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Curin family of Little Kitchen Academy


London Drugs Perchance Tea & Coffee

June 15 - August 31, 2019



Now accepting applications for 2019-20 school year. All faiths are welcome.

La Notte

3745 West 28th Ave off Dunbar Street Call (604)224-5012 |

RISTORANTE ITALIANO Family owned & operated. Established in 1988.

Casual fine dining is yours to enjoy within a Tuscan atmosphere. Variety of pasta selections and veal specialties, including osso buco every Friday night. Full take out menu on our website where all pastas are available for takeout at only $13 each.

Live Piano Thursday thru Sunday 3307 Dunbar St (at 17th Ave) • 604-222-4033 •

KERRISDALE ANTIQUES FAIR Over 250 tables and booths of antiques and collectibles under one roof!

August 31 & September 1, 2019 Saturday & Sunday 10am - 5pm Kerrisdale Arena, 5670 East Boulevard at W 41st Ave Admission $8 • Free Parking • Cafe 21st Century Promotions

604-980-3159 • 2

June 15 - August 31, 2019

June 15 - August 31, 2019


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Dunbar Life is produced in partnership with the Dunbar Village Business Association to promote local shopping, dining, services and events. Dunbar borders are between W 16th Avenue in the north to W 41st Avenue in the south, and UBC Endowment Lands in the west to MacKenzie Street to the east. Go online to for a full and up-to-date directory and calendar.


telephone 604-812-5658

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June 15 - August 31, 2019




June 15 - August 31, 2019


A Message from DVBA Mysha Dewar-McClelland, President of the Dunbar Village Business Association in to try their veggies, fruit, meat, seafood, and baked goods. This month we expect London Drugs to be opening on Dunbar Street, right across from the Dunbar Theatre. It is a brand new building and the store is gorgeous with its huge windows and high ceilings. Store manager Edwin Chang is all set to be a part of the Dunbar community and he is looking forward to meeting our local residents.

There’s always a little more cheer around Dunbar when summer lands on our doorstep. This sunny season is filled with graduations, gardening, outdoor patios, bike rides, swimming, and leisurely walks for ice cream. There was a wonderful turnout at the Salmonberry Days Fair on May 26 and we want to extend a big thank-you to the Dunbar Residents Association for putting on the month-long Salmonberry Days. We are very excited to introduce you to Perchance, a new tea and coffee shop in Dunbar North. It is a beautiful place to sit with a friend or grab something to go, and it is happily welcomed by serious coffee drinkers. I’ve already found myself there several times! We also want to welcome A & L Market to the South. Make sure you pop


Enjoying ice cream is what summer is all about and Sweet Somethings is serving up house-made flavours and cones. Even sweeter, you will find a coupon inside! We continue to see Dunbar expand and grow as the months fly by. While it is sad to say goodbye to businesses that have been a part of this community for many years — such as Dunbar Greetings, Simon’s Kitchen, Sushi Inn, Mexicali, Handi Cuisine, Macs, Riya’s Pizza, JAKs, and Great Clips — it is also exciting to look ahead and know that these changes will be enriching our neighborhood with new businesses and new families alike. The DVBA wishes you a truly wonderful summer! Thank you for choosing to support your local businesses and stay tuned for exciting announcements this fall as we diversify the community events we bring to you.

June 15 - August 31, 2019

伀一䰀䤀一䔀 匀吀伀刀䔀  一伀圀 伀倀䔀一℀℀ 䌀䄀䰀䰀  唀匀 䘀伀刀 夀伀唀刀      䐀䤀匀䌀伀唀一吀 䌀伀䐀䔀

䈀䈀儀 匀䔀䄀匀伀一 䤀匀 䠀䔀刀䔀Ⰰ 䌀伀䴀䔀 䜀䔀吀 夀伀唀刀  䈀䈀儀匀Ⰰ 唀吀䔀一匀䤀䰀匀 䄀一䐀 䔀嘀䔀刀夀吀䠀䤀一䜀 夀伀唀  一䔀䔀䐀 吀伀 䜀䔀吀 吀䠀䄀吀 䘀䤀刀䔀 䰀䤀吀℀

䈀氀椀最栀琀猀 䠀漀洀攀 䠀愀爀搀眀愀爀攀

㌀㌀㈀㈀ 䐀甀渀戀愀爀 匀琀爀攀攀琀 㘀 㐀ⴀ㜀㌀㠀ⴀ㌀㌀㄀㈀ 伀瀀攀渀 䴀漀渀搀愀礀ⴀ匀愀琀甀爀搀愀礀 㤀愀洀ⴀ㘀瀀洀⸀ 䌀氀漀猀攀搀 匀甀渀搀愀礀猀

5639 Dunbar St, Vancouver BC Open daily 10am-6pm (604) 261-3688 Follow us:

June 15 - August 31, 2019


ANDREW WILKINSON MLA Vancouver-Quilchena Leader, Official Opposition  /Wilkinson4BC  /AndrewWilkinsonForBC  /Wilkinson4BC

5640 Dunbar Street 604.664.0748


MASSAGE THERAPY on dunbar & in point grey



4192 Dunbar Street 604.733.3376 &

4544 West 10th Avenue 604.228.1400 Registered Massage Therapists


June 15 - August 31, 2019

practical life skills for kids & teenagers

Little Kitchen Academy is the first of its kind Montessori-inspired cooking academy focused on providing a safe, inspiring, and empowering environment for children to identify, develop, and refine their senses. Through joy, mindfulness,

space is limited, register today

and learning, we are creating a foundation for a healthy life through responsible eating choices —

only ten students per class

from scratch to consumption.

visit our website for more info l i t t l e k i t c h e n a c a d e m y. c o m Flagship location: 3744 West 10th Ave, Vancouver, BC V6R 2G4

June 15 - August 31, 2019


Perchance Tea & Coffee:

A Space to Linger and Connect Story by Sarah Gordon

Photos by Sandra Steier

Perchance have you noticed a tea and coffee shop sprung up in Dunbar North in early April? This new business is steeped in character and serves up a welcoming atmosphere where customers can settle in over a beverage and a bite to eat while they chat, get lost in a book, study, play a board game or listen to music.

exploring the neighbourhood and fell in love with the idea of having a shop here. He decided there and then and signed the rental contract that same afternoon. So, one could say that our location in Dunbar came about, very appropriately, by chance.”

Hank Wang is Perchance’s general manager and he shares the story of how this charming café came to be. Owner Evan Brown lived in Kerrisdale for the past decade but was relatively unfamiliar with neighbouring Dunbar. While driving by one day he noticed a for rent sign in the shop’s window. Hank says, “The shop’s large windows and the surrounding community immediately attracted him. Evan pulled over and called the number on the sign. Though an empty shell, the space had high ceilings and great natural light. He spent a few hours 10

June 15 - August 31, 2019

They wanted to create a space that would fit into the community while also bringing something new of value. Everything was repainted, new air conditioning was installed, and walls and sliding doors were added for the lounge. In addition, a wraparound counter was designed with separate stations for tea, coffee, and bubble tea. Hank has worked in various coffee shops around the city over the past several years, and took a lead on designing the counter in particular. They came up with the concept for a community hangout spot that would be a place for inspiration, connection, and learning. Regarding the business name, Hank laughs,

“After shaking my head at the bevy of bad names Evan proposed, I finally paused at Perchance and declared, “I like that!” Besides the connection to literature (from Hamlet’s “To be, or not to be” soliloquy), we also loved the implications of the name. We envision the tea shop as a venue for chance encounters — those moments when ideas and people meet, collide, and coincide in just the right way, possibly changing the lives of the parties involved for the better.” Everything behind this shop is well considered. “Our logo as well as the

June 15 - August 31, 2019


artwork on the walls represents the diverse yet inclusive community we live in and that we envision for Perchance. The artists executed the brilliant vision for a dynamic (read: jumping all over the place) family of characters who could represent the people in our community. Although we love tea, coffee, literature, art, and nature, we recognize that when it comes down to it we are a people-centred business, so we wanted to feature the characters as a central part of our logo,” says Hank. How has the business been received by customers? “So far so good! Options for good coffee in the area are relatively limited and even more so for good tea. We’re hoping to bring a little more traffic to this end of Dunbar and contribute to a thriving

and engaging community,” says Hank.

“Our customers have embraced Perchance with open arms. Neighbouring businesses have been nothing but welcoming.” Hank Wang Serious coffee drinkers in the neighbourhood appreciate the specialty coffees. The drip coffees stand out. The shop has also developed a growing fan base of tea drinkers who have discovered the variety and quality of Chinese teas that are rarely found, and in some cases are not available anywhere else in the city.

Perchance aims to be innovative by using only whole ingredients whenever possible. They turn to fresh dairy rather than powdered creamers, organic cane sugar rather than refined white sugar, and all flavours are made in-house from real flowers, herbs and fruits rather than artificial syrups or powders. 12

June 15 - August 31, 2019

The desserts are highly recomended. Hank suggests trying any of the roll cakes or the vegan banana bread. Also found inside the display case are beautiful personal size heart shaped cakes created by pastry chef Jamie Tung at Butter Mere Patisserie. These cakes have a mousse exterior and are filled with three different flavours: bergamot, hazelnut chocolate and yuzu coconut. All have been hand selected to pair with Perchance’s tea and coffee. The kale quinoa salad makes a healthy and filling meal and the avocado toast with a medium poached egg on a croissant is another winner. A big reward for Evan, Hank and the eight staff members is having customers express their enjoyment. Connecting with friends, family and community members is another perk and is a perfect excuse to get together.

Hank concludes, “Our goal is to always go the extra step in both our service and products in our pursuit for quality and wholesomeness. While our mission ‘never just good enough’ informs what we strive to accomplish each and every day, we recognize that some of the most amazing interactions happen by serendipity rather than by design. Hence, our name, Perchance.”

June 15 - August 31, 2019

Perchance Tea & Coffee 3363 Dunbar Street Vancouver BC V6S 2B9 Telephone 778-832-0187


Mortgage, renovations, education, vacations. You have the day-to-day o under control, but what about the fu

It’s time to revisit your current strategy. We will revie • Your financial strategy and, more importantly, your changing goals


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Pruning Tips for Your Flowering Evergreen Shrubs My neighbour asked me a couple of years ago what he was doing wrong with his Rhododendron and Camellia shrubs. They never seemed to produce flowers, and his wife was disappointed. I asked when he was pruning the shrubs, and his answer was in the autumn. I had to be the bearer of bad news and let him know he had been cutting off all the flowering buds simply by pruning at the wrong time. Now my neighbour prunes in the late spring, immediately after the evergreen shrubs have finished flowering. As a result, he gets to control the shape and size of his plants and his wife gets to enjoy the blooms every spring. Shrubs to Prune in May or June, once Blooms are Finished: • Rhododendron • Camellia • Heather, simply give a light trim to remove old flower heads

• Spring flowering Clematis, shear once they have flowered • Lilac, most important is to deadhead spent blossoms • Flowering Quince, pruning after flowering forms short flower bearing spurs Tip of the Month – Fertilizing Wisteria One of our customers told us a story about his Wisteria after having fertilized it with a combination fertilizer containing Nitrogen. The Nitrogen caused the Wisteria to only produce green foliage, no flowers. They learned the hard way that to get flowers, a Phosphorous fertilizer should have been used instead. Pruning can also be used to encourage your Wisteria’s flower production. Prune the new growth in summer back to six inches every two weeks to stimulate lateral branches that will become flowering spurs next year.

Jessica Salvador is a certified landscape horticulturist; Christian Kessner is a certified landscape technician and together they are co-owners of Higher Ground Gardens, celebrating over 10 years of service in Dunbar.

June 15 - August 31, 2019


London Drugs Opens in Dunbar Village Story by Sarah Gordon

Photos by Sandra Steier

It’s a Vancouver success story. London Drugs launched in 1945 and currently has 81 stores across Western Canada. Earlier this year it was confirmed that Dunbar residents will no longer have to leave the neighbourhood to shop at London Drugs; Vancouver’s new store is situated across from Dunbar Theatre on the former site of Stong’s Market. Edwin Chang is the general manager of the Dunbar store. He’s been working out of his new office since March and is getting a strong sense of this tight knit community. He is aware of the buzz in the community and says, “When I go out for a coffee I wear my lanyard. I meet people who are very positive and excited that London Drugs is coming to the village.” 16

Edwin has a long history with the company; he got his start 25 years ago when he was a student. Since then he has been involved with many stores in different facets.

The store’s soft opening takes place mid to late June; the grand opening will take place July 5. Clint Mahlman, president and chief operating officer comments, “It is with great pride that we are able to expand to serve more residents with the professional services, courteous care and high-quality products our customers expect of London Drugs.”

June 15 - August 31, 2019

What can customers expect from their local store? The footprint is 14,000 square feet and contains all of the departments found in larger London Drugs. Any larger items that aren’t carried in store can be ordered in for pick up. The smaller photo department can make prints, and photogifting services are sent out to a larger full lab. The technology department will be an open layout displaying a variety of products for all home and office needs; a simple tech shopping experience with superior products and expert advice standing by to help. Skilled and knowledgeable staff will

be available in the new computer, audio visual and photo electronics departments with on-the-spot customer service. Additional highlights include a new cosmetic department layout featuring many luxury brands new to London Drugs and a comprehensive general merchandise area with extensive unique food and beverage options.

In a unique pairing, adjacent to the drugstore is the new Highroads Medical Clinic.

Edwin Chang

June 15 - August 31, 2019


“Opening this new location together with the Highroads Medical Clinic provides residents with direct access to physicians, pharmacy staff, and health care services all in one convenient and professional environment,” says Edwin. The pharmacy includes an expanded consultation area and private consultation room where customers can schedule appointments with certified injection pharmacists. Pharmacists provide flu vaccinations, diabetes management programs, chronic disease management, screening and prevention clinics, medication reviews and more.

from landfills including computers and electronics, small appliances, cell phones, batteries and Styrofoam. In addition, any packaging from a product purchased at London Drugs (such as the box and Styrofoam from a big screen television to a small shampoo bottle), can be returned to be responsibly recycled. Visit website to learn about the company’s sustainability efforts. Edwin says, “We might seem like a big retailer but customers can expect the feel of a smaller store where they are known by name.”

London Drugs takes pride in community involvement.

When asked what he is most looking forward to Edwin concludes, “I am most excited about London Drugs being part of this community.”

“We look forward to reaching out to the Dunbar Village Business Association and participating in local events,” says Edwin.

We wish you a warm welcome to Dunbar village, London Drugs!

Concern about the planet’s welfare is growing. Impressively, London Drugs has been doing its part for 10 years to help divert 113 million pounds (equivalent to 50 Olympic swimming pools!) of materials 18

June 15 - August 31, 2019

London Drugs #088 4560 Dunbar Street Vancouver BC V6S 2G6 604-448-4888

30 Minute Hit Kerrisdale | 604-569-3233 3516 W 41st Ave, Vancouver BC V6N 3E6

June 15 - August 31, 2019


圀攀猀琀 匀椀搀攀 匀椀搀攀 倀愀椀渀琀 倀愀椀渀琀 ☀ ☀ 䐀攀挀漀爀愀琀椀渀最ⴀ 䐀攀挀漀爀愀琀椀渀最ⴀ 圀攀猀琀

䐀䔀䌀䬀 圀䄀刀匀 West Side Paint Decorating 圀攀猀琀 匀椀搀攀 倀愀椀渀琀 ☀&䐀攀挀漀爀愀琀椀渀最ⴀ 䐀攀挀漀爀愀琀椀渀最ⴀ 䐀䔀䌀䬀 圀䄀刀匀 圀攀猀琀 匀椀搀攀 倀愀椀渀琀 ☀ DECK WARS 䐀䔀䌀䬀 圀䄀刀匀 䐀䔀䌀䬀 圀䄀刀匀

䄀爀琀椀挀氀攀 戀礀 䐀攀戀戀礀 䨀漀甀戀攀爀琀 䄀爀琀椀挀氀攀 戀礀 䐀攀戀戀礀 䨀漀甀戀攀爀琀 by Debby Joubert

䄀爀琀椀挀氀攀 戀礀 䐀攀戀戀礀 䨀漀甀戀攀爀琀 䄀爀琀椀挀氀攀 戀礀 䐀攀戀戀礀 䨀漀甀戀攀爀琀

It’s that time of year again! The promise of lazy summer days, relaxing outdoors and soaking up the beautiful BC sunshine are just around the corner. But first, you need to create the oasis, and as they say you only get out of something what you put in. This is especially true when considering getting your deck summer-ready.

Proper preparation results in better adhesion, and a richer looking finish. To ensure a highquality outcome, stains require a stable, dry surface free of dirt, dust, mildew, loose wood fibres and mill glaze. Benjamin Moore prep products are ideal to prepare the wood surface for application; they range in price from $21.99 to $36.99. Here is a quick overview of them. REMOVE® - designed to remove peeling oil and latex stains RESTORE® - a bleach-free formula designed to restore greyed and severely weathered wood BRIGHTEN® - removes tannin and rust stains and breaks the mill glaze on new wood

The question is how much effort should you put in and which products should you sue?

CLEAN® - ideal for maintenance cleaning and removing mould and mildew stains

First, let’s look at proper deck preparation. Later, we will focus on staining and the products we recommend.

Approximately 80% of finish failures are due to improper preparation.


June 15 - August 31, 2019

Another great deck prep product we offer is: CUTEK PROCLEAN ($84.99), which has three products in one (cleaner, brightener and restorer) It counteracts the weathering process by eliminating years of discoloration from all species of wood. It cleans, brightens and restores wood surfaces back to the appearance. CUTEK PROCLEAN is exceptional at removing stubborn stains such as tannin stain, resin stains, fungal & algae stains, oil & grease stains, surface greying and many other chemical stains that may destroy the natural beauty of wood.

Debby’s Top Tips: • Apply ARBORCOAT/CUTEK to all sides prior to construction (if possible). • Ensure moisture content is between 13-16%. • Check weather forecasts before you begin YOU NEED 4 CONTINUOUS DAYS OF SUN! • Use a lint free lamb’s wool/synthetic applicator. • Cover vegetation with clear plastic drop sheets for easy clean up. • When applying to vertical surfaces, apply from bottom to top. • Always work in the direction of the wood grain. • Try not to apply REMOVE or stain in direct sun. • Get a friend and bribe them with beer/ wine to help you! • Play music, it helps make the job more bearable.

*Always sand surfaces after washing and allow them to dry thoroughly before staining.

June 15 - August 31, 2019


Now, let’s look at two different stain types we offer -ARBORCOAT (Benjamin Moore) and Cutek (Australian imported synthetic oil-based wood protection system). Everyone is different, both staining systems offer great results, but it depends on what your specific needs are. If you are unsure, come on by, have a coffee and let’s discuss.


Classic Oil Finishes ($52.99 - $64.99 per gallon) ARBORCOAT classic oil finishes have been developed to protect exterior siding, decking, fences and outdoor furniture from the elements in a range of opacities. The unique alkyd formulation enhances the natural beauty of the wood delivering rich colour and long-lasting protection, without obscuring woodgrain or texture.

Waterborne Stains ($66.99 - $68.99 per

gallon - 200-400 sf )

Waterborne stains clean up easily (with soap and water), dry quickly and provide excellent UV protection, which slows down the fading of wood’s colour, known as greying. ARBORCOAT waterborne stains are available in four different opacities. • Translucent (available in 6 colours only) enriches the beauty of wood with a touch of colour and allows the grain and texture to show through. • Semi Transparent (available in 75 colours) allows some of the woodgrain and texture to show through with a bit more colour. All semi transparent colours are also available in a semi solid opacity. • Solid Stains cover a majority of imperfections while lightly allowing the texture of the wood to show through. Solid Stains are available in over 3,500 Benjamin Moore colours.


ARBORCOAT alkyd finishes penetrate deeper into the wood, provide resistance to cracking and peeling, and are easier to recoat. ARBORCOAT oil finishes are available in 3 different opacities. • Translucent - 6 colours only • Semi-Transparent- Colour Preview Colours only • Semi-Solid - Colour Preview Colours only

June 15 - August 31, 2019


The most important thing to remember is

($129.99 per gallon, plus $12.99 for tint)

CUTEK is a synthetic oilbased wood protection system that penetrates deeply into the wood where it works to control moisture from within.

PREPARATION! Once you’ve that taken care of, then you need to figure out whether ARBORCOAT or CUTEK is best for you. While nothing beats our in-store customer service, here are some points to ponder: • Colour choice (ARBORCOAT) • Price point (ARBORCOAT) • Recoating (CUTEK) • Maintenance (CUTEK) • VOC levels (ARBORCOAT)

CUTEK is made in Australia and is imported by DECK SOURCE in Ontario. This outstanding product is ONLY AVAILABLE at West Side Paint & Decorating in Vancouver and at Gordons Home Sales in Nanaimo. CUTEK OILS penetrate deep into the wood and protect from within. They never peel or flake. Maintenance is simple - clean and recoat - no sanding or stripping needed. Wood that is left to silver (patina) after coating with CLEAR CUTEK OILS can easily be restored to a natural look even after years of weathering.

Debby is the store manager at West Side Paint & Decorating. She is a trove of information and has hands-on experience of almost all DIY projects you could imagine. Need advice or help with any DIY projects, product types and choosing the correct product for you? Visit Debby in-store today!

CUTEK EXTREME is a unique wood protection oil which keeps bamboo, hard and soft woods protected for many years. It comes as a clear synthetic oil, with a choice of 10 CUTEK COLOURTONES that can be added to enhance the natural look and added UV protection of your project.

June 15 - August 31, 2019



June 15 - August 31, 2019

June 15 - August 31, 2019


Little Kitchen Academy: Building Children’s Confidence Story by Felicity Curin

Photos by Sandra Steier & submitted

My story is long. But I look at it like a collection of ingredients, cultivated and harvested when the time was right to create the ultimate recipe.

daughters, different events in our lives prompted me to wonder why we had to sneak healthy choices into our kids. Why couldn’t nutritious food be desirable too?

Little Kitchen Academy didn’t start out as Little Kitchen Academy, it was a dream called “Sweet Maddies.” A beautiful, child-centered bakery. It was filled with brightly coloured creative treats displayed at child’s-eye level and sneakily made with healthy fruits and vegetables. It was named after my mum, whose immeasurable love for children was passed on to me. I knew the location, I smelled the aroma, I saw the children empowered to make choices on their own. I saw parents pleased because their children were eating veggies and not knowing it!

I look to my past and start collecting.

And as this dream sat on the sidelines while my husband and I raised our three 26

I grew up in Dunbar, racing my brother and sister up 29th Avenue to Ling’s Market (now Starbucks) with 75 cents to spend on candy, yes, 75 cents would get a whole bag! Tossing our bikes against the motorcycle repair shop-turned Sodas-turned The Dunbar, we’d go in and find our favourite sugary treat. Shopping for special outfits at The Peppermint Tree (now Stong’s), going back and forth with a soccer ball in Dunbar Park as a “Dunbar Coolcat,” and always running into our teachers from ICS and my brother’s teachers from St. George’s. Dunbar was our ‘hood.’

June 15 - August 31, 2019

I worked for Earls Restaurants while in school and it had a wonderful program where the Chef de Cuisine mentored and trained interested cooks to become Red Seal Chefs. I was taken by the order, routine, and efficiency of the kitchen and asked to move from front of house to the kitchen. I loved my time in the kitchen. When they decided to expand into the U.S. market, I was chosen to lead the expansion. Training hundreds of staff to feel the passion and excitement for their job was a task I loved. Newly married to the man that put Cold Stone Creamery on the map and fearing nothing, my husband and I decided to combine our skills and bring Cold Stone Creamery to the Caribbean as the Master Franchisee. We fell in love with the idea of beach life; constant sunshine, jasmine scented evenings and lots of ice cream. Building a business from scratch, working within a franchise system, and developing a concept in a foreign territory was one of the biggest challenges we were to face. Within a year, we successfully opened the first international Cold Stone Creamery franchise and were the first million-dollar location. We were busy, we were hustling,

and we were pregnant with twins! Selling our growing business on the islands led us back stateside and Brian joined as a partner heading up all branding and marketing for what would become the fastest growing multi-brand franchise company in North America, introducing several category leading brands to the world including, Planet Smoothie, Shane’s Rib Shack, Monkey Joe’s, and the company’s flagship brand, Moe’s Southwest Grill. I was at home with our three girls (at this time the twins were three and our youngest was one) teaching them how to read, plant vegetable gardens, dress up, and make messes. In 2006 I was devastated when I lost my mum and we decided to put family first and moved back to Dunbar. It was very special to walk the neighbourhood I grew up in with my young family. We spent countless hours pushing our girls on the swings at Dunbar Park, and slathering on sunscreen at the Chaldecott Water Park. My dad had successfully founded one of the most spectacular schools in Canada, West Point Grey Academy, and we were

June 15 - August 31, 2019


lucky to join their supportive community. I immersed myself in all things school. When our youngest began Pre-K, I became fascinated with the Montessori Method. I volunteered in the classroom as much as I possibly could. I was not only in awe with what our daughter was learning, but how she was learning. I needed more. I went back to school to become an expert in the Montessori pedagogy. During my studies it became clear to me that my direction at Sweet Maddie’s was wrong. We don’t need to trick our children into healthy choices. We need to provide an environment where our children can feel empowered to try healthy foods on their own. During my master’s program, my healthy, athletic 38-year-old husband had to have emergency life-saving open heart surgery. (At that time he was building Flip Flop Shops into the darling of the retail industry throughout world.) The discovery of his hidden heart disease and subsequently understanding that our three children are pre-dispositioned to it allowed us to look at our already healthy diet and lifestyle and see where we could improve it. This only fueled my passion for nutrition. Where does our food come from? How does it benefit me? How do I make healthy foods taste great? I often hear “my child won’t eat that” or “my child doesn’t eat anything green.” Many times, this comes from lack of language skills. How often are children exposed to a food and helped to discover different words to use to describe their observations? When a child says they don’t like tomatoes, that isn’t always a true statement. Perhaps they don’t like raw tomatoes. Cooked tomatoes. Big tomatoes. Salty. Hot. Mushy. It’s possible our children haven’t been exposed to different descriptors so “I don’t like” will cover it. Let’s give them a place to discover what kind of tomatoes they don’t like…or better yet, what kind they do! One of my favourite things to do when our children have friends over is to cook or bake together. I find willing helpers at all ages. They love to get involved and offer suggestions or opinions. I am always surprised at the varying degrees of confidence in the kitchen. The only constant is the enthusiasm. While making recipes 28

we expose children to basic fundamentals of math. They learn patterns, yields, time management, fractions. They work with science. Adding or subtracting heat from matter, watching yeast bloom, adding different elements to form reactions. They strengthen their reading. Going through a recipe together. Adding notes along the way. Learning descriptive words. At this time I feel I have all of the ingredients gathered. Classically trained in the kitchen, ECE degree, AMI degree (Montessori), passionately fueled interest in nutrition. Business developer, marketing and branding master. We feel so fortunate to be raising a second generation Dunbar family; one of our daughters works at Stong’s, (her twin works down the street at Browns), our youngest drips buckets of sweat at least three times a week at Third Eye Martial Arts, and surrounded by a community of unparalleled support, there was no question that the Dunbar area would host our first location. And with this direction, Little Kitchen Academy was born.

June 15 - August 31, 2019

Little Kitchen Academy 3744 W 10th Avenue Vancouver BC V6R 2G4

Call us for a free consultation to learn the benefits of building your own custom dream home.


Your dream. Our passion. Sage Custom Homes.

June 15 - August 31, 2019


Fast, professional service to Vancouver’s West Side

• Hot Water Tanks • Sinks/Faucets • Water Pipe Replacement • Toilets • Plumbing Renovations • Leaks

• Repairs • Garburators • Drain Cleaning

CALL TODAY for a FREE estimate or to schedule an appointment


DUNBAR LIFE: Ask An Expert: What is changing with the move?

Martin Brothers Funeral Services is closing the Dunbar storefront at the end of June, however our services will stay the same. Former and new clients can continue to reach us at the same phone number. We are expanding to our office in Burnaby, where we manage a cemetery property and will continue to offer services in venues anywhere in the Lower Mainland, as we always have. When our clients call us, they can expect initial meetings to take place in their homes, and individual attention as they have come to expect from Martin Brothers over the past six years. We thank the Dunbar community for their support, and look forward to serving them in the future.

Valerie Martell Director of Operations

Martin Brothers Funeral Services 778-330-7799

Martin Brothers Funeral Services


June 15 - August 31, 2019

Donald A. Nybo Chartered Professional Accountant ACCOUNTING & TAX SERVICES • PERSONAL • CORPORATE • ESTATES

#6 – 3615 West 19th Ave Telephone: 604-228-1166


Private and group piano lessons for children

Melisa Chui 3594 W. 17th Ave at Dunbar St


We warmly welcome new patients! One of our most important jobs is to educate our patients. We hope to empower them so that they may have control over their oral health and that this may positively affect their overall health and wellbeing.

604-261-2220 215-3540 W 41st Ave

June 15 - August 31, 2019










Top Sales Team at RE/MAX Select Realty for 6 consecutive years

RE/MAX SELECT REALTY Each office independently owned & operated

This communication is not intended to cause or induce breach of an existing Brokerage Agreement or Buyer Contract


June 15 - August 31, 2019


TESTED BY TIME With specialists in each ďŹ eld of service, ZLC has you and your business covered. WWW.ZLC.NET

Contact Michael A. Healey CFP, CLU, CHS to learn more. TEL: 604.688.7208 EMAIL:




call for sales or service



Reid Brothers has a comprehensive line of Air Conditioning products to keep your home cool. From central A/C, which is an add on to a forced air ducted heating system, to ductless options that provide cooling to non-ducted areas, we have an option that will improve the comfort level of any home.

CALL FOR A FREE QUOTE . STAY COOL. Serving Greater Vancouver for over 40 years Monday to Friday from 8:00am to 4:30pm, Saturday 8:00am to 3:00pm (Emergency service available 24 hours) 1636 West 75th Ave, Vancouver

June 15 - August 31, 2019 33


What's the Excitement with Fluffy Pancakes? Submitted by Emma Irvine You may have noticed the recent buzz around Sweet Somethings coffee and fresh bake shop. This is due to new menu items: Fluffy pancakes and house-made small batch ice cream! In May, we added fluffy pancakes to our Sunday brunch menu. They have been a sellout each time. On a recent trip to Japan, I got to experience this little taste of heaven and brought the recipe back to Dunbar.

Fluffy pancakes taste like a cross between angel food cake and pancakes. They are, of course, fluffy and that is because of the extra egg whites in the batter. Add butter, maple syrup, berries, whip 34

cream on top and they are addictive. Or you can put whatever you desire on these little canvases. Making fluffy pancakes is tricky. Since the fluffiness comes from the whipped egg whites, the batter must be made immediately before putting them on the griddle. Having the right flipping technique is perhaps the most difficult and important part. The burns on our hands are proof of this challenge. If you wreck the flip, you have to start over. Fluffies should be served hot off the grill for the ultimate result. You do not want them to collapse. In Japan, the pancakes are made only on the hour in some shops due to the finickiness of the whole process. Anything good is worth the wait! Watch out for fluffy pancakes service expanding to other days of the week as we fine tune our flipping skills!

June 15 - August 31, 2019

Small Batch Ice Cream Craze? While waiting for your Fluffy pancake masterpiece, we recommend trying our Matcha Tea ice cream. Our house-made ice cream is back for the summer. Small batch made ice cream has taken a place on the centre stage of the food service industry. And why? It is a good thing that just got better. Making anything in small batches means fresher. The fresher the ingredients, the better the taste. There is also an endless potential of flavour combinations. There is no limit to what can go into the mix. Our shop uses our own bakery ingredients such as lemon tarts, triple chocolate brownies, and Aunt Rosie’s carrot cake.

The Birthday Cake ice cream contains our vanilla cake and butter cream icing and has become an unexpected favorite of customers. We are very proud of our Sweet Somethings coffee ice cream which we make from our custom blend beans. If you really like coffee and ice cream, try the Italian dessert Affogato which is ice cream drowned in espresso. Have your coffee and eat it too. We make the best loved ice cream favorites chocolate, vanilla, salt caramel, cookies and cream, mint chip, etc. For non-dairy customer,

we have house-made sorbet. You will also find new creations all the time. Coming soon is gluten-free chocolate chip cookie ice cream. We sell all our ice creams in mason jars to take home. Our waffle cones are also made on-site. With notice, we can make you a custom flavour combination ice cream sold by the gallon for that special event or private supply. How about champagne anniversary cake ice cream? Or what about fresh B.C. strawberries fluffy pancake ice cream? Sweet Somethings is open 9am to 9pm for the summer. Call for reservations and catering orders. Sweet Somethings 4321 Dunbar Street Telephone 604-842-0261

June 15 - August 31, 2019


Thank you to the Dunbar Residents’ Association for the month-long Salmonberry Days and the Dunbar Community Centre Association for hosting the Salmonberry Days Community Fair on May 26, 2019 and to the many community partners for making it a success! The DVBA was proud to be one of the festival’s participants. Digger, the DVBA’s mascot, was there to celebrate as well.


June 15 - August 31, 2019



Mobile studio providing elegant 5x7 black & white prints on-site. Creating instant memories with beautiful lighting and professional, fun photographers that guide each guest through a quick photoshoot. Pop Up Portraits is the perfect addition to enhance the guest experience at weddings, special events, fashion shows, anniversaries, birthdays and corporate functions. Call or email to inquire about booking us for your unique event.



PROFESSIONAL HEADSHOTS Your face is your business and your brand. That’s why it’s important to have a professional headshot every two years. Office group rates available. In studio or on location. Contact Sandra Steier to book your new headshot.


June 15 - August 31, 2019


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Aug 7

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Cafes | Restaurants Cosy Inn Café 4455 Dunbar St 604-224-3133 Crepe & Café 3500 W 41st Ave 604-566-9787 Domino’s Pizza 4298 Dunbar St 604-733-0188 Dunbar Dairy Queen 3380 Dunbar St 604-733-2884 Dunbar Pizza & Grill 3348 Dunbar St 604-732-4999 Dunbar Sushi 3626 W 16th Ave 604-568-5959 Kokopelli Cafe 4593 Dunbar St 604-228-0818 Kuma Japanese 3446 Dunbar St 604-739-0170

La Notte Ristorante Italiano (ad p. 2) 3307 Dunbar St 604-222-4033 Moki’s Pizza 5530 Dunbar St 604-263-4440 Moon Sushi 4385 Dunbar St 604-221-7874 Perchance Tea & Coffee 3363 Dunbar St 778-832-0187 Q Coffee | Phonatics 5601 Dunbar St 604-261-8188

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Sweet Somethings 4321 Dunbar St 604-842-0261 T.Cup 4495 Dunbar St 604-423-4495 The Cheese Inn 4585 Dunbar St 604-620-1951 The Dunbar Public House 4497 Dunbar St 604-222-9922

Red Tuna Japanese 3592 W 41st Ave 604-266-7355

Tim Hortons 3463 Dunbar St 604-222-3130

Starbucks Coffee 4467 Dunbar St 604-222-8069

Wild Sushi 4288 Dunbar St 604-568-9668

Grocery | Specialty New! A & L Market 3526 W 41st Ave BC Liquor Store 3453 Dunbar St 604-224-4412

Celtic Treasure Chest

H Mart

(ad p. 3) 5557 Dunbar St 604-264-5950 New District 5650 Dunbar St 604-229-3663

(ad p. 7) 5639 Dunbar St 604-261-3688

Save-On-Foods 3535 W 41st Ave 604-261-2423

Stong’s Market (ad p. 5) 4221 Dunbar St 604-266-1401

Weigh to Go Bulk Foods 3534 W 41st Ave 604-266-6206 June 15 - August 31, 2019



SHOP Retail Stores All Nations Stamp & Coin 5630 Dunbar St 604-684-4613

Gardenia Flowers 5636 Dunbar St 604-269-9234

Blight’s Home Hardware

Germaine’s Antiques 4268 Dunbar St 604-306-8364

(ads p. 7 & 20-23) 3322 Dunbar St 604-738-3312 Carousel on Dunbar 4305 Dunbar St Cheap Skates 3644 W 16th Ave 604-222-1125

Golden Rug Co. 3211 Dunbar St 604-224-3222 Kerrisdale Equipment 4522 Dunbar St 604-224-3255

Shell Canada 3596 W 41st Ave 604-263-9330 Sher’s Stationery 2000 & Post Office 3552 W 41st Ave 604-261-2001 Shoppers Drug Mart & Post Office 4326 Dunbar St 604-732-8855 Southland Pharmacy 3554 W 41st Ave 604-266-2882

Christina’s Flower Shop 5615 Dunbar St 604-263-3011

Lawrence Books 3591 W 41st Ave 604-261-3812

Sunday Small Goods 4335 Dunbar St


Dragon & Phoenix 3510 W 41st Ave 604-261-1317

London Drugs

West Side Paint & Decorating

Educational Book Supply 3548 W 41st Ave 604-677-8147 Enmark Jewellers Ltd 4315 Dunbar St 604-224-3513

(article p. 16-18) 4560 Dunbar St 604-448-4888 Pure Integrative Pharmacy 3228 Dunbar St 604-732-3010

(ads p. 7 & 20-23) 3354 Dunbar St 604-737-0962 YNP Dunbar Pharmacy 4198 Dunbar St 604-738-1788

SERVICES Beauty | Hair | Spa Blink Beauty Bar 3562 W 41st Ave 604-261-8144 Cabello Spa & Salon 3518 W 41st Ave 604-267-4247 40

Care Well Esthetics 4311 Dunbar St 778-999-8908

Duet Salon & Spa 3231 Dunbar St 604-222-8715

Clippers Edge 4535 Dunbar St 604-224-0500

Dunbar Barbers 4264 Dunbar St 604-738-3165

June 15 - August 31, 2019

Beauty | Hair | Spa ... con’t George’s Hair Styling 4196 Dunbar St 604-738-4603 Hair Place Kiji’s 4311 Dunbar St 604-742-0299 Hair Zone 3378 Dunbar St 604-788-8233 J’aime Les Cheveux 3591 W 26th Ave 604-714-1118

JD’s Barbershop 4345 Dunbar St 778-379-1829 Pampered by Kadie 4260 Dunbar St 604-809-5395 Rose Nails & Spa 3383 Dunbar St 604-221-2200

Top Barber Cut 5631 Dunbar St 604-696-0581 Top Cut Barbers 4238 Dunbar St 604-739-0744



Touch of Beauty 3291 Dunbar St 604-221-0010 VY Valentin Salon 4290 Dunbar St 604-732-3523

Churches Dunbar Evangelical Lutheran 3491 W 31st Ave 604-266-6818

Knox United Church 5600 Balaclava St 604-261-3747

Dunbar Heights Baptist 3320 Crown St 604-224-1031

Marineview Chapel 4000 W 41st Ave 604-261-1444

Immaculate Conception 3778 W 28th Ave 604-224-5678

Pacific Spirit United Church 3525 W 24th Ave 604-266-5377

St Philip’s Anglican Church

(ad p. 32) 3737 W 27th Ave 604-224-3238 Yan Fo Si Temple 3496 Dunbar St 778-847-6699

Dental Dr. Alex K H Chan 203-3540 W 41st Ave 604-266-2860 Dentists on Dunbar 3335 Dunbar St 604-224-5611

Dr. George Porteous 5-3615 W 19th Ave 604-224-3115

Dunbar Dental Centre (ad p. 31) 215-3540 W 41st Ave 604-261-2220

Dunbar Family Dental

(ad p. 14) 4210 Dunbar St 604-733-1616 Prodent Dental Lab 101-3540 W 41st Ave 604-263-3111

Dr Benjamin Pliska 103-2786 W 16th Ave 604-732-6333

June 15 - August 31, 2019



SERVICES Dental ... con’t Southlands Dental Group 3579 W 41st Ave 604-266-6232

Technident 2000 Lab 100-3540 W 41st Ave 604-266-1121

Westside Orthodontics 3619 W 18th Ave 604-736-5705

Dry Cleaning | Alterations | Shoe Repair Boulevard Cleaners 3594 W 41st Ave 604-261-0003

Mai’s Dry Cleaners 3336 Dunbar St 604-739-6638

Busy Bee Cleaners 3556 W 41st Ave 604-263-2215

Money’s Dry Cleaning 4389 Dunbar St 604-224-5112

Gold Star Shoe Rebuilders 3308 Dunbar St 604-734-7477

Tam’s Custom Tailor & Dry Cleaners 4479 Dunbar St 604-269-9440 Yim’s Alterations 3378 Dunbar St 604-737-8822

Education & Performing Arts - Private Crofton House School 3200 W 41st Ave 604-263-3255

Elite Montessori Academy 103-3641 W 29th 604-221-0242

Little People Preschool 5600 Balaclava St 604-261-2219

Crown Preschool 3737 W 27th Ave 604-228-1316

Harmonious Music Studio

Monkey See Monkey Do 3525 W 24th Ave 778-371-4659

Crown Street Kids Club 3320 Crown St 604-760-4703 Curiosity Corner Preschool 3455 W King Edward 604-261-4434 Da Future Studio 3536 W 41st Ave 604-564-1267 Dunbar Memorial Preschool 4747 Dunbar St 604-222-6065


(ad p. 31) 3594 W 17th Ave 604-767-0136

Immaculate Conception School (ad p. 2) 3745 W 28th Ave 604-224-5012 Indigo Education 5737 Collingwood 778-680-5733 La Petite Ecole 4037 W 32nd Ave 604-619-7313

June 15 - August 31, 2019

Opus Academy 5635 Dunbar St 604-267-3749 Reading Gate Academy 204-3540 W 41st Ave 604-261-8984 Sprouts Academy 4000 W 41st Ave 604-454-8369 St George’s School Jr Boys: 3851 W 29th Ave Sr Boys: 4175 W 29th Ave 604-224-1304

Education & Performing Arts - Private ... con’t Tom Thumb Preschool 3737 W 27th Ave 604-222-2550

Westgate Montessori School 3489 W 31st Ave 604-221-9300

Westside Kumon 3584 W 16th Ave 604-222-0182



Vancouver Child Study Centre 3525 W 24th Ave 604-222-1943

Education - Public Schools (Vancouver School District) Carnarvon Elementary 3400 Balaclava St 604-713-5396

Kerrisdale Elementary 5555 Carnarvon St 604-713-5446

Queen Elizabeth Annex 4275 Crown St 604-713-5482

Jules Quesnel Elementary 3050 Crown St 604-713-4577

Lord Byng High School 3939 W 16th Ave 604-713-8171

Queen Elizabeth Elementary 4102 W 16th Ave 604-713-5408

Kerrisdale Annex Elementary 3250 W 43rd Ave 604-713-5488

Lord Kitchener Elementary 3455 W King Edward Ave 604-713-5454

Southlands Elementary 5351 Camosun St 604-713-5414

Financial BMO Bank of Montreal 4395 Dunbar St 604-665-7093 CIBC 4306 Dunbar St 604-665-7697

Donald A. Nybo, CPA (ad p. 31) 6-3615 W 19th Ave 604-228-1166

Edward Jones, Abbie Green

(ad p. 14) 3560 W 41st Ave 604-731-6117 H & R Block 4220 Dunbar St 604-713-1500

RBC Royal Bank 4205 Dunbar St 604-665-5972 TD Canada Trust 4200 Dunbar St 604-654-6888 Vancity Credit Union 4445 Dunbar St 604-877-7000

Fitness & Sports 30 Minute Hit

Dunbar Lawn Bowling Club 3850 W 31st Ave 604-228-8428

June 15 - August 31, 2019

(ad p. 19) 3516 W 41st Ave 604-569-3233

Elements Academy of Martial Arts 4465 Dunbar St 604-568-3441 43


SERVICES Fitness & Sports ... con’t Prime Personal Training 3636 W 16th Ave 604-568-5220

The Dailey Method 3584 W 41st Ave 604-266-9191

Third Eye Martial Arts 4256 Dunbar St 604-669-8707

Pulse Cycling Studio 3630 W 16th Ave

Health | Medical Chaldecott Medical Clinic 4186 Dunbar St 604-739-9881 Dr. Brian Harris Inc. 211-3540 W 41st Ave 604-261-5015 Dr. Gorman, Chiropractor 202-3641 W 29th Ave 778-681-3445 Dunbar Eyecare Optometry 2-3554 W 41st Ave 604-263-8874 Dunbar Physio 205-3540 W 41st Ave 604-266-3303

Image Optometry 4250 Dunbar St 604-293-3937 Life Chiropractic 4168 Dunbar St 604-742-0702 Life Labs 112-3540 W 41st Ave 604-264-9815

Massage Therapy on Dunbar


Preventum 3210 Dunbar St 604-731-9866 Skinworks - Dermapure 3568 W 41st Ave 604-737-7100 Skinworks Plastic Surgery 3578 W 41st Ave 604-733-9711

(ad p. 8) Southland Medical Group 4192 Dunbar St 110-3540 W 41st Ave 604-733-3376 604-261-5340

Mark Finch & Associates Dunbar Psychological Services 202-3641 W 29th Ave 216-3540 W 41st Ave 604-222-9505 604-264-1777 Pacific Mountain Centre Envision Counselling 101-3309 Dunbar St 202-3641 W 29th Ave 604-222-1120 Carolyne Abrams 778-229-4532 FYidoctors - Dunbar 4292 Dunbar St Dr Sandra L. Clark 604-739-2022 604-730-9988 New! Highroads Medical Clinic 4560 Dunbar St

Kathleen Wood 604-785-4015

Southland’s Physiotherapy 3579 W 41st Ave 604-263-8110 Tessa Cherniavsky Massage Therapy Clinic 203A-3540 W 41st Ave 604-266-2757

Beverley Kort 604-362-7847

June 15 - August 31, 2019

Pets Alta Vista Animal Hospital 4543 Dunbar St 604-221-5858

Bosley’s Pet Food 3502 W 41st Ave 604-266-2667

Artistic Styling Salon for Pets 4188 Dunbar St 604-739-6822

K & K Pet Foods 4595 Dunbar St 604-224-2513

Pets Beautiful 5620 Dunbar St 604-261-5310



Specialty Services Buntain Insurance

(ad p.29) 4295 Dunbar St 604-736-8855 Digital Photo Station 4485 Dunbar St 604-222-3513 Feature Projects 5733 Collingwood St 604-220-8907

Sage Construction

Johnston Meier Insurance 120-3479 Dunbar St 604-736-3831

(ad p.29) 3349 Dunbar St 604-569-2692

Natural Balance Premium Home Builders 3288 Dunbar St 778-330-7607

Visual Space Gallery 3352 Dunbar St 604-559-0576

Phone Guru 4339 Dunbar St 604-225-0571

COMMUNITY Andrew Wilkinson MLA (ad p. 8) 5640 Dunbar St 604-664-0748

Dunbar Community Centre 4747 Dunbar St 604-222-6060 Dunbar Community Garden Dunbar Community Patrol 604-222-9824

Dunbar Earthquake & Emergency Preparedness

Dunbar Theatre 4555 Dunbar St 604-222-2991

Dunbar Little League

Dunbar Village Business Association

Dunbar Public Library 4515 Dunbar St 604-665-3968

Pacific Spirit Park Society

Dunbar Residents’ Association 604-222-9824

June 15 - August 31, 2019

(ads p. 6, 36)

Southlands Heritage Farm 6767 Balaclava St 604-261-1295



Businesses Without Storefront in Dunbar Bard on the Beach (ad back cover)

604-739-0559 Dunbar Plumbing (ad p. 30) 604-312-2686

Higher Ground Gardens

(ad p. 15) 778-323-1502

JB McDermotts (ad p. 14) 8162 Ontario St 604-261-9212

Kerrisdale Antiques Fair (ad p. 2) 604-980-3159

Kirkland Heating & Cooling

RE/MAX Select Properties Helen Gao


RE/MAX Select Realty Karel Palla

(ad p. 8) 112 W 2nd Ave 604-261-2525

Little Kitchen Academy (ad p. 9) 3744 W. 10th Ave New!

Pop Up Portraits (ad p. 37) 778839-8359

Reid Brothers Plumbing & Heating (ad p. 33) 1636 W 75th Ave 604-263-0323

(ad p. 31) 604-726-9133

(ad p. 32) 604-329-1430

Sandra Steier Photography

(ad p. 37) 778-839-8355

ZLC Financial Michael A. Healey (ad p. 33) 604-688-7208


June 2019 June 15

Bard on the Beach through Sept 21 at Vanier Park (back page)

June 16

Father’s Day

June 21

First day of summer

June 21

Indigenous Peoples Day

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Canada Day Pacific Polo Cup, Southlands Riding Club (p. 47)

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June 15 - August 31, 2019

JOIN 13TH, 2019 JOIN US US ON ON SATURDAY, SATURDAY,JULY JULY 13th, 2019 Southlands Club • 7025 Macdonald st. Vancouver, BC SouthlandsRiding Riding Club • 7025 Macdonald St, Vancouver

Experience the "Sport of Kings" in Vancouver!

Taking place just minutes from Dunbar, the city's best summer party awaits you and your guests. Dine on delicious food from Hawksworth, enjoy music from our DJ, and take in fast-paced polo with riders from as far as Argentina competing for the coveted Pacific Polo Cup trophy. The perfect event to see-and-be-seen with stunning photo opportunities in our Veuve Clicquot Lounge, players and horses during the midday divot stomp, or almost anywhere on the Club's pristine 16-acre facility often referred to as Vancouver's best kept secret! Purchase tickets at: Inquiries:


Nadia Ladisernia - President Nadia Iadisernia - President 604.377-6912


June 15 - August 31, 2019


Profile for Palla Media

Dunbar Life - June 2019  

A Guide to Local Shopping and Events in Dunbar, Vancouver BC

Dunbar Life - June 2019  

A Guide to Local Shopping and Events in Dunbar, Vancouver BC