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H-Mart The Cheese Inn St. Philip’s Anglican Church

September 1 - November 15, 2019


September 1 - November 15, 2019

September 1 - November 15, 2019


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September 1 - November 15, 2019

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Fall Wheels 2017 Winner

2019 win actric ele leaf sv n Nissa Contest Runs - Aug 23 - Oct 3 | Full contest details available in-store or online.



September 1 - November 15, 2019


A Message from DVBA Mysha Dewar-McClelland, President of the Dunbar Village Business Association In this issue we introduce you to a husband and wife team, Phil McNeill and Jaylene Wilson, who reopened the British-themed pub The Cheshire Cheese Inn in January of this year and renamed it The Cheese Inn. The Cheese Inn still offers daily events including Trivia Tuesday in addition to Happy Hour and weekend brunch. H-Mart opened its doors late last year offering a wide selection of Asian groceries and quick meals. The BB.Q Chicken kiosk is a customer favourite!

Welcome to the fall issue of Dunbar Life! It has been a busy summer in Dunbar, thanks in part to the fabulous weather starting early and sticking around longer so that we could really enjoy the warm days. As fall approaches, you will be interested to know that our newly elected volunteer Board of Directors has made some exciting community event changes. Dunbar will be forgoing the annual Harvest Festival in favour of expanding the hugely popular Trick-or-Treat event in Dunbar Village. Save the date of Saturday, October 26 for this family-friendly event! Stay tuned for further details about games, arts and crafts, live music, and much more.

You may have noticed that The Dailey Method owners have handed over the reins to new owners and we are thrilled to welcome JoĂŠl and Lani and their business Barre Fitness to the community. Our Ask An Expert section is a great way to get answers to frequently asked questions from local business owners. In this issue we feature Barre Fitness Dunbar, Elements Academy, FYidoctors and Sweet Somethings. As we all prepare to jump with two feet into fall, we encourage you to visit your community shops for all of your shopping needs, including those all important back to school essentials.

Welcome to Dunbar Village


September 1 - November 15, 2019

Life Integrative now has two licensed

NATUROPATHIC DOCTORS serving the Dunbar community.

Offering natural treatments for fatigue, weight loss, sleep, digestive issues, and hormonal imbalance. In addition to IV therapy and PRP treatments for joints and esthetics. Dr. Tomah Phillips

Mention this Dunbar Life ad and receive 25% off your first visit!





4168 Dunbar St (at W. 26th Ave)

Dr. Taal Bastien ND



All are welcome to apply to our Catholic Elementary School


La Notte

RISTORANTE ITALIANO Family owned & operated. Established in 1988.

Casual fine dining is yours to enjoy within a Tuscan atmosphere. Variety of pasta selections and veal specialties, including osso buco every Friday night. Full take out menu on our website where all pastas are available for takeout at only $13 each.

Live Piano Thursday thru Sunday 3307 Dunbar St (at 17th Ave) • 604-222-4033 •

September 1 - November 15, 2019


圀䔀ᤠ刀䔀 䠀䔀刀䔀 䄀䰀䰀 WE’RE HERE FOR䘀伀刀 ALL YOUR 夀伀唀刀 FALL 䘀䄀䰀䰀 CLEAN 䌀䰀䔀䄀一 UP NEEDS!唀倀 一䔀䔀䐀匀℀

Blights Home Hardware 䈀氀椀最栀琀猀3322 䠀漀洀攀 䠀愀爀搀眀愀爀攀 Dunbar St ㌀㌀㈀㈀ 䐀甀渀戀愀爀 匀琀爀攀攀琀 604-738-3312

㘀 㐀ⴀ㜀㌀㠀ⴀ㌀㌀㄀㈀ 伀瀀攀渀 䴀漀渀搀愀礀ⴀ匀愀琀甀爀搀愀礀 㤀愀洀ⴀ㘀瀀洀⸀ 䌀氀漀猀攀搀 匀甀渀搀愀礀猀

Open Monday-Saturday 9-6. Closed Sundays


September 1 - November 15, 2019

ANDREW WILKINSON MLA Vancouver-Quilchena Leader, Official Opposition  /Wilkinson4BC  /AndrewWilkinsonForBC  /Wilkinson4BC

5640 Dunbar Street 604.664.0748


MASSAGE THERAPY on dunbar & in point grey TWO LOCATIONS

4192 Dunbar Street 604.733.3376 &

4544 West 10th Avenue 604.228.1400 Registered Massage Therapists

September 1 - November 15, 2019


H-Mart: One Arm Full of Groceries Story by Sarah Gordon

Photos by Sandra Steier

Dunbar has a variety of grocery stores to choose from and each has its special place in the neighbourhood. H-Mart Dunbar is the newest arrival and has saved customers from having to travel to other parts of the city to purchase Asian groceries.

Is there a story behind the business name? Marketing manager Tae Kim explains, “H-Mart was formerly known as Hanahreum Mart. The Korean phrase ‘Han Ah Reum’ means ‘one arm full of groceries.’ Because it was difficult to pronounce, we shortened the name to H-Mart.”

The H-Mart supermarket chain got its start 37 years ago in New York. Since then 100 stores have opened in Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom.

Coquitlam’s H-Mart was the first in Canada. Other Lower Mainland locations include Langley, Port Coquitlam, Richmond, UBC, and downtown Vancouver.

In November 2018 H-Mart Dunbar opened for business.

Tae says, “We opened the Dunbar store so the community could easily access Asian groceries.” The Deli Kitchen and food court are extremely popular. Customers enjoy shopping and having the option to have a quick meal at the food court; the BB.Q Chicken kiosk is a customer favourite. Tae reports, “BB.Q Chicken is the most popular fried chicken franchise in Korea. With its special seasoning and sauce, BB.Q fried chicken is more sweet and savoury than other fried chicken in Canada. Many ready-to-eat meals such as bento boxes and marinated meat rice bowls are made in store at the Deli Kitchen.”


September 1 - November 15, 2019

“If you want Asian food for lunch or dinner, H-Mart’s food court is your go-to place.” Tae Kim Each H-Mart store is unique. Tae says, “For example, H-Mart Coquitlam focuses on Korean products while our Richmond store carries 60 percent non-Korean Asian products. H-Mart Dunbar focuses on attracting shoppers who are looking for everyday groceries such as tofu for dinner or Kimchi as a side dish. We are trying to carry as many items as possible so people can find what they need.” H-Mart Dunbar has both live and fresh seafood you may not find elsewhere locally. The store is best known for its bakery and hot food that is prepared in store each morning. Tae says, “We sell both convenient and conventional food options. Although many processed items come from Asia, most of H-Mart’s produce, seafood and meat are from North America. Like our slogan “Better Foods, Better Life,” we are committed to providing fresh produce and seafood through a wide selection of Asian imports as well as Western products.” In the early years H-Mart focussed primarily on Korean products; it now tries to serve a broader clientele. H-Mart Dunbar is designed to attract customers from different ethnic backgrounds by providing popular Asian meals and fresh ingredients that can be used in many cuisines.

“We believe food is an essential part of one’s culture and many of our Asian customers come to our store looking for flavours from their homeland. As well, Western customers shop at H-Mart for fresh seasonal fruits or to look for an exotic Asian food experience,” says Tae. Many people have welcomed H-Mart Dunbar and enjoy being able to purchase their favourite groceries close to home. Tae comments, “There are still a lot of people who are not familiar with us or who are afraid to adventure through the aisles of an Asian supermarket. We are striving to make these new customers feel more comfortable shopping at H-Mart.”

“If you have any questions, our staff will be more than happy to explain what a product is and how to cook it.” Tae Kim

September 1 - November 15, 2019


Tae points out, “Although H-Mart is an Asian supermarket we do carry many Western products. All of the labels are written in English so don’t be afraid to come and experience exotic Oriental foods.” Customer service is one of H-Mart’s top priorities. Tae says, “Our customers are spending their own time to shop at our store and we want their time at H-Mart to be really pleasant and enjoyable so they will come back and shop again.”


What does H-Mart’s team enjoy most about this location? Tae says with a smile, “What we like most about Dunbar is the residents. The people are nice and friendly, and they have passion for the food they crave. Dunbar may look peaceful but it is quite vibrant when it comes to food.”

September 1 - November 15, 2019

H-Mart 5557 Dunbar Street Vancouver BC V6N 1W5 Telephone 604-264-5950

䈀唀夀 ㈀  䜀䄀䰀䰀伀一匀 伀刀 㐀 倀䄀䤀䰀匀 䄀一䐀 

刀䔀䌀䔀䤀嘀䔀 㔀 䜀䄀䰀䰀伀一匀 䘀刀䔀䔀⨀

䠀唀刀刀夀℀℀℀ 䘀䤀刀匀吀 ㄀  䌀唀匀吀伀䴀䔀刀匀 伀一䰀夀℀ 

⨀䔀堀䌀䰀唀䐀䔀匀 䄀唀刀䄀

September 1 - November 15, 2019


Dunbar Homeowners’ Fall Garden Specials Fall Clean Up √ Pruning, weeding, raking √ All garden beds √ Bark mulch installation Call now for your free estimate Hedge Trimming √ Professional Shape & Trim √ Debris Clean Up Price based per hedge Call now for your free estimate

Call now for your free estimate 778-323-1502 “The Garden Pro’s to Call from Spring through Fall” Fall Garden Clean Ups: Include Trimming & Pruning Shape hedges and shrubs of all varieties in your garden by mid-October. This allows plants time to harden off. Plants that benefit from fall trimming or pruning: • Lavender: Remove flower stems by cutting into the silvery-green leaves about 1-2 inches to create a rounded shape. • Roses: Remove long canes and create a framework for the pruning you will do in winter. • Cedar Hedges: Regular trimming of your cedar hedge is extremely important in order to grow a dense and healthy-looking hedge. The best time of year to cut your cedar hedge is in September and October. This will allow you to cut back summer growth while still leaving enough time for cuts to harden off before winter. You also get the most value for your dollar as the hedge will look sharp all winter before it starts growing again.

Plan Ahead for Fruit Trees Apply lime to the base of trees in autumn, allowing the chemical process to take place throughout winter. It generally takes 6 months for lime to change your soil’s pH. By spring, your tree will be primed for production. Remember to book your winter fruit tree pruning service for January or February while the trees are still dormant. Winter is the ideal time to prune to encourage fruit growth. Mulching Saves Plants Covering garden beds with composted mulch saves new plants. Boxwood hedges respond well to mulch as their roots are often exposed at the surface of the soil. Blanket all garden beds with a nutrient rich mulch to get them through another potentially harsh winter.

Jessica Salvador is a certified landscape horticulturist; Christian Kessner is a certified landscape technician and together they are co-owners of Higher Ground Gardens, celebrating over 10 years of service in Dunbar.


September 1 - November 15, 2019


JOYCE MURRAY Your trusted voice in the community since 2008, protecting the environment, fighting climate change, and making life more affordable.

@joycemurray @mpjoycemurray @joycemurraymp

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Quality Repairs with Excellent Customer Service Honesty, Integrity, Professional Email: Telephone: 604-261-9212 or 604-321-0126 New address: 8162 Ontario St, (off of S.W. Marine Drive)

September 1 - November 15, 2019


The Cheese Inn:

A Family’s Labour of Love Story by Sarah Gordon

Photos by Sandra Steier

Dunbar’s beloved British themed pub is once again open for business. When long time Cheshire Cheese Inn owner Alan Cassidy retired last fall it was uncertain who would take the helm. Fortunately for Dunbar, Jaylene Wilson and her husband Phil McNeill purchased the business and reopened the restaurant in early January 2019. Dunbar residents are thrilled that the newly renamed The Cheese Inn is continuing to serve up food, drinks and good times that this community 16

hub has been known for since 1979. In turn, Jaylene and Phil are thrilled to be the proprietors of a restaurant they love, and they are excited to add their own distinct touches to The Cheese Inn. The transition was seamless for Jaylene who worked as the pub’s manager and as a server for seven years, and for Phil who helped Alan out in the kitchen. This was a huge advantage for the couple as they were familiar with the ins and outs of operating the establishment. Phil has an impressive background in the food and hospitality industry. In his managerial roles he was responsible for opening numerous Lone Star Café, Hard Rock Café and Planet Hollywood locations.

“Our hearts have been touched by the community’s support.” Jaylene Wilson

September 1 - November 15, 2019

Phil McNeill Regular customers pitched in to help paint inside and update the patio. Jaylene says, “We wouldn’t have been able to do it without their help. It was really beautiful.”

The couple work side by side at The Cheese Inn. Phil runs the kitchen while Jaylene manages the front end. It’s truly a family affair and it is also a 24/7 commitment. They are grateful for their five

children who have been incredibly supportive and lend a hand at the pub. Their son Michael is a manager at the restaurant, and Jaylene has kind words to say about their highly valued staff. The pub was packed when it reopened on a Trivia Tuesday, which is a well-loved tradition at The Cheese Inn. Dan Haber, a long-standing patron and friend, hosts the weekly event. General knowledge questions are asked and the winning team receives a $50 gift card toward their bill.

September 1 - November 15, 2019


It was important to keep the signature classic British dishes that customers know and love such as toad in the hole (pork bangers baked in a Yorkshire pudding with mashed potato, veggies and Guinness gravy), fish and chips, and a variety of pot pies (chicken, cottage, Guinness steak and mushroom, and fisherman’s pie), lamb stew, and liver and onions. In addition, the menu features a good selection of healthy home cooked meals including soups, salads, starters, burgers, sandwiches, and pasta dishes. Jaylene’s personal favourite is the shrimp and avocado sandwich and she mentions the beer battered Lingcod fish and chips are delicious. Who doesn’t love a good brunch? The brunch menu is offered daily from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. The Cheese Inn is also known for its British breakfast and made to order omelettes. The menu includes a variety of eggs Benny dishes and delicious homemade hash browns made from local farm potatoes. When it comes to dessert, word has it Lynette’s sticky toffee pudding (made in Vancouver) is the best in the world. Try some for yourself – Jaylene says that people get upset if they have run out!

out of town guests enjoy making a nostalgic trip back to their favourite family friendly pub. From reunions, to parties and celebrations of life, groups like to gather in the welcoming environment. It is evident that Jaylene and Phil care deeply about The Cheese Inn. She says with a smile, “As any small business owner knows, it’s not about money. I have always wanted to run my own business. It’s a goal we set as a couple and it’s rewarding to have achieved it. I love adventures and challenges. It’s a new chapter.” Jaylene concludes, “I want people to feel comfortable here. I am proud of The Cheese Inn. It’s a labour of love.”

From pies to mains, The Cheese Inn’s meals are made from scratch with as many local ingredients as possible.

The Cheese Inn 4585 Dunbar Street Vancouver BC V6S 2G7 Telephone 604-620-1951

They purchase produce grown in Ladner and love to support the farming community where they live. Jaylene and Phil have introduced live music twice a month. It draws a diverse crowd and local musicians have been asking if they can perform. Check out the website to see who will be playing next. Their customer base is largely locals although some 18

September 1 - November 15, 2019

Reg ist rat ion op e n t o k ids

8-16 yr


Fashion Design & Sewing at West Broadway near Alma. Register today at

Call us forLa a Movida free consultation to/learn theLife benefits ad • tracksuit Dunbar of building your own custom dream home. 5 x 4� / CMYK / 8 August 2019 Rare Design Group: 604 505 4100

Your dream. Our passion. Sage Custom Homes.

604-569-2692 September 1 - November 15, 2019


In 2013, Laurie Allan-Franks started La Movida Fashion Design Academy based on a simple idea — fashion is fun. Creating is fun. Sewing is fun. This fact has been attracting like-minded students aged 8-16 ever since. While her bright, energetic studio space inspires amazing projects, Laurie points out that this is only part of the experience. La Movida is a fun, inclusive place that celebrates and encourages imagination, newfound skills, and — most importantly — each other. Come see for yourself!

Laurie Allan-Franks

Fashion Design & Sewing at Broadway near Alma. Register today at


September 1 - November 15, 2019

La Movida ad • Laurie Profile / Dunbar Life

Reg ist rat ion op e n t o k ids

8-16 yr


practicallife lifeskills skills practical for kids&&teenagers teenagers for kids practical life skills

for kids & teenagers

This fall, add some spice to your children’s day and give them an This fall, add some spice to your children’s day and give them an opportunity to learn outside of the typical classroom—and give opportunity to learn outside of the typical classroom—and give This fall, add some spice tothat your yourself peace-of-mind knowing theychildren’s will be cared for in a yourself peace-of-mind knowing that they will be cared for in a daysafe, and give them an opportunity to learnto pique inspiring, and some empowering environment designed This fall, add spice to your children’s and give th safe, inspiring, and empowering environment designed today pique outside of theand typical classroom—and their interests grow their capabilities in the kitchen. opportunity totheir learncapabilities outside of typical classroom—an their interests and grow in the the kitchen.

practical life skills give yourself peace-of-mind knowing that for kids & teenagers yourself peace-of-mind knowing that they will be cared fo

they besessions cared Monday for in athrough safe, Sunday, inspiring, Wewill offer fall where your child We offersafe, fall sessions Monday through Sunday, where your child inspiring, and empowering environment andwillempowering environment designed experience a 3-hour class once a week for four weeks.designed to will experience a 3-hour class once a week for four weeks. to pique interests and grow their in the kitchen. theirtheir interests and grow their capabilities capabilities the kitchen. Little Kitchenin Academy is the first of its kind Montessori-inspired

fall sessions fall sessions begin sept. 3rd begin sept. 3rd

Little Academy is thechildren’s first of itsday kind This fall,Kitchen add some spice to your andMontessori-inspired give them an

cooking academy for kids ages three through teen. Throughwhere you We offer fall sessions Monday through Sunday,

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fall sessions begin sept. 3rd

Wejoy, offer fall sessions Monday mindfulness, and learning, we are through creating a foundation will experience a 3-hour class week yourself peace-of-mind knowing thatwe they will beonce cared for in a for four weeks. joy, mindfulness, and learning, are creating aafoundation Sunday, where your child will experience a from for a healthy lifestyle through responsible eating choices: safe, empowering to pique from for inspiring, a healthyand lifestyle throughenvironment responsibledesigned eating choices: 3-hour once a week for four weeks. scratchclass to consumption. their interests and grow their capabilities in the kitchen.

scratch Little to consumption. Kitchen Academy is the first of its kind Montessori-in

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Montessori-inspired cooking academy for a foundati joy, mindfulness, and learning, we are creating will experience a 3-hour class once a week for four weeks. kids ages three through teen. Through joy, for a healthy lifestyle through responsible eating choices:


l fya ltl e sne s ss ti ounds e n t s p e r c l a s s b e g i n s e p online t. 3rd register for fall sessions

register online for fall sessions + sign up for updates + sign up for updates only ten students per class

Little Kitchen Academyand is thelearning, first of its kindwe Montessori-inspired mindfulness, are creating

scratch to consumption.

cooking academy for kids three through teen. Through a foundation forages a healthy lifestyle through for a healthy lifestyle through responsible eating choices: from


Flagship location: 3744 West 10th Ave, Vancouver, BC V6R 2G4 Flagship location: 3744 West 10th Ave, Vancouver, BC V6R 2G4

register online for fall sessions + sign up for updates register online for fall sessions + sign up for updates

l i t t l e k i t c h e n a c a d e m y. c o m l i t t l e k i t c h e n a c a d e m y. c o m

Flagship location: 3744 West 10th Ave, Vancouver, BC V6R 2G4


scratch to consumption.

l i t t l e k i t c h e n a c a d e m y. c o m l i t t l e k i t c h e n a c a d e m y. c o m

Flagship location: 3744 West 10th Ave, Vancouver, BC V6R 2G4

LL kakaLaLtaeteNNighigthsts

joy, mindfulness, andeating learning, choices: we are creating a foundation responsible from scratch

for teens only f oe rv e rty ef er ind sa y o+ ns al tyu r d a y

night every friday + saturday night

s t h g i N e t a L a L ka LateL Nkights

for teens only

for teens only every

September 1 - November 15, 2019

every friday + saturday friday + saturday night


WEST SIDE PAINT & DECORATING: CHOOSING EXTERIOR COLOURS Submitted by Aisling Ely Exterior painting is no small feat! When you are investing time and money into your home, you want to make sure what you are choosing covers many factors. You need to consider: • • • •

Paint Quality Current Trends Compatibility within your neighbourhood Current fixtures that are in place (roofing, stonework, etc.) • Paint Sheen

When it comes to choosing quality, nothing beats Benjamin Moore’s Aura paint. Not only does it stand up to the elements with a lifetime guarantee, it also ensures a vibrant, richer finish and superior fade resistance in your chosen colour with Colour Lock™ technology. The high build formula provides extreme hide and coverage for fewer coats. If you’re worried about the exterior painting session coming to an end too soon, you’ll be pleased to learn that Aura withstands a lower temperature application, allowing you to extend the painting season. What’s more it even has mildew resistance, so you can apply with ease knowing that even in our Vancouver climate, your eaves will stay mildew free!

like tones add a lavish finish that you’re sure to be pleased with. It’s also a beautiful colour for the summer, as it is reminiscent of sea side vacations, while also transitions well into the fall and winter, with it’s cooler tones. These photo’s below show a before and after of one of our customer’s recent colour updates. They used Hale Navy, HC-154, in Aura exterior. Neutrals are also a popular choice; they allow other attributes to pop, such as architectural features or a beautiful front door. Grays and greiges are always sure to please! Some of the more popular neutral choices are: Edgecomb Gray HC-173, Revere Pewter HC-172 (the green undertones, make this an excellent choice for a tree-lined street), Gray Owl OC-52 and Pale Oak OC-20. If you like these colours, but are unsure of which one works best for you, booking an exterior colour consult is a great way to figure out what works best for your home. As always, whites and off-whites continue to shine in popularity both interior and exterior. However, choosing the best white, or knowing if white is even the correct choice for you, is possibly one of the more difficult choices. If white is your style, then a colour consult will prove invaluable to you. For white to truly shine and add the clean neutral finish you are looking for you must consider some different factors. If you choose too crisp of a white with a blue undertone, it may look good at certain times of the day, depending on how much light your exterior is exposed too, but these whites can become unbearably bright! Whites with a yellow undertone tend to take on a soft

This year we are seeing a vast range of colours being chosen for homes’ exteriors. Navy blue (Hale Navy HC-154) seems to be ever popular. It’s vibrant, without being garish and the jewel 22

September 1 - November 15, 2019

country look. Usually whites with a green undertone work best, as they tend to be the most neutral. Although, it is always nice to know what is currently trending in terms of colour, it’s also good to keep in mind what is trending in your neighborhood. You may want your house to pop, but you want that to be for the right reasons! The best inspiration may come from stepping outside. Select hues that are compatible with your neighborhood, architectural style and natural surroundings. For exterior colours inspired by classic American design and architecture, look no further than Benjamin Moore’s Historical Collection for tried and true favorites that are perfect for any home. Some of my favourite choices from this collection are: Ashley Gray HC-87, as it’s a warm brown, with a nice gray undertone allowing it to veer away from becoming too brown

gloss, hides surface imperfections and cleans well. Semi-gloss paints add extra durability and clean up easily, making them a good choice for areas such as windowsills that bear the brunt of weather shifts. High gloss finishes make colour look richer but magnifys surface imperfections.

Chelsea Gray HC-168 (on the chip below) can come across as being quite dark, but with it’s LRV (light reflective value) of 22, it works great if your home is in a lot of shadow. Rather than highlighting the shadows and making your eye stop to notice the shadows, this colour absorbs shadows allowing your eye to take in the full beauty of your home.

If you’ve any questions, or want to enquire about hiring a colour consult, we’re here to help! Just call in for a coffee and a chat or connect with us by phone or email.

Another thing that shouldn’t be overlooked is what elements are around your house that won’t change, such as roofing, architectural

Aisling Ely studied Fine Art & Design at Limerick College of Art & Design in Ireland. She is available for colour consultations by appointment.

features or stone work. These are big elements and always a good place to start when building your home’s exterior colour palette. You want to make sure you are selecting the correct undertones, so that everything flows well together and you don’t get left feeling like something isn’t quite right! The final thing to consider when choosing your new exterior is the finish of the paint. Colour is only one aspect of an exterior paint choice; sheen is another important factor. Low Lustre finish is a top choice for the main siding colour—the low-reflective finish adds a slight

September 1 - November 15, 2019



September 1 - November 15, 2019

September 1 - November 15, 2019


St. Philip’s Anglican Church: Under Our Roof and Beyond Our Walls Story by Stuart Hallam

Photos by Sandra Steier

You probably think you know all about St. Philip’s – it’s been one of the cornerstones of Dunbar for well over 90 years. You probably know all about what happens ‘under our roof’ – all the many activities that take place here, the worshipping community, the Boy Scouts and Girl Guides, community groups, exercise classes, the rummage sales, the Christmas fair, not to mention the two preschools that have been part of the fabric of the church centre for generations... and don’t forget about those two bowling alleys! You probably also know that Dunbar Life described us as the ‘Champions of Dunbar Village,’ which made us blush a little! And that the new Rector, The Rev’d Stuart Hallam, quite unusually for your typical Anglican Priest, was for the last 16 years a Royal Marine Commando Chaplain, serving around the globe. But there are also things you might not know about St. Philip’s… Just as Dunbar has changed and grown, so have we. We aspire to be an open and inclusive community. The people who make St. Philip’s what it is, make it a place of welcoming care, a place where we are surprised by God and are changed for good. A place where everyone can explore how to live a rewarding life, learn to forgive each other, and learn to forgive ourselves. We are a community which inspires to be inclusive and welcoming regardless of 26

ethnicity, gender, sexuality, age or background. Sometimes we meet our aspirations, sometimes we don’t, but our aspiration remains the same, to be open, even when we are closed. One wonderful thing that has recently changed, and what we as a parish have advocated for many years, is that we are now allowed to perform same sex weddings at St. Philip’s. We are overjoyed about this because we believe that God makes us who we are and wishes to bless all our relationships. Indeed, as the ‘Good Book’ says, ‘God is love and those who live in love, live in God and God lives in them’ – we couldn’t agree more! We believe God makes herself present when people join together in community – dreaming of a new world, as some people in Scripture dreamt before us and as many people, of all faiths or none, have dreamt throughout history. Sometimes we meet God when we pray and sing, and when we share bread and wine. Sometimes we meet God in the street, in a conversation with a stranger or when we are inspired to get together to change things.... and sometimes we miss seeing him. We find that you don’t need to believe in God to encounter God. Often, it’s the week by week, ordinary habits of trying to live together in a community of faith, and doubt, that matter

September 1 - November 15, 2019

most. Some people in our community are accidental Christians who inadvertently stumbled into faith after a funeral or baptism, or made a friend who was part of this crowd of witnesses and found they became friends too. Some people at St. Philip’s have been here a long time, and now bring their children or grandchildren. Some are people recovering from bad experiences of church and are slowly learning how to come back. Others have never been to church before, but have found a home here. All – including you – are welcome and accepted. We are grateful to be part of the Anglican Church of Canada and we recognize the privilege of being a church for the whole neighbourhood, not just a church for those to come along on Sunday. The Anglican Church is not perfect by any means, but it is at its best when it stands with people who society seems to have forgotten, or when it works to make our world fairer, or when it suggests following a different path to finding peace, joy, and meaning in this life. We are made up of a rich blend of active volunteers (treasurers, pastoral visitors, youth and children’s leaders, teachers, singers, cooks, gardeners... and many more besides) and paid staff, including our Clergy, our Parish Manager, Beth, and our Director of Music, Michael. We are passionate about the many issues we are already involved with, such as sponsoring a Syrian refugee family to settle in Canada, working with local homeless people on the Westside, and striving for reconciliation with our indigenous neighbours. But we would like to be passionate about other issues within our community too, and want to join together with others who want to make Dunbar, and the world, a better place for everyone. We want to teach and be taught, to serve and be served, by everyone who is on this journey of life together.

for. We believe in God’s love for each and every one of us. We try to embrace differences, and one of the only things we’re strict about is our conviction that everyone is welcome at the communion table to receive the bread and the wine, because the invitation to participate is not ours but Jesus of Nazareth’s, who didn’t turn anyone away. Music is a big part of our main service at 10 o’clock on Sundays. We have a very talented Music Director, a magnificent pipe organ, a wonderful choir, a hymnbook full of traditional and familiar hymns, and on many Sundays much of the liturgy is sung. On the other hand, the first Sunday of every month is “family worship” with a church band to lead the music. Music also plays a huge part of our wider spiritual programs and we host many wonderful concerts, usually on Sunday afternoons. We also have two quieter, more contemplative services. On Sunday mornings at 8 o’clock we have said Holy Eucharist, which uses the traditional language of the Anglican Prayer Book, and on Wednesdays we have a lovely little gathering at 10 o’clock, which has its focus on prayers for healing, followed by coffee and cake! But you don’t need to come to a service or a concert to enjoy St Philip’s. One thing we now do is have the church open during the day (between 8am & 6pm) so that anyone can just drop by and enjoy the wonderful sacred space - to sit, pray, meditate, think or light a candle.

St. Philip’s may look like a traditional Anglican church in lots of ways, but that’s definitely not the whole story. We harness liturgy, music and traditions from a rich treasure trove of Anglican Spirituality, which we sometimes adapt in order to reflect who we are and what our community stands

September 1 - November 15, 2019


We value children and young people very highly and they are included in all our services each and every Sunday. We have age-appropriate activities, ‘Godly Play’ for the younger ones and ‘Godly Say’ for the older, that take them out of the service for a while before returning to share the Eucharist with the whole church family. We have a fantastic youth group for older teens which is run by adult volunteers, and we gather together once a month for an all-parish potluck dinner and games night. We think it’s important that children and young people own their own spirituality, question their faith, and learn – whether it be in Sunday morning programs, 24-hour weekend retreats, Saturday night youth group, or just in casual conversation with each other and with more mature members of our parish community. Honesty is important to us – there are no dumb questions or wrong answers, and there are no easy answers either.

We are a spiritual community with a holistic outlook, a liberal heart, a progressive theology, a social conscience, and an increasingly eclectic liturgy. But we recognize that for many people ‘beyond our walls,’ traditional church services simply do not scratch where they itch! So we are striving to offer new ways of encountering God for those around us who believe themselves to be spiritual, but not religious. We are constantly seeking new ways to help people’s spiritual journey – not hinder them – such as using meditation, or the Labyrinth, or art to explore our spiritual core and feed our inner hunger. We







distinctive, but not arrogant, learning from one another and journeying together – a place where those who can, do, and those who can’t are carried. On a good day we are welcoming, non-judgmental, inclusive, fun, friendly and relevant. On a bad day, we remind ourselves of our good days and move on!

In order to continue what we already do and to achieve what we would like to do in the future, we are currently engaged in Capital Fundraising Campaign called Under Our Roof and Beyond Our Walls, seeking to raise $1.5 million over the next three years. Most of the money raised will help us restore and maintain our buildings for another generation of Dunbarites to enjoy. The rest will help us develop programmes and services to continue serving our quickly-changing community and meet the spiritual needs of this generation in new and innovative ways. We realize that what made us the ‘Champions of Dunbar Village’ in the past probably will not be the same things that make us central to the quickly changing needs of Dunbar Village moving forward. Neither do we want to act alone, but rather in partnership with others, as we recognize that God is at work throughout our community in ways seen and unseen. As our community changes and develops, we hope to show a warm welcome to everyone who walks through our door. So why not take another look at St Philip’s? Whether it is ‘Under Our Roof’ or ‘Beyond Our Walls’, we look forward to meeting you. Together, we can work to ensure that Dunbar remains the vibrant, unique community that it always has been. Together we can find meaning in our busy lives, feed our souls, and serve each other. Together we can be the Champions of Dunbar Village! St. Philip’s Anglican Church 3737 W 27th Avenue Vancouver BC V6S 1R2 Telephone 604-224-3238


September 1 - November 15, 2019


TESTED BY TIME With specialists in each field of service, ZLC has you and your business covered. WWW.ZLC.NET

Contact Michael A. Healey CFP, CLU, CHS to learn more. TEL: 604.688.7208 EMAIL:



Furnaces & Boilers Hot Water Tanks Tankless Water Heaters



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Air Conditioners & Heat Pumps Ductless Mini Splits Air Filtration

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Heat Recovery Ventilators All Plumbing Fixtures & Drains Annual Maintenance

Monday to Friday from 8:00am to 4:30pm and Saturday 8:00am to 3:00pm (Emergency services 24 hours per day)

Since 1976

1636 West 75th Ave, Vancouver

September 1 - November 15, 2019



Private and group piano lessons for children

Melisa Chui 3594 W. 17th Ave at Dunbar St


Donald A. Nybo


We warmly welcome new patients!

Chartered Professional Accountant

One of our most important jobs is to educate our patients. We hope to empower them so that they may have control over their oral health and that this may positively affect their overall health and wellbeing.


604-261-2220 215-3540 W 41st Ave

#6 – 3615 West 19th Ave Telephone: 604-228-1166

September 1 - November 15, 2019

CBT 4 Kids Counselling for Children, Teens & Parents Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT) and Mindfulness for Anxiety, Panic, OCD, Depression, PTSD, ADHD, Disordered Eating and Stressful Life Situations. Karen Hamill M.A., Ph.D Cand. Registered Clinical Counsellor 604.394.2080 #203 - 2902 West Broadway (Kitsilano)

Fast, professional service to Vancouver’s West Side

• Hot Water Tanks • Sinks/Faucets • Water Pipe Replacement • Toilets • Plumbing Renovations • Leaks

• Repairs • Garburators • Drain Cleaning

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Franny’s Foot Care Mobile Nursing Foot Care Service Do you suffer from: • Thick or long nails • Fungal nails

• Cracked or dry heels • Corns or calluses • Or you can’t reach your toenails

If so, call to book your appointment

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Top Sales Team at RE/MAX Select Realty for 6 consecutive years This communication is not intended to cause or induce breach of an existing Brokerage Agreement or Buyer Contract


September 1 - November 15, 2019


PROUDLY SERVING DUNBAR FOR 10 YEARS! PROUDLY SERVING DUNBAR FOR 10 YEARS! 604-568-3441 604-568-3441 4465 Dunbar St 4465 Dunbar St

DUNBAR LIFE: Ask An Expert DUNBAR LIFE: Ask An Expert Will martial arts teach my child to exhibit violent behaviour at school or at home? Will martial arts teach my child to exhibit violent behaviour at school or at home?

Discipline, self-esteem and respect are the Discipline, self-esteem the foundational principles and of arespect good are Martial foundational principles of a good Martial Arts program. These values will teach Arts child program. These values teach your how to control their will emotions your child how to control their emotions and reduce the likelihood of violent or and reduce the likelihood of violent or aggressive behaviour. aggressive behaviour. Just like at home or at school, discipline like at home or at school, discipline inJust a Martial Arts studio is a process of in a Martial Arts studio is a process of teaching your child what types of behavior teaching your child what types of behavior are acceptable and what types are not. It is are acceptable and what types are not. It is important for your child to understand how, important for your child to understand how, when, and where it is safe to release their when, and where it is safe to release their frustrations physically. frustrations physically. A supportive training environment can go a A supportive training environment can go a long longway wayininbuilding building up up your your child’s child’s feelings feelings ofof self-worth. self-worth. Having Having confidence confidence in in one's one's own own worth worth or or abilities abilities can can erase erase the the types types ofofvulnerabilities vulnerabilities that that lead lead to to outbursts outbursts and and even even bullying. bullying. Especially Especially for for children children who who are are already already rambunctious, rambunctious, aa solid solid Martial Martial Arts Artsprogram program can can help help channel channel this this energy energy into into positive positive demonstrations demonstrations of of physical physical excellence. excellence.

Martial Arts allows the individual to grow Martial Arts allows individual to grow and blossom withinthe a group environment and within relationships a group environment that blossom creates strong based on that strong relationships based on trust creates and mutual respect. trust and mutual respect. Being coached on the importance of Being on the of respect coached for oneself and importance one’s training respect for oneself and one’s training partner is a lesson that will carry on in your partner is a and lesson that will carry in yourto child’s life strengthen theironability child’s life and strengthen their ability to work cooperatively with others. work cooperatively with others. In short, Martial Arts students often have In short, Martial Arts students often have improved methods for conflict resolution improved methods for conflict resolution at home and at school without needing or at home and at school without needing or wanting to resort to violent or aggressive wanting to resort to violent or aggressive behaviors. By encouraging your child’s behaviors. By encouraging your child’s desire to to learn learn Martial Martial Arts, Arts, you you are are desire supporting the development of a more supporting the development of a more assured and and confident confident young young person person (who (who assured also possesses effective self-defence skills). also possesses effective self-defence skills). Mysha Dewar-McClelland Dewar-McClelland Mysha


September 1 - November 15, 2019




Mobile studio providing elegant 5x7 black & white prints on site. Creating instant memories with beautiful lighting and professional, fun photographers that guide each guest through a quick photo shoot. Pop Up Portraits is the perfect addition to enhance the guest experience at weddings, special events, fashion shows, anniversaries, birthdays and corporate functions. Call or email to inquire about booking us for your unique event.


PROFESSIONAL HEADSHOTS Your face is your business and your brand. That’s why it’s important to have a professional headshot every two years. Office group rates available. In studio or on location. Contact Sandra Steier to book your new headshot.

778.839.8355 WWW.SANDRASTEIER.COM 34

September 1 - November 15, 2019

DUNBAR LIFE: Ask An Expert: Is there a new Barre in town? Yes, and it is Barre Fitness Dunbar! Barre Fitness is a 100% Canadian company that started in 2010 in Yaletown and it provides a one hour full-body workout that combines ballet barre work, Pilates, sports conditioning and stretching. New owners Joèl & Lani have taken over the reins from Karen and Jey who successfully ran The Dailey Method for nearly ten years. The newly renovated studio will offer a variety of class types seven days a week. Their mission is to provide a highly effective workout in a fun, caring, noncompetitive atmosphere. Barre Fitness is for everybody and every body. Barre Fitness Dunbar will honour any unused, unexpired classes you have remaining on class packages from The Dailey Method. Send them a note with any questions any time: Watch for the Grand Opening and Open House at the end of September and come and meet Joèl, Lani and the Barre Fitness Dunbar team and try out a class!”

Lani & Joèl

BARRE FITNESS DUNBAR 3584 W. 41st Ave Vancouver, BC V6N 3E6 604-266-9191

Purchase a pre-opening special for only $25 for 2 weeks of unlimited Barre Fitness Dunbar Classes. Visit website for details. See you at the Barre!

DUNBAR LIFE: Ask An Expert: What can I expect from High Tea?

If you have tried to get reservations for high tea on the west side, you will know if is not always possible. Vancouver has a few really nice spots. Prices vary, but high tea is a luxury. We offer high tea without reservations. Be prepared to be pampered as a 3 tier cake stand is brought to the table featuring a selection of mini goodies including lemon tart, triple chocolate brownie, slice of buttercream cake, lavender and shortbread. Savouries include cucumber, watercress and creamcheese finger sandwich, avocado toast, turkey croissant, and blue cheese scone with proscuitto and tapenade. Items will change. Over 20 types of tea and artisan coffees are available. Add something special to your tea by adding fluffy pancakes (on weekends) or waffles with berries and whip cream. Sharing plates are encouraged. We offer high tea to go, custom cakes and baked good orders and can cater your private party.

Emma Irvine

SWEET SOMETHINGS 4321 Dunbar Street Vancouver, BC V6S 2G2 604-842-0261

High Tea cost $35 per adult ($28 for demi) and $15 per child.

September 1 - November 15, 2019


FYidoctors: Dunbar Clinic Relocation Article and photos submitted Fifteen years ago Drs. Stephanie Brooks, Tod McNab, and Donna Mockler opened their eye clinic on Dunbar St. Over these years, they've added additional doctors and a lot of hi-tech instrumentation. As a result of an ongoing commitment to providing state-ofthe-art vision care, FYidoctors Dunbar will be relocating their clinic to 4508 Dunbar Street, two blocks south and beside the new London Drugs.

In the interim, our doctors and staff will continue to provide vision care through our associated FYidoctors clinics in Kerrisdale (5757 Balsam St) as well as the downtown Granville St location (670 Granville St). Fortunately, all FYidoctors clinics utilize the same advanced technology so our patients can be assured that they will receive the same level of care delivered by the same Doctors and staff - just in a different location.�

According to Dr. Brooks: “We are excited to continue to serve our patients and community within a larger and newer space. Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond our control, we are closing this location much sooner than anticipated on August 31st and our new clinic will not open until December 2019.

The FYidoctors-Dunbar Team is grateful for your support and understanding. We value our patients and look forward to providing vision health care for the Dunbar Community in our interim and new locations.


Further information call 604-739-2022 or

September 1 - November 15, 2019

100$ Credit $100 CREDIT 100$ Credit

Make this their best school year yet! ENROLL NOW

604-569-MATH (6284) 2430 W. 41st Ave

Make This Their Best School Yet. Make ThisYear Their Changing Lives Through Math

ENROLL NOW! Best School Year Yet.

604-569-MATH (6284)

ENROLL NOW! 2430 West 41st Ave 604-569-MATH (6284) Changing Lives Through Math.™ 2430 West 41st Ave

Changing Lives Through Math.™

September 1 - November 15, 2019


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Cafes | Restaurants Cosy Inn Café 4455 Dunbar St 604-224-3133 Crepe & Café 3500 W 41st Ave 604-566-9787 Domino’s Pizza 4298 Dunbar St 604-733-0188 Dunbar Dairy Queen 3380 Dunbar St 604-733-2884 Dunbar Pizza & Grill 3348 Dunbar St 604-732-4999 Dunbar Sushi 3626 W 16th Ave 604-568-5959 Kokopelli Cafe 4593 Dunbar St 604-228-0818 Kuma Japanese 3446 Dunbar St 604-739-0170

La Notte Ristorante Italiano (ad p. 7) 3307 Dunbar St 604-222-4033

Moki’s Pizza 5530 Dunbar St 604-263-4440

Subway 4490 Dunbar St 604-263-4023

Sweet Somethings (ad p. 35) 4321 Dunbar St 604-842-0261

Moon Sushi 4385 Dunbar St 604-221-7874

T.Cup 4495 Dunbar St 604-423-4495

Perchance Tea & Coffee 3363 Dunbar St 778-832-0187

(article p. 16-18) 4585 Dunbar St 604-620-1951

Q Coffee | Phonatics 5601 Dunbar St 604-261-8188 Red Tuna Japanese 3592 W 41st Ave 604-266-7355 Starbucks Coffee 4467 Dunbar St 604-222-8069



The Cheese Inn

The Dunbar Public House 4497 Dunbar St 604-222-9922 Tim Hortons 3463 Dunbar St 604-222-3130 Wild Sushi 4288 Dunbar St 604-568-9668

Grocery | Specialty A & L Market 3526 W 41st Ave BC Liquor Store 3453 Dunbar St 604-224-4412

Celtic Treasure Chest

(ad p. 2) 5639 Dunbar St 604-261-3688

H Mart

(ad p. 3, article p. 10-12) 5557 Dunbar St 604-264-5950 New District 5650 Dunbar St 604-229-3663

Save-On-Foods 3535 W 41st Ave 604-261-2423

Stong’s Market (ad p. 5) 4221 Dunbar St 604-266-1401

Weigh to Go Bulk Foods 3534 W 41st Ave 604-266-6206 September 1 - November 15, 2019



SHOP Retail Stores All Nations Stamp & Coin 5630 Dunbar St 604-684-4613

Gardenia Flowers 5636 Dunbar St 604-269-9234

Shell Canada 3596 W 41st Ave 604-263-9330

Blight’s Home Hardware

Germaine’s Antiques 4268 Dunbar St 604-306-8364

Sher’s Stationery 2000 & Post Office 3552 W 41st Ave 604-261-2001

(ads p. 8) 3322 Dunbar St 604-738-3312 Carousel on Dunbar 4305 Dunbar St Cheap Skates 3644 W 16th Ave 604-222-1125 Christina’s Flower Shop 5615 Dunbar St 604-263-3011 Dragon & Phoenix 3510 W 41st Ave 604-261-1317 Educational Book Supply 3548 W 41st Ave 604-677-8147

Golden Rug Co. 3211 Dunbar St 604-224-3222 Kerrisdale Equipment 4522 Dunbar St 604-224-3255 Lawrence Books 3591 W 41st Ave 604-261-3812 London Drugs 4560 Dunbar St 604-448-4888 Pure Integrative Pharmacy 3228 Dunbar St 604-732-3010

Enmark Jewellers Ltd 4315 Dunbar St 604-224-3513

Shoppers Drug Mart & Post Office 4326 Dunbar St 604-732-8855 Southland Pharmacy 3554 W 41st Ave 604-266-2882 Sunday Small Goods 4335 Dunbar St

West Side Paint & Decorating

(ads p. 13 & 20-21) 3354 Dunbar St 604-737-0962 YNP Dunbar Pharmacy 4198 Dunbar St 604-738-1788

SERVICES Beauty | Hair | Spa Blink Beauty Bar 3562 W 41st Ave 604-261-8144 Cabello Spa & Salon 3518 W 41st Ave 604-267-4247 40

Care Well Esthetics 4311 Dunbar St 778-999-8908

Duet Salon & Spa 3231 Dunbar St 604-222-8715

Clippers Edge 4535 Dunbar St 604-224-0500

Dunbar Barbers 4264 Dunbar St 604-738-3165

September 1 - November 15, 2019

Beauty | Hair | Spa ... con’t George’s Hair Styling 4196 Dunbar St 604-738-4603 Hair Place Kiji’s 4311 Dunbar St 604-742-0299 J’aime Les Cheveux 3591 W 26th Ave 604-714-1118 JD’s Barbershop 4345 Dunbar St 778-379-1829

Pampered by Kadie 4260 Dunbar St 604-809-5395

Top Cut Barbers 4238 Dunbar St 604-739-0744 Touch of Beauty 3291 Dunbar St 604-221-0010

Rose Nails & Spa 3383 Dunbar St 604-221-2200



VY Valentin Salon 4290 Dunbar St 604-732-3523

Top Barber Cut 5631 Dunbar St 604-696-0581

Churches Dunbar Evangelical Lutheran 3491 W 31st Ave 604-266-6818

Knox United Church 5600 Balaclava St 604-261-3747

Dunbar Heights Baptist 3320 Crown St 604-224-1031

Marineview Chapel 4000 W 41st Ave 604-261-1444

Immaculate Conception 3778 W 28th Ave 604-224-5678

Pacific Spirit United Church 3525 W 24th Ave 604-266-5377

St Philip’s Anglican Church

(ad p. 30, article p. 26-28) 3737 W 27th Ave 604-224-3238 Yan Fo Si Temple 3496 Dunbar St 778-847-6699

Dental Dr. Alex K H Chan 203-3540 W 41st Ave 604-266-2860 Dentists on Dunbar 3335 Dunbar St 604-224-5611

Dr. George Porteous 5-3615 W 19th Ave 604-224-3115

Dunbar Dental Centre (ad p. 30) 215-3540 W 41st Ave 604-261-2220

Dunbar Family Dental

(ad p. 37) 4210 Dunbar St 604-733-1616 Prodent Dental Lab 101-3540 W 41st Ave 604-263-3111

Dr Benjamin Pliska 103-2786 W 16th Ave 604-732-6333

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SERVICES Dental ... con’t Southlands Dental Group 3579 W 41st Ave 604-266-6232

Technident 2000 Lab 100-3540 W 41st Ave 604-266-1121

Westside Orthodontics 3619 W 18th Ave 604-736-5705

Dry Cleaning | Alterations | Shoe Repair Boulevard Cleaners 3594 W 41st Ave 604-261-0003

Mai’s Dry Cleaners 3336 Dunbar St 604-739-6638

Busy Bee Cleaners 3556 W 41st Ave 604-263-2215

Money’s Dry Cleaning 4389 Dunbar St 604-224-5112

Gold Star Shoe Rebuilders 3308 Dunbar St 604-734-7477

Tam’s Custom Tailor & Dry Cleaners 4479 Dunbar St 604-269-9440 Yim’s Alterations 3378 Dunbar St 604-737-8822

Education & Performing Arts - Private Crofton House School 3200 W 41st Ave 604-263-3255

Elite Montessori Academy 103-3641 W 29th 604-221-0242

Little People Preschool 5600 Balaclava St 604-261-2219

Crown Preschool 3737 W 27th Ave 604-228-1316

Harmonious Music Studio

Monkey See Monkey Do 3525 W 24th Ave 778-371-4659

(ad p. 30) 3594 W 17th Ave 604-767-0136

Crown Street Kids Club 3320 Crown St 604-760-4703

Immaculate Conception School

Curiosity Corner Preschool 3455 W King Edward 604-261-4434

Indigo Education 5737 Collingwood 778-680-5733

Da Future Studio 3536 W 41st Ave 604-564-1267 Dunbar Memorial Preschool 4747 Dunbar St 604-222-6065


(ad p. 7) 3745 W 28th Ave 604-224-5012

La Petite Ecole 4037 W 32nd Ave 604-619-7313

September 1 - November 15, 2019

Opus Academy 5635 Dunbar St 604-267-3749 Reading Gate Academy 204-3540 W 41st Ave 604-261-8984 Sprouts Academy 4000 W 41st Ave 604-454-8369 St George’s School Jr Boys: 3851 W 29th Ave Sr Boys: 4175 W 29th Ave 604-224-1304

Education & Performing Arts - Private ... con’t Tom Thumb Preschool 3737 W 27th Ave 604-222-2550

Westgate Montessori School 3489 W 31st Ave 604-221-9300

Westside Kumon 3584 W 16th Ave 604-222-0182



Vancouver Child Study Centre 3525 W 24th Ave 604-222-1943

Education - Public Schools (Vancouver School District) Carnarvon Elementary 3400 Balaclava St 604-713-5396

Kerrisdale Elementary 5555 Carnarvon St 604-713-5446

Queen Elizabeth Annex 4275 Crown St 604-713-5482

Jules Quesnel Elementary 3050 Crown St 604-713-4577

Lord Byng High School 3939 W 16th Ave 604-713-8171

Queen Elizabeth Elementary 4102 W 16th Ave 604-713-5408

Kerrisdale Annex Elementary 3250 W 43rd Ave 604-713-5488

Lord Kitchener Elementary 3455 W King Edward Ave 604-713-5454

Southlands Elementary 5351 Camosun St 604-713-5414

Financial BMO Bank of Montreal 4395 Dunbar St 604-665-7093

Edward Jones 3560 W 41st Ave 604-731-6117

TD Canada Trust 4200 Dunbar St 604-654-6888

CIBC 4306 Dunbar St 604-665-7697

H & R Block 4220 Dunbar St 604-713-1500

Vancity Credit Union 4445 Dunbar St 604-877-7000

Donald A. Nybo, CPA

RBC Royal Bank 4205 Dunbar St 604-665-5972

(ad p. 30) 6-3615 W 19th Ave 604-228-1166

Fitness & Sports 30 Minute Hit 3516 W 41st Ave 604-569-3233


Barre Fitness Dunbar (ad p. 35) 3584 W 41st Ave 604-266-9191

Dunbar Lawn Bowling Club 3850 W 31st Ave 604-228-8428

September 1 - November 15, 2019



SERVICES Fitness & Sports ... con’t Elements Academy of Martial Arts

Prime Personal Training 3636 W 16th Ave 604-568-5220

(ad p. 33) 4465 Dunbar St 604-568-3441

Third Eye Martial Arts 4256 Dunbar St 604-669-8707

Pulse Cycling Studio 3630 W 16th Ave

Health | Medical Chaldecott Medical Clinic 4186 Dunbar St 604-739-9881

Highroads Medical Clinic 4560 Dunbar St

Dr. Brian Harris Inc. 211-3540 W 41st Ave 604-261-5015

Image Optometry 4250 Dunbar St 604-293-3937

Dr. Gorman, Chiropractor 202-3641 W 29th Ave 778-681-3445

Life Integrative

Dunbar Eyecare Optometry 2-3554 W 41st Ave 604-263-8874 Dunbar Physio 205-3540 W 41st Ave 604-266-3303

(ad p. 7) 4168 Dunbar St 604-742-0702 Life Labs 112-3540 W 41st Ave 604-264-9815

Massage Therapy on Dunbar

(ad p. 9) Dunbar Psychological Services 4192 Dunbar St 216-3540 W 41st Ave 604-733-3376 604-264-1777 Mark Finch & Associates Envision Counselling 202-3641 W 29th Ave 202-3641 W 29th Ave 604-222-9505 604-222-1120 Pacific Mountain Centre Re-opening Jan 2020 101-3309 Dunbar St

FYidoctors - Dunbar (ad p. 36) 4508 Dunbar St 604-739-2022


Carolyne Abrams 778-229-4532

September 1 - November 15, 2019

Dr Sandra L. Clark 604-730-9988 Beverley Kort 604-362-7847 Kathleen Wood 604-785-4015 Preventum 3210 Dunbar St 604-731-9866 Skinworks - Dermapure 3568 W 41st Ave 604-737-7100 Skinworks Plastic Surgery 3578 W 41st Ave 604-733-9711 Southland Medical Group 110-3540 W 41st Ave 604-261-5340 Southland’s Physiotherapy 3579 W 41st Ave 604-263-8110 Tessa Cherniavsky Massage Therapy Clinic 203A-3540 W 41st Ave 604-266-2757

Pets Alta Vista Animal Hospital 4543 Dunbar St 604-221-5858

Bosley’s Pet Food 3502 W 41st Ave 604-266-2667

Artistic Styling Salon for Pets 4188 Dunbar St 604-739-6822

K & K Pet Foods 4595 Dunbar St 604-224-2513

Pets Beautiful 5620 Dunbar St 604-261-5310



Specialty Services Buntain Insurance

(ad p. 2) 4295 Dunbar St 604-736-8855 Digital Photo Station 4485 Dunbar St 604-222-3513 Feature Projects 5733 Collingwood St 604-220-8907

Sage Construction

Johnston Meier Insurance 120-3479 Dunbar St 604-736-3831

(ad p. 19) 3349 Dunbar St 604-569-2692

Natural Balance Premium Home Builders 3288 Dunbar St 778-330-7607

Visual Space Gallery 3352 Dunbar St 604-559-0576

Phone Guru 4339 Dunbar St 604-225-0571

COMMUNITY Andrew Wilkinson MLA (ad p. 9) 5640 Dunbar St 604-664-0748

Dunbar Community Centre 4747 Dunbar St 604-222-6060 Dunbar Community Garden Dunbar Community Patrol 604-222-9824

Dunbar Earthquake & Emergency Preparedness

Dunbar Theatre 4555 Dunbar St 604-222-2991

Dunbar Little League

Dunbar Village Business Association

Dunbar Public Library 4515 Dunbar St 604-665-3968

Pacific Spirit Park Society

Dunbar Residents’ Association 604-222-9824

(ads p. 6, 47)

Southlands Heritage Farm 6767 Balaclava St 604-261-1295

September 1 - November 15, 2019



Businesses Without Storefront in Dunbar CBT 4 Kids

(ad p. 31) 203-2902 W Broadway 604-394-2080

Kirkland Heating & Cooling

Reid Brothers Plumbing & Heating

La Movida Sewing & Design Studio

RE/MAX Select Properties Helen Gao

Little Kitchen Academy

RE/MAX Select Realty Karel Palla

(ad p. 37) 112 W 2nd Ave 604-261-2525

Chan Centre

(ad back cover)

(ads p. 19 & 20) 3625 W Broadway 604-559-9296

Dunbar Plumbing (ad p. 31) 604-312-2686

Franny’s Foot Care

(ad p. 21) 3744 W. 10th Ave

(ad p. 31) 778-383-6482


(ad p. 14) 778-323-1502

(ad p. 37) 2430 W 41st Ave 604-569-6284

JB McDermotts

Pop Up Portraits

Higher Ground Gardens

(ad p. 15) 8162 Ontario St 604-261-9212

(ad p. 34) 778-839-8359

Joyce Murray

(ad p. 20) 604-726-9133

(ad p. 32) 604-329-1430

Sandra Steier Photography

(ad p. 34) 778-839-8355

Vancouver Pony Club (ad p. 9) 7025 Macdonald St

ZLC Financial Michael A. Healey (ad p. 29) 604-688-7208

(ad p. 15) 1-877-678-8554


(ad p. 29) 1636 W 75th Ave 604-263-0323

September 1 - November 15, 2019

Sept 2 Sept 3 Sept 22 Sept 22 Sept 28

Labour Day Back to school for Vancouver Public Schools First day of fall Treasured Bulb Sale at UBC Botanical Gardens Fall Rummage Sale at St Philip’s (p. 30)

October 2019 Oct 7-11 Oct 14 Oct 19-20 Oct 21 Oct 26 Oct 27 Oct 31


September 2019

Photos for Dunbar Gift Guide Thanksgiving UBC Apple Festival Dunbar Life advertising deadline for Nov 15 issue (p. 38) Trick or Treat in Dunbar Village event (p. 47) Halloween Concert at St. Philip’s (p. 30) Halloween

November 2019 Nov 3 Nov 11 Nov 15 Nov 23 Nov 30

Daylight Saving Time Remembrance Day Winter issue of Dunbar Life comes out Dunbar Holiday Craft Fair Homes for the Holidays

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SAVE THE DATE FOR THIS SPOOK-TACULAR DUNBAR EVENT! SATURDAY, OCTOBER 26, 2019 2-6pm (Candy 3-5pm) Hosted by the Dunbar Village Business Association

September 1 - November 15, 2019


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Rosanne Cash Mari Boine DakhaBrakha Flamenco Legends: The Paco de Lucía Project Orquesta Akokán We Shall Overcome: A Celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Dianne Reeves: Beleza Brazil La Santa Cecilia Kalabanté: Afrique en Cirque





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Dunbar Life - Sept 2019  

A Guide to Local Shopping and Events in Dunbar Village, Vancouver BC Canada

Dunbar Life - Sept 2019  

A Guide to Local Shopping and Events in Dunbar Village, Vancouver BC Canada