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65th Annual Report Wayne County Soil & Water Conservation District Mission: Dedicated to assisting and educating our citizens in conservation management through proper use of the soil, water and natural resources of Wayne County for all generations.

MEET YOUR WAYNE COUNTY SWCD BOARD OF SUPERVISORS The Wayne County Soil and Water Conservation District was created by the vote of the landowners on August 27, 1947, in accordance with the provisions of the Indiana Soil Conservation Act of 1937. They are governed by a five-member board of supervisors who work directly with the community on conservation concerns, three who are elected by the local land users at

the annual meeting and two appointed by the State Soil Conservation Board. The supervisors combined diverse backgrounds, talents, skills, experiences and knowledge of the natural resource problems in the county helps guide the programs of the district to areas that will prove most beneficial. They identify local

soil, water and related natural resource concerns, set natural resource priorities, and then develop, implement and evaluate long and short range plans and programs to address these prioritized resource concerns. They spend many hours of their time each year conducting the business of the district. Thank you!

Tim McConaha, Chairman

Scott McCarty, Vice-Chairman

Eric Snyder, Secretary

Cathy Becker, Member

Pam Earlywine, Member

Tim has been on the Board of Supervisors since 2006, and has served as the Chairman since 2011. He owns and operates a 500 acre grain and cow/calf operation south of Centerville on McConaha Road.

Scott was appointed to the Board of Supervisors in 2010 and currently serves as the Vice Chairman. He lives in Washington Township on his 160 acre farm. Scott is the Senior Vice President/ Agriculture Dept Manager at The Bath State Bank.

Eric was elected to the Board of Supervisors in 2010 and currently serves as Secretary. His cow/calf operation and contract swine grower operation consists of 100 acres in Abington Township.

Cathy was appointed to the Board of Supervisors in 2011. She and her husband’s cow/calf operation consists of seventy-five rolling acres in Dalton Township. Cathy works for Lingle Real Estate as a sales associate.

Pam was elected to the Board of Supervisors in 2011. Pam and her husband live in Boston Township on nineteen acres. They have fourteen acres enrolled in the classified forest program and are interested in promoting wildlife and native woodland species.

Wayne County Soil and Water Conservation District • Palladium-Item, Sunday, January 27, 2013



The supervisors listed below have served because they realized the importance of conserving our natural resources to both the present and future generations, and the ever increasing demands made upon these resources: *+Forrest E. Kempton 1947 to 1963 * William A. Litner 1947 to 1957 * Eugene Barrett 1947 to 1950 * Ralph Waltz 1947 to 1952 * Eugene Lafuse 1947 to 1953 * Elmer Wampole 1950 to 1954 * Lloyd Burdette 1952 to 1955 * Charles Swallow 1953 to 1954 * James Caldwell 1954 to 1956 * Wilbur Ripberger 1954 to 1957 * George Klemperer 1955 to 1961 * Herman DuGranrut 1956 to 1962 * Wayne Williamson 1957 to 1962 * Fred Mitchell 1957 to 1975 *+ T.J. Wright 1961 to 1984 * Albert Hunnicutt 1962 to 1965 * Loren Cates 1962 to 1965 * Raymond Mendenhall 1963 to 1965 * John C. Gilmer 1963 to 1966 Howard Sanders 1965 to 1968 * Elbert Mendenhall 1965 to 1970 * Carl Rodenberg 1966 to 1967 Olen McMinn 1967 to 1970 * Stanley Gehr 1968 to 1971 * Clayton Clark 1970 to 1977 * Wally Pokorny 1970 to 1973

Jerry J. Dils Duane Hill J. Joe Meyer ^* Leo J. Pflum Fred J. Miller Russell L. Turner * Joe Ryan John B. Cain Don Thurston George Bihl E. Dale Kirtley Amos Bertsch John Turner Gerald Davis Duane Cates Gene Berry David Williamson Harold Routson Don Berger Phil Jordan Tim McConaha David Drake Duane Smoker Scott McCarty Eric Snyder Cathy Becker Pam Earlywine

1971 to 1980 1973 to 1976 1974 to 1984 1976 to 1994 1977 to 1982 1980 to 2004 1982 to 1985 1984 to 1987 1984 to 1993 1985 to 1992 1987 to 1996 1992 to 2004 1993 to 1996 1994 to 1997 1996 to 2006 1996 to 2002 1997 to 2006 2002 to 2011 2004 to 2007 2004 to 2010 2006 to date 2006 to 2011 2007 to 2010 2010 to date 2010 to date 2011 to date 2011 to date

Associate Supervisors: Eric Miles, Duane Smoker, Phil Jordan, Harold Routson, David Drake * Deceased + Past Chairman of State Association of Soil and Water Conservation District Supervisors ^ Past Area V Chairman for the Soil & Water Conservation District Supervisors

Annual Banquet TO BE HELD FEBRUARY 4 , 2013 th

The Wayne County Soil and Water Conservation District will hold its 65th Annual/Banquet Meeting on Monday, February 4th. The banquet/meeting will be held at 6:30 p.m. in the Kuhlman Center at the Wayne County 4-H Fairgrounds. The evening will begin with a buffet style dinner catered by Rihm’s Catering of Cambridge City. The doors will open at 6:00 p.m. Conservation award presentations and an election of supervisor will be held following the dinner. The speaker for the evening will be Bob Taylor, Professor Emeritus, Purdue Agricultural Economics Department. You are sure to enjoy his presentation, “What we can do now to make our children and grandchildren better off.” Dr. Taylor taught at Purdue for fifty years, 1961-2011 where he taught economics and farm management classes with about 500 students a semester. He offered two seminars, one on getting off academic probation and the other for grad students on how to teach. Tickets can be purchased for $10.00 by stopping in the district office MondayFriday between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. at 823 South Round Barn Road, Richmond, IN, or from any of the following supervisors: Tim McConaha, Scott McCarty, Eric Snyder, Cathy Becker, Pam Earlywine or the Wayne County SWCD staff. Deadline for purchasing tickets is Thursday, January 31st for the food reservation count. Don’t delay in getting your tickets for an evening of fellowship and fun!

Palladium-Item, Sunday, January 27, 2013 • Wayne County Soil and Water Conservation District

WAYNE COUNTY SOIL & WATER CONSERVATION DISTRICT Annual Financial Statement January 1, 2012 to December 31, 2012

RECEIPTS Balance Brought Forward State for District Operations/CWI Clean Water Indiana Grants County for District Operations Federal Funds/319 Grant Other Grants Equipment Rental & Farm Income Donations & Memberships Advertising Annual Meeting Income Reimbursements & Refunds Sales Income Interest from Checking Rule 5 Review Fees Sub-Total Receipts Sale of Investments (CDs, savings accounts) TOTAL (balance forward+receipts+investments) DISBURSEMENTS: Capital Outlays (Equipment) Annual Meeting Expenses Audit Expense Clean Water Indiana Projects Contractual Services – 319 Grant Cost-Share Projects/Federally Funded - 319 Grant Dues and Subscriptions Educational Programs Employee Salaries Paid by District License & Permits Office Supplies Other Services and Charges Postage & Delivery Expenses Printing/Copying Expense Rents Repair Expense Sales Tax Paid to Ind. Dept. of Revenue Supplies for Resale Travel/Lodging/Mileage/Registration/Meals Other Disbursements: Demo Plots/Custom Hire Other Disbursements: Insurance/Permits Sub-Total (before investment activity) Purchase of Investments (CDs, savings accounts) TOTAL DISBURSEMENTS (disbursements + investments) BALANCE AT DECEMBER 31, 2011

$80,852.74 10,000.00 2,500.00 8,413.00 47,431.78 2,338.71 14,429.05 7,256.35 990.00 1,636.00 1,890.43 .00 335.46 200.00 $105,583.66 -0$186,436.40 16,148.42 2,426.50 .00 3,190.27 7,357.50 35,008.11 2,864.95 10,024.96 14,420.44 .00 2,961.99 .00 2,071.47 493.00 1,867.00 .00 372.75 .00 4,467.58 3,822.30 450.00 $107,947.24 .00 $107,947.24 $78,489.16

Audited by Russ Turner and Ed Pollock on January 4, 2013. The Foregoing financial statement is true to the best of my knowledge and belief. Sheryl L. Brown, District Treasurer Wayne County Soil and Water Conservation District Dated: January 4, 2013

Monica Burns, Jan Burk, and Sheryl Brown work the tent at the Wayne County 4-H Fair

Seton Team 2 works cooperatively on the Forestry resource test at the East Central Regional Envirothon contest



Wayne County Soil and Water Conservation District • Palladium-Item, Sunday, January 27, 2013


As my 10th year as Conservation Education Coordinator comes to a close I have managed to keep busy with a variety of educational events, programs, and outreach opportunities. My ongoing work through 2012 includes writing public service announcement on stormwater and recycling for the Richmond Sanitary District, maintaining the rain garden behind the Kuhlman Center along with volunteers, providing storm drain stenciling kits to individuals and groups for marking storm drains, keeping my two webpages updated, writing letters to 3rd Grade Academy students to encourage them to improve their reading skills and how I use reading in my life, and organizing Richie the Recycling Raccoon volunteers. Spring is one of my busiest times of year due to all the Earth related programs. I was able to attend the Indiana Association of Soil and Water Conservation District’s annual conference, National Science Teachers Association conference, and the Indiana Phase II Municipal Separate Storm Sewer annual meeting which provided me opportunities to learn more and interact with others working in the same fields as me. Activities for students included the regional and state Envirothons, Union County AG Day, Earth Day presentations

for the Hagerstown 2nd grade classes with Teri Grossman, and working with schools to participate in Richmond’s Cans for Cash contest. Outreach opportunities for all ages included booths at the Earlham Wellness Fair and the Family Earth Day Celebration.

in the state; and at Conservation Days there were 795 students, 36 teachers, 3 student teachers, 24 presenters, 48 volunteers and staff, and an additional 60 students and 4 teachers unable to attend but received goodie bags from the event.

Summer kept me busy with booths at the Wayne County 4-H Fair and the Union County 4-H Fair. WUR SWMD partnered with the SWCDs from both counties at both fairs and handed out the most sought after giveaway at the fairs – hand fans! I also worked on writing grants during the summer to help fund Conservation Days in the fall, which is a program for local 3rd/4th grade students in Wayne County. This year we were fortunate to receive a Whitewater Valley REMC Round Up Grant and a Wayne County Foundation Challenge Match Grant to help fund the big event.

All in all another busy yet

Fall kicked in and it seems I worked mostly on getting the Earth Team Volunteer report submitted, the Indiana Envirothon booklet ready to mail for the upcoming spring contests, and Conservation Days. If you like numbers here are a few: Wayne County logged 681 volunteer hours; approximately 800 Indiana Envirothon booklets were sent to schools and groups that work with high school aged students

successful year! I will say that it would not be possible to do what I do without the help and support of supervisors, staff, and volunteers. Thank you to everyone that has helped make things run so well these past 10 years. It could not have been done as well as it was without you!

LuAnne Holeva, Conservation Education Coordinator e-mail: office: 765-966-0191 ext. 3

SWCD supervisor Pam Earlywine and grandson help cut back the rain garden at the fairgrounds for winter

Palladium-Item, Sunday, January 27, 2013 • Wayne County Soil and Water Conservation District

RAIN GARDEN INSTALLED AT EARLHAM COLLEGE As a recipient of a Clean Water Indiana Grant through the Wayne County Soil & Water Conservation District, Earlham College has installed a rain garden last fall along the west side of its Athletics and Wellness facility. The chosen location has been a lawn area plagued with standing water and mud following rain events, making it often unsuitable for growing a good stand of grass, or for mowing. The underground portion of Earlham’s rain garden contains three 4’ deep drainage basins, which are filled with 2’ of “L” gravel and 2’ of a 50/50 topsoil/sand mix atop the gravel. Two of the Athletic Wellness Center roof downspouts have been engineered to deposit water directly into the drainage basins. Should the holding capacity of the rain garden ever be exceeded, water will overflow into two existing storm sewers. The surface treatment of the rain garden emulates a meandering stream bed, complete with two sets of rapids, native shrubs, grasses, forbs, and fallen trees. The native shrubs were purchased locally, from Menards and Pleasant View Nursery. The native grasses and forbs were purchased from Spence Restoration Nursery, Muncie, IN. Logs in the garden were scavenged from the banks of the Whitewater River. The rain garden excavation was completed by Mike Delucio &

Son, Inc. And, installation of rain garden components: gravel, sand, soil, plants, and river rock, was completed by Earlham’s Grounds Dept. River rock serves as a unifying element of the garden, visually tying it to the existing, adjacent landscape of the Athletics and Wellness facility. Earlham’s rain garden has been well received and additional funds for its completion were brought forth by a generous donation from the owner of WKBV and WFMG radio stations, and from the Earlham Center for Environmental Action, which has been the recipient of a Mellon Foundation Grant to establish new gardens on the Earlham campus. The educational signage for the rain garden remains in the design phase and should be installed during Spring of 2013.



Wayne County Soil and Water Conservation District • Palladium-Item, Sunday, January 27, 2013


The agencies of the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), the Wayne County Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD), the Indiana State Department of Ag (ISDA), and the Farm Service Agency (FSA) are housed in the USDA Service Center at 823 South Round Barn Road, Richmond. The NRCS, SWCD and ISDA agencies provide educational, technical and financial assistance, and information about soil, water and related natural resource conservation in Wayne County.

Front (L-R) Hilary Barnhart, District Conservationist (NRCS); Brenda Gettinger, Resource Specialist, (ISDA) Back (L-R) LuAnne Holeva, Conservation Education Coordinator (SWCD, SWMD, & City of Richmond/Sanitary District); Raquel Baker, District Technician (SWCD); Sheryl Brown, District Coordinator/Treasurer (SWCD) The FSA administers farm commodity programs, farm BIN and emergency loans, conservation and environmental programs, and emergency and disaster assistance programs. These programs provide a safety net to help farmers produce an adequate food supply, maintain viable operations and contribute to the year round availability of variety of low cost safe and nutritious foods.

Front (L-R) Jan Burk, Program Technician; JoAnne Crownover, Program Technician; Back (L-R) Nikki Bryant, Program Technician; Jim Austerman, Program Technician; Dick Best, County Executive Director


Once again, Mother Nature certainly challenged us all this past year; the District Technician drought is being touted as the most severe and extensive drought in at least 25 years. With the drought having such extreme and far reaching impacts on the crop and livestock sectors, it drives home the point of how important soil and water conservation truly is, and how solid conservation practices must be utilized at all times, not just during drought conditions. As the SWCD’s technician, 2012 was busy assisting NRCS with the CRP waterway workload, planning and preparing for clinics and field days, reviewing Rule 5 submittals, along with an array of other activities. I would like to share a few highlights of the year. February was busy preparing for the Conservation Farming Workshop, held on February 23. Attendees enjoyed the customary trade show, and listened to speakers Greg Downing of Cisco Seeds, and Paul Buchmeier, area farmer. The large crowd enjoyed a catered BBQ meal by Adam’s Rib BBQ, which was provided by workshop sponsors and exhibitors. In March, I gave the soils presentation at the Regional Envirothon, held at the fairgrounds here in Wayne County. Also in March, the SWCD conducted the landfill inspection at the New Paris Pike landfill. During the inspection, we look for any signs of active erosion that may cause sediment to occur off-site. Joe and crew do an excellent job of maintaining the landfill, and that makes the inspection process so much easier! July brought the Pasture and Livestock Clinic, held at J-Ten Cattle Company of Greens Fork, owned and operated by Jason and Kristen Ward. Robert Zupancic, NRCS Grazing Specialist and Bill Doig, Beef Consultant, gave talks on drought issues concerning grazing and the beef herd, respectively. Beth Scheakel and family catered a delicious lunch provided by local agri-business sponsors. Fall is always a busy time of the year, with waterway construction season in August and September taking up a large portion of time. September also brought the soil judging practice for area schools, held this year in the southwest part of the county. Each year, the SWCD, in coordination with Purdue Extension, hosts a practice event for area high school students involved in soil judging. This year Hagerstown and Northeastern schools took advantage of the learning opportunity, as well as a few students from Earlham College. The Forestry and Wildlife Field Day was held on a beautiful fall Saturday in October at Hayes Arboretum. Attendees learned how the drought will impact our woodlands in the future and what to look for in invasive species threatening area forests. Jayson Waterman, Nate Yazel, and Stephen Hayes, Jr. were the speakers for the day. At the conclusion of the field day, we enjoyed a wagon tour of the Arboretum grounds, courtesy of Stephen Hayes, Sr. and Stephen Hayes, Jr. During Conservation Days in November I spent two days, along with my mom Paula Richardson, giving the beef presentation to local third and fourth graders. This is always fun for us; the kids routinely surprise me with how attentive they are and eager to learn and I love to watch their faces when they get up close to a cow for the first time! In looking forward into 2013, the first workshop of the year is quickly approaching. Mark the date of February 21, 2013, for the Conservation Farming Workshop. Randall Reeder, recently retired Agricultural Engineer with The Ohio State University, will be the keynote speaker. Mr. Reeder will be presenting on the advantages/disadvantages of Notill, Horizontal and Vertical tillage. Please make your meal reservation no later than Friday, February 15th. The SWCD will also have a pond clinic in 2013. If you would like to host the clinic at your pond, please contact me at the number below. If you have any questions concerning upcoming events or would like to suggest a topic/event you would like the SWCD to pursue, please contact Raquel Baker at 765-966-0191 x3 or by email at raquel.baker@

By: Raquel Baker,

Palladium-Item, Sunday, January 27, 2013 • Wayne County Soil and Water Conservation District



This special report is being presented to the people of Wayne County from the Wayne County Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD). It is the 65th Annual Report of the District and highlights the activities of the SWCD from January 1, 2012, through December 31, 2012. The SWCD Board of Supervisors meets on the first Tuesday of each month to conduct their business and chart their course for meaningful conservation accomplishments. Public participation is always welcomed. Some of the results of your SWCD’s planning are shown month by month in the following: JANUARY Tim McConaha, Cathy Becker, Sheryl Brown, LuAnne Holeva, and Raquel Baker attended the Indiana Association Soil and Water Conservation District Annual Conference in Indianapolis and represented Wayne County at the legislative breakfast. FEBRUARY Approximately 190 attended the 64th SWCD annual meeting at the Kuhlman Center. The following were recognized: 1) Phil Jordan – Outstanding Conservation Farmer; 2) Teri Grossman – Conservation Communication Award; 3) Westover Farms – Conservation Merit Award; 4) Dale Kirtley – Good Year Conservation Award; 5) Hagerstown FFA Soil Judging Team – top team from Wayne County in the area soil judging contest – Members recognized were Cole Bartlett, Brandon Brookshear, Carl Hobson, and Andy Herr; 6) 4-H Achievement Award – Hannah Thomas. Tim McConaha was elected for his third term as supervisor on the SWCD Board. Entertainment was provided by Brian Keith Wallen. The 32nd annual conservation

tillage workshop hosted by Wayne County attracted approximately 125 people on February 23rd. Program updates were given by Dick Best, Farm Service Agency; Hilary Barnhart, Natural Resources Conservation Service; and Don Berger, Friends of the Middlefork. Featured speakers were: Paul Buchmeier, area farmer; Greg Downing, Cisco Seeds Agronomist; and Roger Kult, NRCS Assistant State Conservationist, Operations. MARCH Six teams competed in the East Central Regional Envirothon at the Kuhlman Center on March 15th. The Southeast Regional supervisor and staff training was attended by Tim McConaha, Pam Earlywine, Raquel Baker, and Sheryl Brown at Indianapolis. Raquel Baker and Cathy Becker attended the landfill inspection on March 19th. APRIL The District promoted Soil and Water Stewardship Week with the theme: “Soil to Spoon” by purchasing reference materials and activity booklets to promote conservation activities throughout the year. JUNE The District shared a tent with the WUR Solid Waste Management District at the Wayne County 4-H Fair with displays, handouts, and promotional items promoting the district’s activities. The 4-H soil & water conservation project at the Wayne County 4-H Fair was exhibited by Hannah Thomas. JULY Sixty people attended the Forage & Livestock Clinic at Jason and Kristen Ward’s farm. Speakers included Robert Zupancic, NRCS Grazing Specialist, and Bill Doig, Cattleman & Beef Consultant.

Fifteen people attended the Plot Day at the Hiller Demonstration Plots. SEPTEMBER Thirty-five people attended the Forestry/Wildlife Field Day held at Hayes Arboretum. Speakers included Hilary Barnhart, NRCS; Jayson Waterman, District Forester; and Nate Yazel, Wildlife Biologist. A wagon tour through the Arboretum was given by Stephen Hayes, Sr. and Stephen Hayes Jr. . The North-Southeast Region Meeting of the Soil and Water Conservation Districts held at Brookville was attended by Raquel Baker, Sheryl

Brown, Cathy Becker, Scott McCarty, Pam Earlywine and Hilary Barnhart. The Landfill Inspection on September 25th was attended by David Drake, Brenda Gettinger, and Raquel Baker. Forty students from three schools attended the Soil Judging practice at the McElwain Farm on September 20th. NOVEMBER November’s Conservation Days were attended by approximately 1,000 third and fourth grade students, teachers and parents.

Students learn about dairy and get to see a dairy calf up close at Conservation Days

Mark Booth of Take Flight! speaks about birds of prey at Conservation Days

Wayne County Soil and Water Conservation District • Palladium-Item, Sunday, January 27, 2013


Scott McCarty, appointed supervisor of Washington Township has chosen to serve another term. Scott will also take the oath of supervisor at the annual meeting. Scott is the Senior Vice President/ Agriculture Department Manager at The Bath State Bank. The term of Eric Snyder elected supervisor is expiring. Eric has chosen to run for his second term on the Board of Supervisors. On the ballot also for elected supervisor will be Teri Grossman. Candidate Eric Snyder’s cow/calf operation and contract swine grower operation for Maxwell Farms consists of 100 acres in Abington Township in southern Wayne County. Soil and water conservation practices installed on the Snyder farm include tile drainage, grassed waterways, pasture seeding, fencing, watering systems, heavy use protection areas, and a mortality hog composting facility. Eric also has a comprehensive nutrient plan in place.

Eric is a Centerville High School graduate and has a degree from Purdue University in Animal AgriBusiness. He is a Wayne County 4-H Fair Director, member of the Indiana Farm Bureau, and an active member of the Centerville United Methodist Church. Eric and his wife Lori have three children; a 7 year old son and two daughters, ages 3 years and 14 months. Eric has served as a supervisor on the Soil and Water Conservation District’s board since 2010. He is very interested in protecting our natural resources and staying active as a supervisor with the Soil & Water Conservation District! Teri Grossman is also seeking election of supervisor. She owns 322 acres in Franklin and New Garden Townships where she has incorporated grass waterways, tile drainage, crop rotation, and no-till practices into her grain farming operation. After graduating from Upper Merion High School in Pennsylvania, Teri came to Richmond to


The election of a District Supervisor for a three-year term will take place at the Wayne County SWCD Annual Meeting on Monday, February 4th, in the Kuhlman Center located at the Wayne County Fairgrounds. Persons attending the meeting who are of voting age and a resident of the district (county) may cast a vote for the supervisor of their choice. The Board of Supervisors is made up of two appointed and three elected individuals who are willing to help promote conservation through activities of the district.



attend Earlham College. She received a Bachelor’s degree in General Studies from Indiana University East. She is a “Gold Status” Master Gardener, Master Naturalist, a member of the Cope Environmental Center’s Board of Directors, and serves on the

Family Earth Day Celebration Committee. Teri’s passion for environmental and outdoor education to our community shows through her many hours of volunteering in the community. She received the 2011 Communication Award for all of her volunteer work with the SWCD. In her free time Teri enjoys gardening, canning, cooking, and learning bee-keeping. She has three adult children, four grandchildren, and more in her extended family. Teri is very interested in becoming a supervisor for the Soil & Water Conservation District!

The Wayne County Soil and Water Conservation District would like to thank the Palladium-Item for publishing our Annual Report. We appreciate all their hard work and support to the District.

Soil & Water 2013  
Soil & Water 2013