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October-December 2009

Luxury Online


Styles, Systems, Strategies

Identity, Image and Reputation

Uché Okonkwo

Simon Anholt

This new book focuses on the analysis of the online strategy and development of the luxury industry, tracing the evolution of the Internet from a means of communication to a trade and distribution channel. The author provides a comprehensive evaluation and a critical assessment of the tactics required for the management of luxury brands online.

Places depend on their reputations for almost everything in the modern world: tourism, foreign investment, the respect and interest of the international media, attracting talented immigrants and students, cultural exchanges, engaging peacefully and productively with the governments of other places. But what can actually be done to understand and measure the reputations of places, and even to influence them?

UCHE OKONKWO is one of the pioneer business strategy consultants in the luxury industry. She is the Executive Director & Founder of Luxe Corp, the leading strategy & management consultancy company specialized in the luxury industry and its affiliated sectors. 320pp • 234x156mm • Hardback 978-0-230-55536-5 • November 2009 • £25.00


Luxury Fashion Branding Trends, Tactics, Techniques Hardback • 978-0-230-52167-4 May 2007 • £27.00 For more information please visit:

SIMON ANHOLT is the leading authority on managing and measuring national identity and reputation, and the creator of the field of nation and place branding. He is a member of the UK Foreign Office’s Public Diplomacy Board. 192pp • 234x156mm • Hardback 978-0-230-23977-7 • November 2009 • £25.00


Competitive Identity The New Brand Management for Nations, Cities and Regions Hardback • 978-0-230-50028-0 November 2006 • £27.00 For more information please visit:

Building Brand Authenticity 7 Habits of Iconic Brands Michael Beverland ‘There are only a few people on the planet that can combine the academic knowledge and practical insights of Mike Beverland. His new book offers invaluable insights on branding and should be a must-buy for those in the know. In fact it will almost certainly become the authentic guide to brand authenticity’. - Mark Ritson, Associate Professor, Melbourne Business School The projection of authenticity is one of the key pillars of marketing. Research reveals that consumers seek authenticity through the brands they choose. Based on extensive research with consumers and brand managers this book offers seven guiding principles for building brand authenticity. MICHAEL BEVERLAND is Professor of Marketing at RMIT University, Melbourne Australia. He has published widely on the marketing of authenticity and brand management in some of the world’s top business journals.

Good for Business The Rise of the Conscious Corporation Andrew Benett, Ann O’Reilly, Greg Welch and Cavas Gobhai In this timely book, two top branding experts team up with a highly regarded specialist in corporate culture and a leading global search consultant to illustrate just how the most dynamic and promising companies of today are charting a new path for the corporate brand of tomorrow. ANDREW BENETT is CEO of Euro RSCG NY and Global Chief Strategy Officer of Communications firm Euro RSCG Worldwide. ANN O’REILLY is Content Director of Euro RSCG’s Knowledge Exchange. GREG WELCH is a Global Practice Leader at Spencer Stuart. CAVAS GOBHAI is a leading business consultant specializing in corporate strategy, creativity, and collaboration. 256pp • 234x156mm • Hardback 978-0-230-61687-5 • October 2009 • £20.00

256pp • 234x156mm • Hardback 978-0-230-58031-2 • October 2009 • £25.00

For more information including sample chapters and author videos please visit

The Future of Work Richard Donkin The forces that are shaping the future of employment are examined in this new book. The author presents a cohesive argument for a fundamental change in attitudes to work, both from policymakers and employers if we are to create a healthier society capable of meeting the expectations and concerns of a developing economy. RICHARD DONKIN has written for the Financial Times as a columnist on work and careers and writes a regular column in the Weekend Financial Times. He also works as a commentator and writer on management and employment issues. He is an adviser to the Future Employment Working Group of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation. 256pp • 234x156mm • Hardback 978-0-230-57638-4 • November 2009 • £25.00

Coming Soon

The History of Work Richard Donkin Paperback 978-0-230-23893-0 • April 2010 • £25.00

Using Your Emotional Intelligence to Develop Others Linda Gravett and Sheri Caldwell ‘This book is a must read whether you are a top executive, middle manager, front line supervisor, or business trainer if your success is contingent upon working with others. EI is a critical component in any successful working relationship and authors Sheri Caldwell and Linda Gravett provide a framework, practices and exercises that will help you get better results with and through people.’ - Clinton O. Longenecker, Stranahan Professor of Leadership and Organizational Excellence, The University of Toledo and author of Two Minute Drill: Lessons on Rapid Organizational Improvement from America’s Greatest Game A practical book detailing how to implement emotional intelligence techniques for human resource professionals and trainers developing managers and leaders. LINDA S. GRAVETT is the Senior Partner of Gravett and Associates and has consulted with both private sector and nonprofit organizations since 1991. SHERI A. CALDWELL is the Vice-President of Human Resources at Hickory Farms and responsible for employment, compensation, training and development. 192pp • 234x156mm • Hardback 978-0-230-61458-1 • November 2009 • £35.00

Employee Morale

Missing Pieces

Driving Performance in Challenging Times

7 Ways to Improve Employee Well-Being and Organizational Effectiveness

David Bowles and Cary Cooper ‘Driving differential levels of employee morale is now seen by many as a prerequisite for organisational success. David and Cary skilfully examine the validity of the correlation and elegantly demonstrate how the subject has moved from the realms of ‘touchy-feely HR stuff’ to ‘mission critical’ for all organisational leaders. This is a must read for anyone facing the tricky task of sustaining high morale within their 21st century employee base.’ - Paul Chesworth, HR Director, Vodafone Europe High morale improves performance and it should be taken seriously. The authors examine everything from the hiring process to individual promotions to explain how and why high morale is so important. DAVID BOWLES is Managing Director of ‘Research & Consulting International’. CARY COOPER is Distinguished Professor of Organizational Psychology and Health and Pro Vice Chancellor at Lancaster University, England. 256pp • 234x156mm • Hardback 978-0-230-57942-2 • November 2009 • £25.00

Jean- Pierre Brun and Cary Cooper ‘With increasing business competition, the need for employee engagement, effectiveness and productivity has never been greater. Successful businesses recognise the contribution employee well-being can bring but many fail to understand or implement coordinated approaches. The authors, from years of experience, bring clarity to the subject and provide a succinct and strategic approach to successfully implementation. This is a ‘must read’ for CEO’s, and Human Resource Managers.’ - Dr David C Batman, Head of Employee Wellness, Nestle UK and Ireland This is an indispensable tool that will boost your company’s performance and make it an employer of choice in the job market. JEAN-PIERRE BRUN is Executive Director at Stimulus (Paris, France) and professor in management at Université Laval, Quebec, Canada. CARY COOPER is Distinguished Professor of Organizational Psychology and Health and Pro Vice Chancellor at Lancaster University, England. 200pp • 234x156mm • Hardback 978-0-230-57658-2 • June 2009 • £25.00


Open Source Leadership Hardback • 978-0-230-20191-0 • May 2009 • £25.00 For more information please visit:

The Elephant in the Boardroom The Causes of Leadership Derailment

The Leadership Illusion The Importance of Context and Connections

Adrian Furnham

Mr Tony Hall and Karen Janman

This book from the acclaimed management writer Adrian Furnham, explores the dark side of leadership and how and why leaders can have a negative impact upon their companies and organizations. It asks why too often people do not speak out but instead ignore the problems they are causing.

This book is about what the authors call a ‘leadership phenomenon’; the hard wired habit of writers, researchers and leaders themselves, when examining the causes of success or failure, to focus on predominantly the individual and often the context. But very rarely both.  The authors argue that to make sense of leadership firstly you have to make sense of the context and the individual.  To try to understand a leader without the context is only half the story.  The authors attempt to tell the whole story.

ADRIAN FURNHAM is Professor of Psychology at University College, London, UK. He is on the editorial board of a number of journals, has received many awards, and was recognized as the most productive psychologists in the world from 1980 to 1989. 256pp • 234x156mm • Hardback 978-0-230-22953-2 • December 2009 • £25.00


People Management in Turbulent Times Paperback • 978-0-230-22954-9 June 2009 • £20.00

Management Intelligence Paperback • 978-0-230-21664-8 August 2008 • £20.00 For more information please visit:

Tony Hall has worked across the world in both the private and public sectors helping organisations and their leaders to improve performance. Karen Janman is a consultant and executive coach in Organisational Psychology.  She has consulted to a wide range of organisations on a number of topics from change management to the assessment and development of senior executives. Tony and Karen are co-founders of a specialist consultancy that provides tools and development to leaders and their organisations in order to deliver their strategic goals through effective social networks. They can be contacted via: 256pp • 234x156mm • Hardback 978-0-230-51656-4 • November 2009 • £25.00

Entrepreneurs, Managers, and Leaders

Business at a Crossroads

What the Airline Industry Can Teach Us About Leadership

The Crisis of Corporate Leadership

Anthony J. Mayo, Nitin Nohria and Mark Rennella This book reveals how leadership evolves through the story of the American airline industry across the 20th century. Entrepreneurs dominated the industry’s early history, but as the industry evolved a new breed of managers emerged who built a dominant business model that enabled their companies to grow dramatically. ANTHONY J. MAYO is the Thomas S. Murphy Distinguished Research Fellow and Director of the HBS Leadership Initiative. NITIN NOHRIA is Richard P. Chapman Professor of Business Administration and Senior Associate Dean and Director of Faculty Development at the Harvard Business School, USA. MARK RENELLA is the author of The Boston Cosmopolitans: International Travel and American Arts and Letters (Palgrave MacMillan, 2008). 272pp • 234x156mm • Hardback 978-0-230-61567-0 • November 2009 • £32.50

Tom Lloyd Recent events suggest liberal capitalism harbours two dangerous seeds of self-destruction; growing inequality and a tendency for markets to spiral out of control. This book advocates the restoration to an earlier state of another sub-system of liberal capitalism, some of the features of which lie at the heart of liberal capitalism’s malaise. TOM LLOYD is a former editor of Financial Weekly and Management Today, was founding editor of Gemini Consulting’s quarterly management journal Transformation and wrote the ‘Working Brief’ column in The Sunday Telegraph for several years. 224pp • 234x156mm • Hardback 978-0-230-23094-1 • October 2009 • £25.00


A Woman’s Place is in the Boardroom Hardback • 978-1-4039-9683-1 September 2005 • £29.00

A Woman’s Place is in the Boardroom: The Roadmap Hardback • 978-0-230-53712-5 June 2008 • £25.00 For more information please visit:

The Handbook of Global Outsourcing and Offshoring Ilan Oshri, Julia Kotlarsky and Leslie P. Willcocks ‘Written by outstanding academics wellrecognized for their expertise on the topic, this long-awaited book is a must have to anybody embarking on the process of global sourcing or seeking to enhance their existing knowledge. It provides a comprehensive conceptual overview of three crucial aspects of global sourcing strategy, governance, and daily management.’ Professor Natalia Levina, NYU Stern School of Business The authors examine the client’s and vendor’s involvement in sourcing relationships and offer a broad perspective on issues relating to sourcing of systems and business processes in a national and global context. ILAN OSHRI is an Associate Professor of Strategic Management, Rotterdam School of Management Erasmus, the Netherlands. JULIA KOTLARSKY is Associate Professor of Information Systems, Information Systems and Management Group, Warwick Business School, UK. LESLIE WILLCOCKS is Professor of Technology Work and Globalization and Director of the Outsourcing Unit at the London School of Economics and Political Science, UK. 280pp • 234x156mm • Hardback 978-0-230-23550-2 • October 2009 • £25.00

China Counting How the West Was Lost Alex Mackinnon and Barnaby Powell ‘By default, China has become the worlds banker’. This is a quote which sums up the global revolution we are all living through. This book explores the remarkable rise to domination by China and how it affects us all today. It is readable, authoritative and a fascinating account of a force in the world which cannot be ignored.’ - Rt Hon Lord Robertson of Port Ellen KT GCMG honFRSE PC A political and managerial brief on Chinese global power, this new book puts into a modern context the Chinese opportunities created by the West’s chaotic and destructive capitalism. ALEX MACKINNON has extensive management experience ‘East of Suez’. BARNABY POWELL was the initial Director of the Asia-Invest Programme for the European Commission. 256pp • 234x156mm • Hardback 978-0-230-23403-1 • November 2009 • £25.00


China Calling A Foot in the Global Door Hardback • 978-0-230-21019-6 June 2008 • £25.00 For more information please visit:

Marketing Through Turbulent Times

The Golden Crossroads

Jenny Darroch

Multidisciplinary Findings for Business Success from the Worlds of Fine Arts, Design and Culture

‘While every executive is currently preoccupied, and perhaps immobilized, with how to compete in tumultuous times, this is the very first practical managerial guidebook to help managers not only compete, but win. Importantly, this is not simply an interesting ‘thought piece’, but rather based on solid empirical evidence examining how firms accelerated out of recessionary times versus firms that simply survived.’ - Bernie Jaworski, Monitor Executive Development, Monitor Group What will happen to the marketing industry when the recession comes to an end? How will customers respond to organizations that mistreated them in the past? What can organizations do now? This book addresses these questions by tying together four themes: democracy, economic recession, individual depression and customer-centred strategies. JENNY DARROCH is an Assistant Professor in Marketing at the Drucker School of Management at Claremont Graduate University, USA. 256pp • 234x156mm • Hardback 978-0-230-23730-8 • November 2009 • £25.00

Marco Bevolo ‘With this book, Marco actually asks business leaders to think the un-thinkable, to start the impossible; namely to re-establish an ideology that fights the opportunism of the traditional leadership approach, which has clearly failed. Marco shows how business leaders can create new wealth if they make use of the findings that art can give them.’ - Johannes Hartman, VP, CMI Western Europe, Unilever, Rotterdam This book looks at the field of fine arts, design and culture as an alternative source of inspiration for ways to work. It is a book about a better future for brand marketing and business leadership, thanks to the dreams and the visions of artists, designers and other creative industry leaders. MARCO BEVOLO is former Director at Philips Design headquarters in the Netherlands, where he was the driving force behind CultureScan, the cultural futures research program. Prior to joining Philips Design, his work focused mainly on automotive design, publishing and marketing communication. 232pp • 234x156mm • Hardback 978-0-230-22418-6 • November 2009 • £25.00

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Global Challenges for Identity Policies Edgar A. Whitley and Gus Hosein

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The goals of this book are to provide a comprehensive review of identity policies as they are being implemented in various countries around the world, to consider the key arenas where identity policies are developed and to provide intellectual coherence for making sense of these various activities. EDGAR A. WHITLEY is the Reader in Information Systems in the Department of Management at the London School of Economics and Political Science, UK. GUS HOSEIN is a Visiting Senior Fellow at the London School of Economics and Political Science where he lectures and researches on technology policy. 384pp • 234x156mm • Hardback 978-0-230-54223-5 • October 2009 • £30.00

This book is part of the Technology, Work and Globalization Series edited by Leslie P. Willcocks and Mary Lacity. For a full list of titles in the series please visit:

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Business Economics The Journal of the National Association for Business Economics

Articles The Fed’s New Communication Strategy: Is It Stealth Inflation Targeting? Michael Woodford

Subprime Credit: The Evolution of a Market John Silvia

Shifting Trends in Semiconductor Prices and the Pace of Technological Progress Ana Aizcorbe, Stephen D. Oliner, and Daniel E. Sichel

Economic Implications of Mexico’s Sudden Demographic Transition Fernando Sedano

Porter’s Model of Generic Competitive Strategies Orges Ormanidhi and Omer Stringa

Economics at Work Pharmaceutical Economics George Chressanthis

Focus on Statistics Detailed Industry, Product, Geographic Data from the 2007 Economic Census Become Available in 2009 Robert P. Parker

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