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A Guide to Local Shopping & Events



Dunbar Little League Skinworks Dermapure Skinworks DunbarLife.com

February 15 - April 15, 2020

Founded in 2001, the Vancouver Thunderbirds Track & Field Club boasts a long standing tradition of community involvement and high performance athletics in Vancouver. From junior development athletes learning the fundamentals of sport to Olympians honing their craft under some of the best coaches in the nation, the Thunderbirds offer programming that emphasizes teamwork, resilience, and a life-long passion for an active lifestyle.

Come join a vibrant community! Sharing a passion for developing athletes both on and off the track. We are pleased to offer one week of complimentary sessions to all prospective athletes, regardless of age or ability. Try us out today!

Coaching across all event groups, agest & ability levels hurdles sprints & relays



middle distance

Something for every member of the family!

Learn more about what the club has to offer on the website or email john@thunderbirdstrack.org with any questions



February 15 - April 15, 2020



February 15 - April 15, 2020


A Guide to Local Shopping and Events Inside 6

Message from DVBA President


Article: Skinworks Dermapure


Article: Skinworks

24-25 Map 26-28

Article: Dunbar Little League


Photos: Dunbar Village for the Holidays

39-46 Directory


47 Calendar

Dunbar Little League Minor A SR players Cole, Charlotte and Brady at Dunbar Memorial Park.

Carolynne Palla Owner/Publisher

Sandra Steier Photographer/Stylist

Sarah Gordon Writer/Editor

Tara Orr Social Media

Print · Online · Mobile · Social Dunbar Life is produced in partnership with the Dunbar Village Business Association to promote local shopping, dining, services and events. Dunbar borders are between W 16th Avenue in the north to W 41st Avenue in the south, and UBC Endowment Lands in the west to MacKenzie Street to the east. Go to www.dunbarlife.com for an online copy of the magazine and up-to-date directory and calendar. Follow our social media - Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for updates. email info@pallamedia.com

telephone 604-812-5658

DUNBARLIFE.COM | KERRISDALEINSIDER.COM | PALLAMEDIA.COM | STEVESTONINSIDER.COM No part of this magazine may be reproduced in any form - print or electronic - without the written permission of the publisher. Photographs are copyright to Sandra Steier Photography and are available for purchase.


February 15 - April 15, 2020


ANDREW WILKINSON MLA Vancouver-Quilchena Leader, Official Opposition  /Wilkinson4BC  /AndrewWilkinsonForBC  /Wilkinson4BC

5640 Dunbar Street 604.664.0748 andrew.wilkinson.mla@leg.bc.ca www.andrewwilkinsonmla.ca


MASSAGE THERAPY on dunbar & in point grey TWO LOCATIONS

4192 Dunbar Street 604.733.3376 &

4544 West 10th Avenue 604.228.1400 Registered Massage Therapists DunbarLife.com

February 15 - April 15, 2020

massagetherapyondunbar.com massagetherapyinpointgrey.com


Welcome to Dunbar Village

A Message from DVBA Mysha Dewar-McClelland President of the Dunbar Village Business Association Happy New Year and welcome to a new decade! We extend a big thank you to Stong’s Market and Vancity for sponsoring DVBA’s Dunbar Village for the Holidays on December 14. Horse and carriage rides, carollers and hot chocolate helped make this a very festive event! Thank you to everyone who attended and also donated to the Vancouver Food Bank. February is in full swing with a well-earned Family Day long weekend to look forward to. It is so wonderful to see the days getting longer again; the first day of spring is only a month away. Dunbar’s streets will soon be beautifully dressed with pink and white cherry tree blossoms. Students have Spring Break to look forward to from March 16 to 27 and the Easter long weekend comes shortly thereafter on April 10. Did you know that Dunbar Village formed our Business Association 12 years ago this April? On the cover we celebrate Dunbar’s favourite community sport – Dunbar Little League. From the start of the season until its end, Little League entertains excited families and friends alike. The Dunbar Little League is extremely grateful to the local businesses that support them through sponsorships. They invite everyone to come out to a game, visit


the annual Stong’s tournament, or cheer at the year end parade. This year stands out in particular as the first time Dunbar is hosting the Provincials right here on their home field. In this issue, read about award-winning cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Jang and plastic surgeon Dr. Nick Carr who operate neighbouring businesses. Dr. Jang currently partnered with Dermapure and rebranded to Skinworks Dermapure, an Aesthetic Medicine Clinic offering non-surgical options to help bring back a more youthful looking you. Dr. Carr is one of Canada’s top plastic surgeons; patients travel from across Canada to have work done at his cosmetic medical clinic Skinworks. We say goodbye to Kokopelli Café and Sunday Small Goods while waiting to see what new businesses will arrive in their place. Dunbar continues to undergo many updates to its landscape, including a new community garden in the 4400 block. Spring is in the air so savour every moment as buds open, temperatures rise, and the great outdoors calls you to explore our community by foot or bike. We appreciate this warm and friendly community that we call home. Thank you for your continued support of our local businesses.

February 15 - April 15, 2020



February 15 - April 15, 2020


A Decade of Gardening Trends Research shows that kids are excited by pollinators, plants and growing food. These “trends” are taking a hold in Vancouver gardens as well, with many homeowners opting to protect bees by eliminating their use of pesticides and planting pollinatorfriendly flowering plants. Many residents have integrated raised vegetable gardens in their yards. Our climate allows us to grow food year-round, a rare Canadian feat. Integrate raised vegetable gardens into your yard by combining with bench seating, arbors, fruit tree trellises, and enjoy the bounty of fresh organic food. In the past decade we have seen early adopters replace their lawn with micro clover. Clover can be a great solution, but we’ve observed that certain conditions need to be met to ensure success. Clover needs sun, otherwise it can be patchy. Leave it long and natural or keep it mowed. Clover tends to spread to surrounding garden beds and needs to be kept in check at its desired boundaries.

Take part in the Circular Economy – Install Bark Mulch Supporting your local economy and reducing the use of chemicals in the garden can be achieved by installing bark mulch on your garden beds. Rebuild your soil with a topdressing of composted mulch which is made locally and a recycled forestry product. Gardening for Events Get your garden in peak condition with a detailed garden clean up. Create a colourful, welcoming atmosphere for guests with the addition of seasonal container planting displays. Homeowners hosting parties for weddings and various New Year celebrations are wowing their friends and family with new containers, planting of annuals and specialty plants to make their garden and outdoor space shine on their special day.

Jessica Salvador is Co-Owner of Higher Ground Gardens, celebrating over 10 years of service in Dunbar. Higher Ground Gardens is going electric, battery-powered hedge trimming equipment providing a quiet and environmentally friendly service.


February 15 - April 15, 2020






Selling homes for over 30 years with Expertise and Results! What is your home worth? Call for a free evaluation TODAY!


Crest Realty

claytoncarroll@telus.net clayton-carroll.com

La Notte

3215 MacDonald St, Vancouver, BC V6L 2N2

RISTORANTE ITALIANO Family owned & operated. Established in 1988.

Casual fine dining is yours to enjoy within a Tuscan atmosphere. Variety of pasta selections and veal specialties, including osso buco every Friday night. Full take out menu on our website where all pastas are available for takeout at only $13 each.

Live Piano Thursday thru Sunday 3307 Dunbar St (at 17th Ave) • 604-222-4033 • www.lanotte.ca

We warmly welcome new patients! One of our most important jobs is to educate our patients. We hope to empower them so that they may have control over their oral health and that this may positively affect their overall health and wellbeing.

215-3540 W 41st Ave, Vancouver 604-261-2220 dunbardental.ca DunbarLife.com

February 15 - April 15, 2020


Skinworks Dermapure: Aesthetic Medicine Clinic Story by Sarah Gordon

Photos submitted

Crow’s feet. Forehead wrinkles. Lines around the mouth. The dreaded “11’s” between the brows. While some people feel comfortable with these signs of aging and wouldn’t change a thing, others would like to minimize them. Practicing an at home beauty routine by using skincare products such as serums, anti-wrinkle creams and moisturizers is an important step to accelerate cell renewal and restore elasticity to the skin. Combining this regime with products that have a high SPF and avoiding the sun as much as possible is also key. Starting at age 25 we lose one percent of our collagen. When you reach your 30s often the first signs of sun damage, skin deflation and wrinkles begin to surface.

Skinworks Dermapure Aesthetic Medicine Clinic offers non-surgical options to help bring back a more youthful looking you. Renowned Vancouver dermatologist Dr. Frances Jang founded Skinworks in 2003. In 2017 she partnered with Dermapure, Canada’s leader in aesthetic medicine, to help broaden


her offerings and to support the increasing demand for non-surgical cosmetic treatments. Located on West 41st Avenue near Dunbar Street, Skinworks Dermapure has earned an excellent reputation. For the past 11 years the clinic has held the title of Best Place for a Non-Surgical Makeover. The Georgia Straight newspaper presents this prestigious award based on the “Best of Vancouver” public vote. A step ahead of her field in both laser and injection treatments, Dr. Frances Jang has built an enviable reputation across the country. She has set the gold standard for injections, and in terms of technology, specifically in the aesthetic medicine field. She is constantly on the lookout for best practices that will help benefit her clientele. Renowned for her artistic sensibility and innovation in her use of combination nonsurgical modalities, Dr. Jang recently visited Seoul, South Korea to learn about reshaping the Asian face. She considers the “long term approach” in terms of caring for her patients, thus creating natural age-appropriate beauty. Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Adelyn Ho joined the clinic in 2017. She specializes in rejuvenating injections and laser treatment of imperfections

February 15 - April 15, 2020


Dr. Frances Jang and rosacea, along with minor surgery such as mole removals. In addition, she has her own plastic surgery practice in Richmond.

Skinworks Dermapure is at the forefront of cosmetic rejuvenation. The clinic delivers visible, safe and natural results. Rejuvenating injections include facial fillers such as hyaluronic acid fillers and neurotoxins such as Botox Cosmetic or Dysport. Fillers are used to replace volume in areas that have become hollow and flat to lift and smooth the skin. Treatment areas may include the temples, forehead, under eye hollows, cheeks, nasolabial folds, lower facial lines, lips, chin and jawline. Volumizing injections are often combined with neuromodulator injections to provide immediate rejuvenating effects. They are particularly useful for adding volume to lips, nasolabial folds, marionette lines, cheeks and other areas of the face. DunbarLife.com

Dr. Adelyn Ho Dr. Jang says, “The way we use fillers at Skinworks Dermapure has changed dramatically over the last decade, in that we are no longer exclusively chasing wrinkles and folds. This often led to an unnatural appearance, discouraging new and existing patients. We are using fillers to support, and reshape features to optimize facial beauty and youth; using fillers in this way often slims the face rather than creating a bulky, puffy look...a really satisfying paradigm shift.”

“Studies show that the average person looks seven years younger after treatment.” Dr. Frances Jang Dr. Jang regards Botox Cosmetic as her workhorse. She says, “It benefits essentially all faces. Interestingly, we have observed that this retraining of muscles makes people not only look but feel better as well.” “I understand that patients coming to me want to be the best version of themselves regardless

February 15 - April 15, 2020


of age. Judicious use of injectables can create a fresher, softer, more attractive appearance,” she adds.

children who are all medical professionals. She is a cyclist; loves to travel, and has strong passion for health and wellness.

“Choose a doctor who inspires you.” Dr. Adelyn Ho

Dr. Jang’s most important goal is her patients’ happiness. She is honoured that they trust her and her team to deliver evidence based advice and treatments.

Dr. Ho says, “I love the marriage between nonsurgical and surgical rejuvenation and I feel that my training as a plastic surgeon provided me with a unique set of skills and a different perspective when injecting, compared to other practitioners.”

She says, “While I remain committed to medical science, my love for all things beautiful along with my decades of delivering full time patient care, has resulted in a loyal, long standing patient clientele.”

“Outside of the clinic, I am a busy mom of two so there is not a lot of time for hobbies! With that being said, I make it a priority to work on my personal health by working out with my trainer twice a week, hiking with friends, and jumping on my Peloton spin bike at home. I do really enjoy cooking and anything related to crafts, such as sewing and knitting,” says Dr. Ho.

Skinworks Dermapure 3568 West 41st Avenue Vancouver, BC V6N 3E6 Telephone 604 737-7100 www.dermapure.com

Listening to her patients is paramount. “My goal is to ensure they are at ease and that they understand what can realistically be achieved with our proposed treatment plan. I aim to provide natural, rejuvenated results.” Dr. Jang has three grown 12

February 15 - April 15, 2020



All are welcome to apply to our Catholic Elementary School www.icschoolvancouver.com



For Your Generosity and Making the ICS Christmas Fair a Huge Success! It takes a Village to Raise a Child


February 15 - April 15, 2020


Welcome Spring With Fresh and Bright Colours! Article and photos submitted by Aisling Ely, West Side Paint & Decorting If like many others, you are painstakingly waiting for that fresh spring breeze to come and knock the winter cobwebs (and any last remaining snow!) away, then this article is for you! Let’s look at some ways freshen up and brighten your home and welcome a spring feeling, perhaps even before those long awaited rays hit your window. 1. Add white! White adds brightness to any space. This doesn’t mean you need to paint all your walls white (you can of course!), but even adding touches of white will freshen your space. Add a crisp white tablecloth and white accessories. Take it a step further and add a new lease of life to any tired furniture with a few coats of chalk paint. It’s quick and easy to do! (Call in store or check out our website for helpful tips.

bright colour (that works with your colour scheme), or a lighter shade of the current wall colour. Paint is an inexpensive way to dramatically change the mood and feel of your surroundings. You could even play with adding wallpaper with a fun theme, again thinking to the outdoors - floral, wildlife, birds. There are a variety of degrees of intensity from a soft floral outline with reflective gold qualities to bright almost brash prints to inject intense vibrancy into the space! 4. Start with first impressions! Inject some colour into your front door, perhaps something like Benjamin Moore’s Caribbean Blue Water (2055-30), it will have you dreaming of bright Maui skies in no time! Or try Hawthorn Yellow (HC-4) for a sunshine fresh infusion. Add a white flower wreath, some potted plants and don’t forget to switch out your welcome mat; voila!

2. Change up your fabric choices, or add some more in. An easy way to do this is to change out the covers on your throw cushions, or take it a step further and reupholster your dining chair seats. If you have wooden seats, you could add dining cushions. We have a wide selection of fabrics in store. For a spring injection, think about adding in outdoor themed prints such as flowers, leafs, and birds. Bright or pastel colours would work well here too, depending on the overall look you are trying to achieve. 3. Add a focal wall - usually the one you see first in a room works well. Try painting it a 14

February 15 - April 15, 2020


of this may become too yellow for it to be considered subtle, it would be outstanding on a kitchen wall with wooden shelves, filled with mason jars of ingredients. Or perhaps a wall full of photos with clean white frames. • First Light (2102-70) - Of course we can’t forget our 2020 Colour of the Year! An uplifting rosy hue; add it to your line up for your spring infusion to brighten up your home. Pair it with Simply White (OC-117) for a warm, bright feeling or try it with Chantilly Lace (OC-65) for a crisper look. Either way, continue to bring the outdoors in with big green leafy plants and prints and your sure to find your spring haven.

When it comes to choosing colours to freshen up your home, there are many ways you could go.

One way would be an injection of bright, flamboyant colours that vibrate with energy, another way would be to choose pastel tones to bring a lightness to your space in a subtler way. Depending on what you already have going on in your home, these colours can be brought in in many different ways. Here are some Benjamin Moore colours to consider: Bold Statements: • Fan Coral (013) - A bright colour punch, it can be traditional and vintage, yet elegantly modern depending on how you style it. • Carribbean Blue Water (2055-30) - This colour is fresh, rejuvenating and crisp, bring it out as a feature wall or in your accessories • Tangerine Zing (132) - Full of zest! Be playful with this colour; can you add it in in an unusual way? Perhaps a window trim, or fun accessories?

Inspired to change your colours up, but still unsure where to start? We are available for both in store and in home colour consultations. Reach us in person, by phone or through our website and we will help you find the best colour for you! Check out our Spring Special (featured in this magazine!).

Subtle Freshness - Think of teaming these with a clean neutral cream like Simply White (OC-117): • Summer Shower (2135-60) - A refreshing pale blue to add tranquility to your home. • Ray of Light (CSP-910) - While a full wall DunbarLife.com

February 15 - April 15, 2020



The Art of Beautiful Medicine Story by Sarah Gordon

Photos by Sandra Steier

Plastic surgery does more than enhance your appearance – it changes the way you think and feel about yourself. Whether you are concerned about aging, body proportion or an unattractive feature, plastic or cosmetic surgery is safer and more common than you think. Skinworks is a private cosmetic medical clinic centrally located on West 41st Avenue near Dunbar Street where patients receive high quality care in a safe, sophisticated and confidential setting from plastic surgeon Dr. Nick Carr. This experienced medical specialist is highly respected in the cosmetic field. Dr. Carr practices the highest quality of surgical care in a private operating room that is fully accredited by The College of Physicians and Surgeons of B.C. and is staffed by a fully trained, highly skilled and dedicated team of operating room professionals.


Over the years Dr. Carr has successfully treated thousands of patients. After more than 25 years in practice, Dr. Carr is one of Vancouver’s most experienced cosmetic plastic surgeons, specializing in breast, tummy and advanced facial techniques. He has performed hundreds of breast augmentations and is renowned for his pioneer work with endoscopic and minimal incision techniques. Dr. Carr combines his technical expertise and artistic vision to create a safe, natural-looking, aesthetically pleasing outcome for his patients. After graduating from UBC with the highest honours in his medical school class, he

February 15 - April 15, 2020


completed a fellowship year at Harvard Medical School. Dr. Carr’s commitment to teaching plastic surgery has paralleled his thriving clinical practice; beginning with his appointment as Director of Vancouver General Hospital Plastic Surgery Unit, followed by Program Director of the UBC Plastic Surgery Residency Training Program and finally, as the Head of Plastic Surgery at UBC; a position he has now held for more than a decade. Distinguished for his technical skills and problem-solving capabilities, he is often the “go-to” plastic surgeon in tertiary care and complex cosmetic cases.


Dr. Carr has been credited as one of Canada’s Top Cosmetic Surgeons, and he was peer chosen in 2007-2008 as one of “The Best Doctors in Canada.” The cosmetic medical clinic has been voted Best in Cosmetic Surgery in Vancouver by The Georgia Straights’ readers ten times.

February 15 - April 15, 2020


Skinwork’s most common surgeries include facelifts, breast augmentation and lifts, tummy tucks and rhinoplasty. They also see a lot of male clients for surgeries such as gynecomastia, liposuction of tummy and hip rolls, facelifts, blepharoplasy and body lifts. The clinic performs many post-pregnancy “mommy makeovers” including tummy tucks, breast lifts and sometimes implants. In addition to Dr. Carr, Skinworks has a team of 16 staff including Dr. Dick Lee (anesthesiologist), registered nurses, patient coordinator, and customer service assistants. What can you expect during a consultation? Dr. Carr’s patient coordinator, Tammy, will obtain your medical history. During a consultation Dr. Carr will review your medical history and discuss your surgical goals. He will examine your areas of concern, discuss treatment options, offer his recommendations and answer any questions about possible procedures. One happy client reports, “Dr. Carr is excellent. I had rhinoplasty with him and his judgment was excellent. My nose looks natural. His staff is excellent and his operating room is spotless and you actually feel at ease when you are waiting to be put under. I would definitely see him again!”

and the results are beautiful. I appreciated his patience during my consultation – I had endless questions and his staff were always supportive, enthusiastic and available.” Dr. Carr says, “My approach is to treat each patient as an individual – just like a member of my own family – offering the best of plastic surgery technology combined with my own experience as to what really works and what is most appropriate for them. I take the time to make sure patients understand all surgical options, what to expect and how much “down time” they will have. Ultimately this ensures a rewarding experience – and the best possible aesthetic results – for all my patients.” Outside of his practice Dr. Carr is actively involved in volunteering. He travels annually to Uganda to work for two weeks in hospitals with other Canadian surgeons. He feels privileged to offer his medical expertise. As well, Skinworks is pleased to sponsor medical students in Tanzania to help launch their careers. Patients come from across Canada to have work done by Dr. Carr. If you are contemplating plastic or cosmetic surgery, visit Skinworks’ website and discover why this leading Vancouver specialist receives glowing testimonials.

Another client comments, “Dr. Carr is an artist! My facelift looks completely natural – not tight. He listened to my concerns before surgery


February 15 - April 15, 2020

Skinworks 3578 W 41st Avenue Vancouver, BC V6N 3E6 Telephone 604-733-9711 www.skinworks.ca


Call us for a free consultation to learn the benefits of building your own custom dream home.

Your dream. Our passion. Sage Custom Homes.


604-569-2692 info@sageconstruction.ca www.sageconstruction.ca

February 15 - April 15, 2020


Calling All the Budding Fashionistas One of a mom’s biggest challenges is to find a great afterschool program that the kids will find fun, interesting and where they can hopefully learn a new skill. While Vancouver offers a lot of sports programs and academic activities for kids and teens, options are more limited if you’re seeking something unique. That’s where Laurie Allan Franks found herself eight years ago with her two girls who were then eight and eleven years old. She was challenged to find programs suited for her creative girls. The same went for finding venues for summer camps and birthday parties. At the time, Laurie was involved in more traditional fine arts instruction, but decided it was time for something new in Vancouver for her girls and others like them. In 2013, La Movida Fashion Design Academy (formerly La Movida Sewing and Design Studios) opened its doors on West Broadway offering specialty classes that included fashion


illustration, fashion design and sewing classes. Maybe it’s not on your radar, but unique options are available for those kids looking for something special. La Movida Fashion Design Academy, seven years later, offers a wide variety of classes including introductory sewing for kids and adults, fashion design classes for more advanced youth, intensive boot camps, and adult classes such as pattern drafting and illustration. La Movida also partners with local schools in their community to bringing practical life skills to the students. They support the community by donating to local charities and opening its doors to the home-schooling community. The best way to try it out is to go to the studio for a workshop, free sewing class, or book a special event or birthday party. If you’re ready to jump right in, take a set of sewing classes. Register anytime throughout the year.

February 15 - April 15, 2020



Private and group piano lessons for children

Melisa Chui

3594 W. 17th Ave at Dunbar St



Donald A. Nybo Chartered Professional Accountant ACCOUNTING & TAX SERVICES • PERSONAL • CORPORATE • ESTATES

#6 – 3615 West 19th Ave Telephone: 604-228-1166 DunbarLife.com

February 15 - April 15, 2020




WE SERVICE AND INSTALL  Furnaces & Boilers  Hot Water Tanks  Tankless Water Heaters  Air Conditioners & Heat Pumps  Ductless Mini Splits

 Air Filtration  Heat Recovery Ventilators  All Plumbing Fixtures  Drains  Annual Maintenance



Monday to Friday from 8:00am to 4:30pm and Saturday 8:00am to 3:00pm (Emergency services are available 24 hours per day).

1636 West 75th Ave, Vancouver



February 15 - April 15, 2020


匀䄀嘀䔀 唀倀 吀伀 㘀 ─

䌀伀䴀倀䄀刀䔀䐀 吀伀 䌀䄀刀 䐀䔀䄀䰀䔀刀 倀刀䤀䌀䔀匀

倀刀伀䜀刀䄀䴀䴀䔀䐀 䠀䔀刀䔀  䤀一 匀吀伀刀䔀

䈀氀椀最栀琀猀 䠀漀洀攀 䠀愀爀搀眀愀爀攀 ㌀㌀㈀㈀ 䐀甀渀戀愀爀 匀琀爀攀攀琀

㘀 㐀ⴀ㜀㌀㠀ⴀ㌀㌀㄀㈀ 伀瀀攀渀 䴀漀渀搀愀礀ⴀ匀愀琀甀爀搀愀礀 㤀愀洀ⴀ㘀瀀洀⸀ 䌀氀漀猀攀搀 匀甀渀搀愀礀猀 DunbarLife.com

February 15 - April 15, 2020



February 15 - April 15, 2020



February 15 - April 15, 2020


Dunbar Little League: Get to Know us Better Story by Joyce Gillespie, DLL President

Photos by Sandra Steier & submitted

Have you ever driven past the corner of West 33rd Avenue and Dunbar Street between April and July and wondered what is going on at Memorial Park? Perhaps you have taken a closer look and realized there were a bunch of kids playing baseball. For those of us that know and love Dunbar Little League, we are well versed in its 62-year history. We truly grasp how lovely it is to see neighbourhood children experiencing the freedom of riding their bikes to the park for their game and hanging around all afternoon to watch their friends play. Us DLL’ers (as we refer to ourselves) genuinely count down the days until spring as we can’t wait for the concession to open. It’s great taking a few nights off cooking and being able to feed the entire family for under $50. We revel in the competitiveness and level of skill our volunteer coaches bring to the diamond and we are so impressed by how quickly the players improve. Although the sport

may start more slowly at the lower levels, in a few short seasons the intensity and level of fun increases exponentially. Most of all, you would be hard-pressed to find someone whose kid plays Dunbar Little League who does not love the legendary BBQs in the outfield during the games and afterward, where regardless of the outcome of the game, all the parents and players from both teams stay and socialize. While the park serves as the de facto town hall for so many, there is still a large contingent of our neighbourhood that may wonder about the goings-on at Memorial Park between April to July. It may feel as though Dunbar Little League is like that restaurant that always seems busy when you drive by it, but you never actually go in and check out why it’s so popular.

As we reach out to our greater Dunbar neighbourhood, we invite you to get to know us better.

Grace Cooper 26

February 15 - April 15, 2020


Here are a few fast facts about Dunbar Little League: • We are a 100% volunteer-run organization. • Many of our local community sponsors have been supporters of Dunbar Little League since its inception in 1958. • We are, quite simply, one of the last true neighbourhood sporting associations. In an age where sports associations vie with specialized club teams to raise the level of their competitiveness, DLL has stayed true to its core values of being a community association where children, regardless of skill or background, are welcome to join. We have also developed a strong post-season culture to support our athletes who strive for a higher level of competition. • We remain true to our founding commitment to our players that, during our regular season, we only play one another instead of teams outside DLL. The level of fun and comradery that springs from neighbours playing neighbours cannot be underestimated. • A number of our volunteers, despite their children having aged out of Little League baseball long ago, continue to contribute their time and resources because of the strong bonds of friendship they forged during their time in DLL. One such volunteer is Don Currie, who, at 80 years young, is still an active part of our league and has been so for nearly 50 years!

on how quickly their little player engages in the competitive spirit of the game or how rewarding their children find the experience because there are many different skill accomplishments that encourage the athlete in every child at this level. The eight-week season starts on April 18 with an official opening ceremony and concludes on June 20.

On closing day a parade takes place down Dunbar Street. All of the players in their uniforms are joined by the Vancouver Canadians mascot, antique cars, police escort, and fire trucks! Within our season we host a number of different events to continually support our culture of a strong community. On May 31 we host a pancake breakfast and fun skills competition for our graduating 12-year-old players. On Mother’s Day we serve a special brunch item (free of charge) to all our moms and grandmas in the stands. On June 6 we

People often ask, “What does baseball season actually look like and isn’t it boring?” While some people may find the T-ball years (ages 4 to 6) a bit dull, almost every parent comments DunbarLife.com

February 15 - April 15, 2020




have our annual coaches game, which gives our players an opportunity to see if their coach can actually do what he or she has been asking of them all season. We understand there is some fast and furious betting that takes place under the grandstand, with more than a few hot dogs and slushies at stake! Behind the scenes is a dedicated cohort of volunteers. Many work year-round to prepare for the upcoming season and are constantly looking for new ways to engage our local sponsors, improve the level of development for our players, attract new players to the game and most importantly, increase awareness about the DLL to our neighbourhood. This year, as a result of the dedication of our committed volunteers, we have secured the largest funding grant in the history of Dunbar Little League! Through the Vancouver Canadians baseball organization and The Cape Group “Change up Field Project,” Dunbar Little League has been awarded $50,000 to refurbish our facilities. We are so excited to be able to make these


improvements, which will directly benefit our players and neighbourhood for years to come.

On July 18 to 25 we prepare to host the rest of the province for the Little League Provincial Championships. We want to start with an open invitation to our neighbours — please take a moment to drop by anytime between April and July; we will be there, likely with a burger in hand, waiting for you! For updates on all our events throughout this season, please visit our website. It is not too late to register your player! Go to https://dunbarbaseball.ca/registration/ Any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Joyce Gillespie, DLL President at president@dunbarbaseball.ca

February 15 - April 15, 2020



Thank you Dunbar for 70 years!

Terry Hartree & Tony Ciccozzi

J.B. McDermott’s is now permanently closed.

A family-owned collision repair business since 1951 located in Dunbar and the last 5 years located at 8162 Ontario Street. The property has sold and we made the hard decision to close rather than relocate again. A sincere thank you to all our loyal customers through the years.

We recommend that you take your business to Felix at:

Arbor Body Shop

695 - 64th Ave East, Vancouver Telephone: 604-261-9212 or 604-325-4181 www.arborbodyshop.com DunbarLife.com

February 15 - April 15, 2020






604-644-5920 darrylsj@shaw.ca


Each office independently owned & operated



604-329-1430 kpalla@shaw.ca

Top Sales Team at RE/MAX Select Realty for 6 consecutive years

vancouversbestlistings.com This communication is not intended to cause or induce breach of an existing Brokerage Agreement or Buyer Contract


February 15 - April 15, 2020



February 15 - April 15, 2020



February 15 - April 15, 2020


Fast, professional service to Vancouver’s West Side

Why choose Dunbar Plumbing? √ Certified Experienced Tradesmen √ WCB Approved √ Licensed-Bonded-Insured √ Friendly, Clean & Knowledgeable √ Fully Stocked Trucks √ No travel time charges

We are always in your neighbourhood! • • • • •

Hot Water Tanks Water Pipe Replacement Plumbing Renovations Sinks/Faucets Toilets

• • • •

Leaks Repairs Garburators Drain Cleaning

CALL TODAY for a FREE estimate or to schedule an appointment

604-312-2686 www.dunbarplumbing.ca DunbarLife.com

February 15 - April 15, 2020



Over 250 tables of antiques and vintage collectibles under one roof!

APRIL 4 & 5, 2020

Saturday & Sunday 10am - 5pm Kerrisdale Arena, 5670 East Boulevard at W 41st Ave Admission $8 • Free Parking • Cafe 21st Century Promotions

604-980-3159 • www.21cpromotions.com 34

February 15 - April 15, 2020



Heating & Air Conditioning Gas Fireplaces & Outdoor Heaters Tankless & Conventional Water Heaters

Hours of Operation: Monday to Saturday 8am-4:30pm Emergency Calls available 24 hours



email: kms@shawbiz.ca 112 West 2nd Ave, Vancouver

www.kirklandmetalshop.com DunbarLife.com

February 15 - April 15, 2020




Mobile studio providing elegant 5x7 black & white prints on site. Creating instant memories with beautiful lighting and professional, fun photographers that guide each guest through a quick photo shoot. Pop Up Portraits is the perfect addition to enhance the guest experience at weddings, special events, fashion shows, anniversaries, birthdays and corporate functions. Call or email to inquire about booking us for your unique event.



PROFESSIONAL HEADSHOTS Your face is your business and your brand. That’s why it’s important to have a professional headshot every two years. Office group rates available. In studio or on location. Contact Sandra Steier to book your new headshot.

778.839.8355 info@sandrasteier.com WWW.SANDRASTEIER.COM 36

February 15 - April 15, 2020


Thank you to Stong’s Market and Vancity for sponsoring the DVBA’s event on December 14.


February 15 - April 15, 2020


Advertising Rates Next deadline March 21


A Guide to Local Shopping & Events Magazine page size is 5½“ wide x 8½“ tall.

Full Page 5”wide x 8”tall $895 plus 5% GST

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Qtr. Page - H 5”wide x 2”tall $365 plus 5% GST

Advertise all year! Sign up for all five issues and have an online directory page and social media promotion. Advertise in other Palla Media publications (approval required)

Advertising rates are per magazine. Ads around the map are not guaranteed and are based on availability. All ads are full colour. We can assemble your ad at no cost if you have a logo and text. Professional design service is available for $160 per ad. Professional photography is available starting at $100. Accepted File Formats: PDF files are preferred. Resolution for images must be at 300 ppi. No border. No crop lines. Colour CMYK. Minimum 1/8” bleed.

Published in association with Dunbar Village Business Association (DVBA)

Qtr. Page - V 2½ ”wide x 4”tall $365 plus 5% GST

Publishing Dates 5 times per year Deadline

Print Date

Jan 21...........................FEB 15 (early spring) Mar 21 ..........................APR 15 (late spring) May 21 .........................JUNE 15 (summer) Aug 7 ...........................SEPT 1 (fall) Oct 21...........................NOV 15 (winter) Distribution is 10,000 copies All ads must be paid in full upon placement

Carolynne Palla Owner/Publisher PALLA MEDIA 604-812-5658

DunbarLife Magazine 38

Eighth Page 2½”wide x 2”tall $265 plus 5% GST

info@pallamedia.com Mailing address: 11839 Dunford Rd Richmond BC V7E 3M6

www.dunbarlife.com February 15 - April 15, 2020


Cafes | Restaurants Cosy Inn Café 4455 Dunbar St 604-224-3133 Crepe & Café 3500 W 41st Ave 604-566-9787 crepeandcafe.com Domino’s Pizza 4298 Dunbar St 604-733-0188 dominos.ca Dunbar Dairy Queen 3380 Dunbar St 604-733-2884 dairyqueen.com Dunbar Pizza & Grill 3348 Dunbar St 604-732-4999 Dunbar Sushi 3626 W 16th Ave 604-568-5959 Kuma Japanese 3446 Dunbar St 604-739-0170

La Notte Ristorante Italiano (ad p. 9) 3307 Dunbar St 604-222-4033 lanotte.ca

Moki’s Pizza 5530 Dunbar St 604-263-4440 mokispizza.com Moon Sushi 4385 Dunbar St 604-221-7874 moonsushivancouver.com Perchance Tea & Coffee 3363 Dunbar St 778-832-0187 perchancetea.com Q Coffee | Phonatics 5601 Dunbar St 604-261-8188 Red Tuna Japanese 3592 W 41st Ave 604-266-7355

Sweet Somethings 4321 Dunbar St 604-842-0261 sweetsomethingsvancouver.com



T.Cup 4495 Dunbar St 604-423-4495 The Cheese Inn 4585 Dunbar St 604-620-1951 cheeseinn.com The Dunbar Public House 4497 Dunbar St 604-222-9922 thedunbar.ca Tim Hortons 3463 Dunbar St 604-222-3130 timhortons.ca Wild Sushi 4288 Dunbar St 604-568-9668 wildsushi.ca

Starbucks Coffee 4467 Dunbar St 604-222-8069 starbucks.ca

Grocery | Specialty A & L Market 3526 W 41st Ave BC Liquor Store 3453 Dunbar St 604-224-4412 bcliquorstores.com

Celtic Treasure Chest

(ad p. 7) 5639 Dunbar St 604-261-3688 celtictreasurechest.com


H Mart

(ad p. 3) 5557 Dunbar St 604-264-5950 hmart.ca New District 5650 Dunbar St 604-229-3663 newdistrict.ca

Save-On-Foods 3535 W 41st Ave 604-261-2423 saveonfoods.com

Stong’s Market (ad back cover) 4221 Dunbar St 604-266-1401 stongs.com

Weigh to Go Bulk Foods 3534 W 41st Ave 604-266-6206 February 15 - April 15, 2020



SHOP Retail Stores All Nations Stamp & Coin 5630 Dunbar St 604-684-4613 allnationsstampandcoin.com

Gardenia Flowers 5636 Dunbar St 604-269-9234 gardeniaflowers.ca

Shell Canada 3596 W 41st Ave 604-263-9330 find.shell.com/ca

Blight’s Home Hardware

Germaine’s Antiques 4268 Dunbar St 604-306-8364

Sher’s Stationery 2000 & Post Office 3552 W 41st Ave 604-261-2001

(ad p. 22) 3322 Dunbar St 604-738-3312 blightshomehardware.com Carousel on Dunbar 4305 Dunbar St carouselondunbar.ca Cheap Skates 3644 W 16th Ave 604-222-1125 Christina’s Flower Shop 5615 Dunbar St 604-263-3011 christinaflowers.com Dragon & Phoenix 3510 W 41st Ave 604-261-1317 dragonandphoenix.ca Educational Book Supply 3548 W 41st Ave 604-677-8147

Golden Rug Co. 3211 Dunbar St 604-224-3222 goldenrug.com Kerrisdale Equipment 4522 Dunbar St 604-224-3255 kerrisdaleequipment.com Lawrence Books 3591 W 41st Ave 604-261-3812 London Drugs 4560 Dunbar St 604-448-4888 londondrugs.com Pure Integrative Pharmacy 3228 Dunbar St 604-732-3010 purepharmacy.com

Shoppers Drug Mart & Post Office 4326 Dunbar St 604-732-8855 shoppersdrugmart.ca Southland Pharmacy 3554 W 41st Ave 604-266-2882

West Side Paint & Decorating

(ads p. 14, 15 & 31) 3354 Dunbar St 604-737-0962 benjaminmoore.com YNP Dunbar Pharmacy 4198 Dunbar St 604-738-1788

Enmark Jewellers Ltd 4315 Dunbar St 604-224-3513

SERVICES Beauty | Hair | Spa Blink Beauty Bar 3562 W 41st Ave 604-261-8144 blinkbeautybar.com Cabello Spa & Salon 3518 W 41st Ave 604-267-4247 cabellosalonspa.com 40

Care Well Esthetics 4311 Dunbar St 778-999-8908

Duet Salon & Spa 3231 Dunbar St 604-222-8715

Clippers Edge 4535 Dunbar St 604-224-0500

Dunbar Barbers 4264 Dunbar St 604-738-3165 dunbarbarbers.com

February 15 - April 15, 2020


Beauty | Hair | Spa ... con’t George’s Hair Styling 4196 Dunbar St 604-738-4603 Hair Place Kiji’s 4311 Dunbar St 604-742-0299 kijishairsalon.com J’aime Les Cheveux 3591 W 26th Ave 604-714-1118 JD’s Barbershop 4345 Dunbar St 778-379-1829 jdsbarbershop.com

Pampered by Kadie 4260 Dunbar St 604-809-5395 pamperedbykadie.ca Rose Nails & Spa 3383 Dunbar St 604-221-2200 rosenailsandspa.com New!

Stylish Cut 3251 Dunbar St 604-732-5123

Top Barber Cut 5631 Dunbar St 604-696-0581 Top Cut Barbers 4238 Dunbar St 604-739-0744



Touch of Beauty 3291 Dunbar St 604-221-0010 touchofbeautyspa.ca VY Valentin Salon 4290 Dunbar St 604-732-3523 vyvalentinsalon.com

Churches Dunbar Evangelical Lutheran 3491 W 31st Ave 604-266-6818 dunbarlutheran.ca

Knox United Church 5600 Balaclava St 604-261-3747 knoxunitedvancouver.org

Dunbar Heights Baptist 3320 Crown St 604-224-1031 dhbc.ca

Marineview Chapel 4000 W 41st Ave 604-261-1444 marineview.org

Immaculate Conception 3778 W 28th Ave 604-224-5678 icvancouver.ca

Pacific Spirit United Church 3525 W 24th Ave 604-266-5377 pacificspirituc.com

St Philip’s Anglican Church

(ad p. 19) 3737 W 27th Ave 604-224-3238 stphilipsdunbar.com Yan Fo Si Temple 3496 Dunbar St 778-847-6699

Dental Dr. Alex K H Chan 203-3540 W 41st Ave 604-266-2860 dralexkhchandentist.com Dentists on Dunbar 3335 Dunbar St 604-224-5611 dentistsondunbar.com

Dr. George Porteous 5-3615 W 19th Ave 604-224-3115

Dunbar Dental Centre (ad p. 9) 215-3540 W 41st Ave 604-261-2220 dunbardental.ca

Dunbar Family Dental

(ad p. 32) 4210 Dunbar St 604-733-1616 dunbarfamilydental.com Prodent Dental Lab 101-3540 W 41st Ave 604-263-3111

Dr Benjamin Pliska 103-2786 W 16th Ave 604-732-6333 vwda.ca DunbarLife.com

February 15 - April 15, 2020



SERVICES Dental ... con’t Southlands Dental Group 3579 W 41st Ave 604-266-6232

Technident 2000 Lab 100-3540 W 41st Ave 604-266-1121

Westside Orthodontics 3619 W 18th Ave 604-736-5705 westsidesmiles.ca

Dry Cleaning | Alterations | Shoe Repair Boulevard Cleaners 3594 W 41st Ave 604-261-0003

Mai’s Dry Cleaners 3336 Dunbar St 604-739-6638

Busy Bee Cleaners 3556 W 41st Ave 604-263-2215

Money’s Dry Cleaning 4389 Dunbar St 604-224-5112

Gold Star Shoe Rebuilders 3308 Dunbar St 604-734-7477 goldstarshoerebuilders.com

Tam’s Custom Tailor & Dry Cleaners 4479 Dunbar St 604-269-9440 Yim’s Alterations 3378 Dunbar St 604-737-8822

Education & Performing Arts - Private Crofton House School 3200 W 41st Ave 604-263-3255 croftonhouse.ca

Elite Montessori Academy 103-3641 W 29th 604-221-0242 elitemontessori.ca

Little People Preschool 5600 Balaclava St 604-261-2219 littlepeople.ca

Crown Preschool 3737 W 27th Ave 604-228-1316 crownpreschool.ca

Harmonious Music Studio

Monkey See Monkey Do 3525 W 24th Ave 778-371-4659 monkeyseemonkeydo.ca

Crown Street Kids Club 3320 Crown St 604-760-4703 cskc.ca Curiosity Corner Preschool 3455 W King Edward 604-261-4434 curiositycornerpreschool.ca Da Future Studio 3536 W 41st Ave 604-564-1267 dafture.ca Dunbar Memorial Preschool 4747 Dunbar St 604-222-6065 dunbarmemorialpreschool.ca 42

(ad p. 21) 3594 W 17th Ave 604-767-0136 harmoniousmusicstudio.com

Immaculate Conception School

(ad p. 13) 3745 W 28th Ave 604-224-5012 icschoolvancouver.com Indigo Education 5737 Collingwood 778-680-5733 canadaindigo.com La Petite Ecole 4037 W 32nd Ave 604-619-7313 lapetiteecole.ca

February 15 - April 15, 2020

Opus Academy 5635 Dunbar St 604-267-3749 opusacademy.com Reading Gate Academy 204-3540 W 41st Ave 604-261-8984 vanwest.readinggate.com Sprouts Academy 4000 W 41st Ave 604-454-8369 sproutsacademy.ca St George’s School Jr Boys: 3851 W 29th Ave Sr Boys: 4175 W 29th Ave 604-224-1304 stgeorges.bc.ca DunbarLife.com

Education & Performing Arts - Private ... con’t Tom Thumb Preschool 3737 W 27th Ave 604-222-2550 tomthumbpreschool.ca

Westgate Montessori School 3489 W 31st Ave 604-221-9300 westgatemontessori.com

Westside Kumon 3584 W 16th Ave 604-222-0182 kumon.ca



Vancouver Child Study Centre 3525 W 24th Ave 604-222-1943 vancouverchildstudycentre.ca

Education - Public Schools (Vancouver School District) Carnarvon Elementary 3400 Balaclava St 604-713-5396 crn.vsb.bc.ca

Kerrisdale Elementary 5555 Carnarvon St 604-713-5446 kerrisdale.vsb.bc.ca

Queen Elizabeth Annex 4275 Crown St 604-713-5482 queenelizabeth-anx.vsb.bc.ca

Jules Quesnel Elementary 3050 Crown St 604-713-4577 quesnel.vsb.bc.ca

Lord Byng High School 3939 W 16th Ave 604-713-8171 byng.vsb.bc.ca

Queen Elizabeth Elementary 4102 W 16th Ave 604-713-5408 queenelizabeth.vsb.bc.ca

Kerrisdale Annex Elementary 3250 W 43rd Ave 604-713-5488 kerrisdale-anx.vsb.bc.ca

Lord Kitchener Elementary 3455 W King Edward Ave 604-713-5454 kitchener.vsb.bc.ca

Southlands Elementary 5351 Camosun St 604-713-5414 go.vsb.bc.ca/southlands

Financial BMO Bank of Montreal 4395 Dunbar St 604-665-7093 bmo.com

Edward Jones 3560 W 41st Ave 604-731-6117 edwardjones.ca

TD Canada Trust 4200 Dunbar St 604-654-6888 tdcanadatrust.com

CIBC 4306 Dunbar St 604-665-7697 cibc.com

RBC Royal Bank 4205 Dunbar St 604-665-5972 rbc.com

Vancity Credit Union 4445 Dunbar St 604-877-7000 vancity.com

Donald A. Nybo, CPA (ad p. 21) 6-3615 W 19th Ave 604-228-1166

Fitness & Sports 30 Minute Hit 3516 W 41st Ave 604-569-3233 30minutehit.com/kerrisdale DunbarLife.com

Barre Fitness Dunbar 3584 W 41st Ave 604-266-9191 barrefitness.com February 15 - April 15, 2020

Dunbar Lawn Bowling Club 3850 W 31st Ave 604-228-8428 dunbarlawnbowling.com 43


SERVICES Fitness & Sports ... con’t Elements Academy of Martial Arts 4465 Dunbar St 604-568-3441 elementsacademy.com

Prime Personal Training 3636 W 16th Ave 604-568-5220 primepersonaltraining.com

Third Eye Martial Arts 4256 Dunbar St 604-669-8707 temartialarts.com

Pulse Cycling Studio 3630 W 16th Ave pulsecycling.ca

Health | Medical Chaldecott Medical Clinic 4186 Dunbar St 604-739-9881

Highroads Medical Clinic 4560 Dunbar St highroadsmedical.com

Dr. Brian Harris Inc. 211-3540 W 41st Ave 604-261-5015

Image Optometry 4250 Dunbar St 604-293-3937 image.ca

Dr. Gorman, Chiropractor 202-3641 W 29th Ave 778-681-3445 drpatriciagorman.com Dunbar Eyecare Optometry 2-3554 W 41st Ave 604-263-8874 dunbareyecare.com Dunbar Physio 205-3540 W 41st Ave 604-266-3303 dunbarphysio.com

Life Integrative 4168 Dunbar St 604-742-0702 lifechiropractic.ca Life Labs 112-3540 W 41st Ave 604-264-9815 lifelabs.com

Massage Therapy on Dunbar

(ad p. 5) 4192 Dunbar St Dunbar Psychological Services 604-733-3376 216-3540 W 41st Ave massagetherapyondunbar.com 604-264-1777 dunbarpsychology.com Mark Finch & Associates 202-3641 W 29th Ave Envision Counselling 604-222-9505 202-3641 W 29th Ave markfinch.ca 604-222-1120 envisioncounselling.ca Pacific Mountain Centre 101-3309 Dunbar St FYidoctors - Dunbar Carolyne Abrams 4508 Dunbar St 778-229-4532 604-739-2022 lighthealing.ca fyidoctors.com Dr Sandra L. Clark 604-730-9988 Healing Abundance drsandraclark.ca Holistic Medicine Beverley Kort 3593 W 26th Ave 604-362-7847 778-997-4628 iamlistening.ca kaoclaire.com 44

February 15 - April 15, 2020

Kathleen Wood 604-785-4015 Preventum 3210 Dunbar St 604-731-9866 preventum.ca Preventum Dermatology & Cosmetic Clinic 3288 Dunbar St 604-731-9866 preventum.ca

Skinworks Dermapure (article p. 10-12) 3568 W 41st Ave 604-737-7100 dermapure.com

Skinworks Plastic Surgery (article p. 16-18) 3578 W 41st Ave 604-733-9711 skinworks.ca

Southland’s Physiotherapy 3579 W 41st Ave 604-263-8110 Tessa Cherniavsky Massage Therapy Clinic 203A-3540 W 41st Ave 604-266-2757


Pets Alta Vista Animal Hospital 4543 Dunbar St 604-221-5858 altavistaanimalhospital.ca

Bosley’s Pet Food 3502 W 41st Ave 604-266-2667 bosleys.com

Artistic Styling Salon for Pets 4188 Dunbar St 604-739-6822

K & K Pet Foods 4595 Dunbar St 604-224-2513

Pets Beautiful 5620 Dunbar St 604-261-5310 petsbeautiful.com



Specialty Services Buntain Insurance

(ad p. 7) 4295 Dunbar St 604-736-8855 buntaininsurance.com Digital Photo Station 4485 Dunbar St 604-222-3513 Feature Projects 5733 Collingwood St 604-220-8907 featureprojects.com

Sage Construction

Johnston Meier Insurance 120-3479 Dunbar St 604-736-3831 jmins.com

(ad p. 19) 3349 Dunbar St 604-569-2692 sageconstruction.ca

Phone Guru

(ad p. 46) 4339 Dunbar St 604-225-0571 www.phoneguru.ca

Visual Space Gallery 3352 Dunbar St 604-559-0576 visualspace.ca

REMAX Real Estate Services 110-3450 W 41st Ave 604-263-2823 remaxres.ca

COMMUNITY Andrew Wilkinson MLA (ad p. 5) 5640 Dunbar St 604-664-0748 andrewwilkinsonmla.ca

Dunbar Community Centre 4747 Dunbar St 604-222-6060 dunbarcentre.ca Dunbar Community Garden dunbarand39thgarden.com Dunbar Community Patrol 604-222-9824 dunbar-vancouver.org


Dunbar Earthquake & Emergency Preparedness dunbaremergency.ca

Dunbar Theatre 4555 Dunbar St 604-222-2991

Dunbar Little League

Dunbar Village Business Association

(article p. 26-28) dunbarbaseball.ca

Dunbar Public Library 4515 Dunbar St 604-665-3968 vpl.ca Dunbar Residents’ Association 604-222-9824 dunbar-vancouver.org

(ads p. 6 & 37) dunbarvillage.ca

Pacific Spirit Park Society pacificspiritparksociety.org Southlands Heritage Farm 6767 Balaclava St 604-261-1295 southlandsfarms.com

February 15 - April 15, 2020



Businesses Without Storefront in Dunbar Clayton-Carroll Real Estate Team REMAX Crest Realty

JB McDermotts (ad p. 29) 8162 Ontario St 604-261-9212 jbmcdermotts.ca

(ad p. 9) 3215 MacDonald St 604-328-0022 clayton-carroll.com

Kerrisdale Antiques Fair (ad p. 34) 5670 East Blvd 604-980-3159 21cpromotions.com

Dunbar Painting

(ad p. 5) 604-788-3382 dunbarpainting.com

Kirkland Heating & Cooling

Dunbar Plumbing (ad p. 33) 604-312-2686 dunbarplumbing.ca

Higher Ground Gardens

(ad p. 8) 778-323-1502 highergroundgardens.com

(ad p. 35) 112 W 2nd Ave 604-261-2525 kirklandmetalshop.com

La Movida Fashion Design Academy (ad p. 20) 3625 W Broadway 604-559-9296 lamovida.ca

Reid Brothers Plumbing & Heating (ad p. 22) 1636 W 75th Ave 604-263-0323 reidbrothers.ca

RE/MAX Select Realty Karel Palla & Darry Sjerven (ad p. 30) 604-329-1430 vancouversbestlistings.com

Sandra Steier Photography & Pop Up Portraits Vancouver (ad p. 36) 778-839-8355 sandrasteier.com popupportraits.ca

Thunderbirds Track & Field (ad p. 2) thunderbirdstrack.org

Did you know there was a computer repair shop in your area? Trek PC specializes in repairs of all Apple & Microsoft computers. We are one of the only repair shops in Metro Vancouver that specializes in logic board repairs. All of our repairs come with warranty and a free initial no obligations diagnostic. We’re locally owned and operated. (604) 222-2655

4339 Dunbar Street


CELL PHONE REPAIR IN YOUR NEIGHBOURHOOD We ďŹ x any smartphone including iPhones & iPads

(604) 225-0571 46


4339 Dunbar St. Dunbar & 27th Right across from Shoppers Drug Mart

February 15 - April 15, 2020



February 2020 Feb 17 Feb 17 Feb 17-23 Feb 26 Feb 29

Family Day Family Day event at Dunbar Community Centre Heritage Week Pink Shirt Day Leap Year

March 2020 Mar 7 Mar 8 Mar 16 Mar 17 Mar 19 Mar 28

Advertising deadline for Dunbar Life - Apr 15 issue (p. 38) Daylight Saving Time begins Spring Break for Vancouver School District (Mar 16-27) St. Patrick’s Day First day of spring Earth Hour 8:30-9:30pm

April 2020 Apr 2 Apr 4 & 5 Apr 10 Apr 12 Apr 15 Apr 19 Apr 22 Apr 22

Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival (Apr 2-26) Kerrisdale Antiques Fair (p. 34) Good Friday Easter Sunday Dunbar Life magazine comes out Vancouver Sun Run Dunbar Community Centre Association Annual General Meeting for members Earth Day

For updates and details go to www.dunbarlife.com/calendar


February 15 - April 15, 2020





Profile for Palla Media

Dunbar Life - Feb 2020  

A Guide to Local Shopping and Events in Dunbar Village, Vancouver, BC Canada

Dunbar Life - Feb 2020  

A Guide to Local Shopping and Events in Dunbar Village, Vancouver, BC Canada