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Hot Food Bul Galbi Gui 불갈비구이Char-Grilled Marinated Beef Short Rib Kanpung Saewoo 깐풍새우Sautéed Breaded Shrimp, Sweet Sauce Ojinge-bokeum 오징어볶음Sautéed Squid w/Vegetables, Spicy Sauce Jeyook-bokeum 제육볶음 Sautéed Pork w/Veggie. Spicy Sauce Samsae-jun 삼색전Pan-fried Vegetables and Fish Haemul Japtang 해물잡탕Sautéed Mixed Seafood w/Vegetables

C ol d Food Hong Domi Jim 홍도미찜Steamed Seasoned Fish Honghap Gui 홍합구이Roasted Seasoned Green mussel Yune Teriyaki 연어테리야끼Broiled Salmon w/ Teriyaki Sauce Chopchae 잡채Stir-Fried Cellophane Noodle w/Vegetables California Roll 캘리포니아롤.Rice,Veggies & Crab Meat Sashimi 회 Tri-color Salad 삼색 샐러드

Patrice Antolotti

C ontact: 201-224-2211 Patrice@palisadiumusacom

Si de Di sh es Baechu Kimchee 배추김치Korean Red Pepper pickled Cabbage Samsaek-namul 삼색나물Tri Color Vegetables Muk Tangmyunchae 묵 탕평채Vegetables with Muk Gelatin Busut Namul 버섯나물Sauteed Mushroom Steamed Mixed Rice 밥

Des serts SujungKwoa 수정과 cinnamon punch Modeum Kwoail모듬과일 mixed fruits Assorted Rice Cake 모듬떡 Ice Cream아이스크림

Be ver a g e Op tions Vineyard Selection: Premium Varietal White, Red & Sparkling Wines Open Bar: Including Premium Brand Liquor, Red and White Wine at the Bar and poured Tableside, Imported & Domestic Beer, Soft Drinks 30 guest minimum Additional arrangements: Beverage: Soft drinks, coffee & tea included Room Rental: Waived Service: 20%, Sales tax: 7%

korean menu  

Korean menu

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