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Palgrave Connect presents libraries with a flexible approach to building an ebook Collection with over 14,000 titles offered in the Humanities, the Social Sciences and Business. Our ebooks are published simultaneously with the print edition and uploaded weekly into the current collections. publications are available on Palgrave Connect Our Theatre and Performance Collections continue to offer ground-breaking and key titles in performance studies, theatre history and international performance. Our exciting publishing programme features works by senior scholars and emerging stars in the field, including Elaine Aston, Geraldine Harris, Mary Luckhurst, Nancy Kindelan, Joanne Tompkins and Brian Singleton, amongst many others. Our award-winning books include Christin Essin’s Stage Designers in Early Twentieth-Century America, winner of the USITT Golden Pen Award, and a number of cutting-edge new series, Performance Philosophy, New World Choreographies, Transnational Theatre Histories and Contemporary Performance InterActions.

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PUBLISHING WITH PALGRAVE MACMILLAN Palgrave Macmillan offers authors the opportunity to publish at any length, across 3 formats: • Article length, with a variety of Palgrave Journals • Mid-form, with Palgrave Pivot • Full-length books We always welcome new proposals, whether from first-time or more experienced authors. Our Publishing Proposal Form, guidelines and full list of editorial contacts can be found at When contacting us, to help us make a quick and authoritative decision, include as much information as possible on the form, including details about the content, a chapter plan, aims and objectives, the intended market and the competition. We will also be happy to receive your CV (and that of any co-authors/editors) and any sample material, if available. Jen McCall (UK) – Publisher, Theatre and Performance | Dr. Farideh Koohi-Kamali (US) – Publisher, Global Outreach Program: Asia-Pacific, Middle East, Latin America |


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The Humanities, Higher Education, and Academic Freedom Three Necessary Arguments Michael Bérubé, Pennsylvania State University, USA, Jennifer Ruth, Portland State University, USA "Finally, a book that defends the humanities not with violins but rather by linking them to the status of contingent labor in the academy, and what the deplorable state of both means for all of us. The Humanities, Higher Education and Academic Freedom is an important intervention that spotlights the most salient defense of tenure for our times. Bérubé and Ruth center on the forgotten side of academic freedom, namely governance. This is a bracing and necessary book..." — Leonard Cassuto, Professor of English, Fordham University, and columnist for the Chronicle of Higher Education This book is a lively, passionate defence of contemporary work in the humanities, and, beyond that, of the university system that makes such work possible. The book's stark accounts of academic labour, and its proposals for reform of the tenure system, are novel, controversial, timely, and very necessary. Contents: Introduction: The Ersatz Crisis and the Real One * 1. Value and Values * 2. Slow Death and Painful Labors * 3. From Professionalism to Patronage * 4. On the Rails * Appendix: Implementing a Teaching-Intensive Tenure Track at Portland State University May 2015 UK May 2015 US 136pp 1 b/w table Hardback £50.00 / $85.00 / CN$98.00 Paperback £13.99 / $23.00 / CN$27.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available

9781137506108 9781137506115

Advancing Digital Humanities Research, Methods, Theories Edited by Paul Longley Arthur, University of Western Sydney, Australia, Katherine Bode, Australian National University, Australia "Essential reading for those considering the future of our interdiscipline." - Professor Ray Siemens, Canada Research Chair in Humanities Computing, University of Victoria, BC, Canada Advancing Digital Humanities moves beyond definition of this dynamic and fast growing field to show how its arguments, analyses, findings and theories are pioneering new directions in the humanities globally. Contents: 1. Collecting Ourselves; Katherine Bode and Paul Longley Arthur * PART I: TRANSFORMING DISCIPLINES * 2. Exercises in Battology; Mark Byron * 3. Stylometry of Dickens’s Language: An Experiment with Random Forests; Tomoji Tabata * 4. Patterns and Trends in Harlequin Category Romance; Jack Elliott * 5. The Printers’ Web; Sydney Shep * 6. Biographical Dictionaries in the Digital Era; Paul Longley Arthur * PART II: MEDIA METHODS * 7. Digital Methods in New Cinema History; Richard Maltby, Dylan Walker and Mike Walsh * and more... December 2014 UK December 2014 US 352pp 53 figures Hardback £60.00 / $105.00 / CN$121.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available


Paul Crawford, University of Nottingham, UK, Brian Brown, De Montfort University, UK, Charley Baker, University of Nottingham, UK, Victoria Tischler, University of Nottingham, UK, Brian Abrams, Montclair State University, USA "The broad-ranging expertise of the authors contributing to this volume ensures that many different literatures are brought to bear on furthering the interest of the humanities and arts across health care education. In all, this is an important volume." — Rick Iedema, University of Tasmania, Australia This is the first manifesto for Health Humanities worldwide. It sets out the context for this emergent and innovative field which extends beyond Medical Humanities to advance the inclusion and impact of the arts and humanities in health and well-being. Contents: 1. Health Humanities * 2. Anthropology and the Study of Culture * 3. Applied Literature * 4. Narrative and Applied Linguistics * 5. Performing Arts and the Aesthetics of Health * 6. Visual Art and Transformation * 7. Practice Based Evidence: Delivering Humanities into Health Care * 8. Creative Practice as Mutual Recovery * Concluding Remarks * Bibliography January 2015 UK January 2015 US 208pp 6 figures, 2 b/w tables Hardback £55.00 / $90.00 / CN$104.00 Paperback £19.99 / $29.99 / CN$34.50 Canadian Rights ebooks available

9781137282590 9781137282606

Humanities World Report 2015 Poul Holm, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, Arne Jarrick, Stockholm University, Sweden, Dominic Scott, University of Virginia, USA "This 'Humanities World Report' is more than a year's snapshot; it is a report and a sounding in the best sense of the word that allows us to hear from scholars and institutional leaders giving their assessment of the 'state of humanities'. This is an original contribution to a field that is filled with blog-length individual reflections. In this one large report we are able to hear from practitioners, administrators, and institutional funders in aggregate and in detail as they describe what it means today to perform humanistic research. Of special interest is the comprehensive set of material from regions across the west as well as those areas that are typically underrepresented such as Africa, Latin America, and Asia. This work will be a vital addition to the libraries of the world's leading humanities centers as we chart our way forward." - Roland Hsu, Stanford Humanities Center, and Stanford Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies The first of its kind, this Open Access ‘Report’ is a first step in assessing the state of the humanities worldwide. Based on an extensive literature review and enlightening interviews the book discusses the value of the humanities, the nature of humanities research and the relation between humanities and politics, amongst other issues. Contents: 1. Introduction * 2. The Value of the Humanities * 3. The Nature of the Humanities * 4. The Digital Humanities * 5. Translating the Humanities * 6. The Culture of Humanities Research * 7. Funding and Infrastructures * 8. Humanities and Public Policy * 9. Conclusion * Appendix: the Interview Questionnaire * Index November 2014 UK November 2014 US 32pp Hardback £20.00 / $31.00 / CN$35.50 9781137500267 Swedish Research Council, the Swedish Riksbankens Jubileumsfond and the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research Canadian Rights ebooks available

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Now available in paperback

Artistic Literacy Theatre Studies and a Contemporary Liberal Education

Nancy Kindelan, Northeastern University, USA "By acting upon the actions promoted in [Artistic Literacy], we may achieve what could be a better future for theatre education." - Theatre Topics Undergraduate theatre programs can play a significant role in accomplishing the aims and learning outcomes of a contemporary liberal education. Here, Kindelan argues that theatre's signature pedagogy helps all undergraduates become actively engaged in developing critical and value-focused skills. Contents: Introduction: A Call to Action * PART I: THE MAKINGS OF A CONTEMPORARY LIBERAL EDUCATION * 1. The Evolution of the Liberal Arts * 2. The Evolution of Theatre Studies Programs * 3. A Contemporary Liberal Education * PART II: THE PEDAGOGIES AND STRATEGIES OF THEATRE STUDIES * 4. Setting the Stage for Learning in the Twenty-First Century * 5. Intentional Learning through the Art of the Theatre * 6. Artistic Literacy in Action * 7. Artistic Literacy and the Twenty-First-Century Workforce

The Arts in Higher Education October 2014 UK October 2014 US 220pp 1 figure Paperback £17.99 / $28.00 / CN$32.00 Canadian Rights


The Legacy of Alan Schneider as Beckett's American Director Natka Bianchini, Loyola University Maryland, USA “The professional and personal relationship between a remarkable director and an extraordinary playwright finds in Bianchini’s volume the kind of examination it has long deserved. Re-tracing each of their collaborations - from the earliest phase of Schneider’s research and planning, through his notes and correspondence with Beckett and the rehearsal process, to performance and critical response - the author offers an insightful and comprehensive study of two creative greats that makes for a truly wonderful read!” - Lois Oppenheim, Professor of Modern Languages and Literatures, Montclair State University, USA and Past President of The Samuel Beckett Society
 A study of the 30-year collaboration between playwright Samuel Beckett and director Alan Schneider, Bianchini reconstructs their shared American productions between 1956 and 1984. By examining how Beckett was introduced to American audiences, this book leads into a wider historical discussion of American theatre in the mid-to-late 20th century. Contents: Introduction: ‘Exactly as you Envisioned’ Alan Schneider and Samuel Beckett * 1. The Laugh Sensation of Two Continents! * 2. Finding a Home Off-Broadway * 3. A Series of Firsts * 4. New York and Beyond * 5. American Zenith * Conclusion: Assessing Schneider’s Legacy

New Interpretations of Beckett in the 21st Century


Class, Poverty, Ethnicity, and Sexuality in American Theatre, 1890-1916 J. Chris Westgate, California State University, Fullerton, USA "Deply researched, carefully contextualized, broad in scope, thoughtful about assessing what has and has not been done in the field, and just plain fascinating." - Susan Harris Smith, Professor, English, University of Pittsburgh, USA Drawing on traditional archival research, reception theory, cultural histories of slumming, and recent work in critical theory on literary representations of poverty, Westgate argues that the productions of slum plays served as enactments of the emergent definitions of the slum and the corresponding ethical obligations involved therein. Contents: Introduction: Darnton’s Lament * PART I: MODES OF STAGING THE SLUMS * 1. ‘Strange Things’ from the Bowery: The Tourism Narrative in Slum Plays * 2. ‘What the Poor of this Great City Must Endure’: The Sociological Narrative in Slum Plays * PART III: SLUMMING DESTINATIONS ON STAGE * 3. The Courage to See the Sights of the Tenement * 4. The Spectacle of Immigrant Neighborhoods * 5. Touring the Red Lights District * PART III: CASE STUDIES IN SLUM PLAYS * 6. ‘Nothing More Infernal’: Verisimilitude and Voyeurism in Salvation Nell * 7. ‘Avoiding the Grotesque and Offensive’: The Zangwill Plays

Palgrave Studies in Theatre and Performance History October 2014 UK October 2014 US 292pp Hardback £57.50 / $90.00 / CN$104.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available

Winner, USITT Golden Pen Award

Samuel Beckett’s Theatre in America

February 2015 UK February 2015 US 224pp 8 b/w illustrations Hardback £55.00 / $90.00 / CN$104.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available

Staging the Slums, Slumming the Stage


Stage Designers in Early Twentieth-Century America


Now available in paperback

Artists, Activists, Cultural Critics Christin Essin, Vanderbilt University, USA "The originality of this lucid study by Essin is how she places that aesthetic movement in a broader cultural context . . . Essin’s research is thorough, her writing is engaging, and her insights are rewarding. Summing Up: Recommended. For all academic, general, and professional/practitioner audiences." - CHOICE By casting designers as authors, cultural critics, activists, entrepreneurs, and global cartographers, Essin tells a story about scenic images on the page, stage, and beyond that helped American audiences see the everyday landscapes and exotic destinations from a modern perspective. Contents: Introduction: Design as Cultural History * 1. The Designer as Author * 2. The Designer as Cultural Critic * 3. The Designer as Activist * 4. The Designer as Entrepreneur * 5. The Designer as Global Cartographer

Palgrave Studies in Theatre and Performance History April 2015 UK April 2015 US 284pp 20 b/w photos Paperback £19.00 / $30.00 / CN$34.50 Canadian Rights


GENERAL THEATRE AND PERFORMANCE Readings in Performance and Ecology

Now available in paperback

Edited by Wendy Arons, Carnegie Mellon University, USA, Theresa J. May, University of Oregon, USA "Fascinating and thought-provoking." - Green Letters: Studies in Ecocriticism This ground-breaking collection focuses on how theatre, dance, and other forms of performance are helping to transform our ecological values. Top scholars explore how familiar and new works of performance can help us recognize our reciprocal relationship with the natural world and how it helps us understand the way we are connected to the land. Contents: Introduction * PART I: ECOCRITICISM AND DRAMATIC LITERATURE * PART II: ANIMALS AND/IN PERFORMANCE * PART III: THEORIZING ECOPERFORMANCE * PART IV: ECOACTIVISM AND PERFORMANCE * PART V: CASE STUDIES IN GREEN THEATRE

What is Theatre? January 2015 UK January 2015 US 256pp Paperback £20.00 / $32.00 / CN$36.99 Canadian Rights

Eugene O’Neill’s One-Act Plays New Critical Perspectives


Now available in paperback

Edited by Michael Y. Bennett, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, USA, Benjamin D. Carson, Bridgewater State University, USA "Eugene O'Neill's One-Act Plays: New Critical Perspectives is an important addition to O'Neill studies, and one that is likely to contribute . . . to the playwright's 'second birth." - Eugene O'Neill Review Eugene O'Neill, Nobel Laureate and Pulitzer Prize winner, is widely known for his full length plays. However, his one-act plays are the foundation of his work - both thematically and stylistically, they telescope his later plays. This collection aims to fill the gap by examining these texts and the foundational period of American drama. Contents: Introduction; Benjamin D. Carson * 1. The Playwright’s Theatre: O’Neill’s Use of the Provincetown Players as a One-Act Laboratory; Jeff Kennedy * 2. Rethinking O’Neill’s Beginnings: Slumming, Sociology, and Sensationalism in The Web; J. Chris Westgate * 3. Eugene O’Neill’s Abortion and Standard Family Roles: The Economics of Terminating a Romance and a Pregnancy; Lesley Broder * 4. The Movie Man: The Failure of Aesthetics?: Thierry Dubost * 5. ‘God Stiffen Us’: Queering O’Neill’s Sea Plays; Phillip Barnhart * 6. Epistemological Crises in O’Neill’s SS Glencairn Plays; Michael Y. Bennett * 7. ‘The Curtain Is Lowered’: Self-Revelation and the Problem of Form in Exorcism; Kurt Eisen * 8. ‘Ain’t Nothin’ Dere but de Trees!’: Ghosts and the Forest in The Emperor Jones; Paul D. Streufert * 9. Neither Fallen Angel nor Risen Ape: Desentimentalizing Robert Smith; Thomas F. Connolly * 10. Waiting for O’Neill: The Makings of an Existentialist; Steven F. Bloom * 11. O’Neill’s Hughie: The Sea Plays Revisited; Robert Combs * 12. Condensed Comedy: The Neo-Futurists Perform O’Neill’s Stage Directions; Zander Brietzke December 2014 UK December 2014 US 224pp Paperback £19.00 / $30.00 / CN$34.50 Canadian Rights


Performing Policy How Contemporary Politics and Cultural Programs Redefined U.S. Artists for the Twenty-First Century Paul Bonin-Rodriguez, University of Texas, USA "This book provides a much needed perspective about policy from the point of view of an artist who has been actively engaged in policymaking over time. Its range of examples, thoughtful analysis, and diverse perspectives of policymakers, artists, arts administrators, researchers, and theorists, add up to a book that is a catalyst both for dialogue and for engagement." – Caron Atlas, Arts and Democracy This book demonstrates how and why a majority of US artists must now function as producers of their original works, as well as creators. The author shows how, over the span of 20 years, the USA's cultural policy sector radically redefined US artists' practices without cohesively articulating the expectations of artists' new role. Contents: 1. Introduction: Performing Policy * 2. A Politic of Purpose: ‘The Arts and the Public Purpose’ (1997) * 3. New Work Now!: The Austin News Theatre Community (2013) * 4. Accounting for Capital: The Creative Capital Foundation (1999) * 5. A Survey Course: Teaching Artists and/as Producers * 6. Linking Creative Investments: Investing in Creativity (2003 and Leveraging Investments in Creativity (2003-2013) * 7. Proposing Place: ‘Creative Placemaking’ (2010-2014) * 8. Conclusion: Power and Capital November 2014 UK November 2014 US 232pp 10 figures Hardback £55.00 / $90.00 / CN$104.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available


Performing Ground Space, Camouflage and the Art of Blending In Laura Levin, York University, Canada "Performing Ground asks important questions about environmental responsibilities, global and local mobilities, boundaries, subjectivities, and issues of entitlement and dispossession, while remaining sensitive to conditions of gender, nationality, class, ethnicity and more. It argues persuasively that we are never solo, but always figures in a ground, embedded in dynamic and meaningful contexts, with responsibilities to others and to our environments. It is rich, admirably ambitious and fiercely compelling." - Jen Harvie, Queen Mary University of London, UK Performing Ground explores camouflage as a performance practice, arguing that the act of blending into one's environment is central to the ways we negotiate our identities through space. The book offers a critically rich investigation of how the performative practice of camouflage renders the politics of space, power, and gender (in)visible. Contents: 1.World Pictures * 2.Camouflage Acts * 3.Performing Ground * 4.Environmental Unconscious * 5. Embedded Performance * 6.Epilogue: Situating the Self * Notes * Select Bibliography * Index August 2014 UK August 2014 US 264pp 25 b/w illustrations, 11 colour illustrations Hardback £55.00 / $90.00 / CN$104.00 9781137274243 Canadian Rights ebooks available

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GENERAL THEATRE AND PERFORMANCE Performing Objects and Theatrical Things Edited by Marlis Schweitzer, York University, Canada, Joanne Zerdy, Illinois State University, USA "This valuable collection approaches performance through a focus on objects, and objects through a focus on performance. Across a variety of engaging essays, the book makes evident the range of new materialisms taking shape in and as performance studies as well as the contribution performance studies can make to the new materialist criticism." Rebecca Schneider, Brown University, USA

Entr’acte Performing Publics, Pervasive Media, and Architecture Edited by Jordan Geiger, SUNY Buffalo, USA "Of course, all architecture is performative. Too often, though, this is squeezed into a constricting discourse of functionality. This exhilarating book shows that space - cyber-augmented and globally distributed - is a realm of complex enactment that founds a theatre of life embracing everything from revolution to joy." - Michael Sorkin

This book rethinks historical and contemporary theatre, performance, and cultural events by scrutinizing and theorizing the objects and things that activate stages, venues, environments, and archives. Contents: Introduction: Object Lessons; Marlis Schweitzer and Joanne Zerdy * PART I: ARCHIVAL DIGS * 1. Technology and Wonder in Thirteenth-Century Iberia and Beyond; Christopher Swift * 2. ‘Nothing but a string of beads’: Maud Allan’s Salomé Costume as a ‘choreographic thing’; Marlis Schweitzer * 3. Cartomania and the Scriptive Album: Cartes-deVisite as Objects of Social Practice; Nicole Berkin * 4. The Linguistic Animation of an American Yorick; Lezlie C. Cross * 5. House Arrest: Museological Performance and the Everyday; Margaret Werry * PART II: EMBODIED RESEARCH PRACTICES * 6. The Unfolding Roles of a Walking Map within NVA’s Half Life; Joanne Zerdy * 7. Military Memorialization and its Object(s) of Period Purification; Helene Vosters * 8. Entided, Enwatered, Enwinded: Human/More-than-Human Agencies in Site-specific Performance; Minty Donald * PART III: MATERIALIST SEMIOTICS * 9. ‘All Transparent’: Pepper’s Ghost, Plate Glass, and Theatrical Transformation; Aileen Robinson * 10. Que(e)rying Theatrical Objects; Benjamin Gillespie * and more... September 2014 UK September 2014 US 280pp 9 b/w illustrations Hardback £55.00 / $90.00 / CN$104.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available


Fantastic Transmedia Narrative, Play and Memory Across Science Fiction and Fantasy Storyworlds Colin Harvey, King’s College London, UK "Exploring the diverse nature of transmedia storytelling, Colin B Harvey places affect and memory at the very heart of his approach. It's a decision that pays dividends, generating new taxonomies and fresh understandings via an impressive series of examples. Drawing on his experience as a licensed tie-in creator, Harvey seamlessly integrates scholarship, creative vitality, and industry knowledge. Fantastic Transmedia lives up to its title: this is a great book." - Matt Hills, Aberystwyth University, UK Contemporary culture is packed with fantasy and science fiction storyworlds extending across multiple media platforms. This book explores the myriad ways in which imaginary worlds use media like films, novels, videogames, comic books, toys and increasingly user-generated content to captivate and energise contemporary audiences. Contents: 1. Fantastic Transmedia * 2. Stories and Worlds * 3. Of Hobbits and Hulks: Adaptation Versus Narrative Expansion * 4. Canon-Fodder: Halo and Horizontal Remembering * 5. Configuring Memory in the Buffyverse * 6. Material Myths and Nostalgia-Play in Star Wars * 7. Fantastically Independent * 8. Transmedia Memory * Bibliography * Index May 2015 UK May 2015 US 248pp Hardback £60.00 / $95.00 / CN$110.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available



public space.

Generally taking place in front of closed curtains during set changes between acts, the entr'acte delivers a fleeting new purpose and event to the otherwise sometimes inert space between stage and pit. This collection employs the entr'acte as a model for conceptualizing emerging formations of publics and of

Contents: Preface: “3 Intervals”: Paul Virilio in discussion with Jordan Geiger * 1. Entr’acte, Interim, Interstice: Performing Publics and Media Across Scales of Time and Space; Jordan Geiger * INTERVAL I: SUPRANATIONAL * 2. Cloud Megastructures and Platform Utopias; Benjamin H. Bratton * 3. “Hello! My Name Is Sophia,” I Am Going to Tweet Democracy, Google My College Degree, and 3-D Print My House! A Speculative Piece on Neo-Republic of Hyper-Individuals in the Near Future; Nashid Nabian * 4. Entr’actions: From Radical Transparency to Radical Translucency; Ricardo Dominguez * INTERVAL II: INTERURBAN * 5. The Hypercity that Occupy Built; Jonathan Massey and Brett Snyder * 6. Image Cities Spectacles: Imagining a World Class African City; Mabel O. Wilson and Mario Gooden * 7. Crowd Choreographies; Omar Khan * 8. Growing the Seeds of Change; Elke Krasny * INTERVAL III: TRANSINDIVIDUAL * 9. Looking into Nature: Learning and Delight in a STE[A]M Park; Brenda Laurel * and more...

Avant-Gardes in Performance March 2015 UK March 2015 US 248pp 43 b/w illustrations Hardback £55.00 / $90.00 / CN$104.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available



W. C. Fields from Burlesque and Vaudeville to Broadway Becoming a Comedian

Edited by Don B. Wilmeth, Brown University, USA

Arthur Frank Wertheim, University of California, Los Angeles, USA

The Theatre of the Occult Revival Alternative Spiritual Performance from 1875 to the Present Edmund B. Lingan, The University of Toledo, USA This book explores the religious foundations, political and social significance, and aesthetic aspects of the theatre created by the leaders of the Occult Revival. Lingan shows how theatre contributed to the fragmentation of Western religious culture and how contemporary theatre plays a part in the development of alternative, occult religions. Contents: 1. The Occult Revival and Its Theatrical Impulses * 2. Katherine Tingley and the Theatre of the Universal Brotherhood and Theosophical Society * 3. The Anthroposophical Theatre of Rudolf and Marie Steiner * 4. Aleister Crowley’s Thelemic Theatre * 5. Rosicrucian Theatre and Wiccan Ritual * 6. The Neopagan Performance Current

Palgrave Studies in Theatre and Performance History November 2014 UK November 2014 US 272pp 14 b/w illustrations Hardback £57.50 / $90.00 / CN$104.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available


Performance Reconstruction and Spanish Golden Age Drama Reviving and Revising the Comedia Laura L. Vidler, United States Military Academy "This book is an excellent analysis of the theories and staging practices of Spanish Golden Age Drama. After observing that research of the staging of the Spanish comedia did not begin until the late 1950s, Vidler underlines the fact that the first studies dedicated to the staging of Spanish comedia were mainly based on deductive techniques and the gathering of documentary evidence provided by lease agreements, company ledgers, and repair orders." - Manuel Delgado, Program Director, Bucknell en España, Bucknell University, USA Spanish Golden Age drama has resurfaced in recent years, however scholarly analysis has not kept pace with its popularity. This book problematizes and analyzes the approaches to staging reconstruction taken over the past few decades, including historical, semiotic, anthropological, cultural, structural, cognitive, and phenomenological methods. Contents: Introduction: Critical Theory and the Reconstruction of Early Modern Performance * 1. Revisiting Comedia Reconstruction in a Revisionist Performance Environment * 2. The Habitus of Corral Scenic Space * 3. (Re)Placing the Corral Body * 4. Staging the Object * 5. Women/ Objects on the Modern and Early Modern Stage: Two Exceptional Case Studies * 6. Adaptation, Translation, and the Relevance of Classical Theatrical Performance * 7. Theory Performance

Palgrave Studies in Theatre and Performance History December 2014 UK December 2014 US 204pp 15 figures Hardback £55.00 / $90.00 / CN$104.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available

W. C. Fields was a virtuoso comedian, often called a comic genius, legendary iconoclast, and "Great Man," who brought so much laughter to millions while enduring so much anguish. This book explores his little-known, long stage career from 1898 to 1930, which had a major influence on his comedy and screen presence. Contents: Prologue: It’s the Old Army Game * Introduction * PART I: THE FLEDGLING YEARS * 1. Meet the Dukenfields * 2. Life with Father * PART II: THE TRAINING GROUND * 3. The Tramp Juggler * 4. Initiation Rites * 5. The Sly Conjurer * 6. The Big Time * PART III: ‘ALL THE WORLD’S A STAGE’ * 7. ‘A Master Pantomimist’ * 8. ‘My Art Never Satisfies Me’ * 9. To the Antipodes * 10. The Trouper on the Flying Trapeze * 11. The Ham Tree * PART IV: ‘WHAT THEREFORE GOD HATH JOINED TOGETHER, LET NOT MAN PUT ASUNDER’ * 12. The Breakup * 13. The Affair * PART V: THE LABYRINTH TO THE ZIEGFELD FOLLIES * 14. The Road to the Palace * 15. The Second Home * 16. ‘They Had Me Sweating Blood’ * 17. Backstabbed * Epilogue: The Defining Moment

Palgrave Studies in Theatre and Performance History December 2014 UK December 2014 US 292pp 15 figures Hardback £55.00 / $90.00 / CN$104.00 Canadian Rights


Transposing Broadway Jews, Assimilation, and the American Musical Stuart J. Hecht, Boston College, USA "Acknowledging the important role of Jews in developing the twentieth-century Broadway musical, Hecht argues that Jews shaped the musical 'to represent their grappling with the promise of the American Dream.' Summing Up: Recommended." CHOICE Over the last hundred years, musical theatre artists have developed a form that corresponds directly to the Americanization of the increasingly Jewish New York audience. Hecht offers a fascinating examination of the relationship between Jews, assimilation, and the changing face of the American musical in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Contents: 1. Introduction: Broadway as a Cultural Ellis Island * 2. Hello, Young Lovers: Assimilation and Dramatic Configurations in the American Musical * 3. The Melting Pot Paradigm of Irving Berlin * 4. How to Succeed * 5. Cinderellas * 6. Turns of the Century: Dreams of Progress, Dreams of Loss * 7. Fiddler’s Children * 8. Loveable Monsters: An Epilogue

Palgrave Studies in Theatre and Performance History October 2014 UK October 2014 US 252pp Paperback £17.99 / $32.00 / CN$36.99 Canadian Rights



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THEATRE HISTORY Transatlantic Broadway

Theatre/Performance Historiography

The Infrastructural Politics of Global Performance

Time, Space, Matter

Marlis Schweitzer, York University, Canada "As she traces the transatlantic passage of ocean liners, telegrams, producers, artists and objects, Marlis Schweitzer reshapes our understanding of the Broadway theatre wars of the Gilded Age. Sophisticated, impressively readable, and impeccably researched, this is theatre history at its best." - Alan Filewod, University of Guelph, Canada Transatlantic Broadway traces the infrastructural networks and technological advances that supported the globalization of popular entertainment in the preWorld War I period, with a specific focus on the production and performance of Broadway as physical space, dream factory, and glorious machine. Contents: Introduction: Transatlantic Broadway: The Infrastructural Politics of Global Performance * 1.Networking the Waves: Ocean Liners, Impresarios, and Broadway’s Atlantic Expansion * 2.Along the Wires: Telegraphic Performances and the Wiring of Broadway * 3.White Collar Broadway: Performing the Modern Office * 4. ‘’My Word! How He is Kissing Her’: The Material Culture of Theatrical Promotion * 5.Epilogue: Transatlantic (re)Crossings * Endnotes * Bibliography * Index

Transnational Theatre Histories March 2015 UK March 2015 US 266pp 24 b/w illustrations Hardback £55.00 / $90.00 / CN$104.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available


Revision as Resistance in Twentieth-Century American Drama

Edited by Rosemarie Bank, Kent State University, USA, Michal Kobialka, University of Minnesota, USA How do the ethical implications of writing theatrical histories complicate the historiographical imperative in our current sociopolitical context? This volume investigates a historiography whose function is to be a mode of thinking and exposes the inner contradictions in social and ideological organizations of historical subjects. Contents: Introduction * PART I: THE SPACE OF FORMATIONS * 1. Performing Speciation: The Nature/Culture Divide at The Creation Museum; Angenette Spalink and Scott Magelssen * 2. A Ridiculous Space: Considering the Historiography of the Theatre of the Ridiculous; Kelly Aliano * 3. The Evolving Process of an Historical View: Aleks Sierz and British Theatre in the 1990s; Yael Zarhy-Levo * 4. Latino/a dramaturgy as Historiography; Patricia Ybarra * PART II: TEMPORAL MATTER * 5. The Design of Theatrical Wonder in Roy Mitchell’s The Chester Mysteries; Patricia Badir * 6. Performing Ruhe: Police, Taste, and the Archive; Jan Lazardzig * 7. The Materiality of Memory: Touching, Seeing, and Being the Past in Patricio Guzmán’s Chile, Memoria Obstinada; Kaitlin McNally-Murphy * PART III: MATERIAL SPACES * 8. Adorno, Baroque, Gardens, Ruzzante: Rearranging Theatre Historiography; Will Daddario * 9. A Critique of Historio-Scenography: Space and Time in Joseph-François-Louis Grobert’s De l’exécution dramatique; Pannill Camp * 10. The Ground of (Im)Potential: Historiography and the Earthquake; Gwyneth Shanks * 11. Thinking the Space(s) of Historiography: Latina/o Ethnicity Theatre; Jon D. Rossini April 2015 UK April 2015 US 272pp 12 b/w illustrations Hardback £57.50 / $90.00 / CN$104.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available


Meredith M. Malburne-Wade, Elon University, USA American dramas consciously rewrite the past as a means of determined criticism and intentional resistance. While modern criticism often sees the act of revision as derivative, Malburne-Wade uses Victor Turner's concept of the social drama and the concept of the liminal to argue for a more complicated view of revision. Contents: Introduction * 1. Confession and Crime, Confession as Crime: Williams’ Tituba’s Children and Miller’ s The Crucible * 2. Confrontation and Challenge: Baldwin’s Blues for Mister Charlie as Response to the Murder of Emmett Till * 3. Condemnation as Redress: Herman Melville’s Benito Cereno, Richard Wright’s Man, God Ain’t Like That…, and Robert Lowell‘s Benito Cereno * 4. Celebration of Family as a Means of Difference and Hope: Hansberry’s A Raisin in the Sun and Odets’ Awake and Sing! * Conclusion: Intentions and Impacts

American Literature Readings in the Twenty-First Century May 2015 UK May 2015 US 240pp Hardback £60.00 / $90.00 / CN$104.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available


Theatre and Ghosts Materiality, Performance and Modernity Edited by Mary Luckhurst, University of York, UK, Emilie Morin, University of York, UK "Theatre scholars have been slow to explore the longstanding connections between theatre, ghost and other forms of haunting. This fascinating collection of essays will be hugely welcomed by all students and researchers in the emerging field of spectrality studies." - Gay McAuley, Professor Emerita, Department of Performance Studies, University of Sydney, Australia Theatre and Ghosts brings theatre and performance history into dialogue with the flourishing field of spectrality studies. Essays examine the histories and economies of the material operations of theatre, and the spectrality of performance and performer. Contents: Introduction: Theatre and Spectrality; Mary Luckhurst and Emilie Morin * PART I: GHOSTS, STAGE ADAPTATION AND TECHNOLOGY * 1. ‘Charles Dickens and the Invention of the Modern Stage Ghost’; Marvin Carlson * 2. ‘Gothic Adaptation and the Stage Ghost’; Nathalie Wolfram * PART II: SPECTRAL ECONOMIES * 3. ‘Apprehending the Spectral: Hauntology and Precarity in Caryl Churchill’s Plays’; Rachel Clements * 4. ‘Heritage, Capital and Culture: The Ghost of ‘Sarah’ at the Bristol Old Vic’; Catherine Hindson * 5. ‘Where Were You When the Lights Went Out?: American Ghost Shows of the Twentieth Century’; Beth A. Kattelman * PART III: MODERNITY, GENDER AND GHOST AESTHETICS * 6. ‘Masculinity, Haunting and Twentieth-Century American Realism’; Paul D. Streufert * 7. ‘Pretty Ghost, a Duet’: On Dying While You Still Look Good’; Joseph Roach * PART IV: ACTING, ABSENCE AND REMATERIALIZATION * and more... July 2014 UK July 2014 US 248pp 10 b/w illustrations Hardback £60.00 / $90.00 / CN$104.00 Canadian Rights



THEATRE HISTORY The Evolution of Wilde’s Wit Jure Gantar, Dalhousie University, Canada "A thoughtful, often quite delightful meditation upon Wilde, wit, and the nature of language in general." - S.I. Salamensky, author of The Modern Art of Influence and the Spectacle of Oscar Wilde

Actresses, Gender, and the EighteenthCentury Stage Playing Women Helen E. M Brooks, University of Kent, UK "This book makes an important step in the growing body of outstanding scholarship in theatre and performance history by focussing upon the lives and successes of actresses as active participants in the business of theatre." - Dr Gilli Bush-Bailey, Professor of Women's Performance History, Royal Central School of Speech and Drama

Oscar Wilde's wit is foundational to his works, from his plays and novels to his self-defense at his trials. This book is a comprehensive account of Oscar Wilde's wit that focuses on discovering reasons for his critical success and ongoing legacy. Contents: 1. Damp Squibs * 2. Comma in the Afternoon * 3. The Apparatus for Turning out ‘Oscarisms’ * 4. Truth on a Tightrope * 5. Laws and Exceptions * 6. Expressing One’s Self * 7. Summaries of All Existence February 2015 UK February 2015 US 204pp Hardback £60.00 / $95.00 / CN$110.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available


Staging Romantic Chameleons and Imposters William D. Brewer, Appalachian State University, USA "Brewer cleverly distinguishes unique aspects of Romantic chameleons and imposters, both real and fictive, that sets them apart from a long history of deceptive behaviors in British culture." - Marjean D. Purinton, Professor of English, Texas Tech University, USA Examining chameleonic identities as seen in theatrical performances and literary texts during the Romantic period, this study explores cultural attitudes toward imposture and how it reveals important and muchdebated issues about this time period. Brewer shows chameleonism evoked anxieties about both social instability and British selfhood. Contents: Introduction * 1. The Case of the Pretended Duke of Ormond * 2. Richard Cumberland’s Imposters * 3. Thomas Holcroft’s Politicized Imposter and Sycophantic Chameleon * 4. Fluid Identities in Hannah Cowley’s Universal Masquerade * 5. Mary Robinson’s Polygraphs * 6. James Kenney’s Opportunistic, Reformative, and Imitative Chameleons * Epilogue: The Perkin Warbeck Debate

Nineteenth-Century Major Lives and Letters January 2015 UK January 2015 US 272pp 2 b/w illustrations Hardback £55.00 / $90.00 / CN$104.00 Canadian Rights


Examining theatre economics, rhetorical acting, crossdressing, the staging of 'self', and the alignment of motherhood and work, this book reveals how actresses drew on changing models of gender to achieve phenomenal levels of success over the eighteenthcentury. By doing so it sheds new light on the cultural significance of female performance. Contents: Introduction * 1. Playing for Money: ‘This is certainly a large sum but I can assure you I have worked very hard for it’ * 2. Playing the Passions: ‘All their Force and Judgment in perfection’ * 3. Playing Men: ‘Half the men in the house take me for one of their own sex’ * 4. Playing Her Self: ‘It was not as an actress but as herself, that she charmed every one’ * 5. Playing Mothers: ‘Stand forth ye elves, and plead your mother’s cause’ * Bibliography * Index November 2014 UK November 2014 US 216pp 8 b/w illustrations Hardback £55.00 / $90.00 / CN$104.00 Canadian Rights


Women Dramatists, Humor, and the French Stage 1802 to 1855 Joyce Johnston, Stephen F. Austin State University, USA "Women Dramatists, Humor, and the French Stage is a much-needed and well documented study of comedy by early nineteenth-century women playwrights. In addition to information about the authors' lives, and the performances and reception of their plays, Johnston's insightful analysis focuses on their subversive use of humor in comedies that give us a glimpse into the lives of French women during the first half of the century while critiquing social and gender norms behind a façade of laughter." - Cecilia Beach, Director, Women's and Gender Studies, Hagar Chair, Alfred University, USA Filling a critical void, this book examines French women dramatists of the nineteenth-century who staged works prior to the lifting of censorship laws in 1864. Though none staged overtly feminist drama, Sophie de Bawr, Sophie Gay, Virginie Ancelot, and Delphine Girardin questioned patriarchal dominance and reconstructed ideals of womanhood. Contents: 1. Revisiting Women, Humor, and the French Stage * 2. Sophie de Bawr: Successful Resistance, Resisting Success * 3. The Shifting Stages of Sophie Gay’s Theater Career * 4. Virginie Ancelot’s Comedy for Women * 5. Delphine Gay de Girardin: The Muse Takes Center Stage * 6. Conclusion December 2014 UK December 2014 US 244pp Hardback £56.50 / $90.00 / CN$104.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available

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THEATRE HISTORY Austen, Actresses and Accessories

British Pirates in Print and Performance

Much Ado About Muffs

Frederick Burwick, University of California, Los Angeles, USA, Manushag N. Powell, Purdue University, USA "A fascinating exposition of piracy on deck and piracy on stage where art imitates life and life imitates art in the performative lives of famous male and female pirates and actors from the seventeenth through the nineteenth centuries, with a few glimpses into the present world of Disney movies and swashbuckling computer games. A widely-research, influential study immersed in cultural, historical, and theoretical contexts brings new light to the piratical works of Byron, Scott, and James Fenimore Cooper, as well as to novel themes of piracy and slavery, sexualities, rogue egalitarianism, and wildish justice. A good read!" - Richard Matlak, English Department, College of the Holy Cross, USA

Laura Engel, Duquesne University, USA This interdisciplinary project draws on a wealth of sources (visual, material, literary and theatrical) to examine Austen's depiction of female performance, display and desire through her deployment of a culturally and symbolically charged accessory: the muff. Contents: Acknowledgements * Introduction: Much Ado About Muffs * 1. Around 1787: Austen’s Volume the First, the Elizas, Private Theatricals, and Muffs * 2. Restless Luxuries: Muffs in Northanger Abbey and Sense and Sensibility * 3. Jane Austen as Fashion Plate: Musings on Muffs * Epilogue: The Afterlife of Muffs * Bibliography * Index

November 2014 UK November 2014 US 96pp 11 b/w illustrations Hardback £45.00 / $67.50 / CN$78.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available


Contents: Introduction: Striding the Deck, Strutting the Stage * 1. A Nation of Pirates * 2. Pirates on Stage * 3. Byron’s The Corsair * 4. Scott’s The Pirate * 5. Cooper’s The Pilot and The Red Rover * 6. Pirate Sex * 7. She-Pirates * 8. Pirate Clichés * Appendix: Chronology of Pirate Plays in Britain

The Logic of Wish and Fear New Perspectives on Genres of Western Fiction Ben La Farge, Bard College, USA "We might have thought that wish and fear are safely in one category, logic in quite another. But in La Farge's absorbing, conceptually engaged, and highly cultivated compact book, we see that these categories in truth interconnect in unexpected and humanely enlightening ways. Similarly, the entrenched genres of comedy, romance, and tragedy - along with La Farge's new player, 'mythic fiction' - enter into wonderfully nuanced relationships as well in this thoroughly readable, engrossing, and lucid study… A remarkably rich mosaic that shows us - in short form but packing a punch - a great deal about the wondrously intricate ways in which literature is a tool with which we make sense of our lives." - Garry L. Hagberg, James H. Ottaway Jr. Professor of Aesthetics and Philosophy, Bard College, USA, and author of Describing Ourselves: Wittgenstein and Autobiographical Consciousness and Editor of the journal Philosophy and Literature Moving effortlessly from Greek to Shakespearean tragedies, to nineteenth and twentieth-century British, American and Russian drama, and fiction and contemporary television, this study sheds new light on the art of comedy. Contents: Preface * PART I: THE CONVERGENCE OF COMEDY AND ROMANCE * 1. Comedy’s Logic * 2. Comedy’s Intention * 3. Comic Romance * PART II: SECULAR MYTH * 4. The Anatomy of Secular Myth * PART THREE: THE PLEASURES OF TRAGEDY * 5. Genesis - Why Then? * 6. Complex Tragedy * 7. The Problem of Catharsis * 8. The Question of Fate * 9. The Tragic Flaw * 10. Syphilis and War as Substitute Fates * 11. High and Low Mimetic Tragedies * Conclusion

July 2014 UK July 2014 US 148pp Hardback £45.00 / $67.50 / CN$78.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available


Fictional or real, pirates haunted the imagination of the 18th and 19th centuryBritish public during this great period of maritime commerce, exploration, and naval conflict. British Pirates in Print and Performance explores representations of pirates through dozens of stage performances, including adaptations by Byron, Scott, and Cooper.


March 2015 UK March 2015 US 230pp 4 b/w illustrations Hardback £55.00 / $90.00 / CN$104.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available


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SHAKESPEARE AND EARLY MODERN PERFORMANCE Prison Shakespeare and the Purpose of Performance


Repentance Rituals and the Early Modern

Shakespearean Echoes Edited by Adam Hansen, Northumbria University, UK, Kevin J. Wetmore Jr., Loyola Marymount University, USA Shakespearean Echoes assembles a global cast of established and emerging scholars to explore new connections between Shakespeare and contemporary culture, reflecting the complexities and conflicts of Shakespeare's current international afterlife. Contents: Introduction; Adam Hansen and Kevin J. Wetmore, Jr. * 1.Reviving Cowden Clarke: Rewriting Shakespeare’s Heroines in Young Adult Fiction; Laurie Osborne * 2.’Give me my sin again’: Disco Does Shakespeare; Adam Hansen * 3.Echoes of Romeo and Juliet in Let the Right One In and Let Me In; Gregory Colon Semenza * 4.The Immortal Vampire of Stratford Upon Avon; Kevin J. Wetmore * 5.Cliché ‘By any other name…’ Or Romeo and Juliet: The Telenovela; Alfredo Michel Modenessi * 6.Shakespeare Sells / Selling Shakespeare; J. Caitlin Finlayson * 7.Othello’s Ipad; Lauren Shohet * 8.Echoes of The Tempest in Tron: Legacy; Laura Campillo Arnaiz * 9.Cursing the Queer Family: Shakespeare, Psychoanalysis, and My Own Private Idaho; Sharon O’Dair * 10. History as Echo: Entertainment Historiography from Shakespeare to HBO’s Game of Thrones; Amy Rodgers * 11. ‘This is Not the Play’: Shakespeare, Space Opera in Lois McMaster Bujold’s Vorkosigan Saga; Patricia Taylor * 12. The Tempest’s ‘Standing Water’: Echoes of Early Modern Cosmographies in Lost; Todd Landon Barnes

Palgrave Shakespeare Studies April 2015 UK April 2015 US 232pp 8 b/w illustrations Hardback £55.00 / $90.00 / CN$104.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available


Shakespeare and the Embodied Heroine Staging Female Characters in the Late Plays and Early Adaptations Lori Leigh, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand Shakespeare and the Embodied Heroine is a bold new investigation of Shakespeare's female characters using the late plays and the early adaptations written and staged during the seventeenth and eighteenth century. Contents: 1.Other Worldly Desires: The Jailer’s Daughter and Emilia in Fletcher and Shakespeare’s The Two Noble Kinsmen and Davenant’s The Rivals * 2.No Woman Is an Island: Female Roles in Dryden and Davenant’s The Tempest, Or The Enchanted Island and Shakespeare’s The Tempest * 3.Silence and Sorcery, Sexuality and Stone: Absent Parts to Understanding Hermione and Paulina in Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale and Garrick’s Florizel and Perdita * 4.Transformation, Transvestism, and Lost Text: Violante’s Rape and Cross-Dressing in Lewis Theobald’s Double Falsehood and Fletcher and Shakespeare’s Cardenio * Conclusion

Palgrave Shakespeare Studies October 2014 UK October 2014 US 224pp 19 b/w illustrations Hardback £55.00 / $90.00 / CN$104.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available


Niels Herold, Oakland University, USA "In this powerful and powerfully moving book, Herold explores the fascinating process by which convicted criminals assume the roles of criminals and of victims in performances of Shakespeare's plays. Herold has much to teach us about the social function of Shakespeare's fascination with interiority, particularly the interiority of those who have been injured, and those who have hurt others. Herold explains in riveting detail how these inmates discover authentic repentance by playing a dramatic role. This is a book that should be read by all who prize the Humanities, and particularly by those who do not. As it reminds us of the genuinely healing powers of art, this lucid, inspiring book demonstrates afresh the astonishing human value of Shakespeare's dramatic texts and proclaims the untapped cultural resource of those our culture has incarcerated." - Michael Schoenfeldt, University of Michigan, USA Over the last decade a number of prison theatre programs have developed to rehabilitate inmates by having them perform Shakespearean adaptations. This book focuses on how prison theatre today reveals certain elements of the early modern theatre that were themselves responses to cataclysmic changes in theological doctrine and religious practice. Contents: Introduction * 1. Penitential Communities * 2. Eating the Text: Shakespeare and Change * 3. Shakespeare and Incarceration * 4. Others: ‘There but for the grace of God…’ * Epilogue: Underworld of Shadows

October 2014 UK October 2014 US 152pp 7 b/w illustrations Hardback £45.00 / $67.50 / CN$78.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available


Intermedial Shakespeares on European Stages Aneta Mancewicz, Central School of Speech and Drama, UK "Tracing the theoretical work of contemporary Shakespeare performance, Intermedial Shakespeare on European Stages opens a valuable perspective on the interplay between Shakespearean drama and our changing modes and means of production." - W. B. Worthen, Barnard College, Columbia University, USA Intermedial Shakespeares argues that intermediality has refashioned performances of Shakespeare's plays over the last two decades in Europe. It describes ways in which text and author, time and space, actor and audience have been redefined in Shakespearean productions that incorporate digital media, and it traces transformations in practice. Contents: 1. Introduction * 2. Drama: Intermedial Texture * 3. Time and Space: Intermedial Stratigraphy * 4. Actors and Audiences: Intermedial Mirror * 5. New Media as Old Media * 6. Digital Intermediality without Digital Technology * 7. Conclusions * Appendix: Table of Performances * Notes * Cited Works * Index

Palgrave Studies in Performance and Technology August 2014 UK August 2014 US 216pp 20 b/w illustrations Hardback £55.00 / $90.00 / CN$104.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available

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Geoparsing Early Modern English Drama Monica Matei-Chesnoiu, Ovidius University, Romania "Space may have surpassed time as the dominant category on our minds, so it is most fitting that Monica Matei-Chesnoiu's book should make us aware of the history and historicity of spaces and places. Theatre-going will never be the same again for readers of this comprehensive and admirably rich study of geographical space in early modern drama, since they will ineluctably be drawn to reflections on rivers that flow over the stage, encircling and hugging the cities evoked in the dramatic dialog." - Werner Brönnimann, University of St. Gallen and University of Basel, Switzerland


A Good Night Out for the Girls Popular Feminisms in Contemporary Theatre and Performance

Elaine Aston, Geraldine Harris, both at Lancaster University, UK "A fascinating, boundary-crossing book that combines the personal with the scholarly in exciting new ways. For this reader, the book provided a really good girls' night in." - Susan Bassnett, Professor of Comparative Literature, University of Warwick, UK

Geo-spatial identity and early Modern European drama come together in this study of how cultural or political attachments are actively mediated through space. Matei-Chesnoiu traces the modulated representations of rivers, seas, mountains, and islands in sixteenth-century plays by Shakespeare, Jasper Fisher, Thomas May, and others. Contents: 1. Introduction: Recomposing Space within Geographic Diversity * 2. Reclaimed Ancient and Renaissance Geographic Commentaries * 3. Ovid, Pontus Euxinus, and Geographic Imagination * 4. Hydrography as Poetics: Rivers and Empires * 5. Cities of the Sea: Constantinople - Mobility and Cosmopolitanism * 6. Isolarii or Performative Island Routes * 7. Conclusions: Staging Telemesic Space

Geocriticism and Spatial Literary Studies March 2015 UK March 2015 US 264pp 6 b/w illustrations Hardback £55.00 / $90.00 / CN$104.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available


Now available in paperback

Moving across the boundaries of mainstream and experimental circuits, from the affective pleasures of commercially successful shows such as Calendar Girls and Mamma Mia! to the feminist possibilities of new burlesque and stand-up, this book offers a lucid and accessible account of popular feminisms in contemporary theatre and performance. Contents: Acknowledgements * 1. Introduction: ‘A Good Night Out For the Girls’ * 2. Jam and Jerusalem/ Sentimentality and Feminism: Calendar Girls * 3. Roaring Women and Class Acts: The Naked Truth and the Chippendales’ Ultimate Girls Night Out * 4. Age Liberation: Susan Boyle, ‘Grumpy Old Women’ and Virginia Ironside’s Monologues * 5. Once More with Feeling: Joanna Murray-Smith’s The Female of the Species and Nic Green’s Trilogy * 6. Work, Family, Romance and the Utopian Sensibilities of the Chick Megamusical Mamma Mia! * 7. The Ghosts of New Burlesque * 8. Entertaining Others: Shappi Khorsandi and Andi Osho * 9. ‘Are We There Yet?’ – Final Reflections and Marisa Carnesky’s Ghost Train * Bibliography * Index

Performance Interventions

Ecocriticism and Shakespeare Reading Ecophobia

Now available in paperback

Simon C. Estok, Sungkyunkwan University, South Korea "A milestone work." - Early Modern Literary Studies Combining close readings with theoretical sophistication, this book is a path-breaking addition to both Shakespearean scholarship and the burgeoning field of ecocriticism. Refreshingly, Estok takes readers back to the radical possibilities ecocriticism began with to give new insight into a dramatist who had a lot to say about the natural world.

May 2015 UK May 2015 US 232pp Paperback £18.99 / $29.00 / CN$33.50 Canadian Rights

Cyborg Theatre Corporeal/Technological Intersections in Multimedia Performance

This book articulates the first theoretical context for a 'cyborg theatre,' metaphorically integrating on-stage bodies with the technologized, digitized, or mediatized, to re-imagine subjectivity for a post-human age. It covers a variety of examples, to propose new theoretical tools for understanding performance in our changing world.

Literatures, Cultures, and the Environment 9781137446893

Now available in paperback

Jennifer Parker-Starbuck, Roehampton University, UK "With Cyborg Theatre, Parker-Starbuck has created a rigorous and engaging resource for scholars, practitioners, pedagogues, and students of multimedia performance..." - Elise Morrison, Contemporary Theatre Review

Contents: 1. Doing Ecocriticism with Shakespeare * 2. Dramatizing Environmental Fear: King Lear‘s Unpredictable Natural Spaces and Domestic Places * 3. Coriolanus and Ecocriticism: A Study in Confluent Theorizing * 4. Pushing the Limits of Ecocriticism: Environment and Social Resistance in 2 Henry VI and 2 Henry IV * 5. Monstrosity in Othello and Pericles: Race, Gender, and Ecophobia * 6. Disgust, Metaphor, Women: Ecophobic Confluences * 7. Staging Exotica and Ecophobia * 8. The Ecocritical Unconscious: Early Modern Sleep as ‘Go-between’ * Coda: Ecocriticism on the Lip of a Lion January 2015 UK September 2014 US 196pp Paperback £19.00 / $30.00 / CN$34.50 Canadian Rights


Contents: List of Illustrations * Acknowledgements * Preface to the Paperback Edition * Preface: Remembering * 1. Introduction: Why Cyborg Theatre? * 2. Backspace: Historical/Theoretical Intersections * and more.

Performance Interventions November 2014 UK November 2014 US 264pp Paperback £18.99 / $29.00 / CN$33.50 Canadian Rights ebooks available



CONTEMPORARY THEATRE AND PERFORMANCE Post-Cinematic Theatre and Performance

Youth and Theatre of the Oppressed

Now available in paperback

Piotr Woycicki, University of Aberystwyth, UK "This book offers an original and exciting contribution to existing scholarship on contemporary intermedial performance. It skilfully defines 'post cinematic theatre' and traces its distinctive features in terms of form, content and address, using some well –chosen examples." Victoria Lowe, University of Manchester, UK

Edited by Peter Duffy, University of South Carolina, USA, Elinor Vettraino, Fife College, UK "[This] much-awaited collection . . . offers readers guidance on using theatre to transform lives, maximizing theatre's potential as an effective educational tool, and encouraging youth to imagine a more just and democratic future." - TYA Today

A cinema without cameras, without actors, without screen frames and without narratives almost seems like an antithetical impossibility of what is usually expected from a cinematic spectacle. This book defines an emergent field of post-cinematic theatre and performance, challenging our assumptions and expectations about theatre and film.

This book contains a collection of essential essays from some of the most influential and exciting practitioners of Theatre of the Oppressed with youth from around the world.

Contents: List of Figures * Series Editors’ Preface * Acknowledgements * 1. The Post-Cinematic Landscape * 2. Décalage and Mediaphors in Robert Lepage’s Elsinore and The Andersen Project * 3. Acinematic Montage in Roadmetal Sweetbread and Mare’s Nest * 4. Guilty pleasures and intermedial archaeologies in Wooster Group’s House/Lights and Hamlet * 5. The Ethics of Perception in Wunschkonzert * 6. Disorienting Landscapes in Hotel Methuselah * 7. Pedipulating ‘footage’ in Duncan Speakman’s As if it were the last time * 8. Landscapes and Aporias in Lars Von Trier’s Dogville * 9. Conclusion * Bibliography * Index

Palgrave Studies in Performance and Technology October 2014 UK October 2014 US 280pp 28 b/w illustrations Hardback £55.00 / $90.00 / CN$104.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available


Contemporary Black British Playwrights Margins to Mainstream Lynette Goddard, Royal Holloway, University of London, UK "Dr Lynette Goddard's excellent book is an important contribution to the study of postmillennial black British theatre, lucidly written and accessible both to scholars and general readers. She explores in detail plays by leading contemporary black dramatists, including Roy Williams, Kwame Kwei-Armah, debbie tucker green and Bola Agbaje. However, the plays are not simply discussed as isolated dramatic texts but also as significant expressions of the current state of Britain as a multiracial society." - Dr D Keith Peacock, Emeritus Research Scholar, University of Hull, UK This book examines the socio-political and theatrical conditions that heralded the shift from the margins to the mainstream for black British Writers, through analysis of the social issues portrayed in plays by Kwame Kwei-Armah, debbie tucker green, Roy Williams, and Bola Agbaje. Contents: PART I: CONTEXTS * 1.Beyond Identity Politics: Black British Playwrights on the Mainstream * PART II: PLAYWRIGHTS, PLAYS, THEMES * 2.Street Life: Black Masculinity and Youth Violence in Roy Williams’ ‘Urban’ Plays * 3.Past and Present: Legacies of Slavery in Kwame Kwei-Armah’s National Theatre Triptych * 4.Breaking the Silence: Women’s Solidarity in debbie tucker green’s Abuse and Trauma Plays * 5.Playing the Game: Race Relations, Racism, and Nation in Roy Williams’ Sports Plays * 6.Around the World: African and Caribbean Human Rights in debbie tucker green’s Global Plays * 7.A Slice-of-Life: British-African Social Comedy in Bola Agbaje’s Council Estate Plays * 8.State-of-the-Nation? Black British Playwrights at the Tricycle Theatre * PART III: CONCLUSIONS * 9.Social Issues and Social Debates: Snapshots, Headlines, Conclusions February 2015 UK February 2015 US 268pp Hardback £55.00 / $90.00 / CN$104.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available

Contents: Foreword; Peter Duffy and Elinor Vettraino * Our Role in a Crisis; Julian Boal * Introduction: Why This? Why Now?: A Contributors’ Discussion * PART I: THEATRE OF THE OPPRESSED IN EDUCATIONAL SETTINGS * 1. Puppet Intervention in the Early Childhood Classroom: Augusto Boal’s Influences and Beyond; Andrea Dishy and Karina Naumer * 2. Exploring the Stigmatized Child through Theatre of the Oppressed Techniques; Johnny Saldaña * 3. Silent Screaming and the power of Stillness: Theatre of the Oppressed within Mainstream Elementary Education; Elinor Vettraino * PART II: THE POLITICAL LIFE OF YOUTH * 4. Viewpoints on Israeli-Palestinian Theatrical Encounters; Chen Alon and Sonja Arsham Kuftinec, with Ihsan Turkiyye * 5. TELAvision: Weaving Connections for Teen Theatre of the Oppressed; Brent Blair * 6. In Search of the Radical in Performance: Theatre of the Oppressed with Incarcerated Youth; Diane Conrad * 7. Rethinking Interaction On and Off the Stage: Jana Sanskriti’s Experience; Sanjoy Ganguly * 8. Acting Outside the Box: Integrating Theatre of the Oppressed within an Antiracism Schools Program; Warren Linds and Linda Goulet * PART III: THEATRE OF THE OPPRESSED PRACTICE WITH YOUTH * 9. Staying Alert: A Conversation with Chris Vine; Peter Duffy * 10. From I to We: Analogical Induction and Theatre of the Oppressed with Youth; Peter Duffy * 11. Ripples on the Waters: Discoveries Made with Young People Using Theatre of the Oppressed; Christina Marin * and more... January 2015 UK January 2015 US 304pp Paperback £19.00 / $30.00 / CN$34.50 Canadian Rights


Performing Story on the Contemporary Stage Tom Maguire, University of Ulster, UK "...a cutting-edge and enlightening analysis of new theatre practices – documentary, stand-up comedy, biography and autobiography, monologue plays. It is groundbreaking in the range of contemporary performance it considers but also gains depth from a long-range historical emphasis on storytelling as the primal act of theatre." - Anthony Roche, Professor of English, Drama and Film, University College Dublin, Ireland This book explores the way in which the contemporary proliferation of forms of storytelling practice in international theatre has created a distinctive set of performance practices. Texts and performers discussed include Split Britches, Billy Connolly, Anna Deavere Smith's Let Me Down Easy, Spalding Gray, David Hare's Via Dolorosa. Contents: 1. Introduction * 2. Narrative Identity * 3. Embodying Character in Storytelling * 4. Performing Autobiography * 5. Performing Time and Place * 6. Monologism and Dialogism in Storytelling * 7. The Spectator in Storytelling Performance * 8. Storytelling and Society * 9. Conclusion * Notes * Bibliography * Index January 2015 UK January 2015 US 216pp Hardback £55.00 / $90.00 / CN$104.00 Canadian Rights



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Performance, Transport and Mobility

Animals in Performance Practices

Making Passage

Edited by Jennifer Parker-Starbuck, Roehampton University, UK, Lourdes Orozco, University of Leeds, UK "Performing Animality: Animals in Performance Studies is an important and timely must-have book that is among the first to foreground the animal as an increasingly urgent matter for Performance Studies. It is also the first to gather into one volume the particular perspectives of theatre and performance scholars as innovative contributions to the interdisciplinary field of Animal Studies." - Maurya Wickstrom, The City University of New York, USA This book is a historical and theoretical exploration of the presence of animals and animality – literal or symbolic – in theatre and performance practices from the eighteenth century to today. Contents: Introduction: Lourdes Orozco and Jennifer Parker-Starbuck * PART I: SETTING THE STAGE * 1. From Homo Performans to Interspecies Collaboration: Expanding the Concept of Performance to Include Animals; Laura Cull * PART II: BULLS, DOGS, PIGS, BEARS, AND HORSES: ANIMALS IN PERFORMANCE * 2. The Art of Fierceness: The Performance of the Spanish Fighting Bull; Garry Marvin * 3. ‘Genus Porcus Sophisticus’: The Learned Pig and the Theatrics of National Identity in Late Eighteenth-Century London; Monica Mattfeld * 4. ‘A Very Good Act For an Unimportant Place’: Animals, Ambivalence, and Abuse in Big-Time Vaudeville; Catherine Young * 5. Acrobatic Circus Horses: Military Training to Natural Wildness; Peta Tait * PART III: ‘PERFORMING’ ANIMALS AND ‘THEATRES OF SPECIES’ * 6. Massive Bodies in Mortal Performance: War Horse and the Staging of Anglo-American Equine Experience in Combat; Kim Marra * 7. Embattled Animals in a Theatre of Species; Una Chaudhuri * 8. Animal Pasts and Presents: Taxidermied Time Travellers; Jennifer Parker-Starbuck * 9. Effacing the Human: Rachel Rosenthal, Rats and Shared Creative Agency; Carrie Rohman * PART IV: ‘LOOKING AT/ LOVING/WITH ANIMALS’ * and more... April 2015 UK April 2015 US 224pp 10 b/w illustrations Hardback £55.00 / $90.00 / CN$104.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available


Fiona Wilkie, University of Roehampton, UK "Fiona Wilkie's work in the past has contributed massively to our understanding of site – specificity. In this wonderful new publication, she turns her attention to what in sociology and geography is known as the 'mobilities turn', and traces its impact in and on contemporary performance practice. The book is brilliantly researched and beautifully written; it is also timely, original and fascinating. It expands the remit of theatre and performance studies, and makes an important contribution to interdisciplinary knowledge and exchange. I can't recommend it enough." - Carl Lavery, University of Glasgow, UK Performance, Transport and Mobility is an investigation into how performance moves, how it engages with ideas about movement, and how it potentially shapes our experiences of movement. Using a critical framework drawn from the 'mobility turn' in the social sciences, it analyses a range of performances that explore what it means to be in transit. Contents: Introduction * 1. ‘Three miles an hour’: Pedestrian Travel * 2. ‘Nothing is moving’: Railway Travel * 3. ‘Motorvating’: Road Travel * 4. ‘A place without a place’: Boat Travel * 5. ‘Alone at last’: Air Travel * Notes * Bibliography * Index November 2014 UK November 2014 US 232pp 22 b/w illustrations Hardback £55.00 / $90.00 / CN$104.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available


Performances of Capitalism, Crises and Resistance Inside/Outside Europe Edited by Marilena Zaroulia, University of Winchester, UK, Philip Hager, University of Winchester, UK

Theatre as Voyeurism The Pleasures of Watching Edited by George Rodosthenous, University of Leeds, UK Theatre as Voyeurism (re)defines voyeurism as an 'exchange' between performers and audience members, privileging pleasure (erotic and aesthetic) as a crucial factor in contemporary theatre. This intriguing group of essays focuses on artists such as Jan Fabre, Romeo Castellucci, Ann Liv Young, Olivier Dubois and Punchdrunk. Contents: Introduction: Staring at the Forbidden: Legitimising Voyeurism; George Rodosthenous * PART I: VOYEURISM AND DIRECTING THE GAZE * 1. Always Looking Back at the Voyeur: Jan Fabre’s Extreme Acts on Stage; Laurens de Vos * 2. The Dramaturgies of the Gaze: Strategies of Vision and Optical Revelations in the Theatre of Romeo Castellucci and the Socìetas Raffaello Sanzio; Eleni Papalexiou * PART II: VOYEURISM IN SPACE * 3. Intimacy, Immersion and the Desire to Touch: The Voyeur Within; David Shearing * 4. In Between the Visible and the Hidden: Modalities of Seeing in Site-specific Performance; William McEvoy * PART III: VOYEURISM AND ACTS OF WATCHING * 5. The Pleasure of Looking Behind Curtains: Naked Bodies from Titian to Fabre and LeRoy; Luk Van Den Dries * 6. Baring All on Stage: Active Encounters with Voyeurism, Performance Aesthetics and ‘Absorbed Acts of Seeing’; Fiona Bannon * PART IV: VOYEURISM AND EXHIBITING THE BODY * 7. Thinking critical/Looking Sexy: a naked white male body in performance; Daniël Ploeger * 8. Viewing the Pornographic Theatre: Explicit Voyeurism, Artaud, and Ann Liv Young’s Cinderella; Aaron C. Thomas * PART V: VOYEURISM AND NAKED BODIES * and more... May 2015 UK May 2015 US 240pp 20 b/w illustrations Hardback £55.00 / $90.00 / CN$104.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available



Discussing crises through diverse examples, including the UK's National Theatre, public art installations, Occupy LSX, repatriation ceremonies and performances of the everyday, this book asks how performance captures and resists what is considered (politically, ideologically, culturally or socially) 'inside' or 'outside' Europe. Contents: Introduction: Europe, Crises, Performance; Marilena Zaroulia and Philip Hager * PART I: RETURNS * 1. The Weimar Republic and its Return: Unemployment, Revolution, or Europe in a State of Schuld; Giulia Palladini * 2. Towards a Nomadology of Class Struggle: Rhythms, Spaces and Occupy London Stock Exchange; Philip Hager * 3. Topographies of Illicit Markets: Trolleys, Rickshaws and Yiusurum; Myrto Tsilimpounidi * PART II: PARADOXES * 4. Performing Politics of Care: Theatrical Practices of Radical Learning as a Weapon Against the Spectre of Fatalism; Florian Thamer / Tina Turnheim (Translated from German by Martin Thomas Pesl) * 5. Making Time: The Prefigurative Politics of Quarantine’s Entitled; Cristina Delgado-García * 6. Theatrical nationhood: crisis on the National stage; Louise Owen * 7. Staging the Others: Appearance, Visibility and Radical Border-Crossing in Athens; Aylwyn Walsh * PART III:INTERPRETERS * 8. The Riots: Expanding Sensible Evidence; Rachel Clements * 9. ‘We are Athens’: Precarious Citizenships in Rimini Protokoll’s Prometheus in Athens; Marissia Fragkou * 10. At the Gates of Europe: Sacred Objects, Other Spaces and Performances of Dispossession; Marilena Zaroulia * 11 Economies of Atonement in the European Museum: Repatriation and the Post-Rational; Emma Cox * Bibliography * Index June 2015 UK June 2015 US 288pp 17 b/w illustrations Hardback £55.00 / $90.00 / CN$104.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available



Performing Migrancy and Mobility in Africa


Cape of Flows

Edited by Janelle Reinelt, Emeritus Professor of Theatre and Performance, University of Warwick, UK & Brian Singleton, Trinity College Dublin, Republic of Ireland

Royal Court: International Elaine Aston, Lancaster University, UK, Mark O’Thomas, University of Lincoln, UK The first ever full-length study of the Royal Court Theatre's International Department, covering the theatre's unique programming of international plays and seasons, its London-based residences for writers from overseas, and the legacies of workshops conducted in more than 30 countries. Contents: Foreword; Elyse Dodgson * Preface; Stephen Daldry * 1. Royal Court: International – Histories and Contexts * 2. International Workshops and Residencies * 3. Conversations * 4. International Plays and UK Receptions * 5. International Impact and Legacies * Afterword; Vicky Featherstone * Timeline: Royal Court International (1989-2013) * Bibliography * Index

Studies in International Performance January 2015 UK January 2015 US 256pp 30 b/w illustrations Hardback £60.00 / $95.00 / CN$109.00 Paperback £18.99 / $29.00 / CN$33.50 Canadian Rights ebooks available

9780230319486 9781137461827

This collection focuses on performance work that engages with Cape Town, at the foot of the African continent, as a real or imagined node in a complex system of migration and mobility. Contents: 1. Introduction; Mark Fleishman * 2. Dramaturgies of Displacement in the Magnet Theatre Migration Project; Mark Fleishman * 3. ‘Peel the Wound’– Cape Town as Passage, Threshold, and Dead-End: Performing the Everyday Traumas of Mobility and Dislocation; Miki Flockemann * 4. Creating Communitas: The Theatre of Mandla Mbothwe; Mandla Mbothwe and Hazel Barnes * 5. Embodiment, Mobility and the Moment of Encounter in Jonathan Nkala’s The Crossing; Samuel Ravengai * 6. (Re)-membering the Cape and the Performance of Belonging(s); Pedzisai Maedza * 7. Uhambo: Pieces of a Dream – Waiting in the Ambiguity of Liminality; Sara Matchett and Awino Okech * 8. Mobility, Migration and ‘Migritude’ in Afrocartography: Traces of Places and All Points in Between; Mwenya Kabwe * Mamma Africa: A Theatre of Inclusion, Hope(lessness) and Protest; Shannon Elizabeth Hughes * 9. On Familiar Roads: The Fluidity of Cape Coloured Experiences and Expressions of Migration and Reclamation in the Performances of the Kaapse Klopse in Cape Town; Amy Jephta * 10. Tall Horse, Tall Stories ; Jane Taylor * 11. Playtext: The Life and Work of Petrović Petar; Sanjin Muftić * Works Cited * Index

Studies in International Performance November 2014 UK November 2014 US 248pp 7 b/w illustrations Hardback £55.00 / $90.00 / CN$104.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available

Neoliberalism and Global Theatres

History, Memory, Performance

Performance Permutations

Edited by David Dean, Carleton University, Canada, Yana Meerzon, Department of Theatre, University of Ottawa, Canada, Kathryn Prince, University of Ottawa, Canada History, Memory, Performance is an interdisciplinary collection of essays exploring performances of the past in a wide range of trans-national and historical contexts. At its core are contributions from theatre scholars and public historians discussing how historical meaning is shaped through performance. Contents: Introduction: History, Memory, Performance; David Dean, Yana Meerzon, Kathryn Prince * 1.Discursive Practices and Narrative Models: History, Poetry, Philosophy; Freddie Rokem * 2.Performing Pasts for Present Purposes: Reenactment as Embodied, Performative History; Katherine Johnson * 3.Minding the Gap: The Choreographer as Hyper-historian in Oral Historybased Performance; Jeff Friedman * 4.Un/becoming Nomad: Marc Lescarbot, Movement, and Metamorphosis in Les Muses de la Nouvelle France; VK Preston * 5.Group Biography, Montage, and Modern Women in Hooligans and Building Jerusalem; Nancy Copeland * 6.Alexander Pushkin’s Boris Godunov as Epic Theatre; J. Douglas Clayton * 7.Shakespeare Inside out: Hamlet as Intertext in the USSR 1934-1943; Irena R. Makaryk * 8.Raoul Wallenberg on Stage – or at Stake? Guilt and Shame as Obstacles in the Commemoration of a Holocaust Hero; Tanja Schult * 9.Staging Auschwitz, Making Witnesses: Performances between History, Memory, and Myth; Rachel E. Bennett * 10.Real Archive, Contested Memory, Fake History: Transnational Representations of Trauma by Lebanese War Generation Artists; Johnny Alam *and more...

Studies in International Performance December 2014 UK December 2014 US 312pp 10 b/w illustrations Hardback £55.00 / $90.00 / CN$104.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available

Edited by Mark Fleishman, University of Cape Town, South Africa


Now available in paperback

Edited by Lara D. Nielsen, Macalester College, USA, Patricia Ybarra, Brown University, USA "There is much to recommend in this impressive book, and the many critical approaches it synthesises are impossible to summarise in a short review." Louise Owen, Contemporary Theatre Review How do theatre and performance transmit and dispute ideologies of neoliberalism? The essays in this anthology, now available in paperback, examine the mechanisms and rhetorics of contemporary multinational and transnational organizations, artists, and communities that produce theatre and performance for global audiences. Contents: 1. Introduction; L.D.Nielsen and P.Ybarra * PART I: INSTITUTIONAL STRATEGIES * 2. Irreal Entries; L.Nielsen * 3. Nintendo Museum: Intercultural Pedagogy, Neoliberal Citizenship, and a Theatre without Actors; M.Werry * 4. Bentin Archaeologies of Empire: Colonial Hollywood and the Neoliberal Academy; S.Calderon * 5. Neoliberalism and the Global University; E.B.Lim * 6. Branding the Revolution: Hair Redux; D.Savran * PART II: MODES OF TRANSMISSION * 7. I Feel For You; P.Anderson * 8. Staging a Moving Map in Byron Au Yong and Aaron Jafferis’ Stuck Elevator; K.Shimakawa * 9. Fighting for a Future in a Free Trade World; P.Ybarra * 10. Unchecked Popularity: Neoliberal Circulations of Black Dance; T.Defrantz * PART III: FORMAL ECONOMIES * 11. Model Dissent: Lu’u Quang Vũ and the Melodramatic Performance of Renovation in Post-War Vietnam; K.T.Ngyuen * and more...

Studies in International Performance 9781137393883

April 2015 UK April 2015 US 328pp 3 b/w illustrations Paperback £18.99 / $29.00 / CN$33.50 Canadian Rights

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INTERNATIONAL THEATRE AND PERFORMANCE Mapping South Asia through Contemporary Theatre

Performance in the Borderlands

Edited by Ramón H. Rivera-Servera, Northwestern University, USA, Harvey Young, Northwestern University, USA "Offers an exciting series of perspectives, readings, and cross-disciplinary engagements with this most important theme and makes a persuasive case for the contribution performance studies can make to the wider border studies field... This volume will be of interest to scholars and students in performance, cultural and border studies: it presents a rich, rewarding, and timely series of readings which will add considerably to the potentialities and provocations of work in this field." - Sophie Nield, Contemporary Theatre Review

Essays on the Theatres of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka Edited by Ashis Sengupta, University of North Bengal, India While remapping the region by examining enduring historical and cultural connections, this study discusses multiple traditions and practices of theatre and performance in five South Asian countries within their specific political and socio-cultural contexts. Contents: Foreword; Aparna Dharwadker * Introduction: Setting the Stage; Ashis Sengupta * 1.Dispatches from the Margins: Theatre in India since the 1990s; Shayoni Mitra * 2.Theatre Chronicles: Framing Theatre Narratives in Pakistan’s Sociopolitical Context; Asma Mundrawala * 3.Designs of Living in the Contemporary Theatre of Bangladesh; Syed Jamil Ahmed * 4.Towards an Engaged Stage: Nepali Theatre in Uncertain Times; Carol C. Davis * 5.From Narratives of National Origin to Bloodied Streets: Contemporary Sinhala and Tamil Theatre in Sri Lanka; Kanchuka Dharmasiri * Select Bibliography * Index

Studies in International Performance September 2014 UK September 2014 US 272pp 10 b/w illustrations Hardback £55.00 / $90.00 / CN$104.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available


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A border is a force of containment that inspires dreams of being overcome and crossed; motivates bodies to climb over; and threatens physical harm. This book critically examines a range of cultural performances produced in relation to the tensions and movements of/about the borders dividing North America, including the Caribbean. Contents: Acknowledgements * Notes on the Contributors * 1. Introduction: Border Moves; R.H.Rivera-Servera and H.Young * 2. Playing the Fence, Listening to the Line: Sound, Sound Art, and Acoustic Politics at the US-Mexico Border; J.Kun * 3. Transnational Cultural Translations and the Meaning of Danzón across Borders; A.Madrid * 4. ‘Havana Isn’t Waiting: Staging Travel during Cuba’s Special Period; P.Ybarra * 5. ‘Architecture is not Justice’: Seeing Guantánamo Bay; P.Anderson * 6. Crossing Hispaniola: Cultural Erotics at the Haitian-Dominican Borderlands; R.H.Rivera-Servera * 7. ‘The Magic of Song!’: John Lomax, Huddie Ledbetter, and the Staging of Circulation; P.A.McGinley * 8. Border Intellectual: Performing Identity at the Crossroads; E.P.Johnson * 9. Calling off the Border Patrol; R.Knowles * 10. Transborder Dance: Choreographies by Minerva Tapia; J.M.Valenzuela * and more.

Performance Interventions October 2014 UK October 2014 US 296pp Paperback £18.99 / $29.00 / CN$33.50 Canadian Rights

Political Performance in Syria From the Six-Day War to the Syrian Uprising


Edward Ziter, Tisch School of the Arts, USA Political Performance in Syria, charts the history of a theatre that has sought the expansion of civil society and imagined alternate political realities. In doing so, the manuscript situates the current use of performance and theatre by artists of the Syrian Revolution within a long history of political contestation.

Masculinities and the Contemporary Irish Theatre

Brian Singleton, Trinity College Dublin, Republic of Ireland "Singleton's treatment of [a] broad swath of work results in a varied, yet detailed, study" - Modern Drama

Contents: Introduction * 1. Martyrdom * 2. War * 3. Palestinians * 4. History and Heritage * 5. Torture * Bibliography * Index

Irish theatre and its histories appear to be dominated by men and their actions. This book's socially and culturally contextualized analysis of performance over the last two decades, however reveals masculinities that are anything but hegemonic, played out in theatres and other arenas of performance all over Ireland.

Studies in International Performance November 2014 UK November 2014 US 272pp 11 b/w illustrations Hardback £55.00 / $90.00 / CN$104.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available

Now available in paperback


Contents: List of illustrations * Preface to the Paperback Edition * Acknowledgements * 1. Introduction * 2. Contesting Canons * 3. Performing Patriarchy * 4. Monologies and Masculinities * 5. Quare Fellas * 6. Male Races * 7. Protestant Boys * After Words * Bibliography * Index

Performance Interventions April 2015 UK April 2015 US 240pp Paperback £18.99 / $29.00 / CN$31.50 Canadian Rights




Ireland, Memory and Performing the Historical Imagination

Performance and the Cultural Politics of Space Joanne Tompkins, University of Queensland, Australia "Theatre's Heterotopias offers the most rigorous and nuanced examination of heterotopia in performance to date. Joanne Tompkins systematically attends to the complex spatiality of theatre and is sensitive to the ambivalences and ambiguities that theatrical heterotopias entail. Where theatre and performance studies has taken heterotopia too much for granted, Theatre's Heterotopias takes it seriously." - Michael McKinnie, Queen Mary, University of London, UK Theatre's Heterotopias analyses performance space, using the concept of heterotopia: a location that, when apparent in performance, refers to the actual world, thus activating performance in its culture. Case studies cover site-specific and multimedia performance, and selected productions from the National Theatre of Scotland and the Globe Theatre. Contents: Introduction: Theatre, Space and World-making * 1.Theatre and the Construction of Alternate Spaces * 2. Heterotopia and Site-Specificity * 3. Heterotopia, the National Theatre of Scotland, and ‘Theatre without Walls’ * 4. Re-establishing Heterotopic Relationships at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre * 5. Heterotopia and Multimedia * Conclusion: Gaps, Absences, and Alternate Orderings * Bibliography * Index

Contemporary Performance InterActions October 2014 UK October 2014 US 248pp 12 b/w illustrations Hardback £55.00 / $90.00 / CN$104.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available


Performance and Identity in Irish Stand-Up Comedy The Comic 'i' Susanne Colleary, Sligo Institute of Technology, Ireland "A lively and interesting book that provides a muchneeded examination of Irish stand-up comedy. The work of important comics like Dylan Moran, Tommy Tiernan and Maeve Higgins is explained in relation to Ireland's rich storytelling culture, and the author's own prose is fittingly wry and whimsical – which only adds to our enjoyment." - Dr Oliver Double, University of Kent, UK One of the cultural phenomena to occur in Ireland in the last two decades has been the highly successful growth of stand-up comedy as a popular entertainment genre. This book examines stand-up comedy from the perspective of the narrated self, through the prism of the fabricated comedy persona, including Tommy Tiernan, Dylan Moran and Maeve Higgins. Contents: Introduction; The Warm Up * 1.The Trailblazers: Vaudeville, Music Hall and Hibernian Varieties * 2.The Comic ‘i’ * 3.Messages * 4.Everybody Knows That the Dice is Loaded * 5.Revenge of the Buckteeth Girl * Final Remarks * Appendix * Bibliography * Index January 2015 UK January 2015 US 224pp Hardback £55.00 / $90.00 / CN$104.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available


Edited by Christopher Collins, Trinity College Dubin, Ireland, Mary P. Caulfield, State University of New York, USA "With such a rich diversity of critical voices and perspectives, this laudable and exceptionally wide-ranging collection astutely brings to bear on Irish theatre historiography numerous marginalized discourses that address the interfaces between society, texts, archives, cultural memory and performance research." - Eamonn Jordan, University College Dublin, Ireland This book explores the performance of Irish collective memories and forgotten histories. It proposes an alternative and more comprehensive criterion of Irish theatre practices. These practices can be defined as the 'rejected', contested and undervalued plays and performativities that are integral to Ireland's political and cultural landscapes. Contents: Introduction: The Rest is History; Christopher Collins and Mary P. Caulfield * PART I: LEGACY AND HERITAGE * 1. Walking In and Out of Place: the Pedestrian Performances of Tim Robinson; Daniel Sack * 2. A Theatre of the Unword: Censorship, Hegemony, and Samuel Beckett; Nicholas Johnson * 3. Re-considering Oscar Wilde’s Flamboyant Flop: Vera or The Nihilists; Aideen Kerr * 4. Courtly Love and Heroic Death in W.B. Yeats’s Cuchulain Cycle of Plays; Paul Murphy * 5. ‘…Whenever the Tale of ‘98 is told’: Constance Markievicz, the National Memory and ‘the women of ninety-eight’; Mary P. Caulfield * 6. Theatre of Dissent: the Historical Imagination of the Irish Workers’ Dramatic Company; Lauren Arrington * 7. Staging the Body in Post-independence Ireland; Lionel Pilkington * PART II: RECOLLECTION AND REMEMBRANCE * 8. Pampooties and Keening: Alternate Ways of Performing Memory in J.M. Synge’s Plays; Hélène Lecossois * 9. ‘Why do you always be singin’ that oul’ song?’: the Subversion of Emigrant Ballads in John B. Keane’s Many Young Men of Twenty; Joseph Greenwood * 10. Boxed Rituals: Eamon de Valera, Television, and Talbot’s Box; Michael Jaros * 11. Unblessed Amongst Women: Performing Patriarchy Without Men in Contemporary Irish Theatre; Cormac O’Brien * 12. The Abuse of History/a History of Abuse: Theatre as Memory and the Abbey’s ‘darkest corner’; Emilie Pine * 13. Forgetting Follow; Christopher Collins December 2014 UK December 2014 US 264pp 4 b/w illustrations Hardback £55.00 / $90.00 / CN$104.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available


The Art of Public Space Curating and Re-imagining the Ephemeral City Kim Gurney, University of Cape Town, South Africa "Masterfully shows how performances conceived in the spaces of the ordinary worked to undo rigidities of spatial separations and to forge alternative publics." - Teresa Caldeira, University of California, Berkeley, USA A journey through Johannesburg via three ephemeral art projects that explore public space through walking, gaming and performance art suggests notions of common space instead, daily negotiated and enacted. Art thus links the tangible city and intangible public sphere as imagination counts, even when it cannot be counted. Contents: 1. Prelude - Johannesburg: Inside Out * 2. Overview - Nomadic Notions: Curating the Ephemeral * 3. Shoe Shop - Walking the Footloose City * 4. A MAZE. Interact - Playing the Cyborg City * 5. Spines - Performing the Spectral City * 6. Silobreaker - Art and The Uncertainty Principle * 7. Finale - Toward an Art of the Commons * 8. Bonus Track - Living the City: A View from End Street June 2015 UK June 2015 US 160pp Hardback £60.00 / $95.00 / CN$110.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available

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Yorùbá Performance, Theatre and Politics

Transnational Theatre

Glenn Odom, Roehampton University, UK

Hyunjung Lee, Nanyang Technological University, UK

This book explains the connections between traditional performance (e.g. masked dances, prophecy, praise recitations), contemporary theatre (Wole Soyinka, Ola Rotimi, Tess Onwueme, Femi Osofisan, and Stella Oyedepo) , and the political sphere in the context of the Yorùbá people in Nigeria.

This book illustrates how local awareness of Western cultural hegemonic entities such as Broadway and Shakespeare have been implemented within South Korean theatre in the global era. With a focus on performances that targeted global audiences, Lee explores the ways in which Korea's nationalistic desires for global visibility are projected on stage. Contents: 1. Introduction: Contradictory Tides between the National and the Global * 2. Navigating the National and the Global: The Last Empress, the Musical * 3. Mediating the National-Regional-Global Triad: Nanta and Nonverbal Performance * 4. An Alternative Image of Nationhood within the Global: Musical Seoul Line 1 * 5. Conceptualizing Korean Shakespeare in the Era of Globalization * 6. Conclusion: Choreographing Nationalism in the Global Context * Notes * Bibliography * Index

April 2015 UK April 2015 US 160pp 10 figures Hardback £45.00 / $67.50 / CN$78.00 Canadian Rights


From the Late Nineteenth to the Early Twenty-First Century Edited by Donald E. Morse, University of Debrecen, Hungary The Irish Theatre in Transition explores the everchanging Irish Theatre from its inception to its vibrant modern-day reality. This book shows some of the myriad forms of transition and how Irish theatre reflects the changing conditions of a changing society and nation. Contents: Introduction: The Irish Theater in Transition; Donald E Morse * PART I: FOUNDATIONS AND REFOUNDATIONS IN HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVE * 1. The Irish Theatre: The First Hundred Years 1897-1997; Christopher Murray * PART II: ENGAGING WITH A CHANGING REALITY * 2. Black Hole Experiences: Moochers, Smoochers, Dig Outs and the Parables and * Spasms of Time in Conor McPherson’s The Night Alive; Eamonn Jordan * 3. Queer Creatures, Queer Places: Otherness and Normativity in Irish Drama * from Synge to Friel; José Lanters * 4. Troubled Relations of Gender and Generation in Celtic Tiger Drama: Stella Feehily’s * Duck and O Go My Man; Mária Kurdi * 5. ‘The Politics of Aging’: Frank McGuinness’s The Hanging Gardens; Donald E Morse * PART III: ENHANCED THEATRICALITY * 6. The Play within the Play in Select Contemporary Irish Plays; Csilla Bertha * 7. When the Mirror Laughs: Face to Face with Three Irish Stage Worlds; Eric Weitz * 8. Then Like Gigli, Now Like Bette: The Grotesque and the Sublime in * Mark O’Rowe’s Terminus; Ondřej Pilný * PART IV: REFRAIMING TRANSITION * 9. Shakespearean Productions at the Abbey Theatre: 1970-1985; Patrick Lonergan * 10. Snapshots: A Year in the Life of a Theatre Judge; Nicholas Grene * 11. The Irish Play on the London Stage: An Overview from Independence to the Present; Peter James Harris * PART V: INVENTIVENESS AND EXPANDING THE STAGE * 12. The Diverse Dramatic Contributions of Frank McGuinness; Helen Heuser Lojek * 13. Pat Kinevane’s Forgotten and Silent: Universalizing the Abject; Joan FitzPatrick Dean * 14. Writing for ‘the real national theatre’ – Stewart Parker’s Plays for Television; Clare Wallace * 15. Playing with Minds: Beckett on Film; Dawn Duncan * PART VI: ON THE RE-FOUNDATION OF THE IRISH THEATRE * 16. Sam Shepard, Irish Playwright; Stephen Watt * Further Reading * Notes on Contributors * Index


June 2015 UK June 2015 US 200pp Hardback £55.00 / $90.00 / CN$104.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available


Performing Cities Edited by Nicolas Whybrow, University of Warwick, UK

Irish Theatre in Transition

January 2015 UK January 2015 US 288pp 10 b/w illustrations Hardback £55.00 / $90.00 / CN$104.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available

Contents: 1.Introduction: Performance and Ìfægbôntáayé«e: Genre, Knowledge, and Politics * 2.A Critique of Yorùbá Judgment: Individual Authority, Community Creation, and the Embodiment of À«÷ * 3.What Matter Who Dances: Self-fashioning, (non)Subjects, and the Nation * 4.No Victor, no Vanquished, no Past: Ola Rotimi, Yakubu Gowon, Sani Abacha, and ‘The End of Nigerian History’ * 5.Values beyond Ethics: From Stella Dia Oyedepo to Tess Onwueme * 6.Conclusions: Civil Governance and the Politics of Yorùbá Theatre


Performing Cities is an edited volume of contributions by a range of internationally renowned academics and performance makers from across the globe, each one covering a particular city and examining it from the dynamic perspectives of performances occurring in cities and the city itself as performance. Contents: Writing Performing Cities: an Introduction; Nicolas Whybrow * PART I: URBAN RHYTHMS * 1. Performing Palermo: Protests Against Forgetting; David Williams * 2. Sprawled, Distracted and Trembling: Performing L.A.; Sue-Ellen Case * 3. Performing Paris: an Ecography of Meridians and Atmospheres; Carl Lavery * 4. Performing Chicago: Seven Demolitions; Matthew Goulish * 5. Performing Cape Town: an Epidemiological Study in Three Acts; Mark Fleishman and Jay Pather * 6. Performing Cardiff: Six Approaches to a City and its Performance Pasts; Mike Pearson and Heike Roms * PART II: URBAN LANDS * 7. Performing Sydney: Inhabiting the Edge; Gay McAuley * 8. Performing Toronto: Enacting Creative Labour in the Neoliberal City; Laura Levin * 9. Performing Singapore: City/State; Paul Rae * 10. Performing Belgrade: Itineraries of Belonging; Silvija Jestrovic * 11. Performing Jerusalem: Religious, Historical, Ideological and Political Scenarios – and Some Personal Ones; Freddie Rokem * 12. Performing Bogotá: Memories of an Urban Bombing; María Estrada-Fuentes * Index August 2014 UK August 2014 US 272pp Hardback £55.00 / $90.00 / CN$104.00 Canadian Rights



Anthropology, Theatre, and Development The Transformative Potential of Performance Edited by Alex Flynn, Durham University, UK, Jonas Tinius, King’s College, University of Cambridge, UK The contributors explore diverse contexts of performance to discuss peoples' own reflections on political subjectivities, governance and development. The volume refocuses anthropological engagement with ethics, aesthetics, and politics to examine the transformative potential of political performance, both for individuals and wider collectives. Contents: PART I: ETHNOGRAPHIES OF POLITICAL PERFORMANCE IN DEVELOPING CONTEXTS * 1.1 Interventions * Re-Imagining Political Subjectivities: Relationality, Reflexivity And Performance In Rural Brazil; Alex Flynn * Performing Transformation: Cultivating A Paradigm Of Education For Cooperation And Sustainability In A Brazilian Community; Dan Baron Cohen * Embodying Protest: Culture And Performance Within Social Movements; Jeffrey Juris * 1.2 Development And Governance * and more...

Applying Performance Live Art, Socially Engaged Theatre and Affective Practice

Now available in paperback

Nicola Shaughnessy, University of Kent, UK "Shaunghessy uses her expert authority to prove that performance matters, and that it matters in an enormous way." - Christine Boyko-Head, Mohawk College, Canada This book, now in paperback, draws upon cognitive and affect theory to examine applications of contemporary performance practices in educational, social and community contexts. The writing explores the processes of creating work defined variously as collaborative, participatory and socially engaged. Contents: Preface: Applying Performance * PART I: HISTORIES AND CONTEXTS * 1. Setting the Scene: Critical and Theoretical Contexts * 2. Pasts, Pioneers, Politics * 3. Principles of Applying Performance * PART II: PRACTICES * 4. Performing Lives * 5. Placing Performance * 6. Digital Transportations * PART III: PARTICIPATION * 7. Unhappy Relations: Critiques of Collaboration * 8. Theme Park Hells: Incarcerations * 9. Participant Centred Pedagogy and the Affective Learning Environment: LIFT 2011 * 10. A Taste of Heaven: (Syn)aesthetics and Participatory Visceral Performance * Conclusion

Anthropology, Change and Development April 2015 UK April 2015 US 320pp Hardback £65.00 / $100.00 / CN$115.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available


Performance, Madness and Psychiatry

May 2015 UK May 2015 US 288pp Paperback £18.99 / $29.00 / CN$31.50 Canadian Rights

Theatres of Learning Disability

Isolated Acts

Good, Bad, or Plain Ugly?

Edited by Anna Harpin, University of Exeter, UK, Juliet Foster, Corpus Christi College, Cambridge University, UK "This is a rich and textured book that brings together debates about madness and mental illness with contemporary analyses of performance. Historically informed, this ground-breaking edited collection traverses disciplinary boundaries, shedding new light on connections between theatre and madness." - Helen Nicholson, Professor of Theatre and Performance, Royal Holloway, University of London, UK This exciting collection of essays explores the complex area of madness and performance. The book spans from the 18th century to the present and unearths the overlooked history of theatre and performance in, and about, psychiatric asylums and hospitals. The book will appeal to historians, social scientists, theatre scholars, and artists alike.

Matt Hargrave, University of Northumbria, UK

Contents: Introduction: Locating Madness and Performance; Anna Harpin and Juliet Foster * PART I: HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVES * 1. Smart’s Authority and the Eighteenth-Century Mad-Business; Richard Stern * 2. Performance in Bethlem, Fulbourn and Brookwood Hospitals: A Social Psychological and Social Historical Examination; Juliet Foster * PART II: APPLYING PERFORMANCE * 3. A Life of Their Own: Reflections on Autonomy and Ethics in ResearchBased Theatre; Susan M. Cox * 4. Whose Mind is it Anyway: Acting and Mental Illness; Sarah Rudolph * PART III: CONTEMPORARY PRACTICES * 5. Start Making Sense; Dylan Tighe * 6. ‘No one ever listens’: Body, Space, and History in RedCape Theatre’s The Idiot Colony; Rebecca Loukes * PART IV: THEATRICAL MALADIES * 7. Ophelia Confined: Madness and Infantilisation in Some Versions of Hamlet; Bridget Escolme * 8. Dislocated: Metaphors of Madness in Contemporary Theatre Anna Harpin * Conclusion: Relocating Madness and Performance; Anna Harpin and Juliet Foster * Select Bibliography * Index September 2014 UK September 2014 US 248pp 16 b/w illustrations Hardback £55.00 / $90.00 / CN$104.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available


This is the first scholarly book to focus exclusively on theatre and learning disability as theatre, rather than advocacy or therapy. Hargrave provocatively realigns the - hitherto unvoiced - assumptions that underpin such practice and proposes that learning disabled artists have earned the right to full critical review. Contents: Prologue: Of moths and methods * PART I: THE SURROGATE * 1.The end of disability arts: the legacy of the social model of disability and its impact on theatre practice * 2.Pure products go crazy: the aesthetic value of learning disability * 3.On quality: aesthetic judgements and the making of York Theatre Royal’s Pinocchio * 4.Genealogies: the cultural faces of learning disability * PART II: A PROPER ACTOR * 5.Nobody’s Perfect: Mind the Gap’s On the Verge as masquerade * 6.The uncanny return of Boo Radley * Conclusion * Sources and bibliography * Appendix * Index June 2015 UK June 2015 US 264pp Hardback £55.00 / $90.00 / CN$104.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available



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PRACTICE AND PRACTITIONERS Theatre and Aural Attention


Stretching Ourselves

Toward a General Theory of Acting Cognitive Science and Performance John Lutterbie, Stony Brook University, USA "A delight . . . This is an actor/reader friendly book that should be required reading for all actors and teachers of acting." - The Drama Review Celebrating the mystery of acting, Toward a General Theory of Acting explores performance through the lens of Dynamic Systems Theory and Cognitive Science. Lutterbie discusses how actors use technique, improvisation, and score to create a reciprocal relationship with spectators that engages their thoughts, feelings, and imagination. Contents: 1. The Language of Acting * 2. Theatre and Dynamic Systems Theory * 3. The Actor’s Tools * 4. Technique * 5. Improvisation * 6. The Actor’s Score * 7. In Performance

Cognitive Studies in Literature and Performance October 2014 UK October 2014 US 280pp 1 figure Paperback £20.00 / $32.00 / CN$36.99 Canadian Rights


Contents: Introduction * 1.Paying Attention to (Theatre) Noise * 2. Paying Attention to Designed Sound * 3. Sounding Silence * 4. Sensing Atmospheres * Conclusion * Appendix 1: (P. Sven Arvidson’s ‘Sphere of Attention’) * Notes * Bibliography * Index April 2015 UK April 2015 US 240pp 1 b/w illustration Hardback £55.00 / $90.00 / CN$104.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available


Articulating the Demos

The Scum of the Soul Ros Murray, University of Manchester, UK "Ros Murray's engaging book offers an excellent survey across significant aspects of Antonin Artaud's ouevre, and outlines a clear set of principles that underpinned his creative energies. Starting with the premise that Artaud's work attempted to locate the origins of thought in the body, and considering the implications of this for his art, Murray seeks to put different disciplinary approaches and perspectives in dialogue as she approaches his output in various media. With an eye always on how the body and the text interact, Artaud's relationship with language is scrutinised, giving the reader a useful set of approaches to his activities that contextualises, clarifies and facilitates our continued engagement with that varied, challenging and expressive body of work." - Mark Taylor-Batty, University of Leeds, UK This book serves as analysis of the aesthetics of materiality in the multifaceted work of Antonin Artaud, one of Twentieth-Century France's most provocative and influential figures, spanning literature, performance, art, cinema, media and critical theory. Contents: Introduction * 1. The Limits of Representation * 2. Through the Digestive System * 3. Theatre, Magic and Mimesis * 4. Artaud on Film * 5. Artaud on Paper * 6. The Machinic Body * Conclusion * Bibliography * Filmography

Palgrave Studies in Modern European Literature


Theatre and Aural Attention investigates what it is to attend theatre by means of listening. Focusing on four core aural phenomena in theatre – noise, designed sound, silence, and immersion - George Home-Cook concludes that theatrical listening involves paying attention to atmospheres.

Voice and New Writing, 1997-2007

Antonin Artaud

October 2014 UK October 2014 US 208pp 3 b/w illustrations Hardback £55.00 / $90.00 / CN$104.00 Canadian Rights

George Home-Cook, Independent Researcher, UK "This is a rigorous, innovative piece of scholarship that forgoes conventional wisdom about sound and hearing in favour of a new paradigm of theatrical attendance that demonstrates the complexity of this act, especially in productions that challenge audiences sonically. George Home-Cook articulates thought processes, bodily experiences, and ways of interpreting acoustic phenomena that often go unnoticed or may only be partially understood. This book demonstrates how much there is to learn about, and from, self-reflexive attention to the act of listening in theatre." - Adrian Curtin, University of Exeter, UK


Maggie Inchley, Queen Mary, University of London, UK "Maggie Inchley’s book asks some difficult questions and provides some troubling answers about how, in a supposedly liberal theatre culture, the limits to which new voices are allowed to speak, how these voices are covertly policed and controlled and how all too often the ways in which the unmediated political apparatus of the voice is muzzled into paying lip-service only". - Graham Saunders, Reader in Theatre Studies, Department of Film, Theatre & Television, University of Reading In New Labour's empathetic regime, how did diverse voices scrutinize its etiquettes of articulation and audibility? Using the voice as cultural evidence, Voice and New Writing explores what it means to 'have' a voice in mainstream theatre and for newly included voices to negotiate with the institutions that 'find' and 'represent' their identities. Contents: Introduction: Articulating the Demos * 1. New Labour, New Voicescapes 1997-2007 * 2. Giddensian Mediation: Voices in Writing, Representation and Actor Training * 3. Migration and Materialism: David Greig, Gregory Burke, and Sounding Scottish in Post-devolutionary Voicescapes * 4. Vocalising Allegiance: Kwame Kwei-Armah, Roy Williams, and Debbie Tucker Green * 5. Sending Up Citizenship: Young Voices in Tanika Gupta, Mark Ravenhill and Enda Walsh * 6. Women who Kill Children: Mistrusting Mothers in the work of Deborah Warner and Fiona Shaw, Beatrix Campbell and Judith Jones, and Dennis Kelly * Conclusion: Betrayal and Beyond * Notes * Bibliography * Index April 2015 UK April 2015 US 224pp 4 b/w illustrations Hardback £55.00 / $90.00 / CN$104.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available


PERFORMANCE AND TECHNOLOGY Slapstick and Comic Performance


Comedy and Pain Louise Peacock, University of Hull, UK "This is a very ambitious book, which considers a range of examples – anything from Punch & Judy to Jackass, from Buster Keaton to The Simpsons – woven together to form an illuminating set of ideas offering new insight into the delicious art of slapstick." Oliver Double, University of Kent, UK Slapstick comedy has a long and lively history from Greek Theatre to the present day. This book explores the ways in which comic pain and comic violence are performed within slapstick to make the audience laugh. It draws examples from theatre, television and film on both sides of the Atlantic. Contents: Introduction * PART I: ESTABLISHING A CRITICAL FRAMEWORK * 1. What is Slapstick? * 2. Structures and Techniques of Slapstick * 3. Comedy and Pain * PART II: TYPES OF PAIN ANALYSED * 4. Accidental Pain * 5. Random Pain: Objects and Animals * 6. Intentional Pain * 7. Real Pain * Conclusion * Bibliography * Index July 2014 UK July 2014 US 192pp Hardback £55.00 / $85.00 / CN$98.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available


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The Performing Subject in the Space of Technology Through the Virtual, Toward the Real Edited by Matthew Causey, Tinity College Dublin, Ireland, Emma Meehan, Coventry University, UK, Néill O’Dwyer, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland This book reflects on the aftermath of shifts encountered in the maturing of digital culture in areas of critical theory and artistic practices, focusing on the awareness that contemporary subjectivity is one that dwells within both the virtual and the real. Contents: Introduction: ‘In the after-event of the virtual’; Matthew Causey, Emma Meehan, Néill O’Dwyer * PART I: PROVOCATIONS: SUBJECTIVITY AND TECHNOLOGY * Introduction to Part I; Matthew Causey, Emma Meehan and Néill O’Dwyer * 1. ‘Into the body of another: strange couplings and unnatural alliances of Harlequin Coat’; Burcu Baykan * 2. ‘The Cultural Critique of Bernard Stiegler: Reflecting on the Computational Performances of Klaus Obermaier; Neill O’Dwyer * 3. ‘The Flicker at the threshold of societies of control’; Sharon Phelan * 4. ‘The Right to Be Forgotten and The Image-Crimes of Digital Culture’; Matthew Causey * 5. ‘Materiality, immateriality and the dancing body; the challenge of the inter in the preservation of intangible cultural heritage’; Sarah Whatley * 6. ‘Performing (the Subject of) Exteriority: Virtuality, Mīmēsis, and the Gratuitous ‘One Must’’; Riku Roihankorpi * PART II: PRACTICES: EMBODIED NOTIONS OF ART AND TECHNOLOGY * 7. Introduction to Part II ; Matthew Causey, Emma Meehan & Néill O’Dwyer * 8. ‘Not Waving But Drowning: The Affect Of Random Programming On The Creation Of A Digital Performance Work’; Mary Oliver * 9. ‘BrainExplode! Audiences and agency through the appropriation of Videogame structures’; Dan Bergin * 10. ‘Relational Works-In-Movement Using The Body Response System’; Maria Coleman * 11. ‘Dancing With Dirt And Wires; Reconciling The Embodied And The Digital In Site Responsive Collaborative Practice’; Natalie Garrett Brown, Christian Kipp And Amy Voris * 12. ‘Jeanette Doyle: Fifteen Days And Factory Direct At The Andy Warhol Museum: The Relationship Between The ‘Immaterial’, ‘Dematerial’ And ‘Material’ In Contemporary Art Practice’; Jeanette Doyle * 13. ‘Inscribing Work And Process: The Ontological Implications Of Virtual Scoring Practices For Dance’; Hetty Blades * 14. ‘Traces And Artifacts Of Physical Intelligence’; Scott Delahunta * Index

Palgrave Studies in Performance and Technology May 2015 UK May 2015 US 248pp 22 b/w illustrations Hardback £55.00 / $90.00 / CN$104.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available


Motion Capture in Performance An Introduction Matt Delbridge, Tasmanian College of the Arts, Australia Motion Capture in Performance explores the historical origins, properties and implications of Motion Capture. It introduces a new mode of performance for the commercial film, animation, and console gaming industries - 'Performance Capture', a distinct interdisciplinary discourse in the fields of theatre, animation, performance studies and film. Contents: Introduction * 1.Infrastructure * 2.Language * 3.Space and the Frame * 4.Tool Use and Time * 5.Environmental Navigation * Conclusion * Links to Practical Examples * Bibliography * Notes * Index

March 2015 UK March 2015 US 104pp 18 b/w illustrations Hardback £45.00 / $67.50 / CN$78.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available

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Indian Modern Dance, Feminism and Transnationalism

NEW WORLD CHOREOGRAPHIES Edited by Rachel Fensham, University of Melbourne, Australia & Peter M Boenisch, University of Kent, UK

Prarthana Purkayastha Prarthana Purkayastha, Plymouth University, UK

Akram Khan Dancing New Interculturalism Royona Mitra, Brunel University, UK "In a valuable and timely step forward for scholarship on Indian dance, Mitra skillfully combines detailed work on specific artistic works by choreographer Akram Khan with thoughtful sociological analysis. The result is a worthwhile and very readable volume that moves the study of Indian dance into the 21st century." - Margaret Walker, Queen's University Kingston Ontario, Canada

This book examines modern dance as a form of embodied resistance to political and cultural nationalism in India through the works of five selected modern dance makers: Rabindranath Tagore, Uday Shankar, Shanti Bardhan, Manjusri Chaki Sircar and Ranjabati Sircar. Contents: Introduction * 1. Rabindranath Tagore and Eclecticism in Twentieth Century Indian Dance * 2. Uday Shankar and the Performance of Alterity in Indian Dance * 3. Shanti Bardhan and Dance as Protest * 4. Manjusri Chaki Sircar and Feminist New Dance * 5. Ranjabati Sircar and the Politics of Identity in Indian Dance * Conclusions * Notes * References * Index

Through seven key case studies from Khan's oeuvre, this book demonstrates how Akram Khan's 'new interculturalism' is a challenge to the 1980s western 'intercultural theatre' project, as a more nuanced and embodied approach to representing Othernesses, from his own position of the Other.

New World Choreographies

Contents: Contents * Preface * List of Images * Acknowledgements * Introduction * 1.Khan’s Body-Of-Action * 2.Corporeal Gestures in Gnosis (2010) * 3.Auto-ethnography and Loose in Flight (1999) * 4.’Third Space’ Politics in Zero Degrees (2005) and Desh (2011) * 5.Mobility and Flexibility in Bahok (2008) * 6.Queering Normativity in iTMOi (2013) * Conclusion * Notes * References * Appendix: List of Performances

October 2014 UK October 2014 US 232pp 20 b/w illustrations Hardback £55.00 / $90.00 / CN$104.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available 9781137375162

New World Choreographies May 2015 UK May 2015 US 224pp Hardback £55.00 / $90.00 / CN$104.00 Canadian Rights


Choreographic Dwellings Practising Place Edited by Gretchen Schiller, Brunel University, London, UK, Sarah Rubidge, University of Chichester, UK Choreographic Dwellings: Practising Place offers new readings of the kinaesthetic experiences of site-specific and nomadic performance, parkour, installation and walking practices. It extends the remit of the choreographic by reframing the kinaesthetic qualities of place as action. Contents: 1. Introduction; Gretchen Schiller and Sarah Rubidge * 2. Practicing Place; Gretchen Schiller and Sarah Rubidge * 3. Enduring Graving: Footnotes of Walking and Duration; Misha Myers * 4. Corpographia: A Processual Concept of the Urban Body; Fabiana Dultra Britto and Paola Berenstein Jacques * 5. Practicing Heritage: Weaving Actions and Meaning in the ‘Silence of the Lands’; Elisa Giaccardi * 6. Still.Moving; Helen Paris * 7. Territoires, Fraying at the Edges; Luc Boucris * 8. Chula in the City: Traditions, Translations and Tactics in the Brazilian Samba De Roda; Danielle Robinson and Jeff Packman * 9. The Body Library: Chor(e)ographic Approaches to Movement, Memory and Place; Gretchen Schiller * 10. Cena II The Remote Controlled Body; Maíra Spanghero * 11. Game Maps: Parkour Vision and Urban Relations; Julie Angel * Bibliography * Index

New World Choreographies August 2014 UK August 2014 US 240pp 22 b/w illustrations Hardback £55.00 / $90.00 / CN$104.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available




DANCE Contemporary Indian Dance New Creative Choreography in India and the Diaspora

Now available in paperback

Ketu Katrak, University of California, Irvine, USA "To read Katrak's book is to come away with a sense of delight in how far dance writing has come in capturing layered and multiple activities, perceptions, and knowledge." - Uttara Asha Coorlawala, Barnard College, Columbia University, USA Through discussion of a dazzling array of artists in India and the diaspora, this book delineates a new language of dance on the global stage. Myriad movement vocabularies intersect the dancers' creative landscape, while cutting-edge creative choreography parodies gender and cultural stereotypes, and represents social issues. Contents: Frontispiece * List of Illustrations * Series Preface * Glossary * Preface: Multiple Idioms of Contemporary Indian Dance * Acknowledgements * 1. Introduction: Theoretical Frames: Ways of Looking at Contemporary Indian Dance * 2. Contested Histories of ‘Revivals’ of Classical Indian Dance and Early Pioneers of Contemporary Indian Dance * 3. Abstract Dance with Rasa: Pioneers Astad Deboo and Shobana Jeyasingh * 4. Beyond Tradition: Contemporary Choreography by Masters of Traditional Indian Dance and Emerging Artists Innovating in Contemporary Choreography * 5. Hybrid Artists and Transnational Collaborations: Chennai, Toronto, Kuala Lumpur * 6. Dancing in the Diaspora Part I: North America * 7. Dancing in the Diaspora Part II: Britain * 8. Conclusion: Ways of Looking Ahead

Studies in International Performance November 2014 UK November 2014 US 288pp 36 b/w illustrations Paperback £18.99 / $29.00 / CN$33.50 Canadian Rights

Dance, Consumerism, and Spirituality C. S. Walter, Independent Scholar, USA "What if we could dance life? C. S. Walter's book is an introspective, fascinating, and thought-provoking exploration of dance, spirituality, and consumption. Her authorial voice drives readers through a very interesting personal and theoretical journey across literatures in religious studies, anthropology, aesthetics, marketing, and consumer research that puts the book at the center of body, gender, and the lived experience of mysticism." - Diego Rinallo, Associate Professor, Marketing and Consumer Culture, Kedge Business School, France and coauthor of Consumption and Spirituality (2012) Dance has proliferated in movies, television, Internet, and retail spaces while the spiritual power of dance has also been linked with mass consumption. Walter marries the cultural studies of dance and the religious aspects of dance in an exploration of consumption rituals, including rituals of being persuaded to buy products that include dance. Contents: Foreward; Jonathan Schroeder * Introduction: An Opening * 1. On the Spiritual Motivations for Dance Consumption * 2. Womanist Trans-modern Dance Metaphors of Consumer * 3. Value Creation and the Inner Mystic Dancer * 4. On Valuing Mystical Dance Experiences * 5. The Power of Dance in Cyberity * 6. Womanist Ideology In Service of A Mystical Worldview * Conclusion: A Continuing Passage October 2014 UK October 2014 US 208pp 4 b/w illustrations Hardback £55.00 / $90.00 / CN$104.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available



Multiplicity, Embodiment and the Contemporary Dancer Moving Identities

Embodied Performances

Now available in paperback

Sexuality, Gender, Bodies

Beatrice Allegranti, University of Roehampton, UK "Dr Allegranti offers a rare addition to the literature concerning Dance Movement Psychotherapy, in which she deconstructs taken-for-granted ideas surrounding gender and sexuality through the medium of dance performance and film. In so doing she has traversed several media, expertly negotiating and performing her own identities as therapist, choreographer, film maker and writer." Bonnie Meekums, Lecturer, University of Leeds, UK With a companion website that includes short online film episodes, this book proposes expansive ways of deconstructing and re-constituting sexuality and gender and thus more embodied and ethical ways of 'doing' life, and offers an understanding and critique of embodiment through an integration of performance, psychotherapy and feminist philosophy. Contents: Preface to the Paperback Edition * Acknowledgements * 1. Introduction * 2. Bodies as Knowledge * 3. Embodying Ethics * 4. The Autobiographical Body * 5. The Relational Body * 6. The Political Body * 7. Conclusions * Endnotes * Bibliography * Index April 2015 UK April 2015 US 240pp 59 b/w illustrations Paperback £18.99 / $29.00 / CN$33.50 Canadian Rights


Jennifer Roche, Queensland University of Technology, Australia "How refreshing is this – academic research written through the lived experience of a dancing performer. Dancers' embodied engagement with choreographic process and performance often slips through the net of academic research. Considered as ephemeral dancers' contributions remain unspoken and undocumented. In this book the author's voice vibrates loud and clear, as she allows us access to her thinking and movement-based research working as a dancer with four internationally recognized choreographers. Taking ownership of each stage of production, commissioning, choreographic process and performance, Jenny Roche documents the heart of her practice – dancing – contextualizing her experiences with a breath of knowledge drawn from philosophical and artistic sources. Yet this is more than a personal story. The author offers independent contemporary dancers a model for developing stylistic moving identities through practice led research that recognizes the powerful contributions made by dancers to choreographic process." - Emilyn Claid, Roehampton University, UK This book explores the co-creative practice of contemporary dancers solely from the point of view of the dancer. It reveals multiple dancing perspectives, drawn from interviews, current writing and evocative accounts from inside the choreographic process, illuminating the myriad ways that dancers contribute to the production of dance culture. Contents: Introduction * 1. Dancing Multiplicities * 2. Descending into Stillness: Rosemary Butcher * 3. Veils Within Veils: John Jasperse * 4. The Shape Remains: Jodi Melnick * 5. From Singular to Multiple: Liz Roche * 6. Corporeal Traces and Moving Identities * 7. Further Iterations and Final Reflections * Notes * Select Bibliography * Index March 2015 UK March 2015 US 224pp 10 b/w illustrations Hardback £55.00 / $90.00 / CN$104.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available

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The Dancer’s World, 1920 - 1945


Modern Dancers and their Practices Reconsidered Michael Huxley, De Montfort University, UK The dancer's world of the 1920s and 1930s was one where modern dancers individually and together began to mark out a new territory. This new book offers a broad narrative account of the period, whilst also providing an original analysis of the writing of dancers themselves from Europe and the USA as a starting point for further study.

August 2015 UK August 2015 US 80pp Hardback £45.00 / $67.50 / CN$78.00 Canadian Rights

PERFORMANCE PHILOSOPHY Edited by Laura Cull, Surrey University, UK , Alice Lagaay, Universität Bremen, Germany & Freddie Rokem, Tel Aviv University, Israel

Žižek and Performance Edited by Broderick Chow, Brunel University, UK, Alex Mangold, Aberystwyth University, UK The first edited volume to examine philosopher Slavoj Žižek's influence on, and his relevance for, theatre and performance studies. Featuring a brand new essay from Žižek himself, this is an indispensable contribution to the emerging field of Performance Philosophy.


Contents: Introduction: Performing Žižek: Hegel, Lacan, Marx and the Parallax View * 1. Kantor’s Symptom or Grotowski’s Fantasy?: Defining a Political Theatre over a Theatre of Politics; Bryce Lease * 2. The Lacanian Performative: Austin after Žižek; Geoff Boucher * 3. Who’s Watching? Me!: Theatrality, Spectatorship, and the Žižekian Subject; Peter M. Boenisch * 4. Žižek’s Death Drive, the Intervention of Grace and the Wagnerian Performative: Conceptualising the Director’s Subjectivity; Eve Katsouraki * 5. ‘Even if we do not take things seriously… we are still doing them’: Disidentification, Ideology, and Queer Performance; Stephen Greer * and more...

Performance Philosophy October 2014 UK October 2014 US 288pp 3 b/w illustrations Hardback £55.00 / $90.00 / CN$104.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available


Encounters in Performance Philosophy Edited by Laura Cull, Surrey University, UK, Alice Lagaay, Universität Bremen, Germany "Alice Lagaay and Laura Cull have assembled a number of breakthrough essays by contributors including noted French philosopher Jean-Luc Nancy, that engage, by intricate yet compelling means, the dissociation between the cognitive and performative in contemporary thought." - Avital Ronell, New York University, USA Encounters in Performance Philosophy is a collection of 14 essays by international researchers which demonstrates the vitality of the field of Performance Philosophy. The essays address a wide range of concerns common to performance and philosophy including: the body, language, performativity, mimesis and tragedy. Contents: PART I: BEGINNINGS * Preface; Laura Cull and Alice Lagaay * PART II: WHAT IS PERFORMANCE PHILOSOPHY? * 1. Performance Philosophy - Staging a New Field; Laura Cull * 2. Performing the Impossible – in Philosophy; Alice Lagaay in conversation with Alice Koubova * PART III: ON THE STAGE * 3. The Problem of the Ground: Martin Heidegger and Site-Specific Performance; Martin Puchner * 4. The Face and the Profile; Denis Guénoun * PART IV: ON THE ACTOR * 5. On ‘Bodies of Knowledge’: Conceptualizing the Art of Acting; Freddie Rokem * 6. The Most Mimetic Animal: An Attempt to Deconstruct the Actor’s Body; Esa Kirkkopelto * PART V: ON THE BODY IN/OF PERFORMANCE PHILOSOPHY * and more...

Performance Philosophy October 2014 UK October 2014 US 336pp 5 b/w illustrations Hardback £55.00 / $90.00 / CN$104.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available




Adorno and Performance Edited by Will Daddario, Illinois State University, USA, Karoline Gritzner, Aberystwyth University, UK "A richly evocative, heterodox body of his work as a philosopher, sociologist, musicologist, composer, aesthetician, and literary critic (and Adorno was all of these) is called on by scholar-critics who think (and think smartly) about theater in the broadest ways possible: all the world's a stage. This is a witty, highly informed, consistently thoughtful, indeed responsible investigation by young intellectuals as well as seasoned scholars, all of whom care about— and with pretty much equal concern—history, society, theater, performance, subjectivity, and human agency. Adorno speaks to them, but what they accomplish by way of Adorno is not a mirroring but a critical engagement for reasons that matter: the struggle for truths and the need for hope against whatever (usually considerable) odds." - Professor Richard Leppert, University of Minnesota, USA Adorno and Performance offers the first comprehensive examination of the vital role of performance within the philosophy of Theodor W. Adorno. Capacious in its ramifications for contemporary life, the term 'performance' here unlocks Adorno's dialectical thought process, which aimed at overcoming the stultifying uniformity of instrumental reason. Contents: 1. Introduction: Thinking Adorno and Performance; Will Daddario and Karoline Gritzner * 2. Of Adorno’s Beckett; Michal Kobialka * 3. Thoughts which do not understand themselves: On Adorno’s Dream Notes; Karoline Gritzner * 4. Performativisation and the Rescue of the Aesthetic Semblance; Andrea Sakoparnig * 5. On the ‘difference between preaching an ideal and giving artistic form to the historical tension inherent in it’; Mischa Twitchin * 6. Cooking Up a Theory of Performing; Anthony Gritten * and more...

Performance Philosophy October 2014 UK October 2014 US 264pp Hardback £55.00 / $90.00 / CN$104.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available


Performance and Temporalisation Time Happens Edited by Stuart Grant, Monash University, Australia, Jodie McNeilly, Monash University, Australia, Maeva Veerapen, Monash University, Australia Performance and Temporalisation features a collection of scholars and artists writing about the coming forth of time as human experience. Whether drawing, designing, watching performance, being baptised, playing cricket, dancing, eating, walking or looking at caves, each explores the making of time through their art, scholarship and everyday lives. Contents: Introduction * PART I: WORLD - SPACE - PLACE * 1. Timing Space - Spacing Time; Jeff Malpas * 2. Situated structures; Amanda Yates and Gemma Loving-Hutchins * 3. Suspended Moments; John Di Stefano and Dorita Hannah * 4. My Big Fat Greek Baptism; Ian Maxwell * 5. A Shared Meal; Jeff Stewart * PART II: SELF - MOVEMENT - BODY * 6. The Crannies of the Present; Brian Massumi * 7. Time Out of Joint; Jack Reynolds * 8. Three Propositions for a Movement of Thought; Erin Manning * 9. The Body in Time/Time in the Body; Lanei Rodemeyer * 10. A Moment of Creation; Maeva Veerapen * PART III: IMAGE - PERFORMANCE - TECHNOLOGY * 11. Temporalising Digital Performance; Jodie McNeilly * 12. Entanglement Theory Karen Pearlman and Richard James Allen * and more...

Performance Philosophy March 2015 UK February 2015 US 272pp 22 b/w illustrations Hardback £55.00 / $90.00 / CN$104.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available


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