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Welcome to our Summer edition of Fastlane

Hilary awarded CBE

Congratulations everyone on a great start to the year, so far as a network we are well above our target volumes. As always, Pall-Ex will continue to develop new innovative services and IT initiatives to assist you in developing your businesses further.

The honour has been awarded to Hilary in recognition of her work for charity and the logistics sector.

I am delighted to announce that Pall-Ex France successfully launched on Friday 24th May, with record first night volumes of 474 pallets. Our pan-European development continues to forge ahead, with Pall-Ex Polska due to launch later this year and recruitment campaigns on-going in Turkey, Scandinavia and Bulgaria. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their kind words congratulating me on receiving my honour. I am absolutely delighted to have achieved this CBE and I could not have done it without the dedication of the Pall-Ex team behind me, so thank you all. I hope you all have a lovely summer! Hilary Devey Founder and CEO, Pall-Ex Group

Hilary has been awarded a CBE as part of The Queen’s Birthday Honours List.

to The Carers Trust, The Stroke Association, and Fresh Start - New Beginnings and the other charities that I have tried to support, as well as to the lorry drivers, forklift truck drivers and everyone else who works in the logistics sector: the unsung heroes of British industry.”

Alongside Pall-Ex, Hilary works hard to support many charities. Amongst her numerous charity roles, she is vice president of The Carers Trust and has donated thousands to the cause via Pall-Ex’s Penny-A-Pallet scheme.

Amongst the first to congratulate Hilary was Adrian Russell: “I’m lucky enough to have shared Hilary’s journey with her and was there at the beginning when Pall-Ex started life in an old aircraft hangar with no running water or electricity.

In her television roles, Hilary has helped a number of charities on Secret Millionaire, given financial backing and advice to entrepreneurs on Dragons’ Den and tackled the issue of youth unemployment on The Intern.

“You meet some people in life and you just know that they’re destined to make an impact and Hilary is certainly one of those individuals.

Commenting on the announcement, Hilary said: “In every sense of the word, this is a great honour and I am equally flattered and flabbergasted. “It is wonderful to receive such recognition, but this should be less about me, and more about the charities that I support and the amazing transport sector in which I am privileged to work. So I dedicate my honour

“The impact she has made has been far reaching. Not only has she helped revolutionise the way freight is delivered in this country, and is now starting to do the same across Europe; she has also dedicated many hours to helping others by supporting causes close to her heart. Hilary joins a host of other famous faces and hard working members of the public on The Queen’s Birthday Honours List and will officially receive her CBE at Buckingham Palace later this year.

Making waves across the In conjunction with the new CBI Leadership Programme, Pall-Ex crossed the Atlantic to engage with government and policy lobbyists, to better understand the role that the American Government plays on British business interests.

national and international level. After being nominated by his colleagues, Anand was chosen by the CBI selection panel as a high-calibre advocate for the UK business community.

Project director Anand Assi, who is currently overseeing the European expansion of the Pall-Ex network, visited Washington DC to engage with the British Embassy, CBI delegates and business leaders.

Anand commented on the visit: “The Washington visit gave myself a real insight into how the American political system works. Given the power, influence and reach of the US Government, its decisions can have a direct impact not just domestically, but on businesses across the world.

The CBI is the UK’s top business lobbying organisation. Its leadership programme has been launched with the aim of strengthening ties between business and government by allowing unique access to areas of government at a regional,

“Understanding how best to operate in conjunction with Government is key knowledge that I will take back to the board at Pall-Ex.”

Next Fastlane: Autumn 2013 News & feedback: contact Holly Cave – Marketing Manager E: T: 01530 239065



A warm welcome to Pall-Ex’s marketing director International branding expert Jean-Paul Benizri has been appointed as marketing director at Pall-Ex. Assisting with PallEx’s ever increasing expansion across the continent, Jean-Paul brings with him 25 years of experience in building brands, and has an impressive track record of helping businesses achieve growth internationally. Jean-Paul Benizri has built successful brands in Norway, Sweden, Latvia and Ukraine. Beyond Europe, he has also worked with businesses in Latin America and the Caribbean. Jean-Paul speaks several languages fluently, including English, French, Spanish and Italian, giving the network the perfect advantage in the continental marketplace.

various businesses, and has secured sales to hotel groups such as Hilton, Marriott and Caesar’s Group, to retailers such as Costco and Safeway, and even to the US Government. “The appointment of Jean-Paul will give us a tremendous advantage as we continue with the network’s European expansion,” explains Pall-Ex managing director Adrian Russell. “His skills in international marketing and considerable experience in building brands will stand us in good stead, and will support and enhance our commercial progress both in our domestic market and in our European ones, particularly those where palletised freight is a less developed concept. “We welcome him to the Pall-Ex board and hope that he enjoys working with us all.”

Jean-Paul Benizri has built successful brands in Norway, Sweden, Latvia and Ukraine. Beyond Europe, he has also worked with businesses in Latin America and the Caribbean.

He has been responsible for major international sales and contract wins for

Hilary hires own intern for Pall-Ex


Hilary Devey is leading by example, by appointing a contestant from her Channel 4 show, The Intern, to the marketing team at Pall-Ex. Hilary invited Alexzandra Worthington to join the team after she made a big impression on Hilary during filming.

Neil Bentley, CBI deputy director general added: “CBI’s global leadership programme aims to develop leaders with real influence, who have the business contacts, political networks and skills to change the political and policy environment to create growth for their business. “The business leaders utilised their knowledge in Washington to explore further the importance of the EU-US Free Trade Agreement and the significant opportunities this could deliver for UK business.”

Viewers saw Alexzandra, from Parbold near Wigan, battling it out with two other candidates in the final episode of The Intern for a job at publishing giant Mills & Boon. Despite not winning the position, Hilary saw a great deal of potential in 22-year-old Alexzandra: “If I’m honest, I saw a little bit of myself in her,” commented Hilary. “She displayed the same determination and tenacity that I had to have when setting up Pall-Ex. Alex also has a spark that

makes her instantly memorable and likeable, a great trait for a role in marketing, and I knew she would be the perfect fit with my team.”


For Alexzandra, taking part in the show has been a life-changing experience: “It sounds like a cliché, but it really has been,” said Alexzandra. “Despite not getting the original job, it has worked out much better than I ever imagined.” Alexzandra’s new role as marketing trainee will see her working alongside the existing marketing team at Pall-Ex.




CASE FILE: Why you don’t always have to

be at the wheel to be a careless driver A recent Court of Appeal case involving the conviction of delivery driver Raymond Jenkins for causing death by careless driving has sparked much debate, particularly given the fact he was not behind the wheel at the time of the accident.

Anton Balkitis, motoring and transport law expert at legal firm Rothera Dowson, examined the case for Fastlane and explains to our members why it should act as a cautionary tale. Mr Jenkins parked his lorry on the side of the A68 in Durham in December 2010 after being unable to access the driveway of his delivery point. He put his hazard lights on, left his engine running and was away from his truck for 10 minutes. During that time a van ploughed into the back of his vehicle at between 50 and 60mph. Peter Kemp, the driver of that van, died at the scene. Jenkins was jailed for two years. The prosecution’s case was that his driving fell below what would reasonably be expected of a competent driver when he brought his vehicle to a halt on a road marked with double white lines. However, Jenkins’ lawyers recently

argued at appeal that he could not be convicted of causing death by careless driving because he was not at the wheel when the collision occurred. The Appeal Court rejected this argument. The judges stated that no part of the statutory definition of the offence in the Road Traffic Act says that “driving must be coterminous with the impact resulting in the death.” Jenkins’ sentence was reduced to 15 months after the court took into account the driver’s age, his excellent work record and his virtually unblemished record. Mr Jenkins’ defence sought to argue that the only cause of death was the deceased’s own driving, because he was driving too fast for the weather conditions - it was a cold day and though the sky was clear, the sun was low and visibility was severely impaired. However, it is to be noted that the offence is “causing the death…by driving”. It is not

“causing the death while driving”. The question, the Judge said, is whether the driving played a part in causing the death. Although there may be times where a Judge might rule that the driving is too remote from the later event to have been the cause of it, this case suggests responsibility for the vehicle does not cease when a driver stops driving. This highlights the need for hauliers and their drivers to ensure that when deliveries are made, proper instructions are given to drivers to park in such a way that their vehicles do not cause a hazard or obstruction to other road users or pedestrians. Anton Balkitis is a transport and motoring law expert at Rothera Dowson solicitors.

You can read more about the case on Anton’s website

Motor Transport Awards reveals the shortlist The 28th Motor Transport Awards is the road transport industry event of the year and kicked off its 2013 celebrations with more than 1,600 guests attending. The awards honour the achievements of the industry and recognise innovation, outstanding service, efficiency and quality. Pall-Ex successfully secured its place this year at Motor Transport Awards 2013 and was shortlisted for Team of the Year and Livery of the Year, competing with contenders from across the nation Next Fastlane: Autumn 2013 News & feedback: contact Holly Cave – Marketing Manager E: T: 01530 239065



RACE DAY Join us on Wednesday 11th September I am delighted to confirm that this September we have arranged a day of dining, entertainment and first class service for you at Uttoxerter Race Course.

You will enjoy Paddock Pavillion Hospitality Premier Enclosure Admission Ticket Private Paddock Box Raceday Programme 3 Course Meal N.B Please note that tickets are limited, therefore they will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

Please contact me for further information: 01530 239 065




VW racing car wears Pall-Ex livery for 2013 season Pall-Ex has kicked off a season of motor racing sponsorship, with the racing car bearing our distinctive black livery.

For the 2013 season of the APR VW Racing Cup, the Volkswagen Scirocco R racer will display the branding of both Pall-Ex and Halifax-based ADD Express, a longstanding member of the network.

25,000sq ft extension for Bullet

The car will compete in events across the UK over the summer, with David Fairbrother aiming to be a regular top-ten finisher, bettering his results from last year’s season. Adrian Russell commented on the sponsorship, “Our business is all about collaboration and driving innovation. The plan is, with David’s help, to raise awareness of our various activities through motorsport. Our black livery looks fantastic on the car, and it is shaping up to be an exciting season. “Everyone at the business will be rooting for David, and we wish him the best of luck for all of his races to come this year.” The cup consists of 14 rounds of racing over seven weekends, with six in the UK and one in Belgium. The final two rounds will be held at Donington Park in Leicestershire.

For more information on the APR VW Racing Cup visit

Sameday Express achieves FORS accreditation Sameday Express (D101) is now a member of the prestigious FORS (Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme), allowing them to maintain their high quality and performance benchmark within the freight industry.

In 1990 Bullet Express (D105) ran on £22 per week from government assistance and one van. This year, turnover has increased to almost £10 million, with a 30% increase in just over a year for the Glasgow-based distribution company. With over 800 pallets a night being shipped out from the Bothwell-based depot to all UK and Irish cities, it needed the floor space. Bullet Express has now expanded dramatically to accommodate this growth and, this week, came closer to completing its new 25,000sq ft canopy extension. Bullet Express hopes to see a further £1 million added to this year’s turnover, with a focus being made on the international division that the company started in January.

This accreditation gives Sameday Express the tools to be safer, greener and more efficient and shows existing and future clients that they will always look to improve performance to the highest of standards.

For more information visit

Next Fastlane: Autumn 2013 News & feedback: contact Holly Cave – Marketing Manager E: T: 01530 239065



Intercounty’s truck tarps made into designer bags Longs of Leeds unveil new vehicles J Long & Sons (Haulage) (D03) are pleased to announce that they have taken delivery of new vehicles in the Pall-Ex livery. These vehicles, all supplied by DAF, are part of an on-going replacement programme which also includes an additional 6 DAF Super Space-cab tractor units, increasing the fleet to 98 vehicles. The Pall-Ex vehicles have been added to the existing fleet of local delivery and collection vehicles; and are helping to portray the service that Pall-Ex provides, which will continue to meet all our customer’s needs with a quality distribution service covering varying size consignments. Kronospan, who after a successful trial, have entered into a 12 month contract with us. Both parties are excited at the prospect of this partnership and the new opportunities that may arise.

Intercounty Distribution (D98) has sent some of its used truck tarpaulins to be made into designer bags. The Cornish company donated its artic tarpaulin curtains, which previously adorned the sides of its lorries, to nearby designer bag manufacturer Sourced. Specialising in the process known as upcycling, the company will make the tarpaulins into distinctive messenger bags, tote bags and other accessories. Pall-Ex also donated curtains bearing its now-defunct silver livery to Sourced, following the major rebrand.

Unusual materials can be reused for the benefit of the environment

CDK Pallet Distribution (D32) has recently added a new tractor unit to its fleet. Alongside the new tractor unit, depot principal Clive Cowern has also invested in new trailers to complement the impressive piece of machinery.

“It would be wasteful to throw away these materials when companies such as Sourced can make fantastic and unique products like bags out of them,” commented Carole Bennett, depot principal at Intercounty Distribution.

“As a young company also based in Cornwall, Sourced is delighted to work with Intercounty and Pall-Ex as we develop and expand our business,” said Josh Forrest, managing director at Sourced.

“This is a very tactile way of proving how unusual materials can be reused for the benefit of the environment, whilst also providing something unique for the public to buy and enjoy. We look forward to seeing the finished products available for sale and hope to provide more material in the future.”

“Our truck tarp bags, which have already travelled many miles, are now going to customers in Europe, North America and Asia, as well as within the UK. The enthusiastic support of such a well-established logistics company, that shares our ethos, is both exciting and invaluable to us.”



Clive Cowen’s pride and joy

The decision to reuse materials in this way is part of Pall-Ex’s drive to become one of the most environmentally efficient freight companies around, with the Pall-Ex ethos specifically geared to moving the maximum amount of goods with the minimum environmental impact.

For more information visit FASTLANE SUMMER 2013



A. Davies Transport makes the move Everything went to plan with A. Davies Transport’s move to Barnsley, except for a few teething problems with the new phone system. It’s a much better environment for all concerned, from drivers to office staff. The company has always considered itself to be a highly efficient and professional organisation, and now the new premises reflect this. A. Davies can now focus on expanding and diversifying its offering. Not only will it still be able to provide first class haulage services, but also fleet maintenance and servicing, plus storage in the new

40,000 sq ft warehouse. Shaun Frain, sales manager at A. Davies Transport, says: “It’s an exciting time for us and we have a multitude of avenues we can explore. We also hope to significantly increase our throughput into the network as we grow our customer base over the coming months.”

A. Davies Transport has moved to: Fallbank Industrial Estate, Dodworth, Barnsley, South Yorkshire S75 3LS.

The Big Bike Challenge As you are probably aware, following the vast amount of sponsorship requests and enquiries that flooded our inboxes; Premier Logistics’ managing director and commercial manager took part in the gruelling, 140-mile Big Bike Challenge, in support of Rainbows Hospice for Children and Young People. Lee Christopher and Mark Steel finished the Monster Mountain Bike challenge, which ran from Cannock in the West Midlands to the Welsh coastal town of Aberystwyth. It was a four-day off-road trip that tested stamina and resolve. The 140-mile trip soon turned into “more like 155”, thanks to the number of times they got lost on days one and two. So far the boys have raised over £3,000 for the Hospice, and are very grateful for everyone’s support.

The MoonWalk London

Hannah Bywater from Bywater Transport (D07) took part in London’s MoonWalk challenge, power walking 26.2 miles around London to raise money and awareness for vital breast cancer causes. It was an amazing start to The MoonWalk London 2013. After an incredible downpour at 8:30pm, the skies cleared and the pink palace throbbed to the Rock Choir, moments after a one-minute silence. Space-themed decorated bras were on show as the walkers prepared to start the journey through the capital.

It’s not too late to give! The closing date for donations is 15 July 2013. If you haven’t already, please donate at Premier Logistics’ Just Giving page. All contributions are welcome, however small.

Team Bywater’s next challenge is the London to Brighton bike ride, taking place on 16 June to raise funds and awareness for The British Heart Foundation. The London to Brighton bike ride is a 54-mile journey from the bustling capital, through breathtaking country lanes, to the finish line on Brighton’s famous seafront.

Just Giving page

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Update Even though we have been busy launching the new French network, development of new functionality on TWINE continues. As well as Solitaire, adding Jubilee vouchers and oversize automation to the system, we are also finalising the tests on our new depot scanners. These will feature a colour camera and the ability to take images in very dark environments. More news on this to follow. Document scanning solution TDSS By the time you are reading this, we will also have commenced rolling out the new document scanning solution TDSS. Not only does this greatly speed up POD document scanning, but it also gives us a solution to the age-old problems created by customers’ own paperwork. As always your feedback is appreciated.

TRACK & TRACE Consignment No. Barcode or Customer Reference

At the Pall-Ex sales workshop, we unveiled the new tools that depots can use to improve sales success and retain existing customers. We also presented a strategy on how to leverage them in sales calls. The first of these is our new Tracking Widget, which goes on trial later this month. This simple piece of code can be applied to any customer’s website, allowing users to track consignments manifested on TWINE. It reduces the number of inbound calls to the customer and also encourages users back to their website to track consignments – which also presents the opportunity to sell more product. The second great tool we are introducing is Solitaire Enterprise. This looks like a fully integrated shipping system – it even works like one. But, instead of taking months to get up and running, Solitaire Enterprise takes just minutes. The software is deployed on a customer’s site, hidden away on a server. Using their own system, they enter an order. Solitaire Enterprise then does the rest – it contacts TWINE to validate the data, produces the label and shipping documents, then sends them to the member without the customer ever having to leave their own system. Solitaire Enterprise can even pass POD data back to the customers’ system. For more information on either of these great sales tools, please contact the Pall-Ex IT department.

Network development focus on sales strategy The network volumes continue to grow thanks to our members. We are beating our growth target and continuing well into double digit growth overall. Maintaining our business is essential. Once our members have gained new custom, it is up to us all to ensure we give the correct service levels to keep these customers, as we all benefit. Our commercial managers have been actively involved in customer retention, giving our members the support of Pall-Ex whenever there has been a threat of a member losing a large account. The commercial managers have also been actively involved in gaining new business by working with members to tailor bespoke sales campaigns for their area. This is a co-ordinated strategy that will also involve our experienced telesales and marketing departments, along with a member of our regional sales support team, offering excellent support and value to our members. Our regional sales support managers have been making headway within a very fickle market and have been bringing in haulage and warehousing business as well as business for the network.




Pall-Ex France take to the road Pall-Ex France has officially commenced operations, becoming the fourth active mainland network. With a hub based in the Bourges region of central France, the network has launched with a 40-strong haulier membership. This includes some of the leading names in the French logistics sector. During the first full night of operation, a total of 474 pallets passed through the hub, marking an impressive start for the network. As Pall-Ex France network director Lionel Brizard points out, the Pall-Ex model brings a point of difference to the country: “Unlike Pall-Ex Romania, we’re not the first pallet network here. However, how we operate is unique in France.” “We are the only network in the country to run a hub and spoke model with one hub, facilitating everything from single pallets to part trailer loads. This means our members; who are commercially active, collect customer freight and consolidate it before trunking the freight to our hub by a designated time. It’s then transshipped within the hub and loaded onto outbound vehicles. Members then return to their own depots, delivering the new freight in their areas.

“This process dramatically reduces mileage, running costs and the number of wasted journeys, acting as an attractive proposition to potential new customers. These benefits will certainly help to counteract some of the impact that’ll be caused by the new HGV Eco-Tax, which comes into force across France later this year.” “We now look forward to working with our fellow Pall-Ex networks and growing both membership numbers and pallet volumes over the coming months.” For Adrian Russell, managing director of the Pall-Ex, the launch of Pall-Ex France is a pivotal moment: “Together with our CEO Hilary Devey, we’ve made no secret of the fact that we’re aiming to be the first truly Pan-European palletised freight network.“ “With Pall-Ex France now up and running, we have that vital direct link between the UK and our other networks in Italy, the Iberian Peninsula and Romania. With Pall-Ex Polska also due to launch later this year, we’re well on our way to helping significantly reduce distribution costs for manufacturers, importers and distributors across Europe.”


pallets in first night of operation

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Together with our CEO Hilary Devey, we’ve made no secret of the fact that we’re aiming to be the first truly Pan-European palletised freight network.”


Our goal

is to help you reach your goal

Pall-Ex provides efficient and cost-effective palletised freight distribution services throughout the UK and Europe. Cleaner, greener distribution Highly efficient timed, next day and economy deliveries Cost-effective rates for full, half and quarter standard and Euro pallets Comprehensive track and trace with online proof of delivery Daily European deliveries Bespoke logistics solutions

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