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Hors D’ oeuvres As guests arrive they will be greeted by tuxedo clad waiters with artfully arranged trays of hors d’oeuvres that can include: Almond dusted honey and rosemary scented goat cheese truffles Baby lamb chops with roasted garlic and mint aoli Asian barbecued beef salad with apples and crispy shallots Shrimp fritters with apricot dipping sauce Gazpacho filled cucumber cups Prosciutto wrapped shrimp with Gran marinier glaze Pistachio crusted gorgonzola and mascarpone grape truffles Wild mushroom phyllo spikes Eggplant caponata topped Montasio Fricco chips Sesame crusted chicken with sweet miso dip

Hors D’ oeuvres (Continued) Confit of duck and corn fritters with a raspberry shallot dipping sauce Brie and green apple quesadillas with apricot dipping sauce Chicken and napa salad tartlets with toasted peanuts Arancini tiny risotto balls with peas and parmegiano Crab cakes with citrus remoulade Spicy tuna tartar cornucopia with wasabi creme fraiche Rare cooked filet mignon atop garlic rusks with arugula pesto Lobster quesadillas with coriander green sauce Sauteed Thai chicken on a bed of unsalted peanuts Tiny tomato and ementhal tartlets

C o c k tai l Part y Stations Lavish stations can adorn any room during the cocktail hour. These stations will be garnished with artistically arranged dĂŠcor to appeal to the eye as well as the food will appeal to the pallet. Please choose from the following stations:

C arv ing S tat ion Whole roasted and Roso Montalcino braised Veal Shanks Osso Bucco Asian marinated grilled flank steak with a hoisen glaze and napa salad Boneless roasted breast of turkey with a focaccia dressing and herbed gravy Whole roasted salmon sides with lemon basil crust and Dijon aioli Traditional corned beef carved to order and served with sauerkraut, grainy mustard, Russian dressing, and fresh rye bread Slow cooked boneless leg of lamb stuffed with herbs and served with pan juices This station will include an assortment of home baked bread flatbreads and herbed butters

A Se as on in T u sc a n y Keeping in mind the seasons finest ingredients and dĂŠcor for stations accordingly we shall decorate and garnish each table with these things in mind. The food will be: Grilled Zucchini and Eggplant with grilled onions A selection of Imported cheeses including a baked Brie and goat cheese and basil roulade Marinated vegetables will include artichokes, cauliflower and mushrooms Assorted olives and spiced nuts Large baskets of Parmesan and Montasio cheese straws Homed Foccacia and Flatbreads Vegetable crudite with assorted dips

C o c k tai l Part y Stations Pasta Guests have their choice of sauce and toppings on a chosen pasta and accompanying the station will be one baked style pasta Pastas (choose one) Penne, Farfalle, Mezza rigatoni, Fussili Sauces (choose two) Pomadora, Ala Vodka, Alfredo, Bolognese, Pesto creme Toppings (choose six) Broccoli, sausage, Pancetta, parmegiano, mozzarella, grilled dice vegetables, cannelini beans, grilled chicken, sauteed shrimp, wild mushrooms, peas, Prosciutto, ricotta

Que s adi ll as a n d Fa j it ta Ba r Large baskets of Tortilla chips and salsa and guacamole will fill the table while a waiter or chef will be grilling the Quesadillas to order. Choose three: Lobster Quesadillas with a coriander dipping sauce. Confit of duck and green apple with an apricot dip. Roasted vegetable and pepper jack with cumin dip. Grilled chicken and cilantro with roasted pepper salsa. Fajittas with classic flour tortillas accompanied by your choice of Fajitta filling (choose one) Grilled chicken with caramelized onions and julienne peppers Hot oven roasted flank steak with red and yellow peppers Pork loin sliced with cajun red tomato confit

C o c k tai l Part y Stations Mo c k S ushi M a rt in i S tat ion Martini glasses are lined like soldiers on a long table with an assortment of sushi ingredients based appetizers that can include: Sticky black rice with sliced Ahi tuna, frizzled pickled ginger and wasabi puree Rice wine scented sticky rice with marinated seared filet of beef and scallion confit Sesame dressed soba noodles topped with sake and hoisin glazed shrimp

E xotic Ve g e ta bl e S tat ion (Choose three) Potato and feta cheese fritters Polonaise stuffed Horseradish crusted Hazelnut and dried apricot Saffron tabbouleh Swiss chard and wild rice Served with the following condiments: (Choose three) Curried eggplant chutney Black bean hummus Dried fava bean and mint paste Pickled chipolini onions Spiced nuts Baked pita chips and crostini

C o c k tai l Part y Stations Es c abe c h e S tat ion (Choose three) Plate torched salmon with burnt onion jam or frissee salad Traditional sea scallop seviche with a corn and rice salad Shrimp escabèche atop pearl couscous and mango salsa drizzled with mango syrup Savory lobster and coconut panna cotta with minted basil syrup

Moroc c o (Choose three) Savory Bestilla pie made with lamb or chicken Chermoula rubbed grilled breast of chicken and Moroccan olive salad Lentil and rice salad with tart lemon, tomatoes and goat cheese. Spicy lamb Kefta stuffed apples in a chili fused saffron syrup Minted couscous stuffed smoked salmon roulade with a spicy onion relish Grilled shrimp in an almond, raisin and oven dried tomato salad with lemon dressing

Se af o od E xt r ava g a n za A cream colored draped table will be covered with crushed ice and garnished with fresh lemons and bright green blanched seaweed. An array of seafoods will adorn the table to include: Lemon poached jumbo shrimp cocktail with traditional cocktail sauce Jumbo crab claws chilled in Ice Hand shucked clams and oysters on the half shell with port wine mignonette sauce New Zealand green mussels with champagne vinaigrette

C o c k tai l Part y Stations Heig h t s of Asia Black table linens will mask the look of large woks and steamer baskets with the true scents of Asian foods. This station can include: Asian chicken sauteed to order and topped on Sesame dressed noodles in Asian to-go boxes or small plates An assortment of Sushi and sashimi Assorted steamed dim sum in bamboo steamer baskets with schecuan soy glaze Sesame oil and ginger dressed cucumber salad with a julienne of scallions

Ne w Yor k g r a n d C en t r a l Classics from the streets of New York Warm salted Pretzels with spicy mustard Dirty water dogs with Saurkraut Miniature ruben sandwiches with melted swiss Potato knishes

B urg er Ba r Tiny burger “sliders served in Potato buns with an assortment of toppings to include: Sauteed mushrooms, Blue cheese, Mozzarella cheese, caramelized onions, ketchup ,barbecue sauce, pickles and crispy bacon

C o c k tai l Part y Stations T im pa no Featured in the great movie “The Big Night� An oversized pasta pie encrusted in a savory pastry shell filled with an assortment of Southern Italian Favorites including four cheeses, Penne pasta, slow cooked sausages and meatballs weighing in a wopping 75 pounds when completed served with sweet tomato sauce on the side

S u sh i Our manned classic style sushi and sashimi bar will consist of an abundance of the classics prepared here in the palisadium kitchens.

C rudit e Mountains of seasonal fruit and domestic cheeses will adorn a large round table while sweet crisp carved vegetables with assorted dips and crackers are placed all around. These stations are merely suggestions we will provide more ideas on requests

Sal ads Mixed baby green lettuces with cider vinaigrette, oven dried cranberry and Spiced nut garnish Baby spinach salad garnished with oven roasted pears, herbed croutons and mustard vinaigrette Roasted beet and goat cheese napoleon with young greens and champagne viniagrette with chilled asparagus Traditional Pazanella Salad of greens, basil, bread and red onions with Balsamic vinegar Tomato and Mozzarella Tower with fricco chip and balsamic syrup Watermelon and cucumber salad with fetta cheese and greens garnished with cider viniagrette Traditional Caesar salad with oversized croutons and shaved Parmesan cheese Tomato and herbed Chevre tart accompanied by balsamic dressed young arugula and pignoli salad

Mi ddl e C ourse Savory crepes filled with fresh artichoke hearts and mascarpone cheese, gratineed with imported Romano cheese Warm herbed goat cheese soufflé with grilled zucchini and yellow squash Grand Marnier glazed shrimp wrapped in prosciutto atop roasted beet risotto and garnished with shaved ricotta Salata (supplement) Risotto of wild roasted mushrooms scented with porcini mushroom stock and dusted with fresh thyme leaves A towering salad of lemon poached jumbo shrimp, angel hair pasta and baby field greens garnished with hoisen dressing and sprinkled with black sesame seeds Pasta trio of your choice (ask for suggestions) Crab, Avocado and mango salad garnished with micro greens and mango coulis Oversized Tortelloni with Classic bolognese sauce and shaved Pecorinio “Bruschetta trio” Large wedges of grilled Tuscan bread are topped with an assortment of toppings to include: Tomato and fresh basil, Black olive tapenade and eggplant caponata

En trees The following are some of our EntrĂŠe choices for you and your guests. Wild mushroom stuffed French breasts of chicken enveloped in a red wine demi glace Pan seared salmon served atop ginger and garlic caramelized carrots and topped with frizzled leeks Herb rubbed slow cooked prime rib of beef aujus Grilled filet of beef topped with grilled portabello mushrooms and brandy peppercorn sauce Horseradish crusted filet of salmon served on a bed of dilled hot house cucumbers and topped with a vodka butter sauce Classic lemon scented chicken scallopini with herbs and white wine Nobu style Black Cod served with wasabi whipped potato and ginger gratineed young bok choy Hand carved vegetable stuffed filet mignon with port wine sauce Prosciutto and fontina topped boneless breast of chicken serve with a sage and white wine sauce Pastry wrapped, herb stuffed boneless breast of chicken with a champagne sauce and a winter vegetable torte Toasted hazelnut and dried apricot crusted grouper served atop coconut braised leeks with a swirl of spicy harissa

En trees Herb crusted Chicken medallions with grilled pickled fennel and anise scented demiglace Basil and tomato topped charred filet of beef with red wine glace Rosemary and garlic crusted New Zealand baby lamb chops served in their own juices (supplement) Chianti Braised boneless Shortribs with firm polenta Rare cooked Tuna steak with lemon caper butter and an Asian inspired rice cake and vegetable timbale (supplement) Grilled tenderloin of veal atop with wild mushroom cream capped with late harvest roasted vegetable compote (supplement) The seasonal vegetables are the chef ’s choice to ensure the seasonality and availability of the freshest and best product we can purchase

De s sert Free form raspberry Napoleon with fresh berries, pastry cream and whipped cream, served in a pool of red raspberry sauce Chocolate diamond shaped gateau garnished with fresh seasonal berries, a pool of raspberry sauce and whipped cream Warm pastry wrapped roast apples accompanied by cinnamon crème anglaise Banana and pecan “Hummingbird” cake with Southern style frosting and torched bananas Pistachio “Baklava” bathed in Cordon Bleu brandy syrup “Cornflakes and Milk” our chocolate bark accompanied by a sweet Amaretto scented Panna Cotta Red wine Poached Pear Tart and pumpkinseed toffee Fresh seasonal berries topped with espresso zabaglione and garnished with honey biscotti Classic molten chocolate cake with berry topped Cooked Cream Chocolate ganache filled sweet crepe coated with chocolate and served with a swirl of a ginger caramel sauce Passed miniature sweets can include a variety of brownie squares, pecan diamonds, lemon bars, and a variety of the pastry chef ’s whims An optional Wedding cake of your choice can be offered instead of the plated dessert or you can have both for an additional cost

Dessert Op tion s (Additional costs apply) Seasonal platters of fruit for the table Espresso and cappuccino bar can be offered to your guests for an additional fee A stationary dessert table with assorted plated desserts of your choice Premium top shelf liquor is served according to your event package Young adult menu’s are available on request and priced accordingly

A ddi tional Services We at Palisadium USA are here to make your event not only spectacular the day of the party, but to help you in planning every step of the way. We can help you with your Florist, Photographer, Videographer, Music, Entertainment, limousines etc. We also work with the best event planners in the business and can give you our recommendations if your planning something to coincide with the rest of your event


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