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The Myth of Indigenous Caribbean Extinction

Now available in paperback

Continuity and Reclamation in Borikén (Puerto Rico) Tony Castanha, University of Hawai’i at Mānoa, USA "Castanha provides a valuable contribution to the ongoing arguments over the long-assumed extinction of the indigenous populations in Puerto Rico and elsewhere in the Caribbean... Original accounts from island jibaros and the historical accounts together support the position for indigenous survivals, and the work is an important counter-narrative to the dominant arguments. Recommended." — Choice

Rethinking Productive Development Sound Policies and Institutions for Economic Transformation Inter-American Development Bank, The InterAmerican Development Bank (IDB) is an international institution created in 1959 to foster economic and social development in Latin America and the Caribbean. Gustavo Crespi, Eduardo Fernández-Arias, Ernesto Stein, all at Inter-American Development Bank "The authors do a masterful job of not only surveying what is known about ‘productive development policies,’ but also laying out a policy agenda. Admirable in its analytical exposition, empirical detail, and policy discussion, this is a mustread for development economists and practitioners alike." —Dani Rodrik, Albert O. Hirschman Professor of Economics, Institute for Advanced Study, USA

This book debunks one of the greatest myths ever told in Caribbean history: that the indigenous peoples who encountered a very lost Christopher Columbus are effectively extinct. Through the uncovering of recent ethnographical data, the author reveals extensive narratives of Jíbaro Indian resistance and cultural continuity on the island of Borikén.

Rethinking Productive Development systematically analyzes policies in key areas such as innovation, new firms, firm networks, financing, human capital, and internationalization.

Contents: 1. Still There, Always Have Been * 2. Introduction: A New Version of History * 3. Mythmaking in the Caribbean * 4. Early Resistance and Survival in Borikén * 5. Jíbaro Resistance and Continuity * 6. The Modern Jíbaro * 7. Cultural Survival and the Indigenous Movement


January 2015 UK June 2013 US 200pp 2 maps, 1 b/w illustration, 1 table, 8 b/w line drawings Paperback £21.00 / $34.00 / CN$38.99 9781137340511 Canadian Rights ebooks available

September 2014 UK September 2014 US 492pp 14 tables, 68 figures, 26 boxes Hardback £70.00 / $120.00 / CN$138.00 Paperback £24.00 / $38.00 / CN$43.50 Canadian Rights ebooks available

The Development of Yoruba Candomble Communities in Salvador, Bahia, 1835-1986 Miguel C. Alonso, Nassau Community College, USA This project is an attempt to bring together the many fragments of history concerning the Yoruba religious community and their rise to prominence in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, from the mid-nineteenth to the latetwentieth centuries. Contents: 1. A New Beginning * 2. Dispersal * 3. The River Never Rests * 4. Into the Light

Afro-Latin@ Diasporas December 2014 UK December 2014 US 240pp 2 maps, 7 b/w illustrations Hardback £63.00 / $90.00 / CN$104.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available


9781137405593 9781137397164

Economic Development Strategies and the Evolution of Violence in Latin America Edited by William Ascher, Claremont McKenna College, USA, Natalia Mirovitskaya, Duke Center for International Development, Duke University, USA "In broad terms, this collection is the first I have seen to systematically address the relationship between post-Cold War development patterns and the use of violence in Latin America...With standout contributions, this book will be of interest to students of comparative politics, both of violence in a cross-national context and of more traditional Latin American politics." —Lars Schoultz, William Rand Kenan, Jr., Professor of Political Science, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA This collection of case studies explains the pathways between development patterns, economic strategies, and violence in Latin America. Contents: 1. Economic Development Patterns and the Evolution of Violence in Latin America; W.Ascher and N.Mirovitskaya * 2. Violent Conflict and Unequal Development: The Case of Mexico; J.Teichman * 3. The Evolution of Violence: Economic Development and Intergroup Conflict in Guatemala, El Salvador and Costa Rica; G.Arcia * 4. Violence and Sectoral Development in Colombia; J.S.Holmes and S.A.Gutiérrez de Piñeres * and more

Politics, Economics, and Inclusive Development December 2014 UK December 2014 US 300pp 23 graphs, 14 b/w tables Paperback £19.00 / $30.00 / CN$34.50 Canadian Rights

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BUSINESS, FINANCE AND ECONOMICS Development Macroeconomics in Latin America and Mexico Essays on Monetary, Exchange Rate, and Fiscal Policies Jaime Ros, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México "[This] book is an attractive combination of theoretical and applied economics. It gives answers to two main questions: What explains the poor growth of the Latin American region over the past thirty years? What explains the diversity in the growth performances of individual Latin American countries in the same period? The legacy of the shocks of the 1980s interacting with the variety of macroeconomic policies (fiscal, monetary, and exchange) can provide satisfactory answers to both questions." — Roberto Frenkel, Principal Research Associate at Centro de Estudios de Estado y Sociedad (CEDES); Honorary Professor, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina Development Macroeconomics in Latin America and Mexico brings the attention of academics, practitioners, and policy makers to the neglected macroeconomic factors that can account for both the unsatisfactory average growth performance of Latin American and the diversity around this average. Contents: 1. Institutional and Policy Convergence with Growth Divergence in Latin America * 2. Productivity and Growth: Stylized Facts and Kaldor’s Laws in Latin America * 3. The Real Exchange Rate, the Real Wage, and Growth: A Formal Analysis of the “Development Channel” * 4. The Dutch Disease, the Staple Thesis and the Recent Natural Resource Boom in South America * 5. Close to the Epicenter: Mexico and Canada During the Great Recession * 6. Why Does the Mexican Economy Grow Less than that of Chile? * 7. Mexico, Looking Ahead: Macroeconomic Policy and Development Strategy April 2015 UK April 2015 US 216pp 50 b/w tables, 37 figures Hardback £68.00 / $105.00 / CN$121.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available


Edited by Akio Hosono, Japan International Cooperation Agency Research Institute (JICA), Japan, Carlos Magno Campos da Rocha, Brazilian Research Corporation (Embrapa), Brazil, Yutaka Hongo, Japan International Cooperation Agency Research Institute (JICA-RI), Japan Since the mid-1970s, the tropical savanna, known as Cerrado, has been transformed into one of the world's largest grain-growing regions. This book explores how and by what Brazil achieved inclusive and sustainable growth in the Cerrado. Contents: Forewords; Akihiko Tanaka and Alysson Paulinelli * Introduction; Akio Hosono, Carlos Magno Campos da Rocha and Yutaka Hongo * PART I: DEVELOPMENT OF CERRADO AGRICULTURE * 1. Technological Innovation That Made Cerrado Agriculture Possible: Preparatory to Establishment Periods; Akio Hosono and Yutaka Hongo * 2. PRODECER Sets Agricultural Development in the Cerrado on Track: From Establishment to Early Development Periods of Cerrado Agriculture; Akio Hosono and Yutaka Hongo Development of Cerrado Agriculture: The Path to Becoming a Major Global Breadbasket; Akio Hosono and Yutaka Hongo * 3. Stable Food Supply and Inclusive Development with Value Chains: The Impact of Cerrado Development; Akio Hosono and Yutaka Hongo * 4. Cerrado Agriculture and the Environment; Akio Hosono and Yutaka Hongo * and more June 2015 UK June 2015 US 272pp 6 diagrams, 19 tables, 14 graphs, 14 maps, 5 figures Hardback £65.00 / $100.00 / CN$115.00 9781137431349 Canadian Rights ebooks available

Taming Capital Flows Edited by Joseph E. Stiglitz, Columbia University, USA, Refet S. Gurkaynak, Department of Economics, Bilkent University, Turkey

Challenges for the Chinese and Impacts on the Region R. Evan Ellis, United States Army War College, Carlisle, PA, USA "No other analyst has a better grasp of the growing role China plays in Latin America than Evan Ellis. This book is another contribution to our understanding of this complex and shifting relationship. A must read." — Moises Naim, Senior Associate, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and author of The End of Power, USA An analysis of the new physical presence of Chinese companies operating in Latin America and the Caribbean, the associated challenges that they face, and how they are impacting the region and its relationship with the PRC. Contents: Preface * PART I: WHAT IS HAPPENING...WHAT IS NEW ABOUT IT * 1. Introduction * 2. Natural Resource Development – Petroleum, Mining, And Agriculture * 3. Loan-Backed Construction – The New Model * 4. Retail Outlets, Distribution Networks and Manufacturing Centers * 5. Commercial Service Offerings - Telcom, Electricity, Logistics, And Banking * 6. Addressing The New Challenges * and more

The Political Economy of East Asia


The Brazilian Cerrado

Capital Account Management in an Era of Globalization

China on the Ground in Latin America

September 2014 UK September 2014 US 336pp Hardback £69.00 / $100.00 / CN$115.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available

Development for Sustainable Agriculture


This volume contains country experiences explained by policy makers and studies by leading experts on causes and consequences of capital flows as well as policies to control these flows. It addresses portfolio flow issues central to open economies, especially emerging markets. Contents: Introduction * * PART I: COUNTRY EXPERIENCES * 1.1 Peru: Paul Castillo * 1.2 Turkey: Erdem Başçı * PART II: RECENT TRENDS IN CURRENCY FLOWS * 2.1 China’s short-term capital flow: the scale and the driving forces. Ming Zhang * 2.2 Appropriate Policy Tools to Manage Portfolio Flow Externalities. Refet Gürkaynak * 2.3 Navigating Capital Flows in Brazil and Chile. Kevin Gallagher * PART III: EFFECTS AND MULTILATERAL ASPECTS OF CURRENCY FLOWS * 3.1 Monetary Policy in a Multipolar World. Joseph Stiglitz * 3.2 Multilateral Aspects of Managing the Capital. Account Jonathan Ostry

International Economic Association April 2015 UK April 2015 US 176pp 22 b/w tables, 48 figures Hardback £45.00 / $67.50 / CN$78.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available


SOCIOLOGY AND CRIMINOLOGY Surviving Forced Disappearance in Argentina and Uruguay


Why the Social Sciences Matter

Identity and Meaning

Edited by Jonathan Michie, University of Oxford, UK, Cary Cooper, Lancaster University, UK "This book powerfully demonstrates that if some of the planet's most urgent problems are to be solved, then the social sciences are not just necessary but are in fact indispensable. Humanity today needs high-quality social science more than ever - this book brilliantly shows why and how this is so." — David Inglis, University of Exeter, UK Published with the support of the Academy for Social Sciences, this volume provides an illuminating look at topics of concern to everyone at the beginning of the twenty-first century. Leading social scientists tackle complex questions such as immigration, unemployment, climate change, war, banks in trouble, and an ageing population. Contents: Foreword; Howard Newby * Introduction and Overview; Jonathan Michie, Cary L Cooper * 1. Social Science, Parenting and Child Development; Pasco Fearon, Chloe Campbell, Lynne Murray * 2. Health and Wellbeing; James Campbell Quick, Robert J Gatchel, Cary L Cooper * 3. Climate Change and Society; John Urry * 4. Waste, Resource Recovery and Labour: Recycling Economies in the EU; Nicky Gregson, Mike Crang * 5. Poverty and Inequality; Rod Hick * 6. The Economy, Financial Stability and Sustainable Growth; Jonathan Michie * 7. Food Security, Rural Life and the Fate of Agriculture; Camilla Toulmin * and more January 2015 UK January 2015 US 216pp 2 figures Hardback £60.00 / $95.00 / CN$110.00 Paperback £19.99 / $30.00 / CN$34.50 Canadian Rights ebooks available

9781137269904 9781137269911

Gabriel Gatti, University of the Basque Country, Spain "Through solid sociological and historical research, Gabriel Gatti has made a major contribution to the study of the detained-disappeared in Latin America." —Danilo Martuccelli, Professor of Sociology, Université Paris 5-Sorbonne, France Based on extensive fieldwork that began in Argentina, this book asks how detained and disappeared persons inhabit the categories that international law has constructed to mark, judge, understand, and repair the horror. Contents: Introduction: Sociology from the Gut * 1. A Catastrophe for Identity and Meaning. Forced Disappearance, Modernity, and Civilization * 2. Activists of Meaning. Bringing Order to Ruins, Remaking Bodies, Undoing Traumas... * 3. Moral Techniques. Recovering Disappeared Identities through Forensic Anthropology * 4. The Meaning-Preserving Machinery of the Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo * 5. Art and Science Struggling with the Absence of Meaning * 6. Noisy Silences. The Testimonial Work of the Former Detained-Disappeared * 7. Serious Parodies. ‘Children of’ Inhabiting (More or Less Joyfully) the Absence * 8. Transnationalization of the Detained-Disappeared, Social Creativity, and Other Unintended Consequences of Forced Disappearance

Memory Politics and Transitional Justice August 2014 UK August 2014 US 216pp 15 illustrations, 3 diagrams Hardback £60.00 / $90.00 / CN$104.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available


The Circulation of European Knowledge An Integrated Systems Model for Preventing Child Sexual Abuse Perspectives from Latin America and the Caribbean Adele D. Jones, University of Huddersfield, UK, Ena Trotman Jemmott, University of Huddersfield, UK, Priya E. Maharaj, University of the West Indies, Trinidad, Hazel Da Breo, The Sweet Water Foundation, Grenada This book sets out an integrated systems model which utilizes a public health approach and 'whole of society' philosophy for preventing and responding to child sexual abuse. It guides those engaged in policy, practice and planning concerning gender based violence and child abuse towards a more systemic approach to tackling these problems. Contents: 1. Preventing Child Sexual Abuse - An Integrated Systems Model * 2. The Roots to Violence * 3. Sexually Harmful Attitudes and Male Privilege * 4. Women’s Spaces, Voices and Action * 5. The Elephants in the System * 6. Collective Complacency and Engendering Community Action * 7. Caribbean Childhoods December 2014 UK December 2014 US 288pp 13 b/w tables, 18 figures, 16 b/w line drawings Hardback £65.00 / $100.00 / CN$115.00 9781137377654 Canadian Rights ebooks available

Niklas Luhmann in the Hispanic Americas Leandro Rodriguez Medina, Universidad de las Americas Puebla, Mexico This text studies the circulation of social knowledge by focusing on the reception of Niklas Luhmann's systems theory in Hispanic America. It shows that theories need active involvement from scholars in the receiving field in order to travel. Contents: Introduction * 1. Conceptualizing Knowledge Circulation: Methods and Theories * 2. Bounding Luhmann: Different Strategies to Appropriate Foreign Knowledge * 3. Luhmanization: Identity and Circulation * 4. The Circulation of Luhmann’s Theory from a Comparative Perspective * Conclusion

May 2014 UK May 2014 US 138pp 2 b/w tables, 1 figure Hardback £45.00 / $67.50 / CN$78.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available

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SOCIOLOGY AND CRIMINOLOGY Social Urbanism and the Politics of Violence The Medellín Miracle Kate Maclean, Birkbeck, University of London, UK Medellín, Colombia, used to be the most violent city on earth, but in recent years, allegedly thanks to its 'social urbanism' approach to regeneration, it has experienced a sharp decline in violence. The author explores the politics behind this decline and the complex transformations in terms of urban development policies in Medellín. Contents: Introduction * 1. The Politics Of Violence And Urbanism * Violence And Power * Violence And The City * Policies To Deal With Urban Violence * Conclusion * 2. Medellín: The Most Violent City In The World * Rapid Growth, Inequality, Gangs And Narco-Traffic * Elites * State, Militia, Paramilitaries, Cartels And Criminal Gangs * Cocaine, The Cartels And ‘NarcoTerrorism’ * Criminal Gangs * The Urban Marxist Militia * Paramilitaries * The State * Social Violence * Conclusion * 3. The Miracle? Social Urbanism * Medellín And The ‘Model City’ * The Medellín Miracle: The Policies * Infrastructure Projects * Iconic Architecture * Public Spaces * Participation And Economic Development * Socio-Economic Development From Below * Medellín: La Mas Educada * Conclusion * 4. Behind The Miracle * Democratisation And Violence In Colombia * Progress And Revanchism In Medellín * Changes In Medellín * Consejería Presidencial Para Medellín * The Economic Crisis * Conclusion * 5. New Political Spaces * Compromiso Ciudadano: A Reflexive Middle Class * Universities And The Academy * Ngos, Social Movements And Community Organisations * Different Kinds Of Citizens: Participation And Critique * Cultures Of Power * Conclusion * 6. Conclusion

January 2015 UK January 2015 US 152pp 1 map, 1 graph Hardback £45.00 / $67.50 / CN$78.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available


Black Social Movements in Latin America

Now available in paperback

From Monocultural Mestizaje to Multiculturalism Edited by Jean Muteba Rahier, Florida International University, USA "A landmark study that provides a model for future research in a historically marginalized field. Highly recommended." — Choice "An excellent and up-to-date overview of black social movements in Latin America. The chapters give detailed insight into the complex and contradictory relationships of these movements with diverse levels of the state, illustrating some of the gains made since the 1990s and highlighting how much further there is still to go in the face of powerful forces of cooptation, continued marginalization and, in some cases, outright violence." —Peter Wade, University of Manchester, UK Drawing from a wide spectrum of disciplines, the essays in this collection examine in different national contexts the consequences of the "Latin American multicultural turn" in Afro Latino social movements of the past two decades. Contents: 1. Introduction: Black Social Movements in Latin America: From Monocultural Mestizaje and ‘Invisibility’ to Multiculturalism and State Corporatism/Cooptation; J.M.Rahier * PART I: SETTING UP THE STAGE * PART II: A FOCUS ON CENTRAL AMERICA * PART III: A FOCUS ON THE ANDEAN REGION * PART IV: A FOCUS ON THE BRAZILIAN EXPERIENCES

9781137397355 December 2014 UK December 2014 US 262pp 4 b/w tables Paperback £19.00 / $30.00 / CN$34.50 Canadian Rights

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Rethinking Latin America Development, Hegemony, and Social Transformation

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Now available in paperback

Ronaldo Munck, Dublin City University, Ireland "Munck cleanly and clearly summarizes the strengths and limitations of past development theories . . . Recommended."—Choice In a subtle but powerful reading of the shifting relationships between development, hegemony, and social transformation in post-independence Latin America , Ronaldo Munck argues that Latin American subaltern knowledge makes a genuine contribution to the current search for a social order which is sustainable and equitable. Contents: 1. Placing Latin America * 2. Conquest to Modernity (1510-1910) * 3. Nation-Making (1910 – 1964) * 4. Hegemony Struggles (1959 – 1976) * 5. Market Hegemony (1973 – 2001) * 6. Social Counter-movement (1998 – 2012) * 7. Globalization Within (1510 – 2010) April 2015 UK April 2015 US 272pp Paperback £20.00 / $32.00 / CN$37.00 Canadian Rights



POLITICS AND INTERNATIONAL STUDIES New Institutions for Participatory Democracy in Latin America

Now available in paperback

Voice and Consequence Maxwell A. Cameron, University of British Columbia, Canada, Eric Hershberg, American University, USA, Kenneth E. Sharpe, Swarthmore College, USA "Rather than assume that institutions of participatory democracy necessarily compete for political influence with more traditional institutions of representative democracy, New Institutions for Participatory Democracy in Latin America explores how the two might reinforce each other in positive ways that can improve the quality of democratic governance in the region. Based on case studies from six countries across Latin America, [this] volume is empirically rich and theoretically innovative." —Philip Oxhorn, Institute for the Study of International Development, McGill University, Canada This volume describes and analyzes the proliferation of new mechanisms for participation in Latin American democracies and considers the relationship between direct participation and the consolidation of representative institutions based on more traditional electoral conceptions of democracy. Contents: 1. Voice and Consequence: Direct Participation and Democracy in Latin America; Maxwell A. Cameron, Eric Hershberg and Kenneth E. Sharpe * 2. We’re Either Burned or Frozen Out:’ Society and Party Systems in Latin American Municipal Development Councils (Nicaragua, Venezuela, Mexico and Brazil); Gisela Zaremberg * 3. Participation as Representation: Democratic Policymaking in Brazil; Thamy Pogrebinschi * 4. Constrained Participation: The Impact of Consultative Councils on National-Level Policy in Mexico; Felipe J. Hevia de la Jara and Ernesto Isunza Vera * 5. Learning to Be ‘Better Democrats’? The Role of Informal Practices in Brazilian Participatory Budgeting Experiences; Françoise Montambeault * and more November 2014 UK November 2014 US 278pp 5 graphs, 19 charts, 5 b/w photos Paperback £19.00 / $30.00 / CN$34.50 Canadian Rights

Recent History and Political Violence Edited by Eugenia Allier Montaño, Institute for Social Research, National Autonomous University of Mexico, Emilio Crenzel, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, and National Council of Scientific Research This book examines the struggles that unfolded in Latin America over the memory of the pasts of political violence experienced by the countries of the continent in the second half of the twentieth century: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, the United States, Guatemala, El Salvador, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, and Uruguay. Contents: Table of Contents * Acknowledgements * List of Contributors * 1. Introduction; Emilio Crenzel and Eugenia Allier Montaño * 2. Dictatorships and Authoritarian Regimes * 3. Toward a History of the Memory of Political Violence and the Disappeared in Argentina; Emilio Crenzel * 4. As an unhealed wound’: Memory and Justice in Post-Dictatorship Uruguay; Eugenia Allier y Camilo Vicente * 5. Memory Policies in Chile, 19732010; Claudio Barrientos * 6. The Skirmish of Memories and Political Violence in Dictatorial Brazil; Samantha Quadrat (Universidade Federal Fluminense, Brazil) * and more

Memory Politics and Transitional Justice June 2015 UK June 2015 US 260pp Hardback £65.00 / $100.00 / CN$115.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available


Brazil on the Global Stage Power, Ideas, and the Liberal International Order


Edited by Matthew M. Taylor, American University, USA, Oliver Stuenkel, Getúlio Vargas Foundation (FGV), Brazil This volume explores Brazil's perspectives on the global order. The authors demonstrate that even as Brazil seeks greater recognition on the world stage, it also brings important challenges to the US-led liberal international order.

Brazil’s Africa Strategy Role Conception and the Drive for International Status Christina Stolte, German Institute of Global and Area Studies, Germany This book analyzes Brazil's Africa engagement as a rising power's strategy to gain global recognition, linking it to Brazil's broader foreign policy objectives and shedding light on the mechanisms of Brazilian status-seeking in Africa. Contents: 1. Introduction: A South American Power making Inroads into Africa * 2. Great Powers and the Drive for Status in International Relations * 3. Brazil in the World: Role-Conception, Drive for Status and Status-Seeking Strategies of a Power on the Rise * 4. Brazil in Africa: Extra-Regional Engagement as Springboard to Great Power Status * 5. Why Africa? Motives for Brazil’s Africa Engagement * 6. Conclusion: Brazil’s Africa Engagement as Status-Seeking Policy * 7. Literature April 2015 UK April 2015 US 236pp 23 graphs, 6 b/w tables Hardback £65.00 / $100.00 / CN$115.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available

The Struggle for Memory in Latin America

Contents: Foreword; Eric Hershberg * 1. Brazil on the Global Stage: Origins and Consequences of Brazil’s Challenge to the Global Liberal Order; Oliver Stuenkel and Matthew M. Taylor * 2. The Rhetoric and Reality of Brazil’s Multilateralism; David Bosco and Oliver Stuenkel * 3. The Brazilian Liberal Tradition and the Global Liberal Order; João M. E. Maia and Matthew M. Taylor * 4. The Risks of Pragmatism: Brazil’s Relations with the United States and the International Security Order; Ralph Espach * 5. For Liberalism without Hegemony: Brazil and the Rule of Non-Intervention; Marcos Tourinho * 6. Brazil’s Ambivalent Challenge to Global Environmental Norms; Eve Z. Bratman * 7. Brazil and the Global Nuclear Order; Togzhan Kassenova * 8. Brazil’s Place in the Global Economy; Arturo C. Porzecanski * 9. Ever Wary of Liberalism: Brazilian Foreign Trade Policy from Bretton Woods to the G-20; André Villela * Afterword: Emerging Powers and the Future of the American-Led Liberal International Order; James Goldgeier April 2015 UK April 2015 US 248pp 5 tables, 2 graphs Hardback £65.00 / $100.00 / CN$115.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available



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POLITICS AND INTERNATIONAL STUDIES The State and the Private Sector in Latin America

Civil Society Organizations, Advocacy, and Policy Making in Latin American Democracies

The Shift to Partnership

Pathways to Participation

Mauricio Font, Graduate Center and Queens College, CUNY, USA This book follows ten political economic histories since the 1970s, showing how different forms of partnership have developed, flourished or declined over the time. The author's argument is supported by rich empirical material. It places partnership schemes in a broader social context and provides a deep insight into the phenomenon. Contents: State and Market in Global Development * State and Liberalization in Latin America * Liberalization/Anti-liberalization * Commodities and Rail in Globalizing Brazil * Subnational Brazil * Transantiago: Urban Development in Chile * Conclusion: Changing States * Appendix A: Tables and Graphs * Appendix B: Framework * Appendix C Brazil: Planning for New Infrastructure * Appendix D: About Transantiago June 2015 UK June 2015 US 288pp Hardback £55.00 / $100.00 / CN$115.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available


Contents: 1. Pathways to Participation in Latin American Democracies * 2. Civil Society and Policy Making * 3. The Power of Persuasion * 4. The Power of Partnerships * 5. Comparative Perspectives on Civil Society Advocacy * 6. A Wide-Angle View of Advocacy * 7. Civil Society Participation and the Quest for High-Quality Democracy * References June 2015 UK June 2015 US 224pp Hardback £65.00 / $100.00 / CN$115.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available


Health, Food Security and Bioenergy

Contemporary Transpacific Connections from the South Irene Strodthoff, University of Sydney, Australia "This is highly innovative and original crossdisciplinary work. It is thorough and insightful, weaving the complex issues involved in transnational connections and discourses of nationalism between two countries in the 'colonized' South. Strodthoff makes an important contribution and intervention in discussions about practices of exclusion and inclusion within and between nations. It is engaging in its development of new understandings of how countries imagine and construct themselves and others discursively." — Alana Mann, Senior Lecturer, Department of Media and Communications, The University of Sydney, Australia Exploring bilateral narratives of identity at a socio-discursive level from 1990 onwards, this book provides a new approach to understanding how Chile and Australia imagine and discursively construct each other in light of the bilateral Free Trade Agreement signed in 2008. Contents: Foreword; Raewyn Connell * Introduction * 1. Unveiling Shifts in the Visibility of the Chilean-Australian Relations since 1990 * 2. Immigrants and the Indigenous Peoples: Challenging Official Constructs of Social Cohesion * 3. Negotiating Chilean and Australian Projections of Masculinities and Whiteness in a Neo-liberal Context * 4. Shortening Imagined Distance: Towards The Bilateral Free Trade Agreement * 5. The Asymmetrical Links between Chile and Australia * 6. The Australian and the Chilean Bicentenaries (1988 and 2010)


What explains civil society participation in policy making in Latin American democracies? Risley comparatively analyzes actors who have advocated for children's rights, the environment, and freedom of information in Argentina, Chile, and Uruguay. Successful issue framing and effective alliance building are identified as 'pathways' to participation.

Brazil’s Emerging Role in Global Governance

Chile and Australia

November 2014 UK November 2014 US 232pp Hardback £62.50 / $100.00 / CN$115.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available

Amy Risley, Rhodes College, USA


Markus Fraundorfer, German Institute of Global and Area Studies (GIGA), Germany The author examines Brazil's emerging role as an important actor in various sectors of global governance. By exploring how Brazil's exercise of power developed over the last decade in the sectors of health, food security and bioenergy, this book sheds light on the power strategies of an emerging country from the global south. Contents: 1.Introduction * 2. Theoretical Considerations * 3.Brazil’s Global Fight Against HIV/AIDS * 4.Brazil’s Global Fight Against Hunger and Poverty * 5.Brazil’s Production of Sugarcane-Based Ethanol * 6.Conclusion

International Political Economy Series February 2015 UK February 2015 US 256pp 8 figures Hardback £65.00 / $100.00 / CN$115.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available


POLITICS AND INTERNATIONAL STUDIES Neoliberal Hegemony and the Pink Tide in Latin America

Experiencing Puerto Rican Citizenship and Cultural Nationalism

Breaking Up With TINA?

Jacqueline N. Font-Guzmán, The Werner Institute Creighton University School of Law, USA

Tom Chodor, The University of Queensland, Australia This book examines the 'Pink Tide' of leftist governments in Latin America struggling against neoliberal hegemony from a critical International Political Economy perspective. Focusing particularly on Venezuela and Brazil, it evaluates the transformative and emancipatory potentials of their political projects domestically, regionally and globally. Contents: Introduction: Breaking Up With TINA in Latin America? * 1. Orthodox IPE, Globalisation and the Need for Critical Alternatives * 2. The Neoliberal World Order * 3. Neoliberalism and Organic Crisis in Latin America * 4. The Bolivarian Revolution as a Counter-hegemonic Project * 5. Lula’s Passive Revolution * 6. The Pink Tide: Counter-hegemonic Potentials * 7. American Hegemony Under Challenge * Conclusion: Learning from the Pink Tide

International Political Economy Series December 2014 UK December 2014 US 224pp Hardback £58.00 / $90.00 / CN$104.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available


Democracy against Neoliberalism in Argentina and Brazil

Drawing from in-depth interviews with a group of Puerto Ricans who requested a certificate of Puerto Rican citizenship, legal and historical documents, and official reports not publicly accessible, Jacqueline FontGuzmán shares how some Puerto Ricans construct and experience their citizenship and national identity at the margins of the US nation. Contents: 1. Introduction to the Subjective Experience of Citizenship and National Identity * 2. A Socio-legal History of Puerto Rico: An Account of Repression, Limited Democratic Participation, and Partial Rewards * 3. The Power of not Wanting: Renouncing U.S. Citizenship * 4. Puerto Rican Citizenship and Construction of Counter-Narratives: Ramírez de Ferrer v. Mari Brás 144 D.P.R. 141, 1997 * 5. Experiencing Puertorriqueñidad Through Citizenship * 6. The Performativity of Puertorriqueñidad and Citizenship * 7. Final Comments May 2015 UK May 2015 US 240pp Hardback £62.50 / $100.00 / CN$115.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available

The Political Empowerment of the Cocaleros of Bolivia and Peru Ursula Durand Ochoa, London School of Economics, UK

A Move to the Left Juan Pablo Ferrero, University of Bath, UK "This is an important book for our era of disillusionment with representational democracy. Latin Americanists interested in democracy beyond the state and political leaders will find a wealth of empirical and theoretical insights into how ordinary people come to mobilize and challenge a global paradigm. But it is also a book for all those interested in democracy as a process, not a 'thing.''' —Jenny Pearce, University of Bradford, UK This book provides a comprehensive analysis of the emergence of left-wing politics in two of the largest South American nations: Argentina and Brazil. It looks in particular at the transformation of democracy seen as ‘point of arrival’ into democracy seen as an unending struggle for greater equality. Contents: Introduction * 1. Interrogating Democracy. From Political Regimes to Politics * 2. Trade Unions and Social Movement Organizations Within and Beyond Neoliberal Times * 3. Self-organizing. Grassroots Activation * 4. Networking. Horizontal Deliberation by Default * 5. Demanding. The Political Effect of Social Demands * 6. From Heterogeneous Complexity to Antagonistic Simplicity. The Institution of the Limit * 7. From Disagreement to Participation? A Move to the Left * Conclusion: The Politics of Democratization: Democratic Subjectivities in Post-transition Contexts November 2014 UK November 2014 US 280pp 6 figures, 4 b/w tables Hardback £62.50 / $105.00 / CN$121.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available


This book offers a comparative analysis of the distinct experiences of the Peruvian and Bolivian cocaleros as political actors. In doing so, it illustrates how coca, an internationally criminalised good, affected the path and outcome of cocalero political empowerment in each case. Contents: 1. Introduction * 2. The Criminalisation of Coca and Cocaine * 3. Peru: Formation of a Social Movement - Crisis and Repression during the Transition(s) to Democracy * 4. Bolivia: Formation of a Social Movement - Crisis and Opportunity during the Transition to Democracy * 5. Peru: Transformation of a Social Movement - Radicalisation, Division, and Demobilisation * 6. Bolivia: Transformation of a Social Movement - Convergence and Diffusion * 7. Conclusion: The Cocaleros of Bolivia and Peru Compared

Studies of the Americas September 2014 UK September 2014 US 248pp 4 b/w tables, 6 figures Hardback £62.50 / $105.00 / CN$121.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available



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POLITICS AND INTERNATIONAL STUDIES José Martí, Ernesto “Che” Guevara, and Global Development Ethics

STUDIES OF THE AMERICAS Edited by Maxine Molyneux, Director, UCL Institute of the Americas

The Battle for Ideas

Gender, Globalization, and Health in a Latin American Context Jasmine Gideon, Birkbeck College, University of London, UK Using a political economy of health, this book examines the linkages between gender, globalization, and health in a Latin American context. Contents: Foreword; Armando Barrientos * 1. Latin American Social Policy: Challenging Gender Inequalities? * 2. A Gendered Political Economy of Health * 3. The Development of Gendered Health Systems * 4. Engendering Governance in Health? * 5. Gender, the Changing Nature of Work and Health * 6. Gender, Migrant Labor, and Health * 7. Concluding Comments

October 2014 UK October 2014 US 292pp Hardback £62.50 / $105.00 / CN$121.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available

Susan E. Babbitt, Queen’s University, Canada "Babbitt presents the richness of philosophical ideas in the largely ignored works of José Martí and Ernesto 'Che' Guevara and then puts these ideas to work in a powerful critique of standard liberal assumptions about what it means to flourish as a human being. The book is a must read for philosophers, political theorists, and development ethicists who would like to challenge or expand their conceptions of Cuba - as well as the meaning of freedom, democracy, human rights, liberalism, capitalism, Marxism, 'developed', and 'developing'." —Christine Koggel, Carleton University, Canada This book argues that the overlooked ideas of José Martí and Ernesto 'Che' Guevara explain recent politics in Latin America and the Caribbean but also, even more significantly, offer a defensible alternative direction for global development ethics. Contents: 1. No Place at the Table: A Challenge for Freedom * 2. Cuban Internationalism and Martí’s ‘Trenches of Ideas’ * 3. Alienation and Authenticity * 4. Revolutionary Love in Martí and Guevara * 5. The Battle for Ideas and Global Development


September 2014 UK September 2014 US 228pp Hardback £62.50 / $100.00 / CN$115.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available


Peru in Theory Edited by Paulo Drinot, Institute of the Americas, University College London, UK "In this superb collection, ten authors bring to bear the work of theorists ranging from Michel Foucault to Judith Butler to rethink two frustratingly pervasive characteristics of Peru: inequality and institutional flimsiness. This is not only an indispensable examination of Peru, but also a wideranging and creative dialogue about the power and limitations of theory."— Charles Walker, University of California, Davis, USA Chapters establish a productive dialog between Peru and social science theory, focusing on institutional weakness and exclusion (economic, social, gendered, racial). Contents: 1. Introduction; Paulo Drinot * 2. The Fujimori Regime Through Tocqueville’s Lens: Centralism, Regime Change and Peripheral Elites in Contemporary Peru; Alberto Vergara * 3. Crossing Boundaries to Understand Change: Varieties of Developmental State Structures in Chile and Peru; José Carlos Orihuela * 4. Theorising Encounters between Mining Companies and Local Populations: Using the Weapons of James C. Scott; Cecilia Perla * 5. Huntington in Peru (Or Beware of Reforms); Omar Awapara Franco and Eduardo Dargent Bocanegra * 6. Laclau’s Theory of Hegemony: Between Socio-Cultural Politics and a Political Economy of Citizenship; Maria Balarin *and more October 2014 UK October 2014 US 272pp Hardback £62.50 / $105.00 / CN$121.00 Canadian Rights



Private Universities in Latin America Research and Innovation in the Knowledge Economy Edited by Gustavo Gregorutti, Humboldt University, Germany, Jorge Enrique Delgado, Institute for International Studies in Education, University of Pittsburgh, USA "It is interesting and encouraging to read of how some private universities in Latin America are engaging in research. Research certainly is not a characteristic strength of private universities in either the region or most of the world. Gregorutti and Delgado do us a service by pointing attention to exceptions to the traditional reality and to possibly emerging tendencies." —Daniel Levy, SUNY Distinguished Professor and Director of the Program for Research on Private Higher Education, State University of New York at Albany, USA Using policy analysis and case study approaches, Private Universities in Latin America examines the significant amounts of research and innovation being made available from private universities in Latin America. Contents: 1. Introduction; Jorge Enrique Delgado and Gustavo Gregorutti * PART I: REGULATORY ENVIRONMENT IMPACTING RESEARCH PRODUCTIVITY IN LATIN AMERICA * PART II: SUCCESSFUL CASES OF RESEARCH PRODUCTIVITY AT PRIVATE UNIVERSITIES

International and Development Education May 2015 UK May 2015 US 320pp 17 Figures Hardback £65.00 / $100.00 / CN$115.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available


POLITICS AND INTERNATIONAL STUDIES The Politics of Autonomy in Latin America

A History of the FTAA

The Art of Organising Hope

From Hegemony to Fragmentation in the Americas

Ana Cecilia Dinerstein, Department of Social and Policy Sciences, University of Bath, UK "Terrific and necessary. An excellent and informative account of the wonderful movements of revolt in Latin America in recent years."—John Holloway, Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla, Mexico

Marcel Nelson, Queens University, Canada

The author contests older concepts of autonomy as either revolutionary or ineffective vis-à-vis the state. Looking at four prominent Latin American movements, she defines autonomy as 'the art of organising hope': a tool for indigenous and non-indigenous movements to prefigure alternative realities at a time when utopia can be no longer objected.

Contents: 1. Gramsci, Hegemony, and Global Governance * 2. The FTAA Negotiations: Context and History * 3. The FTAA Negotiations: Context and History * 4. Venezuela and the Evolution of the FTAA * 5. Brazil and the FTAA Negotiations

Contents: 1. Embracing the Other Side: An introduction * PART I: THEORISING AUTONOMY * 2. Meanings of Autonomy: Trajectories, Modes, Differences * 3. Autonomy in the Key of Hope: Understanding Prefiguration * PART II: NAVIGATING AUTONOMY * 4. Organising Negation: Neoliberal Hopelessness, Insurgent Hope (Mexico) * 5. Shaping Concrete Utopias: Urban Experiments (Argentina) * 6. Resisting Translation: Indigenous-Popular Resistance (Bolivia) * 7. Venturing Beyond the Wire: The Sem Terra’s Dream (Brazil) * PART III: RETHINKING AUTONOMY * 8. Confronting Value with Hope. A Prefigurative Critique of Political Economy * 9. Living in Blochian Times: Opening Remarks

Non-Governmental Public Action

Providing a critical account of the collapse of the FTAA negotiations and alterations to power relations in the Americas, this book argues that the collapse was rooted in a ‘crisis of authority’ prompted by growing opposition in the Americas to US leadership and the neo-liberal reforms that had been promoted by Washington since the 1980s.

February 2015 UK February 2015 US 288pp Hardback £65.00 / $100.00 / CN$115.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available


Designing Industrial Policy in Latin America Business-State Relations and the New Developmentalism

December 2014 UK December 2014 US 312pp 4 tables, 2 figures Hardback £65.00 / $100.00 / CN$115.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available


The Un/Making of Latina/o Citizenship Culture, Politics, and Aesthetics Edited by Ellie D. Hernández, University of California at Santa Barbara, USA, Eliza Rodriguez y Gibson, Loyola Marymount University, USA "In their very readable collection [the authors] have compiled a list of scholars who are innovative thinkers, insightful academicians, and passionate writers unafraid to examine, to rethink the shifting and fluidity of what is meant, or not, by Latinidad... This collection should be on the bookshelf of every scholar and artist whose has been given the task - whether in art as in theory - to decolonize the imaginary, one word at a time." —Helena María Viramontes, Cornell University, USA Examining a wide range of source material including popular culture, literature, photography, television, and visual art, this collection of essays sheds light on the misrepresentations of Latina/os in the mass media. Contents: Introduction; Ellie D. Hernández and Eliza Rodriguez y Gibson * 1. Dyad or Dialectic? Deconstructing Chicana/Latina Identity Politics; Alicia Gaspar de Alba * 2. Drag Racing the Neoliberal Circuit: Latina/o Camp and the Contingencies of Resistance; Eliza Rodriguez y Gibson * 3. Twenty-First Century New Mexican Road Trip: Reclaiming Ceremony, Music, Time and Land; Chela Sandoval and Peter J. García * 4. The Importance of the Heart in Chicana Artistry: Aesthetic Struggle, Aisthesis, ‘Freedom’; Juan Mah y Busch * and more

Ben Ross Schneider, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA Development economists and practitioners agree that close collaboration between business and government improves industrial policy, yet little research exists on how best to organize that. This book examines three necessary functions–-information exchange, authoritative allocation, and reducing rent seeking–across experiences in Latin America. Contents: 1. Introduction: Institutional Dynamics of Industrial Policy * 2. Principles of Institutional Design in BusinessGovernment Councils * I. Introduction * II. What happens in Councils: Disaggregating Interactions * III. The Korean Model in Export and Technology Councils * IV. Conclusion * 3. Ongoing Experimentation with Business-Government Councils in Latin America * I. Introduction * II. Disaggregating Councils by Scope and Function * III. Beyond Councils: Formal and Informal Business Representation * IV. Conclusions * 4. Putting Councils and Industrial Policy in Context: Political Systems and Big Business * I. Introduction * II. Political Institutions and Privileged Access for Big Business * III. Structure and Preferences of Business Groups * IV. Business groups, MNCs, and Possibilities for Industrial Policy * V. Conclusion * 5. Conclusions * Appendices * A. Interviews * B. Abbreviations

Latin American Political Economy March 2015 UK March 2015 US 100pp 2 b/w tables Hardback £45.00 / $67.50 / CN$78.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available


Literatures of the Americas August 2014 UK August 2014 US 292pp 1 chart Hardback £60.00 / $95.00 / CN$109.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available


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POLITICS AND INTERNATIONAL... Smallholders and the Non-Farm Transition in Latin America Smallholders and the Non-Farm Transition in Latin America explores the drivers of agricultural displacement in Latin America and argues that government support is essential to help small farmers gain the skills, financial capital, and opportunities needed to transition to a profitable alternative in the non-farm sector. Contents: Introduction. Smallholders and the Non-Farm Economy * 1. Promoting Non-Farm Skills and Knowledge * 2. Overcoming Financial Barriers * 3. Promoting Non-Farm Employment * Conclusion. Connecting the Dots

Politics, Economics, and Inclusive Development 9781137487155

Antonio A. R. Ioris, University of Edinburgh, UK This text investigates the complexity of the Latin American mega cities and the multiple commitments of the apparatus of the state with a focus on the failures of the public water sector. It offers an innovative interpretation of large-scale urbanization, one of the most challenging questions affecting Latin American governments and society. Contents: 1. State, Water and the Production of the Latin American City * 2. The Exclusionary City, Political Statehood and a Thirsty Population * 3. National Development and Urban Water Demands through the Mexican Capital City * 4. The Urbanisation of Lima, Neoliberal Reforms and Water-related Tensions * 5. Water Problems and Conflicting Water Values in the Rio de Janeiro Metropolitan Region * 6. About the City, Water and the State: The Way Forward

Cities and the Global Politics of the Environment


Edited by Norma E. Cantú, University of Missouri--Kansas City, USA

Music and Identity in Twentieth-Century Literature from Our America Noteworthy Protagonists Marco Katz Montiel, MacEwan University, Canada "Filling a gap in the scholarly discussion of music in American novels, Music and Identity in Twentieth Century Literature from Our America will be an important contribution for many years to come. Katz's extensive experience as a professional musician and composer makes for important insights, addressing music and culture with a depth of knowledge that is unique among literary scholars." —Barbara Curiel, Professor of English, Humboldt State University, USA Offering a one-of-a-kind approach to music and literature of the Americas, this book examines the relationships between musical protagonists from Colombia, Cuba, and the United States in novels by writers such as Gabriel García Márquez, Alejo Carpentier, Zora Neale Hurston, and John Okada.

Water, State and the City

April 2015 UK April 2015 US 160pp Hardback £45.00 / $67.50 / CN$78.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available


Isabel Harbaugh, Mercer, USA

September 2014 UK September 2014 US 102pp 2 b/w tables, 1 graph Hardback £45.00 / $67.50 / CN$78.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available





ART, LITERATURE AND LANGUAGE Borges the Unacknowledged Medievalist Old English and Old Norse in His Life and Work

New Trends in Contemporary Latin American Narrative

M.J. Toswell, University of Western Ontario, Canada The Argentinian writer and poet Jorge Luis Borges (1899-1986) was many things during his life, but what has gone largely unnoticed is that he was a medievalist, and his interest in Germanic medievalism was pervasive throughout his work. This study will consider the medieval elements in Borges creative work and shed new light on his poetry.

Post-National Literatures and the Canon Edited by Timothy R. Robbins, Drury University, USA, José Eduardo González, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA "The authors of this timely collection provide a solid account of the nature of post-politics and the subsequent demise of the idea of the nation in contemporary Latin American narrative, also scrutinizing the crucial role of the Internet in the construction of a simultaneously global and local new Latin American Republic of Letters." — J. Agustín Pastén B., Professor of Latin American Literature, North Carolina State University, USA Examining a rich new generation of Latin American writers, this collection offers new perspectives on the current status of Latin American literature in the age of globalization. Authors explored are from the Boom and Postboom periods, including those who combine social preoccupations, like drug trafficking, with aesthetic ones. Contents: Introduction: Posnacionalistas: Tradition and New Writing in Latin America; Timothy R. Robbins and José Eduardo González * 1. From the Mexican Onda to McOndo: The Shifting Ideology of Mass Culture; Timothy R. Robbins * 2. Bolaño and the Canon; Ricardo Gutiérrez Mouat * 3. CRACK and Contemporary Latin American Narrative: An Introductory Study; Tomás Regalado López * 4. Deep Literature and Dirty Realism: Rupture and Continuity in the Canon; Gerardo Cruz-Grunerth * 5. The Historical and Geographical Imagination in Recent Argentine Fiction: Rodrigo Fresán and the DNA of a Globalized Writer; Emilse B. Hidalgo * and more August 2014 UK August 2014 US 252pp Hardback £57.50 / $90.00 / CN$104.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available

Contents: Introduction * 1. The Germanic Medievalism of Borges’ Life * 2. Borges the Poet * 3. Borges the Scholar and Writer * 4. Borges the Fabulist * 5. Borges’ Medievalism * Bibliography

The New Middle Ages November 2014 UK November 2014 US 126pp Hardback £45.00 / $67.50 / CN$78.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available


Indigenous Feminist Narratives I/We: Wo(men) of an(Other) Way


Isabel Dulfano, University of Utah, USA This text analyzes the literary representation of Indigenous women in Latin American letters from colonization to the twentieth century, arguing that contemporary theorization of Indigenous feminism deconstructs denigratory imagery and offers a (re) signification, (re)semantization and reinvigoration of what it means to be an Indigenous woman.

Roberto Bolaño, A Less Distant Star Critical Essays Edited by Ignacio López-Calvo, University of California, Merced, USA "Roberto Bolaño, A Less Distant Star: Critical Essays is the first English-language book examining, from different perspectives, the oeuvre of the most important Latin American writer of the last two decades...I am sure that this book will immediately become crucial in understanding the complex opus of Bolaño, a postmodern Che of the contemporary Latin American novel." —Fernando Valerio-Holguín, Professor of Latin American Literature, Colorado State University, USA and author of Presence of Trujillo in Contemporary Narrative Roberto Bolaño is considered one of the most influential Latin American writers of his generation. The first English-language volume on the Chilean author, essays address such topics as Borges's influence, social memory, allegory, and neoliberalism and discuss works like 2666, The Savage Detectives, and Distant Star.

Contents: Introduction * 1. Canonical Representations of Indigenous Women in Latin American Literature * 2. Notes on Indigenous Feminism Post-testimonial * 3. Memory/Memoir, Challenges and Anthropology; Irma Velásquez Nimatuj, translated by Isabel Dulfano * 4. What Does It Mean to Be an Indigenous Woman in Contemporary Times?; Luz María de la Torre Amaguana, translated by Isabel Dulfano * Conclusion

April 2015 UK April 2015 US 128pp Hardback £45.00 / $67.50 / CN$78.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available


Contents: Introduction; Ignacio López-Calvo. * PART I: GENERAL OVERVIEWS * PART II: TWO MAJOR NOVELS * PART III: SHORT NOVELS AND SHORT STORIES * PART IV: POETRY May 2015 UK March 2015 US 244pp Hardback £55.00 / $90.00 / CN$104.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available


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HISTORY Memory and Transitional Justice in Argentina and Uruguay


Education and the State in Modern Peru

Now available in paperback

Against Impunity Francesca Lessa, University of Oxford, UK "A novel contribution to transitional justice. Lessa blends nuanced analysis of political memory of the authoritarian past with an in-depth study of decisions regarding the full range of institutional mechanisms (i.e., truth commissions, trials, amnesty, reparations) used to deal with that past." —Leigh A. Payne, University of Oxford, UK

Primary Schooling in Lima, 1821 - c. 1921 G. Antonio Espinoza, Department of History, Virginia Commonwealth University, USA "Espinoza places patrimonialism and patronage at the center of elite efforts to establish a staterun education system, and simultaneously demonstrates how trends in education reflected broader dynamics of Peruvian nation-building. The work's century-long time frame allows Espinoza to effectively trace the shaky transition from colonialism to independence, the vicissitudes of creating a modern society and economy, and the eventual stabilization of an industrializing nation in the twentieth century . . . This book is an important contribution to both the history of education in Latin America and to the history of early national Peru." —The American Historical Review Espinoza's work illuminates how education was the site of ideological and political struggle in Peru during its early years as an independent state. Spanning 100 years and discussing both urban and rural education, it shows how school funding, curricula, and governance became part of the cultural process of state-building in Peru. Contents: Introduction * 1. Schooling Patterns * 2. From Republicanism to Popular Instruction to Nationalism: Official Educational Ideas and Goals in Peru, 1821-1905 * 3. Teachers, Local Communities, and National Government * 4. Inside Primary Schools: Curricula and Methods in the Lima Region, 1821-1905 * 5. The Realities of the Estado Docente: Educational Centralization from 1905 to c. 1921 * Conclusions

Historical Studies in Education July 2015 UK July 2015 US 296pp Paperback £24.00 / $38.00 / CN$43.99 Canadian Rights


This interdisciplinary study explores the interaction between memory and transitional justice in postdictatorship Argentina and Uruguay and develops a theoretical framework for bringing these two fields of study together through the concept of critical junctures. Contents: Introduction * 1. Theoretical Framework * 2. The Downward Spiral toward Dictatorship * 3. Transitional Justice in Argentina (1983–2012) * 4. Reconciliation versus Justice * 5. Transitional Justice in Uruguay (1985–2012) * 6. Pacification or Impunity? The Ley de Caducidad and the Interweaving of Memory and Transitional Justice in Uruguay * Conclusion

Memory Politics and Transitional Justice December 2014 UK December 2014 US 336pp 10 b/w illustrations, 2 b/w tables, 2 charts Paperback £21.00 / $34.00 / CN$38.99 9781137485007 Canadian Rights

The Post-Columbus Syndrome Identities, Cultural Nationalism, and Commemorations in the Caribbean Fabienne Viala, University of Warwick, UK "Fabienne Viala's book is a study in breadth, depth, and virtuosity. Covering an astonishingly wide range of subjects, genres, writers, and theories, and delving thoughtfully into the underlying myths and beliefs of three different linguistic areas of the Caribbean, she succeeds spectacularly in finding something new to say not only about some of the Caribbean 'giants' of thinking about identity, but, as few observers of the modern Caribbean can, also about a common cultural identity, based on her genuinely original interpretation of the contested and always complex notion of cultural memory. It is a joy to read." — Antoni Kapcia, University of Nottingham, UK

The Origins of Bourbon Reform in Spanish South America, 1700-1763 Adrian J. Pearce, King’s College, London, UK Integrating the political and governmental histories of Spain and the American colonies, this book focuses on the political and governmental history of the Viceroyalty of Peru during the 'early Bourbon' period and provides a new interpretation of the period's broader significance within Spanish American history. Contents: Introduction: The Early Bourbon Period in Spanish South America, An Interpretation * 1. Imperial Hiatus: War in Spain and Crisis in Peru, 1700 to 1720s * 2. Bourbon Rule and the Origins of Reform in Spain and the Colonies, 1700-1719 * 3. The First Cycle of Reform, 1710s to 1736: Spanish Atlantic Trade * 4. The First Cycle of Reform, 1710s to 1736: Government, Treasury, Mining, and the Church * 5. Reform Abated, 1736-1745 * 6. Reform Renewed: The Second Cycle, 1745-1763 * 7. Conclusions

Studies of the Americas August 2014 UK August 2014 US 284pp 1 map Hardback £60.00 / $95.00 / CN$109.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available



Now available in paperback

Reflecting on the relationship between memory, power, and national identity, this book examines the complex reactions of the people of the Caribbean to the 500th anniversary of Columbus's discovery of the New World. Viala analyzes the ways in which Columbus became a reservoir of metaphors to confront anxieties of the present with myths of the past. Contents: PART I: POST-COLUMBUS SYSTEMS OF MEMORY: RECYCLING HERITAGE IN THE CARIBBEAN * PART II: ANAMNESIS CARIBENSIS: COLUMBUS IN 1992

New Caribbean Studies October 2014 UK October 2014 US 296pp 1 b/w illustration Hardback £56.50 / $95.00 / CN$110.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available


FILM, MEDIA AND CULTURE Cultural Producers and Social Change in Latin America


Latino Studies Editor: Lourdes Torres, Latin American and Latino Studies, DePaul University Latino Studies has established itself as the leading, international peer-reviewed journal for advancing interdisciplinary scholarship about the lived experience and struggles of Latinas and Latinos for equality, representation, and social justice.

Felipe Cala Buendía, independent scholar, USA "This is a timely and far-reaching comparative study of creative responses to economic and political crises in Colombia, Peru and Argentina. Cala Buendía's bold and nuanced interpretation demonstrates the surprising goals achieved by spontaneous, unconventional cultural initiatives that emerge from both grass-roots and governmental levels. Culture is truly the protagonist of this story where the political agency of visual art, performance, and literature provides effective tactics in the contemporary Latin American public sphere." —Marcy Schwartz, Rutgers University, USA In Argentina, Colombia, and Peru, there has been an out-pouring of popular-performative activities that have asked citizens to pose questions about the social order and about the memories of recent atrocities. Cala Buendía looks at ways in which cultural producers adapted or developed strategies as resources for social actors to use for change.

ISSN: 14763435 / EISSN: 14763443 For more information, please visit:

Contents: 1. The Happiness of Pursuit * 2. The Cultura Ciudadana Policy in Bogotá: Out-of-the Box Governance in a Violent City * 3. The Cultural Resistance of Colectivo Sociedad Civil in Peru: Performing Citizenship in the Time of Fear * 4. Grupo Cultural Yuyachkani and the Peruvian Truth and Reconciliation Commission: In a Very Imperfect World * 5. The Eloísa Cartonera Initiative in Buenos Aires: The Poetics of Labor * Conclusion: The Art of Voice

Cuban Women and Salsa To the Beat of Their Own Drum Delia Poey, Florida State University, USA "Taking a cultural studies approach, Poey examines a variety of materials: movies, recordings and accounts of live performances, song lyrics, and videos. Throughout she is interested in how performers challenge and inflect racial and gender norms. I especially liked the discussion of the way Mendoza substituted the audience for the male partner in a guaguancó, the critique of Estefan's carefully crafted career and persona, and the insightful reading in the last chapter of Albita's album covers and music videos. A great deal has been written about salsa music in the last several decades, but I don't know of a monograph like this one, which addresses exclusively the contribution of women performers." — Gustavo Pérez Firmat, Columbia University, USA Salsa is both an American and transnational phenomenon, however women in salsa have been neglected. To explore how female singers negotiate issues of gender, race, and nation through their performances, Poey engages with the ways they problematize the idea of the nation and facilitate their musical performances' movement across multiple borders. Contents: Introduction * 1. From the Streets to the Nightclub: Rita Montaner and Celeste Mendoza as Salsa Precursors * 2. Celia Cruz: From La guarachera de Cuba to the Queen of Salsa * 3. La Lupe: The Excessive Performance of Race and Gender * 4. Crossing Over: Gloria Estefan’s Performance of the/on the Hyphen * 5. No se parece a nad a/ Not Like Anything Else: Albita Rodríguez Bends the Rules * Conclusion October 2014 UK October 2014 US 190pp 6 b/w illustrations Hardback £55.00 / $95.00 / CN$110.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available


December 2014 UK December 2014 US 200pp 5 b/w illustrations Hardback £59.50 / $95.00 / CN$110.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available


Journeys in Argentine and Brazilian Cinema Road Films in a Global Era Natália Pinazza, Birkbeck, University of London, UK "Pinazza does an excellent job of tying the production details and politico-economic context of filmmaking together with the thematic details and social issues addressed in the diegesis of each film analyzed. Readers will enjoy being introduced to a number of interesting films dealing with contemporary issues at the local level in dialogue with the global and the author's discussion of the films will encourage further exploration on the part of the readers—thus continuing on their own 'journey.'"— Jack A. Draper III, Associate Professor, Portuguese, University of Missouri, USA Many South American films that use the popular road movie format to examine regional culture and attitudes, especially in Argentina and Brazil. Pinazza performs a careful cultural analysis of the films and investigates how road movies deal with narratives on nationhood whilst simultaneously inserting themselves in a transnational dialogue. Contents: Introduction * 1. National and Transnational Film Studies: The Argentine and Brazilian Case * 2. Home: National Crisis, Fragmented Family and Death * 3. Europe as Destination and Point of Departure * 4. Bordercrossing in the Southern Cone * 5. The Return to the Sertão and Patagonia * 6. Conclusion October 2014 UK October 2014 US 204pp 20 b/w illustrations Hardback £60.00 / $95.00 / CN$110.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available

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FILM, MEDIA AND CULTURE Media Systems and Communication Policies in Latin America

Migration in Lusophone Cinema Edited by Cacilda Rêgo, Utah State University, USA, Marcus Brasileiro, Utah State University, USA "This is the first book about how migration has been represented in Lusophone cinema in the last decades. Rêgo and Brasileiro have moved beyond the mere confines of the field of film studies and enriched the text with thought-provoking essays written by academics from several disciplines. The result is a fascinating volume containing essays that inquire deeply about issues involving identity, immigration, transnationalism, and the meaning of 'home' in an increasingly complex world." —Eva Paulino Bueno, Professor of Spanish and Portuguese, St. Mary's University, USA

Edited by Manuel Alejandro Guerrero, Universidad Iberoamericana, Mexico, Mireya Márquez-Ramírez, Universidad Iberoamericana, Mexico Media Systems and Communication Policies in Latin America proposes, tests and analyses the liberal captured model. It explores to what extent to which globalisation, marketization, commercialism, regional bodies and the nation State redefine the media's role in Latin American societies. Contents: Contents * List of Figures * List of Tables * Notes on Contributors * Preface * Introduction: Communications Policies and Media Systems in the Age of (anti) Neoliberal Politics; Mireya Márquez-Ramírez and Manuel Alejandro Guerrero * 1. Latin America Media and the Limitations of the ‘Globalization’ Paradigm; Silvio Waisbord * 2. The ‘Liberal-Captured’ Model of Media Systems in Latin America; Manuel Alejandro Guerrero * 3. In Search of a model for the Colombian Media System Today; Catalina Montoya Londoño * 4. Media Systems and Political Action in Peru; Javier Protzel * 5. The Complex Relationship Between the Media and the Political System in Argentina: From Co-Option to Polarization; Jorge Liotti * 6. Pluralism, Digitalization and the Contemporary Challenges of Media Policy in El Salvador; José Luis Benítez * and more

Palgrave Global Media Policy and Business October 2014 UK October 2014 US 336pp 4 figures Hardback £60.00 / $95.00 / CN$110.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available


With more than 250 million speakers globally, the Lusophone world has a rich history of filmmaking. This edited volume explores the representation of the migratory experience in contemporary cinema from Portuguese-speaking countries, exploring how Lusophone films, filmmakers, producers, studios, and governments relay narratives of migration. Contents: Introduction; Cacilda Rêgo and Marcus Brasileiro * 1. Imagining Migration: A Panoramic View of Lusophone Films and Tabu (2012) as Case Study; Carolin Overhoff Ferreira * 2. Thinking of Portugal, Looking at Cape Verde: Notes on Representation of Immigrants in the Films of Pedro Costa; Nuno Barradas Jorge * 3. Outros Bairros and the Challenges of Place in Post-colonial Portugal; Derek Pardue * 4. Deterritorialisation Processes in the Portuguese Emigratory Context: Cinematic Representations of Departing and Returning; Fátima Velez de Castro * 5. Performing Criminality: Immigration and Integration in Foreign Land and Fado Blues; Frans Weiser *and more November 2014 UK November 2014 US 248pp 13 b/w illustrations Hardback £60.00 / $95.00 / CN$110.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available

Memory Matters in Transitional Peru


Margarita Saona, University of Illinois at Chicago, USA Commemorating traumatic events means attempting to activate collective memory. By examining images, metonymic invocations, built environments and digital outreach interventions, this book establishes some of the cognitive and emotional responses that make us incorporate the past suffering of others as a painful legacy of our own.

Narco Cinema Sex, Drugs, and Banda Music in Mexico's B-Filmography Ryan Rashotte, independent scholar, Canada "A rambunctious exploration, as over-the-top as its subject matter." —Elijah Wald, author of Narcocorrido: A Journey into the Music of Drugs, Guns, and Guerrillas

Contents: List of Illustrations * Preface * Acknowledgements * List of Acronyms * PART I: INTRODUCTION: PERUVIAN MEMORY MATTERS * 1. The Mandate to Remember * 2.Remembering the Pain of Others * PART II: SEEING, KNOWING, FEELING: CONVEYING TRUTH AND EMOTION THROUGH IMAGES * 1. Yuyanapaq: Using Images in Order to Remember * 2. Images, Photography, and Truth * 3. Photography, Memory, and the Ethics and Aesthetics of Witnessing * 4. Imagining the Memories of Others * PART III: PLAIN THINGS AND NAMES * 1. Naming the Victims: The Controversies Surrounding El ojo que llora * 2. The Things they Carried: Embodied Evocation in ‘Si no vuelvo, búsquenme en Putis.’ * PART IV: PLACES TO REMEMBER * 1.Creating Sites of Memory * 2.Here * 3.Dislocating Memory * Afterword * Notes * References * Index

This book provides the first comprehensive study of narco cinema, a cross-border exploitation cinema that has been instrumental in shaping narco-culture in Mexico and the US borderlands. Identifying classics in its mammoth catalogue and analyzing select films at length, Rashotte outlines the genre's history and aesthetic criteria. Contents: Introduction: Oye, Lecteur * 1. What is Narco Cinema? * 2. Hecho de coca: A Sentimental Education * 3. Two Foul Score of the Brothers Almada * 4. Narcas y Narcos * 5. . . . and Narco Gays? * Postscript: From Culiacán to Cannes

Palgrave Macmillan Memory Studies October 2014 UK October 2014 US 176pp Hardback £60.00 / $95.00 / CN$110.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available



Latino Pop Culture April 2015 UK April 2015 US 216pp 7 b/w illustrations Hardback £60.00 / $95.00 / CN$110.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available


FILM, MEDIA AND CULTURE Puerto Rican Soldiers and Second-Class Citizenship Representations in Media Manuel G. Avilés-Santiago, Arizona State University, USA "Responding to the fact that the experiences of Puerto Rican soldiers have been almost entirely absent from mainstream media for decades, Manuel Avilés-Santiago's groundbreaking study explores how they self-represent themselves and their role in the War on Terror via social media. This much-needed investigation is thoroughly engaging, important, and enlightening." —Charles Ramírez Berg, Joe M. Dealey, Sr. Professor, Media Studies, The University of Texas at Austin, USA Puerto Rican soldiers have been consistently whitewashed out of the narrative of American history despite playing parts in all American wars since WWI. This book examines the online self-representation of Puerto Rican soldiers who served during the War on Terror, focusing on social networking sites, user-generated content, and web memorials. Contents: Introduction * 1. Saving Private Fulano de Tal: Representations of Puerto Rican Soldiers in Television and Film * 2. Digital Bodies at War: The Boricua Soldier in Social Networking Sites * 3. Broadcasting Puerto Ricanness: Mash-up Identities in the UserGenerated-Content Zone * 4. Digital Epitaphs: Web memorializing Puerto Rican Soldiers in the 21st Century * Conclusions November 2014 UK November 2014 US 240pp 7 b/w illustrations Hardback £60.00 / $95.00 / CN$110.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available


Sports and Nationalism in Latin/o America Edited by Héctor Fernández L’Hoeste, Georgia State University, USA, Robert McKee Irwin, University of California, Davis, USA, Juan Poblete, University of California, Santa Cruz, USA "This book is a welcome contribution to a tremendously important but inexplicably neglected field in Latin American popular cultures. The politics of sport have accompanied the processes of urbanization and modernization, and shaped national, gendered, and class identities in Latin America since late nineteenth century. Nowadays, sports' transnational commodification poses new and complex queries that demand our attention." — Abril Trigo, Ohio State University, USA and author of Crisis y Transfiguración de los Estudios Culturales Latinoamericanos This collection interrogates sports in Latin America as a key terrain in which nation is defined and populations are interpellated through emotionally charged practices (state policy, media representations, and sports play itself by professionals, national teams and amateurs) of inclusion and exclusion. Contents: PART I: SPORTS AND THE CONSTRUCTION OF NATIONALISM * PART II: SPORTS AS INTRA-NATIONAL MEDIATION * PART III: SPORTS AND ALTERITY * PART IV: SPORTS AS TRANSNATIONAL MEDIATION

New Directions in Latino American Cultures May 2015 UK May 2015 US 324pp Hardback £65.00 / $95.00 / CN$110.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available


The Transnational Fantasies of Guillermo del Toro Edited by Ann Davies, University of Stirling, UK, Deborah Shaw, University of Portsmouth, UK, Dolores Tierney, University of Sussex, UK Offering a multifaceted approach to the Mexican-born director Guillermo del Toro, this volume examines his wide-ranging oeuvre and traces the connections between his Spanish language and English language commercial and art film projects. Contents: Foreward; Paul Julian Smith * Introduction; Dolores Tierney, Deborah Shaw, and Ann Davies * PART I: DEL TORO’S PRINCIPLES AND PRACTICES * 1. “There is No such Thing”: Del Toro’s Metafictional Monster Rally; Glenn Ward * 2. Guillermo del Toro’s Monsters: Matter Out of Place; Ann Davies * 3. Myth and Monstrosity: The Dark Realms of H. P. Lovecraft and Guillermo del Toro; Rebecca Janicker * PART II: DEL TORO’S ENGLISH-LANGUAGE WORKS * 4. “This is Something New . . . Or—Something Very, Very Old”: The Strain Trilogy in Context; Simon Bacon * 5. Adapt or Die: Mimicry and Evolution in Guillermo del Toro’s English-Language Films; Peter Hutchings * 6. Of Monstrous Masses and Hybrid Heroes: Del Toro’s EnglishLanguage films; Laura Podalsky * 7. Pacific Rim: Reception, Readings and Authority; Niamh Thornton * PART III: DEL TORO’S SPANISH-LANGUAGE WORKS * 8. Reflected Horrors: Violence, War and the Image in Guillermo del Toro’ s El espinazo del diablo / The Devil’s Backbone (2001); Miriam Haddu * 9. Transnational Political Horror in Cronos (1993), El espinazo del diablo (2001) and El laberinto del fauno (2006); Dolores Tierney * 10. Between Fantasy and Reality: the Child’s Vision and Fairy tales in Guillermo del Toro’s Hispanic trilogy; Juan Carlos Vargas October 2014 UK October 2014 US 228pp 9 b/w illustrations Hardback £62.50 / $95.00 / CN$110.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available


Virtual Orientalism in Brazilian Culture Edward King, Bristol University, UK "Virtual Orientalism in Brazilian Culture is an important addition to the growing body of cultural studies materials in Latin America that move away from dominant anchors in literature and, in recent decades, film. There is so much fascinating cultural material in Latin America to be examined from a systematic and scholarly fashion, and studies like King's provides appropriate models." —David William Foster, Arizona State University, USA Orientalist discourses in Brazilian culture are an expression of anxieties about the re-structuring of time and space in the network age. The book examines engagements with Japanese postmodern culture in Brazil, which emerge in relation to the history of Japanese immigration and through a series of European and North American discursive mediations. Contents: Introduction * 1. Graphic Fictions of Japanese Immigration to Brazil: Pop Cosmopolitan Mobility and the Disjunctive Temporalities of Migration * 2. Otaku Culture and the Virtuality of Immaterial Labor in Maurício de Sousa’s Turma da Mônica Jovem * 3. Ekphrastic Anxiety in Virtual Brazil: Photographing Japan in the Fiction of Alberto Renault * 4. Paranoid Orientalism in Bernardo Carvalho’s O sol se põe em São Paulo * 5. Paulo Leminski’s Haiku and the Disavowed Orientalism of the Poesia Concreta Project * 6. Moving Images of Japanese Immigration: The Photography of Haruo Ohara * Afterword May 2015 UK May 2015 US 256pp 17 illustrations Hardback £60.00 / $95.00 / CN$109.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available

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FILM, MEDIA AND CULTURE Reclaiming Poch@ Pop


Examining the Rhetoric of Cultural Deficiency Cruz Medina, Santa Clara University, USA "Reclaiming Poch@ Pop is a must-read for all scholars. Although the Poch@ identity - a complex mestizaje way of being - has existed within the Latino culture for years, its existence has often been downplayed within the academy. Medina's work on Poch@ismo and artists is a desperately needed piece to the puzzle for academics across disciplines of rhetoric, communication, writing, pop culture, and ethnic studies." — Octavio Pimentel, Associate Professor, Texas State University, USA Tracing the historical trajectory of the pocho (Latinos who are influenced by Anglo culture) in pop culture, Medina shows how the trope of pocho/pocha/poch@, which traditionally signified the negative connotation of ‘cultural traitor’ in Spanish, has been reclaimed through the pop cultural productions of Latinos who self-identify as poch@. Contents: Foreword; Arturo Aldama * 1. A Poch@ Pop Preface * 2. Proto-Poch@ Representations in Film * 3. Poch@ Methodological (re)appropriation for Resistance * 4. Alcaraz and Madrigal: Re-appropriating Poch@ for Resistance * 5. Poch@teca: Re-Understanding the Historical Trajectory of a Proto-Chican@ Identity * 6. Poch@s Strike Back: Ozomatli Members Respond to Pop Culture Commentary * Afterword

Latino Pop Culture December 2014 UK December 2014 US 134pp 20 b/w illustrations Hardback £45.00 / $67.50 / CN$78.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available


Indigenous Education through Dance and Ceremony A Mexica Palimpsest Ernesto Colín, School of Education, Loyola Marymount University, USA "Centered around descriptions of the interrelated practices of Calpulli Tonalehqueh, an extant Danza group in San Jose, California, Indigenous Education through Dance and Ceremony makes a significant contribution to the current research literature, especially ethnographies of education. This book aims toward a radical reformulation of what education might look like, as both an intentionally (and intently) personal and cultural/historical project. The project begins to reveal the inner workings of the Calpulli as well as the way those inner workings must reach across space and time for materials and guidance."— Jason Duque Raley, Lecturer, University of California, Santa Barbara, USA In the first book on Aztec dance in the United States, Ernesto Colín combines cultural anthropology, educational theory, and postcolonial theory to create an innovative, interdisciplinary, long-term ethnography of an Aztec dance circle and makes a case for the use of the metaphor of palimpsest as an ethnographic research tool. Contents: 1. A Danza Landscape * 2. Calpulli (An Alliance of Houses) * 3. Tequio (Community Work) * 4. Tlacahuapahualiztli (The Art of Educating a Person) * 5. Cargos * 6. Macehualiztli (The Art of Deserving) * 7. Decolonial Pedagogy * 8. Re-inscribing the Self * 9. A Modern Mexica Palimpsest

Postcolonial Studies in Education

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September 2014 UK September 2014 US 280pp 9 figures, 6 b/w tables, 14 colour illustrations Hardback £56.50 / $100.00 / CN$115.00 9781137357984 Canadian Rights ebooks available

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