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Rights Guide January - June 2013

WELCOME to the Palgrave Macmillan January-June 2013 Rights Guide. This catalogue features some of our newest books available for translation, introducing you to the broad selection of titles we have available. If you are interested in any of the titles featured in our Rights Guide, please contact us at the email address below. Provided that the appropriate language rights are available, we will be pleased to send you reading copies to review. We look forward to working with you. Elisa Risquez – Senior Foreign Rights Executive Lauren Russell – Rights Executive

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: Breaking Boundaries Publishing across the Humanities, the Social Sciences and Business, palgrave}pivot introduces an innovative new format for scholarly research. Liberating scholarship from the straitjacket of traditional formats and business models, palgrave}pivot offers authors the flexibility of publishing at lengths between the journal article and the conventional monograph.

December 2012 | 107pp 216x138mm Hardback | £37.50 9781137311627

October 2012 | 188pp 216x138mm Hardback | £30.00 9781137301284

October 2012 | 144pp 216x138mm 10 photographs and 19 b/w tables Hardback | £37.50 9781137301666

October 2012 | 124pp 216x138mm Hardback | £30.00 9781137277060

January 2013 | 168pp 216x138mm Hardback | £30.00 9781137332202

October 2012 | 96pp 216x138mm Hardback | £30.00 9781137299826

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October 2012 | 164pp 216x138mm 3 figures 3 b/w tables Hardback | £37.50 9781137276797

January 2013 | 148pp 216x138mm 1 chart Hardback | £30.00 9781137325143

October 2012 | 154pp 216x138mm 4 b/w tables Hardback | £30.00 9781137274328

October 2012 | 124pp 216x138mm Hardback | £30.00 9781137301734

February 2013 | 128pp 216x138mm Hardback | £45.00 9780230391895

October 2012 | 98pp 216x138mm Hardback | £25.00 9781137275424

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Hit Brands How Music Builds Value for the World's Smartest Brands Daniel Jackson, Cutting-Edge Commercial, Richard Jankovich, pioneer in music and sonic branding and Eric Sheinkop, Co-Founder and President of Music Dealers

How the 5 Senses Influence Buying Behavior Aradhna Krishna, Dwight F. Benton Professor of Marketing, Ross School of Business University of Michigan (USA). Having previously served as a faculty member at Columbia University New York University and the National University of Singapore. Her work on investigating how consumers respond to changes in pricing promotion packaging and branding has been cited in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, the Chicago Tribune, the Huffington Post and on NPR. An insightful look at how touch, taste, smell, sound and appearance affect how customers relate to products on a sensory level and how small sensory changes can make a huge impact. Customer Sense describes how managers can use this knowledge to improve packaging branding and advertising to captivate the consumer's senses. Contents: Introduction / Vision / Audition / Smell / Taste / Touch / Conclusion May 2013 208pp 234x156mm 9 b/w line drawings and 17 colour illustrations Hardback ÂŁ20.00 9780230341739 All languages available

Music is a battleground for the hearts and minds of customers. Brands need music. In this definitive guide to how brands harness the power of music to drive business, three leading industry experts show you how to create and execute successful music strategies with lasting impact. Every major global brand already uses and invests in music as part of its communications, but very few have created 'hits'. Music has the power to make a brand instantly recognised and loved, so what are the secrets? Including case studies from Coke, Sephora, NESCAFE and Converse and ranging from the strategic use of mnemonics to harnessing conversations in social media, Hit Brands is a practical guide from three pioneers of music branding that defines a seminal moment in the history of music, as brands start to create and own music for the benefit of their customers. Contents: Foreword / History of Music and Brand Relationship / Brands at the New Majors / Introduction to 3 Strategic Models / Music as Identity: Case Studies and Interviews / Music as Engagement: Case Studies and Interviews / Music as Revenue: Case Studies and Interviews / Multimodal Strategies: Best Practice for Brands and Music / Flipping the Equation: Brand Strategies for Music / Mapping the Future June 2013 256pp 234x156mm Hardback ÂŁ24.99 9781137271471 All languages available

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Brand Breakout How Emerging Market Brands Will Go Global Nirmalya Kumar, Professor of Marketing and Co-Director of Aditya Birla India Centre, London Business School (UK). He is one of the worlds leading thinkers on strategy and marketing; having also taught at Harvard Business School IMD and Northwestern University. His research has been widely published in journals such as Harvard Business Review and Journal of Marketing Research and Jan-Benedict E.M Steenkamp, C. Knox Massey Distinguished Professor of Marketing and Marketing, Area Chair, Kenan-Flagler Business School, University of North Carolina (USA). He also is Executive Director of AiMark, a global institute, bringing together top academics and leading global companies. Ask a person on any street in the West to quickly name a brand from emerging markets and you will draw a blank. A study of consumers in France, Germany, and the UK revealed how low the spontaneous recall of Chinese brands is. Emerging market companies are painfully aware of this. Many leading companies from emerging markets feel that their country of origin's image handicaps them and presents an obstacle when selling their products and services to western consumers. In Brand Breakout, marketing experts Dr. Kumar and Jan Steenkamp examine how companies, from what are now considered emerging markets, will successfully reach, and in some cases are already reaching, the developed world as consumer brands. The authors outline eight strategies that emerging market brands can pursue to become truly global consumer brands. While some emerging companies and brands will fail (as is also the case for Western brands!), the strategies and their underlying strategic brand-building principles are here to stay.

Why buy this book? • A unique approach to emerging brands: No other book approaches the topic of emerging brands and economies from this angle • Outstanding list of brands and insider interviews: drawing on academic and practitioner research, and their consulting experience, Kumar and Steenkamp illustrate their practical advice with case studies, examples and interviews from highprofile brands including Corana, Emirates and Nandos Contents: Introduction / From B2B to B2C / Travel the Japanese Route / Use the Diaspora as Beachhead / Acquire and Migrate / Build National Champions / Brand Natural Resources / Leverage Country of Origin for Global Advantage / Overcome the Country of Origin Disadvantage / Conclusion June 2013 256pp 234x156mm Hardback £16.99 9781137276612 All languages available except Simplified Chinese

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All Above Board

The Proactive Leader

Creating The Ideal Corporate Board

How To Overcome Procrastination And Be A Bold Decision-Maker

Ulf Lindgren, founded the Nordic Management Group in the 1980s. After that he became the Director and Board member of Bain & Company International Inc. and was the Founder and Managing Partner for Bain & Company Nordic. He was actively involved and played a role in the foundation of Bain Capital Europe in the late ‘90s and was the Founder and Executive Chairman of Net Insight AB and also co-founded and was a Director of BTS Group. Ulf Lindgren passed away in June 2012. Based on unique access interviews with leading chairmen and senior executives, All Above Board examines the key functions of the ideal 21st century board, how and why badly led boards fail, and what changes can be made to improve board behavior and efficiency for best practice. Contents: Introduction / The Board of the Future / Enhancing the Chairman's Value / Chairman and CEO Tandem at the Top / The One Team Board Challenge / The Board and Innovation / Boosting Peak Performance / Setting Strategic Agendas / Summary and Conclusions / Research Methodology June 2013 192pp 234x156mm Hardback £26.00 9781137264251 All languages available

David De Cremer, Professor of Management, China Europe International Business School (CEIBS; Shanghai) and Visiting Professor, London Business School (UK). Before joining CEIBS he was a Professor of Behavioural Business Ethics, Rotterdam School of Management (Erasmus University) the Scientific Director of the Erasmus Centre of Behavioural Ethics and an elected member of the Young Academy of the Royal Dutch Academy of Sciences.

Too many decisions are taken too slowly or not at all because of the dithering behaviour of our leaders; often leading to failure of the project or worse the organization. See how procrastination has led to major contemporary leadership failures and learn how to recognize and resolve the problem in yourself and others. Contents: Introduction / The Psychology of the Leader / The Psychology of the Situation / Culture Global Leadership and Procrastination / The Consequences of Delaying Decisions / Leadership Perceptions and Procrastination / An Interactive Model / What to Do? / The 'Leadership on Hold' - Survey / References / Biography May 2013 190pp 234x156mm Hardback £19.99 9781137290267 All languages available except Dutch

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Untapped Talent

The New Workforce Challenge

Unleashing the Power of the Hidden Workforce

How Today's Leading Companies Are Adapting For the Future

Dani Monroe, President and founder of Center Focus International. In her 20 years of diversity and organizational change work she has developed a keen understanding of their relationship to an organization’s bottom line. Her expertise is to connect diversity and organizational change to that bottom line so that both individuals and the organization benefit. A practical guide packed with examples of organizations that have successfully tapped into the hidden talents of their workforce. Managers will learn to recognize and mine some key fundamental leadership traits that are essential for a competitive business. Contents: Introduction: Living Insanity / When Lightning Strikes / The Hidden Workforce / Why Talent Goes Tapped / Blame the Brain / The Cultural Catapult: Finding and Launching Untapped Talent / Creating Budds: The Serendipitous Skills of Untapped Talent / Personally Sound: Tapping into Your Talents / The Three R's: Emerging from the Hidden Workforce / Seeing Solutions: The Role of Resourcefulness / Failing Forward: The Role of Resilience / Standing Firm: The Role of Resolve / The Future of Tapped Talent

Andrés Hatum, IAE Business School - Universidad Austral (Argentina). He has done his PhD in Management and Organization at Warwick Business School (University of Warwick), UK. He also obtained a BA in Politics and International Relationships. He later furthered his education with an Executive MBA at IAE Business and Management School.

Few books go into enough depth to really understand the differences between the future generations of professionals to come, and the ones that have gone before. This innovative book examines how the workplace and workforce will be shaped in the future and shows organizations the ways in which they will have to adapt to succeed. Contents: PART I: ORGANIZING AND THE NEW AGILE AND VIRTUAL FIRM / PART II: DEMOGRAPHIC CHANGES IN THE WORKPLACE / PART III: ATTRACTING MILLENNIALS TO THE WORKPLACE / PART IV: NEW LEARNING PARADIGMS AND THE CHALLENGE OF DEVELOPING THE FUTURE LEADERS / PART V: THE NEW RE-ALIGNMENT CONTRACT

May 2013 192pp 234x156mm 2 b/w tables and 1 figure Hardback £18.99 9781137282224

April 2013 192pp 234x156mm 12 b/w tables and 27 figures Hardback £26.00 9781137302984

All languages available

All languages available except Spanish

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Vested Outsourcing 2nd edition Kate Vitasek, Founder and Managing Partner of Supply Chain Visions, a Kirkland, WA consulting firm that specializes in supply-chain strategy and education with Mike Ledyard, Veteran executive of international sourcing, manufacture, and importation, as well as the co author of Keeping Score: Measuring the Business Value of Logistics in the Supply Chain and Karl Manrodt, Professor of Management, Marketing, and Logistics, Georgia Southern University (USA) and Director of the Southern Center for Logistics and Intermodal Transportation In her classic book Vested Outsourcing, Kate Vitasek identified the top 10 flaws in most outsourced business models and showed organizations how to rethink their outsourcing relationships in a way that will lower costs, improve service, and increase innovation. This revised edition includes updated case studies and a new chapter based on Dell.

Why buy this book? • Redefines outsourcing to create a win-win situation for both the company that outsources and the business that they outsource to • Demonstrates that outsourcing can actually improve the business function of an entire company by improving the bottom line, creating efficiencies, improving process, and contributing to the intellectual property of a business • In this revision the author has updated the case studies and, included a new introduction Contents: The Whole Nine Yards / The History of Outsourcing: Lessons Learn / The 10 Viruses in Non-Vested Outsourcing or Conventional vs. Traditional Outsourcing / Changing the Game / Game Theory/Economics of Innovation / Lay the Ground Work / Understand the Business / Align Interests / Establish the Contract / Manage the Performance May 2013 240pp 234x156mm Hardback £28.00 9781137297198 All languages available

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Conquering Global Markets

Humanizing the Web

Secrets from the World’s Most Successful Multinationals

Change and Social Innovation Harri Oinas-Kukkonen, Professor of Information Systems, University of Oulu (Finland). He has been listed among the hundred most influential ICT experts in the country and Henry Oinas -Kukkonen, Senior Lecturer in History and Adjunct Professor of History of International Relations and Information Networks, University of Oulu (Finland)

Nancy A. Hubbard, one of Britain's leading experts on acquisition strategy and implementation. She is a Director of Hubbard & Associates, a specialist mergers and acquisitions firm, works with KPMG on acquisition issues and is also an Associate Fellow at Oxford University's Templeton College (UK)

Conquering Global Markets offers assessments of the issues, statistics, cases, and best practices of mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures and alliances throughout the world. Using information gleaned from interviews with CEOs, the book provides insights into making global M&As successful. Contents: Introduction / From the Beginning: Pre-deal Opportunities / Negotiation / The First Days / On Going Implementation / Future Activities / Growing the Top Line / Alliances Cross Holdings and Joint Ventures / Europe / Soviet Union and Former Russian Bloc / Middle East and Africa / Developed Australasia / China / Emerging Asian Markets / North America / Central and South America / Conclusion March 2013 240pp 234x156mm Hardback £26.00 9780230293557 All languages available

Offers a vivid description of the ongoing transformation of the web into something that is widely recognized, and that will have an enormous impact on how people work and live in the future. Presents concepts that will help readers understand why the web evolved as it did, what is going on right now, and what will happen next. Contents: List of Figures / Preface / Acknowledgements / Introduction and History / Social Web as a Transformer / Social Web as an Innovation Accelerator / Social Web as a Humanizer / Final Remarks / Notes/Endnotes / References / Primary sources / Index February 2013 264pp 234x156mm 3 figures Hardback £40.00 9781137305695 All languages available

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Business Information Systems

The Realities of Work

2nd edition

Experiencing Work and Employment in Contemporary Society 4th edition

Paul Beynon-Davies, Professor of Organisational Informatics, Cardiff Business School, Cardiff University (UK). He spent several years in the ICT industry and is the author of a number of highly successful books including Information Systems, Information Systems Development and Database Systems Provides a comprehensive but focused introduction for business students to the application of information systems in organizations. It uses a systems-theory approach, with extensive examples and case studies. Terminology is admirably clear and topics are interconnected so that students get a sense of the whole, not a series of isolated issues. Contents: PART I: KEY CONCEPTS / PART II: UNDERSTANDING ICT / PART III: APPLYING INFORMATION SYSTEMS TO BUSINESS / PART IV: MANAGING INFORMATION SYSTEMS IN BUSINESS June 2013 512pp 276x216mm Paperback ÂŁ49.99 9781137265807 All languages available

Mike Noon, School of Business & Management Queen Mary University of London (UK), Paul Blyton, Cardiff Business School Cardiff University (UK) and Kevin Morrell, Warwick Business School University of Warwick (UK)

'The Realities of Work is now established as a key introductory text to classical ideas and new research about work and employment in today's workplace. With a focus on the skills, routines and survival strategies used by workers to manoeuvre their way through controls technologies and obstacles to meaningful knowledgeable and balanced working life Mike Noon Paul Blyton and Kevin Morrell have updated research across all 14 chapters to maintain the relevance of the text for understanding and explaining trends in the modern workplace.' - Professor Chris Smith, Royal Holloway University of London (UK ) The Realities of Work offers students a critical take on management and the experience of work. This newlyrevised edition also takes account of the effects of the Global Financial Crisis on work and employment. Contents: Preface / Exploring the Realities of Work / The Changing Context of Work / The Meaning of Work / Time and Work / Work Skills / Work Routines and Skill Change / Emotion Work / Knowledge and Work / Survival Strategies and Work / Unfair Discrimination at Work / Representation at Work / Hidden Work / Life and Work / Conclusion / Bibliography / Index March 2013 432pp 246x189mm Paperback ÂŁ35.99 9780230213043 All languages available

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Economics and Ethics An Introduction Revised edition Amitava Krishna Dutt and Charles K. Wilber, both at University of Notre Dame (USA)

The End of a Common Currency Dimitris N. Chorafas, has served on the faculty of the Catholic University of America and as Visiting Professor, Washington State University, George Washington University, University of Vermont, University of Florida and Georgia Institute of Technology (United States) as well as the University of Alberta (Canada), Technical University of Karlsruhe (Germany), Ecole d’Etudes Industrielles de l’Université de Genève and Ecole Polytechnic Fédérale de Lausanne (Switzerland), Polish Academy of Sciences (Poland), and Russian Academy of Sciences (Russia) The Euro was planned as a common currency for the European Union's member states, bringing economically strong nations like Germany and Holland and weaker nations like Greece, Spain and Italy under one set of currency rules. A dozen years of its implementation have shown that the planning was incomplete at best - add to this the weight of a deepening debt crisis among western nations, which continues unabated, and Europe has a very deep financial hole to climb out of. The time has therefore come to prepare for the foreseeable Euro breakup and to confront the redenomination risk associated to it. Contents: The Break-up of the Euro Is a Probable 'Impossibility' / The Lack of Leadership is Deeply Felt in Western Countries / The 19th 'Summit's' Miracle Weapons; June 28/29 2012 / ECB EFSF ESM Eurobonds and Political Horse Trading / Throwing Money to a Four-Letter Wind: LTRO / Fiscal Compact and Outright Monetary Transactions / TARGET2. The Creeping Risk of a Financial Nuclear Bomb / Redenomination Risk Following a Euro Break-up

'...within its chosen frame of reference the authors have made a substantial contribution.' - Economic & Political Weekly This book analyses the relationship between economics and ethics, explaining how ethics affects individual economic behaviour and the interactions of individuals. It explores ethics in the context of evaluating the performance of economies. This revised edition engages with contemporary ethical issues such as the role of greed in the financial crisis. Contents: PART I: INTRODUCTION AND BACKGROUND / PART II: ETHICAL VALUES INDIVIDUAL BEHAVIOR AND SOCIAL INTERACTIONS / PART III: ETHICAL ISSUES FOR EVALUATING ECONOMICS AND ECONOMIC POLICY ANALYSIS / PART IV: APPLICATIONS AND CONCLUSION June 2013 280pp 216x138mm 7 b/w tables and 7 figures Paperback £20.00 9781137347558 All languages available

July 2013 224pp 216x140mm 1 b/w table Hardback £62.50 9781137333261 All languages available

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Intelligent Investing A Guide to the Practical and Behavioural Aspects of Investment Strategy

Cloud Computing in Financial Services Bernardo Nicoletti, University of Tor Vergata (Italy), graduated from the Polytechnic School of Turin, Italy and has an MSEE from Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA (USA). He worked for GE Capital, as Group CTO, and AIG, with assignments in Italy, UK, USA and Argentina.

Guy Fraser-Sampson, Cass Business School (UK) consultant, writer, and market commentator in the areas of investment management, private equity, alternative investments, and investment strategy.

The first ever practical guide for investors on how to initiate and conduct a strategic planning exercise. It explains the concepts and behavioural factors likely to be encountered, and shows how a clear understanding of an investor's strategic positioning flows naturally into good asset allocation practice. Contents: What is Strategy? / Conducting the Process / What Sort of Investor Are We? Different Perspectives on Liquidity and Volatility / SWOT Analysis for Investors / What are we Trying to Achieve? / Asset Allocation: Theory and Practice / Asset Allocation in Practice / How to Access Asset Types: Selecting Passive and Active Managers / New Developments: Trend and Risk Factor Investing / Ten 'Do' and 'Don't' Guidelines / Concluding Thoughts: Where are we Going? July 2013 192pp 234x156mm 2 figures Hardback £34.99 9781137264084 All languages available

'Cloud computing is a must in the current transformation process that the banking and financial industry are going through. To put a whole bank in the cloud will be the driver. In this book, Bernardo Nicoletti provides a clear, insightful and practical guide on how this can be achieved.' - Julio Yepes Sánchez CEO of BBVA Financial institutions must become more innovative in the conduct of their business. Cloud computing helps to achieve several objectives: innovative services, re-engineered processes, business agility, and value optimization. Research consultancy practice and case studies in this book consider the opportunities and risks with vendor relationships. Contents: The Transformation of Financial Institutions / Cloud Computing / Cloud Computing in Financial Institutions / Controls on Cloud Computing / The Future of ICT in Financial Institutions / Case Study: A Large European Bank / Conclusions / Glossary / Bibliography April 2013 240pp 216x138mm Hardback £65.00 9781137273635 All languages available

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International Finance


4th edition Keith Pilbeam, Professor of International Economics and Finance, City University, London, (UK). He teaches on the international programmes of Boston University (USA) and has been a Visiting Professor at the European University Institute in Florence (Italy).

'International Finance offers a comprehensive introduction to the subject – covering theory policy and empirical situations. But the author also manages to succeed in adding that extra bit of understanding without ever becoming too technical.' - Franc Klaassen, Associate Professor of International Economics University of Amsterdam, (The Netherlands) 'Keith Pilbeam's new edition of an already excellent textbook in international finance now includes chapters on the eurozone crisis as well as on the financial innovations that help us to understand the causes of the current financial crisis. This updated edition is highly recommended to students as well as practitioners with a general interest in international finance.' - Michael Bergman, Associate Professor of Economics, University of Copenhagen (Denmark) International Finance is an established and internationally renowned introduction to the subject for undergraduate and postgraduate students. It draws on recent events to provide comprehensive coverage of traditional theories and new research relating to the balance of payments exchange rate determination and the international monetary system.

Comparative Government and Politics An Introduction 9th edition Rod Hague and Martin Harrop, both at University of Newcastle upon Tyne (UK)

'A truly outstanding introduction: it is comprehensive superbly structured and remarkably accessible. It successfully combines substantive themes with core concepts theoretical approaches and research strategies. This latest edition not only updates the previous one but improves on it.' - Rudy Andeweg, Leiden University (The Netherlands) Long established as the leading text in the field, the new edition has been comprehensively updated and rewritten. Accessible student-friendly and truly international in its coverage this edition includes an brand new chapter on voters and increased coverage of rising powers such as India and Brazil.


Contents: Political Concepts / The State / Democracy / Authoritarian Rule / Theoretical Approaches / Political Culture / Political Communication / Political Participation / Interest Groups / Political Parties / Elections / Voters / Constitutions and Law / Multilevel Governance / Legislatures / The Political Executive / Bureaucracy and Public Management / The Policy Process / Comparative Methods

February 2013 580pp 246x189mm Paperback £44.99 9780230362895

May 2013 424pp 246x189mm Paperback £28.99 9780230368156

All languages available

All languages available

Rights Guide January-June 2013 | 13

Politics 4th edition

Andrew Heywood, Author of such bestselling texts as Global Politics Political Ideologies and Political Theory used by hundreds of thousands of students around the world.

'A remarkable textbook - and even better in this enhanced and redesigned new edition! Balanced and authoritative and very effectively supported with informative and insightful text boxes Politics provides a wonderfully accessible and comprehensive introduction to the subject.' - Jonathon W. Moses, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim (Norway) 'If you want to understand what politics can do what it can't do and how it works I can think of no better starting point. This new edition more than ever succeeds in bringing the subject to life for those coming to the subject for the first time while offering fresh insights and perspectives for all.' - Gerry Stoker, University of Southampton (UK)

Reviews of the previous edition: 'Politics is simply the best introductory guide available for the subject. Andrew Heywood defines the theory and practice of politics in a rigorous, lively and highly accessible way. This book is indispensable for any student of politics and a " must" for introductory reading lists for politics tutors.' - Professor Jon Tonge, University of Liverpool (UK) 'In addition to Heywood's accessible style of writing the book certainly benefits from many of the pedagogical features incorporated into the text. The sets of questions outlining of key concepts mini biographical profiles of specific philosophers and important people focus boxes diagrammatic representations and suggestions for further reading are all valuable informative features and aide-memoires.' - Dr Jacqui Briggs, Senior Lecturer in Politics, University of Lincoln (UK) 'I have enjoyed using Politics and find it a font of knowledge at my finger tips.' - Dr Rae Nicholl, University of South Pacific (Fiji) 'Overall Politics offers a thorough and solid overview of the essential material for an introduction to political science or comparative politics.' - Professor Joel D. Wolfe, University of Cincinnati (USA) The fully revised and updated fourth edition of this highly successful text offers a truly comprehensive introduction to the study of politics, written from an international perspective.

Why buy this book? • Written by Andrew Heywood, the bestselling textbook author • Includes new features to stimulate and consolidate students' learning • Offers a genuinely international perspective Contents: What is Politics? / Political Ideas and Ideologies / Politics and the State / Democracy and Legitimacy / Nations and Nationalism / Political Economy and Globalization /Politics Society and Identity / Political Culture and the Media / Representation Elections and Voting / Parties and Party Systems / Groups Interests and Movements / Governments Systems and Regimes / Political Executives and Leadership / Assemblies / Constitutions Law and Judges / Public Policy and the Bureaucracy / Multilevel Politics / Security: Domestic and International / World Order and Global Governance / A Crisis in Politics? March 2013 520pp 246x189mm Paperback £29.99 9780230363380 All languages available except Croatian

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Theories of International Relations

Issues in 21st Century World Politics

5th edition

2nd edition

Scott Burchill, Deakin University (Australia), Andrew Linklater, University of Wales Aberystwyth (UK), Richard Devetak, University of Queensland (Australia), Jack Donnelly, University of Denver (USA), Terry Nardin, National University of Singapore (Singapore), Matthew Paterson, University of Ottawa (Canada), Christian Reus-Smit, Australian National University (Australia) and Jacqui True, Monash University (Australia)

'Books that get to a fifth edition are clearly doing something right. It is no mystery why this excellent text continues to be used around the world. Comprehensive coverage impressive depth of analysis and beautifully written chapters all combine to make it highly recommended for both undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Courses that do not use it are missing out so are their students!' - Colin Wight, University of Sydney (Australia) The fully updated and revised fifth edition of this widelyused text provides a comprehensive survey of leading perspectives in the field. Updated throughout to take account of major events and developments such as the Arab Spring, it also includes new material on neo-realism and neo-liberalism postcolonialism and cosmopolitanism. Contents: Introduction / Realism / Liberalism / The English School Marx and Marxism / Historical Sociology / Critical Theory / Post-structuralism / Constructivism / Feminism / Green Politics / International Political Theory April 2013 392pp 234x156mm Paperback £27.99 9780230362239 All languages available

Mark Beeson, Murdoch University (Australia) and Nick Bisley, La Trobe University (Australia)

'The editors are to be congratulated on this outstanding new edition. In a world where all the signposts seem to be disappearing – where the novel and the unexpected have become the norm – this most readable and comprehensive book is a wonderful guide to the central issues facing us all in the 21st century.' - Michael Cox, London School of Economics and Political Science (UK) Fully revised, the second edition of this popular text provides an incisive and accessible survey of the key issues in world politics. Written by an international team of experts, the text includes new chapters on the media and international law as well as updated chapters on pressing issues such as climate change and resource security. Sample of Contents: Issues in 21st Century World Politics: An Introduction - Mark Beeson & Nick Bisley / Emerging Powers and the Changing Global Landscape - Nick Bisley / Globalization and Statehood - Philip G. Cerny / Governing the Global Economy: Multilateral Economic Institutions Richard Higgot / Regions and Regionalism in World Politics - Shaun Breslin / Global Financial Crises - Timothy J. Sinclair / Ways of War in the 21st Century - Caroline Kennedy & Thomas Waldman / Peace-keeping Operations and Humanitarian Intervention - Alex J. Bellamy / Transnational Terrorism - Andrew Phillips / New Forms of Security and the Challenge for Human Security - Edward Newman / Inequality and Underdevelopment - Ray Kiely / Population Movement and its Impact on World Politics - Anne Hammerstad / Climate Change and the Politics of the Global Environment - Neil Carter April 2013 360pp 234x156mm 1 b/w table Paperback £27.99 9780230362871 All languages available

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European Politics

Why Europe Matters

A Comparative Introduction 3rd edition

The Case for the European Union John McCormick, Jean Monnet Professor of European Union Politics, Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI), (USA). He originally trained in journalism and worked for eight years in the information departments of two London-based environmental interest groups before becoming an academic since when he has published a wide range of books on the EU and other subjects.

Tim Bale, Professor of Politics, Sussex University (UK). He has published widely on European and British politics.

Praise for the previous edition: 'This is not only the book I would like to use it is also the book I would like to have written. It is certainly one that I will recommend to students as an introduction. Hats off to Bale for undertaking such an ambitious task.' - Dr Erik Jones, Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies, Bologna Center, Johns Hopkins University (Italy) The fully revised 3rd edition of this popular text provides a thematically organized introduction to the governance and politics of Europe. An accessible up-to-date guide, it covers the institutions and issues that matter and uses 9 representative countries as case studies throughout. Contents: Introduction / Europe: A Continent in the Making / The End of the Nation State? / From Government to Governance: Running the State Making Policy and Policing the Constitution / Governments and Parliaments: A Long Way from Equality / Parties: How the Past Affects the Present and An Uncertain Future / Elections Voting and Referendums: Systems Turnout Preferences and Unpredictability / The Media: Player and Recorder / Participation and Pressure Politics: Civil Society Organised Interests and Social Movements / Politics Over Markets: Does Politics – and Left and Right – Still Matter? / Not Wanted but Needed: Migrants and Minorities / Protecting and Promoting: Europe's International Politics May 2013 480pp 246x189mm 61 figures, 68 b/w tables and 6 maps Paperback £28.99 9780230362949 All languages available

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'Sceptical voices have been a constant accompaniment to the construction of a Europe 'united in diversity' and as John McCormick reminds us there have been many memorable predictions over the years of its impending crisis or death. With his wide knowledge of history and expertise as a seasoned political analyst he is well aware of both the strengths and weaknesses of this process and of the inevitability of periods of stagnation and crisis as well as periods of dynamism.' - Jacques Delors, Former President of the European Commission In this insightful and engaging new book, John McCormick argues that the current climate of gloom makes it more important than ever to remind people about the achievements of Europe. The book makes a clear and unequivocal case that shows how the EU in spite of its problems has made Europe a better, more peaceful and more prosperous place. Contents: Introduction / What is Europe? / Europe as a Peacemaker / Europe as a Marketplace / Europe as a Democracy / Europe as a Community / Europe as a Model / Europe as a Global Player / Where To From Here? / Twenty Reasons Why Europe Matters June 2013 216pp 198x129mm 7 figures, 5 b/w tables and 1 map Paperback £14.99 9781137016874 All languages available

Rethinking Latin America


Development Hegemony and Social Transformation Ronaldo P. Munck, Head of Civic and Global Engagement, Dublin City University, (Ireland) and holds visiting chairs in Development Studies, University of Liverpool, (UK), St Mary's University in Nova Scotia (Canada), and the University of Norköping, (Sweden)

Latin America is assuming an increasingly important position on the world stage with its heterodox economic policies and bold political experiments, attracting world-wide attention in an era characterized by a general crisis of perspectives. Since European colonization from 1500 onwards, the region has played a key role in the modernization and enrichment of Europe and the West. Today, the West is in crisis and the whole Enlightenment discourse is thrown into question. Is it possible that Latin America now shows the West where it is heading? With complex, dynamic, conflictual, but, above all, original processes of development - and with new visions of social transformation and new constructions of hegemony - the region offers a fascinating laboratory for the rest of the world and, maybe, a mirror of the future. Contents: Placing Latin America / Conquest to Modernity (1510-1910) / Nation-Making (1910 – 1964) / Hegemony Struggles (1959 – 1976) / Market Hegemony (1973 – 2001) / Social Counter-movement (1998 – 2012) / Globalization Within (1510 – 2010) March 2013 246pp 216x140mm 1 b/w table Hardback £55.00 9781137004116 All languages available

Paralysed with Fear The Story of Polio Gareth Williams, Professor of Medicine and former Dean of Faculty, University of Bristol (UK). He has written and co-authored over 20 books, including the Textbook of Diabetes (BMA Book of the Year, 1997) and has contributed to more than 30 others, including the Oxford Textbook of Medicine

For much of the twentieth century, polio inspired terror as the 'morning paralysis' which could break into any home and disable or kill a previously healthy person. The cruelty of the disease is epitomised by the iconic images of the crippled child and the iron lung. This story of mankind's struggle against polio is compelling, exciting and full of twists and pardoxes. One of the grand challenges of modern medicine, it was a battleground between good and bad science. Some research won Nobel Prizes; other work was flawed or fraudulent, holding up progress and endangering patients' lives. Gareth Williams takes an original view of the journey to understanding and defeating polio, exploring the profoundly moving experiences of victims alongside the medical and scientific landmarks in the history of the disease. June 2013 248pp 198x129mm Hardback £20.00 9781137299758 All languages available

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Modernism and Charisma Agnes Horvath, Cambridge University (UK), sociologist and political scientist, uses anthropological perspectives for understanding the modern society. She is co-founder of International Political Anthropology and affiliated scholar at Cambridge University. Her publications include Senkiföldjén (On the No Man's Land) (Budapest, 1989), The Dissolution of Communist Power (Routledge, 1992) Looking at the relationship between modernity and the rise of charismatic leaders, Agnes Horvath uses 'threshold' situations to trace the conditions out of which political regimes developed. The focus on rationalism and structure has led to a systematic neglect of uncertain liminal moments, which gave new direction to societies and cultures. Contents: Introduction / Squaring the Liminal or Reproducing it: Charisma and Trickster / The Rise of Liminal Authorities: Trickster's Gaining a Craft, or the Techniques of Incommensurability / Liminal Mimes, Masks, and Schismogenic Technology, or the Trickster Motives in the Renaissance / Attraction and Crowd Passions: Isaac Newton and Jacques Callot / Harisma in Eroticised Political Formations / Bibliography / Index February 2013 208pp 198x129mm Hardback £29.99 9781137277855 All languages available

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Mastering Modern World History 5th edition Norman Lowe, has had many years' experience of teaching history at all levels in schools and colleges. He is the author of Mastering Modern British History and Mastering Twentieth-Century Russian History, and is now a freelance writer and lecturer

The fifth edition of this leading coursebook is designed for school, college and first year university students. Requiring no previous knowledge, it covers international relations and major conflicts during the twentieth and early twentyfirst centuries. Contents: PART I: WAR AND INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS / PART II: THE RISE OF FASCISM AND GOVERNMENTS OF THE RIGHT / PART III: COMMUNISM - RISE AND DECLINE / PART IV: THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA / PART VI: GLOBAL PROBLEMS April 2013 720pp 234x156mm 12 figures, 50 maps, 14 b/w tables and 20 b/w illustrations Paperback £19.99 9781137276940 All languages available

A History of the Pacific Islands


2nd edition Steven Roger Fischer, Director of the Institute of Polynesian Languages and Literatures, Auckland (New Zealand) and has authored and edited more than one hundred books and articles. He is best known for his successful decipherment of Easter Island's rongorongo script, and of ancient Crete's Phaistos Disk

'Steven Roger Fischer's A History of the Pacific Islands is an excellent book that provides encyclopedic coverage of the field. It offers fascinating information not only to interested laymen but also to students and experts working in the field and doing research in the area.' Professor Dr Gunter Senft, Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics Nijmegen (The Netherlands) A History of the Pacific Islands traces the human history of nearly one-third of the globe over a fifty-thousand year span. This is history on a grand scale taking the islands of Melanesia, Micronesia and Polynesia from prehistoric culture to the present day through a skilful interpretation of scholarship in the field. Fischer's familiarity with work in archaeology and anthropology as well as in history enriches the text making this a book with wide appeal for students and general readers. Contents: List of Maps / Preface / Acknowledgements / Introduction / Maps / The First Islanders / Melanesians Micronesians Polynesians / The European Trespass / The Second Colonization / New Pacific Identities / Pacific Islanders in Transit / Re-Inventing Pacific Islands / The 'New Pacific' / Selected Further Reading / Index March 2013 368pp 216x138mm 11 maps Paperback ÂŁ17.99 9780230362697

Psychology in the Brain Integrative Cognitive Neuroscience Leon Kenemans, University Professor of Biopsychology and Psychopharmacology, University of Utrecht, (The Netherlands), Nick Ramsey, Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience, University Medical Hospital of Utrecht, and Professor of Cognitive Neuroimaging, University of Utrecht (The Netherlands)

'This book is very well written. It gives a nice overview of cognitive neuroscience and has a novel approach in linking areas that are usually covered in isolation.' - Dr Leun Otten, University College London (UK) Taking an integrated approach to cognitive neuroscience this is essential reading for advanced undergraduate and postgraduate students and researchers. Offering original insight through its unique structure it explains why we need to understand the brain in order to understand psychology. Contents: Principles and Methods / Perception and Action / Perception and Attention / Attention and Action / Perception and Memory / Attention and Memory / Action and Memory / Perception Attention and Emotion / Emotion and Action / Emotion and Memory / Social Cognition and Communication December 2012 316pp 246x189mm 43 graphs, 1 b/w table, 10 colour line drawings, 77 b/w photographs and 28 colour photographs Paperback ÂŁ42.99 9780230553255 All languages available

All languages available

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Psychology Mental Health and Distress John Cromby, University of Loughborough (UK), David Harper, University of East London (UK) and Paula Reavey, London South Bank University (UK)

'At last an undergraduate text that adopts a critical approach to 'Abnormal Psychology'. Psychology Mental Health and Distress is the first of its kind providing an accessible engaging and refreshing take on the standard material. Assembled by an impressive team of world-class scholars this text extends the analysis of people's distress beyond biomedical and individualist framings and toward a deeper exploration of the complext interplay between the body the psyche and the social and political context. This is an important and revolutionary resource for students and scholars alike.' - Michelle LaFrance, St Thomas University (Canada) The first mainstream text to reconsider the traditional emphasis for what is commonly known as 'abnormal psychology'. Providing a comprehensive account of mental distress this text challenges your preconceptions about mental health. Includes a foreword by award winning Richard Bentall and a chapter from service users. Contents: Foreword / From Disorder to Experience / History / Culture / Biology / Diagnosis and Formulation / Causal Influences / Service Users and Survivors / Interventions / Sadness and Worry / Sexuality and Gender / Madness Distressing Bodies and Eating / Disordered Personalities? March 2013 452pp 276x216mm 32 b/w tables, 34 colour photographs, 8 b/w photographs , 10 graphs and 12 diagrams Paperback ÂŁ38.99 9780230549562 All languages available

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SOCIOLOGY An Age of Limits Social Theory for the 21st Century Ralph Schroeder, Oxford Internet Institute University of Oxford (UK)

In this ambitious and bold book, Ralph Schroeder develops a new social theory centred on the notion of limits. The current era, from the 1970s onwards, has seen a departure from the three defining trends of the modern age: the struggle for social citizenship rights, the disembedding of markets, and the transformation of nature. Based on a comparative-historical analysis, the book argues that there are now similar constraints on social development throughout the global North and beyond. These constraints include the waning of conflicts driving the extension and deepening of rights, the instability of increasing financialization, and the progressive lack of control over the exploitation of natural resources. The key challenge for social theory therefore lies in identifying the cleavages between the dominant political, economic and cultural powers, and countervailing forces that can potentially overcome them. The book explores several advanced Western democracies in depth, as well as China and India. It will fundamentally challenge our theoretical understanding of contemporary societies and their dynamics. May 2013 288pp 216x138mm 3 b/w tables and 3 figures Paperback ÂŁ22.99 9780230360617 All languages available

Leisure Sports & Society Karl Spracklen, Leeds Metropolitan University (UK)

SOCIAL WORK How to be a Social Worker A Critical Guide for Students

The way we organize our free time can reveal a great deal about our identities and ideology. This book explores what our sports and leisure choices can tell us about the society in which we live. Comprehensive cutting edge and packed with global examples it covers all the essentials for students of sports and leisure sociology. Contents: Introduction: What is Sociology of Leisure? / PART I: UNDERSTANDING LEISURE /A History and Philosophy of Leisure / Leisure and Modernity / Leisure and Work / Leisure as Function / PART II: LEISURE SOCIOLOGIES / Leisure and Structure / Leisure and Inequality / Leisure and Identity / Leisure and Community / Leisure Subcultures / PART III: LEISURE TRENDS / Leisure and Globalization / Leisure and Commodification / Leisure and Postmodernity / Postmodern Leisure / Liquid Leisure and Intentionality / Leisure and Resistance / Dark Leisure / The Future of Leisure / PART IV: THE MEANING AND PURPOSE OF LEISURE / The Meaning and Purpose of Leisure May 2013 272pp 234x156mm Paperback ÂŁ23.99 9780230362024

Priscilla Dunk-West, Senior Lecturer in Social Work, University of South Australia (Australia). A sociologist and social worker Priscilla has held university appointments in both Australia and England teaching across a wide range of modules on the Social Work curriculum; her research interests include everyday sexuality and sociology and social theory in social work.

' This text provides students and practitioners with a critical account of the importance of self and professional identity within social work and offers valuable opportunities to challenge assumptions reflect and review what it means to be an effective professional in the 21st century.' - Steve Hothersall, Head of Social Work Education Edge Hill University (UK) 'A useful exploration of the development of the professional self in social work particularly for students.' - Sharlene Nippercress, Lecturer in Social Work Deskin University (Australia) Encompassing areas such as human development, communication skills and social work theory, the narrative is supported and enhanced by a number of practical exercises and case studies. These help the reader to fully integrate their knowledge of social work theories with their emerging professional identity. Contents: Introduction / The Social Work Self / Human Development / Communication Skills / Social Work Theory / Everyday Ethics / Practice Learning in Organisational Settings / Research in Social Work / 'Doing' Social Work: Constituting the Professional Self May 2013 200pp 234x177mm Paperback ÂŁ22.99 9780230370166 All languages available

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People Management Neil Thompson, a highly respected writer, teacher and adviser, with over 35 years' experience in the people professions. He has held full or honorary professorships at four UK universities, and is now a sought-after trainer, consultant and conference speaker. He runs the Avenue Professional Development Programme, an online learning community for people and professionals and edits the free e-zine, THE humansolutions BULLETIN. A substantial introduction to the knowledge and skills required to get the best out of staff, this new book by a renowned author brings a human element to the field of management. Accessible yet thorough, this multidisciplinary text blends theory with practicality to highlight the importance of people to organizational success.

Why buy this book? • Multidisciplinary focus, broad appeal: draws on psychology, sociology, social policy, philosophy and anthropology, as well as specific management and human resource theory to tackle the problems of managing people across a wide range of professional settings • Human approach to management theory: written by an author renowned for marrying head and heart, this is one of the only books on management to explore its human side with chapters on spirituality, grief and mental health • Trade appeal: the book's easy navigability, strong links to practice and comparatively low price point make this guide an attractive purchase for professionals and practitioners as well as students Contents: Introduction / PART I: THE FUNDAMENTALS OF PEOPLE MANAGEMENT / Equality and Diversity / Communication / Supervision / Recruitment Selection and Workforce Planning / Induction / Workload Management / Appraisal and Performance Management / Staff Departures / Disciplinary Matters / Dealing with Grievances / PART II: ACHIEVING BEST OUTCOMES / Leadership / Managing Change / Industrial Relations / Team Development / Motivating Staff / Staff Retention / Career Planning / Mentoring and Coaching / Training and Development / Making Work Meaningful: Meeting Spiritual Needs / PART III: PROMOTING WELL-BEING / Dealing with Stress / Health and Safety / Sickness Absence / Bullying and Harassment / Dealing with Conflict / Handling Aggression / Loss Grief and Trauma / Mental Health Problems / Drug and Alcohol Abuse / Inclusion / Guide to further learning / References /Index March 2013 360pp 234x156mm 31 b/w line drawings Paperback £19.99 9780230291188 All languages available

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Intimacy and Friendship on Facebook Alexander Lambert, University of Melbourne, (Australia)

Emotion Online Theorizing Affect on the Internet Joanne Garde-Hansen, University of Gloucestershire (UK) and Kristyn Gorton, Department of Theatre Film and Television University of York (UK)

Travelling through theories of emotion and affect, this book addresses the key ways in which media studies can be brought to bear upon everyday encounters with online cultures and practices. The book takes stock of where we are emotionally with regard to the Internet in the context of other screen media. Contents: List of Illustrations / Acknowledgements / Introduction / PART I: THEORETICAL APPROACHES / Theorizing Emotion and Affect / Screening Emotion / Global Emotion / PART II: CLOSE READINGS / Social Media Happiness and Virtual Communities / Emo-techno-ecology: Fear and Anger about Climate Change / The Hate and Shame of Women's Bodies Online / Conclusion June 2013 240pp 216x138mm 2 figures Hardback ÂŁ50.00 9780230283770 All languages available

Intimacy and Friendship on Facebook theorises the impact of Facebook on our social lives through the lens of intimacy. Lambert constructs an original understanding of why people welcome public intimacy on Facebook and how they attempt to control it, asking the reader to reimagine what it means to be intimate online. Drawing on in-depth qualitative research, Lambert argues that Facebook is intensifying the social labour needed to sustain and protect interpersonal intimacy, contributing to a state of 'intensive intimacy'. He addresses central questions regarding public intimacy: Does publishing our intimacies enrich our interpersonal lives or is it indicative of a more narcissistic, confessional culture? Facebook demands a novel, dynamic understanding of intimacy in a world where the contours of privacy are eroding. Contents: Introduction / Discovering Intimacy on Facebook / Frameworks: Privacy Performance Social Capacity / Methodology / The Performance of Connection / Distant Intimacy / Prosthetic Intimacy / When Insecurity Looms / Negotiating Intimacy / Conclusion March 2013 212pp 216x138mm Paperback ÂŁ18.99 9781137322845 All languages available

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STUDY SKILLS Palgrave Study Skills offer a wide range of practical yet innovative books to support students in their studies - whatever the discipline, level or need. As well as helping students acquire generic study skills such as essay writing, critical thinking and research skills; the series also offers guidance on how to gain skills in specific subject areas such as history literature psychology and business.

The Study Skills Handbook 4th edition Edited by Stella Cottrell, University of Leeds (UK) Praise for the fourth edition: 'This latest edition brings an already-excellent resource up-to-date with information about apps for study mobile learning and balancing work and study. The Handbook is like an ideal mentor for new students - accessible informed friendly and full of warmth wisdom and good advice. Supportive without being patronising and informative without being bossy this guide is of direct use for anyone setting out on the adventure of higher education.' - Dr Tim Herrick Director of Part-time Studies Institute for Lifelong Learning University of Sheffield UK Your essential companion for succeeding with your studies. Bestselling author Stella Cottrell equips you with the skills you need to improve your grades build your confidence and plan for the future you want. Recognizing that we each have a unique formula for success her tried and trusted approach helps you find the key to unlock your potential. Contents: Acknowledgements / Introducing The Study Skills Handbook / PART 1: MANAGING YOURSELF FOR STUDY / Success as a Student / Developing Your Skills / Successful Study: Intelligence, Strategy and Personalised Learning / The CREAM Strategy for Learning / Time Management as a Student / PART II: ACADEMIC SKILLS / Core Research Skills: Reading, Note-Making and Managing Information / Critical Analytical Thinking / Memory / Confidence with Numbers / PART III: PEOPLE SKILLS / Working with Others: Collaborative Study / PART IV: TASK MANAGEMENT SKILLS / Writing at University Level / Developing Academic Writing / Research Projects, Case Studies and Dissertations / Revision and Exams / PART V: DRAWING IT TOGETHER / Planning Your Next Move / Appendix 1 Quick Multiplier / Appendix 2 Online Research Tools / Appendix 3 Further Resources on Managing and Studying as a Student / Glossary of Terms Useful to Know in Higher Education / Answers to Activities / References / Index April 2013 432 246x189mm Paperback £14.99 9781137289254

Other new titles in the series

April 2013 | 176pp | 234x156mm 2 b/w tables and 1 figure Paperback | £12.99 9781137294685

April 2013 | 328pp 216x138mm | 13 diagrams Paperback | £12.99 9781137293282

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April 2013 | 136pp 246x189mm | 15 colour photos Paperback | £10.99 9781137273116

May 2013 | 256pp | 246x171mm 20 line drawings 20 illustrations Paperback | £13.99 9780230391758

ENGINEERING, BUILDING AND SURVEYING We are pleased to present new titles available for translation in the field of Engineering, Surveying and Building, covering a wide range of disaplines . All language rights are available for these leading texts.

April 2013 | 736pp 246x189mm | 80 b/w tables and 500 line drawings Paperback | £34.99 9780230217713

June 2013 | 224pp 234x156mm | figures and tables Paperback | £27.99 9780230314443

April 2013 | 352pp | 234x156mm 15 b/w tables, 4 photographs, 40 diagrams and 1 graph Paperback | £34.99 9780230303218

March 2013 | 1184pp 276x216mm Paperback | £43.99 9781137031204

May 2013 | 352pp 246x189mm | 13 diagrams Paperback | £36.99 9781137030177

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skills4studycampus is a fully interactive e-learning resource designed to help students develop their study skills and is based on the work of bestselling author Stella Cottrell. It can also help improve student retention. Modules cover getting ready for academic study, writing, reading, thinking, referencing, exams, groupwork, presentations, employability, personal development, projects and dissertations.

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