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Tasks in Second Language Learning Virginia Samuda and Martin Bygate, both at Lancaster University, UK Using a wealth of practical examples, this book aims to bring more fully into debate the holistic nature of task-based language learning, and to outline the research implications of this perspective. Hardback • £60.00 • 9781403911865 / Paperback • £19.99 • 9781403911872

Online Communication in Language Learning and Teaching Marie-Noëlle Lamy and Regine Hampel, both at The Open University, UK This invaluable text offers a framework for thinking about technologies that allow online communication, such as forums, chatrooms, real-time platforms as well as virtual worlds and mobile devices, and the practical issues involved in using them. Hardback • £60.00 • 9780230001268 / Paperback • £19.99 • 9780230001275

Community Interpreting Sandra Beatriz Hale, University of Western Sydney, Australia This book offers a comprehensive overview of the field of Community Interpreting and specifically explores issues relating to research, training and practice. Hardback • £70.00 • 9781403940681 / Paperback • £19.99 • 9781403940698

COMING SOON ▶ Corpora & Language Education Lynne Flowerdew

▶ Literacies Anne Burns and Helen De Silva Joyce ▶ Exploring Discourse in Context and Action Christopher N Candlin and Stephen. H. Moore ▶ Language Policy David Cassels Johnson

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▶ Instructional Strategies and Processes in Language Education Devon Woods ▶ Language for Specific Purposes Sandra M. Gollin and David R. Hall ▶ Bilingual Education Marilyn Martin-Jones

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Research and Practice in Applied Linguistics If you want to keep abreast of research and practice and explore Applied Linguistics in action then this successful series of books provides some clear advantages: ▶ Books are written by leading researchers and practitioners with broad international experience in Applied Linguistics ▶ The acclaimed series structure offers clear, compact and thorough accounts of the current ideas and practice within a particular field, with case studies that exemplify these issues and practices ▶ Readers are instructed on how to develop their own research projects both to localise existing knowledge and to extend the boundaries of their chosen field Books in this series are ideal for MA or PhD students in Applied Linguistics, TESOL or similar subject areas and for language professionals keen to extend their research experience. Series Editors: Christopher N. Candlin and David R. Hall, Macquarie University, Australia

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Children Learning Second Languages Annamaria Pinter, University of Warwick A comprehensive guide to research and debate, centring around language learning in childhood, the age factor and the different contexts where language learning happens, including home and school. The scope is wide, capturing examples of studies with different age groups, different methodological approaches and different languages. Hardback • £60.00 • 9780230203419 Paperback • £19.99 • 9780230203426

The Developing Language Learner An Introduction to Exploratory Practice

Dick Allwright, formerly Lancaster University, UK and Judith Hanks, Leeds University, UK This book documents, through learner and teacher narratives from around the world, how Exploratory Practice can engage learners as developing practitioners of learning, and enhance the learning process by enriching human relationships in the classroom. Hardback • £65.00 • 9781403985316 / Paperback • £19.99 • 9781403985323

Intercultural Interaction

A Multidisciplinary Approach to Intercultural Communication

Researching Vocabulary A Vocabulary Research Manual

Norbert Schmitt, University of Nottingham Schmitt provides a thorough overview of a wide range of vocabulary research methodologies, offering practical advice on how to carry out valid and reliable research on first and second language vocabulary. The book includes an extensive resources section which outlines the lexical tests, corpora, software, internet sites, and other resources available to vocabulary researchers. Hardback • £60.00 • 9781403985354 Paperback • £19.99 • 9781403985361

Helen Spencer-Oatey, University of Warwick, UK and Peter Franklin, University of Applied Sciences, Germany Written in a highly accessible style and in four parts, this book provides rapid and authoritative access to current ideas and practice in intercultural communication. It draws on concepts and findings from a range of different disciplines and uses authentic examples of intercultural interaction to illustrate points. Hardback • £60.00 • 9781403986306 / Paperback • £19.99 • 9781403986313

Researching Communication Disorders Alison Ferguson, University of Newcastle, Australia and Elizabeth Armstrong, Macquarie University, Australia This book provides an interdisciplinary description of the theoretical frameworks in the field of communication disorders and an overview of the main current methodological approaches. Hardback • £65.00 • 9780230004504 / Paperback • £19.99 • 9780230004511

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