in one Product.

Concept – A combination of a chandelier and a pendulum Style clock makes this elegant product apt for any space. Material used 1. Acrylic 2. Metal 3. Crystal beads

“Baby’s Bottle Holder” Concept – Kid’s Comfort! This bottle holder was designed for the comfort of a baby. Bottles can be easily kept in this holder and the handles are given for their support.

Material used 1. Rubber (Safe for the baby to use as a tether also)

“Art Class Chair” Concept - To design a range of chairs inspired from Bauhaus Art Movement. Bauhaus furniture are simple and geometric In shape. The most commonly used colors are black, grey, red , blue And yellow. Space – Art Class Room Material used – 1. Wood 2. Acrylic

“Designer Shoes” Concept – Inspired by the Bauhaus Art Movement, this product shows the key aspects such as geometry, repetition and straight lines and plays with bold solid colours such as red, blue and green. Product – Peep Toes

Material used – Rexene with glossy finish

Design & Production of Exclusive Leather Goods Kolkata, India

“Status update” Classy and Delicious there’s no one else like me GLAMOROUS.

“Sexy Python” Stylish, sexy, suave. This clutch is sure to turn heads

“Yellows!� Funky, vibrant and full of style as the bright yellow with the shimmery silver gets you a little high.

“Splash” Separate your cards with cash and keeps your notes crispy and fresh.

“Split personality" this bag has two personalities adjusting to your needs whether its is casual at college or chic at an evening do.

“Silver Filigree” Visited a district KarimNagar in Andhra Pradesh to extensively learn about the beautiful craft of FILIGREE. With my learning's I explored the craft on various accessories.

Products – 1. Filigree on the Phone 2. Filigree on Shoes

“Packaging” Concept – Recreation of “Cadbury Gems” , package. Use of panda bear (mascot for Cadbury gems) as the main package for the storage of the chocolate. The Panda bear can also be used as a keychain. This product attracts the main customer i.e. children, due to the attractive colours, usability and mascot.

Material used1. Recycled Plastic 2. Metal ( Keychain)


Pallavi Daga Portfolio  

Fashion Accessory and Interior Product Design Related Work

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