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The Frameworks of English Introducing Language Structures

What Is This Thing Called Language?

3rd edition

2nd edition David Nunan, Emeritus Professor of Applied Linguistics, University of Hong Kong

Kim Ballard, Freelance Teacher, Trainer and Writer ‘This third edition retains the remarkably clear exposition and comprehensive coverage of all the linguistic nuts and bolts a beginner English language student needs to know, but is even more richly illustrated, and also includes a new chapter on variation. Once more Ballard has created the English language textbook of choice.’ - Jonathan Culpeper, Lancaster University, UK

‘Rich in insight, wonderful examples, very readable, brilliantly analytical...’ - Ronald Carter, Professor, University of Nottingham, UK

‘Over the years, The Frameworks of English has developed into a veritable linguistic treasure trove. Kim Ballard strikes a nice balance between breadth of coverage and level of detail, making this book an essential tool for introductory English language courses.’ - Cristiano Broccias, University of Genoa, Italy

A concise overview of language, now with extended coverage and new discourse examples.

‘A terrific resource for all students of the English language.‘ - David Lewis, Chief Examiner for WJEC A Level English Language, UK The Frameworks of English introduces readers to the linguistic structures of English, from the smallest units of sound and meaning to the vast range of written and spoken varieties used in everyday life. This edition contains a new chapter on how to explore the different accents and dialects of English found across the world. Contents: List of Tables • List of Figures • Acknowledgements and Sources • PART I: INTRODUCTION • Introduction • PART II: LEXICAL FRAMEWORKS • Word Classes • Word Formation • PART III: GRAMMATICAL FRAMEWORKS • Inflections • Phrases • Clauses • Sentences • PART IV: DISCOURSE FRAMEWORKS • Beyond Sentences • PART V: PHONOLOGICAL FRAMEWORKS • Phonetics and Phonemes • Segmental Phonology • Suprasegmental Phonology • PART VI: BROADER PERSPECTIVES • Variation in English • Phonetic and Other Symbols • Answers to Exercises • Glossary • Index 413pp Hardback Paperback

July 2013 9780230392434 £60.00 9780230392427 £21.99

IC Available on Amazon Look Inside 2

Contents: List of Tables and Figures • Preface • Acknowledgements • Introduction to the First Edition: The Stuff that Surrounds Us • Introduction to the Second Edition: A Personal Account • What is this Thing Called Language? • The Sound System • The Lexical System • The Grammatical System • Doing Things with Spoken Language • Doing Things with Written Language • First and Second Language Acquisition • Language at Play • Language, Culture and Identity • Language in a Global Context • Postscript • Books to Read on a Long Plane Flight • Key Figures • Glossary • References • Author Index • Subject Index 272pp Paperback IC

November 2012 9780230291379 £19.99

A wide range of online resources are available at

An Introduction to English Language

Beginning Linguistics Laurie Bauer, Professor of Linguistics, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand

Word, Sound and Sentence 3rd edition Koenraad Kuiper, Professor Emeritus, University of Canterbury, New Zealand; Honorary Professor, University of Sydney, Australia and W. Scott Allan, formerly Senior Lecturer, Department of Applied Language Studies and Linguistics, University of Auckland, New Zealand Review of a previous edition: ‘A book I would recommend to Departments of English world-wide.’ - Dennis Preston, Professor, Michigan State University, USA This popular introductory textbook is written in a lively and interactive style, based around three core topics of linguistic study: word, sound and sentence. The third edition has been fully revised and now has a multimedia companion website containing quizzes, audio clips and Powerpoint movie lectures to aid study. A Full Table of Contents is Available at: 392pp Paperback IC

July 2010 9780230208018 £24.99


‘This engaging and accessible textbook gives a solid introduction to drawing on data from a wide range of languages.’ - Gisela Håkansson, Professor of Linguistics, Lund University, Sweden This introduction to linguistics for the absolute beginner focuses on the core topics of phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics and pragmatics. Theoretically-neutral, each essential topic is covered in depth and the author’s engaging style encourages interaction from students by using regular short questions to check comprehension. A Full Table of Contents is Available at: 352pp Hardback Paperback IC

May 2012 9780230231696 £55.00 9780230231702 £20.99

Word of Mouth A New Introduction to Language and Communication 2nd edition Geoffrey Finch, Associate Lecturer, The Open University, UK An introduction to the study of language and communication that explores the impact of language on our lives. Starting from the evolution of language, it goes on to consider the social and communicative functions of language, its structure and psychology, as well as the impact of electronic media on contemporary usage. Contents: Preface • The Talking Animal: The Origin of Language • Getting the Better of Words: Language and Communication • Virtual Words: Language and Media • We Are What We Speak: Language and Society • The Finite Instrument: The Design and Structure of Language • The Parent of Language: Language and Mind • Conclusion: The House of Being • Bibliography • Index 264pp Paperback

May 2013 9780230276840 £19.99


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English Language Description, Variation and Context

Studying the English Language

Edited by Jonathan Culpeper, Professor of English Language and Linguistics, Francis Katamba, Professor of Linguistics, both at University of Lancaster, UK, Paul Kerswill, Professor, University of York, UK, Ruth Wodak, Distinguished Professor of Discourse Studies and Tony McEnery, Professor of English Language and Linguistics, both at University of Lancaster, UK

2nd edition

‘Chapters covering everything one would expect and much beyond – expertly selected, artfully arranged, carefully argued and amply illustrated.’ Bernd Kortmann, University of Freiburg, Germany

This is a clear and lively introduction to the English language and its use. Organized into thematic chapters, each of which can be read at one sitting, this expanded second edition has been revised in the light of recent research and features three new chapters on Chomsky, American English and English around the world.

What is the English language like, why is it like that and what do we need to know in order to study it? This wide-ranging and research-led introductory textbook provides students with the grounding in linguistics necessary to investigate these questions for themselves. A Full Table of Contents is Available at: 728pp Hardback Paperback IC

July 2009 9781403945891 £70.00 9781403945907 £25.99

Rob Penhallurick, Reader in English Language, University of Wales, Swansea, UK Review of 2nd edition: ‘...a lucid introduction to leading ideas in these areas of the study of language.’ - Noam Chomsky, Professor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

A Full Table of Contents is Available at: 376pp Paperback IC

July 2010 9780230200159 £19.99

Seven Ways of Looking at Language Ronald K.S. Macaulay, Emeritus Professor of Linguistics, Pitzer College, USA ‘Macaulay’s book captures the excitement and importance of some of the more interesting debates and controversies in linguistics during the past 50 years. Providing clear and concise surveys, it has appeal for the non-specialist reader who is looking for an introduction to the basics, along with excellent suggestions for further reading.’ - Kathleen Doty, Professor, Humboldt State University, California, USA A brief and lively introduction to the main issues, debates and ideas that have emerged in language study over the last fifty years. Designed for the nonspecialist reader with an interest in language as well as the intending student, this book concisely conveys an overview of exciting topics and research in the core areas of linguistics. A Full Table of Contents is Available at: 216pp Hardback Paperback IC


November 2010 9780230279308 £45.00 9780230279315 £15.99


Theories of Syntax Concepts and Case Studies

Mastering Practical Grammar Sara Thorne, Educational Consultant, LEA English Adviser, UK

Koenraad Kuiper, Professor Emeritus, University of Canterbury, New Zealand; Honorary Professor, University of Sydney, Australia and Jacqueline Nokes, Part-time Lecturer and PhD Candidate, University of Canterbury, New Zealand

Introduces the basic terminology and concepts of modern grammar, with practical reinforcement throughout. The book contains exercises to test understanding and give readers the opportunity to consider grammar in context.

‘The air in New Zealand is amazingly clear and objects appear sharper and brighter than in the northern hemisphere. Kiwi clarity and sharpness have found their way into this excellent book by Koenraad Kuiper and Jacqui Nokes, the sort of explanatory and comparative account that is all too rare in theoretical syntax. In clear, smooth prose, with memorable examples and metaphors, they set out the workings of four formal models: Principles and Parameters, Minimalism, Lexical Functional Grammar and Systemic Grammar...the book is a delight to read.’ - Jim Miller, University of Edinburgh, UK ‘Theories of Syntax will be an excellent text for a course whose aim it is not to train syntactic ‘mechanics’, but rather to give non-beginner students a sound understanding of what it involves to approach syntactic phenomena from different views of what scientific work is about.’ Rudolf Botha, Stellenbosch University, South Africa Exploring four major theories of syntax this book examines how we understand the rules and principles that govern sentence structure. With clear explanations of how different models deal with the same syntactic phenomena, the book gives students a strong context and framework for understanding syntax. Contents: Preface • PART I: CONCEPTS OF SYNTAX • Studying Syntax • A Conceptual Framework for Understanding Syntax • Seven Syntactic Phenomena • PART II: THEORIES OF SYNTAX • Systematic Functional Grammar • The Principles and Parameters Framework • Lexical Functional Grammar • Minimalism • Syntax and its Theories • References • Index 260pp Paperback

November 2013 9780230216938 £20.99

Contents: Preface • Symbols and Conventions • Phonemic Symbols • Acknowledgements • Introduction • PART I: WORDS • Words • Using your knowledge • PART II: PHRASES • Phrases • Using Your Knowledge • PART III: CLAUSES • Clauses • Using Your Knowledge • PART IV: SENTENCES • Sentences • Using your knowledge • PART V: DISCOURSE • Discourse • Using Your knowledge • What Next? • PART VI: APPENDICES • A: Suggested Framework for Analysis • B: Glossary • C: Wider Reading • Index 336pp Paperback

August 2012 9780230542907 £17.99

Palgrave Master Series IC



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PALGRAVE MODERN LINGUISTICS SERIES Edited by: Maggie Tallerman Each textbook in the Palgrave Modern Linguistics series is designed to provide an introduction to a topic in contemporary linguistics and allied disciplines, presented in a manner that is accessible and attractive to readers with no previous experience of the topic. The texts are designed to engage the active participation of the reader, and include exercises and suggestions for further reading. As well as an understanding of the basic concepts and issues for each topic, readers will gain an up-to-date knowledge of current debates and questions in the field.

We welcome ideas for new books in the series. For more information, please contact: Find out more at linguistics/PML


Phonology 2nd edition Philip Carr, Professor of Linguistics, Université Paul-Valéry Montpellier III, France and Jean-Pierre Montreuil, Full Professor, University of Texas at Austin, USA ‘This comprehensive textbook is an excellent introduction to the field of phonology. The material is logically and incrementally presented, and wonderfully illustrated with original linguistic data and exercises. The reader will gain a good understanding of mainstream phonology in historical context, and will also be introduced to alternative frameworks.’ - Carrie Dyck, Associate Professor of Linguistics, Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada The second edition of this successful introductory guide has been thoroughly updated and expanded to take into account latest developments and current teaching. It features three new chapters on phonological weight (Chapter 10) and Optimality Theory (Chapters 11 and 12), as well as new exercises and suggestions for further readings. Contents: Preface • Acknowledgements • Revision of Phonetics • The Phonemic Principle • Alternations • Features, Classes and Systems • Problems with the Phonemic Principle • The Organisation of the Grammar • Abstractness, Psychological Reality and the Phonetics/Phonology Relation • The Role of the Lexicon • Representations Reconsidered (i) Phonological Structure above the Level of the Segment • Representations Reconsidered (ii) Autosegmental Phonology • Phonological Weight Optimality Theory • Issues in Optimality • Feature Specifications for Consonants • Sample Answers to Exercises • References • Subject Index • Language Index 352pp Paperback IC


May 2013 9780230573147 £24.99

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Communication Disorders Louise Cummings, Professor of Linguistics, Nottingham Trent University, UK The full range of developmental and acquired communication disorders are examined by analyzing their clinical features and explaining how therapists assess and treat them. Clinical linguistic data is given throughout, and a comprehensive companion website containing colour photographs, audio and video files and self-test questions is provided. Contents: Preface • Acknowledgements • The Study of Communication Disorders • Developmental Speech Disorders • Developmental Language Disorders • Acquired Speech Disorders • Acquired Language Disorders • Communication Disorders in Mental Illness • Disorders of Voice • Disorders of Fluency • Glossary • Bibliography • Index 224pp Paperback New

November 2013 9780230285064 £24.99 IC


English Syntax and Argumentation 4th edition Bas Aarts, Professor of English Linguistics, University College London, UK ‘Aarts’ textbook provides an engaging initiation into the central discoveries of modern syntactic theory and the art of syntactic argumentation...Definitely a must book for undergraduate students who would love to start syntax!’ - Yosuke Sato, National University of Singapore This popular introductory textbook gives students a thorough grounding in the basics of English sentence structure, and acquaints them with the essentials of syntactic argumentation. Updated, revised and expanded, the fourth edition features a new chapter on ‘Tense, Aspect and Mood’, as well as additional exercises. Contents: Preface • PART I: FUNCTION AND FORM • Introduction • Function • Form: Words, Word Classes and Phrases• More on Form: Clauses and Sentences • The Function–Form Interface • PART II: ELABORATION • Predicates, Arguments and Thematic Roles • Cross-Categorial Generalisations: X-Bar Syntax • More on Clauses • Movement • Tense, Aspect and Mood • PART III: ARGUMENTATION • Syntactic Argumentation • Constituency: Movement and Substitution • Constituency: Some Additional Tests • Predicates and Arguments Revisited • PART IV: APPLICATION • Grammatical Indeterminacy • Case Studies • Glossary • Reference Works: Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, Grammars and Other Publications on the English Language • Bibliography • Index 360pp Paperback

April 2013 9780230361690 £25.99




Pragmatics Siobhan Chapman, Professor of English, University of Liverpool, UK

Newcastle University, UK


Syntactic Theory

2nd edition

2nd edition Kate Kearns, Senior Lecturer, Department of Linguistics, University of Canterbury, New Zealand

‘This is a beautifully clear and wide-ranging introduction to pragmatics, dealing even-handedly with a good variety of theories and situating the discipline in its historical and intellectual context.’ - Professor Noel Burton-Roberts,

Geoffrey Poole, Senior Lecturer in Linguistics, University of Newcastle, UK ‘...elegantly introduces generative grammar as an empirical science. Written in a clear and friendly tone, it is extremely readable and makes complicated linguistic theory accessible to students.’ - Ken Ramshøj Christensen, Aarhus University, Denmark

‘...clear and userfriendly throughout...a really useful resource for use with undergraduates and beginning graduate students alike.’ - Louisa Sadler, Professor, University of Essex, UK

This student-friendly introduction to linguistic pragmatics explains all the major developments in core theoretical pragmatics and engages with the most recent debates in the field. Includes sections demonstrating how pragmatics can be applied to the study of literature, language acquisition and clinical linguistics.

This introductory textbook assumes no prior knowledge and covers a wide range of core topics in formal semantics. Now thoroughly updated, the second edition features new chapters on semantic composition, type theory and the lambda calculus, as well as a revised discussion of Pragmatics and a variety of new exercises.

Contents: Preface • Introduction • Semantics and Pragmatics • History of Pragmatics • ‘Classical’ Pragmatics • ‘Modern’ Pragmatics • Applications of Pragmatics • Pragmatics and Language in Context • Glossary • Bibliography

Contents: Introduction • Basic Logical Tools • The Logical Quantifiers • Formal Composition • Modality and Possible Worlds • GeneralizedQuantifiers • Referencial Opacity • Aktionsarten: Aspectual Classes of Events • Tense and Aspect • Thematic Roles and Lexical Conceptual Structure • Events • Bibliography • Index

Contents: Introduction • Phrase Structure and Constituency • X’-Theory and Functional Categories • θ-Theory and Case Theory • Introduction to Binding Theory • Movement and Chains • Logical Form • Empty Categories and their Constraints • Towards the Minimalist Program: Clause Structure Revisited • Towards the Minimalist Program: Movement Revisited • Notes • Bibliography • Index

224pp Hardback Paperback

288pp Paperback

336pp Paperback



May 2011 9780230221826 £70.00 9780230221833 £26.99



May 2011 9780230232303 £26.99

The second edition of this book introduces students to theory building and evaluation through Government-Binding Theory, featuring revised chapters and end of chapter exercises.

May 2011 9780230243941 £26.99

eIC Available on Amazon Look Inside



Chaucer's Language 2nd edition

Beginning Old English 2nd edition Carole Hough, Professor of Onomastics, University of Glasgow, UK and John Corbett, Professor of English Studies, University of Macau, Macau

Simon Horobin, Professor of English Language and Literature, Magdalen College, University of Oxford, UK ‘Horobin’s book is the best short, accessible but rigorous introduction to Chaucer’s Middle English on the market.’ - Anne Laskaya, English Department, University of Oregon, USA ‘The author turns linguistic facts into consistently deft critical analysis, making the book useful not just as a “background” study, but as a stimulus to thinking about Chaucer as a literary author.’ - Marilyn Corrie, Department of English, University College London, UK Reviews of 1st edition: ‘This will be a valuable teaching and reference tool for courses on Chaucer, Middle English language and literature, and history of the English language, but is also of interest to the general reader.’ - Medium Ævum ‘Highly recommended.’ - Times Higher Education Supplement ‘...accessible and informative...’ - Year’s Work in English Studies ‘An excellent resource...indicative of an author impeccably well versed in the Chaucerian corpus.’ Studies in the Age of Chaucer In keeping with the first edition, this is a thorough yet concise introduction to Chaucer’s language in the original, which does not assume prior knowledge of linguistics or Middle English. This updated, expanded edition features a glossary on Chaucer’s words, along with sample quotes, and a section on how to use the Middle English Dictionary. Contents: Preface • Abbreviations • Why Study Chaucer’s Language? • Writing in English • What was Middle English? • Spelling and Pronunciation • Vocabulary • Grammar • Language and Style • Discourse and Pragmatics • Appendix: Sample Texts • Glossaries of Linguistic Terminology • Using the Middle English Dictionary • Bibliography • Index

‘This accessible and comprehensive book is certain to become a staple of Old English teaching for years to come.’ - Francis Leneghan, University of Oxford, UK

This simple introduction to Old English focuses on how the language works, using accessible illustrations from surviving texts and showing how features of present-day English have their roots in this stage of the language. As well as being updated, the new edition has been expanded to include a chapter on Old English prose and two additional texts. A Full Table of Contents is Avaialble at: 308pp Paperback

May 2013 9780230301405 £19.99


240pp Paperback

October 2012 9780230293793 £20.99




Edited by: Dan McIntyre and Lesley Jeffries Perspectives on the English Language is an innovative series of textbooks for the English language student, together forming a wide-ranging course for undergraduate students of English. Each book can be used flexibly, providing accessible and engaging starting-points, and building the foundations for further study.

We welcome ideas for new books in the series. For more information, please contact: Browse other books in this series at

Pragmatics and the English Language Jonathan Culpeper, Professor of English Language and Linguistics, University of Lancaster, UK and Michael Haugh, Associate Professor, School of Languages and Linguistics, Griffith University, Australia A book on pragmatics and the English language covering typical pragmatics topics, varying from the more formal to the more socio-cultural, but untypically it also shows how each one can be seen in an interactional perspective. Examples and case studies throughout illuminate how pragmatics phenomena and concepts are realised or tempered in English. Contents: Introduction • Referential Pragmatics • Informational Pragmatics • Pragmatic Meaning • Pragmatic Acts • Interpersonal Pragmatics • Metapragmatics • Conclusion • References • Index 224pp Paperback New



May 2014 9780230551732 £20.99

The Language of Early English Literature From Cædmon to Milton Sara Pons-Sanz, Lecturer in English Language, University of Westminster, UK Exploring the relationship between language and literature in English literary texts, from the Old to the Early Modern English period, this book will guide students through the subject. Covering a wide range of linguistic features and texts, linguistic choices are analysed in terms of their stylistic and thematic significance. Contents: Preface • Abbreviations and Symbols • List of Editions • Introduction • Semantics • Processes of Lexical Expansion I: Borrowing • Processes of Lexical Expansion II: Word-formation • Noun Phrase • Personal Pronouns • Verbal Phrase • Syntax • Linguistic Varieties • Conclusion • Glossary • Bibliography • Index 260pp Paperback New

February 2014 9780230291423 £20.99 IC


Critical Stylistics The Power of English

Studying the History of Early English

Lesley Jeffries, Professor of English Language, University of Huddersfield, UK ‘...a long needed synthesis of linguistic stylistics and critical discourse analysis...’ - Donald E. Hardy, University of Nevada, USA How does language affect us? Critical Discourse Analysis provides a general theory of the impact that texts can have on readers. Stylistics provides detailed tools of analysis for understanding how texts work. This book combines these strengths to uncover the deep-seated ideologies of everyday texts. Contents: Introduction • The Background to Critical Stylistics • Naming and Describing • Representing Actions/ Events/States • Equating and Contrasting • Exemplifying and Enumerating • Prioritising • Implying and Assuming • Negating • Hypothesising • Presenting Others’ Speech and Thoughts • Representing Time, Space and Society • Appendix - Commentaries on Exercises • Bibliography • Index 216pp Hardback Paperback eIC

December 2009 9780333964484 £55.00 9780333964491 £20.99

Simon Horobin, Professor of English Language and Literature, Magdalen College, University of Oxford, UK ‘Horobin offers lucid and accessible discussions of the evidence for language change, standardization, spelling and sound, the lexicon, morphology and corpus studies. [...] This will undoubtedly prove a valuable teaching resource and reference tool.’ Medium Ævum Introduces students to the latest linguistic approaches and methodologies for studying the history of English. Horobin shows the importance of thinking about why, as well as how, language changes over time and includes practical information on gathering evidence alongside worked-through textual examples. Contents: Studying the History of English • Evidence • Standardization • Spellings and Sounds • The Lexicon • Morphology • Corpus Studies • Bibliography 168pp Hardback Paperback

December 2009 9780230551374 £55.00 9780230551381 £20.99

Discourse and Genre Using Language in Context Stephen Bax, Professor of Applied Linguistics, University of Bedfordshire, UK This guide to discourse employs an innovative, inductive approach, with a clear focus on genre that allows students to examine language in context. Using real texts, students are shown how each dimension of discourse links together and are offered practical guidance on how to carry out a discourse analysis project. Contents: Introduction • How Do We Understand Texts? • Discourse and Discourse Analysis • Genre • Discourse Modes • Analysing Discourse: A Heuristic Approach • Spoken Genres: Conversations and Classrooms • Spoken Genres: The Courtroom, Jokes, Sports Commentary and Advertising • Written Genres: News reports, Personal Ads, Texting and Online Gaming • Texts Referring to other Texts: Intertextuality • Doing Discourse Analysis • Bibliography 232pp Paperback

December 2010 9780230217973 £20.99





Analysing Political Speeches

The New Sociolinguistics Reader

Rhetoric, Discourse and Metaphor

2nd edition

Jonathan CharterisBlack, Professor of Linguistics, University of the West of England, UK Considers how traditional approaches such as cohesion and classical rhetoric may be integrated with ‘critical’ approaches to discourse analysis such as critical metaphor analysis. Presents a range of critical and discourse theories and considers the relationships between linguistic features of speeches and their social and cultural contexts. Contents: Preface • PART I: TRADITIONAL APPROACHES TO RHETORIC, ORATORY AND DISCOURSE • PART II: CRITICAL APPROACHES TO DISCOURSE • PART III: CRITICAL METAPHOR ANALYSIS • Comments on Exercises • Further Reading and References • Glossary 296pp Hardback Paperback

October 2013 9780230274389 £60.00 9780230274396 £21.99

Edited by Nikolas Coupland, Research Professor and Director and Adam Jaworski, Professor of Language and Communication, both at Centre for Language and Communication Research, Cardiff University,UK This indispensable volume complements the original Sociolinguistics Reader and brings together many of the discipline’s most influential authors and texts. Including important approaches to language and gender, social change and multilingualism, the editors point to key themes, debates and shifts within modern Sociolinguistics. A Full Table of Contents is Available at: 752pp Hardback Paperback eIC




February 2009 9781403944146 £70.00 9781403944153 £28.99

Language and Law Annabelle Mooney, Reader, Department of Media, Culture and Language, University of Roehampton, UK An introduction to forensic linguistics and the linguistic methods they employ. Containing real-life examples, it shows that linguistic tools are invaluable in exploring legal language and language with legal consequences, and that lawyers are also language experts who exploit the ‘normal’ rules of language in ingenious ways. Contents: Introduction • Finding the Language • The Language of Law • Don’t Do it! • That’s Not What I Meant • The Trials of Language • Different Language Different Rules • The CSI Effect? • The Pen is Mighty • Once Upon a Time • Signs in Time and Space • Coda • References • Index 208pp Paperback

February 2014 9781137017949 £19.99

Language and... series New


Dialect in Film and Literature dialect in film and literature

An Introductory Guide

Jane Hodson, Lecturer, School of English, University of Sheffield, UK

This text draws on ideas and approaches from linguistics in order to investigate the ways in which different dialects of English are Jane Hodson represented in a range of films and literary texts. The focus is more on spoken than on written varieties. It contains examples, analyses, exercises and readings in each chapter to help students along the way. Contents: A Note on Transcription • Why Study Dialect in Film and Literature? • Dialects and Standard English • Analysing Language Variation in Film • Stereotyping and Film • Analysing Dialect in Literature • Stereotyping and Dialect in Literature • Comparing Film and Literature • Metalanguage • Style-shifting • Realism • Authenticity • Concluding Thoughts • References 256pp Paperback

Word Meaning and Legal Interpretation Christopher Hutton, Chair Professor, School of English, University of Hong Kong This book analyzes a range of cases from common law jurisdictions that concern the meaning, definition and legal status of individual words, labels and names. It focuses in particular on the question of how law assigns authority over word meaning in different circumstances and in different domains of law. Contents: Introduction: Scope and Aims of the Book • Note on Conventions • PART I: MEANING AND INTERPRETATION • Linguistic Meaning • Word Meaning and Interpretation in the Law • Ordinary Language and Legal Language • PART II: CASE STUDIES • Classification and Legislative Intent • Characterizing an Event • The Classification of Mundane Objects I: Food Items in United Kingdom Tax Law • The Classification of Mundane Objects II: Cases from the United States • Technological Change and Legal Categories • Lawful and Unlawful Searches • Colonial Encounters: What is a Sacred Object? • Defining Identity I: Job or Profession • Defining Identity II: Nation, People and Race • Defining Identity III: Transgender Identities • Defining Identity IV: Corporate Personhood • PART III: CONCLUDING DISCUSSION • Word Meaning and Interpretative Authority • Abbreviations • References • Cases Cited 208pp Paperback New

March 2014 9781137016140 £20.99


March 2014 9781403937087 £24.99




Dimensions of Vocabulary Knowledge

Essential Statistics for Applied Linguistics

Edited by James Milton, Professor of Applied Linguistics, Swansea University, UK and Tess Fitzpatrick, Professor of Applied Linguistics, Cardiff University, UK ‘A comprehensive and interesting new work on vocabulary acquisition. It systematically tackles all the central components of vocabulary knowledge, and explores original new empirical studies for each dimension of vocabulary.’ - Birgit Henriksen, University of Copenhagen, Denmark This volume defines vocabulary knowledge in each of the areas identified in Nation’s framework of ‘what is involved in knowing a word’, and presents some of the latest exemplary research in these areas. It also explores how learners handle what they know, or partly know, in foreign language vocabulary, and how they activate this information. A Full Table of Contents is Avaialble at: 232pp Hardback Paperback

October 2013 9780230275720 £65.00 9780230275737 £22.99

Wander Lowie, Senior Lecturer and Bregtje Seton, PhD Student, both at University of Groningen, The Netherlands ‘This book is an eye-opener, and reading it is hugely rewarding!’ - Jean-Marc Dewaele, Department of Applied Linguistics and Communication, Birkbeck University of London, UK An introduction to statistics and methodology for students of (Applied) Linguistics. Assuming no prior knowledge of statistics, the authors take an activity-based approach, focussing on the application of statistics and helping students to understand why statistical analyses are needed. Includes How-To sections and exercises throughout. A Full Table of Contents is Avaialble at: 176pp Paperback IC


October 2012 9780230304819 £22.99

Writing an Applied Linguistics Thesis or Dissertation A Guide to Presenting Empirical Research John Bitchener, Professor of Applied Linguistics, AUT University, New Zealand ‘ indispensable guide to successful writing in higher education.’ - Suganthi John, University of Birmingham, UK This step-by-step guide looks at how to organize the content and structure of a thesis. Each chapter considers a different section and discusses the relevant function, content and linguistic characteristics. Providing worked analysis of an example text, it includes exercises to help students apply the information practically. Contents: Background • Abstract • Introduction • Literature Review • Methodology • Results • Discussion of Results • Conclusion • Frequently Asked Questions • Appendix 176pp Paperback eIC




November 2009 9780230224544 £21.99


Key Concepts in Bilingualism Fredric W. Field, Professor of English, California State University Northridge, USA Arranged alphabetically, this accessible glossary provides a quick source of reference for a range of readers, from students of linguistics to educators who need help navigating the vocabulary of Bilingualism. Crossreferenced throughout, this guide considers a range of concepts that relate to the interdisciplinary nature of the field.

Key Concepts in Phonetics and Phonology Gerard O’Grady, Lecturer in Phonetics and Phonology, Cardiff University, UK A dip-in resource that offers readers easy access to the jargon and specialist terms of phonology and phonetics. The book provides crossreferenced definitions of 136 key concepts that underpin these two disciplines. It is the perfect reference tool for native and non-native English speakers studying Language and Linguistics.

Contents: Preface • The Key Concepts • References • Index

Contents: Preface • List of Terms • The 136 Key Concepts Alphabetical List of Entries • References • Index

216pp Paperback

184pp Paperback


July 2011 9780230232334 £15.99

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Key Concepts in Second Language Acquisition


December 2012 9780230276475 £15.99

Shawn Loewen, Associate Professor, Michigan State University, USA and Hayo Reinders, Head of Learner Development, Middlesex University, UK ‘This up-to-date presentation of recent SLA research covers a wide range of topics and will encourage future researchers to view language learning from a range of diverse perspectives.’ - Alison Mackey, Professor of Linguistics, Georgetown University, USA What does it mean to acquire a language? What is considered a ‘second’ language in multilingual settings? This practical and comprehensive guide considers these issues, providing easy access to concise definitions of key terms and concepts. Contents: List of Figures • List of Tables • Acknowledgements • Introduction • The Key Concepts • References • Index 208pp Paperback

July 2011 9780230230187 £15.99




Persuading People An Introduction to Rhetoric 3rd edition Robert Cockcroft, formerly Lecturer in Rhetoric, University of Nottingham, UK, Susan Cockcroft, Tutor in English Language and Principal Examiner in A-level English Language and Literature (AQA), University of Nottingham, UK, Craig Hamilton, Associate Professor of English Cognitive Linguistics, Université de Haute-Alsace, France and Laura Hidalgo Downing, Lecturer, Cuidad Universitaria de Cantoblanco, Spain Combining theory with practice, this updated third edition suggests ways of actively enhancing the persuasive skills of a person, through insights gained from analysing ancient and modern rhetoric. Included are structured practical examples and suggestions for further reading to guide the student through the subject. Contents: Preface • Introduction • Old and New Foundations • Personality and Stance • Emotional Engagement • Reason: The Resources of Argument • Reason: Choice and Judgement • The Persuasive Process • Persuasive Style - The Repertoire • Practising Persuasion • Conclusion • Appendix A: More on the Models • Appendix B: Further Rhetorical Devices • Appendix C: A Finding List for Rhetorical Devices • References • Index 208pp Paperback New


April 2014 9781137003676 £24.99

Creative Writing and Stylistics Creative and Critical Approaches Jeremy Scott, Lecturer in English, University of Kent, UK

Exploring the practice of writing through stylistics, Scott draws on the work of writers and theorists to show how stylistic techniques can help writers enhance their own fiction. Negotiating the creative critical crossover, this approachable book helps students develop practical writing skills and a critical awareness of creative possibilities. Contents: Introduction: Seeing through Language Building • Blocks: The Grammar of Composition Imagining a World Text World Theory Band Cognitive Stylistics • Who Sees? • Who Tells? Focalisation and Point of View Narrative and Structure • Voices: Representing Speech and Thought • Figurative Language • Metaphor • Rhythm and Metre, Sound and Sense • Punctuation • Editing for Style 198pp Hardback Paperback New



January 2014 9781137010667 £52.50 9781137010650 £16.99


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